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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nation's first primary and for donald trump and bernie sanders, it's the first win of their respective campaigns. both candidates ha been pulling in first place so the victory is no surprise. >> but in the republican race, the key is placing high and we are liven manchester on tonight's results. >> lori, calvin, you know, this race was called even before the people were still in the polls. all the voting had not been done, it was just after the polls closed minutes with people still in line, but however many people were left, it would not have been enough to sway what is now the results still coming in for 3, 4 and 5, so let's see how the party's revel outsiders won this primary. let's look at the numbers. this is 71% and pretty much the numbers for donald trump, the winner here 34% of the votes.
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in second with 16% of the vote, and now the battle is on as we speak for number three, and all this is very important, because this state's delegates arere awarded proportionately so the high places get delegates, too. ted cruz, the senator fm texas. his number right now, 11.5%, florida's former governor jeb bush, 11.2%, and florida senator marco rub, 10.5%, all those numberso close with 71% of the numbers in and we can't tell who is three, four and five, we know donald trump, developer turned reality star, turned politician is a winner, his firsprimary win, he got up to the podium today. he was very gracious in his speech before he got tough. he had a ground game here. that was huge in his words, and he learned from iowa where
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where he came up sececd and he remedied that and here's what he had to say in his victory speech. >> we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. as a country, we don'tin on trade, we don't win on the military, we can't beat isis. we don't win anything. we're going to start winning again and you're going to be so happy. we're going to make america so than evebefore. i love you all. thank you, new hampshire, thank you. we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. >> a lot of love from donald trump, kind of a difference from what we've heard in theast, especially last night, his speech here was peppered with some
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run a much more positive campaign? john kasich, he was laser focused on new hampshire. is was a prize he really wanted and did obtain at number 2, he was someone that spent of all the candidates much more time inew hampshire, 100 something town hall meetings and pays off with a number two finish. here's what he had to say tonight. >> there's magic in the air with this campaign, because we don'l see it as just another campaign. we see this as an opportuni for all of us, i mean, all of us, to be involved in something bigger than our own live to change america, to reshine america, to restore the spirit of america and to leave no one behind. >> all right, so right now, we're still waiting on firm numbers for third, fourth,
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. >> for jeb bush, this resurrects his campaign. we'll talk about marco rubio in just a second. senator ted cruz was the winner in iowa largely because of a very big evangelical vote in iowa that is not here in new hampshire. he has a very good showing, thgh, and spoke just a little while ago. >> we put washington on the run and tonight's outcome is a victory for we the people. and this election, this primary and this general election in november 2016 will be a victory for the hard working men and women who want to believe, again, in the promise of america agagast the bipartisan corruption of washington, which mark my words, will end on january 20th, 2017.
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has to be thrilled with his finish. he sunk more money into this state than any other candidate and his campaign by all accounts in the double digits here, and now, he has a place to call. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we need a president with a steady hand, with a proven record, who has a servant's heart. who doesn't believe it's all about him. that's why i'm running for the presidency of the united states, and why i'm so grateful for people of new hampshire. you've given me the chance now to go to south carolina, where we are going to do really well thanks to you all. senator marco rubio, he had a very strong finish. he had a campaign plan, 3, 2, 1 in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and he did that in iowa and hoped to be second here but did not, and in his speech today, the senator acknowledge had the the debate debacle last saturday night, the smack-down by governor charlie crist probably did
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let's take a listen. >>our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this, that will never happen again! [ cheering ] that will never happen again. and let me tell you why, let me tell you why it will n ner happen again. it's not about me. it's not about this campaign. it is about this election. >> all right, let's take a look atthe democratic side of things now. let's take a look at the numbers, vermont senator, bernie sanderu and neighboring senator, a 74-year-old, socialist, independent but
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primary, 60% of the vote largely by his movevent, young people and new independence, new voters and hillary clinton, former first lady and secretary of state, 39. bernie sanders with a substantial win but not 2-1 win that was showing in the polls. he got up to give his victory speech. itas a rousing speech and a huge crowd. take a listen. >> this is a message not just to our opponents but to those who support me as well, that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party and this nation, because the right-wing republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency, that the government of our great nation
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a few wealthy campaign contributors. >> let's talk about sectary clinton. she actually won new hampshire in 2008. now, though, because of the 2-1 polling the whole time, she was managing expectations and she did not expect to win. s]nator sanders, a neighboring senator, she was up against his movement, but she does have a machine. she is looking forward. she got up and her speech today was less a concession speech than a forward looking campaign speech. take a listen. >> now, the real differerees in this race are truly over how do we create a future of prosperity, opportunity and security for all of us? we need to build a growth and fairness economy with higher wages and more good-paying jobs, including a bold,
