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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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superintendent, he is once again outraged by the violence. >> calvin: and we have live team coverage for you on the shootings. local10'0'terrell forney live where the shooting took place. >> laurie: a a local10 news reporter andrew perez is live in miami gardens. t's begin the terrell with a good night in that coconut creek classroom. >> terrell: is on very many startling news considering two bullets hit that classroom portable where four students with disabilities and a teacher were inside. you can see thaha portable behind me. this is also right next door to a daycare center. amazingly no one was hurt, but those kids certainly heard the sosods. >> gunshots. >> terrell: the distinct sound of bullets made t t-year-old tavares williams and his classmate panic. >> she told all t us get down. >> trent: tavare and three other students were inside of porteddable that was hit by gunfire. the entire elementary school immediately went into lockdown. >> we waited for t police to come, then we left and went to
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>> he panicked. so when he panicked, he can't get no oxygen, and nobody was telling me what was going on. so they rushed me in to make sure thate was all right. >> terrell: worried parents tuched remembered to the school campus to find crime scene tape and a heavy police presence along with the school's superintendent. word spread quickly about what happened. >> my grandkids' mom called me on the (954)364-2510 saying that bullets are flying everywhere. >> the glass is shattered. the bullet went through the class, hit the opposite wall and landed on the floor, a foot away from a child. >> terrell: thankfully every student here safe, a real life lesson that little tavares just wants to teach to whomever pulled the trigger. >> and excite what happened here, classes continued here at frances tucker elementary school. the principal and also the
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maintain that thischool remains the safest possible place for kids. as for the circumstancesp surrounding that shooting, we know that the miami police depament is looking into that. they are very comfortable with the idea that it happened just a few blocks over, but they have not yet arrested anyone. they're still trying figure out perhaps if it involved someone else or if perhaps someone was aiming at the school from a few blocks away. we are live in coke jut grove this afternoon. i'm terrell forney. >> laurie: use may recall there was also a shooting at carol city senior high just yesterday. >> calvin: frightening moments. let's turn to andrewy perez with details on an arrest. >> andrew: police are saying at this point that gang members are behind this shoot now at street that all played out in front of a high school so. far one arrest has been made. i want to send you to some video because this suspect just appeared before a judge in bond
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attempting to trespass to school property with a firearm charged with carrying and usingng firearm. his bond was set at $12,000. he was toward stay away from the victim police are expecting more arrests after this very, very dangerous situation. >> i feel skater. >> andrew: fearful as they returned to school this morning,, security still cleaning up as students arrive, signs that their high school was the scene of a crime. >> it's crazy, you know? i mean, going to school and just thinking that somebody's shooting. >> andrew: they weren't students but they are gang members, police say. late last night cedric a aas arrested. police say he was in a car with a group of people, jumped out and approached another gang member who was walking in front of carol city high, someone he's had fights with. they say admas started shooting totord the school, so did others. this guy is still out there. he's 19 weirdly stanley rigin. police sayaye is also a known gang member and want to find hem.
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windows,s,tudents and staff still inside for extra construction lar activities not shot but one stunt got hurt running away after hearing the gunfire. >> i just think, should be safe and calm down because we come to school to learn and everything, and it's scary for other kids. >> andrew: and police have actually gotten a lot of help from the public in these cases. that's how they've been able to kind of identify some of these suspects.but they still need more tips. if you have any information about thi crime, you're encouraged to call crimestoppers crimestop. we're live in miami gardens, i'm andrewy perez. >> laurie: the zika virus outbreak continues to spread in florida with another case in miami-dade county if total cases of 18 across our state. miami-dade county with a total of seven cases at tpis point. broward county with two cases. the virus has been associated with a rise of microcephaly birth defect cases, common symptoms include fever, rash and joint pain.
