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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here he is, laying a wreath at the jose marti national monument at revolution plaza. the patriarch inside the monument saying a few words. praises cuba for preserving the@ memories of its national heros. cuba is home to some they how the orthodox christians. two christians churches polit split in 1054 over theology treatments and some say politics. the two churches are willing to resolve their differences and focus on bigger issues. there you heard it. i will translate what pope francis said just seconds ago in
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heh said, "we are brothers, we should speak like brothers, we have the same baptism, we are bishops and w can only unite by walking together." as you see live pictures on the tarmac here at jose marti international airport, allie italia plane waiting for pope francis to ascend into that plane and finally take off to his finally destination which as of now is mexico because that's where he'll be in the coming days. what a day here in havana as we e history in the making. >> laurie: hatzel, we were joined byy father juan sosa earlier. he said what a delicate meeting thisiss and there are so many political undertones, and yet when you see these two leaders embrace, and both smiling away, it makes it seem just so natural. >> hatzel: yeah, and i think it was just timing, right? you think about how long it's been and how many differences
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they realize, you know, we can't continue this way. we have to deal with the p at hand. there are bigger issues here like christians being persecuted in the emailed. so let's focus on that rather than focusing on the differences that we focused on for such a long time, and i think the results of that is what you saw here today. >> calvin: hatzel, i think it's probably fair to say that raul castro will likely be on the tarmac there to see the pope off to mexico city, but what a statement that was made earlier about cuba being a country of unity. that's something that we can dissect probably for the rest of this hour. >> hatzel: yeah, and let me reiterate something else that was said. the pope said by meeting far from the longstanding disputes of the old world, talking about europe, obviously, we experience with a particularly sense of urgency the need for the shared labor of catholic and is orthodox who are called with gentleness and respect to give
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the hope in us, clearly talking about a new world, clearly talking about why it's so important to have that meeting in the americas, specifically in cuba which has been called neutral, and let also be fair and talk aut the positives that this provides for castro as the, sort of the dealmaker in this whole process of bringing these two rell just leaders together. -- religious leaders. >> laurie: it's been an incredible day. we're going to join you again when we see the plane taking off. we encourage to you stay with local10 for more live reports from hatzel in havana, also again at 6:00 and tonight to wrap it all up at listening. >> calvin: before arriving in havana to the the pope had a lighthearted moment on his plane as he spoke with reporters. you see h'm there. trying to briefly a sombreroo given to him by a reporter. he actually did that backn july when he was given a straw
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moral peps we understand the pope is heading on on the tarmac. it appears he is about to take off for his trip to mexico city where he is going to b there, laurie with for five ties das large at least five days, going to pare guy and being automobile to speak in hisative tongue. he speaks so eloquent in spar and makes such a great effort in english. today's he met wet head of russian orthodox church they had no trouble communicating you can see in it their eyes and smiles and body language, two religious world leaders who wanted to come together, who wanted to be there. >> calvin: and they signed that ten page declaration and talked about signing a series of initiatives, though we never got any details about what those initiatives are but just fact that these two leaders met together, the leaders of the russian orthodox and the catholic church. attempts have been made in the
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even benedict 16th. and as predicted right by his side cuba's president raul castro as pope francis gets ready to say goodbye. let's bring in hatzel vela as they are getting ready to say gogobye. we know you are not out there with him obviously for security reasons, but just sort of set the scene for us based on where youre. >> h hzel: this is sort of what i call protocol, what happens really whenny state leader, and in this case alsohe head of the catholic church leaves any country. as you are watching and t tse pictures are showing you, he's saying goodbye to the different religious leaders here inn cuba, and raul castro who is the headof this state, of this country is by his side doing the same thing, sort of a last chance for him to say hello, for him to say goodbye, for him to talk about little things as he gets ready to board that plane and head to mexico. let's also talking about the
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this picture, but will remain in cuba untol sunday. remember, this was his trip, his initial trip was to ce here to cuba just like pope francis did back in september. he is doing the same right now in cuba. so you have two leaders who, by coincidence and again through diplomacy re able to come together, and now we're seeing the end of this momentous meeting here in havana. >> laurie: and it is a windy day on the about there because when theo. takes off his white hat, it's normly because we can't keep it on. there he is addressing cuban leader raul castro and obviously several bishops from other priests there and a jesuit priest who got a special moment, a special greeting by the pope, and this pope in particular, what a powerful moment that is. he is the people's pope, the modern pope. >> calvin: that was jaime ortega, the archbishop of cuba
