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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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at lowe's. good afternoon. we are hours away from a historic meeting in cuba. right now pope francis is on his wayhere to meet with the leader of the russianrthodox church. >> constance: the meeting could unite the catholic and russian orthodox church in more than 40 years. hatzel vela has traveled tocuba and joins us live this midhay. hatzel. >> reporter: kristi, constance, i can show the plane behind me is the exact same plane that brought the russian orthodox
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we arrive for the- wait for the arrival of pope fran shows is expected to arrive at jose marti international airport around 2:00 this afternoon. he is right on time, but first show you a full day that the patriarch has had since his arrival starting at 8:00 this morning. an early morning for the head of the russian orthodox church. [drumming] >> reporter: here he is laying a wreath at jose marti national monument att revolution plaza. >> reporte the patriarch inside the monument saying a few words. praising cuba for preserving the memorythe memories of their national heroes. he went to the nearby palace where he met with president raul castro. in rome, we see pope francis boarding his papal plane headed
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the pope is scheduled to head to mexico but making a stop in havana to meet his counterpart. cubancuban has 3,000 orthodox christians. the two churches split in 1854 over theology, disagreements and some said politics. tensions have been over ukraine where the orthodox church is said to be losing influence. they are willing to settle their differences and focus on bigger issues like the persecution of christians in the middle east in reunification, this renewed friendship is something previous popes john paul and benedict wanted but never accomplished. francis known for his diplomatic skills bringing the u.s. and cuba together is known to bring adversaries to the table. russia helped facilitate. >> reporter: all right, so once they are done with that meetingthey are done with that meeting, we are being told that both religious leader also
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we are not exactly sure whaha they will day but we know they will be releasing a joint statement in which they will be denouncing crime against christians, especially in the middle easq. just one the issues that we will expecto hear from both religious leaders. for now reporting live in havana, hatzel vela, local 10 >> kristi: all right, hatzel, thank you so much. once the pope lands in cuba we will join you live. calvin hughes, laurie jenningsand michael putney with live, local news right hereren local 10. breaking news right now glendale, arizona. >> constance: police say two teens were shot at a high school there. locac 10 reporter amy vitari is live in the newsroom with the latest information, amy. >> amy: police have confirmed that the hour that two teens have been shot at a high school in glendale, arizona. they have not said at this point whether those victims are students. live pictures from the scene. glendale police say they placed the school on lockdown and no
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want to take you to some video now. they tell us neither is there any immediate threat to students. streets however have been closed to traffic in the residential area around that school and police have been asking parents to stage at a nearby shopping center in the phoenix suburb. i want to take you now to story breaking here closer to home in miami gardens. police investigating shots fired there. they tell us no one was shot per their information at this time. that is from a police public information officer and a large police scene at the area northwest 190th street at 39th court, and police say this call was generated by their shot spotter technology and that alerted them to the shots firedalerted them to the shots fired. you can s several evidence marketers on the street and we saw a rescue truck out there on the scene. we will continue to check on and again at this time. miami gardens police saying no one was hit by gunfire that the location.
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thank you so much. students in coconut grove returning back to class after school. thankfully no one was hurt. ben kennedy is live out of frans s. tucker elementary school where that shooting took place. >> reporter: constance, kids are talking about what happened on thursday. many were scared, coweringh underneath their desk. this is the scene behind me beyond this metal fence. that is where a bullet went through a window in that portable classroom in the distance which was empty today. classes back to normal at francis tucker elementary school i i coconut grove one day after shots were fired and bullets pierced a window from a portable classroom. >> nobody got hurt. the st important thing. >> i was sitting at the front table. >> reporter: tavar es jr. saw a bullet land a foot from his best friend. >> we waited for the police>> we waited for the police to come and we lateed by the
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>> he panicked like that. he couldn't get no oxygen. nobody was telling me what was going on. >> reporter: somebody shot a trigger and a stray bullet hit the window of the classroom. the second shooting outside a miami-dade public school until a 24-hour period. and superintendent alberto carvalho is fed-up. >> chance and slubing our children's best friend this community, something is broken. >> reporter: police were back on the scene as parents walk their kids to class, some sharing this message. >> just told her to be safe and just try to treat it as a normal day. >> reporter: by all means, it is a normal day here. i spoke to the principal moments ago who said they will not be having class at this portable unit behind me as they start to clean up all that damage, and so far no one has been arrested for this violencebeen arrestetefor this violence.
