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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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is still developing, fluid situation, information we got a couple of seconds ago. i want you to take a look at down carol street. we have these cones in front of the high school. was we're being told is that shots w we fired at thechool, a window was even shattered, coping to s#hool officials, and it appears from where we are those shots were fired from the street. i want to bring to you sky 1 1 which has been monitoring this situation overhead. we just learned a couple of minutes ago this to a student was injured in this incident in the han but police are saying the student was not injured the from actual gunfire. instead, the student was injured while trying @o run away from that gunfire. so we're still sort out a lot of details. the public information officer who says he's got more information he's about to give, he's on the other side of this scene. we're going to try to catch up with him right now. but if you take a lolo at live right here to your left behind the iron fence here at carol
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focusing on a window, taking pictures. that may be the window that was shattered. again, as soon as we learn anything new we're going to be right back here on local10 news and let you know what happened. we're live right nown miami gardens, i'm andrew perez. >> calvin: this is having an impact on traffic. a road has been shut down in that area. >> laurie: traffic traffic reporter jenise fernandez right here withhthe latest. >> jenise: you heard andrew mention that heavy police activity going on right around carol city high schools. this is affecting miami gardens drive, eastbound, westbound then betweenfest 37th and northwest etch 32nd avenue. for the eastbound lanes you are going to run i io slow traffic 14 miles per hour. hour. be aware that police are blocking some lanes so the could be slow for anyone heading in that direction. i want to take you to a couple other accidents going on, though. expressway eastbound north 57th avenue. we've got a left lane blocked here and speeds right now are at laurie.
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flames on i-95. this is video you'll only see on local1 of a car fire in miami. a road ranger rushed to the rescue but the two people inside that car died. >> calvin: it's a tragic story. local10 news reporter terrell forney live now in miami with details on the tragic crash. terrell. >> terrell: this was a single vehicle crash involving two people, a driver and a passenger. their remains now here at the medical examiner's office in miami-dade. we know that one of the victims was burned beyond recognition. intense flames lit up the early morning sky. a car on fire along i-95 with `two people trapped inside. >> this accident has taken two lives. we are investigating it right now. we do believe that speed was a factor. >> terrell: our local10 photographer captured these images eye cell phone. the car was tveling on the northbound lines of i-95 about 3:30 this morning but as it
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the vehicle lost control and hit a concrete wall at high speed. the impact forced the car back into the lanes of traffic where it became engulfed in flames. a road ranger was first on scene and manage to pull one of the victims out of the burning car. but it was already t late. >> my hat's off to the road rangers this gentleman was very brave to do that and it's one of the best services that can be provided out here on these highways. >> terrell: so those crash investigators have a lot of groundwork to complete at this point. was alcohol involved? and what exactly caused this crash? those are answers that they have not been able to answer at this point, and right now we know that they are still trying to identify the people who were in that car. we are live in miami, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: right now here's a live look out at our hollywood beach cam and folks are out there today even though it was a little bit on the chilly side
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>> laurie: we heard betty davis say tomorrow is going to be even colder per get out there today, no matter what. betty, what do you see in your crist call? beverages i see chilly temperatures tomorrow as advertised. right now i i 61 in fort lauderdale and that northwest wind has been so cool throughout thday and will be so tomorrow morning as well. this forecast mol definitely thank you we're heading down into t 40s across broward and miami-dade counties, so we're going to go with 47 for the low in. finish in marathon and 57, cool cool for the key west area as well. we're hanging on the to the coats and jackets and after that temperatures will rebound a lile bit. >> calvin: an arrest made after a deal crash involving a porsche on new new year's day in key biscayne. a teenager facing serious charges afterhat crash killed a woman.
