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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> yes. >> terrell: gunfire from a new blocks away reached frances tucker elementary. two reached the port a where donna clarit's grandson was in the trailer. >> my grandson was in the trailer and when the bullet hit the floor he panned i can. >> terrell: ten-year-old troffers williams and his three classmates are@ okay despite being within inches of the flying bullets very we waited for the police to come. then we left and went to another classroom. >> the glass is shattered. the bullet went through the glass, hit the opposite wall, and landed on the floor, a foot away from a child. >> terrell: the miami-dade schools superintendent joined the police top braz at the school where yellow crime scene tape and flashing lights greeted concerned parents. phphe calls and text messages went out seconds after the incident.
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way they handled it in the school.& it's just we don't feel safe all day. we just want them there with us toda so we pulled him out. >> terrell: a close call that noone wants repeated. >> when chance and luck are our children's best friends in this community, something is broken. >> terrell: lucky indeed, considering that this shooting happened at a time when plentyof kids were out and about, and this elementary school is actually right next door to a daycare center and also an outdoor playground. but again, no one injured. the city of miami police department investigating right now the circumstances susuounding this shooting. they are urging everyone in this community whwh knows something to pick up the phone and give them a call because right now they've made no arrests and they desperately want to put slmeone behind bars who of course was responsible for this crime. we're live in coconut grove, i'm terrell forney. >> calvin: police in miami gardens now searching for other suspects after arresting one
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shootout near care city high school that happened yesterday. locaca0's andrew perez is live now with more on this police investigion. andrew. >> andrew: calvin, one arrest down and police say you can definitely expect others after a i gun battle broke out in front of the school, in front of students, in front of faculty. the superintendent even saying it was pure luck that no one was riously injured. >> sir, you're ordered to stay away from carol city senior high school. >> reporter: cedricy is order towed stay great school. students returned to the school fearl as cleanup continued one day later. neighbors say it was a car war zone yep. gang members involved in a shootout right i i front of the school. >> it's crazy, you know. i mean, going to school a a just thinking that somebody's shooting. >> rorter: police say admas was in a car with a group of people, jumped out a approached another gang member who was walking in front of carol city high.
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police, turning their attention toward finding stanley egg ragin, 15 years old, a known gang member seen running away shooting. bullets went through the fence of the school, pierced windows during this shootout. faculty members were inside the office along with dozens of students around for extrurricular activities. >> i just think everybody should be safe and just calm down because we come to school to learn and everything and rights scary for other kids. >> andrew: now admas' bond hearing is going to continue tomorrow morning. but in the meantime if you have any information that could helppolice track down these other people that they are looking for,f you know anything about this crime, remember you can remain anonymous. you can always call crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. we're live in miami gardens tonight, i'm andrew perez, cal10 news. >> laurie: andrew, thank you cent local10 news is livivin cuba ahead of an historic meeting between the east andest west. >> laurie: pope francis is meeting with pate arc kirill the
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the two faiths split 1,000 years ago. local10's hatzel vela traveled to havana and he joins us live with the latest. >> hatzel: laurie, calvin, the patriarch of the russian orthodox church arrived here in havana around 3:45 this afternoon. he was greeted by president raul castro. you know this i a big story here on the island because his picture, of course, makes it to the top, the front page of the state-run nspaper, but this is really a bigger story. an international story. a story of two churches coming together for the first time. >> it's really kind of a convenience of sorts hanks meeting more than 1,000 years in the making, and for several reasons it's happening here in cuba. the head of the russian orthodox church, patriarch ill kirill want already visiting cuba. the patriarch will be here eye pastoral and state visit much like pope francis did back in september of last year, this time the pope is headed to mexico, but he decided to mauk a
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counterpart. cuba was called a neutral place. >> it's outside of europe and outside the main conflict between the russian orthodox >> hatzel: is the first step to mending a broken relationship that goes back to 1054 in what is called the schism when the roman catholic church and the eastern orthodox church had a dispute over doctrine, which is why this kind of meeting here in unthinkable. >t's ironic because of the history of very difficult relationships between the vatican, in particular, and the castro government. >> hatzel: rememr, it was only in the '90 when cuba changed its constitution to reflect it was no longer an atheist state but a secular one. tips suns then, we have seen papal visits including the last one in september of last year when pope francis visited the island before visiting america. it was pope francis who helped broker a deal that has restored
