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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for about a half a mile where that accident scene is. if you're saying constance, i'm in a hurry, you may want to stick with biscayne or u.s.-1. one you get past this accident scene, you should b okay. also a reminder this earlier crash still using some issues for our 595 drivers traveling eastbound at i-95. remember whenever we have a serious accident, you guys, we have those push alerts. you can signup on-li. you can go to our free wplg app. weather and traffic forever. you can't get rid of it. one thing you're not getting rid of is the cool weather. you're going to need the sweaters and jackets. i warned you at the beginning of the week you're going to be needing them. it's cool for one day and then it warms up. we've had reenforcing shots of cool air moving
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what occurred overnight. temperatures in the upper 50s miami, 55 ft. lauderdale. reenforcing the cool air parts of south florida. 55 pembroke pines. 55 in kendall. temperatures four to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. parents, make sure kidsare bundled up. temperatures will be in the mid 50s as you morning. cool and breezy by this afternoon. highs in the mid 60s. more on that breaking news. the traffic alert constance just told us about, we do have exclusive video from that fatal car fire on i-95. >> a member of the local 10 news team cam across it. >>reporter: we just learned that one of the victims is from illinois. next of kin is now bng notified. the medical examiner's office is now here on the keep as well. the car that caught fire is on the back of a
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a tow truck in there out in the distance. this is on i-95 northbound lanes near the 395 exit. that is where two people did die in a single car accident. as ger i go and jacey were talk about, a local 10 photo journalist is on her way to work. she shot this video showing a road ranger rushing in to try to save the person from the burning vehicle. troopers did confirm to me they did pass away. i-95 is now down to one lane at exit 2-d. you c seeraffic is moving very slow at this hour there are actually two scenes to report, the one right here behind me. you can see it's clearing up as i speak. the second is where the car hit the median about two blocks from where i am standing. troopers tell me it hit,
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right there in the distance. at this point the names of the victims have notbeen released. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy local 10 news. a big victory for donald trump and bernie sanders. those presidential candidates locking down their sides of the new hampshire primary. trump with a big triumph in the first big primary of the year. battle for third and fourth narrowly split between ted cruz and jeb bush. >> we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. thank you. >> meanwhile marco rubio came in fifth place after that poor debate performance.
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christie, apparently heading home tooew jersey to figure out what makes sense in his next steps. after losing to hillary clinton in iowa by peer percentage points. >> i have been criticized during this campaign for many, many things. every single day that's ok. that's all right. they are flowing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> the next challenge for the democrats in the nevada caucus on february 20th, then south carolina democrats vote in the primary atthe end of the month. there's still more than a month to go before florida heads to
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>> neki mohan is live in mira more with more on that. >>reporter: good morning. i'm at miramar city hall, one of the locations you can register to vote today. it's really important. this election is going to be very contentious as we've seen as the chris-crossed the if you want to be able to vote in this presidential primary coming up, you need to register to vote by nextt tuesday. register? we made a convenient graphic to let you know. to register to vote you need to bring a photo id, passport, driver's license and a current document with your name and address because they need to know what precinct to put you in. on election day you always need to bring idthe here are a list of locations, broward west court house today, florida international univsity, miramar city hall where i'm located.
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liary. your clerk of court office always you're able to registe to vote there. so today a really big bush we're degree here on local 10 with the league of women voters and the league of women voters getting involved and amped up about this because they are saying a lot of singl women not registered. they need to take a look and say do i want to be press. i'm going to be here at miramar city hall and todd's going to be at fiu. i hear if you go down, he will be giving out free hugs. >> he gets us with those. he gets us good. who doesn't want a to know tong hug? >> you get the right to participate in the mocracy. trust local 10 this election season, not
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get registered. we're bringing you each step of the process. check out and new this morning a man is in custody accused of exposing himself to women in a mall parking lot. police say he flashed his private parts to women on three different occasions. he wouldxpose himself by lifting himself up om his driver's seat. police say the incidents date back to december but more complaints were filed on january 9thnd 30th. one of the cars was registered to his girlfriend. one of the victims was thible get a picture of the license plate which led police straight to him. he's expxpted in bond court later today. battered, bruised. that man right there after that random attack, that's what he looked like. we're hearing from him in an interview first
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plus cruise ship chaos. we're hearing from the captain of the ship that went straight into hearse force winds. temperatures now in the 50s miami, ft. lauderdale, 65 degrees in key west. lots to talk about in e forecast. i've got to coming up. and ourp big traffic story of the morning, i-95 just a mess this morning. northbound lanes at 395.