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repopoer liane morejon live in key biscayne with the details of this arrest. >> laurie: more than a month after the crash that took place right around this lux you are just, quiety key biscayne street, the teen driver has been arrested. here is his uk mugshot, 17-year-old isaias medina. he is facing several charges including vehicular homicide. we also understand he do not have drivers license at the time of the crash. police arrested hem on a warrant last night. he appeared in juvenile court yesterday. now, medina was behind the wheel during the crash that killed 18-year-r-d daniela benavides san miguel and injured matthew sal dawn ap. coping to documents it seems hee told investigator he and sal danna had been visit be several parties in key biscayne hopping aroundsing a golf cart on new year's eve. it [asn't than the million medina's died he wanted to
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back to the house and hopped into the family porsche. this three ended up here on investigators believe that medina was going about 60 miles per hour down harbor drive which is about a 30-mile-an-hour zone, and that is when he crashed into some trees and a light pole. spot. now, investigators did conduct blood tests oat medina. attorney. this point. we also reached out to san miguel's family. her stepfather will reply to me via email saying that they did not wish to comment publicly oh a, quote, sad and private matter. we are live in key biscayne, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: the search is on for the driver of a truck that slammed not an unmarked police minivan earlier today. miami-dade police say the every officer was driving about this unmarked dodge caravan, and that's when a b@x truck hit that minivan and then sped off. the officer wasn't injured, but
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the driver of that box truck, please live a call to police. >> calvin: the nation's first primary delivered solid, donald trump and the guy from vermont, bernie sanders. >> laurie: on the gop side ohio governor john kasich surged to second place followed by ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. now the candidates shift their focus to south carolina. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroom with what's ahead for the candidates plus breaking news links what is ahead is more of the same for thehe surviving donates i can't but not for carly fiorina and chris chchstie. she just espys suspended her campaign. we are toll he is about to. fiorina sent out this tweet with a sho message, essentially it's over. >> in the first 100 days -- >> michael: a rejuvenated john kasich began his south carolina campaign with a town hall. >> let's not promise a chicken in every pot.
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can get done. >> michael: kasich may be too moderate for south carolina conservatives ny of them vets and tea partyers but that's a formula that works for ted cruz. he ran third in new hampshire. jeb bush ran a close fourth. he'll be helped in south carolina by his brother, the former president. >> i'm on the side of people that are really struggling right now, and i think over the long haul, and this is the long haul process, we'll copt to move up. >> michael: donald trump won new hampshire convincingly. >> we are going to start winning again, and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy. >> michael: not so happy, marco rubio, the big loser in new hampshire, placing a dismal fifth. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night, so@ listen to this, that will never happen again. >> michael: on the democratic side, hillary clinton will shake up her campaign after running a
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>> -- a distant second. >> we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to shington. >> michael: sanders will not democratic base in south hampshire. south carolina, however, will be strong for hillary clinton. also probably for donald trump. in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> laurie: and get your following all this. south carolina and nevada a a next on the calendar. on february 20th nevada holds its democratic caucus, and south carolina holds its republican primary. on the 23rd nevada holds its republican caucus, and then on the 27th the democratic primary election is held in south carolina. so locality's glenna milberg 1 she's keeping track of it palm she will be there with her live reports on local10. >> calvin: the nion of haiti is route without a president as michel martelly's five-year term came to an end this past sunday. the one d only brought you the
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now an unofficial list of nearly 30 candidates is out but only one selected by haiti's national assembly with a two-thirds majority vote. the new presidential run-off election is set for april 2003 after the last two dates were delayed, once in december and then, of course, last month. >> laurie: cuba the preparing to welcome pope francis once again, this time 4 a historic meeting with the head of russian orthodox church. the landscaping is being done and new signs are going up outside chauvin's russian orthodox church. pope francis is set to meet with the patriarch on friday, the first meeting for both churches nce they split more than 1,000 years go on ago. local10'hatzel vela is going to be right there. count on him for reports on this historic meeting, and look for his live reports from havana, they start tomorrow on local10 news. with the florida primary fast approaching, you do not want to miss the boat to register. >> calvin: the deadline, of course, is next week but don't panic. we're making it easy for you
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is the live in miramar city hall with what everne needs to know to register to vote. >> neki: calvin, less than a week to go and we are really making it easy, teaming up with the league of women voters. i'm here at miramar city hall. if you want to come down to this lotion or any of the locations, here's what you need to know when you come to register to vote. you should bring a photo i.d., ou have to write the i.d. number down. if you know the last four digits of your social security number that'll work. current document with a name and address, and be`sure to bring an i. didn't. having that i.d. makes it extra credible when you go to the polls to show where you are reg stead. here in miramar it's been a great day out here. we have registered over 60 people so far, and the wen leafing say that's an absolutely success. down on the a florida international university another one of ours locations, todd tongen is working hard. he's got all those young voters
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students. >> todd: that's right, neck. we have registered over 60 people, new voters here at the campus of fiu. i can tell you all they have to do is fill out this simple sht. they do it in a minute or two. it's very simple. don't even need their license. they need to know their social security number and, of course, their address. the sunny weather did not trump our efforts to. howeveve i am feeling the burn. literary. the suburban herer on campus. we've been out here all day. the sunburn. but i've had a pleasure of meeting a lot of engaged and intelligent young people and people that areoing to vote for the fis tie, and they're excited because of the candidates, the wide array of candidates in the race. >> do you think it's an interesting election cycle to get a chance to vote for the very first time? >> yeah, it definitely is. there's a lot of candidates to choose from, which is nice, but it's also nerve-wracking as well base want to make the right decision, and i want to be informed. >> todd: informed.