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u.s. and perhaps now castro is helping pope francis reestablish ties with the patriarch of the russian orthodox church. >> it's sort of a chess game in whwhh you have all these different contacts and alliances played out in this very small island that is still playing a disproportionate role in the world stage. >> hatzel: contradicts of this visitor telling us that -- critics are telling us that this government. we have heard that same critique back when pope francis came here to uber and also when president ama changed his diplomatic or cuba. we're going to, of course, stay here on the ground and bring you liveoverage tomorrow and, of course, the rest of the evening. but for now reporting live from havana, cuba, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: a couple of questions for you. one is where is the meeting actually going to take place. secondly, have you had a chance to get around the city and talk with some cubans there to find
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meeting taking place. that's always a good question because, as you know, we get around a lot in taxies and s weir we're often trying to see what these folks are saying,what they're thinking, and a lot of of the taxi drivers were talking about know that he's in town but don't know much about the personality, who he is, and his background. as for the meetinghat you talked about, we know that that meeting is going to take place at arod 2:00 tomorrow afternoon at the jose marti international airport. we know that it's going to be a private meeting between both of them. and later they're going to sign some sort of declaration but there will not be any press availability, they will not be talking to the press, calvin. >> laurie: we will certainly carry as much that of live a awe can. we knoyou're there for us. thank you. >> calvin: hats el will have other life report coming up at 6:00 and tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. when that@ historic meeting takes place. >> laurie: let's turn to our weather now. it's really a talker today, these cold, cold temperatures this morning starting off in the 40s.
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and jackets, and if you felt thth wind, yikes, it was cold. the question is how is it going warm up for the long president's day weekend. >> calvin: president's day weekend and valentine's day weekend. one is a national holiday whereas the other one -- you know. >> betty: it's an international liday. >> calvin: seriously. >> betty: i got you covered. temperatures are becoming a lot more tolerable this afternoon. miami made it up to 71 degrees. 66 now, though, for the mia and fort lauderdale. we're starting to lose a bit of that warmth. but tonight won't be tribly cold. it will be cool , though. by tomorrow morning we're going to start in the five-day so you will need the sweaters again bucket probably let of course one or two of those layers, and then tomorrow afternoon we're heading up into the mid-70s. valentine's day week, it's going to be pretty nice, a weak front moves through saturday. that's not going to take our temperatures down into a deep chill whatsoever. both saturday and sunday we're featurinin highs in the mid-70s. i'll have a lot more on the
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laurie. >> laurie: betty, thank you. now to an update on a story we brought you yesterday of a man struck and killed at port everglades. bso developments now identified the victim and the driver. they say 75-year-old aldon waifhad just finished his shift at the container yard when he was hit and killed by tractor-trailer. deputies say 48-year-old jorge medina lopez was behind the wheel ofhat truck and they say they're continuing to investigate. >> calvin: caught on camera here, a robbery outside of that mcdonald's in hollywood. they sayn january 31st, 62-year-old shan harveston was robbed outside of this mcdonald's on sterling road near i-95. police say the suspect followed him into the parking lot before approaching him outside his van and getting into some sort of a struggle. they say the suspect pulled out a ife and stole a laptop, smartphone and a camera. larvason was not hurt. if you recognize the guy on this
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>> laurie: zeke a fears, two new travel-related cases have been discovered making it a total of 18 cases in our state. one of nose in miami-dade county bringing the total number of patients to seven. there are two cases of zika in broward county. a police o oicer is not expected to survive after he was shot during standoff in fargo, north dakota. the suspect was found shot to death in the home where he barricade himself for about 11 hours. that standoff began late last night after a domestic violence report. officers say the suspect fired multiple rounds from inside the home seriously injuring sergeant jason who you see here. the suspect's son and wife got out unharmed. and then there is this breaking news just coming i i a police officer in georgia has died after being shot ags he was serving a warrant in riverdale just outside of atlanta. that officer was shot twice and underwent surgery but did not survive. a suspect was also injured, we're told, in critical condition. >> calvin: coming up on 12 minutes after the hour routine. let's get a check on the orphan
