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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local 10 news at noon is two ingreal-time closed captioningprovided by u.s.captioning >> kristi: two people dead after a carire on i-95. this video you will only see right here onocal 10 of those flames that happened last night in the northbound lanes right near northwest second street in miami. the car caught on f fe after hitting a median and a concrete barrier. >> constance: we are learning a road ranger tried to save one of the victims after it went up in flames. local 10 news reporter r n kennedy is live in miami with those details. ben? >> reporter: constanceance kristi, troopers say speed was a factor in this case. looks like thehe car lost control, hit the median and then burst into flames. as you were talking about, two people did lose their life. in fact, their bodies are right here behind me at the medical examiner's office as the next of kin is notified. cell phone video captured a deadly car accident where two people lost their life.
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on their way to work and shot this clip as a car caught fire in the northbound lanes of i-95. it happened at 3:30 a.m. troopers say the nissan was speeding and it hit the concrete menian. >> you could see the impact to the concrete wall was severe and as you can see where the vehicle traveled such a long distance and then becoming fully involved. >> reporter: firefighters worked quick to put out tht flames. a road ranger was first on scene and tries to save the driver and passenger. he was able to pull one from the burning car but that man later died while en route to the e.r. >> it is not the first time that they've acted heroically and not the first time they have saved somebody's life out here. raraers. this gentleman was very brave to do that. >> reporter: traffic backed up during the morning commute as the highway was shut down near the 395 exit.
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pair were going or if alcohol was a factor. that part troopers say is still under investigation. troopers say one of those victims is from out of state. they are doing their best now this afternoon to notify the family. the driver'ss names and ages have still not been released. repopoing live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: thanks, ben. new at noon a teenager has been arrested in connection with a newear's day crash in key biscayne that killed a woman. 17-year-old isai medina had a court hearing yesterday. he is facing a number of charges including vehicular homicide. now police say that he was speeding in a porsche on who harbor drive and lost control and crashed into a gate in the home. 18-year-old danielaanmiguel was sitting in the backseat of the car. she dried in the crash. also new at noon, police are still searching for this man. he is accused of stealing a car with baby inside.
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earlier this week outside a laundromat in ft. lauderdale. that chi was found safely after amber alert was issued. police are stepping up efforts ting find the suspect. we have more on this. >> reporter: that reward is $3,000 for anyone who can give some information to detectives here at the ft. lauderdale police department. that information that will lead to the arrest of this man that they've been looking for. this right here is a flyer that issued. detectives still looking for the man behind the amber alert that went out monday night. he is wanted for kidnapping and auto theft after they say he stole e car with a child inside then abandoned that car and the child. this flyer has a surveillance picture of the guyhey're looking for, and we have a few more images from that rveillance camera. this was at the laundromat on west sunrise boulevard around 4:00 monday afternoon.
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old or 20 years old had beeee hanging out in the laundromat. the baby was ten months old and sleeping in the back of her mom's car.her mom parked right up front, ran in to grab clothes from the dryer when police say that guy walked out, jumped in herer car on took off. a few hours later police found the car with t t child more than eight miles away in pompano. the little girl was not hurt but the guy was nowhere to be found. so here we are a couple of days later. police still searching for that guy. if you know absolutely anything about him, who he is and you have some information that could lead to his arrest you could be egg jill for a cash reward. call police or broward crime stoppers this afternoon. >> kristi: thank you. trouble on the turnpike this afternoon to tell you about. that's where a driver lost control and slamm right into a median along the northbound lanes. this is by hollywood boulevard and the exit right there. a second crash, this o involving two vehicles also happened nearby. one person was taken to the
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injuries. let's take a live look outside right now from the mt. sinai medical center cam. not that pretty outside. >> constance: looks glee looks gloomy and a little cold. >> kristi: i put on the turtle neck. >> constance: i have my sweater dress on. julie, you do, too. >> julie: it has been nice for us south floridians to feel like winter. some spots of south florida peeks of sunshine breaking through unlike other areas. throughout the day eventually this cloud cover will continue to push towards the south and gradually break apart which will allow for sunshine. some people taking up some spots on the beach. that's right. well, i don't know. it is kind of chilly for us south floridaians skin as it is 62 degrees in miami and ft. lauderdale and 66 in key west. more sunshine in miami along the coast as well due to a northwest breeze. that cool air connection will stay in place as temperatures are in the upper 50s in pompano beach. we woke up to the 50s this morning from pompano beach down towards homestead.