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the locions, by the way, that you can register to vote, and you want to do so before february 16th so that you can participate in the primaries on march 16th, miramar city hall, broward well regional courthouse who broward county broward boulevard in plantation, the steven p. clark government center in downtown miami and right here hat fi as well as any public library in broward, dade or monroe counties, and that is where you can pick up that form. you will have to bring it in and give it to them in person. you can't do it online yet, guys. i don't know why. they say possibly in 2017 they will be able to register online to vote. >> calvin: okay. nice work out there. we are folwing you, todd. >> laurie: all of your burning and trumping. >> calvin: very quick on your feet. thank you. very clever. todd tongen. >> laurie: we'll see how many candidates he can fit into the next one. meantime local10 news is your torres for all things, we have
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website for you plushe latest numbers and reports from the campaign trail. straight ahead still ahead at 4:30 a woman caught on camera stealing a packing on a porch. >> calvin: also a demolition gone wrong, part of a buildings collapsing right in front of an ek cater. >> victor: and all new at a fight of anvil stroll problem just steps away from home. pneumonias fuel spill and loud noises driving neighbors crazy. is it legal? it's today's edition of "call christin auto new rat 5:00. >> and we're happy to announce ervin ever every wkend you can wake up with us. we're expand p our morning forecast with neck meck and a very clever todd tongen, jennifer correa as well starting this saturday, we are starting bright ask early now at that time 5:00 a.m. hope to see lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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>> calvin: historic change in the form of a race. for the fires time in nearly 60 years sailos will race from-mile to hotch. sky 10 over the race in miami
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the s slors there raced both ranging from 30 to 70 0 et. nearly 50 vessels in all here. ornizers of the southern ocean racing conference were able to make this race happen, thanks to a new diplomatic relationship between the u.s. two cuba. that looks beautiful. >> laurie: it really does. what great weather. and a parking garage demolition, it did not go as planned. >> calvin: this happened in houston, texas, and a man across from that demolition site kate all onn camera. let's go now to victor who is in the video port with exactly what went wrong here. >> victor: there was an excavator who was a lite too close to that buildings at the time. thankfully, though, nobody wasa& hurt. here's the video that was posted online it. shows the demolition of a parking drainage in houston going just horribly wrong. a portion that of building collapsing right in front of that excavator that you mentioned. some rubble fell right on ton of that machine but again, laurie and calvin, incredibly nobody
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of course, could have been. >> victor: victor, thanks. >> laurie: let's take a live look from our fort lauderdale tower cam on this gorgeous wednesday afternoon. just pretty darn clear out there, pretty nice. >> calvin: but check out the mercury now and watch it make a spiral slide. absolutely tomorrow morning. >> betty: you're building the drama, calvin. we are anticipating really cold weather come wednesday mornini, so be ready for it even out there right now i know you need a sweater. it's 61 in miami, fort lauderdale at 61. hialeah one of our warm spots for broward or, should i say, miami-dade at 63. key west sitting at 6ings and so all around the cool sarah in play, it's been rolling in on that west-northwest wind and the forecast for tonight shows that by 8:00 we could be in the mid to upper 50s out there. so definitely chilly before we expect to crash heading through the overnight hours. we still do have some of those mid to high level clouds coming in up high in the atmosphere, so