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symptoms, wear going to me tothis story in a moment, but please go see a doctor. calvin. >> calvin: this afterno the mother of a baby who was found dead in a freezer now? court. in fact, the mother had called police threaning to commit sue i'd all right. after arriving, the officers found the baby in `theomees am were's homestead house. our own news reporter michael seiden is liv in miami with the latest. michael. >> michael: laurie and calvin, prosecutors describe her as a walking time bomb, claiming that she may hurt are on possibly kill herself if she's not under 24/7 supervision now, i want to take you inside the courtroom. this is what just happened about a half hour ago. this is 37-year-old paola vargas-ortiz, charged in the death of her five-month-old sonhugeo. today her husband and attorney were in court begging judgeo release her from jail. the judge agreed, ordered she
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can evaluate per mental state. last month she nearly killed hersf calling 911 while standing on top of the seven mile bridge threatening to take herr own life. she told authorities she ingested rat poison and the investigation led detectives back to her homestead townhouse where they found the infant's body in the freezer. now, despite that charge of manslaughter, dcf is still calling this an ongoing investigation. you also have to remember that we are still waiting on the autopsy results. so right now she is charged with manslaughter but that charge could be amended depending on those autopsy results. y for now we a live in miami. i'm my knowledge seiden, local10 news. >> calvin: a bad day on wall street. here's a look at the final numbers. the dow is down more than 250 points today, closing at 15,660. the nasdaq down today just 16 points, closing at 4266. the s&p 500 down today 22 points at 1829. now tow a developing story here,
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los angeles reporting that an american airlines plane has landed after smoke was discovered in cabin. the plane was able to land safely. the la tv station also recording some passengers requested medical treatment after feeling sick. there were 137 passengers aboard. let's turn now to the weather. we can still feel the chill in south florida. oh, yes. temperatures this morning dipping into the 40s. >> laurie: it makes such a difference whether you're in the sunshine or not, and these folks along hollywood beach, they are, and they're in shorts, a light layer, some t-shirts. it is warming really nicely out there. >> christina: feels great now, but this morning it was a different story. laurie: betty, have we moved past the super cold? >> betty: teacher out factor is out of the forecast, 70 degrees already in miami. you, too, pembroke pines and hialeah after dipping down intoo the 40s this morning. tonight it will be cool but certrtnly not as chilly as what we had out there this morning. our lows by tomorrow in the
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so it's all up from here or at least we hope. our m mning lows will now start to be a little closer to what's normal for this timimof the year. that 62 degrees. you probably will need a sweatat still, though, as we start tomorrow, but by thefternoon mid-70s. guys. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot. now the to a missing teenager alert. miami-dade police are now asking for your help to find 16-year-old leah banma. she was last seen on wednesday fefeuary third when her mother dropped her off at miami south ridge senior high school. she is 5'11" and approximately 115 pounds. if you have seen her, give police a call right away. >> laurie: sky 10 over a mess scene in opa-locka where an 18 wheeler overturned. look at this scene. all o o that garbage coming out of the truck, falling into the water along northwest 27th avenue, and opa-locka boulevard. hazmat teams were called to this scene of a small o o spill. it's still not clear what caused this truck to overturn. fortunately no one was hurt but
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and then this single family home caught fire in fort lauderdada. you can see the front of the home sustaining a lot of damage. this scene along northwest second street and 31st avenue ill not clear how the fire started or if anyone was injured. >> calvin: a man caughon camera stealing a package off a front door porch in coral gables. surveillance video shows the man on his cell phone, you see here, approachg the big brown box. he then grabs and it walks away. this happened on monday afternoon. if you havany information about this crime, you should call police. here's video this afternoon ahead of an historic meeting in cuba. patriarch, the head of the russian orthodox church, just laed in cuba moments ago, and tomorrow he will have a meeting popo francis. it is the first meeting for both churches since they split more than 1,000 years ago. and starting in an hour local10's hatzel vela will be live in cuba covering the historic meeting. look for thinks reports on local10 news a 5:00. >> laurie: and now to vote 2016.
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after bernie sandets blowout win in the new hampshire primary. sanders won that primary 60% to hillary clinton's 38%. beating her by 22 points. tonight's debate just the second time sandets and clinton have gone head to head. it begins at 9000 p.m., and the next state to vote the in mocratic primary is nevada after south carolina. es that state will hold its caucus february 20th. our own glenna milberg will be in south carolina next week. the site of the next republican primary. also held on the 20th. so look for glenna's live coverage next week. >> calvin: the citi of ferguson is catching some heat again, this time from the u.s. justice department which is now suing the city want causing it violating the rights of african-americans even after the shooting death of michael brown. authoritiey say they had no choice but to file a lawsuitit against the ferguson city council voted to change the terms of aeal negotiators have been hashing out for months. the lawsuit alleged a pattern and practice of unconstitutional police conduct i that city.