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upper 60s. here's what we're expecting the rest of the day. more sunshine, temperatures will reach the upper 60s. we will notice temperatures below average for this time of year. we did see some isolated activity move through but most of this rain that you are seeing here is just a delay from our radar. it is called shaft, basically false return. that is not actctl precipitation falling to the ground. the good news is high pressure to the north providing for a dry, stable atmosphere and allowing for yet another c cd morning. i'm talking cold as temperatures will dip down into the 40s by tomorrow morning across the coast. we could be talking mid to lower 40s inland. i will have a lat more on that coming up. lateys? >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington. >> kristi: you'veeard them both. donald trump, bernie sanders
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new hampshire primary both crushing the competition. >> constance: new jersey governor chris christie may soon be out of the race. >> wow, wow, wow. we want to thank the people of new hampshire. >> reporter: donala trump and bernie sanders rocketing out of new hampshire are resounding win. >> thank you, new hampshire. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: senator sanders the oldest candidate in the race winning big with young voters. >> we have sent the message that washington. >> reporter: trump o. the phone on "gma" this morning crediting his hugein to the huge voter turnout. >> we were getting just great signals we have a rally and many more would show up than anticipated. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich finishing in second place is now believed be to the top con tender in the establishment lane.
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party and bring back the reagan blue collar democrat who they were for rgan. >> reporter: for iowa winner senator ted cruz, governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio a three-way tie for third. now it is on to south carolina with hillary clinton vowing to march on. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. vote. >> reporter: both clinton and sanders back on the campaign trail in new york city today. sanders making stops in harlem and on "the view." back on the republican side, governor chris christie, well, he hasn't officially dropped out of the race. we're told he is suspending campaigning for now. elizabeth hurr, abc news, new york. >> kristi: with the florida primary fast approaching you don't want to miss the boat to register. >> constance: the d ddline is next week. don't panic. we are making everything easy for you today. local 10 news anchor neki mohan
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to register. >> reporter: constance and kristi, we've got everyone vered. you need to register to vote, if you need to change your address or change your party affiliation, today is the day to do it and we have staff locations all over the county. here at miramar city h hl, they've been slow did you steadily coming in. we have seen people all morning long that saw us first on the morning show and said hey, i just moved here. i forgot to register to vote. time is running out. they came here. some person said you have to have a party affiliation to vote in the march 15 primary. let me make sure i change my party affiliation from republican. whatever you need to do, they've got you covered. one man who saw it on the news this morning says he really appreciated the heads up because it is so important to him to have a vce. >> the groups that are under represented right now tend to be youth so those8 years old to 24 years old, tend to be young
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who may just be busy in their lives and miss the opportunity to register. and then minorities voters. it is important for t`em to get registered. in particular we see that hispanic voters although the largest-growing group of registered voters in broward county vote at a much lower rate than their white and african-american counterparts. >> reporter: isn't that surprising? young womenl young hispanic voters, they need you to register. you want toegister today? here is where you need to go. you can go to the courthouse in plantation, you can go there or you can go to the stephen p. clark center or florida university where todd tongen is stationed now or come out to miami to miramar city hall or any library in monroe, dade and broward county and register today. kristi and constance, you can't register online but you can go online, the supervisor of elections website and you can