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from time to time. but definitely some dry aur moving in on that west-northwest wind at the surface, and more reinforcing chilly air on the way for tomorrow morning. it's cold enough across all of florida but then you look at this temperature map and you see the fringes of more cold air spilling on south georgia and some of that will seep down the peninsula again thin tonight, thus we're expecting our lows dog to go down into the 40s. we're going to roll with 47 for the low in miami. inland you maybe a degree or two compartment highs tomorrow will climb toward the upper 60 studio a lot milder during the afternoon and once well gettion thursday, forecast temperatures look a lot more tolerable, i'm sure, to some of you with mornrng lows in the mid to upper 50s and afternoon highs in mid-70s a bit closer to average. calvin. >> calvin: a florida south florida man is apologizing after a show of called prank landed him behind bars. plate is started when joshua
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into a loxahatchee wendy's drive-through just for fun. >> we thought we would pull a prank our buddy that worked at wendy's and were going to throw you the at him through the drive-through window. i mean i'm sorry for w wt i did, just being stupid, not thinking, andd obviously i found out what the consequences were. >> caln: well, the incident happened in october, but he wasn't arrested until this week. the 23-year-old is charged with aggravatedssault as well as unlawful possession and traps transportation of an alligator. he's out on $6,000 bond. a judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. coming up at 4:30 now, the one and only surveillance video here relelsed after a motorcyclist was struck by a hit-and-run driver. this happened in little havana. >> laurie: and caught on camera a trooper races to save a woman from a burning car. >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, drivers beware. >> i thought i really was going to die.
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florida highway that even some cops are afraid of. is a system designed for safety hell?
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>> calvin: let's check in now with visitor and janine with what's happening at the bottom of the hour. >> victor: here's a look at what's coming up all new at 4:30. >> janine: all new surveillance video released as the search continues for a hirsch driver who struck a motorcyclist. >> victor: local10 news investigates a local company's money back guarantee on a popular supplplent. the celebrity peachman and how you the might be too good to be true. >> janine: increble video a trooper saves a woman second before a car is engulfed in flames. we'll have more on this dramatic rescue. >> victor: and we're following breang news. shots fired neariami carol
4:23 pm
afternoon. >> janine: those stories and more coming up on local10 news at (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next present needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30, police activity at a south florida high school. people heard shots fired mere-mile carol city high this afternoon demarcus caused serious concern.& >> janine: local10 news reporter andrew perez liven-mile gardens with details. andrew: miami-dade high school case, even k-9 units are all out here right now be the street blocked off northwest 1 injured street outside of carol city senior high school. it's unclear what the k-9s looking for hat this point butut you can see these makers, cones outside the school. we're tolol a ley one bullet actually hit the school, went into a window. at least one bullet. we've been following this story live h he on local10 starting at 4:00. students told us they heard several gunshots after school hours. a lot of those studentsaid they went scrambling in alldifferent directions, running as fast as they could.
4:26 pm
was actually injured trying to escape the gunfife but wasn't hit with a bullet. the jury we're told very, very minor. superintendent alberto carvalho sent out this tweet shortly after the shooting. it says "gun violence continues to be an unacceptable threat to our children. shots fired near carol city center high school after dismacal. no jitters juries reported." back out here live, we're told the other superintendent, other officials areen their way to brief the media. shoes we ear here from them we'll be right back here on local10 news. andrew perez. >> janine: no doubt this is having anium pact on traffic. jenise fernandez is here with that part of the story. >> jenise: a heavy police presen around carol city high school. you can take a look at this video. you see police walk can along around miami gardens drive and this is eastbound and westbound. a lot of people usually they had& head in that direction. you are going to see that police act of and it@ could cause slow delays.