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pope francis is about to get on this plane. >> laurie: he will often hang onto his cap and his cap and his coats at time when it's so breezy like t ts. he just tookt right of as he says goodbye to his new friend raul castro. >> calvin: once again with pope francis was just there in september. he went to three cities including havana and santiago decuba on his trip in havana and on to the u.s. where laurie followed him as he hit new york city, dc and then e entually philadelphia where he gave some incredible speeches and incredible homilies to so many people who turned outut in all of those american cities. now he's on to mexico city where he will in fact deliver mass, and raul castr saying goodbye, waving at his friend, and as we know someone he is a big fan of, and, hatzel, we can't say that enough, considering that he followed pope francis all
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spoke to cuban people as well. we're talking about raul castro. >> hatzel: and, of course, we have to mention that raul castro, the pope, i should say, pope francis played a unique, very important role in the renewed -- renewing of relation between america and cuba, and mentioned before that castrw does enjoy a good relationship with the russian government, and to that extent the russian orthodox patriarch, and we believe at this point that he played, raul castro played a significant role i bringing these two religious leaders. so i don't want toay it's tit-for-tat but here we have diplomacy working at its best. one helps one. the other one helps the other. >> calvin: and let's be clear, too, that the visits by pope john paul ii back in 199 and the then pope benedict xvi in 2012 and then, of course, last year pope francis in cuba as well,
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will it more space there but there have only been two churches built in cuba, one the russian orthodox churcthat is being built in cuba and as well there's anotheratholic church that is still under construction right now, so there has been a little bit of growth for the church in cuba but not a whole lot. but those papal visits have certainly paid off for some people. >> laurie: the cuban people, and for catholics in general the meaning of today as you look live is hopefully reconciliation on a large scale, on a world and global scale as well as for everyday catholics lives. our coverage will continue with hatzel vela. look for another report to wrap up this visit at 6:00 and also tonight at 11:00. >> calvin: in other news today another big story in fort lauderdale. police have made an arrest after a baby was taken along with her mother's car from a laundromat last week and the suspect is only 16 years old. local10's sanela sabovic is live now with more for us. snell a. >> sanela: calvin, fort lauderdale police say they made
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you mentioned, a suspect only sustain years old but before his arrest he paid a visit here to the emergencycyoom behind me. 16-year-old brian sheen is scene here seen handcuffed and escorted into the emergency room at broward health medical center by two fort lauderdale police officers for some sort of medical evaluation. police confirming today that he was arrested for a carjacking that happened monday afternoon outside of a fort lauderdale laundromat. nide that of car a sleeping ten-month-old baby. >> h h just kind like walking to the car. it didn't even seem like it was a crime that was going on. >> sanela: that carjack can sparked a amber alert for ten-month-old yareli velasco. the mom left the baby for just a minute. she says that she never could imagine something like this happening. the good news is that ya rell was found s se hours after the carjacking inside of her
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mcnabb and power line road.police were automobile to identify jean as that suspect abuse his fingerprints were car. he was taken tie juvenile detentioio facility right after his stint here in the er. reporting live in fort lauderdale, sanela sabovic, local10 news. >> laurie: now to the latest on two teenagers found shot to death in arizona. police discovered the girir in an isolated area of a high school campus, and it'such a mystery because officials never classified this as an act of shooter scenario. they found the girls each shot once with a weaponeer by. authorities have not s sd yet whether they believe this was some sort of murder/suicide or perhaps a double suicide but they say thererere no outstanding suspects and police haven't commented on what sort of relationship those two girls may have had. >> calvin: still to come, a man accused of going on a violent rampage with a sword face aid judge. thth video of the attack is almost too hard to watch. find what happened in court today. we'll have that at the top of the hour. >> laurie: it is valentines weekend and so many people are
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daysys but they're also plenty of scammers looking to take advantage lonely hearts. kwonsumer investigative reporter christina vazquez has an important warning for you. it's today's "call christina" at 5:30. >> calvin: we want to reminde ever weekend you can waning with us starting at 5:00 a.m. we're eanding our weekend morning news show with todd
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core a a, onc again >> calvin: a senior plank turns into pandemonium at a high school in illinois when someone set off a fecracker during a pep rally. now students who say they had thing to do with the preparing upset that they were suspended. cell phone video capturing the moments of a students heard a loud noise during a pep rally in the gymnasium at thornwood high school. >> everyone just picked a door and ran. they ran anywhere. is the of the staff was running, students were running. >> calvin: it happened on friday january 29th. the commotion caused by someone seat of a firecracker. the school took action spending 29 students including those who say they had no soft with the senior prank. evan reid said he wase suspended for ten days because he was in a group chat discussing a prank. >> originally they were supposed to grab sill string and spray all e seniors.
