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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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then they signed a joint declaration in which various issues were addressed. here is pope francis talking abousome of those. >> interpreter: we spoke as brothers. we have the same baptism. we are bishops. we spoke of our churches. we agreed that unity is made by walking. >> hatzel: unity is made by walking. some strong words aswo leaders, two religious leaders finally come together after almost 1,000 years. now, this is not where it ends, though, because we know pope francis now is interested in actually visiting russia, and eventually also visiting chihi, which the catholic church has had a frac fractured relationship. certainly not the end.
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looking forward to what ee he has to do at 11:00. we're going to really break down this whole story and bring you the highlights of such an incredible day. for now report can live in havana, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: great job out there, hatzel. >> calvin: americans will soon be able to buy i a ticket on a commercial to havana and other cities in the fall according to the u.s. stata department. there will be 20 flights dale tow havana and ten to other cities on the island nation. u.s. airlines will bid on the routes and need approval from both washington and havana. >> laurie: now tonight, a suspect is under arrest in a shootings outside a miami gardens high school. stanley ragin is the second person inn custody for wastes shootout. it happened at carol center city high. >>alvin: several schools on lockdown four hours. local10 news reporter liane morejon live for us tonight with an update. liane. >> liane: laurie and calvin, the superintendent of miami public schools as well as the police chief for miami-dade public
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arrests successes. they are credit can one two things, one those surveillance cameras right outside of school for actually catching the incident. they are also creting the community for coming forward with information. but the bottom lile is that someone still brought weapons dangerously close to a school. that's why a group of pastors and community leadersrs say that they called a news conference today to say t tt they have had enough. >> lord, we thank you for this day. >> liane: pastors and concerned community leaders uniting in prayer friday outside carol city high school which was placed on lockdown due to nearby gun violence earlier in the day and where bullets pierced windowsjust days earlier. >> the ones that are doing this, ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> liane: miami-dade schools police making their latest arrest today relat to a gang shooting that took place wednesday. 19-year-old stanley ragin is now behind bars. >> he is in custody and he's facing a slew of felony crges
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admas is being held on $16,000 bond plus house arrest if he gets out. >> it was u ung information from the community that decide break the code of silence that we were able to make these arrests. >> liane: ragin, admas and a third pson of interest allegedly exchanged gunshots outside of carol city high school leaving bullet holes in a window and a fence. >> he pulled that handgun out of his waistband and pointed it towards her, the school, in that direction. >> liane: just yesterday a stray bullet pierced the window of a portable classroom at francestucker alarm in coconut creek. no one has been arrested if that case and these pastor say they've had enough. >> we what the to get our community to start speaking up about the violence that's going would be stop the shooting, and make our young men understand how importance it is for us to sasa that it's got to e, it's got to stop today. >> liane: one of those pastors says he is offering up $500 from his own church to increase
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to that shooting in coconut grove. no arrests have beenenade there. they're still looking for the people responsibility in shooting in the miami gardens area that put carol city hi school and two other schools on lockdown today and of course theylways need more information regarding the gang shooting that took place on wednesday p any infmation on those, go ahead and call miami crimestoppers a 305-471-tips. live tonight in miami gardens, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. a teenage boy who is accused of stealing a car with a sleeping baby inside, he was arrested just today. fort lauderdale police say 16-year-old brian jean was identified by fingerprints noun in the stolen car. police say a woman went inside a ong to drop off lunne dre and sleeping in the back was ten-year-old yareli velasco. the cars was found found layer at mcnaab and power line roads
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>> calvin: this is shocking video we've been showing you all week long. but today that man made his first appearance in court. local10 news reporter derek shore live now. derek, the stories of bothman involved in these terrible attacks. what's next for the man arrested today? >> derek: calvin, today a judge ruled that there was more than enough evidence to keep javon walker behind bars. the next step will@ be to evaluate his mental state. they were two terrifying attacks caught on tape, and police say one man was behind them. >> attacked a manan with a samurai sword at the swap shop. >> derek: for the first time since his ready subjected 21-year-old javon walker appear in front of a judge and heard the charges against him. >> it's actually attempted murder which is punishable by a life felony. >> derek: he grabbed a piece of metal to brutally beat a man at a shell station. not long after police say walker showed up at the swap shot where
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display and chased down the employee hacking at the 49-year-old before walking off. both victims spoke with local10 about the terrifying encounters. >> he came and hit me with this piece of ironsome i sai thahas it for me. i think he gonna kill me. >> derek: both victims in our recovering. today a judge ruled there was enough evidence to hold walker a charge of teamed murder for the attack on singh and aggravated battery against a person over 65 for the beating of brochet. while walker were remain behind bars there are questions about why he may have snapped twice with no motive. the public defender alluding to his client possibly suffering from psychological problems. >> judge, there's clearly something underneath all of this. >> of course,. >> that needs to be investigated. we would ask the court at the very least to order a mental health screening while he is in custody.