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this in a few minutes. all right. our traffic alert this
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quite a mess here on i-95. this is video we shot earlier this morning after crews had to extinguish a vehicle fire. again, this is i-95 northbound at that exit to 395, the dolphin expressway. all lanes were shut down. at this point two lanes are now open. let me show you how it looks like on the ground now. these lanes now open. you can see cars trickling by. but obviously police will be on the keep investigating this until thth sun comes up. that's normally the case especially with these death investigations. so the story for you this morning if you're traveling northbound at i-95 expect some heavy delays. ififou are saying constance, automatic in a hurry, i don't'tant to get stuck in this mess, take biscayne boulevard, state road 447. i-95 just past 195 should be okay. right at 3 3, the dolphin expressway is
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scene is. this one in broward county, the only one we're watching for you. this one 55 -- 595 eastbound. follow us on-line as well as on-air all morning long. the good things is there's no weather alerts, no weather to really worry about except if you're one of those people that get in t 50s. i'm happy to tell tho morning we are seeing our winds movo in from the northwest. unlike yesterday we had a southwest wind. halfway through the week things he changed, temperatures in the upper 50s ft. lauderdale, miami. 65 degrees in key west thanks to a reenforcing shot of cooler air that moved through last night. a cool 55 in pembroke pines and kendall. our winds moving in from the northwest direction will keep that cool air nice and settling into south florida, refreshing and comfortable.
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chill factors across northern, central florida are moving into the 20s and 40s this morning and up north in towards the carolinas, they are waking upo the teens and 20s. so we're relatively comfortqble and mild compared to our friends to the north. with that said 50s is a bit chilly. you're going to need those sweaters and jackets all morning long. they will start to clear up by this afternoon providing for some snipe. where we're seeing those temperature in the teams and 20s, we're also dealing with snow in the ohio valley. behind that another front we're watching moving in towards t t dakotas a in towards kansas. a series of frontss will continue to keep some cold arctic air spilling into south florida. currently fromom coast to coast we do have a warmup across the west coast. friends across the great lakes waking up to temperatures i ithe teams, even five degrees in minneapolis. so for us that north breeze will continue to keep it cool, comfortablbl tomorrow we are
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temperatures to dip down to the 40s.. remember what it felt like on monday? that's how it's going to feel tomorrow. we w w't worry about the 40s as we go into the weekend. valentine's day still comfortable and cool with below average temperatures. have a great day. a woman arrested, accused of targeting tourists. >> the rolex robber is caught on camera and now in jail. call christina's all
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next imagine you're hearing constant, loud humming in your home. >> the problem and beingfed up with those fumes frustrated them so muchthey called christina. they learned this may be an illegal operation. here's the report. >> this building extremely close to the facility over there. >>reporter: an industrial-sized problem just feet away from these north miami apartments and homes. >> this has flaired up to being a big issue for
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>>reporter: residents have been complaining of noise. >> aonstant turn ion sound. >> it's a low-level annonce that can absolutely make you go crazy. >>reporter: and fumes. >> it's a chemical smell that smells like sweet corn. >>reporter: all coming from a dry cleaner the city claims has pen operating without a certificate of use and for a use not permitted under the city's zoning code. christina. >>reporter: we brought their concerns to the woman state records own doing business as spot masters. >> there's nothing you want to talk about? residents complaining of your facility? >> they are not a good neighbor, norave they tried to be a good neighbor. >>reporter: a special exception establishment. >> at first they were
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dry cleaner. >>reporter: in 2009 theyy wanted to go bigger and ask for industrial designation. industrial operation. the city statess in this suit that it denied that rezoning application. neighbors say from the looks of it, the company didn't take no for an answer. when we entered in the lobby, we spottedins with linens appeared to be for hotels. >> these are huge machines. to give you perspective, this is a pick-up truck. look at the size of those things. >>reporter: city records show the company has rackedd up violations. when these violations& are noted, are they paying the fines and complying or do you constantly have to go out there and recite them? >> we constantly have to
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we can't shut down down until the judge rules whether or n it's a violation. >> i agree you should applaud any success. >> right now it's all to a jud. >>reporter: in a separate case against the city, the company has argued they are based on quote free-for-all allegations. in their view there was no testing to measure the noise. the owner and attorney representing her didn't respond to a repeated request for a statement. a judge will need to rule on these bigger questions, whether the company is operating outside of the scope of their current zoning and if they are in fact too loud. bag in that neighborhood the hum drones on. we will keep you posted. in the news room, christina vazquez, local 10 news. a man accused in a terrifying attack involving a sword is now in jail but this morning one of his victims is speaking out. >> he is battered and bruised and has a message for the man that does this to him.
