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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in her car a suicide note and a child safety seat with no baby. according to an arrest affidavit released thursday, vargas-core ortiz gave conflicting accounts lying about her child's whereabouts. then she tells detectives her child d owned. finally a gruesome discovery, the infant's body found in a freezer, the child wrapped in a blanket fully dressed wearing socks and a gray sweater. he also had eye fresh unspoiled diaper. and according to this arrest affidavit, the medical examiner confirming that the baby's cause of death was lack oxygen, but the manner of death, that's imrtant, its still pending. so obviously these charges could be amended. i can also tell you that dcf still calling this had an ongoing investigation. for now we are live in miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. days. >> when chance and cluck luck are our children's best friends in this community, something is broken.
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>> what did you see and hear? >> gunshots. she told all us to get down. we waited for the police too come. then we left and went to another classroom. >> calvin: the superintendent fed up. >> bullets of no place in our community. bullets certainlyave no placein our classrooms. >> calvin: fiona tonight, outrage over schools under fire. today's shooting at an elementary school iny coconut creek, the left hand landing a i foot away from a special needs student. >> laurie: hard to imagine, and one day after shots were f)red at carol city senior high in miami@ gardens. two stories, let's start with local10 news reporteteteell forney. >> terrell: laurie and calvin, the crime scene tampa was come down in flovent elementary school but the fear is still here. in fact, a man who owns a home right across the street from this school says that he, too, he's bullet on his home, but this, what you're looking at
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where two rounds hit with four kids and also a teacher inside. >> gunshots. >> terrell: the distinct sound of bullets make ten-year-old taveras williams and his classmates panic. she told all us to get down. >> terrell: taveras and three other studts were inside of the porteddable that was hit by gunfire. the entire elementary school immediately went into lockdown. >> we waited for the police t o come. then we left and went to another classroom. >> we cut of off the lights and she locked auto doors. >> did you know it was gunshots? >> yes. >> terrell: worried parents rush over to the school's campus to find crime scene tape and a heave police presence along with the scheels superintendent. word spread quickly about what happened. >> my grandkids' m m called me the pone saying that bullets are flying everywhere. >> the glass is shattered. the bullet went thrhrgh the
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landed on the floor, a foot away om a child. >> terrell: thankfully everystudent here safe. from sky 10 you can see the large crime scene in the 3500 block of douglas road. streets shut down and officers focused on the area around the outside porteddable, and on the ground cops even dusting for the slightest of clues. a tough lesson that little taveras just wants to teach to whomever pulled the trigger. >> stop shooting. >> terrell: and even after that gunfire that originated a few blocks', classes here at frances tucker elementary continued for the day, and the parents we spoke with say that they do plan to allow their kids to return as scheduled for another day of class tomorrow. as for the aspects of this shootingng miami police department is still investigating but there are somethought among detectives that this maybe a drug-related or gang-related involvement that had nothing to do with the school in the first place. we are live in coconut grove
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terrell. 11 just yesterday youill recall there was a shootout outside carol city high school. admas remains behind bars for that shooting and police say he was in a car with a group of people whe they ambushed a rival gang member who was walking in front of the school. during the shooting bullets shattered hurricane proof glass windows right there at the school. the search continues for stanley ragin who is known to be gang member, and he was seen running away with a gun after that shooting. >> calvin: cuban president raul castro welcoming the parted ruark. the meeting is meant tow end centuries of separation between the russian orthodox church and the roman catholic catholic church. let's go-to-live to havana with hatzel vela with more. good evening. >> hatzel: good evening, calvin. it's no surprise that the russian orthodox patriarch will
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surprise because he's been here a comtism times before. what is surprising, though, is that he will be meeting with pope francis. one of the events we have not seen for more than 1,000 years. incredible. here is the leaders of the russian orders docks church, i patriarch kyl a ricing the at the jose marti international airport. the patriarch here on a state and pastoral visit, much like pope francis did last yea francis was on his way to mexico, decided to stop here so& they could meet. >> it's reallyistoric, and it's exciting that it's happening here in cub >> hatzel: father gilbert walker is an american catholic priest living here in cuba. with this meeting the two branches unt christianity take one step on a long road which for 1 how years has been rough. father walker says there are very little differences between both churches, mainly linguistically and c cturaly. >> you have russian orthodox. you have greek o ohodox.
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is yet another feather on his diploma's cap, efforts to get to this meeting began with pope john autumnal paul ii but remain two years ago with the election pope francis. the eastern and western crches split in what is called the great schism in 1054. >> actually the word means rupture. the rupture in the pnity of the church probably had more to do with those political differences really than theological differences. >> hatzel: the two religious leaders will meet for two hours at the airport here in havana. the meeting will be private but a joint declaration will be released before pope francis departs to mexico. you're looking live at a picture of a massive crurue ship right behind me be with a cruise ship that likely the pattrashing will be seeing from the orthodox church which is un just done down the street from where away going live. he has a full sexual tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning and tha critical historic meeting sat 2:00 in the afternoon.