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grove, ben kennedy, local . >> hammers home details in her responses and pushes sanders with the health care planwith the health care plan mean while the republican front runner showed his confidence already projecting a run for reelection. >> i am going to be there and doing a great job. years. >> reporter:onald trump is
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pulling all attk ads from the their south carolina, and his challengers a2en't backing downchallengers aren't backing down. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> you want an entertainer-in>> you want an entertainer-in-chief. >> reporter: the republicans face off again in their next debate tomorrow night in south carolina. basni kanani,bc news, washington. >> kristi: local 10's glenna milberg will bring us live coverage of the primary next week. > check the stock market looking much better than it did yesterday. dow up 244 points to 15904. we are all cheering, kristi, it was to sad. nasdaq up. snp 500 also up 27 points kristi kruger that is good -- >> kristi: that is good to see>> kristi: that is good to see. the vaccine is 18 months away from large-scale trials. the latest number.
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bringing the total number to 18bringing the total number to . one of those cases is in miami-dade bringing the number patients seen to 7. the case remains at two cases in broward county. also new at noon, a burglaryt a south florida restaurant is court on camera. >> cononance: what the thief was targeting beside cash when he broke in. the details after the break. plus mr. wonderful from "shark tank" joins news the studio. what he is teaming up with to prevent tragedy in the water after two teens vanish at sea. the weather couldn't be any better for two outdoor activities. high pressure in place providing for a great show this friday. saturday lking a bit warmer. come saturdaycome saturd night, a cold front moves in. and temperatures will get down to lom 70s by monday morning. we will talk about it in the forecast coming up after the break. >> kristi: that is so cute. local 10 live on the air beginning at 5 a.m. todd tongen, neki mohan, jennifer correa, all there for
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your forecast too. and tonight at 11:00, an escape from prison. >> i want to better my life. >> a secret life. >> i didn't want my kids to think bad of me. >> 34 years of hiding.
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his life around we have some new video of noon at a burglar breakingright into a hollywood rest ran to the steal, get this, wine. surveillance was rolling -- it's true. as a clerk threw a sinlderblock through the glass window of the las vegas restaurant. he grabbed two bottles of red wine, an empty cash register and a small black bag. he took off in a fofour-ddoor black car with a sun roof. if you recognize that guy and he already had the wine probably, call police. showing off stolen items. they were taken during nine differen burglarydifferent burglaries and that deputy wants to find out who they belong to. sanela sabovic is live with that story. sanela, good stuff out there. >> reporter: constance and kristi a simple traffic stop led bso deputies to a slew of stolen items. see what they recovered late to.
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guns along with ammunition, electronics such as tablets, phone and a laptop. various pieces of jewelry. they found drugs and three people were arrested and a fourth person waslater taken into custody. they discovered more stolen items within the homes of the suspects. all these items came from nine different robberydifferent robberies one from west palm beach. they would knock on the front door of the homes and when no one would come to the front door, they would bre in. here are the men that they have arrest. irng joseph and kervin josephirving joseph and kervin joseph, brothers. andres, sandoval and the fourthandres, sandoval and the fourth. >> we have weapons off the street. gun violence is a problem for
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we gotten guns off the street so they can't harm other peopleso they can't harm other people. >> reporter: deputies wantn stolen items to go back to their rightful owners. if you recognize any of the items in the video that we just show you go to the police agency and talk to a detective that is working on your case. -reporting live in north lauderdale, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a mess hey seen in pinellas park where a gas line was leaking there. crews were working on the area causing a small leak. the immediate area shut down early today as a precautionary measure. all roads are now open and there were no injuries. the hollywood weekend is upon us. a lot going on this weekend. hopefully the weather will hold out. >> kristi: she has her little heart. >> julie: very festive. definitely day of cuddlingng with
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before you get there, let's recap and for your fririy morning, temperatures are anywhere between 9 and 12 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday and they continue to soar all thanks tto lots of sunshine. govern, it looks icture perfect. one of those days you want to run outdoooo. temperature 72 degrees right now. a lot of sunshine, rerelative humidity. 53%. the winds are calm. and 63 right now in ft. laudeale with a east wind at 8 miles per hour. and down by the keys, finitely the place to be with lots of sunshine. an abundant amount osunshine. temperatures in the upper 60s to the north-northeast nd at 13 miles per hour. so the warm-up was because of a shift in the wind direction. remember a north wind across south florida provides for a cool air connection, and east ocean breeze brings that warm air off the ocean right here into parts of south florida and that is exactlu what is occurring. in the mid- to upper levels of the atmosphere, we have high pressure in place.