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follow breaking news for you. two people have been killed in this car fire that happened on i-95 overnight in the northbound lanes right near the macarthur causeway. let's take a live look at theheoad right now.
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threatening to shoot everyone inside. the man got away in a newer model chevrolet, possibly an impala. if youave any information, call crimestoppers. the secret service is now getetng involved in an identity theft investigation. this is at jackson morial hospital. a hospital unit secretary is accused of stealing confidential patient information for the last five years. the hospital says it is in the process of contacting people who may have had their information stolen. the f.a.a. investigating after some trouble on the runway. this is the scene here at north perry airport. sky 10 over the keep as the plane made a bumpylanding. the plane finally settling on one of its wings before being towed away here. pope francis is planning and history you
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russian orthodox church. pe francis is set to meet with the patriarch on friday. this is the first meeting for both churches since they split more than 1,000 years ago. hatzel vela will be there for the meeting. look for his live reports from havana beginning on thursday right here on local 10. our big traic story of the morning with i-95 northbound rit here at the macarthur causeway. all lanes were shut down but they had begun to reopen after two people passed away in a fiery crash. we'll have details on
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breaking news, two people killed when a car goes up in flames on i-959 local 10 news the first crew at the scene. cotance is here tracking your commute. plus claiming victory, donald trump and bernie sanders coming out on top winning the first state of their campaigns. >>reporter: i'm todd tongen on florida international university's campus. stick around. we're going to help you register to vote. i hope they are super -- superficial. he didn't is ask for money, didn't ask for anything. good wednesday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch.
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back to the scary scene we've been telling you about all morning lon the crash on i-95. >> let check within constance jones. >> at this point things have begun to clear up. this is some video we shot just a funny ago. crews slowly reopening the keep after this tal car fire. two people killed with this one so we know that it caused delays terrell foey roughly three hours this morning. that's how it looked about 20 minutes ago. at this point take a look. they quickly cleared it up this is great. there are some slight delays for anyone traveling northbound in that direction. if you're traveling in that spot again. that is at 395. those spodes clocking in at 48 miles per hour. broward county things have been really smooth sailing out there. if you are traveling from i-75 east bound to u.s.-1 on 55, at this point it's going to take
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your average speed about 54 miles per hour. julie? >> good morning rns jones gongs. thanks for keeping us posted all morning long on that traffic alert on i-95. i'm happy to tell you weather had nothingo do with it. hasn't it been nice to have dry weather. granted in return we're seeing cool, refreshing, windy conditions but it's been dry out there. you're not going to need those umbrellas. you're going to need those sweater and jackets. 65 degre in key west. you haven't seep that cool air get all the way down to the keys just yet. temperature 54 inpompano beach. cool 55 in pembroke pines. these temperatures are anywhere between four and seven degrees cooler. some clouds around this morning. >> windy, still providing for attempt to stay in the 50s until about 9 90. about 11 degrees below after ram for our hig if you think this is
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seep anything yet. wait until you see our overnight highs tonight. i'll have to coming up. one of our co-worker heading to work spotted this frightening, terrifying scene. >> ben kennedy is in miami with this exclusive video. ben, it's just horrible to show what happened but at least things are getting a little bit better on the highway. >>reporter: an incredible me horrible situation here in miami. yes, as with you were talking about i-95 northbound is back open. that happened i would say in the past ten minutes but troopers say a speed is a factor in this crash. we did learn that one of the two victims is from out off state. first let's take aook at this cell phone video. local 10 photo journalist was on their way to work and saw the car accident. she pulled over, shot this cell phone video witnessing a road ranger rush in to try and save the driver from the
6:28 am
