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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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in two hours, everything has changed. symbolic of that brother hood that has been ruptured for almost 2,000 years. pope francis exchanging more than just greetings, more than just gifts. really the coming together of churches at a three-hour meeting. because of the conversation he had, he can assure both churches can work together around the
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it focused on many issues. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> reporter: it's what they have wanted for a long time. the pope known for his diplomacy, knowing he triumphed. and that is now where it ends. he wants to visit russia and china, which a hope hasn't done in quite some time. >> what a huge day. it's been wonderful having you right there for us. thank you. the pope has moved on to mexico. he started a 5-day visit. tonight, mexico gave the pontiff
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the country's president who was there with his wife to meet pope francis, mexico put on quite a show for the pope's first visit. [ music ] >> can you hear it here? singing and dancing. crowd were there to watch. after the meeting between pope francis and several catholic bishops, it was off in the popemobile. crowds watched him drivey. he plans to spend hisis 5-day trip meeting with victims of violence.
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flights to cuba. a breaking news story, a crash left a juvenile dead. deputies say the crash happened at tam oshanter boulevard. the victim was pronounced dead at the sieie. >> they have their guy, o oy the suspect is barely old enough to drive. what happens next wherere this guy? >> reporter: this teen jumped into a car that wasn't his with some very special us cargo inside. police were able to track him down less than a week later at his home in pompano beach. >> the man who stole this is a teenager, 16 years old. he was escorted by pole for a medical evaluation after he was
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he's facing felony charges fortaking a car from outside a laundromat while a 10-month-old girl was in the sleep in the back the whole time. local 10 was there for thery union between mother and daughter after searching hoursfor the car. when the child's mother got out to quickly grab clothes, leaving the car running, employees say he took off, 8 miles away with the little one fortunately sll safe and side inside. pitchings were found in the stolen vehicle. we found he's been ling in a foster home since around september. heh didn't want the attention. police say he won't be able to go anywhere anytime soon. >> reporter: the woman who man
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go through theh juvenile system. he could possibly have to go back homo, but he would have to wear an ankle monitoring device. >> t tnk you. a secend suspect has been arrested in connection with wednesday's shooting. it's one in a whole stripping of shootings that has miami-dade schools under fire. >> we're just trying to get our community to start speaking up about the violence going on. >> it was using information from the community to break the code of silence that we were able to make these arrests. >> carol city high was again placed on lock-down again, due to some nearby gunfire. a man who made a sword tack was in court again today.
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victims. he attacked an innocent elderly man at a gas station. the victim suffered a severe bruised face. he then grabbed a sword from a store display and began striking a display. a @ast-moving fire swept through an auto body shop this afternoon part-time it northeast 42nd street and sixtavenue. there were about a dozen cars inside the shop at the time of that fire. the shop had several flammable chemicals inside and that created the potential threat of an employees. it took 45 minutes to get the fire under control. one firefighter suffered injuries to his leg and he's expected to make a full recovery.
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fire, but several cars were a total last. new information about a man accused of ambushing and shooting a miami gardens police officer. the man did not appear in court today, but his attorney ended a not guilty plea on his behalf. he is accused of shooting david starling as he sat in his vehicle in january. he did survive and is recovering at home. candidates hit the campaign trail moving ahead after tuesday's primary. donald trump period at a rally in tampa tonight one day aahead -- ahead of the debate. trump saying, quote, if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, i have standing to sue him for not
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he also vowed to clean up his language on the campaign trail. >> is anybody worried about the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of of children? it's like what is going on. [ applause ] >> that's jeb bush for taking trump to task for his language. his brother, george bush, will take the trail on his behalf. >> still to come, a movie that tackles a very important topic in the african-american community. having was running a bit more smooth this weekend. clear skies and temperatures in the 60s. it looks like a great way to
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right up. a map is a free man for the fit time in 43 years. >> we told you about it last august. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> reporter: a chance is
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>> if a person do good -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> in august local 10 told you an u.s. marshal took him into custody in his pompano beach business. the thing is no one knew him by that name, not even his children. he has been living at larry jackson for 43 years. he fled from georgia after serving para of a prison sentence for his partn an armed robbery in 1974. he denies his involvement in the crime. he says he left to save the won he loved from an abusive relationship. you won't find him in any family photos. he never took any, always wary of being recognized.