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jenise fernandez journalist bleats tart t th the julia tuttle for those of you heading into miami beach. there is a disabled us. right around alton roadblock 10 left lane. you could experience some delays. as we zo_m on in to our maps again this is the julia tuttle cause waist you're aroaching alton road examiner where you see that disabled bus and speeds at 22 pupils. northwest 25th street on you the palmetto expressway, speeds there at 38 miles per hour put t look at your inbounds lanes. that's your typical stop-and-go traffic, hardly moving at all 10 miles per hour. and as you cruis onto broward county we are waiting to get the all clear on this accident on eich 95 southbound cypress creek road. the good news no roadblock but speeds 24 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thanks a lot. new information about a sad discovery made in a homestead woman's home. the mother who is accused of putting her baby in a freezer face aid judge for the very first timeme a live report coming up all new at 6:00. >> laurie: a big mess inn
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this tractor-trailer lost control and flipped the big rig right onto its side. >> calvin: plus, some wild surveillance video of a drunken man taking his anger out on an elevator. that elevator door, yep, and then free falling four floors 11:00, the south florida headlines -- >> you stand accused of having >> announcer: -- breaks her silence. client? >> announcer: now she's speaking out for the first time exclusively to local10's bob norman. >> bob: what did your husband say to you? >> announcer: tonight on local10 news. >> laurie: and we do want to remind you every weekend you can now wake up with local10 starting a 5:000 pamm we're expanding our weekend morning news show with neki mohan, todd tongen and jennifer core a a. lock for that. if you're up early, they will
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saturd >> laurie: four people remained in the wildlife refuge after the group'srleader was arrested late last mondays and another member of the drew was killed. that group had been protesting the federal government eats control of public lands, arguing that they needed to be turned over to local control. all four are expected to appear in court tomorrow. >> calvin: somom incredible video from china where a man is lucky to be alive after falling own down an elevator shaft.
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the drunk end men in shoving match outside a karaoke bar. he gives the evator door a swift kick but keep watching. after he makes his move, he fell down the elevator shaft as his friend just stands there watching. what are friends for, huh? the victim fell four floors but only suffered a broken leg. oh, with the other leg i would kick myself my friend for just standing there watching me. with my good leg. >> laurie: that was just a freefall. our temperatures are not freitag any more. ckily they're on the rise. >> calvin: latest findut how high they're going to go. >> betty: we earned this moment. hate been chilly the past severar morning. 71 in miami, not quite what's normal for this time of the year, the norm being 78. we'llet taket. 68 was as warm as we got today
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hanging onto the which i will hanging on on the chill. chill original i'm sure a lot of people will be hitting up duval street this weekend. 66 is the currently number in miami. homestead out66. you started in mning in the mid-40s. you, too, kendall be with 66 drees. pembroke pines a few clouds and seven. u will need a sweater if you're heading out tonight. a few clouds around. it gets cool. in the lower 60s we go. we're expectin to settle in the 50s by tomorrow morning. that is ale st. ale touch below average but we are making progress, especially whippet comes to warming our highs during the afternoon. you'll see that in a moment in the seven-day planner. sunshine and winds coming in from the northeast, that's helping to change the air mass up a bit. high pressure in control of the sunshine state. we're wrapped in the flow around that high. the high gets a lite closer to us later tonight and we'll find that our winds will relax even more, allowing the temperatures to drop off a bit so that's why
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miami for the morning low. and then friday afternoon is going to be nice, it's going to be warmer than we were even this afternoon, so we are heading in the the right direction. saturday a weak cold front slips down the peninsula. it won't to a lot to change up temperatures. northerly flow behind it. pleasant overall as far as temperatures and go you'll see that, too, in just a second at the time the seven-day planner. here's the plan for tomorrow. 50s to start the day. highs reaching the mid-70s. we're forecasting a high of 76 for miami there's no rainfall in the forecast. we'll have sunshine out there, just a few clouds in the mix. saturday's looking good as well, upper 50s to start the day, highs in the mid-70s. sunday a few more clouds around, a morning low around 60. remember, the normal morning low is skow so we're getting close to -- is 62 so we're getting close to the afternoon. monday president's day look like okay with highs in the upper 70s. by tuesday we could hit a higig of 80 degrees, but mind you there's going to be a cold front