paramedics took over and rushed that victim to the e.r. where they did pass away. troopers say this is a single car accident. two people did lose their life. the driver and passenger are younger but they could not release a specific age. they also wanted to thank that road ranger who tried to save them. >> i keep saying the labor that they do, the job that they do out hehe, they usually get to the scene before we do and it's not the first timehat they acted heroically and it's not the if you mean they saved somebody's life outere.. >>reporter: basically troopers say i looks like this car was speeding, hit the median, burst into flames, ended up on one side of i-95. the car was taken from the scene. it is a nissan. thebody was still inside, headed over to the medical examiner's office. at this point next of
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the victims' names have not been released. ben kennedy, local 10 news. donald trump and bernie sanders wakinin one their first big wins. each won their party's primary last thiet by pretty big margins. >> john kasich following in s sond place. jeb bush 11%. >> it was a big win win bernie sanders with 61% of the votes. trump and sanders celebrated their victories. >> we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong and the world is going to respecus again, believe me. >> togethewe have sent the message tha will echo from wall street to washington, from main main to california.
6:30 am
before the big speeches. here's a glimpse of what praryppedz was doing, knocking down shot after shot on the basketball court. he uses the back board well. >> here in florida the deadline to rem sister to vote is fast approaching so we're encouraging you don't miss the vote, register so vote. >> you only he a few days left to make sure your information is ready to go for the march primary. todd tongen has some tips on how to be prepped. governor, todd. >>reporter: we're here at florida international university right outside the graham center. other than the rotc squad that jogged by to a cadence, i'd have to say i'm. all by myself >>reporter: and we're hoping to change that. can you change that. if you haven't registered to vote, you need to and you need to do it quickly if you
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primaries. you want to have your voice heard. nothing is more irritating than going to a dinner party and politics comes up and people start talking about what you like and they ask you who did you vote for and you say i didn't vote. here are the locations where we're getting out thee vote. i'm going to be joined by the league of women voters here a little later this morning and they are going to be helping folks get through that process but here are the different areas where you can sign up to vote, miami-dade county and broward as well, here at florida tnternationalup, miramar city hall where neki mohan is located andn she's giving out free hugs. that's ion sentive. as well as any public library. here's what you need to register so vote, you need a photo id, just
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bring a current document something that shows your name, your address, where you live so they can put you in the right precinct so you can vote for the right politicians that are going to represent you. and them on election day you're going to want to bring your voter registration card once you get it. you are going to need to have that id. they say they are 400,000 registered voters up eligible. 400,000. that's whittle that number down. the biggest number are single women. so if you are eligible to vote, that means you are 18 years old, you are a u.s. citizen, come on down and register to vote. there's only two things that will keep you from registering to vote, and that is if you are convicted felon or if you're mentally uncapable.
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guys are saying, todd, you're probably mission the mark. i am eligible to vote and i am ristered to vote. what state in the nation do you not nd to register to vote? don't put it in a google machine either, eric? that's what i did. >> which one? >> north dakota. and that is maybe because -- what have they got like five people there to vote? i don't know.but a little thrive ray for you this morning. guys, come on down. we're at fiu just outside the graham center. >> please join todd. all by myself don't want to be all by myself >> having fun always as he get people to vote. >> see you, todd. local 10 news the source
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we have all the latest number and report from ththcampaign trail. check your play list if you want to go see todd tongen today. >> free hugs too. more than 100 cuban migrant stuck in legal limbo. migrant are usually flown to el salvador and bused over to the u.s. one group will be sent right to cross no texas because there were 41 pregnant women in the group. speaking with local 10 about that who horrific attack. douglas just finished pumping gas. he went inside to meet his wife and that's where out of no where, the man in the hat violently beats him. hours later he attacked anotherrman with a sword here at the swap shop.
