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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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medieval want and start to swing it. >> he removed the stored and removed the comp. when he remood of theover, he went for me. >> derek: singdid not outrun his attacker and was tossed to the ground. he also allegedly beat 81-year-old douglas bere sheet. we spoke tow him yesterday as he is recovering from 18 stitches. meanwhile singh has had surgery on his arm. he said nerves were severed and he still cannot feel two of his fingers. still, he is incredibly grateful to have survived. >> he had no reason. >> it's no reason. his reason is to kill someoeo. that's his reason. i am lucky to be alive.. >> derekand singh says after the attack walker just calmly walked away before being picked up by police. tonight he remains behind bars and officers said they do
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the influence of some sort of substance when he allegedly attacked both of those people. live in lauderhill, derek shore with local10 news. >> laurie: so lucky to be a life. >> calvin: now tie developing story we have been covering for all afternoon outside of carol city high. >> laurie: two sides getting into a shootout right there on the street and local10 news reportererndrew perez is live at the school with brand new information. >> andrew: this was a scary skeen scene. a lot of the students tell us they went running because they heard shot after shot after shot.some of the residents right across the street. you can see there are a whole bunchf homes right in front of carol city high. they were telling me this whole thing sounded look a war zone. i'm i want to show you video from sky 10. police say several shots were fired. they wereired from the street. there was a car going east on northwest 1 injured street in front of the school, and corning to the superintendent who we spoke to about an hour ago, he
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passerbyby walking in front of the school, not a student, and that gunman who was in the car traveling east opened fire, trying to strike this person for some unknown reason. gunshots went everywhere. the students who were still here, because this happened after school hours, they all wewe running. code red lockdown. so a lot of them rannside. some of the bullets actually hit the school. if you take a look at some of our ground video, we had two bullets that hit the iron fence here at carol city high school, two bullets hit a window here, a hurricanproof window at the school, and that hurricane-proof glass possibly saved the people who were still supplied the school at the time. that gunman then took off as well. i want you to take a listen to some sound from alberto carvalho we got a short time ago. >> well, i think we have avoided tragedy in a very dramatic way around 2:59 p.m. a car traveling east right in front of carol city senior high school shot into the school, it appears, not at the school but itppears
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individual who was walking in front of the school. asas i said, 29 minutes after dismissal. there arere two bullets fence, two bullets actually struck first class, hurricane. proof glass, shattered the glass but did not penetra the office. i said that we avoided a tragedy because inside that office there were professionals, there were educators. in addition to that there were about 50 students still on campus participating in extracurricular and athletic activities. >> i saw like a bunch of kids running. i was standing right there. i was standing right there, and all of a sudden there was gusts, boom, boom, boom, boom. a bunch of kids starred running. >> i was standing right there, as always, and then a -- then i just a like a bunch of kids running across the street, and i hearddike eight gunshots. >> andrew: and now gheen this could have been so much worse. we do know that one student was
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bullet, because that student went running and fell and hurt himself, corning to police. right now no word on thi gunman. police are actively searching for whoever is responsible for this. still taking photographs. still looking, canvassing the scene with dogs, trying figueroa outexactly what went on here. we're live tonight in miami gardens. i'm andrew perez, local10 news. >> laurie: also breaking, sky 10 above the deadly crash seen scene at port everglades. a man at the port was run over by an 18 wheeler and died at the scene. deputies and firefighters or that keen right now. they are trying to figure out exactly how this happened. >> calvin: the intntview tapes of just breynn released in the the controversial and d ddly shooting of jermaine mcbean. >> laurie: local10 investigator amy viteri is life. >> amy: we're talking about the statement peter plazaa gave to bso some have homicide investigator in august of 2013 days of he shot and killed
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the part of the interview where plazaay speaks to the shooting is not in our tape because that is not public while the case is active. >> the dispatcher stated that there was a black mal white t-shirt, blue jeans walking north on the west side northbound dixie highway with a rifle in his honda. >> amy: dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, deputy plazaa. in this recordy statement we obtained from the broward state attorney office. hold the you the several 911 calls came in about a man appearing to carry a gun near an apartment complex in july of 2013. >> what was it saw when you arrived in the area? >> he did have a rival in his hand expected looked like he was walking with it. ii can describe that it looked like the shotgun that i carry in my vehicle, a spinner, and d.