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hours and then they will issue adeclaration. for now reporting live in havana, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: this is such a big visit. for pope francis to be there twice in such a short period of time, to the people sense this on the street? are they getting the word? >> hatzeze laurie, i think the people sense the impmptance because, remember,r,his is the patriarch of the russian orthodox church, which means we know about the relationship between cuba and rausch a russia a longtime relationship that datete back to the earlyly beginnings of the revolution so they know the importance. what's different about this is obviously that the pope, pope francis will be here as well, and we know the role he h h played in recent cuban history. so the combination of both is making a huge deal here, and the people really know and understand it, laurie. >> laurie: exciting times for them to see all of this coming to their country. >> calvin: absolutely. hatzel, thank you. the pope will be landing att jose marti airport in havana and
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moment. hatzel's live reporting countiestonight at 11:00 and throughout the day, of course, tomorrow. >> laurie: now to a the one and only exclusively, a break-in in broad daylight, the elderly victim taking a shower when bandits entered her home and then walked out with her things. local10 news reporter shyann malone is live in plantation with this exclusive. >> shyann: laurie, this woman says, you know, it's broad daylight, it's 11:00, she was inside the home so she didn't bother to set the alarm. most of us probably wouldn't when you're at home that time of day.y. the good news in all of this, theeighbors' surveillance video may have captured some of the scene and maybe the clue to cracking down on these crooks. >> ias just shocked. >> shyann: geraldine marcus fill still phased when talking about the momt her daughter's home was burglarized. >> the window is smashed. i said, oh, my god, maybe he's still here somewhere. >> shyann: was 11:00 a.m. eye tuesday.
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shower when she noticed something wasn't right. >> when i came out of the shower, i see the door open. i says, who did that? and then i see the whole glass shattered, and they went to my daughter's room. >> shyann: and the crooks seemed to know exactly what they we doing. they entered the master bedroom. instead of going for the television and high end lexington they went straight to the dresser drawer where all theiments diamonds are kept. the neighbor rae surveillance camera captured some of the scene. >> i was able to retrieve the evidence of the burglary. i saw when the gentlemen ran out of house. >> shyann: you can see white two-door coupe pulling up to t t jack randa home. the witnesses believe the intruder was dropped off and ran into the yard in the back. momes later see him republican away and jumps into the getaway car. >> they broke this window. >> shyann: the man smashed the gls, reached in and unlocked the french door.
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$11,000 worth of merchandise. here is a live look. one more look at that white coupe. police say it's likely a honda accord of some sort of. if you have any information that could help policic contact the plantation police department. luckily, though, no one was hurt inin this incident. reporting live in plantation, shyann malone, local10 news. >> calvin: also caught on camera here, a hold-up outside of a mcdonald's restaurant. the bandit approached the 62-year-old victim at his car and pulled out a knife last month. the video just released today, though. this happened on sterling road near oakwood boulevard. the suspect got away wi a laptop computer, a smartphone and ay pone. >> laurie: a robber on the run in tamarack. the broward shoves is looking for a masked man who robbed a convenience stearate slevin on pine island road and south gate boulevard. you sew at the bandit strolling in with a gun aimed right at the clerk. in the end he got away with $77.
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the miami dade police department has had a new top cop, new director juan perez. he was sworn in today. both he and mayor carlo gimenez spoke with about his fit as the new director. >> know that i will work hard to make this department the get. , and i w wl work as hard as i can to make this county safe. >> given your imprem trackk record, i am confident that you will lead our police department in a manner that will make our world class community very, veryproud indeed. >> laurie: perez is a 25-year veteran. became an officer back in 1990 where he was under the command of j.d. patterson. he is now taking over for patterson as director. >> calvin: more fiery protests are erupting in the country of haiti which is still without a new interim president. the last democraticky elected from the michel martelly left office saturday sass the i country's constitution mandated but with no successor. tunnel local10 news had exclusive access to mart least final emotional hours on the grounds of the national
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port-au-prince. a new presidential run off date has been set but political protests like this one in the city of port-au-prince continue each day as the caribbean nation remains very unstable. still to come today, a cruise ship loaded with passengers gets hit by a severe storm. >> laurie: coming up, a look at thetorm's strength and reaction from all of those passengers. look for world news titan 6:30. >> betty: it is 65 geise degrees right now in miami, 40s this morning. what about tomorrow morning? i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. forecast coming right up. >> todd: i'm todd tongen at the miami international boat show at its new home on virginia key where there is an impressive a way of boats on display. unfortunately, boats aren't the story. cars and buses are. getting to the boat show is unbearable. the story cominin up on local10 news. >> announcererand tonight at 11:00, the south florida attorney capturing national headlines -- >> stands accused of having sex with an inma. >> announcer: -- breaks her silence. >> did you have sex with your client? >> announcer: now she's speaking
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norman. >> bob: what did your husband