6:35 am
was under the influence of narcotic. douglas was left badly bruised, 18 stitches as well. but he says he feel sorry for his attacker. >> i hope they take care of him. >> so you shul have some compassion for him? >> very much. >> he told police he was seeing "poltergeist" and wanted to kill everything that was evil. police say ian jumped to when i death on tuesday. his body was found at the grant in downtown miami. the discovery came a day after the 36-yearld's wife was found. she still has not been identified but the two dhirp are in foster care and will remain there until the next hearing on february 23rd. a mother pleading for her son. >> yououe still there and come and call the
6:36 am
those people there are helping you so don't be afraid. please don't hide. be good and come home. it's been so long. i love you. >> the boy' father accused of abandonment tells police he kicked the son out of the car near his plantation home because quote the boy is being rude. the man was arrested boarding a flight to new aland. zika fears are expanding. new confirmed fears of the virus and why an olympian says she's getting nervous for this summer's games. why he's justifying that decision and creating a big vacation nightmare. south florida you're going to need toes sweaters and jackets this morning. this is nothing compared to what we're going to wake up to tomorrow. don't forget to tell the kid to -- let it go >> details on its
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ahead. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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we have the latest on the zika virus. zika continuing to read in the u.s. 66 confirmed cases in 19 states. florida the state with the most confirmed cases. soccer star hope solo says she has concerns about competing in brazil because of the zika virus there. no measures have been put in place. new this morning drought conditions in haiti aremaking a food crisis even worse. 1.5 million haitians are threatened with malnutrition and the drought has been going on for three years. country deals with the loss of their president
6:39 am
place. there has been a delay in choosing the new president as the country battles claims of ection fraud. >> the caribbean has been dealing with record heat. it's been a scorcher for most of them. one thing they need is rain and something they haven't seen. we'te seeing a dip in degrees thank to el nino. this morning teteeratures in the 50s. i know it doesn't look pretty out there. we still have that blanket of cloud cover in place. we will see a break in the cloud cover starting to occur. we're already starting to see a little breakfrom those mid and high level clouds over the ft. lauderdale tower cam. temperature in the 50s ft. lauderdale, miami. 65 degre in key west. cool air hasn't made its way as far south as the keys just yet. that northwest wind anywhere between 7 and 15 miles per hour. cool spot in pompano beach, i see you, you
6:40 am
wind will continue to move in fromm the northwest gusting at times so it's going to feel pretty chilly out there from time to time. looking beautiful from our hollywood beach cam again. those clouds are not pro dousing precipitation. it's june right chilly for our friends in northern and central florida. wind chill factors have dropped their temperatures down to the 0z and teens. this is the actual air temperature. 32 degrees in tallahassee and jacksonville. here's that lingering cloud cover again. the atmosphere dry thank to high pressure building behind that secondary front that moved through. more snow as far et of washington, d.c. up to boston. one more system moving in towards the dakotas. we're going to watch this because a series of fronts will continue to affect our forecast. the first one moved threw overnight. today it will be cool. it will be comfortable. by tonight it will be june right chilly as our winds moving in from the
6:41 am
down to the lows in the 40s across parts of south florida. heading down to the beach, not a great day for it. lows tomorrow in the 40s. get ready for it. highs struggling to reach the upper 60s. keep in mind our average high this time of year, 78 degrees. another front will move in for valentine's day going into president's day dropping our attempt again by nextuesday. >> julie, thanks so much palmetto expressway southbound at i-75. we have a crash there, you see it in the senator of you screen, blocking one lane right there. let me show youp what it looks like if our traffic graph you can see here. if you're traveling southbound, you see all that red that shows us heavy delays. those speeds at about six miles per hour. hopefully that will be clearing up. this crash on i-95 affecting our northbound lane right at miami
6:42 am