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jermaine mcbean, a computer systems engineering who lived at the complex. the gun was an unloaded air rifle he had just purchased. >> did he acknowledge you? did he see y@u? did he do anything when he saw you? >> i believe he saw my vehicle because he -- it appeared that when i made a u-turn that he was walk north a little faster and he had transitioned will across his howard. >> amy: peraza said mcbean force helped to shoot. mcbean pnt to these earbuds seen in aa photo after the shooting andlaimed he never heard officer's commands. >> was there any noise in the area that you think would have precollide him from hearing the command? >> no. >> there was no construction going on? there was nothing if his ears to show that he could have heard anything you said? >> no. >> and a spoke with the dorn for the mcbean family right before this newscast. he said it's interesting investigators specifically asked whether anything was in mcbean's ears even though none of the other deputies who were near
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could have seen the earbudsmentioned them in their statements. live in the newsroom, amy viteri. >> calvin: we are seeing the dramatic hit-and-run crash of a motorcyclist in miami. surveillance cameras captured this all, and local10 news reporter michael seiden has it for you tonight. he is live to show us what critical clues it reveals. michael. >> michael: good evening, calvin. the man you're about to see on this video has confessed to police. that's whaty detectives are telling us. still, he is out of jail tonight while that 21-year-old motorcyclist is here in a comba. he's got head injuries and multiple broken her reaction says it all. in an act, this is the first time this teenager is seeing video from horrific hit-and-run crash that critically injured her body of. tonight 21-year-old jonathan brero remains in a coma and i feel like really breaking down right now but i'm going to keep strong because lately i've just been crying and crying i don't want to cry anymore. >> michael: on wednesday miami
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surveillance. here it is. it's sunday morning around 1. 40. jonathan is on the motorcycle stopped at a red light at southwest 7th street and beakham boulevard in miami's little havana neighborhood. seconds later a van plows into the miami man. barero goes flying. the driver keeps going. two good maritans pull up, get out and make the call for help. >> they were ae to follow this driver right to where he parked his car. >> michael: police say luis sanchez was behind the wheel running from police. now the 50-year-old is under arrest, charged withh a felony. tonight he's out of jl. >> he needs to be kept in jail for a while so he can just think about what he did. >> michael: dana said she's trying to suspender second she can by her boyfriend's side, hopeful he w)ll wake up. >> every night before i go to sleep, i cry my eyes out. it's so horrible, but i cry every night because i miss him. i miss him laying down next to
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i just -- i want him back. history. so tough for her. she's 18 years old. the victim 21. we have seen home young kids coming in and out of this hospital. just got to feel for them. i also want to mention dana has set up a gofundme page to help with medical bills, obviously very expensive for that 21-year-old who will be here for several weeks, maybe even longer. we have included that link on our page at we areive in miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> laurie: our best wishes to him, michael. thank you. two people are dead after this inferno on i-95. a local10 photo urnal jist saw this fiery scene as she was driving to work this morning, and local10 news reporterr terrell forney is live with the firefight. terrell. >> terrell: laurie, there was a desperate dash to stave the lives of those two people trapped inside of that burning car but their injuries were just too signifint. their remains are now here at
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i.d. -- mak pay positive i.d. >> as you can see the impact to the concrete wall was severe. >> terrell: the race against time is caught on video along i-95. wild flames pouring out of a crashed car where two people trapped inside. >> one was from out of town. the other one, apparently everything in the vehicle was burned, so we don't have any identification. >> terrell: a local10 photographer captured these images who a cell phone. we know the car was traveling in the northbound lanes of i-95 at about 3:30 this morning, but as it approached the 395 overpass, the vehicle lost control and hit a concrete wall at high speed. the impact forced the car back into the lanes of traffic where it became engulfed in flames. a road ranger was first on scene and managed to pull one of the victims out of the burning car but it was already too late. >> my hat's off to the road rangers. this gentleman was very brave to
