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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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you. >> the glass was shattered. the bullet went through the glass, hit the opposite wall and landed on the floor a foot awayrom a child. >> eric: breaking news. another case of shots being fired at a school. the latest happening this morning. bullets hitting the windows at frances tucker elementary school. >> constance: one day after shots were fired outside carol city senior high school. bullets shattered windows thererebullets shattered windows there. local 10 ben kennedy is live in coconut grovov where the latest shooting happened but erika rakow is live outside carol city high school where an arrest was made. let's start with that.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, constance. we spoke with a 10-year-old boy who was inside the classroom at the time and he told me it was incredibly scaca to watch this bullet you go through the window landing near one of his best friends. you can see behind me the school is now no longer on lockdown, but we have sky 10 hd live overhead right now as i peak, as detectives are investigating that portable classroom where a stray bullet pierced a window at frances tucker elementary school. a student with h sability was in the classroom at the time. we spoke with tavares williamam jr. who was at a frontntable learning when a bullet went near his friend. we hope to bring that to you later in the newscast. yellow tape and police talked to witnesses. it happened two blocks away and a stray bullet that landed inside the classroom. superintendent alberto carvalho talked about this case and the
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miami-dade public school in 24 hours. >> you heard me say time and time again that today was anear tragedy, but over the paths 12 months 60 children have been shot in this community. over 20 have been killed. two miracles over the past two days. catastrophic -- catastrophic loss was by chance, by luck avoided. >> reporter: and we are told that kids were cowering underneath their desks. again, no one got hurt this afternoon as police are now looking for the person who did pull the trigger. back to tavares williams. we hope to hear from him later on. he said h% was incredibly scared and his teacher told everyone to duck down, get to the floor, and he is corded by police into a nearby classroom. he is all right. his grandmother was clearly shaken and in tears making sure
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no one got hurt in this case as police continue to investigate it and look for the pern who shot nearby. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> eric: ben, thank you. new for you at noon police have made an arrest after a shooting outside of carol city high school. this the mugshot into the local 10 news room m d they are looking for more people connected to this shooting. meanwhile, students returning toreturning to class for the very first time since the shots were fired. local 10er cray rakow is live with their reaction to getting back to school. erica. >> reporter: a fight between rival gang members is what put students and staff at miami carol city high school in the path of bullets.. an arreses and more to come. >> reporter: fearful as they returned to school. security coming up. their high school was the scene of a crime. >> it's crazy, me going to school and just thinking that
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>> they weren't students but they are gang members police say. late last night, cedriced a muss arrested. police -- cedric admas arrested. he was in a car whwh a group of people jumped out and approached another gang member at carol city high. someone he has had fights with. admas starteshooting at the school and so did others. this man is still out there, 19 years old, stanley reagan. he is a known gang member and they want to find him. the bullets went through the fence of the school, pierced windows. student and staff are still inside for extracurricular activity was not shott, and one student got hurt running awayy hearing the gunfire. >> i think everybody should be safe and caldown. we come to school to learn and everything and it is scary for other kids. >> reporter: and miami-dade schools police say they are still looking for four or fivepeople. stanley reagan is the only one they are going to identify right now.
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good tips, but they need thoho to keep coming in. give an anonymous call to imestoppers if you know anything about him, where he isanything about him, where he is, or anyone else who may havebeen involved in this late yesterday afternoon. their number is 305-471-tips. live in carol think is afternoon, erika rakow, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you very much. another chilly day in south florida. temperatures dropping in t t 40s and many of you made sure to bundle up heading to work or taking the kiddos to school. >> eric: people bundle>> eric: people bundling up on south beach. chilly 51 degrees this morning at 4:40, but a as you can see, we are certainly trending in the right direction. 60 degrees right now. >> i know, finally. >> constance: good to see erika with a scarf and fininly took off that jacket. >> julie: quite a chilly start>> julie: quite a chilly start. temperatures in the 40s. it wasn't the coldest point of
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we hit the 40s in miami. miami actually had 50 degreesp this morning, and now we are seeing an abundant amount of sunshine warming us up. what was the official low across south florida. well, the chilly spot was homestead at 44. 45 in pompano beach. 47 in pembroke pines. 50 inniami. 48 in ft. lauderdale. we evenad that cold air stretch as far south as the keys and a wind chill factor this morning for a few hours as we go into about the 5:00 hour into 6:00, we noticed that wind chill had dropped our temperatures feeling a bit cooler than what the actual air temperature was. we are back to the 60s in miami. 64 in ft. lauderdale. 62 key west. that north wind keeping itool and refreshing out there. warming our temperatures up inland to the mid-60s. 63 in marathon and 62 in key west. pretty breezy and continue with that breeze from the north-northeast today. these temperatures are cooler than yesterday anywhere between 1 and 4 degrees cooler. by the afternoon, highs warming up into the upper 80s. cool, dry and sunny.