4:27 pm
take we can take a closer look at miami gardens drive eastbound-westbound between northwest 37th off and northwest 32nd avenue. eastbound lanes moving sleet 14 miles per hour. westbound looking a lull better with those speeds 22 miles per hour. >> janine: a new clue of a hit-and-run crash heft a motorcyclist in a coma. >> victor: surveillance video has just been released from that crash. and local10 news reporter michael seiden joins us live now from miami. >> michael: victor, we just got that surveillance video. it's really too graphic to show in its entiretet but this could end up being a key piece of evidce if this one day goes to trial. in the mean atom, though, that 21 to that 21-year-omd on the comba. it's too graphic to show on television so we're only sharing portions of this horrific hit-and-run crash, a crash that critically injured 21-year-old jonathan brero. tonight brer organizers rails in a medical induced keep it
4:28 pm
the video shows you the intersection of southwest 7th street and being ham boulevard in miami's little havana neighborhood. it's sunday around 1. 40 a.m. you can see barero stopped at a red light. seconds later a van drop lie luiz sanchez comes down to street flying into the young man. he takes off. minutes later two good samaritans stop in thehe middle of the street. they mauk the call for help before going a aer sanchezy. >> were able to follow this driver right to where he parked his car. >> michael: police say sanchez tried running from officers but he didn't get very far. he's now under arrest charged with leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury. >> the driver is in custody. he did give us a confession. >> meterologist: barera as girlfriend two years got a chance to look at the video. she said she's shaken by it but is hopeful her loved one will wake up and make a full
4:29 pm
>> i fool look breaking down but i want to be strong. y lately i've been crying and crying. i don't want to cry anymore. it's show hard to go every day without seeing him. every day big of to sleep i cry my eyes out. it's'so horrible, but i cry every night. >> michael: you really feel for her and the 21-year-old's family. now, as far as s schez, he is out of jail. there has beeee some witness statements saying that they believe he was under the influence of alcohol, sanchez, but again that has not been confirmed by police. we'll have much more coming up on the 6:00. for now we are live in miami, news. >> janine: a man is in custody accused of exposing himself to women in a mall parking lot. police say jose good morning flash his private parts to at least four different women on three different occasions a dadeland mall. the 26-year-old is accused of lifting himself up from the driver's seat of his car execs posing himself so the women could see.
4:30 pm
back to december but then more complaintsere filed on january 9th and january 30th. the police rort says he used two different cars, one of them was registered to his girlfriend. one of the victims was able to get a picture of the license plate and led plus to gotter. >> victor: also right now, swiped on surveillance. a woman caught on camera stealing a package right from a front poach. this happened in coral gables, and the family says that package had important medicatioio inside. >> janine: jenise fernandez is now in the newsroom with that they the that was caught onon camera. >> jenise: like you mentioned, the contents in that package very important. that was medication for the homeowner's 14-year-old son. the medicine costing about $100. take a look at this. watch as the woman walks up to the front poach, grabs the package, stuffs it inside her purse and then just takes off p is happened yesterday at around 4:00 in afternoon on southwest 2d ter. as this isn't the only surveillance pooja jhuhjhunwala but this is from the neighbor's. the thief caught in the act. there you can see the silver honda accord parked outside the home.
4:31 pm
the drop off the package. the thief acted within minutes. plimp miami police say it looks like the woman and her male accomplice who side stayed inside the car were following the ups truck looking for an opportunity. >> valentine's day is around the corps, lots of people have items delivered to their home so this usually happens throughout the year but we see that hoop a bit more often when holidays come eastern. >> jenise: police are hoping someone recognizes the woman for car. the sar car a silver honda accord, an older model with some damage to the front. the newsroom, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> and with the florida primary fast approaching you do not want to miss the boat to register. >> janine: the deadline is next week but don't wor, we're making everything easy four today. local10 news reporter r dd tongen live at fiu with what you need to know. hey, todd. if v vtor, janine. victor with you be, you're going to get in trouble the with
4:32 pm
don't miss the boat, register to vote. you got to finish it out or else it doesn't rhyme. we are making the push to get people to register port first time, reregister, update the registrations and we have been truly successful. we have been with the league women directors. we've registered -- listen to this -- 66 voters thus far. we have en all types of different people as you can see from the videotape here, everybody from first-time voters to other voters that have entered the describe gained citizenship and now they want to exercise their right to vote and they want to vote in the primaries. we talked to unone gentleman who brought his glfriend down here. >> this year is a very important year for the presidential election and i mean -- and she knows that, tow. she's been doing her reading you with researching for the best candidate to vote for. >> todd: you really don't need anything to register to vote. you just need to come down here, need to know your social security number, your address
4:33 pm
it will be handy if you do bring along your loners maybe your military i i. but you do not really have to have it. you just need the know the information. you can't do it online. hopefully in a couple of years you'll be able to do it online. we hope more people come down to see us at fi u. i want to send it back to the studios first to calvin and laurie and what a great day. huh, guys? >> janine: actually, it is victor and janine and we are going to try to do our best to rhyme. vote, boat. >> victor: it won't to be first time i'm in trouble witit promotions. proud just mentioned neki and there he is rat miramar city malm how is it going over there? >> nek it's doing great. we've registered about 50 people, which is a big deal and the league of women voters said that's enough to turn an election, especially in the local elections here in south florida.