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bring it in. you should come here with a photo i.d, something that tells your address and on election day you should have an i.d. none is mandatory. if you know your i.d. information, last four digits of your social security number you can register to vote here. they are making it easy for you to get engaged and to really have a voice in this exciting election cycle we are seeing voting happening all over the country. your opportunity to do it here is march 15. the deadline to get registered is next week. we will be here all day. i know you will talk to todd later on. live in miramar, neki mohan, local 10 news. >> kristi: great idea. thanks. trust local 10 this eleleion season. not only are we helping you get registered, we are also bringing you each step of the political process in live reports from all over the country. you can find everything you need to know on >> constance: days after haiti's president u ually left office without a successor in place, local 10 has learned there is aa short list of presidential candidates who
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interim government. the list includes 27 potential candidates. one of the names on the list former haitian president. he was the first democratically elected president in haiti and after being forced in exile he returned to haiti in 2001. we will have much more on the storor comingp on local 10 news at 4:00. >> kristi: cuba is preparing to welcome pope francis again. some landscaping is being done, signs are going up outside the russian orthodox church. pope francis is set to meet with the patriarch this week. the first meeting since the churches split 1,000 years ago. hatzel vela will be there as well f@r that meeting. look for live reports from local 10 news. to the very latest on the zika virus. it continues to spread in the u.s. there are now 66 confirmed cases in 19 different states.
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meanwhile soccer star hope solo says she is very ccerned about competing in the olympics this summer because of the spread of the virus in brazil. olympic officials have discussed@ plans to address the outbreak but no real measures have been put in place just yet. >> constance: partners hp shoulders estimat $300 million cost to build that new stadium but according to the miami herald it may not be the majority owner. beckham's group hopes to close a deal on the nine-acre stadium site on the west edge of overtown by the end of this month. the 25,000 seat stadium would sit at the corner of northwest 6th avenue and 7th street. let's get a quick check of the stock markets right now. we are seeing a lot of green arrows. dow up 4 points to 16,018. nasdaq up 54 points and s&p 500 up 12 points. >> kristi: only four points but we take it.
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some disturbing actss acts in a mall parking loss. >> constance: charges he is facing after police say he exposed himself to several women. what the miami heat player did during the game that got him ejected a a suspended. we are happy to announce every weekday you can take us with you even earlier. we are expanding our weekend morning newscast with neki, todd saturday. we will be up with you at 5:5: a.m. today at 6:00, school campuses underer cyber attack. >> cyber security is a journey. >> is it affecting your student? >> we tend to figure out what are some things we could do
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flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. >> kristi: a cash involving bso deputy in pompano beach. police say a driver swerved and struck the deputy while working street traffic. the deputy was hit right on the hand. he is expected to be just fine. no other details were released just to us yet. a man is in custody accused of exposing himself to women in a mall parking lot. police say the man flashed his private parts to at least three different women at four occasions at dadeland mall. the 26-year-old is acccced of exposing himself by lifting
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the incident dates back to december but then there have been mor complaints filed in january on the 9th and january 30. the police report says he used two different cars. one was registered to his girlfriend. one of the victim was able to get a picture of the license plate and that led to police finding him. >> constance: we have had so many cold days in a row. normally we have one or two days but it has been several days now. running out of clothes. >> kristi: feels nice. >> julie: it finally feels like winter in south florida. constance, i'm glad you brought that up. we have a graphic that will explain that in a minute once we det through the current temperatures. you walk out the door and it is chclly. temperatures in the lower 60s. that's incredible. the blanket of cover has helped from heating us up that much in ft. lauderdale, miami and northwest wind continues to drive in the cooler air that you are feeling as you walk out the door. 67 degrees in key west. currently a temperature of 61 in pembroke pines. we are still in the 50s in pompano beach.