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that could bring a little bit of rainfall into the area and then behind that front we are going to cool down again it seems, but our lowers heading down into the 50s. right noww we do not foresee 40s. still just cool enough, but not to the point w wre we're complaining, at least i hope we're not. laurie. >> laurie: no complaints, right? >> calvin: maybe one or two. i have to complain about something. >> laurie: ahead at 6:00 a chunnel exclusive. a would-be robber literally on the run into a home but doesn't realize once inside he wasn't alone, someone was in the shower. we'll have this story at at 6:00. >> calvin: first at 5:30 we're hearing the emotion plea for help from the family of a man who is was gunned down i i miami last week. >> clay: i'm coming up next an inspirational story from a man and his family join forces with
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against >> clay: a local yng man and his family have gotten a lot of attention lately for their fight
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adam fiorilloas joined up with local sports teams, including the heat, t raise awareness, but adam and his family want people to see it's not just their fight but that of many others as well. if you have watched a heat game recently you have probably heard his name. >> we just want to say that adam fiorillo on behalf of heat nation, we love you. >> clay: adam fiorillo has spent the last two years plus battling cancer. in june of last year just when things started looking better, he said a sudden attack. >> we to go to the er to get it tested. it came back as, you know, within six months they told me i'd be dead. >> clay: as adam and hisis family have been fighting his mom has been fighting for something else, too, to raise awareness for note just her scenes fight but other young people fighting cancer. she tried 4 a year to get in toucu with local sports families last january a breakthrough
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>> i somehow got ahold of jason jackson on twitter and i got his attention. >> you would think most of us would only be concerned about our child and what they're dealing with, but for hidy and her entire family this is about using adam's story to get better attention as it pertains to patricia cancers. there's not much research. there's not -- pediatric cancer. not enough mund funding. >> and i think there were angels over me. >> clay: the result has been up close meetings not only with theheat but other local teams, the panthers and the marlins as well. as you can probably guess, his first love is basketball. >> you know, i could be out here playing or if i can be out here coaching or something or being part of this organization in any way possible, i would do it in a hetbeat. >> now those moments are even more special because we're told that there's a really concrete timeline on h life.
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>> dr. dr.-year-old ada fiorillo of coral springs. >> clay: -- know that he and his family are fighting for many others, too. adam's mom heidi said they need a voice. they want people to realize how much more needs to be done in this fighty against childhood cancer. we've got a living to their facebook page up on hours at laurie and calvin. >> calvin: love the heat always steppingngp. >> laurie: adam fiorillo. we know the name now. imagine waiting for a delivery only to be held up at gunpoint when the truck arrives. >> calvin: a scary situation. let's check in with janine and victor. >> janine: calvin and laurie, ata happened at a home in northwest miami-dade, two arm robbers terrorizing a total of six victims before taking off in a deliveryryruck. a live report straight ahead at 5:30. >> victor: a legal victory in th shooting death of a man who was carrying an air rifle. >> janine: all new at 6:00 we'll tell you what happened in court when a woman accused of putting
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local10 news will be right back. >> victor: right now 5:30 police searching for a couple of brand smart bandits. six people were held up in total, four inside the home, and the two delivery workers workers. >> janine: and cops say those robbers were shooting at the victims when they drove off. local10's derek shore is livee with more. >> derek: you, imagine how scary this is. the people inside the home exexcting a delivery, they get a knock on their door and it would be those two brandsmart delivery workerssut behind them two robbers. it happened on this home at northwest 42nd street. tonight place aree searching for those robbers as well as that stolen brandsmart truck. a terrifying delivery this afternoon as two robbers target not o oy the delivery men but the delivery recipients. >> e. the one that i saw, he had
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>> derek: neighbors say it happened quickly. miami-dade detectives say those two masked gunmen approached the two delivery men at gunpoint, force dollars them into the commerce's home here on northwest 42nd street where they put all six onto the ground and grabbed cash and cell phones. officers then say the two brandsmart bandits would take the delivery truck and even fire a gun on their way out. doin' the search is on f the bands its and that brandsmart truck an isuzu ftr with a tag eab l97. it right quarter panel damage. >> now we're here and we don't even know, i mean, i don't want nobody to come back since everybody saw that we kind of saw them and everything. >> derek: so tonight if you happen to see that truck or have any information about this robbery, you are urged the to call miami-dade crimestoppers. 305-471-tips.