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11 minutes after 4:00@so let's get a check on traffic. >> calvin: jenise fernandez here talk about the roads and how are they looking right now, jenise? >> jenise: if you're at work watching on us your computer, this would be a gd time to head on out. this is i-95 nthbound a northwest 103rd street. we can't see that accident from this camer view but there is one in the express lanes that's causing a bit of a backup. as we zoom on in closer, this is i-95 northbound northwest be 103rd street. we do have a left lane blocked, and right now speeds 29 miles per hour. we've got this broken-down cart on dolphin expressway. this is westbound right around northwest 37th avenue. there is a right lane blocked. louks you'll see slow speeds was your approaching that broken-down cart 29 miles per hour but traffic does seem to pick up when you pass it with speeds the pa 52 miles per hour. as we cruise to4broward county we are watching this one accident on i-95 northbound
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zoomingon. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. a driver who let police on a chase through southeast houston, texas has surrender add a ever after standoff. you can see police chasing the silver sedan and then it came to this point. you can see the back bumper hanging from that car. police pursued the driver for about 30 minutes and finally that man was taken into custody. just ahead for you at 4:30, a hearing today in the case of deputy peter paza charged in the 2013 death of germane mcbean. >> calvin: also a man is lucky to be alive after he fell down an elevator shaft and it was caught on camera. what caused him to fall. >> laurie: plus an unsatisfied customer towns are a hair salon, this time with a gun. it's a haircut dispute. >> calvin: and we're happy to announce every week you can see us even earlier now. weir expanding our weekend news show with neki mohan in the center, her bff todd tongen and jennifer korea starting this
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you can start with us at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: and right now 11:00, the south florida attorney capturing national headlines breaks her silence. >> did you have sex with your client? >> announcer: now she's speaking out for the first time
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>> bob: what did your can. >> laurie: take a look at the skies. you nener know what you might see. those are the thunderbirds. they are preparing, practicing to enter t fort lauderdale air show coming our way in may. >> calvin: and@fort lauderdale is going to be welcoming them back after a two-year hiatus. it is always great to see their antics in the`air. what a gorgeous day it is for them to be doing that and what a goeous look at that. so smooth. >> laurie: we've got to get tickets this year. that just makes the show, and the thunderbirds are back. >> calvin: in more news scary moments when a customer becomes violent. a woman in san diego accused of
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didn't like her haircut. >> laurie: but a stroke of luck prevented the barber from being shot. victorquendo in the video port with the details on this. >> victor: this woman confronted the barber with a loaded gun, and she actually pulled the trigger three times. however, that gun malfunctioned and the barbe was not as hit. here's what led up to this whole thing. here's the back story. earlier that day that woman, she came into the barbershop asking for pay haircut some kind of safe design. she left but later returned and pulled out the gun saying that she was unhappy with her cut. >> she mess dollars it had up with some straight razors in her car. she erase dollars everything i did, messed it up with her razor, took it all off, and then she came in and said, look what you do to my hair. >> victor: after that gun malfunctioned another worker came by, tackled her to the ground and held her until police arrived. she is now facing attempted murder charges. laurie and calvin, i'll send it to you. >> calvin: and right now here's a look once again out of miami
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ohoh what a view that is on this thursday. you know, we just might have to skip out on the 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. >aurie: where should we go? betty -- >> calvin: do the beach. >> laurie: do you see a bode boat we can jump on? >> betty: well, camp needs to be buy exotic flowers. >> calvin: i'm on top of it -- maybe, this year. >> laurie: he has enough reminders. >> betty: just a few days away ab everybody. we are finally getting out of deep chill. we made it. the sun is out a a temperatures are responding. the winds of changer startinin to flow in as well. already 70 in miami and hialeah. pembroke pines. kind of hard to believe tham of your neighborhoods started now at 40s this morning but that was the case. homestead 44 was your lownd now you're sitting at expecting forecast for for the evening a few clolos out there. by 8:00 tonight temperatures in the mid-60s.. not as chilly. so not nearly the chill that we hadd this morning. winds are now flowing in from the northeast, and that easterly
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milder air in off the ocean waters and then, of course, the sunshine, too,o that is why we are now finding the change in our temperatures. high pressur wrapping its arms around the sunshine state and that hig keeping the weather nice and quiet will continue to do so for tomorrow as well it. will be a nice friday, warmer day for us. we'll anybody the mid-70s come tomorrow afternoon. we will be tracking a weak cold front up to the north. it appears that's going to pass through on saturday, but weak is the key word. even with a northerly flow behind it, it won't do a lot to knock our temperatures back down so. saturday's going to be pleasant we. 50s in the morning, mid-70s in the afternoon, upper 50s saturday morning, mid-70s for the afternoon. around 60 valentine's day morning, and around 74 in the afternoon. so cool enough as we're starting the day but the chill, the big chill, that's over. laurie. >> laurie: good news. thank you, betty. a police officer is not expected to survive after he was shot during a standoff in fargo weeks, north dakota. the standoffnded after the
4:20 pm
home. he was bare i'd dated inside for about 11 hrs. police aren't sure if he shot himself the suspect's son called police last night saying his dad had fired a gun at his wife. the son and wife managed to escape unharmed but police say the officer was shot by the suspect during a shootout. >> calvin: a 4,000 passenger cruise ship is back in new jersey after sailing nigh morton storm. royal caribbean's anthem of seas arrived back in the port in new jersey about 9:00 last night. the ship was sailing to the bahamas and eventually cape canaveral when it ran into the storm. passengers were told to hunker down facing hurricane force winds and 30-foot seas for hours. now, all of the pasasngers will be refund/3 cruise fare and get 50% off a auture cruise. the ntsb is lauauhing an investigation into why the ship headed into that monster storm. royal caribbean haye has saidconditions were much worse than forecast.