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whatnot. somebody was workers we should get a firecracker as a suggestion. no one took it upon themselves to say i'm going to the store to purchase it. >> calvin: some say they weren't even they at the rally but were suspended. >> i joust got suspended for being in a wheat and group chat. >> i was pretty much mad because you didn't do nothing and i have never been suspended or anything like that. >> calvin: school district officials staih the investigation is ongoing but the decisions were made from credible evidence. reid says the only person t deserves a suspension is the person who seat set off the firecracker. he's concerned about how it's going to affect his college prospects. >> this right here with them giving me ten days out o school is not going to look good. thea actually ruining people's lives that had nothing to do with that c's this incident is stl under investigation did the students involved can appeal their suspensions. >> laurie: pack your beach bag for tomorrow. could this weathere any better? >> calvin: it really is awesome today. >> laurie: we suffered through
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payback. >> calvin: this is a nice valentines gift, by the way. doesn't cost you anything. >> betty: thank you. >> laurie: and you're wearing the right color. >> betty: seing all my love to everybody out there. temperatures warming in the mid-70s thisfternoon. miami made it p to 75, just about thr degrees shy of what's normal for this time of the year for a high temperatu, and then look at the kind of evening we're about to get into. do youach see a cloud out there? mainly clear skies from miami to key west, throughout browardcounty, it's just gorgeous. 72 the opportunity temperature for miami. hialeah, it's at 74, and homestead 72 degrees. what a night for you to head out and may stop alongside the road and get a couple of roses for somebody and then head back in and surprise your loved one. so hers the forecast for the rest of the evening, gorgeous, light breeze by 9:00 tonight as the temperatures start toim slip down into the 60s so you may need a light sweater if you are headingut for a
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high pressure is in control of our weather situation, and that is why t weather's so fabulous. stable setup for us. we're caught in the high. the flow around the sprawling high over theulf of mexico. we do want to point out this cold front, the leading edge of it starting to drop down toward the gulf coast. is front is going to be weak bity time it reaches us so 's going to pass through saturday without us not really knowing it but what it will do is put us back into a northwest to nort flow for a while tomorrow but the forecast models indicating our cooldown with the front won't even be that dramatic. we're simply going to have more pleasant temperatures on the way tomorrow afternoon. by sunday a northeast breeze starts to kick in. we'll have a few more clouds but overall valente's day should be pretty decent if you have something you need to do outside or you just want to get out with your sweetheart. tomorrow we'll start the innate 50s, forecasting 57 for mia. then we mauk our climb towards 76 degrees.