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place and we will see a warm-up tomorrow going i io the weekend and another cold front will be moving in. lots to talk about in the forecast. i will have it all coming up. >> constance: all right, thanks, julie. breaking news, another dismal day on wall street. check the stock market right now. not looking good at all. dow down 300 point to 15,606. nasdaq down 44 points. snp 500 also down about 28 points. here is some video o is afternoon ahead of a historic meeting in cuba, patriarch head of russian orthodox church leaving moscow as he prepares for a meeting with pope francis tomorrow. the first meeting for both churches since they split more than 1,000 years ago. local 10's hatzel vela will be meetings. look for hatzel's reports starting today at 5 5 p.m. not tonight, guys. >> what do you want to say of the status of your campaign? >> constance: chris christie
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stengs of -- suspension of his campaign. he made the decision after coming in 6th place. not the only republican candidate to call it quits, carly fiorina in the bid for the white house. six left for fight f the nomination. for next saturday's south carolina primary it could narrow the race down even more. local 10 glenna milberg will be there bringing you the results all night long. on the democratic side. hillary clinton is the front-runner south carolina. she will face off against her only rival bernie sanders tonight in wisconsin. and in souou carolina in the next state, of course, and we do nona glenna will be there live for us covering it all next week. developing at noon, occupied protest in oregon coming to answered. the final four objecting pants of the national wildlife refuge is promising to surrender some time today. the father of the leader arrested. cliveeon bundy was taken into custody when he was on his way
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the protest happened over land usage and top leaders were arrested two weeks ago and urging the rest to surrender. a police officer not expect a police officer not expected to survive after he was killed during a standoff in fargofar north dakota. just ending. he was barricaded inside for 11 hours. police are not sure if he was shot earlier during a shootou with the officer or whether he shot himself. the suspect's son called police last night saying his dad fired a gun at his wife. the son and dad escaped unarmed, but the officer was shot by that suspect. passenger on florida cruise ship damaged at sea are back on dry land today. royal caribbean anthem of the seas arrivedack at port liberty in new jersey around 9:00 lasnight. the ship had more than 4,000 passengefs on board when it departed on saturday for a seven-day cruiseo the bahamasseven-day cruise to the bahamas. the next day it sailed into a
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we are now hearing from those passengers. >> reporter: pure relief. >> happy to be alive. >> reporter: and anger today. >> never, never again. >> reporter: 4500 passengers on royal caribbean anthem of the seas back on solid ground in new jersey. after this their ship cruising right into a storm sunday, pounded by 30-foot waves and wind gusts topping 100 m mes per hour. >> out of nowhere, the ship startedoing crazy. the ship was on its side. so the ocean -- water coming inso the ocean -- water coming in. >> reporter: s se questioning the captain's judgment, knowing severe storm warnings were in the forecast. royal caribbean refunding the paengers giving them half off a future cruise and an apology. >> couldn't be sorrier about what happened. we already know we will make
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guidance, some more oversight. >> reporter: but lawyer jim walker says despite this nightmare, passengers looking for anything more probably don't have a case. >> we simply s s that their cases are too difficult and probably won't be successful. >> constance: now earlier this week senator bill nelson called for the national transportation safety board to investigate the ship. he is questioning why it would be allowed to sail into a stormthat was forecast days earlier. a team of physicists may have agreed -- they heard and black holes colliding. the faint rising tone. the first direct evidence of gravitational waves, those waves predicted by einstein a centnty ago, a key part to the theory of relativelytheory of relativetivity. amazing.never thought that they would be detected. >> constance: it is clear that it is.