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64 in marathon. the winds will continue to usher in that cool,table atmosphere. it is a nice, refreshing change that we have had. we have bee able to turn off the ac for quite some time and that won't change going into tonight and into tomorrow. you can see though some sunshine breaking through some clouds. people on the beach today unlike the last few days pretty gloomy and overcast. you still need the sweaters and jackets as you can see people on the broad walk enjoying this beautiful wednesday afternoon. temperatures just to the north woke up to freezing temperatures and now getting into the 40s. so we're all deang with this chilly change across the state of florida. i want to go through the graphics below normal temperatures have been something we have been talking about for at least since friday the 5th. i want to go over some conditions for you so you understand. normal highs should be upper 70s. we haven't seen an upper 70 since last saturday. our lows are something we are also focusing on. that's really been the concern throughout the overnight and into the morning hours. we are noticing more than
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have been dropping well below average. so as we take a look at the forecast going ahead, we are expecting our temperatures, look at that, overnight lows to still stay below average. something we didn't really get to talk about all that much in december and the beginning of january but boy the strong el nino as allowed the jet stream to dip to the southth and keep us under cool conditions. constance jones you need more outfits into the end of the week and weekend as the lows stay i i the upper 40s tomorrow and low to mid 50s friday and into saturday. had. with that s sd, we have been around from timemeo time. again, you can see on the radar this is just false return. we are not seeing precipitation falling from the clouds. we are dry thanks to this area of h hh pressure just north. but we've continued to see a series of fronts contitiing to spill in cold, arctic air. look at our friendsealing with lake effect snow from portions of ohio down to tennessee andanother system bringing nothing but snow from minneapolis down towards kansas. so what's going to happen today is we'll continue to have that
12:20 pm
and uncomfortable. tonight it will bring a reinforcing shot of colder air. that's why we are expecting to wake up to temperatures in the 40s tomorrow morning. we do have that moderate risk of rip current for beach goers, boaters a small craft advisory but i think that will expire as the winds calm down tonight and tomorrow. highs tomorrow only reaching upper 60s. remember, we should be seeing highs in the upper 70s. another day below avege. friday we will see temperatures start to slowly rebound due to shift in wind direction ahead of another front that will be moving into into the weekend and another one by tuesday. gentlemen, don't forget sunday is valentine's day. we will see lows in the 50s, highg in the mid 70s. you know who will have more on this, chief certified meteorologist betty davis. >> constance: thank you, julie. mardi gras celebrations wrapping up in new orleans. >> krii: now it is time for the big clean up in the big easy. dozens of officers were hitting bourbon street late last night parade. once the revelers cleared everything out time to do the
12:21 pm
behind. that's so gross. scouring through the french quarter wiping away any signs of the cits biggest party of the year. health alert for pregnant women.
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>> kristi: health warning this
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researchers say exposure to acetaminophen before birth is a risk to your baby developing asthma as a child. acetaminophen is one of the most widely used drugs, thatncludes tylenol. >> constance: crlie sheen is back on dr. oz's show talking about a doctor wholaims to have a cure for hiv. >> there is a man named dr. sam arguing he had a cure for hiv. i decided to follow chaie's trip down to mexico where he actually is going to work with dr. sam. i have major suspicions about this gentleman. i'm going to ask charlie what he thinks when he is done. we have had the whole saga of charlie going off medications which are keeping him alive. i want to know what's going on with that and delving into more deeply as to why charlie makes some of these decisions. he is being honest. he is showing up. he is going to see people like we are asking him to. it is going to be a loud discussion.
12:25 pm
>> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 here on local 10. >> kristi: with valentine's day just around the corner, starbucks is announcing three new chocolate drinks to lovov chocolate lovers have the choice between the moulton chocolate latte, hot chocolate and another. red robuster saw a boost in sales the past weekend thanks to beyonce. the restaurant claims a line in her new song "formation" is the reason. the song was performed at the super bowl has a lyric that suggests using red lobster as a sexy reward. red lobster said the next day sales were up 33% compared to last year. >> constance: sexy reward. disney's animated musical f)lm " "frozen" is coming to broadway in spring of 2018. the show will feature new songs created by the oscar-winning
12:26 pm
favorite "let it go." there will be out-of-town try-outs next summer. no word yet where the try-outs will be. do you wt to go to this year's south beach wine and food festival? i do. the one and only has you covered. local 10 is giving away tickets for this year's big event. you don't want to miss out on the biggest names and tastiest dishes from all over the globe. head over to local 10's facebook page to enter. click on the souou beach tab and enter. another scare in the air after a flight is diverted. >> kristi: what a passenger did to create this emergency landing and reaction from those who saw it all. >> reporter: i'm todd tongen at thelorida international university campus in southwest miami-dade where we arere getting out the vote. don't miss the boat. register to vote. th womens voters league is here to register people and we have registered over 40 people.