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>> victor: and a legal win for a deputy charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of a man who was carrying an unloaded air rifle, the judge agreeing to consider releasing the victim's medical history. amy viteri is here to explain why that is so crucial to his defense. amy teenagers peter peraza's attorney say a week or so. the significant jermaine mcbean had been admitted to a facility for mental health issues. on the day he was killed he was trying to buy a shotgun but because the store didn't have any we bought that pellet gun instepped mcbean's family said health issues aside, he did nothing on that day to provoke this deadly shooting and this is yet another violation of his rights. >> he was just released from a plement hospital and goes and buys a shotgun. then to say he's fine. because you just can't shoot and kill somebody. then they illegally searched the house and illegally searched the phone and then they want their psychiatric records. >> amy: both sides in complete
5:31 pm
health information of mcbean whether the officer shot and killed him in july of 2013. >> there were certain aspects of his own actions that again led me to believe he was in someform of mental crisis or he should of at least known his actions were going to cause people to call 911. >> amy: bso homicide defec john kissio said mcbean's actions carrying a rifle as he walked down the street were intentionally reckless. he was on medication. but investigators say the police had no warrant and mcbean's family said they. >> they killed my son. >> amy: deputies were call after 911 calls of a man carrying a rifle. it turned out to be an unloady pellet gun. when he didn't drop the gun, peraza shot.
5:32 pm
real gun versus fake it doesn't change thehreat level. this is the case about a deputy defend p himself. >>e shot him and he needs to be held responsible for it. >> amy: and the attorney for the mcbean family said again today there have never again been any witnesses from the complex who have confirmed that mcbean ever pointed that gun at deputies and that that search of his apartment revealing those medications was not legal. with that said, the judge will now be revieweng mcbean's medical history to determine what could be me public. we're live at the broward county courthouse, amy viteri, local10 news. q. more had to come. thank you. sky 10 over a really messy scene in opa-locka where an 18 wheeler yore turd. you can see that trash spillin out of the truck and into the water along northwest 27th avenue and opa-locka boulevard. hazmat teams were called the to siphon small oil spill. and then take a look at these photos sent douse to us bebe miami-dade fire rescue. all of that trash into the water. it's unclear what caused that
5:33 pm
no one was hurt. >> victor: this afternoon the faa man murd outside of hif allapattah home was electric came toy ask for help tracking down the people responsible. >> i feel my heart has baby ripped out of my chest. >> victor: holding back tears, the family of 44-year-old aaron parrish asked the public for help in finding his killer. >> to say the least, i can't sleep, i can't eat. >> victor: last friday a shooting was reported at 2001 northwest 31st street in allapattah around 1:00 a.m. when police arrived, they found parrish on the ground suffering from several gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he was a good father, a good man. he loved to cook. he cooked every day. breakfast, lunch and dinner.and he cooked me breakfast in bed every morning. every morning. he loved his kids dealer. dearly. >> victor: just today police released this surveillance v veo which shows a possible suspect after the shooting running away from the scene. while that gunman is still on
5:34 pm
jessica and four children set this up small memorial. they along with miami police hope that somebody will come forward with h hpful information. >> it will c cm everybody else down if we know the person that did it has been caught and nobody else will be hurt by that person. >> i d d't know how i will go on without him being there as support for mee and my children. >> victor: if you have any information about this s soting, help this family out and call miami-dade crimestoppers. 305-471-tips. >> janine: a house caught firee in fort lauderdale. you can see front of the home really sustained a lot of damage. this happened along northwest 2nd street and 31st avenue. it's not clear how that fire started or if anyone was injured. >> victor: u.s. . torney general loretta lynch has started a two-day swing through south florida. >> janine: she is on the nationwide tour promoting a department of justice program aimed at improving relations between local police and the communities they serve. today she visited doral, a city whose police have enrolled in
5:35 pm
michael putney has the story. >> michael: attorney general ler etta lynch came to praise doral for its endightened police practices. just a day after she sued fergus, missouri, for failing to improve theirs. >> the city of doral is one of the places that we look to as an example of so many things. >> michael: better policing in doral is the result of strong leadership. formeriami beach chief john deluca heads the department, and theres a commitment to the blue courage training model. its goal to shape hearts and mind, build internal legion legitimacy, to overdeliver on promises and be focus on prevention more than arrests. >> what stood out house about this particular department it was it last been your longtime implementation of blue courage model. as you know, this is a values based program that we are tremendously happy to support. >> michael: doral $ pd only eight years old has about 125 sworn officers and a solid
5:36 pm
