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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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chilly 51 in pompano beach,2 in kendall. you're looking at 52 degrees as you walk out the door as well. winds still out of the north keeping that warm air connection. we are expecting a shift in the wind direction later today which is going to stata the warming trend for the next 24 hours. beautiful start on this friday is expected. comfortable, dry, lots of sunshine. sunrise just before 7:00 to the kids will need those sunglglses and then by the afternoon we will see that sunshine continue. temperatures rapidly warming up the mid to upper 70s. it will be a great start to the weekend. i'll have more coming up. thank, julie. we still have this gas leak affecting traffic off of park road, northbound-southbound shut down as crews try to fix this pipe that broke this morning. it's a little dark but obviously for aone who lives in this location in pembroke park you're going to face some
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let me show y from my traffic graphics here, if you'reraveling in this spot, northbound-southbound shut down between hallandale beach boulevard and pembroke road. travel a little further west in my opinion take 441 or travel on the iclosures in place off of ives dairy road eastbound. we're seeing purple here whwhh shows us we have complete closures. still working the details with this accident scene. right now students, parents, teachers, they all return to their classrooms this morning after a day after gunfire hit their coconut grove school. lead's shooting happening near that elementary school and a bullet justarrowly missing a student. >> scary, scary scene. >> a a the gunman involved in both the shooting and the one at carol city high school are still on the run this morning. ben kennedy i live to tell us more about these schools under fe. >> i actually spoke to
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at classroom. they say they were cowering underneath their desks in fear after the shots were fired. a stray bullet hit a portable unit behin me in coconut grove. sky 10d was overhead after a bullet pierced a window off a portable classroom. we spoke to the 10-year-old who saw a bullet land a foot from his best friend. it's there that two blocks away someone pulled the trigger and a stra bullet ended up hitting a window of a classroom. the school was put on lockdown and no one got hurt. this is the second shooting outside a miami-dade county public school in 24 hours. cedric is under arrest. police say he is behind a gun battle inside a miami city high school. in this case no one got hurt as well. police are still looking for stanley ragin in connection to this
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back live to coconut grove this morning, it has a hearing this morning. botttt line police say look, they do need the public's help to find more people behind thisville. reporting live in coconut grove, ben kennedy, local 10 news. now on to the panhandle, the oakaloosa sheriff's offifi says a small plane has crashed just off of destin. first responders arriving saying they founun debris in the water. they are look forget survivors. they don't know how many people are on the plane. we'll bring you the latest as soon asse get it here on local 10. right now pope francis is on his way to cuba to meet with the leader of the russian orthodox church. andd it's been thousands of years since the two church leaders met. >> today's meeting is meant to end its separation.
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this morning from havana to tell us more. >>reporter: this dates back to 1054, what they called the schism which is when the eastern and western church split into two. i' sitting on the tarmac. i can see if my advantage point the plane used to arrive heren havana. this happened yesterday around 3:45. first, let's take you to rome because i'm going to show you pope francis there making his way here. remember this is pure coincidence and a little bit of diplomacy here involved because we know the patriarch was going to be here in havana and that the pope was on his way to mexico, so then decided to alter his plants slightly just to me here to havana so he could meet with the patriarch. this is 1,000 years in the making, something pope francis has wanted
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a meeting they think is pretty important t the christian religion. >> two religious leaders and only two hours to mend a relationship that has been erupted for more than 1,000 ears. that's what will happen at havana's international airport. patriarch of the russian orthodox church is in cuba for a state and pastoral visit that's taken on a different meaning. pope francis will make a stop here while on his way to mexico. >> it's very important. >> particularly with the ssian orthodox, it's an even grereer step because of the historical resistances they've been. >> it's a broken relationship that goes back to 1054 in what's called the s schism.