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that means lots of sunshine and behind that cold frontbind that -- that front is a cold front. the area of low pressure with that front bringing snow as far south as raleigh into portions of north and south carolina. we are seeing sleet, snow and more cold weather is expected for our friends across the great lakes and the northeast today. the coldest air that they have seen in decades. sub freezing temperatures is what we are going to be feeling going into the weekendgoing into the weekend. be aivl that you are down here in south florida. the southern half of the united states are warming up because of the dip in the jet stream staying as far north as tennessee. my friends, nice warm day ahead. something we haven't seen all week long. get out and enjoy it and expect to see the cold front slowly sink to the south. by tonight into tomorrow, there will be over central florida. by tomorrow night, we will see the front slide to the outh. as it clears our area we won't know it with the exception of the cloud cover and the breezy conditions comes valentine's day.
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we are seeing a slight risk of currents for you beachgoers, a great day to go to beach. no advisories for you voters. seas 2 to 3 feet and the bays are at a light chop. the weekend forecast. temperatures in n the mid-70s going into saturday. and this front clears saturday into sunday morning. watch what happens on valentine's day. lows i in the 50s. high also only reach the low 70s. a slighthtisk of a shower can't be ruled out because of theocean breeze. president's day expecting temperatures i ithe upper 70s. a great three-day weekend. a chann of a shower comes tuesday as another front brings you by thursday. the valentine's day forecast. nice, lovely weather to cover. ou know who will have more on this, chief meteorologist betty davis will be back at 4:00. constance. >> thank you very much. you may remember this story. two south florida teens perry cohen and his friend were stuck
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jupiter inlet back in july. their boat was never found and neither were they, perry cohen is trying to prevent those tragedies from happening again and using artwork and teaming up from mr. wonderful himself from "the shark tank." kevin is here to tell us more about this project. >> a lot of people don't know that per was an entrepreneur. he was 14 years oldi have been supporting entrepreneurs for a long time now part of what i do for "shark tank." and i was a photographer and perry's dad, nick, runs a lot of art there. he is in the ar community. and he looked at my work along with pamela. they found the foundation and told me he story of perry and asked me if i would support it selling some of m work at one of these art fairs and i said absolutely. thiss such a great cause, so i am showing about 21 images from my clections over the weekend. we are doing just great. >> i saw on twitter you already sold a piece. >> of two them already.