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occupied an oregon wildlife refuge for a monon have turned themselves in. another member of the group was lled. the group had been protesting the federal control of government lands anger. all four are expected to appear in court tomorrow. >> calvin: coming up at the bott of t t hour the-mile has a new top cop. we'll take to you the swearing in ceremony of director juan perez. >> laurie: the express lanes on a south florida highway so dangerous. >> will: i'm will manso. coming up in sports the punishment has been i had-seeded for heat center hassan whiteside who threw an elbow on tuesday, the nba making the announcement
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after that elbow that got him ejected. today the nba announced they are giving him eau one-game suspension. after he threw that elbow in the loss to san antonio at the heat arena. the heat sent hassan home early that night following the immature move. he will serve that february 19th when they heat travel to atlanta. on the ice the first place panders are home 4 a long home stand would bites for a total of six games tomorrow night against the st. louis plus. in case you missed it, mexico at marbles park nearly 16,000 -- marlins park they came out. while playing without its biggest stars. in college hoops the number 12 hurricanes coming off that last second win against pit will visit the seminoles on valentine's day. the rivals playing on valentine's day. they will be trying to chase their 20th win on when they do play on sunday night. can't forget with the
4:25 pm
tangle with 19th in the land. they will play georgia tech. they are 9-3 in the acc. that is your local10 sports shot. calvin and laurie, back to you. >> laurie: that is night to hear. >> calvin: it is. "the u" really doing it 5 weigh. >> laurie: will is doing it. that'll do it for us at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check in with victor and janine. >> janine: all new at 4:30. >> victor: crooks about an dist ambushing a brands mart truck. >> janine: an investigation centering or not corey jones who was shot in palm beach garners by an officer. >> victor: and a man falls through an elevator shaft and amazingly would survive. those i stories and much more coming up on local10 news at lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day.
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avenue, and opa-locka boulevard. >> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30, brandsmart bandits. crooks ambushing and robbing two bbandsmart truck drivers in northwest miami-dade, and now
4:29 pm
derek shore live in northwest mild with our top story. >> derek: this is a terrifyingordeal, not just for those delivery men but also for four people inside the house where those two were making the delivery. i'm going to step out of the way here and you can see police are ststl on the scene investigating after this breezien robbery that happened this afternoon. i'm going to take up above to sky 10 and show you some video. miami-dade police say around noon a brandsmart truck making a delivery to a home here on northwest 42nd street was intercepted by two masked men, one with a gun. they ordered thetwo delivery men into the home, forced them and the four people inside thehouse onto the ground and stole cash and cell phones. police sayhe two men then ran from the house and jumped into that brandsmart truck, one of them popping off a shot but did not hit a aone. now, let's take a look tonight at that truck description that police are now searching for. they're looking for that
4:30 pm
it had logos on it, a 1997is use a ftr, e eab947 and it t ich have right quarter panel damage. the investigation ongoing p the six witnesses they needed to speak to. if you happen to he any information about this case you're urged to call mild crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. in northwest miami-dade, derek shore, local10 news. >> janine: a heari held today in the case of deputy peter peraza charged in the want 13 death of injure be maine mcbean. peraza's defense team wants access to certain records. >> victor: and local10 news reporter amy viteri joins you live now. >> amy: this is a win to peter peraza and his defense team as a jujue consideredeleasing medical record from jermaine mcbean, the man who was shot. now, all of this came after testimony regardingng mcbean's mental history and whether or not that played a role in the shooting which the defense is
4:31 pm
and i want to take you right to some video from inside the courtroom. peter peraza was there for the hearing today as his attorney argued they should have accessed to jermaine mcbean's mental health history claiming his bipolar disorder made him suicidal. perry oppressed a is facing charges after shooting-income gene in 2013. deputies responded to that area because of 911 calls that i man was carrrrng a rifle. it turned out mcbean was carrying an unloaded pellet gun. peraza's attorneys say mcbean had been treated fare mental breakdown the in weeks before the shooting, but mcbean's family called this a fishing expedition saying violates his privacy and he did nothing i will. this is a man who had mental health issues, is walking down the street at a gurn and pointed and it didn't listen to the commands and was s ot. >> yes, my brother did have a mental problem. it's in the papers. it's everywhere. it's a private matter. and we'd like it top remain private.