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urch probably had more to do. >>reporter: a catholic priest who lives in cuba says there are very little differences. >> what unites us in christ is much, much more powerful and much stronger than what could possibly be differences. >>reporter: but this meeting posted and likely made possible by cuban presidents was made possible 20 years ago. >> it's ironic because of the history of very different relationships between the vatican in particular and the castro government. >>reporter: remember it was only in the 90s when cuba changed its constitution to reflect it's no longer an atheist state but religious one. >>reporter: and we will have -- you're looking atictures right now of the patriarch getting off
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greeting president raul castro. we know he's going to have a full dayhead starting at 8:00 this morning and lay a wreath at a a monument. that's just the start of hiss day. the key time is going to be when he meets pope francis. that's expected to happen some time after 2:00, a big day. hopefully at 6:3:3 we're able to get you some live pictures and see where we are and give you more details about today's agegea. >> hatzel, thank you so much. we're going to check in with you in less than 30 minutes. the froap will be landing in havana we're thinking about 2:00 thiss afternoon. he will be there for that moment. tune in throughout the day for live reports on the historic meeting. a legal win yesterday for a deputy charged with manslaughter.
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the defense forhe deputy claims mcbean was unstable and may have been suicidal at the time of the shooting but mcbeas mother, she's not buying it. >> there are certain aspects of his own actions that again led you to believe that he was in some form of mental crisis or he should have at least known his actions were going to cause people to call 911. >> i think he's on a fishing expedition. he killed my son and trying to get away with it. >> the judgexamined bean's record to determine what, if anything, will be made public. the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from sokeone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is, madam secretary, that is a low blow.
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i was not that candidate >> just days after gave senator bernie sanders a resounding primary win, the democratic candidates for president went head to head again. hillary clinton deflecting attacks by saying the president got the largest number of wall street donations and sanders said those wall street firms will want to return for their campaign contributions. clinton was defending her plan to regulate the financial industry as more effective than sanders' proposals. they mostly agree on criminal justice inequauaties. confirmed the charity organization received a subpoena from the state department's inspector general. specifically projects that required federal government approval. poor jeb, he spent $20 million on negative ad. if he didn't do that, i wouldn't be talking
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and he's so off, all he has to do is stop and i'll leave him alone. he's like a child. crowd in baton rouge that he has red reports of jeb bush's plan to campaign with his brother next year. rally in south carolina with his younger brother jeb. bush's campaign hopes it will build the grass roots support in north carolina following disappointing performances in iowa and new hampshire. glenna millberg will bring us live coverage of the primary in south carolina beginning next week. right now robbers on the run breaking into a home right in the middle of the day, a story you saw first here on local 10. surveillance video to help catch these guys still ahead. plus are you smelling the roses this valentine's day wkend? the efforts to make sure your bouquets are bug-free. we're happy to announce starting on saturday.
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live at 5:00 a.m. neki mohan, todd tongen d jen correa in for
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saturday morning. hey there, south florida. happy friday. we're waking up to warmer temperatures but still below average. our average low is 54 for ft. lauderdale. 62 is what we're looking at in key west. we still have some chilly conditions though
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pompano beach as well as kendall. we've got 53 for you in the homestead. winds nice and light this morning, providing for a great start to your friday and great start for the weekend as well. temperatures anywhere between two and seven and eight degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures still below average, you still might need a light sweater or jacket. that's how things will stay thanks to high pressure over the state keeping us relatively dry in the atmosphere. just to the north of us we do have a cold front stretching across the southeast. arctic blast bringing snow from ohio to missouri. so be happy we're here in south florida and we've got a warming trend. our friends across much of the nation's midsection, the great lakes up towards the northeast will have to deal with an arctic blast. it will be the coldest morning they've seen in over 20 years going into saturday and sunday. for us we'll be nice, warm today.
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day to be outdoors. going into tomorrow a weak front will move through south florida. you you won't notice it. the only thing you'll notice by sunday once the front clears, the breeze will pick up. boaters we will see a advisory. speaking of valentine's day it will be nice, it will be comfortable and then we'll see rain chances return after president's day. if you h he three days off, all three days will be nice, enjoy them because rain will you return on tuesday. we have a gas leak off of park road northbound, southbound shut down this morning. here's live pictures row. we have the delays from pembroke t to hallandale boulevard. julie can'ttop giggling this morning. let me show you our alternate routes if you live in this location. again, i mentitied northbound, southbound
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travelast to i-95 or just take 441. in addition to ives dairy road, still delays in place at northeast third court due to an accident, a prettyserious crash there. finally miami-dade county no big surprise with this president's day weekend. a lot of events going on, especially the miami international boat show. if you'reraveling off the rickenbacker causeway eastbound-west-bound of course. you're going too have to park in downtown miami or marlins park and take the shutttt buses to the show. someone from an on-line dating site, we haveve an important warning to hear. >> a call christina report for you is next. plus one and only local 10 in cuba for the historic meeting today. two church leaders meeting for the first time in years.