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valentine's day. may have forget about the flowmay have forget about the flowers. it is almost there. mia has us covered. >> constance: how they are handling all the roses coming into miami internationalairport coming up. a major event in south florida is coming back in town. we are live with the miami international boat show at its new location this year. >> eric: a reminder how you can wake up with us at 5 a.m. we are expanding with neki mohan, todd tongen and jennifer correa. that begins this friday. tonight at 11:00, the south florida attorney capturing national headlines. >> stands accused of having sex with an inmate. >> did you have sex with a
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>> reporter: she speaking outtt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< . now back to the breaking news shots fired at an elementary school in coconut grove. >> constance: right n to local 10 ben kennedy with an exclusive interview with a student who was inside the classroom during the shooting. ben? >> reporter: constance, tavares everett. he was 10 years old and he was in the classroom when the bullet went through the window and landed by his best friend. >> reporter: what did you see in here?
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she told us to get down. we waited til police to come and we left and went into another bathroom. >> my grand opinion is son tavarez. they asked him to hit the floorthey asked him to hit the floor. he croonic sickle cell. when he panicked like that he couldn't get no oxygen and nobody would tell me what was going on. they rushed me in to make sure he was all right. >> reporter: sky 10 w overhead when a stray bullet pierced the portable classroom. a teacher and four students with disabilities were in the classroom. the shooting happened two blocks away and a stray bullet that landed inside the classroom. back out live around the classroom, the school is no longer on lockdown. the good news to report no one got hurt as officers continued to look for the person who pulled the trigger. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news.
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a couple of crashes causing traffic delays on i-95 inle hadtraffic delays on i-95 inle had. at least one car hit the median hollywood boulevard. not sure how the crash happened and if anyone was hurt. in miramar, university drive is open after a two-car crash. the black pickup truck and white sedan on opposite sides of the westbound lanes. one person was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. no word what caused this crash either. caught on camera, a woman stealing a package off a front door porch in coral gables. that man approaching the big brown box. he grabs it and walks away. this happened on monday afternoon. if you have any information about this crime, contact police. all right, here we go. it was a cold start to the day, and julieeromised that it would be beautiful and warm up and right on target, julie. >> constance: feels great out there, julie.
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good that we are inside and can't wait to 1:00 and really be able to enjoy the breath of fresh air, the beautiful sunshine and warm weather. cam. very inviting to be outside during your lunch hour. the temperature, 60 degrees in miami. humidity is low, 36% humidity is low, 36%. that north wind in place and feels exactly like 60 degrees and we will feel very comfortable and less humid and 64 your temperature in ft. lauderdale with a north wind at 9 miles per hour. relative humidity at 30%. 60% humidity in the keys and 62 degrees with h e north-northeast wind at 14 miles per hour. this is just a fantastic day to be outdoors and we are starting to warm mp. we might need a light sweater and jacket throughout the afternoon. this just a false return from our radar. we are not seeing precipitation falling from the mid to high level clouds out there. we are expecting to stay dry with the cloud cover in place, pushing just offshore. we will see lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon. we can thank high pressure.
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friends of. fair weathered clouds across the area and high pressure is providing for that north breeze. keeping that cool air connection to south florida. just to the north of us, the great lakes dealing with lake effect snow. a snow system moving in toward another system that is not very impressive and you can only see it in the cloud cover over the tennessee value will he. the next system that moves into south florida. so going into tomorrow, it will be wmer, still nice with temperatures back into the 70s. we still are expecting temperatures to be a few degrees below average as we wake up to 50s. and highs only in the mid-70s. here comes that front. notice a dry front. we are not expecting rain chances to increase all that much as the next front moves inmuch as thnext front moves in. behind it that north breeze will cool us off again going into sunday which,gain, is valentine's day. slight risk of rip currents. boaters a small craft caution. check out the temperatures. we rebound going into tonight with the winds from the northeast. a shift in the wind direction
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tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50s. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. we will stay warm saturday and here comes to dry front by saturday night shifting our winds back from the north allowing our temperatures to drop bacacupper 50s to low 60s valentine's day and increase that chahae of shohors going into monday and tuesday. yet another front will move in. you notice our temperatures, highs back into the 80s by tuesday. this front should clear by tuesday afternoon. once it does so, we will see lows back into the 50s with highs only in the mid-70s. chief meteorologist betty davis will have more on this coming up at 4:00. eric. >> eric: thank you for that. presidential candidate bernie sanders has a new nickname. >onstance: people are calling him bernie sandwich? >> eric: i know i am hungry. >> constance: the details coming up. helping you plan your day, meteorologist julie durda on local 10, your weather authority. hey, guys, serving up dishes that are inspiring.