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the upper 50s. high of abo 74 degrees. breezy day for us, breezy, too, on monday wit highs reaching the upper 7 7. around 80 fo the high on tuesday. another cold front moves through. once that passes we will cool down again but it won't be a huge cooldow laurie. >> laurie: betty, thank you. and we have some video of a thirsty thief, you could say, in action. let's take a look at thisan. he threw a cinder block loo the window of a local restaurant. we'll tellou what he stole to quench his 31st. >> calvin: let's take you back to havana, cuba. you can see the camera trying to get a picture of pope taking off, on his way to mexico city for a five-day tour after having an historic meeting with thee patriarch of russian orthodox church. we'll have a lot more coming upp at the top of the hour. >> clay: happy friday, everybody. time for clay's clowns including
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>> the joke's write themselves. >> clay: time to send in the clowns. we know nba players some of the best athletes in the world but every now and then n n't it noise when guys like rudy mack you say, hey, i could have done that. >> look at thihi what was that? >> ride gobear.>> that might to be worst jumpp shot i have ever seen. >> clay: om about four feet short. number four, d dght howard clearly disturbed by something. it appears to be a foul odor of some kind. we never found out exactly what it is but his reaction is enough to put him on the list at number four. and number three, timothy months government cavaliers with a monster -- oh, boy -- blocked by the rim, always the toughest defender in the house. now, at numberr two this kentucky basketball fan a little out
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then he picks up random girl and he actually drops her as he's going down the steps. it's kind of scary when you see it there. erybody is fine, but a good lesson, don't't puck up other human beings and try to run downstairs. never a good idea.a. finally at number one, lebron james with a pass that hits angelo russell in kind of a rough spot. just where you don't want to get hit. kobe bryant, your thoughts. >> it w w really funny. like once i knew he was okay, the jokes write themselves. >> clay: i don't know what's better, the pass or kobe's reaction. once again everybody was all right. that's the ifs rule on clay's clowns. but this is a perfect example of why mom always tells to you wearr your athletic supporters when you play sports, right? >> calvin: i think i should talk like this after that.
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>> laurie: easy to laugh when it's not you, right? >> calvin: a firefighter is hurt battling a big fate auto repair shot. >> victor: wear now seeing new video of that near that caused thee explosions. local10 viewers are sending in video of what they were seeing when that fast-moving fire broke out. we'll have a live report straight ahead at at 5:30. >> janine: thinking about giving online dating a try this weekend? there are risks. consumer reporter christina vazquez will help keep you from getting scammed. >> victor: and we'll tell you what happened when a man who went on a rampage with a violent sword made his debut in courur increase speed, full throttle!
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>> janine: sky 10 over a fast moving fire at an auto body shop in oakland park this afternoon. besides the danr from the names, firefighters had to contend with explosions. >> victor: and one firefighter
5:29 pm
local10's shyann malone joins us live now with more. >> shyann: when you think about it, victor and janine, any type of auto shop contains a lot of chemicals that can easily catch on fire, that blaze can continue spread. that's why it took firefighter about 45 minutes to get it under control but let me show you a look at the aftermath. you can see on the left side of this garage the back, and towards the rear you can see the roof collapsed and charred. this place charred inside and out. several cars damaged. likely a total losos here, and investigators are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened. that's the sound of exploding cars and chemicals after a fire breaks out friday afternoon. factory finish collision center now charred inside and out. [ sin ] >> shyann: the exclusive cell phone video sent us beau a local10 news viewer on the scene shows black smoke billowing from the building. nick deal and an dro was there, too, he owns the shop ne door.
5:30 pm
reporting live in oakland park, shyann malone. >> victor: we have new information today about a man who is accused of ambushing and shooting a miami gardensnsolice officer. 24 i couldn't recall david ma he medical care did not appear but his -- mejia is accused of shooting an officer, david starling, as he sat in his patrol car near northwest 103rd street. n. january. starling survived and is now recovering at home. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch was in south florida for a second straight day. she's on a nationwide tour promoting a departmentf justice program aimed a improving relations between local police and the community. she spoke to students at booker t. washington high school who are w wking stop violence amongst our youth. lynch's speech camefter two other miami-dade schools were affected by shooting just this week. >> i came because of you. i came because of the great things that you are all doing. >> it's almost a good way of ending the week, that after
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>> victor: lynch also met with local law enforcement at miami-dade college and wrapped up her visit to miami at the freedom tower. >> janine: new information today about a federal investigation into allegations of corruption at broward health. the public health system that receives about $150 million in tax dollars every year. local10 investigator bob norman has learned that probe is now in the hands of a federal grand jury. report. >> how do you answer to? this is $1.2 billion operation. >> bob: already rocked by the suicide of ceo nabil -- >> the taxpayers of oward county deserve period. >> bob: -- publicly financed broward health is now dealing with corruption allegations that local10 has learned is now the subject of a federal grand jury investigation. at an emergency meeting held wednesday night, the district's ethics officer carlos perez briefly dreads the issue.
