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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pompano beach at 51 degrees. 52 for you in kendall. 61 in marathon and 53 in pembroke pines. the winds variable anywhere between five and seven miles per hour and these temperatures are anywhere between
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warmer than yesterday. he's expected to land in havana this afternoon before continuing on to mexico. this triparks his second stop to cuba in less than six months. >> a huge step forward for the churches which spli 1,000 years ago. the two leaders expected to speak out together. the pope will be landing in havana this afternoon. hatzel vela will be there for that moment along with live reports starting this morning. join us w wh cats l at 6:00 a.m. gunshots ring out near a miami elementary school. >> this is the second time gun violence has affected local schools in as many days. >> just narrowly missing four students and a teacher who were inside. a similar scene unfolding today. gunshots ringing out in what police have called a rival gang shooting. luckily no students were injured but a bullet did
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police arrested a man in connection with that shooting. police say he's a known gang member and has active warrants out for his arrest. meanwhile police continue to search for this man, 19-year-old stanley ragin. witnesses report seeinin him running from the scene of the shooting. if you recognize him, police call police. and a legal win onthursday for a deputy charged with manslaughter. that deputy is c arged in the shooting of jermaine mcbean who was killed while carrying an unloaded air rifle. the defense for the deputy claims mcbean was unstable and may have been suicidal at the time of that shooting but mcbean's mother is not buying it. >> there were certain's spebs of his own actions that again led me to believe he was in some form of mental crisis for he should have at least known his actions were going to cause people to call 911.
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expedition. he called my son and trying to get away with it. >> the judge will now exame mcbean's records to determine what, if anythin will be made public. the kind of criticism that we@ heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect someone running from the democratic nomination to succeed. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> just days after voters in new hampshire gave senator bernie sanders a win, hillary clinton defecting attacks on wall street contributions to her campaign saying presidenobama got the largest number of wall street donations. senator sanders said the fipples would want to
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contributions. meanwhile they mostly agreed onn criminal justice inequalities. >> for jeb. he spent $20 million on negative ads. if he didn't do that, i wouldn't be talking badly about him. and he's so off, all he has to do is stop and i'll leave him alone. he's like a child. >> telling a crowd in baton rouge, louisiana, trump says jeb bush tried using barbara bush, his mother,r, but since it didn't work out, he's now turning to his brother. now to the latest on the zika virus. there are two new travel related cases in the sunshine state bringg the total to 18. one of the new casesis in miami-dade county bringing the total number ofaties to seven.
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says at least three people are now dead due to zika complications. venezuela's r rorting more than 5,000 suspected cases of zika just since november. and a short time agogo the world health organization said a possible zika vacacne is at least 18 months away from large-scale trials. a guilty verdict in the trial of a new york city police officer accused of shooting and kijling a man in a darkened stairwell. the 28-year-old killed in 2014 after the rookie officer shot him while he was patrolling the stairwell. prosecutors argued the officer's actions are reckless. if you live in the 32 through 3300 block of northeast 36th street and northeast 32nd avenue you'r advised to boil all water before
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that will remain in effect until surveys show the water is safe again. still to come this morning a bold thief breaking into a woman's home while she's in the shower. reststrant rampage, diners attacked by a man with a machete. having a heart. the traffic stop that led to deputies showing off their softer se. and it's valentine's day weekend. it's going to be beautiful and bright blue skies on saturday. we do expect a@ront to move in by saturday night. before we get to the weekend though, we have to get through your friday.
