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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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her side of the story. good friday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey bch. it's friday. come on. try to wake this guy up. i'll get him some coffee. julie, let's talk about the weather. >> it's nice out there. it's not nearly as cool. 56 degree in miami. 53 ft. lauderdale. 61 key west. the north wind still in place and that's why it's so cool this morning. a shift in the wind direction really going to warm us up. 51 in pompano beach as well as kendall. 53 in pembroke pines. 60s down by the keys. overall a nice, comfortable start to your friday with that north wind anywhere between three and seven miles per hour. these temperatures are three and six degrees warmer than yesterday. we're going to continue the warming trend as we go into the weekend. nice and mild on friday rning. we are expecting a lot of sunshine today. highs rapidly warming up
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70s, the warmest day we've even all week long. i'll have more coming up. schools under fire. shots ringing out in two schools in less than 24 hours. it is one close call after another and m my fear that there could be a next time. police are searching for the people possible and andrew perez has more from coconut grove. the school shut down,, teachers turning off the classroom lights lling elementary school children to be quiet, not to move. >> she locked all the doors. we waited for the police to come, then we left. >>reporter: gunfire in the area reaching francis tucker elementary in coconut grove. two bulults pierced the classroom portable where her son was inside studying. >> he panicked. and when he panicked, he can't get no oxygen. nobody was telling m m
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>>reporter: the 10-year-old and his classmates are fortunately okay despite being i ihes away from knows flying bullets, but parents, the superintendent are fed up with the gun violence. >> when chance and luck are children's best luck in this community, something is broken. >>reporter: police say rival gang members started a gun battle in the street in front of ami carol city high less than 24 hours earlier. their bullets hit the school fence, two office windows with people inside. investigators are searching for stanley ragin in connection to it allut so far have arrested this man and say he started it, cedric admass. remember there are gunman on the loose in both of these cases. if you have any information, youre encouraged to call
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for now reporting in coconut grove, i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. first on 10 a man breaking into a home and make off with thousands of dollars of items. e homeowner was in the shower the whole time. those crooks are still at large this morning. and a violent attack caught on camera outside a hlywood mcdonald's. watch as the hooded crook ambushes a man. police say he was armed with a large knife. the attacker raided the minivan. he got away with a laptop computer, a camera and smart phone. a mother with an infant found dead ion the freezer is under arrest. this after she threatened to kill herself by jumping off the seven mile bridge in mart. an autopsy determined a
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oxygen but it's unclear how. barba ortiz is charged with manslaughter. it happened in northwest miaia-dade when t two workers were making a delivery to the home. that's when the armed crooks attacked. they ordered the workers and four people inside the home to th ground. they got away in that brandsmart delivery truck. it'u got the brandsmart logo on its side. eabl97 is the license number. if you know anything, call police. pope francis has left italy, headed to havana this mning. the pope set to meet with the head of the russian other fox church, the first time these two have come together in more than
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great skism that separated them. >>reporter: a long day for the patriarch of the russian orthodox church because his day starts at 8:00 this morning. that's because he will lay a wreath. the key time is going to be in the afternoon. that's when pope francis is expected to arrive here in havana at 2:00 in the afternoon. then they will meet, two church leaders who have not metet ever. two religious leaders and only two hours to mend a relationship that has been ruptured in more than 1,000 years. patriarch of the russian orthodox church is in cuba for a state and pastoral visit that has taken on a different meaning.
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here on his way to mexico. >> particularly with the russian orthodox, it's an even great step because of the historicic resistances there have been. >>reporter: it's a broken relalaonship that goes back to 2054 in what's called the skism when the churches split. >> probably had more to do with the political differences probably than theological differences. >>reporter: he says there are very little differences between both churches. >> what unites us in christ is much, much more powerful and much stronger than who could possibly be differences. >>reporter: but this meeting was unthinkable 20 years ago. >> it's ironic because of the history of very difficulul relationships between the vatican in particular and the
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in the '90s when cuba changed its constitution to reflect it's no longer an atheist state. >> this parishioner hopes it can bring peace to the world. both religious leaders will issue a statement where they will denounce the crime against christians in the middle east.. that's what we're expecting to hear from the statement. of coursrs we will be there for all that and more. reporting in havana, hatzel vela, local 10 news. >> hatzel will be there for that moment. join us with his live reports throughout the day. those start at 6:00 a.m. and now debate nightfor the democrats. hillary clinton working to s sw the momentum of the two candidates.