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morning to our facebookfriend of the day. as valentine's day approaches, federal regulators say be careful of scammers. ey are searching for lonely hearts searching for love on-line. >> christina vazquez joins us with tips for an on-line dating scam and introduces you to florida's match makers connect people the old-fashioned way. >>reporter: while you were searching for your soul mate on on-line indicting websites, the fbi says scammers are looking for you, just many times flat-out asking for money.
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to con her friend out of thousands of dollars with a claim his daughter needed emergency medical treatment. >> now is the time, we need your support, my love. >> third e-mail. >>reporter: federar investigators say cruel con artists targeting lonely hearts result in t`e highest amount of phenomenon losses when compareb to other internet crimes. we're talking people out thousands of dollars. that's why nancy gold say they help people find love the old fashioned way. we're the modern day matchmaker. >>reporter: they screen each single, background checks. >> and then we do our magic. then we get together and decide who we think that we have that would be a match for this person and we go out and we scout as well. >>reporter: but they don't share pictures. the pair looking for love see each other for& the first time in person.
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something that only you can experience, so you have to meet the pern and you won't know if it's there until you look them the eye. >>reporter: a man who claimsa woman he met on-line once tried to con him out of mon. >> maybe you can help me. can you open an account with citibank. >>reporter: whether you meet someone in person or find someone on-line, these love experts say here's wat to look for. >> core values are most importan honestly, someone whose kind. >>reporter: when it comes to on-line dating sites, the fbi's interuet crime complain centers say scammers will often set up a fake profile so be aware of the blame are shot. in the news room, christina vazquez, local 10 news. breaking news out of
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a warehouse fire continues to burn. firefighters trying to gethis blaze under control. >> we're monitoring this for you but look at the flame. last check they said it could@ take days, maybe even a week to put out the hot spots. live pictures unbelievable if you have a moment to look at this right now. this fire is one for the record books in that area. >> hillsboro, new jersey which is just southwest of new york city they have been fighting this fire since daylight yesterday. and obviously this is continuing to burn. we'll keep an eye on this, these impressive pictures. fellas, you ready? look at the pink. >> i like it. >> it is sunday, fellas. i'm ready. >> will you be mine? >> oh, m m gosh, are you serious? >> yes. conversation hearts. i'll have the same thing. you know what, ladies, for those of you who want those flowers, i
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about a bug-free bouquet. coming up next the hard
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sure you have beautiful valentine's day is right around the corner. puts us in the mood, right? nothing says be mine like a bouquet of flowers. >> inspectors at miami international airport are hard at work. thee three weeks leading up to valentine's day the busiest at mia. agents, you can see them scouring every leaf and petal making sure no pests sneak in. >> if it establishes and get out in the environment it can reproduce year-long and be very hard to eradicate. >> airport officials say those inspeakers go through about 20 planes of flowers every single
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>> ladies, you will appreciate the flowers without bugs but probably not there. >> take a look. there's a huge hole right there in the center of the street as crews are working to try to fix this. we have delays in place. i'll get you around this mess unin a few minutes. >> two religious leaders will be meeting for the first time. we'll break d@wn the visit and tell you what
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christianity. you've heard me say time and time again, today was a near-tragedy but over the past 12 months 60 children have been shot in thihi community. over 20 have been killed.
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bullets fly at two different schools in less than 24 hours. the search is on t t find the gunman before another tragedy strikes. >>reporter: hatzel vela live on the tarmac here in havana where two religious leaders will be meeting for the first time. we'll break down that visit and tell you why it's so important for christianity. bold robbers. charge a mother is facing after her baby was found dead in a freezer. 6:30 on a friday morning. hey, south @lorida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's certainly not as ccld as yesterday morning but it's still cold out there. we're wondering how long these temps will last. >> presidents' day on monday.