4:34 pm
here for the march 15th primary saw closed primary, so you have to be registered a party. 30% of the registered voters in brard county are registered independents, so they need to know. they plan to vote on march 15th that they have to choo a party affiliation. also you can't register to vote online bucket print the form and mail it in. you can be down here. we'll be out here at amir mar city hall until 7:00 and kkk you can to go any local library. we have volunteers all day long getting you ready to register to vote. don't miss the boat with register to vote. the deadline is february 16th which is next tuesday. >> janine: we're ready. we're glad you're ready. and i know you're going to be out there a little while longer so folks can meet and you todd and get registered. we love it. >> victor: and local10 news is your thing goes for all things vote 2016. we have all the the information that todd and neki just mentioned plus the latest numbers and reports from the
4:35 pm
now to this, more than 100 managers who were stuck in legal limbo in costa rica are no in mexico. they usually are bussed to mexico with ans of crossing into the u.s. at the texas border border but the government side decided to take one group into laredo, new mexexo where they will be able to cross over into texas. >> janine: caught on camera, a dramatic rescue as a trooper saves a woman from a burning car in the nick of timim >> carlos: coming up in our health cast, well all know that vitals are good fours, right? but a new study is showing the benenets of of b12. >> and a trusted tv p psonality in a supplement sold about a south florida company, the combination leading to b b sales but some say they were ripped off. local10 investigate the cautionary tale. >> janine: all new at at 5:00 with an industrial sides prom just steps away from home. fumes and loud noises driving neighbors crazy. the question is is it legal.
4:36 pm
christina" all into the a 5:00 >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, drivers beware. >> i thought i really was going to die. >> announcer: a major soutu florida highway that even some cops are afraid of. >> i think it's unsafe. >> announcer: is a system designed for safety turning i-95
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>> victor: the coast guard pulling a syrian refugee from the a gene sea. he had been clinging from a suffering tweet for hours and he was the on verge of hypothermia. he ione of several refugees hoping to get to greece when their boat took on warrant. 27 migrants including 11 children drowned. >> janine: we have all heard of offers that seem too good to be@ true with no risk and money back guarantee. >> victor: it appears that's the deal, a big supplemental pill company is mketing with the hell of a well-known celebrity, and now the company is getting a lot of complaints, custotors
4:38 pm
>> janine: bob norman has the cautionary tale as well as a confront taig with the owner. >> my name is larry king. >2 bob: it's labeled as a larry king special report but it's an infomercial for a fish oil sull lement. >> we'll have heard about the benefits of a daily dose of fish appointment they tell me that omega xl takes a giant step forward. >> bob: he introduces the man who sells omega xl across the country with a so-called specialtwo-for-one offer. >> we believe it's the most powerful omega 3 on the face of the planet. >> there's no financial risk. omega xl offers a 90-day money back guarantee. you have nothing to lose. >> bob: to the true corning to scores of former customers who have complained about the company. 138 them to the better business bureau during the last three years alone. some claiming it's a fraud or a scam, that the company is charging their credit cards
4:39 pm
this customer from missouri cleaned to the fla attorney general's office saying the company, "will not refund money, keeps taking money out of account." >> no disclosure of an ought ship. you can't do that. >> bob: nova southeastern university professor michael flynynsaid he kinds the company's marketing tactics suspect at best. >> we're extending a special offer but they don't tell you the terms and conditions of the special offer simple you have nothing toose. >> do they have something to lose. >> >> yob. what they have to lose is the $60 a month that's billed for em for the shipment of the protect on an continuing g cht ship basis. >> bob: once the person agrees they ship 60 i dollars a month plus shipping and handling. >> i just swallow them without water. >> bob: when i called a number, a sales rep gave me the same
4:40 pm
information without mentioning auto shipping at all. on the website auto shipping is explained only as an asterisk under a pre-checked box about accepting a free online mag en. >> they didn't even get to make the choice. it's already clicked. gorgeous we caught up with him bubuhe had nothing to say. >> i wanted to talk to you about the complaints yourrompany has received. bonk mears also raised eye bows when he hired bowden. >> we three kings dealing stealing the gold. >> bob: was custody busted in a billion dollar ponzi scheme.e. when i will he served a great health works, he was under fbi investing and i i now in prison on a wire fraud conviction. i tried to reach him through his attorney but received no response.