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is changing lives one sand witch at a time. michael is putting a spin on a
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kitchen with the aor from breaking news. look at this mess. cleanup undnd way after an 18cleanup under way after an 18-wheeler overturned in opioid18-wheeler overturned in opioid. sky 0 over the scene. opioid boulevard. a mall fuel spill. the hazmat team has been called in. no word what caused that truck to turn over. there is stuff spread all over the road and the canal there. heads up this midday, valentine's day is sunday, don't forget. >> constance: don't f fget all you guys at miami international airport. they are busy ahead of the holiday. local 10 reporter jenise fernandez is live at the airport, and jenise, how are they handling all the flowers that are coming inthat are come? >>reporter: i am outside land cargo headquarters and inside these warehouses agents are
12:26 pm
i will bring in the vp of operations of land cargo, carlos. tell us whut the agents are doing and what they are looking for as they inspect these flow special as you know, flowers are a very delicate and perishare a very delicate and perishable good, so these guys inside and o o people and land cargo, we are making sure the flowers get to the consumer in perfect condition, safe, nice, beautiful as everyone expects to get. >> reporter: absolutely. i know we have some video of the inspections going on. we can see this for you. and they are obviously shaking these flowers around and looking for insects. talk about why this process is so important so no unwanted pestsnd up in our borders. >> insect can bring a lot of reat into the environment, for people, and everything, so we have to make sure at we have a barrier here. the first barrier before the -- the flowers in this case or the asparagus or salmon or any
12:27 pm
through the warehouse is if it is safe for the consume he wereis safe for the consume he were. >> repepter: flowers from come from ecuador, columb, what is the most popular flower still? >> you know that, the rose. because of the beauty the colorbecause of the beauty the color. flowers, you can show emotion through flowers and what is the best flower to show that i love you, to say thanks, for a friend, a rose, for sure. >> repepter: thank you so much carlos. i know you are busy at work. thousands of flowers in the warehouse. and you heard the man, roses are the most important. i am just saying valentine's day is coming close and i personally love roses. just letting you know. jenise fernandez. >> eric: jenise, save me a trip by bringing me a few. >> constance: bring flowers back for the newsroom. >> reporter: i will bring some back. domestic air fares have dropped to a six-year low. domestic ticket prices.
12:28 pm
the expansion of low-priced income big drivers of this change. today's dr. oz moment, a special investigatiti. he exposes some airline secrets that you need to know fore you take another flight. >> spring break, valentine's. a lot of people head to florida and the question is what isgoing on with the planes, are they dirty or not? they are. we did our own investigation. the headrest were the dirtiest part of the plane because they drool on it and sleep on it and it doesn't get changed the headrest of the plane. the little paper towels to protect the headrest. that is your best bet. make sure there is a clean unand the tray table and the knob so they are free of contaminant from a former passenger. keep air circulating around you, create a little silo to keep you safe because the person affecting you is not the one next to you but the one diagonally opposite in the
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>> constance: ooh, you didn't know it was so rty for you on the plane. don't miss the dr. oz show right here on local 10. don't miss the food and wine festival. we are giving away tickets for the big event. you don't want to miss the biggest names and tastybiggest names and tastiest dishes from all over the globe. head over to the local 10 facebook page, click the south& beach wine and food festival tab and enter. the miami international boat show that begins today. sky 10 was over the scene earlier as the boats were getting ready for more than 1getting ready for more than 100,000 people that are expected to attend the event throrohout the weekend. now according to the eventsnow according to the event's web site, 1,000 boats were on dilay on land and in the water and there will be boating seminars and exhibits and closed and open tented spaces. a great weekend and why not check it out after years at the miami beach convention center. the boat show will now be at the miami marine stadium park
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this is, ofofourse, the last day of the event is monday which is president's day. coconut grove arts festival coming up as well. a lot of tents set up for the prident's day long weekend. the festival runs along the streets of mcfarland and panstreets of mcfarland and pan-american drive. tickets $15 per person. mother is upset after a medical mix-up at the hospital.>> eric: together>> eric: doctors performed surgery on her healthy baby. the legal action she is taking coming up. wake up with with usvery weekend morning at 5 a.m. we are expanding with neki mohan, todd tongen, jennifer correa. starting this saturday. >>announcer: take local 10 online with you werever you are headed.