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definitely warmer like you guys have mentioned. you can plan some outdoor activity and a lot of y y may have three days off. lucky you so enjoy. atatmpt this morning are in the 50s. like yesterday we're talking 40s. 62 in key west. our averagege low is 62 degrees so we're still below average with a nice, calm, north wind. i wanted to show you this picture from our hollywood beach cam. awayayrom us we do have some cloud cover just over the western atlantic but overall mostly clear skies greeting you. we have 52 degrees in pembroke pines. 52 kendall. wi the wind out of the north it will be a nice start but we wili notice a shift in the wind direction with temperatures this morning anywhere between four and seven degrees warmer. get out there and enjoy. highs will be in the m to upper 70s. constance? >> thank you, julie. back to our gas leak off of park road. northbound, southbound shut down between
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pines road. we're hearing this all happeninat a seafood distributer location. if you normally travel in this spot, avoid it completely. we've got a few businesses out there as well. and a few homes in that location so insteadad of taking park road, travel a little further east. take i-95 or travel west, take 441 northbound-southbound. we still have delays off of ifsfs tourie road due to an earlier crash eastbound. i want to take you outside to show you how things are looking on the i. as you can see a live look here southbound drivers on i was head towards the golden glades. right now schools are und fire. for to two days in a row bullets fly. students, parents and teachers aren fear this morning. >> gunman still out there on the run. ben kennedy live this morning in coconut
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scy for these kids having to tower underneath their desks as these shots werefired. a stray bullet hit behind me as officers look for the shooter. a school on lockdn and surrounded by police officers after a bullet pierced a window of a portable classssom. >> she locked all the doors. >> we waited for the police to come, then we left. >>reporter: 10-year-old tavaris saw a bullet land a foot from his best friend. it's there that two blocks away someone pulled the trigger and a stray bullet ended up hitting a window of a classroom. >> he panicked. so when he panicked like that, he can't get no oxygen. nobody was telling him what was going on. >>reporter: this is theecond
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county public school in 24 hours and supertendent alberto carvalho is fed up. >> when chance and luck are a tip's best defense in the community, something is broken. >>reporter: cedric is under arrest. police say he is behind the gun battle in front of miami carol city high school. bullets hit the school fence and two windows but no one got hurt as police continue to look for stanley ragin in connection with the shooting. cedric is locked up this morning and has a hearing in a couple hours. officers say they need th public's help this morning to find even more people involved in this violence. reporting live in coconut grove, ben kennedy, local 10 news. there's an historic meeting happening today with thepope. >> the pope is on his way right through and the patriarch arrived yesterday afternoon.
6:34 am
the island nation to witness this history. hatzel vela is live in havana.. >>reporter: it's going to be a huge day for the world of christianity. you have two religious leaders, one from the orthodox church, one from the catholic church. behind me you see the plane that the patriarch of the russian orthodox church used to get here. here on the tarmac, here in havana. take you a couple hours back to rome. that's where you're going to see pope francis departing there. he's expected to arrive here some time at 2:00 this afternoon. at that point he will be meeting with patriarch of the russian crthodox church, something he's been wanting to do for quite some time. this is something even
6:35 am
to do as well but never got accomplished. it took some diplomacy and coincidence that the both are meeting. i spoke to a priest who says there isn't much differences between the orthodox church and catholic church but there was a represent turin what they called the schism, the fight over politics and dock trip. let's show you video of the patriarch arriving yesterday at 3:45 in the afternoon. he was greeted by president@ raul castro. he had some things to say to the cuban people and then headed off. it's going to be a full day for him starting at 8:00 in the morning. he's going to lay a wreath. his day is full of events including coming ck here to the airport where he will greet his fellow religion leader, pope francis, for that
6:36 am