those speeds at 68 miles per hour. i want to quickly get you outside to show you where that accident scene is. we're seeing flashing moving. hassan whiteside was sent home before last night's game finished. the center sending an quarter right there during a free-throw. whiteside ejected and thrown out of the game. heat did go on to lose this one 119-101. big honor for shaq. his number 32 jersey will be retired next season. shaq helped lead the heat to the first nba championship back in 2006. disney's animated musical film "frozen" is headed to broadway. it will feature new
6:43 am
alononwith all the film's favorites, "let it go." i'll stop singing it. there will be an out of down try-out. >> it has bn a musical key moment here on local 10. want to go to the wine and food festival? >> local 10 has you covered. you don't want to meet all the chefs and yummy dishes from all over the globe. what can you do too win? go to our website, click on the tab and enter your info. a drunk passenger creating some real problems on board a late night flight. >> what happened to that guy still ahead. this morning our
6:44 am
day is joe t tremblay. new overnight, a flight from boston to san diego diverted after reports of a man acting out on board. this passenger was reportedly intoxicated and made threats during the alaska airlines flight. >> got up and tried to go to the front of the plane and two other male passengers stood up and blocked his path. >> the plane landed in drear where the man was removed. crews asked him to calm down but he became agitated and vererlly abusive. in this video the captain tells the cruise director the storm took him by surprisi. >> the whole thing was not bigger than this and here and it just exploded. >> it's probably the biggest scare this i've had so far in my life.
6:45 am
receive a full refund and a certificate for 50% off their next cruise.. officials are keeping an eye out on a whale and her calf. the mother and baby calf were spotted struggling against the tide. recalls are now escorting boaters away and they say the whales seem to be doing okay so far. >> that's good news. two people killed in a fiery crash on i-95 northbound. the lanes just north of downtown miami near the macarthur causeway are still backed up, even though they are all back open.
6:46 am
you next.
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america" gets started at 7:00 a.m. right here on local 10. >>reporter: goodod morning. coming up next here on "good morning america," an historic nigh in new hampshire. birthdays and donald trump walking away with big wins. trump joins us this morning and we'll talk about john kasich live about his surge to second place. we have full team coverage from new hampshire all next on gma. good morning, south florida. we're waking up to attempt in the 50s. 64 key west. reinforcing shot of cool air providing for that northwest please. those clouds are not producing precipitation. we've got the 50s up and down from homestead towards pompano beach with the exception of the keys. by this afternoon highs only reaching the upper 60s. breezy with below average temperatures. accident-free, i-75 though if you're traveling nearar miami gardens drive. we do have an accident this morning. ifou're traveling in the spot, expect some slight delays for anyone
6:48 am
miami gardens drive. those speeds not that bad, 68 miles per hour. they are zooming by. an earlier crash still causing issues palmetto expressway and i-95. breaking news, two people killed when a car crashed and then caught fire in the northbound lanes of i-95 near the 395 exit. it appears the car hit the median and the swerved hitting a wall. that's when it burst into flames. one person died at the scene, the other died on the way to the hospital. donald trump and bernie sanders coming out on top of the new hampshire primaries. 36% of republicans chose trump followed by john kasich in second place and ted cruz in third. register to vote. we're helping you make sure you're ready for the florida primary. we'll have all the locations where you can go today to get signed up on our website a man accused of
6:49 am
several women due in bond court today. he was arrested yesterday, charged with three count of indecent exposure. a man accused of drugging a man to steal his rolex. she seeks them out in bars, then drugs them to get away with pricey watches. >> we have plenty to work on here on this wednesday morning. the news does continue next on "good morning america.a. >> we have neki and todd with us all morning long. now is the time because theregss only a few days left and you can vote in the primary. >> join them, they are excited to see you.
6:50 am
we'll be back. good morning, america. political earthquake. outsiders donald trump and bernie sanders win bign new hampshire. >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political
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