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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 6AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the leader -6r9 catholic church and the leader of the russian orthodox church meeting for the first time in a thousand years. >> todd: and a suspect caught after car jack a car way baby asleep the back seat. what we're learning about the suspect. >> neki: and a mother of one of the columbine shooters break her silence. two decade after the tack ch what she had to say to the victims and families. >> todd: and a man speaking to the one and only about start oaferg. his plans for the future and how he managed to get hi pardon. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good saturday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. feels like groundhog day. haven't we done this before. >> neki: we have. >> todd: wee start at 5:00 a.m. now. hope you join us now. if not join us at 5:30, 6:00. 7:00,. >> neki: 7:00, ten,. >> todd: all day. >> neki: we're here all morning right jennifer.
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it's a long weekend for some of us. brez's day is monday and the weather has been perfect. if you're tiefortd cold, guess what, that is m dog an end. a cool start now. kendall good morning towsmght you dropped down to the 40s. low 60s through the keys and else with in the 50s. fort lauderdale and miami a light breeze as you head south through the keys. north wind anywhere between six to 10 miles per hour knox rain on the radar. this is how we want to keep it all day today and guest what, it will stay like that. even though there is a weak cold front stretching across the central parts of florida but that is just going to continue to reinforce that nice and dry air. here a look at the temperature for the next few hours. lots of sunshine. expected this saturday. neki. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. we begin this morning with a developing story out of north lauderdale. brot washed sheriff's office after a three car crash that
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that young victim pronounced dead at the scene. two others taken to the hospital. >> todd: now to the big international story. pope francis receive age warm welcome in mexico laugh night filled with music and dancing. >> neki: but the upon if tiff's first stop cuba is where he made history with a leader of the russian orthodox church mend ago a separation that kissed tore a millennium for thousand of years the two churches refused to see eye to eye. >> todd: enter pope francis for the future spiert of unityty in all places, caw could. >> hatzel vela join us now with the detail. >> reporter: this is an mazing story. if you think about it it, these two men have never med 34e9. their church at odds for centuries and now in just three hour. thal has changed. >> the key word was brotherhood. >> reporter: brotherhood in what they saidd and how they
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a la ter ga call kiss symbolic of that brotherhood that has been ruptured for almost a thousand year. >> two accepting eemp other as wroacialgz. >> pope francis of the catholic church and pay tree ark hero of the russian or tho gosm dosm church exchanging more than just greetings and gifts. a coming together of two churches at a three h hr ming here at jose marty international airport in havana the pay tree ark says because of the con vir station he had, he can assure both churches can work together and defend christians around the world. >> initiative pope francis thinks are biable and can get done. the release statement focused on issue like the defense of life, marriage and the per sa ciewftion christians in the middle east. this is amazing. i think many important
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cultural. chair table. and things that brought them part now brings them together. >> it's what francis and otherpopes have wanted for a long time. the pope known for his diplomacy leaves knowing he triumphed. and by no means this is the end of this missionor pope francis baw now we understand he wants to visitit russia and eventually visit china. a country that the pope has not visited in quite some time. reporting in whwh snrafnlt hatzel develop a. lococ 10 news. >> todd: now after the meeting the pope marked his stop there in mexico city. the country's president enrique pen na yee a to was therere with his wife. and mefl could put on quite a
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>> the show featured a mariachi band long w wh sing and dancing aift massive crowd to watch celebration. they afnl ax sthus sli waited the pope's arrival. it it was then off to the pope month beach. torcade took him away from the airport as crowds lined the street to watch him go by. the pope plans to spend the days of his trip suffering from poverty. >> neki: and soon all americans will be able to buy a tick tell for a commercial flight to cuba. starting in the fall. the state department says there will be 20 flights daily to what snran and ten others to the other cities in the airline. and they will bid on the routes and need approval from d scrrks and what van dma. >> todd: and a car jacking that sent police a over south florida. all the while a young baby. precus cargo, a 10-month-old baby found in the back seat. found safe and sound. >> neki: yes, thankfully sl. >> and now we're learning more about the teen that police say
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>> todd: local 10 news rerter sanela sabovic live in fort lauderdale with with the the latest thon story. >> reporter: good morning dmik and tovmentd ah said we're learning more about this teenager who was arrested in the afternoon. he is only 16 years old. september. bre was arrested, he was taken to the er. let's get to you that video. brian jean you see there kept hi head low friday afternoon as he was escort into the broward health medical center in handcuffs yesterday for some sort of medical evaluation. police say he was the one responsible for a car jack that happened monday afternoon tside a fort lauderdale laundromat on west sunrise boulevard n. the back sest of that car, a sleeping 10-month-old baby. an amber later was issued and alan all out search to find va las could. hour after the car jack the
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wafrom the laundromat at mick nab and fine road. the baby is okay. and the juvenile is expected to face a bond court judge le will face serious charge. they were able to identify him as a suspect because they found his finger prince inside that stolen car. reporting live in fort lauderdale. sanela sabovic. local 10 knew. >> neki: a second suspect arrested in connection with tuesday's shooting at carol city senior high. and that is shootings that maz miami-dade leaders under fire this weefnght and he wa seen running away carol city high with a gun shortly a aer the shooting. leaders are now thanking thecommunity saying at arrest wouldn't be possible without their help. >> we're jusust trying to get our community to start speak up about the violence going o o it was using information from the community that decided to break the code of silence that we were able to make these arrests.