4:32 pm
it's very sad. and & i'm sorry. he's fighting for his life but i'm also fighting for my child. >> amy: the judge will now review those records and hold a private hearingith both sides to determine what, if anything, should be released, and in the next hour we will take you inside the courtroom to hear some ofhat testimony. we're live at the broward county courthouse, amy viteri, local10 news. >> victor: also today a family's plea for help in the searc for a gunman involved in the deadly shooting of aaron parrish. parish was shot and killed while standing outside of his home@ in miami last week and family members and loved winds just want answers. >> since friday it's been pure hell, to say the least. i can't sleep. i can't eat. >> it will calm everybody else down if we know the person that did it has been caught and, you know, nobody else will get hurt by that person. >> victor: and the shooting happened along northwest 31st street and 19th avenue last
4:33 pm
parrish leaves behind his wife and four children. anyone with any information here is asked to call police. >> janine: pay man behind bars for allegedly attemptg to videotape his roommate undressed inside of their home in coconu creek. reports say a that joseph burn heart placed his cell phone inside of the weems loset without her knowing while she was taking a shower. the victim told detectives she took off ore clothes and then noticed the cell phone was recording mer bernhardt was given a $2,500 bond and faces a voyeurism charge. we have an update on the investigation into the death of corey jones. >> victor: jones was shot buy an officer while he what is strandy on the side of the road in palm beac gardens. it happened in october of that is ye. >> lrie: it's been months since any information has been put out in controversial shooting death of corey jones helpis. case srked outrage across the board in palm beach county, and today the state attorney's offwce said the investigation is still active. more than 100 potential witnesses have been tracked down and interviewed in three
4:34 pm
the testing of dna, fingerprints and ballistic is still ongoing and the state attorney's office said several experts have also been contacted and is expected to putted togetherr reports on the shooting. you may recall shown jones was shot and killed last october while hoe was waiting on the side of i-9 after having some sort of car trouble. a palm beach county police officer newman raja approached jones in plainy clothes and an unmarked vehicle, and something happenedbefore shooting and killing jones. jones did have a gun how many but it was never fired. rajahas since beenerminated. >> victor: it's official. the miami-dade police department has a new top cop. juan perez was sworn in today. local10 news reporter sanela sabovic was at the ceremony and she has the story from miami. >> sanela: the miami-dade police department has a new boss, juan perez was sworn in fast director of portmiami today. he was joined by his family, several colleagues, and also the miami-dade county mayor who
4:35 pm
>> i will well and faithfully perform -- >> amy: a sea of law enforcement officers lending their support and welcoming miami-dade county's new top cop today. >> so help me god. [ applause ] >> sanela: standing with his wife and daughters by his side, juan j. perez was sworn in as the new director of miami-dade police department. he gave a touching tribute to his cuban american parents and promised the departmenen that he will always stand by their side. >> know that i will work hard to make this department the best department, and i will work as hard as i can to make this county safe. perez is a 25-year veteran and became an officer in ninety eight 90 where he was under the command of j.d. patterson whose very position he is now take over. perez was promoted earlier this month by mayor carlos gimenez have gimenez. >> he has an impressive track record. i am confident that you will lead our police department in a manner t tt will make our world class community very, very proud
4:36 pm
sanela: directory perez she's going to take a short cruise before he comes walk to work and starts tangle serious issues such as gun violencein miami-dade county. reporting in miami, sanela sabovic, local10 news. >> janine: is search is on for a man whollegedly burglarized cars parked a car wash in parkland. surveillance video shows had a man inside of a nearby conveniencncstore right before the burglary and leaving the car of one of the victims. employees at thehe rising tide car wash along north state road 7 say they confronted the thief and got some of their itemsback. call the broward sheriff's office. a couple of crashes causing traffic delays earlier this morning, this one on i-95 in hollywood. police say four cars were involved in this one. at least one car hit the median in theorthbound lanes at hollywood boulevard. it's unclear how it all happened. there were no serious injuries. >> victor: and in miramar. turnpike at university drive is now op after a two car crash. the black pickup truck and white sedan were on oppositeides of
4:37 pm
taken to the hospitall with non-life-threatening injuries but there's still no word on what cauaud that crash. right now let's hope things have cleared up a bit, and let's get a check on traffic. >> janine: you know something is always cooking, right? jenise fereandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: there's always perfect. road. there is an accident. you can see where the cars are starting to hit their brakes. as see zoom on i iwe are seeing those delays but no needs to cancel your thuhuday night plans. i-95 southbound cypress creekroad speeds at 30 miles per hour. also on i have i-95 heaeang north there's a crash right around broward boulevard. speeds there are clicking on in 27 miles an hour. dnd in dade county it's the palmetto expressway that's going to be causing homs here. this is as you are heading south right around northwest 3h street. there is a crash, really heavy delays clocking in at 28 miles per hour and northbound lanes no accidents but that is your stop-and-go traffic.
