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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two times in two days! >> when it's the best friends in this community something is broken. >> calvin: students shock. >> what did you see and hear? >> gunshots. she told us to get down. and to have the classroom. >> tonight outrage under fire. it's been one close call after another and many fear next time blood will spill. >> reporter: and that's because the violence in our neighborhoods is spilling onto school grounds. local 10 news reporter andrew perez covering our top story tonight is live in coconut grove. andrew? >> reporter: laurie, calvin, the school superintendant was talking today telling people how it's frustrating and also heartbreaking to hear children. talking about young children how they had to dodge gunfire at a school no less. right hare in this portable
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many tonight saying something needs to be done. the code red alert going out and telling elementary school children to be quiet. not to move. >> she said she lockcd all the doors. we waited for the police to come and then we lele and went to another classroom. >> reporter: gunfire in the area reaching francis tucker elementary in coconut grove. two bullets pierced a classroom portable where donna's grandson was inside. he was studying. >> he nicked. he has a tendency to skip and they couldt get him oxygen and no one could get him and tell me what's going on. >> reporter: classmates are fortunately okay despite being inches away from the flying bullets. but parents and the superintntdant are fed up with the gun vience.
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school in as many days and miculously no one is hit. police say rival gang members arted a gun battle in the street in front of miami carroll city high less than 24 hours earlier. their bullets hit ththschool fence. two office windows with people inside. investigators are searching for stanley reagan in connection to it all, but have so far arrested this man. they say he started it. cedric adwiss. >> you're ordered to stay away from carroll senior city high school. >> reporter: and then remember there are gunmen on the loose in both of these cases and then call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. live in coconut grove. andrew perez, local 10 news. >> laurie: and the elderly victim taking a shsher when
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home and took off with her valuables. she found part of a glass door shattered and 11,000 dollars worth of jewelry missing. a neighbor's surveillance video may have captured the thief. you see him here and the getaway vehicle. if you know anything about this crime, please call police. a camera rollininon this violent crime outside the mcdonald's restaurant in hollywood. the ndit approached the 62-year-old victim and pulled out the knife. the video released today. the suspect got away with a laptop computer, camera and a smart phone. >> calvin: now to the sad discovery of a baby found in a freezer in homestead. the 5-month-old's mothererwas arrested. police were called to the home last month. the boy's mother ortiz told the sheriff deputies the boy had drowned and was inside a freezer.
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died from she's w under house arrest. >> laurie: 6 people were holed up a at home on northwest 42nd street. 2 in the harm and two brand smart delivery workers. the man stste the victim's money and cell phones and shot at the victims as ey stole off in the stolen delivery truck. the truck is a white 1997 isuzu ftwith the brand smart loco on the side with the licenge plate number eabl97. >> calvin: a legal win today for a deputy charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of the man carrying the unloaded air rifle. the judge agreed to consider releasing the victim's medical history. the defense for the deputy claims that the victim was unstable and may have been suicidalat the time of the shooting. but mcbean's mother isn't
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>> there were certain aspects of his own actions that, again, led me to believe he knew his actions and would call 911. >> i believe he's on a killing expedition. >> he killed my son and is trying to get away with it. >> calvin: the judge will examine mcbean's records to determine what, if anything, will be made public. >> laurie: history in the making in cuba as the heads of the roman catholic and russian orthodox churches agree to the first- >> calvin: and could bridge a divide that dates back a hundred years. and notice live in havana, cuba, on the eve of the very big meeting. hansel, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, calvin. it's going to be a long day. a long, early day for the patriarch of the russian orthodox church. that's s cause his day starts at 8 in the morning. that's when we expect to see him at the revolution pla. he will lay a wreath there at the monument of jose martin, the national hero here in cube a. but really the day, the
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he meets finally for the first time pope francis. two religious leaders to mend a rift of over a thousand years. that'what will happen at the international airport. the patriarch is in the state and histstic district that's taken on a special meaning. pope franc will make a stop on the way to mexico. >> because churches must be together. >> with the orthodox it's a greater step because of the historical distances. >> it's a broken relationship thth goes back to 1054 in what's called the sism when they split. >> the rupture in the church had probably more to do with
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differences. >> reporter: father gilbert walker, the american catholic churches. >> what it says in crisis is much, much more powerful and much stronger than what could possibly be differences. >> reporter: but this meeting posted and lily made possible by cuban president raul castro was unthinkable 20 years ago. >> it's ironic because of the history of very difficult relationshipss between the vatican. >> remember it was only the 90s en they said they were an atheist state and no lnger a secular one. this parishioner hopes the meeting between two holy figures can bring peace to the world. okay, pope francis expected