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school again placed on lockdowow yesterday do you to nearby gunfire. >> todd: the man died sword weelding attacks was arrested. he tacked # girch victim. now facing several charges include ago tempted murder. police say walker tacked an innocent e eerly man with at a gas station way pie. that w w caught on camera. the man then left with bruise on hi face and then he went tie swap shot shop and grabbed a samurai sword and began striking an proi ee. >> neki: new information this morning about a man acced of ambushing and shooting a miami gardens police officer. 4-year-old david mejia did not peer in court yesterday. but hi attorney entered a not guilty plea on hi be hall. he is accused of shooting officer starl ling a he sat in his patrol car in january. starling survived and now recovering at home.
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the nation. two students brutally shot students a one teacherrer at a high school. >> neki: coming up the mothe of one of the shooters break her silence after two decades. >> todd: and valentine day this weekend. many looking for love but be careful. opportunist out there to scam the love lord. christina has the full investigation when we come back. >> jennifer: and i'll have the full weekend forecast when we return. but first it's a cool start. as your heading out grab your sweart. you won't need it this afternoon. a quick warm up for this saturday.
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> we're neergt first time from the mother of column on biem killer sue clee bab. she gave her fir first interview to diane sawyer last night. she talks about what her life has been like since 1989 when her son and classmate harris killed 24 people before killing themself. sue says she has lift lifd with that giment ever since. >> the one thing of course i want to say is i am so sorry for what my son did. yet i know that just saying i'm sorry is such an inadequate response to all this suffering. >> t tre is never a day that
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the people that dylan harmed. >> neki: sue says she never thought her son would do anything so horrific nay book set to be released next week. she tells her s sry and hopes it it will help other parents dect sign of problem with their children. and the money made from the book will go to charity to help with mental health issue. >> todd: and a man lost an arm from main who he stole a pair of sneaker ro ran him over with his car. it shows the alleged robber getting into the car of a man he met on craig's list. the teen pulled a a gun open that man, the teller demand ago smoker. the teen walk out of car when suddenly, the suv drives him down pin himg tie fence causing that injury. both the teen and driver were arrested. >> >> todd: as valentine's day approach. federal regular lay towards say you should be careful of scammers targeting the lonely hearts club. folks out there searching for
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>> neki: investigative reporter christina vasquez joins us with tipn how to identify a dating scam and talks about a match maker who help themm find mates. >> while you're searching for your sole mates soul mates on on line web sites, the scammers are look four. >> and many simply asking for money. >> shirl matson says main tried to con her friend out of thousand of dollar with way claim his daughter needed emergency medical treatment. >> now is the time we need your support my love and a hope you will help us out. >> third e-mail. cruel con artist targeting lonely hearts on social media and dating web sites result in the highest a. financial loss when compared to other internet facilitated crime. we're talking people out thousand of dollar. we can call and ask them both. that's why nancy gold and barbara of internet
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people find love the natural way. they conduct background c cck. ask questions about goal, core values and dating history. then we do our magic. we get together and decide who we think would be a maich for this person and we gowt and scout as well. >> but they don't share pictures. the pair looking for love see each other for the first time person. >> because chemistry is something thaw only you can expeence so have you to meet the person. you won't know it's there until you look them in the eye. >> it's how steph if i, a man who claim a woman on line once tried to to con him out of money. >> maybe you can help me. pgh can you open an account with sit bank. >> met hi new love. whether you meet someone tbh in person or find them on like, here what to look for. core value. are most important ch hon es tivment someone who is kind.