4:38 pm
>> victor: thank you. a chinese man is lucky to be alive loo after his got stuck in an elevator door. he was allegedly drunk shoving two men. then shortly after he karate kicks that elevator door. the man goes back to the elevator. you saw it, he falls through that broken door and right down the shaft. in all the man fell four floors leg. >> janine: coming up, scary moments with an elephant goes to a rampage smashing homes and frighteningg people. >> victor: ahead in our health cast, the benefits of yoga when it comes to the heart. >> janine: and local10 investigate danger the on highway about the express lanes on i-95. en an fhp trooper has concerns about using them. 6 >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, the south florida attornen capturing national headlines breaks her silence. >> did you have sex with your client? >> announcer: now she's speaking out for the first time exclusively to local10's bob rman. >> bob: what did your husband say?
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>> janine: a aouth florida woman perhaps on suing the florida department of transportation claiming the orange plastic poles on i-95 have created a danger zone. >> victor: those poles are eds supppped to separate the express lanes from the general purpose labs but a lot of people ignore them, drive right over them, and the end results have been deal. even troopers who are supposed to enforce the law say 31st huge problem. long investigar jeff weinsier hits the highway. >> a very large suv crossed over those little orange cone things right in front of my car. >> jeff: these orange plastst poles did absolutely nothing to stop another driver from simply diving out of express lanes right into the pathf stephanie blossom. >> i slammed on my brakes. i could sort o feel the car spinning out and it was just you're pure terror. >> jeff: watch the driver of this white lincoln cut through a
4:43 pm
right into the path of an oncoming suv, and then there is this video caught on dash cam, showing what has happened over and over. the florida highway patrol says troopers have responded to 12,192 crashes in the express lanes in miami-dade couy in the past three years. >> it just happens in a split second. >> jeff: artist samantha fleischmann was riding her harley when a driver dove into the express lanes right across the orange poleses right into her. >> my bone was sticking out of my the foot cracked to the side. >> jeff: f fischmann lost her leg in the crash. she says the poles need to be removed. >> they are a false sense of security. i think that therehouldn't really be the express lane. there's this greed for money on the highway. >> that definitely is a problem. >> jeff: says trooper joe sanchez. within minutes of riding with him we spotted lane divers.