the meetiti, we're not sure how long it will take but we understand at some point they are going to issue a deck theiration, a declaration likely denouncing the persecution of christianed in the middle east. for the first time t ligious leaders coming together and talking about their d!fferences and hoping to move forward to these two religis can come forward and stay ahead of the game and really denounce what's happening in the middle east. >> why havana? i know the patriarch was scheheled to be there but pope francis wasn't. why come all the way around the world to have that meeting at that location? reporter: sure. we believe it's a bit of diplomacy involved. raul castro shout the help of pope francis when he was looking for
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cuba and the u.s. the pope was already on his way to mexico so he decided to make a pit stop of sorts to stop here and get that meeting under his belt and make sure he can check that off his list and say it's something they've doppler. raul castro we understand played a role in that meeting because, let't' remember, eric, cuba and russia have had a long-time partnership dating back to the revolution so it was something that was easy in a way for both leaders to put together. >> hatze before we let you go, we know that this is a pop of action and we've seen the diplomacy you're talking about rather quickly. you saw something interesting as far as really seeing changes in the island nation. >>reporter: you know, jacey and eric, we always see changes every time we come. last time we were here
6:38 am
wi-fi in certain neighborhoods. as we were driving along port avenue here in vana, we saw this massive cruise ship. five differenthips but there are folks here in havana. it's quite a sight to see. it's the largest to ever dock here in cuba. havana is now the ship's port of call for its winter season in the caribbean. thax's happening until april. this ship stops in jamaica, the cayman islands and mexico. it holds about 2600 passengers mostly from europe, italy, germany, france, spain and england. we spoke to one german couple who says that while cuba is beautiful, we know this it, right, so much needs tohange. >> we are disappointed a
6:39 am
very dirty, very broken and i think there's much work for the people here. >> i think it's not the right way. when they have their own decision, what we can do and how much money they can earn and i think that's important for cuba. >>reporter: and to give you sort of a scope of what's happening here in terms of tourism, cuba saw about three million tourists, a lot of it likely linked to the newevelopment with the relations to the u.s. we're going to stay here on the tarmac and bring you all the pictures as pope francis arrives later on today. but for now reporting live in havana, hatzel vela, local 10 news. >> looking forward to it. thank you so much. >> the pope landing there this afternoon. one and only will be
6:40 am
you'll see it when we do. in other news this morning, the motherf an infant found dead in a freezer. this morninghe is under house arrest. she was inside the freezer.. those crooks stole $11,000 worth of her jewelry. it's a story you first saw right here onn local 10. this morning those robbers are still on the run. layron livingston has more details from plpltation. >>reporter: this burglar apparently was not after the flat scrcrns or the small electronic devices. instead he bee lined it into a master bedroom
6:41 am
things to make off with. >> i said oh, my god, maybe he's still here somewhere. >> geraldine said as she was taking a shower, someone broke in, helped themselves to $11,000 worth of diamond and other jewelry. >> i says who did that? and then i see the glass shattered. >>reporter: one of her neighbors might have caught that daylight cat burglar in the act. >> i was able to retrieve the evidence of the burglary.i saw when the gentleman ran out of the house. >>reporter: those cameras show a white two-door honda civic. witnesses think the burglar was dropped off and ran into the backyard. >> they broke this window. >>reporter: the burglar smashed the glass and unlocked the
6:42 am
later surveillance cameras caught the man running to catch his& getaway ride. >>reporter: she didn't bother to set the alarm at the house. reporting in plan tigs, layron livingston, local 10 news. new this morning manatees, they return where they belong. also not everyone
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cruise good morning.
6:45 am
the past two days in florida helped return rehabilitated manatees to the wild. >> the manatees return near the warm waters off of a power plant in brevard county. there the animals can link up with experienced manatee it's seeking refuge from the chilly waters. >> just the hours of dedication that went into the medical care and the bottles at three in the morning and now to see them go out and be returned, it's incredibly rewarding and a little bit emotional. the endangered florida manatees is at risk for natural and man made injury: i'm happy to tell you this morning for you, thehe did not like the cold. we're definitely warmer this morning. we're also seeing a break in the cloud cover.