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the senate foreign relations committee have approved a measure for the government of iran to help search for robert levinson. a retired fbi agent, coral springs resident disappeareded working for the cia in iran nine years ago. the measure sponsored by bill nelson now heads to the full senate for the vote.
12:34 pm
robert f. kennedy has been denied parole. the 15th appearance before the bod for sirhan sirhan who is serving life in prison. kennedy shot in 1968 a a celebrating his california primary win. five years after the assassination of his brother president john f. kennedy. two sheriff deputies are dead after a shooting at a maryland shopping center. the deputies were called out to a panera bread where 6a panera bread where 66-year-old david brian stevens was seated. a deputya deputy was shot and when a chase started a second deputy was also hit. >> i think the suspect took that action because he is wearing a police uniform, but we were called to the panera bread for that sububct. >> constance: investigators shot and killed evans. he had two w wrants out for his arrest including one right near in florida for assaulting an officer. the city of cleveland is billing the family of tamir rice $500 for the ambulance ride he took the day of his arrest.
12:35 pm
family spoken out about the bill calling disappointing and callus. rice was shot and killed by a police officer in november 2014 after an officer mistook his air soft gun for a real firearm. the grand jury decided against prosecution in december. we are seeing for the first time the student in hillsborough countwho was arrested after a loaded gun and ski mask was found on a school bus. it was another student who was not afra to act fast when they saw 18-year-old jamarcussims with a gun. a relative said he saw him load the gun on his lap and hide the gun on the school bus. unclear what his i ientions were and how he got the weapon. >> reported out of temple terrace and drilling down on that storynd seeing if he is a suspect in a burglary or something and hue he obtained the weapon. >> eric: arrest for drug posssion. and he faces other disciplinary action.
12:36 pm
the u.s. justice department is suing the city of ferguson saying it continues to violate the rights of a am even after the shooting death of michael brown. local 10 reports. >> reporter: a new battle in ferguson, missosoi. the justice department is now suing the city for violating its residents' civil rights >> the ferguson police department violation in particular were expansive and deliberate. stopping people without reasonable suspicion. by arresti them without cause and by using unreasonable forceand by using unreasonable force. these violations were not only egregious and routine. they were driven by racial biasthey were driven by racial bias. >> reporter: the lawsuit comes after a surprise vote by the city council to push back the settlement the city reached with the j jtice department after months of negotiation. >> i think the things we asked for are very reasonable. >> reporter: city leaders want to amend the agreememt that they say the city can't afford to implement, but attorney general loretta lynch is not
12:37 pm
>> the department of justice and ferguson's own negotiators came to an agreement fair and cost effective. >> reporter: lynch said city leaders leave h h no other choice but litigation to protect citizens who are being treatete unfairly by the court system. >> they have waited decades for stice and they should not be forced to wait any longer. >>reporter: there case goes to ial unless the city and justice department can settle first. attorney general loretta lynch did not think that happen. terrifying moments live on camera >> the search for a man who waved a gun mind a reporter during a newscast. the latest after the break. new at 11, the south florida attorney capturing national headlines. >> stands accused ofof having sex with an inmate. >> breaks herr silence. >> did you have sex with your client?