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and no word how long the meeting will take place or how long it will last. but after it's over they'll issue a joint declaration against violence of christians in the middle east. obviously two churches coming together. we'll be there and bring you all the pictures and reactions from folks here in havana. calvin, laurie? >> calvin: okay, hansel, thanks a lolo the pope will be landing at jose martin international airport in havana and hansel will be there for every moment of that. we'll post live reports throughout the day beginning tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. >> laurie: and the follow-up file for the family of the man murdered outside of his home last week is asking for help tracking dodown the people responsible. >> if we know the person is caught. >> i n't know how without him being there for support for me and my family. >> ifou have any information
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miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. >> and to campaign 2016, hillary clinton hoping to stop the momentum of bernie sanders as they face off in ththdebate. >> laurie: 6 times going against each other. incredible. and turning attention to minority voters. janine stanwood with the highlights. >> reporter: no surprise right out of the gate each said they were the better person for under served communities. >> i'm running for president to knock down all the barriers holding americans back. >> reporter: heading into nevada and then south carolina where there is a diverse electorate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are competing for diverse poters. clinton, fresh from an endorsement from the congressional black caucus, says she is the better tested candidate. sanders polling high with the middle and better class stuck to the message that income inequality is the issue he would tackle. >> so race issues would be
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have been? >> exactly because instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we' create millions of jobs for low income kids so they're not hanging out on street corners. >> reporter: they were asked about inequalities the justice system, an issue they mostly agree on. >> but we have to restore policing that will tually protect the community that is police officers are sworn to protect. >> where we are failing abysmally is in the high rate of acidivism we see. people are being released from jail without the education, without the job training. >> reporter: they alsosotalked about how they'll work for winning. a voting block hillary clinto has struggled with. >> i worked my entire adult life to make sure women are empowered to make their own choices. >> we will end the absurdity of women today making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. >> reporter: and the last part of the debate was on foreign
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an area of strength for clinton. cuba did come up, only as an aside. sanders said he would end the embargo. next up, calvin and laurie, the democratic caucuses and then on to south carolina. >> laurie: all right, we'll watch every step of the way. jane, thank you. >> calvin: a beautiful venue but one big problem. why taking the boat may be the best bet to t there. >> reporter: feel that? 50s pright now. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. how low the temperatures will go tomorrow morning. >> laurie: and the attorney accused of having sex with an inmate sitting down with investigator bob norman calling it a case of corrupt deputies
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own. rep an attorney is fighting for her career after being accused of having sex with an inmate. >> calvin: she was fired but now she agrees to tell all. what she says happened in this exclusive interview with local 10's bob norman. >> they posted my picture like america's most wanted. >> reporter: she wasn't charged with a crime but handcuffed and then banned from the broward county jail after the corrections officer alleged she witnessed the married lawyer ving sex in the jail with a client, 26-year-old attempted
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>> this news made it all over the world. >> did you have sex with your client at the broward county jail? >> no. i did not. that allegation is false. >> reporter: the bso officer pierre reported she walked into the jail attorney interview room to find granda standing behind the attorney with her skirt up and the two apparently having sex. was your skirt ever up? >> no. >> reporter: michelle given permission to speak said the allegation is ridiculous as the room has a large window on the door and is often checked by deputies. she claims the officer's description of the hand positions, one on her upper back and the other on her lower back, proves the accusation false. >> for his hands to be like this would be impossible. he was not only handcuffed, his handcuffs are clipped to a tight chain around his waist. he's like this. >> reporter: so why would she be wrongly accused? she says it's because her client was set to cooperate in
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investigation involving deputies supplying cell phon to inmates for a profit. and she said he was expected to name mes. >> bso was extremely interested in working with mr. granda. >> met with high ranking jail officials? >> she shared texts with the top investigator lieutenant marcus gibson who said he wanted to know the names of staff who helped him get the phones. >> you believe this is a conspiracy? >> yes. >> reporter: by making up this allegation, it would discredit your client. >> of course. >> reporter: she says because of the investigation he isn't safe in the jail and set a bond hearing to try to get him out. but even last year when he was being housed in miami-dade, jailers complained she spent too much time with her client. >> do you have any romantnt feelings for him?
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have an excellent attorney-client relationship. a close attorney-client relationship with a lot of trust. >> you answer this question directly? >> the answer is no. >> reporter: also prior @o the sex allegation, she was terminated by the regional council for misconduct involving granda. they have any evidence against you? >> do they have evidence against me? me being terminated is a separate issue. >> were there photos found of you anywhere improper? >> thut has nothing to do with this. >> reporter: that was her attoey. she nenever answered that question. she has a 15-month-old son and facing a florida bar investigation says her husband is standing with her through the ordeal. he doesn't believe what was alleged? >> no. >> reporter: but will the public believe her?