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>> people are getting time to talk. and keeping the story alive about this one man is what this is all about. because so ma -- a huge tragedy like this. >> constance: yeah. >> i can't imagine how his mother feels and nick feels, but keeping his memory alive to help other entrepreneurs his age is a very cool thing. >> constance: yeah, especially for us in south flojida. a lot of us have children. a lot of us are in the water every single day when that story first broke for us. it was absolutely heartbreakingit was absolutely heartbreaking. >> i know them w%ll now. they are great friends of my wife and i. they think of him as alive. he is still with us, and we are supporting what he wanted to do become an entrepreneur. it is very good. >> nstance: let's talk a little bit about the photography. we know you as a business man but behind the lens for a whilebut behind the lens for a while. all pictures you have taken with your travels around the world. >> i worked in a different number of countries and all through my life i was shooting sdaind it for a living and i have a quarter of a million
12:25 pm
>> constance: a quarter of a million images. >> most of the show is what i did in the '70s and '80s on film. these images of scenes around the world. greenland, iceland, things that i think are very interesting and i call this irreconcilable images because every time luke at one you are troubled by what you are seeing. what is the story with that, why is that target practice, why is a man stabbeding the middle of greenland looking at a helicopter like that. every image has a story and people look at them for long, long periods of time and read the descriptor and they get emotionally attached. they buy it and join the cause. >> it is a party here. have you ever been to one of these art fairs? >> constance: i amm familiar with nick. my husband is an artist and right off of 29th street that area eastbound and westbound
12:26 pm
>> it is an edgy hip street show. beyond my stuff, there are so many interesting sufficient to look at. i am loving it and having a good time. >> constance: we are so happy that you are here. >> thank you so much. >> constance: check out art life. back to you. >> kristi: thank you, both of you. the miami boat show is back the miami boat show isis back, but a couple of problems. traffic c ccerns with that show. details after the break. we are getting ready for valentine's day with dazzling delight. karla has a delicious late night dip. and i have an easy dish that won't break your heart flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances
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data boxes transportation officials believe it could hold important clues to exactly what caused that ship to sink. four rehabilitated manatee county are back in the wild thanks to the sea world animal rescue team and the american humane socty red star rescue program. and there they go. the mananee county will return right near the warm waters of the power plant near bbrevard county. there the animals can link up to experienced manatees who are also looking around to get out of the water. >> just the hours of dedication that went into the medical care and the bottles in the morning. and now -- to see them go out and be returned. it is incredibly rewarding and a little bit emotional.
12:31 pm
giants are endangered in florida. they have exposure to red ti de, cold, stress, all nanaral problems that can hurt the manatee county. a great dr. oz moment.can we be running out of something in high demand for valentine's d d. we are not talking about roses, we are talking about a possible shortage of chocolate. >> kristi: no! >> is unfortunately true, constance. a big drought killing a lot o chocolate plants. a fungus that is killing ototrsa fungus that is killing others. and people eating chocolate in other parts of the world like china. get your chocolate while you can. you don't want milk chocolate. it can have 1 real cocoa and milk fat and junk. get real chocolate with 77%cocoa or better. my late-afternoon pick me up andd energizes me and i love how it makes me feel.. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show. he tells us that we can have traffic so i love him. see him at 3:00.
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food festival, and celebrity chefs wiwi dishes from all over the world. head over to local 10 and your facebook page and enter that contest. another major event with george clooney. >> constance: the topics that the actor discussed with german chancellor angela merkel. remember starting tomorrow, local 10 is live on the air at 5 a.m. "today,"neki mohan and jennifer correa there for your news and your forecast. starting at 5:00, looking for love this valentine's day. >> this is like a dream. >> some have lookokg to tharingt that lonely heart. >> had some kind of an issue. >> christina vasquez of lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day.
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sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch's trip to south florida. >> constance: she is on a nationwide tour promoting a department of justice training program aimed at improving regulations between the local police and the community. she spoke with the freedom tower in miami a few minutes agond local 10 news reporter erika rakow is this midday. erika. >> reporter: constance, she is wrapping up her visit to miami
12:36 pm
her remarks to the media just beginning. so she is still speaking. she was here at miami-dade college meeti with our law enforcement. before that she was at a high school saying that changing these improvements start with our youth. >> i came because of you. i came because of the great things that you are all doing. >> reporter: t(e highest attorney in the country, attorney general loretta lynch visiting booker t. wahington high school. heard about these students in the peace ambassador program working to stop violence amongst our youth and she wanted t talk to them. >> to come together and try figure out what they are doing. -- >>reporter: in town hall fashion, attorney general lynch brought the students and police together to figure out how this britge a gap, build trust, and
12:37 pm
>> to actually engage in conversation. >> reporter: breaking the code of silence is a top priorityfor all, a code the superintendent says is ruining school communities. two shootings impacting miami-dade schools this week, a bullet flying through a portable at frances tucker elementary narrowly missing a student and bullets flying at carol city high school a day before. the attorney general's visit and conversation could not have come at a better time. >> almost a good way of ending a week. that after tragedy, there is triumph. >> reporter: attorney general visiting miami as well as five other cities to try build this cooperation and trust between the public and police. a lot of students speaking out. a lot of brilliant ideas. she said she will keep this communication going on. live in miami this afternoon,
12:38 pm
last pour people of an armed occupaon of a oregon federal wildlife rescue. more than one long month. no one was hurt a no shots were fired as the last remaining occupirs turnedd themselves in. that surrender came 41 dayssince they first had klol of the wildlife issues. all inindicted on a federal conspiracy charge now. a guilty vdict in the trial of a new york city police officer charged with shooting and killing a man in a darkened public housing stairwell. the new york city mayor bill deblasio respects the jury's decision finding peter lang guilil of malaughter. ikea gurlie was killed when the rookie officer shot him while patrolling in the stairwell. prosecutors argued that the actions were reckless. his lawyer vowed 4hey will be appealing.