4:41 pm
the company sold 2 million bottles last year averaging wer than five complaints mer per month adding "we will gladly refu money to anyone who did not fully understand the terms of the program." but professor flynn says the company's practices deserve greater attention from the authorities. >>he attorney general's office should open an invtigation on it. >> you do not have anything to say? >> bob: bob norman, local10 news. >> victor: and bob tells us great health hookers resofele all those complaints with the better business bureau, at times saying they have disappointed or terminated errant sales reps. the company main tans an a+ rating despite the number of complaintstng right now let's take a live look out of our mallory square cam. even key west does look cold. >> janine: it does, but to go sloppy joe's, warm up with a little sandwich.h >> victor: that's what we're calling it. >> janine: betty, what do you think for the rest of this week?
4:42 pm
rebound a bit as we're wounding down the week but in the morning you will most likely want some sleeves even after we get out of 40s. we'll talk about it. since the startf the year miami has h 21 days below fortunately, temperatures we're talking about, 18 days with temperatures-run have boo normal, and just one day so far this@year where temperatures have been exactly where we should be. can you believe that? so it has been quite the roller coaster ride for us. right now the cll is on as we're looking out at the hollywood broadwalk. it's only 61 degrees in lauderdale and miami, key west at 66, temperatures dropped to the 50s in a lot of your neighborhoods this morning, and it gets even colder tonight. that west-northwest wind, a key player. it's going to allow more chilly air to move on down the peninsula. so through the evening you're dog to want that sweater, especially if you are outside. we'll be in the mid-50s by 10:0tonight and then tomorrow morning miami-dade and broward,
4:43 pm
be widespread. so brace yourselves. marathon 51. we think that's about as slow as you're going to sink. we look at the temperatures across the entire u.s. plenty chill. just locked in over the east. this is where the jet stream, the northern branch is taking a dip, allowing that cold canadian air to move on down. meantime, the jet stream is riding high over the west. that is where we find the warmer temperatures. 84 in phoenix, and we'll continue to see that warmth out to the west while the jet stream wants to stay locked in at least sagging down toward the south over the east, allowing more cool air to spill in. by friday, though, we will see a bit of a rebound in the numbers. we will finally not be worried about lows in the 40s at that point. if you're going to make at a breach day, it will be cool, winds from the northwest early, then northerly about 15 miles an hour. air temperature for the highs only getting into the mid and upper 60s. small craft exercise caution tomorrow if you're takinghe boats out, light chief operating
4:44 pm
so be ready for some 40s out this there in the morning and then highs climbing toward the mid and upper 60s. fridid we talk about a little warm-up. mid-50s to start of the day. that souous a lot better, huh? highs getting into the mid-70. that's going to be a really nice day. saturday looking good, too, we'll have ample sunshine over the next two, three days. valentine's day, we can't forget about that. it's looking a-ok. 61 to start the day and a high arouou 76. good handholding weather, janine. >> janine: we like it. noted. topping today's health cast vitamin b12 might be getting a a+ for addressing a number of serious health concerns. local10's medical specialist kristi krueger ask in our newsroom with more. >> kristi: it turns out b12 is important for our brains. researchesser at nova southeastern you ever right here in dave discovered that brain levs of vitamin b12 decrease as we get older and are actually lower in people who have automatics and schizophrenia. the international team led by
4:45 pm
pharmacology, analyzed tissues from otherwise healthy deceased donors along with tissue from people who had either autism a a schizophrenia to make those comparisons. theesearchers found notable declines in brain levels of b12 with aging with autism and ask the phrenia, even though those blood levels of b12 looked perfectly normal. >> becauau b12 has an important role in maintaining the pla functions that the b bin carries out, like memory and like attention and things like that, that means that those brain capabilities won't be up to par, especially if you're below the normal level. >> kristi: he sasa the research is really needed to determine if suppppmenting with b12 specifically in a form called methyl b12 could be helpful in ed treating these kinds of confirmation also in our health cast we've all been told that fried need is not good fours but that may not to be case when it comes to olive oil.