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not happen and i would point them in the direction of corruption at the broward county jail. >> bob norman, local 10 news. >> bso confirmed to bob there was an open investigation involving contraband coming into the jail but wouldn't comment further. as for her, the judge allowed her ba into the jail but with a glass window separating her and granda. >> laurie: heading south, the miami boat show has a new venue. >> but it's causing traffic trouble and the best way to gege there may be by boat! >> laurie: jimmy kimmel has a great show plans if you can stay up a bit later. >> you want tolay down for a little while? relax! take off your shoes if you want to. >> good evening, south florida! i have a traffic ert flamingo road northbound. periodic road closures between flamingo and i-95.
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>> calvin: this year boaters motored into something new. the event was and rather has a brand new location this year being held in virginia key near e miami marine stadium. organizers chose it for its beautiful location but attendees say it's a real pain getting there. >> you're not here for the view you're here to look at boats. >> it's beautiful but the -- there is nothing local and got the shuttle bus from fort
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at 12:30. >> calvin: the miami mayor says encouraging people to arrive by water taxi could solve the problem. find more informion on local >> laurie: hopefully you're cuddled in bed with one blanket, not 3 tonight. it's a little bit warmer now. >> little bit. >> calvin: what about the morning though, betty? >> reporter: it will be cool. we know that. several cool mornings ahead. here is the deal. we're still running a little bit bebelow averagso keep that in mind as we go through the weekend. thought it might be a good time to remind you of that. look outside right now and this is our miami with 58 and winds are calm and appears we do have the t up to lose a few more degrees from the 58 in miami and elsewhereras well. winds not only calm for the mia, but calm in homestead.
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fort lauderdale and through the keys as well on so kendall already at 53 and don't plan for you to dip dmt 40s at this point. say you'll get as low as 50, kendall, but 49 wouldn't be too surprised by that but 51 in hialeah, 52 in pembroke pines for the low. miami going for 55 in pompano beach around 51 . this is the temperature scheme, by the way, for the entire south. and a lot of 50s and 60s for the deep south and it is in that gulf coast and another boundary here on the cold front and watch that cold front as we head towards tomorrow. no weather associated with it in terms of a rain or snow even
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that front will be sagging and that pressure keeping it really nice with warmer weather. but saturday, here comes s that next froro. we expect it to be a weak cold front but temperures won't necessarily get up to average. the average high about 78. we'll fall shy of that, i think. for tomorrow 50s to start the day and highs in the mid70s. check out saturday. upper 50s in the morning. highs in the mid70s. 60s sunday morning. by the way sunday's valentine's day. highs in the mid70s. next cold front starts to approach on tuesday. the weather authority always watching and tracking. meteorologist julie durda gets started at 4:30. she'll be here with the latest on the temperatures. ll? >> reporter: all right, betty, thanks so much. how the big 3 including lebron james will have the special reunion tomorrow and the
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plus hear from dwayne wade on why this all-star weekend in toronto means so much to him. >> laurie: all rit, will, and
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good luck! (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> reporter: for the heat center hassan white side it's easy. one elbow thrown equals a game suspension and about $9,000. a lot of money. the nba punishing the center and announcing it today. through that elbow with the
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leading shot blocker in the league and now that game on february 19. the teammates with 2 of e all-star game to chris bosh and in toronto this weekend, wade and bosh expected to see the next former heat teammate with lebron james tomorrow and in store. >> and great as well. i look and get to see carmelo and cp and my other good friends in the nba all there as well and we've all been there together for a long time. so even notice new faces and a lot of guys in the lead and very, very good. they're still there and so that's not too shabby. >> reporter: the college hoops with number 12 hurricanes off the last second wininagainstit p and visit the seminoles on valentine's day. the canenechasing the 20th win of the season and the sweep of the noles in the seasoned series.
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team. a very talented team. and a team that plays better at home than they do on the road. >> reporter: and the coach making the statements before the squad visited in syracuse tonight. noles got squeezed by the orange and richardson going coast to coast for the hoop and the coach not happy. the noles get blown out 85-72 the final. um women's basketball team enjoying the stay at the ritz carleton in atlanta before to georgia tech tonight. hayes with the clutch move to seal the e deal and spread at 16 points and that was a comfy bed with the nice hotel that gets them in the win and win the 3 point victory 58-55. on the ice the first place panthers open the long 6-game homestand tomorrow night against the blues. the cats shorthanded but the coach says they're looking forward to the home-ice advantage. >> we always talk about it and the guys are excite thed to play at home. great crowds every night and so
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and the team feels good about yourself and it's really good so definitely the last 2 months has held. >> reporter: 6 games i say dress warm because it's cold. betty, keep the sweaters on. >> for the home steal. >> good set up for weather. >> 50s in the morning. mid70s by the afternoon. beautiful day on the way. >> okay!
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>> stst text1 italics cc1 test message and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship.
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank to all of you for coming.& love is in -- well, it's almost in the air. it's not in the airi yet but it will ob sunday which is valentine's day. i hope you rember that. valentine's day the day women all around xhe world wait eagerly to discover the new and


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