contrast that with fergusos, a poor, mostly black city with a mostlyhite police force. it preyed on afran-americans, used competitive force, making arrests. the shooting dth thereof michael brown sparked riots. >> this department has not had one fatal, one officer involved shooting, a fatality in the eight years you've been in existence. >> correct.exactly. since '08 we first got hired in '08 and since then we haven't had a fatality. >> michael: it's no coincidence the attorney general came here to the drailing pd just one day after her department sued ferguson, missouri, inerms of policing doral is the anti-ferguson. >> it's ab honor to have her picket this city. >> michael: an honor today for everyone. michael putney, local10 news. >> victor: 5:38. time for a quick check another afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenise fernandez help
5:37 pm
>> jenise: i think everyone is a loving mood in preparation for valentine's day because we haven't seen that many paroles today.. eers i-95 southbound at griffin road, there is a broken down car but nothing too terrible. as we zoom on in to our maps i-95 southbound right around griffin roadpeeders starting to pick up at 37 miles per hour. and as you pass that broken-down car, you're in the clear, 50 miles per hour. we do have an accident on us-1. this is southbound at northeast 6th street. there is a very lane blocked with speeds there at 11 miles per hour. and as you cruise on to dade county we're constituent waiting to get the all career on this broken-down bus on the julia tuttle causeway going toward miami beach around alton road, a left lane blocked. seeing heavy place, speeds right now 7 miles per hour. >> janine: jenise, thank you. we are learning more today about a mother charged behanan slaughter in the death of her baby son. he was found in the freezer after deputies stopped her from committing suicide. >> victor: plus, a barber is speaking outs after one of his
5:38 pm
like her haircut pulled a gunun on him. >> janine: and up next in today's health cast we'll till about a new noninvasive treatment for prostate cancer that is anytime available the in united states >> announcer: and tonight at attorney capturing national >> you stand accused of having >> announcer: -- breaks her silence. client? >> announcer: now she's speaking out for the first time exclusively to local10's bob norman. >> bob: what did your husband say to you? >> announcer: tonight on local10 news. >> victor: first a live shot four mount sinai medical center camera in miami beach. a cool 66 degrees out there. we hope this weather hangs out through the weekend.
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>> janine: prostate cancer is one of the mt common diocese diseases in american men second only to skin cancer. in today's health cast medical specialist kristi krueger looks at a non-invasive treatment option-time snable united states. >> k ksti: nelson cruz will never forget the day he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. >> i was shocked. in shock. the doctors spoke for an hour, and i heard nothing after he said "you have cancer.r >> kristi: at the time the only options available in the u.s. were invasive surgery to remove the prostate or radiation.
5:43 pm
of imy. tuns and incontinence. >> so the fact is it's bad enou you've been diagnosed with p pstate cancer. on top of that glue looking at the risk of being left impotent, you're being left incontinent. >> kristi: but dr. georg suarez offered him something different, a non-intase is i have procedure wild fifu. >> there's no undecision 6 no cutting. >> kristi: suarez pioneered the approved by the federal drug cuban migrants. it's used the same way to treat kidney stones p. when nelson underwasn't this procedure several years ago he had to fly outside the united states for this treatment. he is glad it's finally fda approved for use in this country. >> no pain. no side effects. it all went very smoothly. >> kristi: although prostate cancer is most common after the age of 60 risks for this disease include african-american men and those with a strong family
5:44 pm
begin screening at the age of 40. with your healthcast, i'm kristi krueger. >> victor: now tie bizarre story from san diego where police say a woman tried to shoot a barber because she was unhappy with her haircut. manny montero is lucky to be alive after one of his customers confronted him with a gun and pulled the trigger tee times. police say that gun was loaded but it jamme and never fired. montero said the wouan came in yesterday asking for a haircut and shane design, his specialty. she left and returned a few hours later armed with a pistol. >> she messed it p wit some straight racers in her car. she erased everything i did, messed it up with her razor, took at a off off, and then she came and said "look what you did to my hair." >> another barber and mon fer ter oh tackled that woman and held her. >> janine: one woman in virginia
5:45 pm
christmas. her name stephanie loving. appropriately. she really loves valentine's day and her front yard, filed with giant illuminated hearts, flashing sweet valentine's wishes. her love for valentine's day all started when she was a little kid, and she also has a kings booth set up for visits are to get a quick smooch. there she goes. she likes to watch other people kiss. >> victor: you kind of haved to do that when your last name is loving. >> janine: yeah, you do. we are loving this weather. it has been gorgeous. >> victor: i don't want it to go away, betty davis. >> betty: the only change we'll be making is warping it up a bit bit this. the weather is going to get butter there. this is the view through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera, still finding high clouds out there. hollywood beach looking good. it is a night for lovers, a little handholding taking a look broadwalk, not necessarily seeing that right now, but with temperatures in the mid-60s and lower 60s around key west you probably want to be close to somebody. winds from the northeast aaron parrish 10 miles an hour.