5:32 pm
the the a existence of the subpoena. >> i want to show that we're taking the allegations very seriously. >> bob: board chair affidavit dipietro held the meeting in, quote, spirit of transparency bet fellow board members why in favor of a closed door. >> if this board want to go in the shade i think that's one of the most inappropriate decisions i ever had to vote on. >> bob: private investigator wayne black was hired last year to look into allegatioio of wrongdoing by staff. >> this place has had a c cture corruption and a culture of obstruction for too long. >> bob: according to a memo black sent to the board last month after elseinadi committed suicide he found kickbacks and other crimes he shared to the fbi leading to the grand jury investigatioio board members confirmed former
5:33 pm
is one subject of the investigation. >> the favorite timm and contracts, they jump off the page at you. >> bob: bob norman, local10 news. >> j nine: bob's efforts to contact bravo were not successful but local10 welcomes getting his full side of the story. >> victor: in today's "call christina" report valentine's day is on sunday and federal regufators are issuing a warning about scammers searching for love online. >> janine: consumer investigator christina vazquez has tips on how to spoonline date p scams and to you how to connect were people the old-fashioned way. >> christina: while you are searching for your-mile-an-hour soul might on online date p website, the f gi it'sbi said scammers are waiting for you many times just flat ut asking for money. >> when i was on the online date go sited. >> calvin: shiller said a man tried to con her friend on it of thousands of dollars with a claim his daughter needed emergency medical treatment. >> now is the time we need your
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and believe you'll help us out. >> christina: federal investigators say cruel con artists targeting datingwebsites results in the highest amount of financial losses when compared to other internet facilitated crimes. we are talking people out thousasas of dollars. >> we can call and can them both. >> christina: that's were nancy gold and barbara gold black farb of elegant introductions say they help peel find love the old-fashioned way. they screen each single, conduct background checks, ask questions about goals, core values, date can history. >> then we do our magic p this then we get together and decide who we think we have that would be a match for this person and we go out and we scout as well. >> christina: but they don't share pictures. the pair looking for love see each other for the first time in person. >> because chemistry is something that only you can -- you can experience. so you have to meet the person, and you won't know if it's there until you look them in the eye. >> christina: it's hour a man
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once tried to con him out of money. >> maybe you can help me. can you open an account with citibank. >> christina: met his new love annette. whether you meet someone in person oring yo, these love experts say here's what to look for. >> core values are the most important with honesty, someone who is kind. >> calvin: ci when it comes to online date p sites the fbi internet crime center said scamamrs will often set up a fake profile, so federal investigators say beear of that picture that looks like something out of a glamor magagane. also a plea for financial assistance what is certainly a red flag. we have much more on spotting a romance scam and information o on background checks on the "call christina" page of in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: always good advice this valentine's day. right now it's time four to get a check on afternoon rush. >> jenise:e: think a lot of pele are probably rushing to stores to get last-minute gifts for their valentine but we're
5:36 pm
there. i-95 southbound oakland park boulevard. you see that accident has moved off to the shoulder but we're still seeing heavy delays. as we zoom on in to our maps, again this is i-95 southbound, oakland park boulevard, ther was a left lane blocked earlier that accident to the shoulder. speed 34 miles per hour. checking out dade county wve got an accident on the palmetto expressway. this is as you're heading east just as you're approaching northwest 47th avenue. there is a right lane blocked. seeing those heavy delays you're approaching that crash with speeds at 18 miles per hour. and also i-95 northbound, this is as you're approaching the dolphin expressway this is there ising a accident there as well, speeds there are clocking in 22 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: thank you. we're now seeing video ofhat controversial rocket launch by north korea after pyongyang reloseith on promotional video of the launch. nonoh korea recently leads footage that of provocative launch complete with a countdown and this propaganda video also includes music and it sos north korean leader kim yong un plying
5:37 pm