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behind bars with no bond. police also say before these attacks, just before these attacks he also committed a carjacking, so he's facing charges for that as well. live in fort lauderdale, derek shore, local10 news. >> laurie: derek, thank you. and seven minutes after 6:00 now it's the beginning of a long holiday week. folks anxious to get home. let's check on track of with reporter jenise fernandez rht here with a look. >> jenise: for those of you who may be heading on out to store to buy resources chocolates do not take i-95 southbound especially in the express lanes where we're seeing this accident. there is a left lane blocked and we are seeing heavy delays started golden glades. as we zoom in closer to our maps i-95 southbound the in express lanes, a left lane blocked with speeds right now 22 miles per hour. palmetto expressway as you're heading east, this is right around northwest 47th avenue. there's a right lane blocked here and speeds clocking in at 20 miles per hour. and as we cruise on to broward county we are watching one accident on i-95 southbound. this is right around state road
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to get on the ramp to state road 84, and speeds there 25 miles per hour. laurie, calvin. >> laurie: meantime another wave traffic this president's day weekend. a new location for the miami international boat show has everyone flooding virginia key. more than 100,000 people are expected to go to the marine -- miami marine stadium. >> calvin: we learned earlier about track of but today we're hearing about another problem and that's parking. local10 news reporter todd tongen live there for us. what do you recommend this busy week to try to get out there? the well, don't come down here and think that you're going to parken near the venue for starters. this event had to be moved to the miami marine stadium because the miami beach kings center is under renovation, but getting here can be difficult, however, weill say today was a big-time different story from yesterday's troubles. sign, sign everywhere a sign. directing visitors to this year's boat show. the miami marine stadium
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square feet of exhibitor space but letters inwater dockage, accommodating 400 boats. over 100,000 people from around the world expected to attend the show, but getting there takes some planning. >> did you have any trouble getting here? >> a little because we didn't pre-pay but once we got here and went back it was great. >> todd: the only people who parked near the venue paid in reserve and advance online spoom folks were dropped off but it is a bit of a walk unless you break the rules, and we saw plenty of that. >> we came in hooker and uber dropped offense right across the street. got here in ten minutes. >> so uber pulled over and you made a break for is it? euros not supposed to stop here. >> i refuse to answer that question. >> todd: the absolute best to get to so show ironically might be by boat. folks like this at that time dinner key marina in coact swear by the. >> it's worth the wait because
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over in a bus or whatever. >> and a beautifif ride. >> exactly, yeah, really nice out there. >> todd: meanwhile just down the road workers were getting ready per to coconut creek arts festival. these two events have always been the on same weekend but never in such close proximity. that could turn today's smooth sailing not a rough ride for the weekend. and as it getet later in the day, obviously you get quite a bit - a few more people here headed to the show or heading he, and in the morning hours there's a glut as well so you're going to have a longer wait time. definitely the shuttle buses and the water tax is are the way to go. forrore information where you can get those pickups, go to we've got all the the information there. on virginia key, todd tongen,local10 news. >> calvin: todd, thanks a lot. >> laurie: crowds. it's not the end of the school year but school grades are out. that's right. florida is finally releasing school grades based on tests given nearly a year ago. overall mild schools received a
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438 schools were tested. 167 of those received an "a" grade. 20 relieved "f" gdes. broward county also getting a "b" overall. of its 294 schools, 84 got an "a," 29 of them get an "f." find out what grade your children's school received on >> calvin: new fears tonight with zika virus and its effect on pregnant women. >> laurie: infected americans suffering misrriages. the latest on the outbreak, look for that on "world news tight" at 6:30. >> betty: lovely weather for south florida tonight. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know if the weather will be as sweet for valentine's day. >> calvin: and a thirsty thief caught on camera. a crook getting creative to break inside for wine? we have this dramatic video next >> announcer: tonight at 11:00. anscape from prison. a secret life. >> i don't want my kids to think bad of me. >> announcer: 34 years of hiding in south florida. how an escaped prisoner turned
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a free man.
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>> jenise: were table to peak with the veterans who fought there. >> we saw these p aces they were talking about and just hearing it from them is incredible humbling and incredibly instructive. >> jenise: the cons last france presenting the medals to the six veterans. and also leaving's message with the students, a promise that they will never forget the sacrifices these men made. >> i'm very glad to see that these students are interested and will remember what happened and the men that sacrificed their lives and parts of their lives to participate in the liberation. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> laurie: a histolesson thanks tows veterans. a thirsty thief caught on camera breaking into a local restaurant for bottles of wine. ch was the man throws a cinder block into the las vegas restaurant on sterling road in hollywood. then helimbs inside.