4:46 pm
extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, so researchers in spain compared cooking methods to find out which one would give the best antioxidant capacity when they cooked veral different kinds of raw vegetables. here's what they found. it hadad turned out that frying in extra virgin olive oil was thebest, most effective way to increase that antioxidant capacity of specific compounds found in raw potatoes, in pumpkins, in tomato and in eggplant. souting and get that extra virgin olive oil. >> victor: all new at at 5:00 we continue following breaking news. shots fired near miami carol city high this afternoon. our own andrew perez is on the story. he'll have an update for us at 5:00. >> janine: also at 5:00 another hoverboard fire breaks out in a home forcing teegers to jump to safety, and now we are hear from those patriots. >> victor: also a dramatic rescue a trooper pauls woman out of a burning car and this was all caught on camera. >> announcer: the pope is
4:47 pm
local10 news is there aga. east meets west. a historic meeting between the heads of the catholi and
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>> victor: a dramatic rescue caught on camera in missouri. a state trooper seen pulling a woman from a burning sparks he pulled her out of that vehicle with help from another person. that woman, we're told, suffered some serious injuries, and that car caught fire after a crash with a driver to ran's red light. that red light runner was later tracked down and then arrested. >> janine: these men and women who sacrifice their own lives to run in and save the others, it's amazing. >> victor: and this woman had help from somebody just passing by. incredible. >> janine: that's going to do it at 4:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back with what's next at 5:00. >> calvin: at 5:00 breaking news at carol city high school.
4:50 pm
>> laurie: we have one and only video of an celebrate inattorneyoh that claimed the lives of two people early this morning. >> calvin: policeinally lake make an arrest after a deadly crash in key biscayne. >> laurie: and donald trump and bern sanders cruising to ease wins in nation's first primary and the republican field keeps shrinking. we do not follow that breaking news out of miami gardens where shots were fired at carol city high school today. >> calvin: one of the bullets shattered a window in the school building. andrew perez that is this developing store ever store fours. >> andrew: i was talking to a resident if this area, lives right across the street from carl city high school. he said it sound like a war zone. we just got an update from the superintendent alberto carvalho as ever after beas going on after shots rang out outside of the carol city high school, but the bullets went flying toward
4:51 pm
police say several shots were red off of the street, northwest 1 injured street. the gman was in a vehicle heading east. & was trying to soot somebody, corning to the superintendent, who was walking by the school. the superintendent does not believe that person who was walking by the school is a student here, but if you take a look at some video from the ground, we saw k-9s out here searching. it's unclear axactly what they were searching for. this all happened after school hours. manynytudents still here, though, some telling us they were put on code red lockdown i want to bring you sound from the superintendent. this literally happened just two minutes ago. >> well, i think we have averted a tragedy in a very dramatic way. around 2:59 p.m. a car traveling east right in front of carol city senior high school shot into the school, it appears, not at the school but it appears they were shooting at an individual who was walking in front of the school. as i said, 29 minutes after dismissal.
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