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the highlights. i'm running for president to knock down all the barriers heading them back. >>reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are competing for diverse voters. clinton fresh from an endorsement says she is the better tested candidate. sanders pollili high with the young and middle class stuck to his messagege that income inequality is thender lying issue. >> race relatatns would be better under a sanders presidencyhan they have been. >> absolutely. instead off giving tax breaks to billionaires we'll create millions of jobs for low income kids so they are not hanging out on street corners. >> but we have to restore policing that will actually protect the communities that police officers are
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>> where we are failing ababmalie is in the very high rate of recidivism we see. > have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women areempowered to make their own choices. >> we will end the absurdity of women today making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. >>reporter: the last part of the debate was on foreign policy, a area of strength for clinton. cuba did come up in this debate. it was only an aside. next up for the two of them, nevada and then south carolina. we're in the videoport this morning, i'm janine stanwood, local 10 news. boat lovers unite for the international boat show. >> but many are criticizing this year's
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we'll tell you why next. we are expecting attempt in the upper 70s. upper 70s along the bahamas too. we'll see temperatures in the l 90s today and leading into the weekend, so much more to
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can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning. the 75th international,miami boat show under way. this time the event being heldage virginia key. the beautiful location but attendees say it iss a real main to get there. >> you're not here for the view. you're here to look at votes. >> it's beautiful but there's no hotels local. traffic is unbelievable. we took the shuttle bus. we look at 7:00 this morning for ft. lauderdale we got to the show at 12:30. >> boat show officials encouraging people to arrive by water taxi. you can get a of your boat show answers, check out
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cooperate if you do want to go to the boat show. we're seeing a great start right now. temperatures much warmer than yesterday. we're in the low 50s but still comfortable. 61 in key quest with a north wind pretty light between three and six miles per hour. these temperatures are below average so enjoy them. 53 right now in pembroke pines. good morning to you. our coldest spot is kendall and pompano beach. 61 down by the keys. with the winds out of the north that is keeping some cool, comfortable refreshing conditions in place for least one more morning before we start this gradual warmup you'll notice by the afternoon. temperatures are three andix degree warmer. they are still below average. we are seeing mid and high level clouds lingering by the keys. we have high pressure in place ahead of this cold front and it's going to dry out the atmosphere keeping things very nice throughout the weekend. by saturday night and really notice it all
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going to be a dry cold front. that means we're not excting rain chances to increase but we will notice more cloud cover going into sunday. curreneny we have lake-effect snow moving in our friends across the northeast and great lakes will have to deal with sub zero temperatures due to an arctic blast moving through the northeast. we're not expecting a big dip in degrees with that front that will move through by the weekend but you'll notice cloudy skies by sunday. it's going to be beautiful to be outdoors. a great way to start the weekend. it will b dry, it will become breezy by s sday as well. our cooling morning with temperatutes in the 50s and a much warmer afternoon is expected. i want you to know that going into sunday will increase that cloud cover, only a slight chance of a shower. look at our lows, staying in the 50s. rain chances increase as another front moves in
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then you'tl see those temperatures dropping again by wednesday. a soh florida attorney is making national head lines after she was accused of having sex with her client in jail. >> she satt down with bob norman this morning. we're hearing her side of the story. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between king noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough tal
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an attorney is fighting for her career and her reputation after being accused of having sex with a client right in the broward county jail. >> she was banned from the jail and now that lawyer is breaking her sisince in this exclusive interview with bob norman. they posted my picture like top ten
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>>reporter: she wasn't chargedwith a crime but she was handcuffed andnd banned from the jail. >> this news made it all over the world. >>reporter: did you have sex with your client at the broward county jail? >> no, i did not. that allegation is false. >>reporter: the officer reported she walked into a jail attorney inteteiew room to find her standing behind him with her skirt up. she said the allegation is ridiculous as the room has a large window on the door and is often checked by deputies. she claimed the officer's description of the hand positions, one on her upper back and one on her lower back proves the accusations false. >> he was not only hacuffed.