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and, you know, it's one of the best services that provided out here on these highways. >> terrell: so no names or ages just yet. we know that dental records will be used to make an identification on those stem cells. as far as what caused this crash and whether alcohol was involved, those are questions that investigators have not been able to answer at this point as this investigation continues. we are live in miami tonight, eye terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: carly fiorina dropping out of race for the white house. >> laurie: and chris christie also discontinuing his campaign. >> betty: temperatures still running below average with fort lauderdale only reaching 63 degrees this afternoon. we areren for a cold night. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. forecast is straight ahead. >> calvin: plus, four-legged trtrute, remembering the k-9 heros to risked their lives to protectours. that's coming up. >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, drivers beware. >> i thought i really was going to die. >>nnouncer: a major south
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cops are afraid of. >> i think it's dangerous >> announcer: is a system designed f safety turning i-95
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local10's jeff weinsier driv >> calvin: historic change in the form of a race for the first time in nearly 60 years. sailors are racing from miami to havana. and sky 10 was above the start of the race in miami this afternoon. nearly 50 boats in all. organizers were able to make this race happen thanks to a new diplomatic relationship between the u.s. and cuba. and cuba spre paring to am whether pope francis oe again, this time for an historic meeting with the head of russian orth box church. pope francis is set to meet with the patriot ruark on friday. the first meeting for both churches since they split more than 1,000 years ago. local10's hatzel vela will be there for that hisric meeting. look for his live reports from hana starting tomorrow right here on local10 news. >> lauriri turning to the chili outside. if you didn't put the heat on last night, you mig want to do it tomorrow. >> calvin: and get those kids to layer up at the bus symptom topper morning banks or better
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it's already chilly out there miami week you can tell there's something happening in our atmosphere. yoy can feel it. 60 at the mia. 50 in kendall and the temperatures will get lower tomorrow morning. but even on the short term between 8:00 and 10:00 tonight, sweaters a necessity, and by 10:00 tonight some of you may find yourself in the mid-50s. so if you're having a barbecue outside, it will b be on the nippy side. winds are not terribly strong at this point but they are sll up and they are from the west-northwest, and it's that northwest wind has sending the chilly air in our direction. we're getting that flow as an area of high pressure gets ready to move out over into the gulf of mexico. flow around that allowing the chill to me in. and it's not just cool here. if it's cool here, then you know it must be probably cold at this hour in a place like jacksonville, and it is. 47 degrees. gainesville 49 degrees. those shades of blue bleeding all the way up into portions of georgia, the carolinas, so that's where the cold is coming
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we're getting the fringes of some really chilly air and more is going to arrive early in the morning on a northwest wind, and then during the day we get into a nortberly wind. so cold the in morning. we are forecasting lows in the 40s. but then mild in the afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon, say 2:00, 3:00, temperatures should be a bit more tolerable, not t mention the fact that we are expecting a lot of sunshine. crossing our finger and planning on more sunshinehat what we had going on yesterday. friday sunshine, a few clouds. friday a nice day. what a way to start the weekend, and it will be warmer as well. so you'll see the seven-day planner in just a second. first we've got to tough it out and get through tomorrow and the 40s in the morning. we are forecasting a low of 47 for miami, so maybe a three dog night for you, maybe an extra blanket on the bed or maybe just layering up at the bus stop. then our highs make that cli toward the upper 60s. mostly sunny skies, rain not in the forecast for today or tomorrow.