12:27 pm
can get registered before the primaries. >> the pope is heading back to cuba again and local 10 news is there again.
12:28 pm
live reports from cuba starting >> kristi: it is almost deadline day right here in florida with our state's primary fast approaching. >> constance: we don't want you to miss the boat by not registering to vote. i love that. guess what? we have made it easy for you today. todd tongen is live at fiu this midday with our big push to get you guys to the polls. >> reporter: constance, we have been here since early this morning telling people don't miss the boat toegister to vote. the primaries coming up quickly and you need to register by february 16 if you want to participate in the primaries on march 16. er 400,000 eligible non-registered voters live in south florida. 400,000. think about that. the biggest demographic are single woman. we are trying to get the word
12:29 pm
we are with the league of women voters have helped us out. we have already registered over 40 people or re-registered people and so far it has been a big success. >> on the south campus of fiu near the student union academics are engaged in the process of democracy. we have seen dozens of students register or re-rester with a the day. david martinez just turned 18 years old and he is diving into democracy head first. >> republican and democrat side-by-side. >> pretty excited. i follow politics. i'm finally contributing to politics. if you don't voice your opinion, how can you expected to be heard. >> reporter: turning 18 is not the only reason we have seen folks register to vote for the first time. heidi is canadian but just getting dual citizenship in the united states. >> i have been here over 2020 years and i've watched and really, really excited to vote.
12:30 pm
participate but because you weren't a citizen couldn't? >> exactly. >> now that are you a citizen, how excited and how involved are you? >> i'm very much so. i really, really want to make a difference. i want to have a say in what& happens. >> reporter: many were switching party affiliations because they wewe independent and they wanted to participate in therimaries. >> i have a say and i have a voice, so why not. >> reporter: others say it is not just important to participate, it is your duty as an american citizen. >> i actually have a lot of friends who won't vote and they have the choice to vote. if you live in the u.s, you might as well vote. some places don't have that option. >>eporter: so here are the locateses we will be at threeee 63:40 this evening. the broward county wet regional courthouse. that's the courthouse in plantation. also the stephenen p. clark government center in downtown miami, here at fiu near the student evennon center outside the graham center and miramar city hall where neki mohan is located. you can register at any public library.
12:31 pm
and you should be able to start the process. so far we have seen a lot of different people from different walks of life register here, kids turning 18 and registering for the first time. international students who have gotten their citizenship registering for the first time and many, many students switching from independent to a party affiliation whether it be republican or democratic. there is nothing more annoying than getting into a politics conversation with friends or family and you say well who did you vote for and they say oh, i don't vote. well, then you don't'tave much of a say, do you? so come on out and see us. dodot miss the boa register to vote. >> kristi: thankses tdment local 10 is your source for all things vote 2016. we have all kind of information that todd just mentioned on our website plus the very latest numbers and reports from the campaign trail as well. a new plan to fix the water crisis in flint, michigan could cost, get this, $360 million.