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to a georgia prison, lving his children without any explanation. >> hisaddy ain't like that. that's not me. that's not me. >> reporter: his family never doubted that. his daughter told us this by phone after the arrest. >> that i still love him and this is the past and everybody have a past. >> reporter: she says her dad gave to charity, feeding the homeless and often hired people who couldn't get work with a past. >> you reached out and helped those people. how come? >> because i know how i destroyed a life, so why not help a person before he destroyed his life. >> reporter: his attorneys had tried to prove him. he was paroled.
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facts concerning his crime, his escape and what occurred during his time while on escape, 34 years and the board determined it would grant parole. he came home in december and for decades he said he's free, living from -- living with the people he loves most. >> just weeks after getting home, he spent christmas back feeding the homes near his business in pompano. efficiently plans to change his name to larry jackson as soon a as possible. >> thank you. georgia officials say he'll serve out the rest of his sentence on parole and he now reports to a patrol officers here in florida.
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pro vote literacy. -- promote literacy. the film's talked about his goals. >> most of the time it's been kind of dry and boring when it comes to teaching people about funny so a thing went to do with this film is take this conversation out of the -- [ indiscernible ] -- we want to make it fun, make it practical, exciting. >> they did tonight. they sought out real people to speak out about their own financial situations. it was followed by a panel discussion. >> still to come, yesterday it was a very long way for so many. >> today, parking problems. that's not stopping thousands
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new venue. traffic concerns at the boated show aren't the only shows. people are finding -- trouble finding a place to park. your best belt, shuttle buses or water taxis because more than 100,000 people are expected to visit over this president's day weekend. >> so much going on. just get on out there and do it. >> yes. the weather will be forecast so everybody will be out there in droves. temperatures in the 60s right now. just cool enough for a little snuggling, but thehe temperatures certainly are tolerable so far tonight.
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we have clear skies for the mia and also winds calm, light and fair bull elsewhere. you could be one of the spots that goes down into the lower 50s. a deep, deep chill. we're not thinking that's going to happen. that's not part of the forecast plan for tomorrow morning. -is in control of our weather still. that's why it's so beautiful tonight. we're still uncomfortable ofthis. there is a cold front starting to apprwach the leafing edges of florida, the fringes of some very, very cold air. it will be strolling in our direction. we know it's cold behind the front, because we see snow showers coming all the way from the southern appalachians. 64 in miami, we will take that. it's 28 degrees currently in washington, d.c., and anrctic blast moving across the great lakes.
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detroit at 10 degrees. it will be an icy start to the morning, beyond icy for them. a cold front, though will make its way across south florida early tomorrow. overall a pleasant afternoon with sunshine around. here we go on valentine's day, a northeast breeze will kick in. the d should be nice. it should be decent with high temperatures getting up into the mid-70s. the rip current risk is low. upstate it may be elevated with the northwest please picking up. 57 for the low in miami, highs reaching the mid-70s. lots of sunshine to go around. a replay of what's happening on valentine's day. president's day, a few more
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definitely getting a lot milder. byuesday we touch 80 degrees. the cold front comes through and cools us down by later in the week. pulling out of the all-star game.
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and the florida panthers. chris bogs will not get to play in front of his home crowd after all. he's pulled out of the festivities in toronto because
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he'll now have to watch from the sidelines. he missed much of last year because of flood clots on both of his lungs. that actually began with a calf injury similar to this in 2 2014: dwyane wade making a splash media day with his attire. he also talked about how he's taking care of himself. >> i tell people i would love to be 21, 22, be flash my whole career. that's humanly impossible in this game. to be around, to stick round,
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your game depending to team, the style, the times, everything, and your body as well. another big story at the all-star game, big man shaquille o'neal making the cut as a finalist in the h hl of fame. >> first of all, i'd like to thank all these guys on the stage. you have inspired me so much. except for rick barry. -- indiscernible ] -- i can't do it, rick, i'd$ rather shoot zero periods, can't do it. too@ cool for that. on the ice, panthers opening up against the blues making it 1-0, panthers. surrenders not one, not two, but three goals in the first period.
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they'll try to bounce back against nashville time. on the agreed iron -- gridiron, cuts. guys? >> dodo we have a million dollar forecast again? >> i would say so6 highs in the 70s. breezy valentine's day.


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