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a man shot and killed by police last night after he attacked several people with a machete. police say the man stormed into a columbus restaurant, began attacking customers and took off. when they tried to hit him with a stanley cup gun, he lunged at them causing him to be shot. the bus brings down the poll and multiple
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driver of being drunk. thankfully no one was hurt. 5:11 the time right no uber says it is settling lawsuits accusing the ride-sharing app about misleading customers abouttafety procedures and fees. uber added a safe ride fee. the suit will pay out roughly 28.5 million to around 25illion people. hi, south florida. happy friday. the time is 5:12 and the temperature warmer than yesterday but still comfortable out there. a 53 degrees is greeting you in ft. lauderdale. 56 in miami. 61 in key west. these temperatures are below average for this time of year but a shift in our wind direction is going to bring us a warmup today. pembroke pines is 53. our coolest spot is palm beach at 51. 52 in kendall. lower 60s down by the keys. a nice calm start with a
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five and eight miles per hour. these temperatures are between four and six degrees warmer than yesterday. again, it's still nice. we are situated between high pressure over the state and jususto the north of us we have a cold fronto here's what's going on in the atmosphere with high pressure right over central portions of florida. so therefore it feels nice, it will be refreshing. the leading edge of this front will basically head towards the south over the next 24 to 48 hours. with this system we will bring some cloudover. overall a really nice weekend is expected. the worst of the weather is just to the north of us over parts of the ohio valley. they are dealing with snow from missouri, the great lakes up towards the northeast and they will have to deal with sub freezing temperatures not just this morning but some of the coldest air mass that will be moving into the northeast going into the weekend. you'll be happy you're here in south florida. currently it's 13 degrees in detroit.
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and down the key west. for us though we'll be nice, warmer, all thankss to high pressure. very comfortable friday and here comeshat weak front. it will be weak in nature so we're not expecting a big drop in temperatures but we're not also expecting a lot of rain. the north breeze providing for less humid conditions and breezy conditions. boaters will have advisoriesesy sunday as well. going into monday, presidents day, we are expecting temperatures to be in the 60s and upper 70s introducing a better chance of showers due to another front that will move in tuesday and then drop our temperature again by dnesday. >> thanks, jewel auto. palmetto expressway northbound at conditioned l drive. we've got one left lane blocked. looks like it's not affecting traffic though if you're traveling northbound at the papaetto expressway.
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lights just as clearly as i did this is i-95 northbound at northwest 103rd street. this one was well off to the shoulder as well, was not affecting our drive times this morning. quickly checking again just to make sure 59 miles per hour at the lowest point. broward county we are accident-free. two new mexico deputies unexpectedly became baby-sitters after they pulled a man over for d.w.i. and found children in that car. the drunk driver had a two and five-year-old in the car as well as, get this it, a two month old baby. police s they asked thee kids when the last time they ate was but the children couldn't remember so the officers bought them food and formula. >> it was really hard tobe professional when we had such strong opinions
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>> what hurt me the most was when we asked them when was the last time they ate and they were hungry. >> they say the two month old wasn't buckled in that car seat. those children were removed from a really scary situation. >> heart breaking. >> great job officers. local 10 pest control. >> howandlers at miami international airport are making sure your valentines bouquet doesn't come back to bite you. much warmer than it was this time yesterday. we're setting sail in the weekend.
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right here on local 10. 5:18 the time. tickets are going to cost you a little more. adult tickets jumped up $105 a day. children's tickets $100 and parking tickets up from 147 to 155. a family of four should expect to pay $600 for one day at universal. it does not include food or souvenirs. >>reporter: in today's the bytes, fighting terrorism on-line. >> facebook is adding a new tool in its fight to remove hate speech from its network called downer speech. >> it bombards extremist with opposing messages of their own. >> introducing view counts for video. >> the company is betting that the counts will be so impressive that video mers will
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specifically for its form ass at. what's your dog face. ted cruz is a chihuahua. >> canine matches for other including pitbull as a german shepard and pitbull is actually a german shepard. it's part of microsoft's new facial recognition uploading a photo to those are your tech bybys. valentine's day right around the corner. nothing says be m me like a bouquet of flowers. teams of inspectors are hard at work making sure those flowers are free of bugs. the three weeks leading up to v-day are the busiest at mia. >> it's kind of a difficult process but inly we're just looking for anything moving. >> what haens is if it
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in the environment, it can reproduce and be very hard to eradicate. >> those inspectors go through about 20 planes worth of flolors every day. >> that's a lot of nowers to sift through. >> i've doppler those stories so many times, working at channel 10 for the last ten years. >> quality control,can't beat it. a convenience store celebration. >> maybe you feel like this guy on a friday. hear what he had to say when he was jumping up and down crying tears of joy. >> tragedy at sea. how it could also help the next generation of entrepreneurs. take a look outside. what is this? it looks empty b you see flashing lights in the distance and lanes are blocked. if you want to know what's going on here?