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sites fbi says scam ner will set up a fake profile. beware rif that picture that looks something out ave glam march magazine and for f- they ask for financial assistance, that is certainly a red flag. we have much more on the voting scam and information on background check and local in the knew room, christina vasquez. local 10 knew. >> 6:16 right now we want to get to jennifer correa with the weather. ryker is at sco master's jam bore ri reat markum park. scouts from a all over will be there. >> >> neki: it will be great. >> todd: yes. >> neki: starting out cool. >> todd: he has his warm sleeping bag but he will be all right. >> neki: ee oh, he'll be sleeping. >> jennifer: a great day. the weather is awesome. dry air staying with us. the stable atmosphere a well providing for what will be a nice and sunny ni day. also wind will be increasing today out of north butut this is a
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you cer wer cam. still dark and loirt there. temperures are cool. however, that cool air, those cool condition won't last flewout the day. temperatures starting out in the 2350er9s most part. 52 in pompano beach. 52346 fort lauderdale. warmed up one degree in the past few minute. 54 in miami but kendall four degrees. definitely a cool start in the the southwest miami-dade. low 60s down through the keys. marathon and 62 deand key west 63. the wind speed are calm for fort lauderdale, miami and even in naples. alsoomestead, marathon and key west. just a light breeze. it picked up a little bit for marathon. north wind at 12 milil per hour. no rain on the ra dampt a great way to start our saturday. a mentioned before nice and dry air will stay across the south and southeast and high pressure takeover acrs this section of the nation there. say cold front bringing in some snow for parts of the northeast and great lake. some lake effect snow.
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very weak though is pushing through central florida this morning. by later on today it will sweep across south florida and head south of the keys. now, as far as rain with this cold front, it is not expected. it is a dry and week front so zero% today. 10% chance for a light shower tomorrow. but basically nice and dry for valentine day weekend. notice the it temperature today is high 76. so yes, warmer by this afternoon. beachgoer use that sun screefnl light rip current rest. small craft priertz exercise wa quawtion. the bays with with a moderate chop. winds out of the north at ten to 15 miles per hour. could get imufts guft ti later this afternoon up to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow's high 74 and on mondaypresident's day, it will be nice to head out to the beach. however more cloud cover. temperatures warmer next week. dmik, todd. >> neki: all right thank a rot
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a man on the run once a fugitive who escaped from a georgia prison moved to florida sto startt new life. >> todd: and now that man is speaking to local 10 about hi journey. the story just head. >> neki: but first a look at the winning lottery numbers. good luck to you. >> >> all watching. ways tracking.
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>> neki: miami-dade county mmissioner and the black archives historic theater held a special event last night thoap promote financialiteracy in the african american comiewp tivment commissioner audrey edison welcomed guest for the the free screening of the movie black friday at the renovated theater on second avenue and 8th street. the film's producer eric math is talked about hi goal for the film. >> most of the time it's been dry and boring whent come to teaching people about finance. so the thing we want@ to do way film like friday. it take the conversation out of brooks studio. we bant to make it fun.
6:23 am
excite jieg the film sought out real people to speak about their oanl own financial situationsand speebd spending in the black miewn tivment the premier was followedy a panel discussion. >> todd: an and now tie one and only exclusive maifnlt who escaped from prison 30 years oog was finally tracked down here in south florida and arrested last year. >> neki: that former fugitive was granted parole after proving he turned his life around. with willy lee austin who has living under the alias larry jackson was arrested in september, 38 year after he escaped prison. >> in that time he started a business and family and worked to become a better person. >> a lot of good me. a lot of good people. just have to give them a exphans. if a person do good, look at gt too and most of the time the good out weigh the bad. >> austin's attorney worked to prove that the former in@ 345eu9 had been reformed after a- and after four months prison official felt the same way.
6:24 am
back in pop pompano beach. he plans to legally change his name to larry jackson as soon as possible. >> todd: don't go anywhere. a lot more to get to this morning including vet layest on the race for the white house. >> neki: that's right. head at 6:30 a recap of donald trump's visit to florida as other candidates weigh in on his use o@ foul lan gablg. >> jennifer: and gsh mog. fort lauderdale sun just beginning to peek over the horizon. it will be a gorgeous sunrise swrevment clear skies out there. 56 degrees right now. you'll need those light sweater bye bye of this afternoon, you won't needhose sweater at all. temperature are much warmer. all the detail on our valentine day weekend when we come back eye oo take local 10 on line with you wherever you're headed. like us open facebook and follow
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>> right now at 6:30, a teenager be hyped bars accused of steal age car with a young baby in the back seat. what we know now about that suspect. >> todd: and the race for the white house many florida. right before the rup run candndates take the stage for another debate by republican. why some are calling for dop ald trum top clean up his act. >> neki: and a encounter caught on cram with the mayor of miami beach. the mayor saying enough is enough. >> live the one and only local 10 news starts right now diswrie good saturday morning every one. it is february 13th.