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clicked to a tight chain around his waist. >>reporter: so why would she be wrongly accused? she claims it's because her client was set to cooperate in a majorso contraband association and she said he was expected to name names. >> bso was extremely interested in working wi m mr. bnagh. >>reporter: she shared with us tests from the jail's top investigator who said she wanted to help get the name of staff giving phones. >>reporter: you believe this is a conspiracy. >> yes. >>reporter: by making up the allegations it would discredit your client. >> of course. >>reporter: she says granda because of the investigation isn't safe in the jail and she
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him out. jailers complained she spent too much time with her client.t. do you have any romantic feelings for mr. granda? >> mr. granda and i, as i told you before, have an excellent attorney-client relationship. >>reporter: n you answer this question directly? >> the answer is know. >>reporter: michelleie was terminated for misconduct involving granda. >>rererter: do they have any evidence against you? >> regional council, do they have evidence against me? me being terminated from regional council is a separate issue. >> that was her attorney she has a 15 month old son and i now facing a florida bar investigation said her husband d standing by
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>>reporter: so he didn't believe half being alleged? >> no. >>reporter: but will the public believe h h? >> these allegations simply did not happen and would point them in the direction of corruption at the broward county jail. >>reporter: b norman, local 10 news. >> bso confirmed there was an open investigion at the jail. a judge has aowed her back into the jail but with a glassindow separating her and granda. all-star weekend is here. >> we have your basketball highlights.
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next. >>reporter: good friday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap.
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sending two all-stars, dwayne wade and chris bosh this weekend where it is very cold. today for wade spending time with old buddies at all star weekend means the world to him. >> it was great as well. i get to see carmelo, cp, all my other good friends in the nba as well. we've all been together there for a long time. even though it's a lot of new faces and a lot of young guys in thehe league, it's very, very good. that's not too shabby. no all-star appearance for hassan whiteside who was just hit with a one game expense after whiteside threw that elbow.. college hoops now,
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coming off that last second win against pit. capes will be chasing their 20th win of the season, and, if they get it against the knolls, it will also give them a series sweep of the season. >> they are such an improved team, very talented team and a team that plays better at home than they do on the road. >> some foreshadowing because the knolls were in action last night. knolls got squeezed by the orange. malachi richardson going coast to coast. watch him get the goal. > women's basketball team. you think they enjoyed their stay at t t ritz carlton? they loved that. comfy beds, maybe made them play better.
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first ace panthers opening up a long six game hometand tonight, will host the blues. the coach says they are looking forward to the home ice advantage. >> you know, we always talk about it. if the guys are excited to play home now there's great crowds ever night. it's a great atmosphere there. definitely the last two months. >> it will be fun to watch tonight. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. there is an historic meeting in cuba now just hours away. >> the pope departed for
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overnight and the pope right now at 5:00 schools under fire, bullets hit an elementary school less than a day after a shoot-out sent high schools in to a panic.
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most powerful religious leaders are set for a sitdown in cuba. deputy-involved shooting. why attorneys for officers who killed a ft. lauderdale man. what police uncovered about a school bus driver who slammed into a light pole with student on board. deputies going above and beyond the call of duty. good friday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we'll get to all those top stories in just a moment butut first let's check in with our weweher authority meteorologist julie durda. >> it feels nice out there. definitely warmer t tn what we woke up to yesterday but still below average. temperatures in the mid 50s iniami. 61 key west. that north wind continuing to keep some cool, comfortable conditions around but this will all be changing by the later half of the morning and into the afternoon. a shift off the ocean is going to warm up our
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pompano beach at 51 degrees. 52 for you in kendall. 61 in marathon and 53 in pembroke pines. the winds variable anywhere between five and seven miles per hour and these temperatures are anywhere between


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