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will tell you. welcome back. a californini man is the newest winner of a lottery s satcher that made him an instant millionaire. >> the moment he realized his life has changed was caught on camera. the 31-year-old man chose the lump sum so he will receive $ $696,000. that's before taxes. let's just hang with this guy for a minute, soak in his joy. >> i can say he's not exci[ed enough. i want to see more jumping up and dn. >> that's how we all feel on a friday. nice job. >> congratulations. good for you. school set to open as normal this morning. this is a story we've been following now for
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this time at francis tucker elementary where a bullet went through a classroom just missing a student. the gunfire happening less than 24 hours after rival gang members fired shots. one suspect has been arrested and another still on the run. the pope departed for rome's airport, headed for havana. it is the first time in 1,000 years that the two churches are meeting. we now have a total of 18 travel related zika cases in the state. state health leaders say one of those new cases in miami-dade, that brings the tote number of patients in miami-dade to seven. traffic coming up
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don't go anywhere. right now at 5:30
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bullets hitting twowo miami-dade county schools in less than 24 hours. whose facing charges for one of those crimes this morning. details on the sitdown uniting the leaders on t catholic and orthodox churches. >> then i see the window is smashed. i said oh, my god. >> a homeowner finds thousands in jewelry gone. how thieves managed to break in while she was still inside. plus how a local art dispy honors two boys at sea and gives back to local entrepreneurs. feels like friday, south florida. how are you? i'm eric yutzy. i'm jacey birch. warmer than yesterday but still it doesn't make it any easier to wake u u and get your day going. still cool. temperatures right now in the low 50s ft. lauderdale. we've got 56 degree in miami. we should be waking up to the low 60s. still below average for
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61 degree in key west. our winds are moving in from the north keeping that cool air connection this morning but by the afternoon an ocean breeze is going to warm us up. enjoy your morning time. we are seeing temperatures i the low 50s. 52 in kendall. 530 in pembroke pines and homestead. so the wind are calm this morning. by the afternoon you heard me mention a shift in the wind direction will provide for even more of aarming trend for us. overall beautul start to the weekend, staying dry. we are expecting a lot of sunshine. as the kids head to the bus stop they are definitely going to need their sunglasses, possibly a light sweater. warmer and dry. justst a great day to be outdoors and a great day to start thehe weekend. come sunday we will notice more cloud cover coming into the forecast. i'll have those details coming up. i-95 southbound at pembroke pines we have
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blocked due to some broken down vehicles. looks like those cars are moving without a a issues this morning. from our traffic data we're no seeing delays either reported. this is i-95 at pembroke road. those speeds at 68 to 67 miles per hour before or after the exit. hey, we still have some lanes blocked off the palmetto expressway. this one affecting our northbound lanes at kendall drive. no accident scene here. likely just construction crews clearing t scene. broward county, guess what, we're accident-free. no issues to talk about. >> breaking right now, constance at the panhandle. a small plane has crashed off of destin. first responders arriving say they are finding debris ininhe wate we're looking for updates. we'll keep you with the very latest throughout
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shots fired outside a miami-dade county school sending teachers and students into a panic. francis tucker elementary came under fire as well. no one was hurt. ben kennedy is live outside the schooo now. have police found the gunman responsible? do they know whose done this? >>reporter: jacey, no. they are still looking for the person who pulled the trigger. after shots weree fired. in fact, a stray bult hit a portable unit behind me in coconut grove. >> a school on lockdown and surrounded by police officers after a bullet pierced a window of a portable classroom. >> we waited for the police to come and then we left. >> 10-yearld tavaris williams, it's there that two blocks away
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trigger and a stray bullet ended up hitting a window of a classroom. >> he panicked. when heanicked like that, they can't get no oxygen. nobody was telling him what was going on. >> sat at the front table. >> this is the second shooting outside a miami-dade county public school in 24 hours and superintendent alberto carvalho is fed up. >> when chance and luck are a children's best friends in thihi community, something is broken. >> ordered to stay away from carol city senior high school. >>reporter: police say he is behind the gun battle in front of miami carol city high school. bullets hit the school fence and two windows but no one got hurt. as police continue to look for stanley ragin in connection to the shooting. officers say bottom line they do need the
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the people behind this violence. porting live in coconut grove, ben kennedy, local 10 news. just in to our news room, overnight pope francis left the vatican for cuba to attend an historic meeting. the landmark encouer marks the first meeting ever between pay roman catholic pope and roman catholic patriarch. >> it marks his fourth visit to the island nation. >> raul castr will host today's historic meeting. pope francis is on his way to cuba right now. he's expected to land in havana later this afternoon before continuing on to mexico. this trip marks his second stop in cuba in six months. the two leaders also expected to speak out together against the persecution of christians in the middle east.