private jet and then touring the facili if video also shows people celebrating that rocket launch. now to this, george clooneyy is taking a break from promoting his latest hump in germany to highlight the refugee crisis. clooneyy and his wife amahl met with german chancellor merkel today. >> janine: still ahead we are seeing a new side of a man accused on going on a rampage with a sword. we have been showing you this video all week long. but today that man was in court, and we'll tell you what happened at 6:00. >> victor: a man in indiana is going to great height to show his love for his wife on this vineland weekend. >> janine: first, mr. wonderful from shark tank s spped by local10 studios today. we'll tell you had you he is using aifelong hobby to help two families right here in south >nnouncer: floridatonight 11:00. an escape from prison. a secret life. 34 years of hiding in south florida. how an escaped prisoner tururd
5:38 pm
a free man. al local10 exclusive tonight at 11:00. >> and first as we head to a quick break week we can take two more days like this, this is a life pture from our mount nai medical center in miami. will it stay like this for vineland and for the boat show and forhe arts festival. >> janine: and the other arts festival. >> victor: everything that's
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after this. >> victor: we have some heart stopping dash cam video that proofs how dangerous it is for highway patrol coopers every day on the job. last month oklahoma state trooper jason richardson was struck by an suv as he was walking along a cable barrier towards another accident. the driver of the suv loses control in a patch of ice and swerved into the median and hit him. we didn't show you the impact. the trooper is recovering from injuries to his leg and head. the suv driver was not cited. a clothes manufacturing plant in southwest virginia burned on thursday. the dan river mill plant was already in the process of being torn down. the fire started yesterday afternoon. it burned into the evening. veral nearby roads were closed
5:43 pm
thankfully no injuries were reported. now to the violence in athens was greece as farmers fought with police in riot gear as they protested against pension reforms. demonstrators a attacked police with sticks and stones, and that's before officers released their gas canisters. new data shows that the greek economy is back in recession. >> janine: three high school students in new jersey are being called heros by their classmates after they saved their school bus driver who was having a memorabilia emergency. that bus was packed fop of students on their way to school in bridgewater when the substitute driver suddenly started having problems. he missed the exit to their school, and that'shen those students jumped into action. >> he kept calming himself, taking his hands off the wheel and to his chest. he almost went through the red light. that's when i jumped up and pushed the car all the way into park. >> i told everyone to just get out, get out of the bus. >> what did the kids say to you after you did this?
5:44 pm
this other stuff. >> janine: scary. they managed to get that bus stopped. they called an ambulance for the bus driver. none of the 27 students onboard was hurt. >> victor: a water main break has caused a huge problem in scranton, pennsylvania. it turned nearby streets into rock solid ice and it's preventing people from getting to that into their homes. the 12-inch main was spraying a huge geyser into the air this morning, and the temperatures instantly turned the surrounding streets into sheets of ice. residents living in one apartment building were forced to stay at all red cross shelter. every furnace in their building was damaged by this water main break. >> i looked out the front window and it looked as if there was a frozen wave of water and it was literally friends solid. >> everything was blanketed in water. friends solid. >> it was kehl hike aires berg coming down the road. it had was amazing. it really was. >> victor: utility crews worked
5:45 pm
crews repaired the damage to the apartment building. people hope to get back in their homes soon. >> janine: from the dc area, and i know right now at least there in pennsylvania it is freezing there right now. that on top of having a sheet of ice is just awful. >> victor: meanwhile, betty davis, we are sitting really pretty. today as picture perfect. continue come at a better time because we have a lot of people in town for about 17 events going on in miami this weekend. >> betty: we don't want to brag, but, youou know, i think we got the best weather ever happening routine. this is the view rough the lens of our mallory square tower camera. sailboat heading by, just picture perfect. not a single cloud there. this is the hollywood broadwalk. the people are out back on the broadwalk, not too many layers out there back in the shortrt and some short sleeves as well as our temperatures have made that nice rebound into the 70s this afternoon. 72 in miami. key west cat 70. winds with an easterly component. all that sunshine.