12:32 pm
by the michigan governor rick snyder. the money will go toward more bottle water filters, testing, health care and updating water pipes across the state. further details of the plan are in snyder's proposed budget as well presented to the michigan legislature. >> constance: this year's academy awards they are trying to make the show a little bit more i ieresting. the nominees are being asked to submit a list of people they want to thank just in case they win, and then those names wil scroll at the bottom of the screen during their acceptance speeches and hoping it will create a better speech. it will be pretty interesting the oscars will be right here on local 10 sunday night, february 18 28 starting at 7:00 p.m. millions around the world are celebrating the start of wednesday. ash wednesday marks the season. christians are celebrating with
12:33 pm
this is in light of the resurrection of jesus christ on easter sunday. >> this is a season of self-sacrifice so that we can prprare ourselves to celebrate with greater joy, the easter feast of christ's resurrection. >> constance: the ash are a strong symbol for christians showing a sense of belongi to the church. >> kristi: the captain of the cruise ship damaged at sea is talking about the experience. >> constance: what he has to say about sailing during the storm plus an update on when that ship will be back on dry land. today at 6:00, school campuses under cyber attack.k. >> cyber security is a journey. there is no finish line. >> is itffecting your student? >> we tend to figure out what are some of the things we canan do better as an institution.
12:34 pm
the next >> kristi: more than 100 cuban migrants stuck in legal limbo in coast a rick an are in mexico. they are usually flown to el salvador and bussed to mexico crossing into the u.s. at the texas border buthe government decided to take one group straight to the location in mexico instead where they will cross into texas. there were 41 pregnant women and ten children in that group. a flight from boston to san diego was diverted after a man acting out on board. he was reportedly intoxicated and made threats during the alaska airlines flight. >> he tried to go to the front of the plane and two other male passengers stood up and blocked his path. >> kristi: the plane did land in denver where that man was taken off the plane.
12:35 pm
calm down but only became more agitated and verbally abusive. >> constance: the royal caribbean cruise ship damaged at sea is expected to be back in new jersey tonight docking around 9:00. the ctain of the ship is speaking out saying he didn't realize the weather cas so significant the storm would be so damaging. in the video the captain tells the cruise ship director that the storm took him by surprise. >> the whole thing was not bigger than this up here and it exploded. >> it is probably the biggest scare that i've had so far in my life. >> constance: all guests will recee a full refund and a certificate for 50% off their next cruise. >> kristi: a state trooper is caught on camera saving a woman from a burning car in missouri. take a look. this happened in belton just north of kansas city. the dash cam video you can see that trooper running right to the burning car and pulling that woman out. the woman did have some serious injuries. police say a driver who ran a
12:36 pm
they were then tracked down and arrested. a man believed to have stolen money from a photo booth left police a good clue. look at this. left pictures of himself. that's not too smart. this happened in illinois in november. the crook ended up taking about $75 afte posing for some pictures in the photo booth. he is on the run but police are hoping that picture right there will catch him. that's a dumb crook. >> constance: don't take a picture in the photo booth. >> kristi: a 10-year-old girl with a heart condition can now run and play thanks to a brand w donor heart. >> constance: linda tells us how she e nnected with the donor's family. >> reporter: running, lungeing, and even playing a game of hoops. >> she is experiencing things that she really has never got to experience. >> reporter: activities 10-year-old shelby christopher can do for the first time in her life after receiving a new heart in october. >> i walked she is so pink and beautiful.
12:37 pm
at keys elementary school was born with a congenital defect that left her with an undeveloped left side of the heart, grayish-blue skin and the inability to run and play with the other kids. >> so she still gets a little tired here and there but it is not sick tired. it's just trying to build up her stamina tired. >> reporter: her arents said she had been on a waiting list for a transplant more than two years. on october 3 they got the call a donor had been found. >> we had to move there for 90 days. >> reporter: while shelby was recovering from houston the parents wererying to confirm who received their son's heart. >> she is six miles away from us. >> reporter: their 7-year-old boy morgan died in a tragic accident with a golf cart. >> we just wanted them to know what kind of kid morgan was. >> reporter: they wrote a letter to shelby.