12:39 pm
they killed a man accused of tacking several people with a machete. the man walked into a restaurant and attacked 59 least three people when he was shot and killed by police. two victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> he came into the front door and started systematically started hitting peopl -- you with a machete. i saw him starting to hit people, ran out, but i kept falling, but i got away. >> constance: why he attacked is unclea. return to the theatre where hundreds of people were killed in ris. the owners of the bataclan athlete we are islmic extremists killed 89 people say they are hopethey are hoping to open the historic venue later this year. this venue was built in 1864 and considered one of the cityand considered one of the city's top concert sites. george clooney made a trip
12:40 pm
lynn film festival. >> kristi: the couple met with the german chancellor todiscuss the migrant crisis. he is promoting his new film "hail caesar" and brought his wife amal with him. he went to discuss the migrtion crisis. he became a millionair scratching off a lottery ticketscratching off a lotry ticket. >> constance: his reaction was caught on camera. what he plans to do after thebreak. tonight at 11:00. >> an esce from prison. >> a secret life. >> i don't want my kid to think bad of me. >> howen escaped prisoner turned his life around and
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a local 1 . evening number two of the miami international boat show is attracting thousands of
12:44 pm
the show is at miami marine stadium -- that was a little scary. >> > nstance: a little scary for folks where it is causing major problems on the rrdways. todd tongen is joining us live from virginia a y where travel is a nightmare for anyone getting to the show. todd, you need a helicopter. >> reporter: i have to stop you constance and kristi because what a difference a day makes. a big, big turn around. today yesterday here at the5 today yesterday here at the 75th miami national boat show at their new venue at virginia key, a lot of complaints about traffic troubles and parking problems. today a totally diffent storytoday a totally different story. this is the first year that the show has notbeen at the miami beach convention center and because that venue is getting remodeled, they move here. the miami marine stadium location posts 600,000 square feet of exhibitor face but also in water dockage. and over 100,000 people from around the world are expected
12:45 pm
the show organizer ay the fivethe show organizer say the five-day event will have a million dollar economic impact snron and supports 6500 jobs. not only does the rent from this site can be used to renovate the miami marine stadium but showcasing it as well. the problem. the residents on key biscayne are not that thrilled with the show because of the increased traffic. the village has gone to court to try to get the show kicked out. extremely limited parking near the site and visitors are asked to take a water taxi or go to marlins park to take shuttle buses. today runs much more smoothly than yesterday. the word has gotten out if you don't have a prepaid parking pass on the key, you will not be allowed to park there. people we talked to did not have a problem getting to the show. >> i came from ft. lauderdale and went into the marlins stadium and it was probably about a 45-minute deal. >> reporter: how do you like the new venue? >> i haven't been here yet inside, but actually getting here wasn't that bad.
12:46 pm
off right across the street and got here in ten minutes. >> reporter: your uber and you made a break for it. you are really not supposed to stop there. >> i refuse answer that question. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a large police presence here. this is the bus lane. the buses are allowed to come over and drop people off but cars are not allowed to stop. many people who have ubered here and as they hit the traffic, all of a sudden the doors open and police make a break for it and they say come on, keep it moving. oneof the problems they will continue to have throughout the weekend. but t today so far so good. local 10 news. today. breaking news oakland park. a fire we are hearing about nowa fire we are hearing abobo >> constance: live to local 10 reporter amy vitari. she is in the newsroom withmore. >> reporter: right now we are keeping an eye on that fire and right to aeri video in oakland park as you mentioned and the location we are being
12:47 pm
street. we are told this is an auto bodyshop, a two-alarm fire. you can see that heavy black smoke coming up into the air. we are working to get more information. not clear at this time on what started that fire,but obviously in an auto body shop we are working with potentially a lot of materials in there. if we are talking about tires or other parts that could be highly flammable, so, agai you can see that smoke rising very high newport air. we are told the name of this is a factory finish collision center where you work on damaged vehicles. again, this is in oakland park, and we are keeping an eye to learn of anyone there who is hurt or how fire fighters are working to get that situation under control. and we also want to give you an update right now on that breaking news we were telling you about out of glendale, arizona. right now glendale police have confirmed two people were killed in the shooting at independence high school.