5:46 pm
were able to make that bounce up from the 50s today. tonight winds will be light, generally fromhe east, and this sky cast model showing mainly clear skies. the numbers start to drop off in the 60s and then we settle mid-to uppur 50s town. janine, you were just talking about all that cold in places like pennsylvania. here are the temperatures to prove have proof it. currently 29 degrees in washington, dc. it's 18 in detroit. look at minneapolis. 10 degrees. there is another blast of arctic air rolling down the pike, and that's going to be spreading over the northeast, too, so they are not going to get out of the is chill. now, a weak cold front is slipping down toward the gulf coast and that heads for us tomorrow. it does not appr it's going to do a lot to change up our temperatures. athe very least it changes up our wind direction and puts us back into to a northwest to north flow tomorrow. but bottom line, even though we ge off to a kind of cool start on saturday in the 5 5, our highs will again make that climb
5:47 pm
we're forecasting 76 for the high in miami. while washington, dc, will do no tter than 21 degrees or big old blast of sunshine in chicago, but a high of only 13 degrees. so the cold air, it is certainly on in that region. hopefully you're not having to head in that direction to visit your boo because yawer going to have to do a lot of snuggling in that kind of weather. back here at he, if you are making tomorrow a beach day the water temperature is 68 degrees, our air temperature gets up into the 70s, winds from the west-northwest. taking the boats out no advisories on the w wers. seas off miami-dade and broward two to three feet, just a light chop on the bay p we'll start tomorrow morning the in 50s. we're fororasting a low of 57 for miami. ample sunshine, a a high around 76 degrees. vineland, let's talk about this. a little cool in the morning with a high near 59 for miami or low, i shoulday, around pipe in miami.
5:48 pm
rain chance at just 10%. breezy, partly cloudy. monday a few more clouds. if you're off on president's day, temperatures not too tough to take at that time all. upper 70s by tuesday 80. next cold front approaches, brinin a few showers tuesday. behind that cooler air moves, the good news about the cooldown we're anticipating next week is iton't be dramatic. we're expecting our temperatures to head back to what's normal forhis time of the year. victor. >> victor: we're getting used to it, though. it didn't take long for one dog in central florida at a sheltet to find a good home. turns out she's got some real move take a look. told you she had moves. her nameppropriately ginger rogers. she shows off her dance moves at the shelter in orange county, and after being found roaming on the seets was taken to that shelter, that video, it went viral and no doubt with those moves she comes with the music, too. >> janine: i love it.
5:49 pm
go, ginger. who would not want a dancing dog? >> victor: at all hours dancing around the bed. >> janine: i love it. so there's one guy guy in indiana last all of you beat when it comes to g gting your sweet something special for valentine's day. take a look at this. he bought his wife a bill period period patrick s sl haven't said his wife asks for moderate gifts on valentine's day, mbe a handwritten note or a card but he was driving to work one day and decide he would buy a billboard to show everybody how much he loves her. >> and i just started gasping and cing and oh, my gosh, i can't believe. >> it started crying, and she totally lost it, and it was really exciting. that's what i wanted, was too surprise her and let her know how special she is and let her know that these 27 years have been great for me. >> janine: he actually sounds really emotional about that. the sullivans, by the way, married in 1988. they have three children and they now are enjoying spending time with their first grandchild.
5:50 pm
the bar really high, pat. appreciate it. what does he do for 30, though? >> janine: maybe he could get her a room in the vincent van gogh room. >> victor: you can now spend a night in the vincent van gogh bedroom. there thanks r rcreation for an exhibit and it opens on this sunday. if exhibit pays tribute to three paintings van gogh crafted that inilammatory late 19th century. the museum is renting that relative humidity, by the way, for just $10 a night. you can find on it air b&n and that ratat includes two kicks to the combination which runs through may 10th. >> victor: we have your tickets to one of the biggest events of year, local10 giving away tickets to the upcoming up south beach wine and food festival that as you know attract celebrity chefs and unique dishes from all over the world. >> victor: a by friday in the local10 newsroom. here are some of the top stories wear working at 6:00. a man accused of going on a rampage with a pipe and a sword goes before a judge for the first time.