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bottles of red wine and a empties cash register. please call broward crimestoppers if you think you te know who this man is. >> calvin: a furry surprise for a plantation woman this morning wh she spotted a four-legged stowaway in her car. take a look. >> laurie: furnace tushes out this little kitten had been jumping from car to car looking for warmth ending up in the turbo c crged engine of a volkswagen. her nickname turbo. very appropriate. we're working to find out which shelter she was taken to so maybe you can surprise your valentine. look at those eyes. i want to b@ your valentine. >> calvin: oh, my. >> laurie: turbo. >> calvin: the key thing is that the kitt was looking for warmth. we could all have joined her this morning, no doubt about it be with looking warmtmtas well. >> laurie: but now it is just glorious, betty. will this continue through the weekend? >> betty: it will, especially as we get through saturday.
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sunshine in the forecast, just pro romantic. this is the video from the lens of our mallory square camera. we know someone is holding the hand of their sweet watching the sunset. oh, we are just painting quite the picture for you. mount sinai medical center tower camera, chececit out, miami, as we stare across the causeway. looking for fantastic out there. mainly clear skies, getting a little on the cool side, though, upper 60s around miami with kendall, homestead. after getting into the mid-s this afternoon. fort lauderdale, though, hanging onto 70. you isisoo pompano beach. we're not looking for at a tremendous crash in temperatures but if you're heading out you probably want aight sweater. 66 for the ma. plantation a light breeze and lower 60s in your neighborhood. high pressure has a strong handle on our weather today and for tonight as well making for conditions that are very, very stab. so what you see is what you get. we are tracking the leading edge of a cold front as it closes in on north florida.
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that's going to s sp through south florida tomorrow. we're not expecting it to bring big changes our way, so after a cool start in the morning, we're talking about a pleasant afternoon so that north wind is going to reinforce what we already have and that is temperatures getting up into the mid-70s. that still will be possible for saturday. on sunday we're going the kick up the breeze, a northeast wind is going to ensue. we're still expecting temperatures to climb into the 70s, but maybe shave two drogues off the 76 in the forecast for tomorrow. so bottom line, there's no excuse as far as the weather goes for you dng something fantastic for your sweetheart because the weather wants to play nice. 57 is where we expect to start in miami tom. highs getting into the mid-70. winds northwest to north about 10 miles an hour. breeze ping up on sunday. we'll start the day 59 degrees for the mia, highs in the mid-70. monday, president's day, clouds, sunshine, mixed highs in the&
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cold front approaches tuesday. behind it we cool downut not a huge cooldown in the forecast. >> clay: chris bosh out of the all-star game.
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about its had latestr. >> clay: heat star chris bosh has withdrawn from the all-star game and the 3-point shootout in toronto because of a calf injury. the injury is similar to the one he developed in defers 20y 14 before it was eventually discovered he had blood knott's however,t's important to note that right now there is nothing to suggest that the two are reted. the heat released this statement just within the last hour from bosh "i am honored to be selected to napper all-star
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still be here to support my fellow east all-stars but i will letters use this time to heal and focus on the second half of the heat season." the heat's err other all-star dwyane wade made the rounds at media day today, also made waves because of h h choice of attire. the big story, all-star game' final one for kobe bryant and how this is his last game tha he will ever play, something that wade has said taught h'm to appreciate every moment in these all-star games. >> you look at what's going on, you know, with kobe, and you look and see that, you know, this super human superhero, this is it for him, this is the end, this is his last, and you start looking and say that's going to be me one day. >> clay: another big story at the all-star game big in an shaquille o'neal making the cut as a final its for the basketball hall of fame. >> i still really don't know what today means. i don't don't. i got the call, there's a change
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you're nominated. i don't really know what that means. i'm very, very superstitious so until i get the real call. >> clay: you got to love irish's reaction in background. one note david beckhkh's reps are denying that the soccer star is selling his current stake in his mls franchise. his reps do say-hour that they're looking to bring on a fifth partner. there werean online report earlier today that said beckham was going to agreed to sell his stake for $100 million but his i reps say that is not the case. >> laurie: that not be good. >> clay: not for beckham and themls. >> calvin: weather tonight
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a little on theheool text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. > d on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standg in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers.
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attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years. silence broken. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine? and tim tebow is here tonight. hard to imagine he had trouble at the prom. tonit, how he's helping thousands. od evening. great to have you with us on a busy friday night. breaking news in the race for the white house. donald trump's threat late today. the primary in south carolina, donald trump saying he may sue


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