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one man and to wave a handgun behind a television news reporter after a live broadcast in new york city. police are looking for him. all this happened when a reporter talked about a trial of a police officer shooting and candlelight vigil ma man in the brooklyn heights. the man walking behind thee voter waving that gun and smiling. and a barber in san diego nearly shot when a woman attacked him because she was upset over the haircut he gave her. he cut her hair and she returned a few hours late we arnew haircut and a gun. >> she messed it up with straig razors in her car. she erased everything that i did, messed it up with a razor, took it all off andhen came in and said look what you did to my hair. >> eric: after the gun jammed the barber and another employee tackled the woman to the ground until police arrived. . she is facing attempted murder. access to the mental health
12:42 pm
deputy. deputy peraza said mcbean ignoreddrders to drop the weapon forcing her tohoot. >> anything in the area that would have precluded him from >> no. >> no construction going on? nothing in his ears to show that he couldn't have heard anything you said? >> no. >> constance: wellh, the gun was an air rifle. despite parza's statement that nothing prevented mcbean from hearing his commands, mcbean's family points to the ear buds in the studio following the shooting saying he never heard officer paraza to drop the weapon. the deputy is bebeg charged with manslaughter and pled not guilty. the mother of a newborn in tennessee is suing a hospital where her baby was delivered. she went in for a routine physical and left with surgery in his tongue. nick baris has the latest.>> you want to wake up. >> reporter: little nate was
12:43 pm
normal newborn which is all his parents could hope for. >> the baby, perfect, healthy, beautiful. >> reporter: jennifer melton delivered at university medical center in lebanon. not long after the birth, the newborn went for what melton ththght was a routine physical. a couple of hours later nate was back. >> theheurse mentioned the procedure that had belonged to him that they had clipped his tongue. >> reporter: somehow some way the doctor without the parents' signed contest performed a surgical procedure that was apparently meant for another child. >> they took our chimed who was 100% healthy, nursing as well, no issues at all and took him mouth. at tt point i began to cry excuse for operating on the wrong baby, none.
12:44 pm
a fre nelectomy. it is cuing the flap of skin and you child's tongue it is uncomfortable for the baby. >> reporter: it is a treatment for infants for infants that is born a condition tharestricts the tongue. >> recessness. no excuse for cutting on a healthy child. no excuse for a mix-up. >> reporter: the doctor didn't try to make any excuses. in a progress report he said i had asked for the wrong infant. i had likely performed the procedure on an infant din thavrn the one i intended to, and i admitted my mistake and apologized. >> they were sorry they made a mistake. >> reporter: for melton that small consolation. she promised, she and her attorney wonder what the future with little nate. >> we don't know if the child is going to have any speech or eating problems. concern is this was a healthy
12:45 pm
instead was harmed by the hospital. >> constance: i would be overwhelmed if that was my child. nick baris reporting. the family's lawyer said the hospital still billed them for that procedure. >> eric: a terrifying moment. you want to make sure that is your child when they take them out of the room. >> constance: can you imagine? >> eric: i can't imagine. frhtening moment when an elephant go on a rampage.elephant go on a rampage. >> constance: the damage it caused when the elephant went through a crowded neighborhood. a look at your lottery numbers when we come back. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary.
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miami heat enjoying the all-star break. whiteside hearing from the league office against the spurs fourth quarter. whiteside throws an elbow. refs ruled it a flagrant foul. and whiteside was ejected from thth team and the -- from the
12:49 pm
before he talked to reporters. plus-size model is making headlines. >> ashley graham will be focused on their "sports illustrated" issue. she looks good right there. they posed for this photo. she ands the first plus-size model in the ad for "sports illustrated" animal swimsuit edition. i didn't know an animal swimi didn't know an animal swimsuit one. good to know. member of a mexican rock band manna hav a star on the hollywood walk of fame. they made a record of sold-out shows. they earned four grammys and sold more than 40 million records. guess what, we have the details for what we have got for the -- for the academy award nominees. what they are getting in this year's gift bags. the most expensive item is a 10ththmost expensive item is a 10-day trip to israel first class, and also unlimited audi car rentals. less expensive items include
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the most interesting item on the list there, vampire breast lift which uses blood, growth factors to enhance breasts without implants. good to know -- [ laughter ] -- you can catch the 8 8th academy awards hosted by chris rock live february 28 right here on local 10. let's talk little politics. bernie sanders has aew nickbernie sanders has a new nickname thanks to a slip up from an anchor. jeannie moos says why he is being associated with a sandwich. >> reporter: a pfectly easy name to say. >> bernie sanders. >> reporter: which makes the slip of the tongue all the more delicious. >> railing against pharmaceutical and bernie sandwich's -- bernie sanders's message. >> reporter: may i have a second helping. >> bernie sandwich. >> reporter: everybody was making bernie sandwiches. bernie and corned beef, bernie
12:51 pm
pulling one out of his pocket. hash tag bernie sandwiches, tweets like feel the heart-bern and bernie sandwiches, that his mafia name. >> reporter: as for chris hayes. he tweeted in my defense, i was literally watching people being served dinner when i said bernie sandwiches. as if bernie sandwiches wasn't enough for one election night, another anchor put her foot in r mouth. >> reporter: megan kelly's blooper on fox news. >> on the -- democratic bernie sandals -- sandals, could catch on in e summer months. >> reporter: it already caught on meghan. >> bernie sanders. >> reporter: likeise already exists. food and wine created sandwiches to represent various candidates. hillary's was a subway sandwichhillary's was a subway sandwich. >> a little bit of everything and anything you cou want on it it will agree to put under that bread.