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millions of jobs in clean energy, manufacturing and infrastructure.. >> a win here in the nation's first primary, even a high placement placement. it is momentum for these candidates but there is so ch more to go, primaries in larger and more diverse states cocong up in a couple of weeks, including florida's and the next sp is south carolina. you. >> and charlie crist may not make it that far, going back to new jersey to re-evaluate. >> those were his words, "reassess," as he came in sixth place. which was a decentt showing but not good, campaigns are very expensive and time consuming, and he said he would skip
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jersey campaign. >> what's the take-away for new hampshire? we bring in our reporter, mike. >> let's look at the takeaway from the candidates, jeb bush and marco rubio. the obituaries for bush were too premature, putting all his eggs in the basket in new hampshire and came a few hundred votes short of ted cruz and ahead of marco rubio. he wanted to meet rubio, his one time protege. rebound yoeshgs once the golden boy coming out of iowa, where he beat expectations. well, today, he failed to meet expectations, coming in a dismal fifth and he said tonight, it was because of a poor performance in saturday night's debate saying quote,
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saturday night. that will never happen again. he's still in the race, but at one point, rubio has to win one of these primary, and ironically, bush or rubio don't stand a good chance to win their hometown and the leader in the poll right now is, ta-da, donald trump. >> michael, we know you'll be following that in march. can't wait for that. >> great to have you here, michael. a man on an attack targeting two people for no reason and we have the elderly describing the brutality as we learn more about this attack. >> this 80-year-old man was filling gas in this shell station and goes inside to pay and that is where he was attacked. 81ear-old douglas is bruised
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face after cops say this guy in the red@ hat goes on the attack inside the lauderdale area. >> and the wife gets in between the two and the suspect runs offff but police say he's not done. an hour laternside this shop, he is chasing down and whacking at another man with a samurai sword. walker, who has no violent criminal history in broward that we could find would be tracked down and arrested. detectives believe he was under the influence of narcotics and this victim is trying to heal and forgive. >> yououave compassion? >> very much. >> and the victim is in really
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he's still behind bars. reporting live for "local 10 news." >> a small plane hitting trouble on the runway in pembroke pines and this happened around 4:30 this afternoon. the plane finally settled on one of its wings before being towed to a hangar. the faa is investigating this incident. no injuries were reported. >> a man believed to have murdered his wife whose body was inside his miami jumped from his high-rise. he killed his wife and the body was found inside the condominium on bay road and 15th street after her two children, a four and six-year-old told security their mom hadeen hurt. they haven't released her identity, but they b%lieve she was killed by her husband. he was wanted on a second-degree murder charge after his wife's body was found, but this afternoon,
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grand in downtown miami. the children, who are in foster care will stay there 23rd. this combination lead to big sales, but some say they were ripped off. local 10 investigate this is cautionary tale on the other side of the break. >> cool out there tonight and the chilly air just keeps on (phone ringing) you can't deal witsomething, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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.. >> we've all heard offers too guaranteed. >> there is a marketing of a pill across the country from a well known celebrity and the company is getting lots of complaints with customers alleging they were ripped off. >> we had an unwelcomed confrontation with the owner. >> my name is larry king. >> it's labelled as a larry
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really an informercial for a fish oil supplement called omega xl. >> this takes a giant leap forward. >> king introduces ken mears, who sells omega xl across the country with a so-called special two for one offer. >> we believe it's the most powerful omega 3 on the face of the planet. >> there is no financial risk. omega xl offers a 90 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose. >> not true from the scores of the customers complaining about the company to the better business bureau, and it's a fraud and scam and the company is charging their credit card is without consent and the money won't refund the
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out of the account. >> no disclure of an auto ship. >> no. >> this consume law professor michael flinn says he finds the company's marketing stacks suspect at best. >> we're extending a special offer but they don't tell you the terms and the conditions of the special offer. >> you have nothing to lose. do they have something to lose? >> the $60 a month billed to them for shipment of a product on a continuing auto shi basis. >> once the customer agrees for the two for one deal, they ship monthly bottles at $60 plus shipping and handling automatically charging them on their credit cards. >> i just swallow them without water. >> when i called the number, the sales rep gave me the same speel and got too my billing information without mentioning auto shipping at all. on the web site, auto shipping is explained only as an
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box about accepting a free online magazine. >> they didn't even get to make the choice. it's already clicked.. >> we caught up with mears, but he had nothing to say. i wanted to talk about the complaints you're company has receiveded this raised eyebrows when he hired did bowden when the previous boss. >>e three kings be stealing the gold. >> was busted in a billion dollar ponzi scheme, and he was vice president and under fbi investigation and now in prison on a wire fraud conviction. >> i'm going to take two now. >> i tried t t reach king through facebook and his hollywood agent but received no response. the company issued a statement defending auto shipping as a common prpctice&said the company sold two million bottles last year averaging fewer than five complaints a month adding quote, we would
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that fully did not understand the terms of the program, but the p pfessor says the company's practices deserve eater attention from the authorities. >> the attorney general's office should open an investigatn on it. >> reporter: you don't have anything to say? bob norman, "local 10 news." >> now bob tells us that great health works has resolved the complaints with the better business bureau at times saying they have disciplined and fired errant sales rep. they still have an a-rating despite the complaints.