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christ is much, much more powerful and much stronger than what could possibly be differences. >> the pope expected to land in havana this afternoon. hatzel vela will be there for that moment. he will bringng us also live reports throughout the day. that begins this morning just a few minutes away at 6:00 a.m. this morning a mother is under house arrest. she told deputies her infant son had drowned while she was bathing him and is inside a an autopsy determined the baby died from a lack of oxygen but it's unclear how. now vargas-ortiz is manslaughter. caught on camera making a getaway after a bold break in at a the homeowner tells us she was in the shower when these crooks struck valuables. live. what did they get away with?
5:34 am
after the flat screens or the small electronics. he was after something a lot more sparkly which is why he bee-lined it to a law inside the master bedroom. >> then i see the window is smashed. i said oh, my god, maybe he's still here some are. >>reporter: geraldi i e says someone broke into her home, helped themselves to $11,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry. >> when i came out of door opened. i said who did that and then i see the whole glass shattered. >>reporter: one of her neighbors might have caught thatt daylight cac burglar in the act. >> i was able to retrieve the evidence off the burglary. i saw when the gentleman ran out of the house. >> those cameras show a white two-door honda civic. tnesses think the
5:35 am
and ran into the backyard. >> they broke this window. >> the burglar smashed the gla and unlocked the french door from the inside. later that neighbor's surveillance cameras caught the man running ride. this was around 11:00 in the morning in a fairly quiet neighborhood. anyone with infnfmation is encouraged to contact the plantation poli department. layron livingston, local 10 news. this morning the search continues for a pair of brandsmart workers. those armed crooks tacked. they ordered the workers to the ground. the license plate number eabl96.
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you recognize that call. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is in south florida today. 's the second day of her tour honoring exemplary police departments around the country. >> what stood out to us about this particular department has pen your long time implementation of the blue courage model. as you know, this is a values based program that we are tremendously happy to support. >> lynch praised the blue courage officer training program. the attorney general continues to tou today with three event including a youth town hall and community round table. the ntsb is announcing it's launching a new search. thth ship's wreckage was found back in october but without that valuable data recorder, transportation officials believe it could hold the vital clues into what caused that to sink. it has been two months since two south
5:37 am
lost at sea and now the family of those teens using art to make sure this kind of tragedy never happens again. a special benefit photography show in windward. cohen and his friend laststeen leaving the jupiter inlet back in july. the upcoming art show ai to bring awareness to the safety on the water. >> our son perry was deeply connected to the show shark tank and kevin. when we told kevin our story, right away there was a connection there and he wanted to know more. >> proceed fm that show will go to the perry cohenoundation set up in his memory. it aims to provide scholarships. it seems everything isn't smooth sailing with the new miami international boat show location.