12:52 pm
a vietnamese, spicy and obscurea vietnamese, spicy and obscure. >> your hipster friends will tell you about it. >> reporter: even chelsea clinton once misspoke putting up bernie sanders bernie -- >> president sanders -- senator sanders, i hope not president >> reporter: now about bernie sandwiches. >> is sandwich, sandwich! new york. >> eric: just time for lunch, that spread looked pretty good. >> constance: it is easy to misspeak if you have been anchoring rbi rick and especially for houou like all those anchors probably were.
12:53 pm
>> constance: not a lot with at&t the choice is yours. only p for the services you need to make your bundle work for you. call at&t now to get high speed internet for 15 and directv for 19.99 a monthfor 12 months with a one-year internet and two-year tv agreement. choose directv to stream your favorite shows, movies and sports on any device. and when you add high speed internet, you'll get 99.9 percent reliability with a connection you can count on.
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. well, a elephant storming through an eastern india town smashing homes. >> eric: as the panicked elephant ran amuck, people were running for their lives. >> eric: thelephant had wandered from the forest in west bengal crossing rivers and a small road before entering the town. authorities eventually shot that elephant with a tranquilizer gun planning to return it to the forest. south florida, i hope you enjoyed this beautiful thursdayenjoyed this beautiful thursday. we like to call itriday eve. look at that already 67 degrees in ft. lauderdale after waking up to the 40s. 65, miami. 62, key west.
12:56 pm
a very comfortable north breeze keeping it refreshing. you will be able to keep that ac off for one more day and have to turn them back on tomorrow. northeast breeze between 7 and 15 miles per hour. it is warming up. we are finally seeing our temperures warmer than where we were yesterday and highs will reach the upper 60s0ss we continue to see all this sunshine out there. make it a great day and enjoy. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will have more an 4:00. eric. >> eric: i like the look of that, julie. thank you for joining us now. "the chew" is up next. >> constance: see you back at 4:00. >> eric: the latest at download our free wplg app. everything gnaw need to keep you covered 24-7. >>onstance: that's right. 7
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it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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>> announcer: get ready, because we're about to take your day from tired to "chew-spired." it's an instagram inspiratio michael is cooking up an incredible dish inspired by a "chew" viewer. then, he knows a thing or two about getting away with murder, but does he know his way around the kitchen? alfred enoch is here, and he's stirring up a stew with mario that's to die for.
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mom is opening up her heart and her restaurant to those in need. >> t great thing about this place is we have a pay-it forward system where anybody is welcome in our doors whether they have money or not. announcer: so sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody, welcome to "the chew." you know, throughout history there have been many influential figures, there's been athletes, world leaders, lr in my case, the inventor of gin. but here at "the chew," nothing inspires us more than our% viewers and our guests. so all houlong, we're going to make miraculous dishes that will leave us all feeling "chew-spired." [ chrs and applause ] the theme of the show today -- inspiration. i didn't come up with the name "chew-spired." you like it? >> it's funny. >> i think your wittiest. [ applause ] >> all right, speaking of inspiration, we all have some


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