4:44 pm
>> i'm note going to stop him. my vehicle will be halfway in the lane. yes you see, when the tlorida department of transportation reconfigured i-95 to add the express lane, they shrunk the shoulder so sharp sanchez had to follow the driver this camry for miles to try to find a safe place to stop him. >> making a traffic stop out here for me and every other officer in my opinion i think it's dangerous. >> listen, the reason why i stopped you is can't cut in the express lanes. >> jeff: even after the traffic stop, sanchez isneasy. take a look at how close his patrol cars to traffic. >> i'm in a dangers situation here. >> you've put the florida department of transportation on notice. >> we have. yes attorney mark represents stephanie blossom. he says i. $1 million a year is spent replacing damaged and missing plastic poles. care has created an online petition, during state lawmakers
4:45 pm
>> well, they created a dangerous condition when they put in these poles so they are aware that people are diving in and out of the express lanes. >> is dot surprised that the people who are abusing it? >> >> oh, yes. yes. i thihi a lot of people are surprised. >> jeff: the florida department of transrtation has hired more troopers to deal with bad behavior in the express lanes. but berger says there's no room for a permanent wall. >> do you believe at all that safety was compromised to make the express lanes? >> no. >> you believe it's a safe environment. >> yes. if peopleh obey the law and drive the speed limit, then it's perfectly safe. >> jeff: back out on the road. >> i like to ride exactly wre i'm at in case somebody decides to cut in. >> jeff: trooper sanchez said you can do what he does. he never drives next to those plastic poles. on i-95, jeff weinsier, local10 ews. >> victor: the express lanes have generated more than
4:46 pm
the florida highway patrol says that there have been five deadly crashes. state transportation department claims that contractors replace missing poles once a week on i-95 and when there are gaps of five or more missing, those poles are replaced immediately. if you would like to sign that pesk, we have a petition on >> janine: a wild elephant storming through an eastern indiantown smashininhomes, and as the panicked elephant ran amuck people were running for their lives. the elephant had wandered from the forest in west bengal before entering the town. authorities eventually shot the elephant with a tranquilizer gun and plans to return it to the forest. >> victor: a coconut grove arts festival is coming up. you see a lot of tents already lined up for the president's day weekend. the festival will run along the streets of macfarland road, south bay sho and pan american drive. general admission tickets are just $15 a person. we hope that this weather holds up. let's take a look now out u. out of the our fort lauderdale tower cam.
4:47 pm
>> janine: we are already thinking about the weekend. it's 70 degrees, lots of stuff going on. betty davis, tell us what we can do. >> betty: we got you covered. it's going to be a fantastic weekend after such a cold friday eve morning. 45 was the low in pompano beach and kendall. it felt as though someone just opned the refrigerator door and all the cold air just kept piling on this morning. but we're responding nicely to winds flowing in from the northeast and also a lot of sunshine. so a lot of you are starting to see some 70s out there. at least 70 degrees this afternoon. fort lauderdale, by the way, two mornings so far this year in the 40s. one was thisorning when we went down to 48 degrees, and then back in january on the 24th the low was 44. so we have not seen a lot of days this cold, and we're not anticipating too many more, certainly on the short term. right now we talked about some of us being in the 70s. miami rightan at 70. winds from the northeast at
4:48 pm
key west still really chilly, 62 degrees, a north-northeaut wind there at 10 miles an hour. winds will tend to be light tonight, about 5 to 10 miles an hour sustained between 6:00 and 8:00 this evening, temperatures in the mid-60s, just a few clouds across our skies, should be a really nights evening out. you will need a sweater but at least we're not going to be thrown i io the deep, deep chill for the overnight hours. across the board the entire sunshine state, temperatures hahe recovered nicely after such a chilly start. evev around tallahassee right now it's 73 degrees and there we are in west palm beach in the mid-ings and the cold airway up to the north. the story for us looking ahead to tomororw, friday, is warmer temperatures. we will get well into the 70s although at our beaches it will be more like the lower 7s. the rip current risk is low. winds from the east-nohwest 5 to 10 miles an hour. on the water if you're taking those boats out no viruses outs there, seas off miami-dade and broward running two to four feet, a moderate chop on the bays.
4:49 pm
50s so it will still be on the cool side. you probly will need a sweater or an extra layer, but by the afternoon it is all about basking in the sunshine with our highs climbina into the mid-70s we're forecasting 76 for the mia. then on saturday more mid-70s on the way. valentine's day, a high around 74 in miami, a morning low at 60. so the overnight lows, janinin and victor with will stay cool enough to snuggle but by the afteoon hours you can give each other a little space. >> victor: betty, thank you. we want to go to some breaking news out of atlanta where police have confirmed that an officer was shot twice by a suspect, and that officer has died. here's what we know, this information coming to us from the associated preserves.. riverdale police say this thisser e. officer was assisting to the police department operation at an apartment complex, and that's where he was& shot twice, once in the arm and once in the torso. this news just comimg into our newsroom here.