6:46 am
sunny skies again today, just beautiful nditions out there. temperature 56 degrees right now in miami. th is six degrees below where we should be but definitely warmer with that relative humidity at 67%. it feels like 56 out there. 54 in ft. lauderdale. beautiful shot as you can s s over the horizon. sunrise in about ten minutes with the north wind in place. temperatures in the low 60s right now in key west. so we'll keep that cloud cover around over the western atlantic but overhead we're expecting mostly clear skies and dry conditions thanks to high pressure over the state providing for an absolutely gorgeous start to the weekend. behind that high we do have a very weak front moving into the southeast. we have e ke-effect snow bringing you lots of snow across the southeast. check out these sub freezing temperatures expected across much of the nation as the coldest air of the season will be reaching their area by tonight into tomorrow. you're lucky you're here
6:47 am
for us we'll volume a warm afternoon with highs in the 70s where we should be this time this year. our temperatures will continue to be warmer saturday ahead o o another front that will move in by saturday night and sunday. want to head to the beach, today will be a great day too it. sunday we are expecting the breezeeto start to pick up thanks to that cold front that will move through. temperatures on valentine's day will be still comfortable. you can still cuddle in the morning with temperature in 50s. high only reaching the low 70s which is below average. we'll have comfortable conditions if you have three days off monday. thanks, julie. back to our gas leak affecting traffic right northbound-southbound still closed between pembroke road and hallanle beach beach. they have a hole right the in the center of the street. really affecting traffic for anyone who lives in the pembroke park
6:48 am
instead of taking park road this morning, travel just a little further west. i recommend 441 or i-95. we still have these issues right off of ives dairy road. it was a serious c2ash affecting our eastbound lanes at third court. at this point we're still reporting delays here at eastbound and west-bound drivers. those speeds at about 25 to 27 miles per hour. the south beach wine and food festival. chefs with unique dishes from all over the world are going to be there. head over to our facebook page. that's where you can enter. remember that cruise that hit that strong storm at sea? , it's making news
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>> wha you like being picture perfect. you shou want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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new for you this
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people in the armed federal wildlife federation. no one was injured, no shots were fired. the surrender coming 41 days after they first seized control of that wildlife refuge. also new this morning music will return to the bataclan theaters, the concert hall where islamic extremists killed 89 people. the bataclan was built in 1864. it is considered one of the city's top concert sites. aville attack is caught on camera outsidea hollywood mcdonald's. watch as the crook ambusheses the man in front of his car. when the victim was able to break free, the attacker raided the minivan. he did get away with a laptop computer and a smart phone.
6:52 am
22-year-old passengers from massachusetts were confronted by crew members who smelled marijuana coming from their room. the newest winner of a lottery scratchoff ticket that made him significantly wealthier. a pizza delivery driver is hugging everyone in sightht wiping away tears. he's going to pocket the money before taxes. he sayse will continue with college and invest wiselyut not before a couple of air pumps. >> a smart lotly winner. you go for it. make some more money out of that money. one of our top stories, pope francis set t to arrive in cuba for an historic meetingwith the leader of a russian orthodox churc gunman responsible for putting schools under fire. those storirs and more next.
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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"good morning america" gets started at 7:00 a.m. right here on local 10. >> here's a look at whatthey are working on right now here in new york. >>reporter: good morning, jacey and eric. it's been 17 years since the columbine high school shooting and now the mother of one of the killers is opening up. it's all coming up next on gma. and south florida, it's friday. we are waking up warmer. as you see temperatures are in the 50s miami, ft. lauderdale. 63 degree in key west. it's beautiful out there. get out and enjoy your forecast as we are expecting a warmer day. sunny, bright blue skies will be e the forecast. highs in the mid to upper 70s. back out live to our gassy situation, i'm talking about a gas leak off ofnorthbound-southbound still shut down between pembroke road. you guys knew what i meant.
6:56 am
something else. we're ststl concerned about ives dairy road, still issues off of third court. 4>> under fire in less than 24 hours a bullet hitting eye portable classroom yesterday morning. yesterday before a shoot-out happening just outside of carol city senior high school. police arresting a 17-year-old. pope francis is set to sit down with the leader of the russian orthod church in havana. the pope expected to land in cuba later this afternoon. and local 10's hatzel vela will be reporting live from havava throughout the day starting with the pope's touchdown. stay wit local 10 for all of the live reports. thieves caught on camera making a getaway after a bold break-in at a plantation home. the homeowner tells us she was in the house, in
6:57 am
broke in and took close to $11,000 worth of diamonds and other jewelry. if you recognize the vehicle, please give them a call. local 10 news is live on the air beginning at 5:00 a.m. todd tongen, neki mohan and jen correa are already for yourarly morning news and weather. they have you covered. >> 30 less minutes ofsleep for them. 30 minutes of fun for us. >> i always have them on on the weekends. >> they are good for a laugh. >> good tv. gma is next.
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sentences. good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hilllly clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any
7:00 am
low blow. >> and donald trump goes positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign. jeb bush joins us live. her son was a mass murderer. now, 17 years later, in an abc news exclusive, dylan ebold's mother is speaking out for the first time. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine? >> a mother's reckoning. >> it is v vy hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed people in such a horrific way. >> and why she saya she's talking now. and kanye west's nationwide party for his new album. the surprise guests and a new feud brewing this morning because of what he's singigi about taylor swift. are they about to have more "bad blood"?


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