5:46 pm
tonight about 5 to 10 say, so went to the be terribly strong, and that should at least let temperatures slip down into the lower 60s by 10:00 tonight. valentine's day, i do want to go forecast. the specifics on it as it stands for now, it look like it's going to be a pretty decent day. if you're taking your loved one out to lunch or should i say breakfast at 9:00 in the 64 degrees. if it's a late lunch, 2:00, nice and comfy, temperatures in the mid-70s and then a lovely night on the way. and tonight's loooong just fine as well if you're getting a jump start on the holiday. fridy, though, we'll get off toy a school start. we've got to get to through tomorrow before we can start concentrating our plans for valentine's day. in the morning we're in the 50s. the afternoon is going to be warm as we make it up into the 70s. so it will be a great day to head to the beaches, maybe soak in a little vitamin d with those deferencnctemperatures getting into the lower 70s. the rip current risk is low. winds from the east-northeast 5
5:47 pm
if you're take become boats out, no advisories on the waters. seas off miami-dade and broward running two to four feet 1 just a moderate chop on the bays. so in the morning we are going to wear is on the sweaters because teteeratures are starting in the 50s but by the afternoon t-shirts, good enough, with highs in the mid-70s. 76 is what we're thinking for miami. sunshine, a few clouds, no rain in the forecast between friday and saturday rain chance, even mainly dry. ovovnight lows 50s to right around 60s. highs getting in the mid-70s saturday, sunday, monday sop upper 70s out there. by tuesday we throw a few showers in the forecast. the chance for that as our next cold front enters the weather picture. and behind that one we cool down pat this point n n a drastic cooldown but definitely back to sweater weather for the morning. victor. >> victor: we like it, betty. and d have some adorable photos now of freshly hatched albino sea turtle. it was spotted on queensland
5:48 pm
this is has 12 the siblings that already made their way into the ocean. this litite guy was found sit managing the nest. volunteers watched the tiny turtle safely wiggle over to the water. fromm that baby sea turtle tie therapy kangaroo at this convenience home in salt lake city. they do things a little differently.for about a year now charlie the red kangaroo has served as a therapy animal for vets. he has also taken trips to special education classes and hospice care facilities. the red kangaroo is only about a year old. heal soon be full grown meaning he will be more than-tv feet tall and weigh 125 pounds. that sounds like so much fun. this means he won't be able to the way it veterans for much longer, though. >> janine: a little big to sit on lapap we don't think anybody will be getting a diamond this big any time soon. this is the second largest diamond ever found, you guys. it's called the l sety la region a which means our light
5:49 pm
want you where the 1100 cater scone stone was discovered in november. the stone is just too big for conventional scanners used to determine a diamond's worth. >> victor: there are hundreds of animals in need of loving homes reat here in south florida and today our animal advocate jacey birch has corbel little kittens that really want to cuddle with you. >> jasey: we've got kittens monkeying around. is that comfortable? i guess so. i guess you can bend each and every way, little g`m buy. hi, guys. i'm jasey birch. we're here in the cat room at abandoned pet resolution, and i love to feature kittens. these guys are about four months old and i love what you named them, turkeys and cakeos. i've got caicos. you've got turkeys. tell me about findings thee kittens because unfortunately a find a lot of theheon the streets, don't you? >> yeah, and their story is pretty interesting. help lost their mothe and we actually believe they were poisoned. so we think it's important for them to find a home sooner than
5:50 pm
older, unfortunately, people don't want tochch adopt as much. >> so we need to find them a forever home now. this one is doing cirque du soleil tricks just to fonda a home with you. there are so many cath here at apr. i want you to see off them so you can make the right decision. to go there they are, felines, furry faces,anything to keep you busy until you find your perfect pet. is that comfortable, quake owes? do you like that? more gymnastic, more aerobic baskets. uh-oh. i'd better find you a home soon. eck them out today on >> janine: do you le wine? do you like food? because we have your tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. local10 is giving away ticket to the upcoming south beach wine and food festival that attracts celebrity chefs and unique dishes from all over the world. just head on over to our local10 facebook page to enter. >> victor: the newsroom satellite radar hard at work on the news at 6:00. here are some of today's top stories. we'll tell you what happened in court today with a mother
5:51 pm
allegedly putting her baby in the freezer face aid judge for the first time. >> janine: then a one and only exclusive video showing a would-be robber the on raunch beak breaking into a home and getting a big surprise. the story all new at 6:00. >> victor: and the miami. internrn boat show making a big splash at its new ort port
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> vtor: all right, guys. valentine's day is oh sunday so that means that procrastinators li me still have some time to get a little something special; some flowers.