5:38 am
find out which game the heat star will have to sit out. lamar odom spotted for the first time since his near death overdose. we'll tell you where. you're going to love the forecast. regardless of what you do, plan some outdoor activities. temperatures will be in the low to mid 70s. it will be a lovely night. i'll have a lot more on
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coming up. 5:41 right now. look at this. it's the 75th miami international boat show. it's under way and this
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inin something brand new. the event has a new location this year being held at the virginia key. ornizers chose it for its beautiful location but attendees say it's a real pain getting over there. >> you're not here for the view. you're here for the boats. >> traffic is unbelievable. we took the shuttleus. we left at 7:00 this morning if ft. lauderdale. we just got to the show at 12:30. >> boat show officials are tryingng to encourage everyone to arrive by water taxi. yo can get all your boat show info on the weather willcooperate if you'd like to go to the boat show this weekend including today. it is much warmer out there but still nice. temperatures at 53 degrees in ft.lauderdale. 61 in key west. our average low this time of year is 62 degrees. even though we're warmer than what we woke up to yesterday, we're still below average. currently the coolest
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51 degrees. kendall 52. 53 in homestead. hey, pembroke pines, temperature of 53 degrees. north winds will continue to keep things comfortable and cool this morning, but then a shift in the wind direction in the later half of the morning and into the afternoon is going to warm us up. currently we do have temperatures warmer than yesterday. we're talk it go highs today returning to the 70s and even warmer. get rea for it. it will definitely be a change. currently we areaking up to clear skies and dry conditions all thanks to high pressure just to the north of us ahead of our next coldfront that is going to move in over the weekend. we have another cold front bringing snow as far south of tennessee, even over portions of northern georgia and the carolinas. our friends in the northeast are going to be dealing with an arctic blast. be happy you're here i
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we are expecting that front to move in by tomorrow. so today it will be nice, mild. you'llotice an ocean breeze by the afternoon. that's why our temperatures will gradually warm up to the mid to upper 70s. that's wherehey should be this time of year. get out there and enjoy. here comes that front. it will be weak. we're not expting wide-spread showers and storms. we're not expecting severe wther as all. you'll barely no^ice the front moves through with the exception of the shift in wind direction. it will make it really comfortable for any outdoor activities you may do with your valentine. slight risk of rip currents. boaters, no advisories. the advisories will come back to the forecect by sunday if you do want to head to the beach or do any boating. temperatures comfortable all weekend long. we'll increasee that chance of showers after prez's day. this front will move in. we'll increase that
5:44 am
it should clear by tuesday night, dropping our temperatures again going into wednesday. lows will be back to the50s and highs only in the mid 70s. i-95 no accidents reported in both miami-dade counties. a live look here from i-95 and pembroke road. earlier we heard reports there are two lanes of traffic blocked in our southbound lanes. at thipoint no delays at all. things are looking really good here. we do have an accidents reported off of ives dairy road. we're hearing there's a fender-bender right off of northeast second avenue so just beware of that. also for my broward folks who live in this area, we have reports of a gas leak on park road affecting our northbound and southbound lanes right in this location between pembroke road and hallandale beach boulevard. if you typically ta[e that route travel a little further east or
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>>reporter: good fridada morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the miami heat sending two all-stars to tororto this weekend where it is very cold. wade and bosh will be seated with lebron james during the all-star interview session today. for wade spending time with all-star buddies means the world to him. >> i get to see carmelo, cp. we've all been there together for a long time. even though it's a lot of new faces and a lot of young guys in the league that'ss very, very good, we're still thereso that's not too shabby. >> no all-star appearance for hassan whiteside who was just hit with a one-game suspension. after whiteside threw that elbow during a loss to the spurs tuesday night.
5:46 am
heat in atlanta on february 19th. number 12 hurricanes comingff that last second win agagast pitt. canes will be chasing their 20th win of the season. if they gett against the knolls, it will also give them a series sweep of the season. >> they are such an improved team, very talented team, and a team tt plays better at home than they do on the road. >> foreshadowing from coach because the knolls got squeezed by the orange. coast to coast, watch him get the hoop. knolls get blown out 85-72, will try to bounce back as we mentioned. um women's basketball team. do you think they enjoyed their stay at the ritz carlton?