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. >> a man accused of throwing a gator through a wendy's drive through window scaring workers. this is a picture of the gator inside the restaurant. it happened in october, but the man accused of throwing the gator in the thrive through was just taken into custody by u.s. marshals. heped of picking it up on the road is and he is going through a mental evaluation and the gator was released into a canal. he is now facing charges, including aggravavad assault. >> and now, we check in with bette davis. the weather hasas had a bit of a bite. >> it's just cold? >> for us, it is. we are running a little bit below average, and right now, we're inflammatory.
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miami and kendall and home homestead in the upper 50s and the one thing i'm noticing other than the clouds sliding in the west and southwest wind for parts of broward and miami-dade county, so that may help keep the temperatures up a bit. any way you slice it, we'll get off to a cool start even as the high clouds come in, and we will get a decidedly northwest wind kicking back in tomorrow momoing, too, to help bring the chilly air back to the area, and it is chilly in the north, all the way down to atlanta, 28 degrees right now, raleigh, 30 degrees and the cuddle alert, a chilly wednesday. some of the neighborhoods tomorrow starting in the 50s, highs only makinggt into the 60s, so we're saying 53 for miami, maybe not that chill
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need a sweater, i'm sure, a lot of you with the temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 60s with the winds falling in from the northwest. now, thursday morning, we're still forecasting lows in the 40s, so definitely a bite to the atmosphere as calvin was saying come thursday morning, the highs getting into the upper 60s. finally heading forweekend, we do get a little milder, mid and maybe upper 50s for friday and saturday and sunday morningnd the highs finally getting back into the 70s, calvin. >> thank you, bette. we're a month away from the florida imary, in march, and the league of women voters are aming up for day long register vote blitz and we're calling it, don't miss the boat, register to vote. and we have the volunteers live all day long encouraging you to register. todd will be on the fiu campus and nicky in miramar city hall
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is tomorrow and you can register at any public library? >> all right, next inn sports, the heat with one more game before the all-star break and the spurs c came to town. [indiscernable]. >> and the cash 3, play 4 and fantasy 5.
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good luck. . >> the heat's last game before the all-star break brought the saantonio spurs to town, the team with the second best record in the nba and h hsan whiteside getting off to a quick start but it got uglgl
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and dwyane wade drive to make the lay-up and the spurs up by four and pull away quickly in the second half, and whiteside loses his cool with the elbow down low. what was he thinking? the refs looked at that and it was called a flagrant and he's ejected losing 119-101. >> sheldon maclelean loses the three and this tip-in by rodriguez with justver a second left is the game winner, miami winning 65-63 and two game losing streak, the second period, wat the pass to jagr, the ageless one and the panthers win 7-4, and that's sports. >> thank you, will. >> we have winners for the fifit primary in new hampshire, of course, with donald trumpmpnd bernie sanders, buthere is a very close contest for third place on the republican side. >> behind trump and kasich,
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ted cruz now with 11.5% and jeb bush, 11.2% and marco rubio with 10.5% with 70% of the vote in. >> you can get more in the "local 10 news" in the morning and they need all ofhat going into south carolina. that will be taking place next tuesday. can't wait for that. >> tomorrow morning, looking at a chilly start and some will have 50s as you step out the door and the day in
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>> thank you, st text1 italics cc1 test message >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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bill maher.
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