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>> laurie: talk about making a splash. the 75th miami international boat-show and underway and this way the event has a new location this year. >> calvin: but that could come with a new bug problem, too. our todd tongen reports now from virginia key. >> todd: at they city of myer mamar and the dignitaries arrived by boat. after a ceremonial ribbon cutting the show opened at its new haven't eau on virginia key. >> we have found the perfect home for the sythe show. >> todd: they had auto glamor, nits, 6 significance how to square feet of machinery and even 400 boats in the water behind marine stadium, something they couldn't dough miami beach coaching center. the miami marine stadium as a backdrop foror this show nostalgic and the inwater prentation
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something downtown miamibs your backdrop for the show, jaw-dropping. there's only one problem, and that's getting here. not everyone was happy but new addition. >> glute here for the view. you're leer to look at boats. >ow do you like this new venue. >> >> it's beautiful. >> it's beautiful but there's no hotels local, traffic sun believable. is unbelievable. the shult bus. belief at 10:00 this morning from fort lauderdale. we got to the show at 12:30. >> todd: but if they can make half a boat float what about this new venue in the mayor believes he has the answer from getting 100,000 people from around the world to the show. >> it's to bring people by water taxi. we think that we can do an experiment that will be used in miami-dade county. >> todd: boat show officials say they would like to make miami marine stadium their official permanen home. unfortunately, going to have to deal with the track of and transportation troubles that are
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if they can figure that out, then maybe this could work. on va key, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: and the mor says rent from the show will be used to renovate miami marine stadium. but wane residents have gone to court to kick them pout the todd says the best way to get there by far is water taxi, and you can get off the your boat show answers and information at >> calvin: let's check in now with our betty davis. i got into the minivan this morning and kids said, dad, heat. put on it. >> laurie: mine, t t. crank it, mom. it's freezing. >> betty: it was something else, 48 degrees is how hit got in fort lauderdale and cooler inland, depending on where you live, but by the afternoon 22 degrees later and we were at 70 out at fll. so quiet the turnaround in our temperatures. right now everyone in the low to mid-60s. miami sat 65.fort lauderdale you're now 64. hialeah 66 degrees. it's been rather cool all day
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there's y west sitting at 62 degrees. we are settling into another cool night, not as chilly as last night but definitely cool. by 10:00 tonight, miami you should be around 61 degrees and then later we're going to see the temperatures drop a little lower. what has helped outs today the nshine and a change in the winds, winds flowing in from the northeast so that easterly component allowing some of that milder air from the ocean to influence our weather. we're getting that northeast wind around an area of high pressure that's scooting closer tc florida. that high comes right in over us by tomorrow morning, leeps the winds to relax, that in turn will help our temperatures continue to drop off so we are forecasting lows in 50s. this forecast model taking kendall down to 51 for the low.we're going to go the with 56 for miami. so you may not need four layers tomorrow but maybe one or two with 56 in the me a you and lower 50s inland. then by tomorrow afternoon it's going to be nice again. nice warm-up on the way. we'll have sunshine out there.
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nudging into north florida by friday. saturday t tt weak cold front slipping down theeninsula. not expecting that to bring chilly air in our direction. 's going to reinforce what we have and that will be pleasant conditions. northerly winds web hasn't pleasant weather on saturday. if you're going to do your thing on saturday, you're good. 56 degrees if yououe going to have a limo, take the wife to work really early innhe morning, mid-70s by the afternoon, the limo picking her up and taking her out to dinner. great weekend for that. and then here's that extended forecast. picture perfect for your sweetheart's weekend. hey, will. >> will: betty, thanks so much. if only you could see calvin's face. next in sports, two players, get ready for all-star weekend as hahaan whiteside prepares for his suspension.
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>> will: hassanwhiteside's elbow is going to cost him more than an ection. it's hitting hassan with a one-game suspension roughly 9,000, the hit to his wallet. the punter coming after this elbow to the spurs. the heat sent him home without even meeting with the media. he was surfed in the suspension for the first game back on the 19th after the all-star break. grade and chris bosh, representing the heat. bosh tweeted today, "it is cold."
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hopefully he'll be hot in the 3-point shooting contest on saturday night. the essence chances of winning all for c.b. not very good. he has to face the golden warriors' city of steph cury. >> my wife was asking if i was going to practice last night, you know, i told her no. it will be the biggest upset if chris is able to pull this aun off. >> look, ) have nothing to lose, okay? i'm just going to shoot it, and if the ball goes in, that's awesome. if it doesn't, it will go in. >> will: i'm not voting betting. not voting betting, put h is the least favorite of all as far as odds go. >> calvin: oh, no.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tnight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already.
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across much of this untry. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there. the deadly gas explosion and now the charges tonight. two people killed, three buildings leveled. and prosecutors this evening arguing, it was all because of greed. and we have breaking news involving bill cosby's wife. and gas prices dropping to 99 crepts a gallon. is your town next? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with a new turn in the race for president. on both sides, it is now a battle for the south. and donald trump now saying, if he wins in south carolina,he's going to, quote, run the table. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to battle tonight on that stage. many eyes on clinton. will she change her strategy


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