5:47 am
them play better. three point win, 58-55. go to the ice now, first place panthers open up a s s-game homestead tonight. coach says they are allowing forward to the home ice advantage. >> we always tked about it, the guys are excited to play at home now. there's great crowds very night. there's a good atmosphere there. it's really good. so definitely the last two months. >> it will be fun to watch tonight. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. we got your tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. local 10 giving tickets to the south beach wine and food festival. head over to and find our facebook page to enter. >> a quick getaway at a hold up outside a fast food restaurant. and let's take a
5:48 am
our ft. lauderdale tower camera. bo do we have a lot of lights out there. looks like a christmas tree. hello, it's friday,
5:49 am
5:50 am
let's get it going. a violent attack is caught on camera right here. thiss outside a hollywood mcdonald's. watch as the hooded crook you see right there ambushes a man. police say he was armed with a larar knife when the victim was finally able to break free, he raided the minivan. chase and shooting leaving two georgia police officers in the hospitit. the suspect took off and openedire. the car eventually stopped. the suspect was found
5:51 am
gunshot. a woman taken to the hospital. an emergency landing in las vegas because of a mechanical issue. the pilot reported smoke some of the cockpit, 130 people were on board that flight. no one would have believed that mr. gelo pudding pop, mr. dr. huxtable was capable of rape and sexual assault. i would have been laughed off the planet. >> colorado lawmakers are considering a new bill that would extend the state statute of limitatis from ten to 20 years. itassed the committee and moves on for consideration to the full house. lamar odom making
5:52 am
appearance since he was ago. he attended kanye west's new york fashion show yesterday. he was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel andnde was released from the hospital back in january. several florida manatees are back where they belong. >> see how sea world helped them return to wild, warmer waters. children have to return to school ahmadinejad gunre struck fear (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephanannoise) (donkey noise)
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we've got kittens monkeying around. is that comfortable? i guess so. you can bend each and every way you little gum by. these guys are aboutfour months old and i love what you named
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>> tell me about finding these kittens because unfortunately, you find a lot of them on the streets, don't you? >> yeah, and their story is pretty interesting. they lost their mother and we actually believe they were poisoned. so we think it's important for them to find a home sooner than later. once they get older, unfortunately, people don't want to adopt as much. >> look at this one. this one is doing cirque du soleil tricks. i want you to see all of them so you can make the right decision. go to local1010om. there they are. felines, furry faces. i better find you a home soon. check them out today on
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morning the past chillydays in florida helped returned manatees to the wild. >> those manatees return to the warm waters. there@ the mammals can link up with experienced manatees also seeking refuge from the chilly waters. >> the medical care and bottlest 3:00 in the morning and now to see them go out and be returned, it's incredibly rewarding and a lilile emotional. >> the endangered florida manatee is at risk from both natural and man made causes of injury. exposure to red tide and didiase are all natural problems that can affect the sea cows. >> they teach the youngens what to do. >> just in time for valentine's day. >> i was going to say they are teaching them how to eat and hang out by the warm waters.
5:57 am
>> still to come this morning, a top story, a ld break-in. how thieves were able to strike the home. >> the pope set to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. hatzel vela is live in havana. his live ththnew caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers ofspresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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right now at 6:00 children caught to the cross-fire. the one and only is there live on the island nation. >> zika fears growing, the health crisis continuing to grow this morning. new cases here in south florida. plus the race to south florida is on. the republicans hitting the campaign trail more than a week before the primy. hi, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. how are you guys liking this weather? it, it's warmer than yesterday. >> 40s to 50s. let's talk to julie durda about this continued winter weather. >> can i tell you, it is still below average too on this february 12th. we have temperatures in the mid 50s in ft. lauderdale. our average low this time of year, 62. even though it's warmer than yesterday, it feels nice out there.
6:00 am
chilly 51 in pompano beach,2 in kendall. you're looking at 52 degrees as you walk out the door as well. winds still out of the north keeping that warm air connection. we are expecting a shift in the wind direction later today which is going to stata the warming trend for the next 24 hours. beautiful start on this friday is expected. comfortable, dry, lots of sunshine. sunrise just before 7:00 to the kids will need those sunglglses and then by the afternoon we will see that sunshine continue. temperatures rapidly warming up the mid to upper 70s. it will be a great start to the weekend. i'll have more coming up. thank, julie. we still have this gas leak affecting traffic off of park road, northbound-southbound shut down as crews try to fix this pipe that broke this morning. it's a little dark but obviously for aone who lives in this location in pembroke park you're going to face some


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