5:55 pm
a work on the miami international airport to make sure nose bow cares free of foreign bugs. jenise fernandez shows us. >> jenise: they're oceanic, searching and getting up close and personal, making sure no unwanted pests end up up in your bouquet of flowers this valentine's day. >> it's not a difficult process but mainly we're just looking for anything moving jinx three weeks leading up to valentine's day are the busiest at ma. last year agents sorted through more than 500 million flowers. all of these flowers imported from different countries, and these afghans to make sure there are no pests that could be harmful to the agriculture here. they're also checking expletives pet always for disease. >> what happens if it establishes and gets out into the environment, it could reproduce year long and you >> jenise: here's an example of the typ of bugs they are looking for. obviously one of that size like this grasshopper would be easy to spot so what they're really
5:56 pm
that tend to hide in flowers. if the flowers pass inspection, they're repackage and shipped off. if don't, theyeye sperred. this is the first stop into the united states locally or to the rest of the country. >> jenise: this is a 24-hour operation. as flights come in carrying flowers, arguments ready to inspect. >> it's huge, the a flowers that we handle here. flights coming in, 20 flights he day maybe, so we have to be very prepared to process all those flowers. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: you know we see they every year and it nevery ceases to amaze all work that gets done before those flowers delivered. >> victor: or those guys that forget to get flowers. >> janine: this is our friendlier reminder. >> laurie: thank you both. >> calvin: right now 6:00 mom charged with manslaughter and facing a judge foster first time since her baby was found dead in a freezer. >> laurie: schools under fire
5:57 pm
little children almost caught in the crossssre. >> calvin: only on local10 a woman tank shower when a home invader.. a what a winter this is hunger turning out to be. the cooldown continues tonight. how long will this last? >> laurie: plus new court of ever port of call, the international boat show has moved that may come with a big problem. the news at 6:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: right off the top at 6:00 a day in court for a mother accused of kilng her five-month-old son and then placing the baby's body in a freezer. that mother is now on house arrest. >> calvin: and prosecutors calling her a ticking time bomb. local10 news reporter michael seiden was in court today. he's live in miami with our top story at 6:00. michael. >> michael: yeah, calvin and laurie this is really a disturbing cased. today inside the courtroom the judge unsealed this arrest affidavit.
5:58 pm
details before placing this mother on house arrest. >> she is a walking time bomb that tried to kill herself. the at a time assess positiony is she killed her baby and she could change tomorrow. >> michael: after spend nearly a momoh in had a mental taupe paola vargas ortiz is now out and under arrest, charged with manslaughter after her fife-month-old baby was found dead inside a freezer if her home stowed townhouse. showing no emotion and wearing a suicide vest, the 37-year-old listened as her defense argued for her release, pleading with pleading with the judge, claiming she's healthy enough to go home tonight with her stand husband. he refused to answer our questions as he exited the courtroom the judge placed vargas-ortiz on house arrest but she must be understand 24/7 supervision because of what happened last month. you can hear this mother making a desperate 911 call as she stood on the seven mile bridge when. when deputies arrive she tell
5:59 pm
in her car a suicide note and a child safety seat with no baby. according to an arrest affidavit released thursday, vargas-core ortiz gave conflicting accounts lying about her child's whereabouts. then she tells detectives her child d owned. finally a gruesome discovery, the infant's body found in a freezer, the child wrapped in a blanket fully dressed wearing socks and a gray sweater. he also had eye fresh unspoiled diaper. and according to this arrest affidavit, the medical examiner confirming that the baby's cause of death was lack oxygen, but the manner of death, that's imrtant, its still pending. so obviously these charges could be amended. i can also tell you that dcf still calling this had an ongoing investigation. for now we are live in miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. days. >> when chance and cluck luck are our children's best friends in this community, something is broken.


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