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friday morning we're going to start in the mid-50s. so already seeing a mild turn in our temperatures. and then friday, saturday afternoon we're forecasting highs getting into the mid-70. sunday some mid-70. that's valentine's day, by the way, so it looks like a pretty decent day for you and your sweetheart.. by president's day we have to watch you the for a few sures. >> will: hants hits the locker room early. the heat's big man remains their
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in sports.tt2w`t+o m4; bt@q$?l tt2w`t+o m4; "a@q43( tt2w`t+o m4; bm@q?8$ tt4w`t+o m4;" dztq 4.\ tt4w`t+o m4;" entq d*< tt4w`t+o m4;" gzt& ]-d tt4w`t+o m4;" hnt& m#( tt4w`t+o m4;" iztq 'jp tt4w`t+o m4;" jntq 5:0 tt4w`t+o m4;" lzt& -wl >> will: this is not how the heat wanted to go into the all-star break. not only did they lose t tir last two games at home, but now more questions surrounding hassan whiteside after he was kicked out of last night's game. the heat big man had come off the bench and was having a very product of game against the spurs until that right there in the f frth quarter. whiteside threw an elbow. the rest of said it was flagrant. they looked at it again, stayed that way. she as ejected. the team sent him home before being able to talk to reporters. whiteside could be facing discipline from the league. chris bosh on the team is not giving up on him. >> he's willing. he want to w, and we just have to encourage him and just keep telling him what it takes to win because we haven't even begun to scratch the surface 50 games in. it's going to get a lot more emotional. it's going to, you know, get tighter and more tense in the locker room, and on the court as
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>> will: speaking on the cm t network heat president pat riley had interesting comments during yesterday's game. he was talking about reting shaq's jersey but he also hilton about potential moves in the future. >> that decision was made a long me ago. yeah. and it was made by shaquille when a goy of that stature comes on the market i tried to do everything we could to acquire him and we had to give up some young players but it led to a title. if i had to do itgain, i would do it again because i want to win now. i'm getting t old to say i want to win down the road. i want to win now, and that's what it's all about. >> will: 12-ranked 'canes head to tallahassee on sunday. it was the final second that were the best. game tied at 6-3. sheld open mcclellan misses the 3. anl rodriguez on the court, gets it in there for the game winner. mii wins 65-67 the panthers return home fridayight.
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last night in buffalo six different players scored including jag jar as the jaromir jagr. that is a look at sports. >> calvin: a special chute for the fallen k-9 officers at the police memorial in tropical park. >> laurie: local10 news reporter carlos suarez was there for the ceremony and he's joining us live fro southwest miami-dade. >> carlos: laurie and calvin, it was a moving tribute for k-9s that are still on the force as well as their handlers they have lost through the year. let's get to you that video from earlier this afternoon. the event honor fallen police k-9s from was far back as 1976. decade later each of their service were told by the officers on behf of the partners. they were here at tropical park where since 2009 agency from across south florida have gathered to remember police k-9s. the event was also a reunion for police officers with their k-9 trainers. they showed how diverse from
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>> these names behinde are the names of 137 officers that have died in the line ofn duty here in mild county, so we thought it would be fitting that at the entrance we put the k-9 memorial which is the entrance just memoalizing the fact that they protect us when they're doing their job. >> w at these k-9s do, the way they sacrifice themselves not just for the police officer but really for all of one listening to these sries of how these animals of done these things to keep all of u safe is really quite moving. >> carlos: the miami police officer as 19 k-9 officers in specialized control. four of them make sure portmiami is safe and nine of them take part in narcotics operations. that does it for me, guys. back to you. >> calvin: and thank you for joining us. we will see you again tomorrow notice at 11:00. >> laurie: bundled up and check
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we'll see you text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news tonight in the race for 2016. at this hour, two big names dropping out of the race. and can any republican stop donald trump? his major victory in new hampshire. also, the surprise in second place.e. one-on-one with marco rubio and his stutuing admission. plus, clinton versus sanders, and the brand new batate tonight for the south.
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