5:51 pm
court today. >> janine: and this little kitty is hoping for a home this valentine's day week after it was found under the hood of a woman's car trying to stay warm. >> victor: plus we have surveillance 7531sty thief casing lot of damage tie local
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a free drink. >> janine: mr. wonderful from
5:55 pm
>> victor: kevin is selling some of his photographs to help the families of two teens who disappeared at sea. teenagers perry co-op and austin stephanos left jupiter inlet in a small boat in july and never returned. search was exhaustive spending many days and miles but the boys were lost at sea. >> keeping this story alive about this young man is what this is about. >> victor: i have gone to his mr. wonderful nick nim shark tank star kevin o'learyy has partnered up with perry's family to prevent something like this from happening again. >> this is suchh a great cause, and so i'm showing about 21 images from my collection throughout the fair for the weekend. we're doing just great. >> victor: it turns out that perry at just 14 years old had business aspirations. o'larry sales from his show called irregular salable images will benefit teenage proposals and the perry j. cohen fountion that promotes boating safety for young people. >> when a huge tragedy like this
5:56 pm
mother feels, how nick feels, but keeping his memory alive to help other entrepreneurs his age, that's a very cool thing. >> victor: how about this. o'learyy has sold two of those photograras. you can watch shark tank tonight on local10 starting at 9:00. o'learyy also told us he has lived all over the world but actually worked as a photographer. he's the guy quarter of a llion images right . so. >> janine: art wynwood is the place wishing check it out. i didn't know what about mr. o'leary. mr. wonderful. that's going to do it for local10 news at favorite. >> calvin: victor and janine, tanks a lot. >> and a sit down for the pope and the russian patriarch. >> calvin: and southern florida schools are under fire as more schools are under lockdown. >> and a 16-year-old in custody for a crime that prompted an amber alert.
5:57 pm
cook county using a ster block to s sal wine. >> laurie: and will it aub chilly holiday weekend? warm eugh for the beach? >> calvin: plus, the last place youould think this kitty would go to get warm. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: new video from tonight's top story, pope francis leaving cuba after a historic meeting centuries in the making. the pope meeting with his counterpart in the ruggles orthodox church. calvin: it is the first time sin they 11th century that's happened and with havana as their meeting point we've been bringing you every minute life today. local10 news reporter hatzel vela is live now in havana with more on this historic meeting and historic day. >> hatzel: calvin, let's give you some context here because he is not the first pope to try to arrange this meeting. we know thaha pope benedict xvi and pope john paul ii tried as well but did not quite make it happen. but here it is.
5:58 pm
francis once again using his diploma's skills to make this happen. diplomacycyills. let's shoho you video as the pope left this afternoon out of jose marti international airport headed on his way to mexico. this was initially the only thing that was going to happen. he made changes, decided to stop here in cuba, and this happened. let's go to the second piece of video, really the historic part of this visit. you saw that he was here for about three hours, landed here for about 2:00 this afternoon. really the renewal of two relationships that date back to 1054, a break in that relationship. pope francis reportedly told patriarch kirill "finally mere we are brothers." the first hello with kisses, symbolic of that brotherhood between two priests, two equals, and historic for the world's biggest churches.
5:59 pm
then they signed a joint declaration in which various issues were addressed. here is pope francis talking abousome of those. >> interpreter: we spoke as brothers. we have the same baptism. we are bishops. we spoke of our churches. we agreed that unity is made by walking. >> hatzel: unity is made by walking. some strong words aswo leaders, two religious leaders finally come together after almost 1,000 years. now, this is not where it ends, though, because we know pope francis now is interested in actually visiting russia, and eventually also visiting chihi, which the catholic church has had a frac fractured relationship. certainly not the end.


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