12:48 pm
details on who the people are at this point in time. they tell now active shooter, butthey said two teens were shot at the time. they were not able to confirm whether or not those teens were students, but, ain, that school was placed on lockdown. you are looking at video flow that area in that suburb of phoenix. the schoooowas placed on lockdown. they said no active shooter on the scene or at time this happened, no word on the nature of thehe injuries. but, again, tragically at this time, police have confirmed killed. >> all rigig, amy, thank you so updates. now to a crash at an airport runway in boston wherea van actually hit a jet blue plane parkeder that the gate. plane. the incident happened when the plane was about to depart for tampa. a passenger said t plane shook when it wasit by that van. one of the plane's wings sustained some damage, but thankfully no one was hurt.
12:49 pm
newest winner of a lottery scratch-off game that made him an instant millionaire. the moment he noticed that his on cera. the pizza delivery man was shaking hands, hugging everyone and wipeand wiping a way tears of joy. the 31-year-old chose that lump sum and chose $696,000 before taxes and plans to finish with college and invest wisely. good move. he plans to return back to his delivery job at pizza hut. >> until he gets that first check. lamar odom is out of hiding lamar odom is out of hiding. >> where the former nba star
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
appearance since beingg former nba star lamar odom made his first public appearance after he was hospitalized four months ago. >> his brother-in-law kayne
12:53 pm
nevada brothel. he was release in january. and take you outside. our mount sinai medical camera. and very pretty friday afternoon.
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before we leaveyou today, we will go back to that breaking news. the building on fire in oakland park. sky 10 over that scene. the northeast 42nd street.
12:56 pm
an auto repairr shop of some sort. do stay with u on air or online. fire fighters there at the scene dousing those flames, and you can see,, boy, that black smoke billowing h hh into the air as well. and unfortunately mother nature is not going help. nothing but sunshine. it looks beautiful. outdoor plans. temperatures already warming up to the low 70s. we will continue the warming trend. sunny, dry, warmer today and what we have seen all week long will continue to be warm tomorrow. another front moves in saturday night and bringing %s cloud cover on sunday. valentine's day looks beautifulvalentine's day looks beautiful. enjoy your weekend, ladies. >> kristi: tu. happy valentine's day. that does it for now. >> constance: see you back at 4:00. you can get the latest breaking news by checking out our web
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>> kristi: have lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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>> announcer: valentine's day is just around the corner, so we're bringing you an hour of two times the fun, and two times the food, with our dazzling duo delights. carla's getting the party started with her date night snack that's perfect for valentine's day. then, forgot to buy a gift for yourpsweetheart? it's "the chew" to the rescue. clinton's showing you how to make an amazing last-minute craft that will look like you'v% been planning for weeks. plus, michael's in the kitchen
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and they've got a decadent chocolate delight you're guaranteed to fall in love with. get ready to be dazzled, right now on "the chew". [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. hello, welcome to "the chew". hey, guys, thank you. a good audience today. it's a good audience. >> oh yeah. >> wow. >> you know what's coming up on sunday, don't you? [ sexy saxophone music ] >> oh yeah. >> for some it's a day filled with flowers, chocolate, love notes, and solemn prococmations of affection. [ audience oohs ] for the rest of us, it's a glass of wine and netflix. [ laughter ] i'm talking about valentine's day. valentine's day is coming up. [ cheers and applause ] hey, guys. >> hey. >> happy valentine. what would your ideal valentine's day be? go. >> i think, oh.


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