4:50 pm
any more updates, we will bring them to you but again this officer has died in atlanta. >> janine: a healthy heart comes down to lifestyle,'s healthy diet and exercise but you might want to consider adding yoga the to mix. medical specialist kristi krueger explains why in today's healthcast. >> kristi: health experts say the calming nature of yoga can do wonders for you heart by lowering your heart rate and even expanding your lung capacity. >> studies of shown that it can actually help our heart rate variability, which is the recovery rate and the resilience of our heart in e sculptures dolphins everyday life. >> kristi: poses that open up the chest will help levee tension in your chest around the heart and chest. yoke a pauses that require focus are calming and as a result may positively affect your blood pressure. you all good things. she says regular vogue yoga practice reduces stresses strengths and bldings muscle tone as well. it should not replace a good
4:51 pm
dane also in today's healthcast important information for moms and dads. music offers many benefits in a child's life. researchers are now finding that that really intensive instrument playing can lead to movement disorders. the risk of a condition called focal dystonia is dramatically increased in people who spent a lot of time practicing instruments. starting in childhood especially. that condition causes the affected areas typically the fingers or the lips, and it cannot be reversed, and that's today's health cast. >> janine: now we tike a house full of love. a family in virginia, they go all out for valentine's day. >> victor: they really do. their yard is filled with these flashing four foot hearts with sanpete valentines wishes. the family says that they invite the entire community out to come andhare a kiss in their yard. >> janine: they're just reusing they are christmas decorations. smart. ahead at 5:00, schools under fire, shots again fired at a school. lear from an elementary school student who witnessed it all.
4:52 pm
cuba where two religious leaders will be meeting for the first time, something that hasn't happened in more than 1,000 years. we'll tell you why havana is the setting. >> janine: also ahead, the story of a boy who decided to give back on his birthday.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
6 >> janine: a boy i had-seeded to celebrate the his 11th birthday by celebrating officers. >> victor: he said they were his friends and heros. dozens of law enforcement officers came tie lansing high school basketball arena in mitch, some traveling thousands of miles. they were invited by little jeremy who wanted to celebrate the law enforcement community.
4:56 pm
pretty hard. and to see a little boy with a heart like that, that he wants to support the police means a lot. >> i found out that all the cops are getting bullied, so i can relate to them because i've been bullied. >> victor: police officers surrender the table as well, they honored germ wek making him an honorary police officer. now, the big question, how is this possible? the 11-year-old actually started a campaign called cookie for a cause. he sold cookies for nine months to raise all this money for this special party. >> janine: so cookies brought them in. i like that. >> victor: nine months. do you know how much self-control that takes? he was around cookies all day. impressive. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> victor: here are laurie and, of course, have calvin back for the news at that time 5:00. >> calvin: and i will tell you if that boy ever gets a kicked ticket when he's older, he can pull out that video from youtube
4:57 pm
be able to get out of any track of ticket going forward. >> janine: that is a good idea. that one officer was a little choked up, i think. >> victor: he was. really impressive how big of a turnout they had. >> janine: no kidding. guys, take it away. >> laurie: thank you both. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00, schools under fire. we're talking with a student who was 9 elementary school that was hit by pay bullet this morning. >> laurie: meanwhile, police have made an arrest in connection with a shooting yesterday near carol city high school. >> calvin: and a chilly day across south florida with temperatures down in the 50s this morning. your. >> hatzel: an historic and religious meeting that hasn't happened in more than 1,000 years. i'm hatzel vela. i'll tell you what this means for the religious world realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 5:00 police surrounding a portable classroom in coconut grove after a stray bullet shattered a window this morning.
4:58 pm
were the scared students who were in that classroom at the time. >> calvin: those two shootings near schools in just 24 hours. we have live team coverage. >> laurie: andrew pres has information on an arrest after shooting at carol city in miami gardens and we begin with terrell forney at frances s. tucker elementary in coconut grove. >> terrell: it's important to note there was never a gun on campus. instead, those bullets were fired from a few blocks away. two of those roundsy reached this elementary school hit this outdoor class rooming portable, and that's an incident that sent the students inside scrambling for cocor. >> we heard a shot, and then all of a sudden our principal told us we were on code red. >> trent: that code red alert append happened at 9:00 a.m. and put the entire elementary school campus on lockdown. >> we turned out the lives and she locked auto the doors.
4:59 pm
>> yes. >> terrell: gunfire from a new blocks away reached frances tucker elementary. two reached the port a where donna clarit's grandson was in the trailer. >> my grandson was in the trailer and when the bullet hit the floor he panned i can. >> terrell: ten-year-old troffers williams and his three classmates are@ okay despite being within inches of the flying bullets very we waited for the police to come. then we left and went to another classroom. >> the glass is shattered. the bullet went through the glass, hit the opposite wall, and landed on the floor, a foot away from a child. >> terrell: the miami-dade schools superintendent joined the police top braz at the school where yellow crime scene tape and flashing lights greeted concerned parents. phphe calls and text messages went out seconds after the incident.


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