12:38 pm
going to send disclclmers along that you might have a really wild kid afterwards and they might not wear underwear because he hadn't worn underwear for five years. since he was two-and-a-half. >> reporter: letting her know she didn't get just any heart buone of a fearless young boy. >> he loved to climb and baseball. >> he was an explosive kid as far as being able to do stuff. >> reporter: an explosive kid with a big heart giving shelby the chance to survive and the opportunity to try out for the basketball team. >> i would like to say thank you to them for what they did, because not only did they help us and our family but i hear they helped many other families and that's an amazing thing. >> kristi: it is amazing thing. >> constance: great to see those stories. >> kristi: guess what? dads can b b sexy, too.
12:39 pm
the break. >> kristi: first a peek at your winning lottery numbers. we will be back in a couple of numbers. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happppvalentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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>> constance: a special gueue will be on rachel show tomorrow. i got a chance to talk to her today.
12:41 pm
me papa joe plays such a scary, intimidating guy on "scandal" and he is this sweet crooner busts out his guitar and serenades the audience. he was fabulous. it goes on for about three minutes not a couple of notes and i guess that's his real passion. he is really into his music and happiest when he has his guitar in his lap. >> constance: didn't know he was a singer. you can watch rachael ray weekdays at 10:00 a.m. on local10 and catch that interview tomorrow morning. >> kristi: the all-star break started a little bit early for the heat. the heat sent whiteside home before the game edged. check this out. the center elbowed the spurs in the head during a free throw. he was ejected and immediately suspspded for one game. overnight the coach confirmed whitesid was told go home
12:42 pm
that disappointing play. the heat lost 119-101. the heat also announced a big honor for shaq. 32 jersey will be retired next season. shaq helped lead the heat to their first nba championship in 06. >> constance: a close call a win for the canes coral gables play against pittsburgh. rodriguez there he goes to score tipping off the game. miami winning 65-63. unc coach williams says he is alive and kicking after collapsing on court.the 65-year-old was arguing with a referee a fell when he turned to address his players. he had b@en suffering from vertigo for a while. he never lost consciousness and was able to walk off the court with some help. an explanation this afteteoon from new york giants quarterback eli manning. he was caught on camera with a
12:43 pm
his brother had an amazing touchdown, there he is. no reaction there. everyone else was celebrating but he didn't do anything. according to the new york daily news, manning wasn't thinking about the game, and he wasn't upset about peyton winning his second super bowl which if you didn't know brings the brothers up to a tie. i don't know. >> kristi: staring into space. >> constance: he was. >> kristi: he was once crowned people magazines sexiest man alive and now ryan reynolds is named sexiest dad alive. the actor made the reveal last night promoting "dead pool" on "the tonight show." reynolds welcomed his first child a daughter with wife blake lively one year ago. >> constance: he is good-looking in that commercial. >> kristi: over and over am overgain. taking a live look outside we can look at this all day from the ft. lauderdale tower cam. getting some peeks of sun.
12:44 pm
after the break. >> kristi: one littlene did not want to be left out off the primary fun in new hampshire. >> constance: it showed up to station. take a look at that guy. that is not a little piggy. he is as big as that car. he showed up, police officersrs following that pig which they say belonged to a local farmer.
12:45 pm
wonder who he voted for. >> julie: t(at's a way to get you in or make you not want to vote. you could be scared. south florida don't be scared of our forecast. it is beautiful out there. we are seeing the sun break through some cloud cover and you can see people taking advantage of it by going to the beach. we have the moderatat risk of rip currents for beach goers and boaters advisories into tonight. 63 in miami, 61 ft. lauderdale, 61 finally in pompano beach out of the 503, mid to low 60s down by the keys. it will be a cool, comfortable day with the northwest breeze. more sunshine expected. highs in the upper 60s. we will see a big cool down tonight. lows in the 40s. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will have more on that ladies comin up at 4:00. >> kristi: thank you. that does it for now. wehank you for watching. "the chew" is next. >> constance: see you back here at 4:00. you can get the latest breaking news by checking out our website at have a great day.
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