6:29 am
>> todd: and i'm todd don gone. thanks for waking up with us. evaluate entype day is tomorrow. >> neki: it's a week big weekend altogether. >> the boat show. >> todd: coconut grove show and a lot of people in town. >> neki: a lot of of people wanting a warm up. >> todd: and people out there neki. >> jennifer: nine good you thing an easy forecast. nice and dry and croots south an southeast. as far as this morning f you're starting offerly, you'll need a light sweater a as temperature are starting off in the 50s. 56 degrees in fort lauderdale. 54 in miami. you head down into southwest miami-dade, kendall at four # degrees so.that say cool spot on the map. 62 degrees in march thoofnl 63 in key west. after this cool start, temperature will wm up quick. no rain open the ra car. mainly clear out there for this morning and we do expect a very weak front to pass through. this would just bring a reinforcing shot of nice and dry air. temperatures today in the mid
6:30 am
slightly cooler by get the picture. it will be nice and sunny for valentine's day wkend. you're seven day is coming up. >> todd: we have breaking news this morning out of little havana where we're told a 16-year-old boy was shot. localn >> neki: local 10 news reporter layron livingson is live with with the latest in miami. layron. >> reporter: neki and todd, we're stillorking on hearing back from the police on circumstances surrounding this insurance ent d. but that 16-year-old wre told was brought here to jackson memorial lopt after he was shot in the leg ah said in little havana. it happened around 1:15 this morning. his father is the one that called this shooting and we do know there way brake car ef seen leaving that area. but we right now don't have a major model or anything else aside from a black vehicle leavavg that area which was southwest 10th avenue and southwest 5th street. of course anything farther we
6:31 am
we'll fas long to you here at local 10 and for now reporting live n-. lie layron livingston. local ten news. >> neki: a teenager accused of a car jack that sent police all ovov south florida. in the back seat of that cargs prececus cargo. this den month-old baby girl. she wa later found safe and sound. >> todd: thank goodness for. that and now we're learning more about the teen thatas arrested yesterday. >> neki: and sanela a sabovic has nor on who sevment sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. fort lauderdale police say a teenager, o only 16-year-old to be exact is responsible for taking a car way baby sleeping in the back seat. prompting an amber alert thvment morning that teen is wake up behind bars facing felony charges. >> brian jean kept his head low friday afternoon following his. >> rest. the 16-year-old is seen here being escorted by police to
6:32 am
an evaluation after he was taken into custody. police say he was the run responsible for a car jack monday afternoon outside a fort lauderdale lawn crow mat. in the back seat of that car, a sleeping 10-month-old baby. an amber alert was issued and anl allout search was launched to find her. >> local 10 was there when this mother was reunited her child. the baby found safe hours after the car jack about 8-mile way from the laundromat. >> now fort lauderdale polic tell us they were able to identify jean as the suspect because they pairntly found fingerprints inside that stolen car. jean is expected to face a juvenile judge at some point today. reporting live in fort lauderdale. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: a a fast moving fire tearing through an auto body shsh yesterday afternoon. the fire truck factory finish collision center near northeast
6:33 am
this is exclusive phone video sent us to by a local 10 viewer by the way. there with were a dozen car side that scwhrob at time. fire. not just cars that that he that they had to deal. with they had chemical that threatened a an explosion. it took 45 minutes to get the fire under control. one firefighter suffered an injury to hi leg and taken to the%hot bupt expected to make a full recover right. several cars damaged as you can see here. the cars are a total loss. investigators still determining what caused that fire a. now to 20 vote 2016. the campaign trail heads to florida before the race for the the whiteouse. >> neki: donald trump april peered at a rally last night head of the next republican debate. trump has decided to pull all his negative ads in south carolina but still attack cruz on twitter he trump said quote if he doesn't clean up his act
6:34 am
negative ads i have plan to sue him for not being a natural born citizen end quote. and trump vows to chrome upis language or the campaign trail i was going to say they are full of bleep but i boant say. that he said she's a bleecht that's ter able. >> is any one here worried about ththfront running candidate yelling out on n n tee in front of children? this is like, what is going on. >> reporter: sn. >> neki: that is jeb bush taking trum top task for hi language and george w will hit the campaign trail in south carolina on his behalf starting monday. >> todd: with well, school grades are out. florida finally releasing grade on tests given a year ago. overall they received a b grade. 167 received an graid and 20 received an f.
6:35 am
but of the 294 school, 84a's and 24f's. find out what your child's school grade is on local >> neki: and police caught a thief breaking into a restaurant for bolts of wiefnlt watch mant throws a cinder block into the vegas restaurant. he then claims in inside. police say he then took off with two bottles of red an and an empty cash register getting way in a dark blue car way sun room. ififou recognize him call crime stopper. >> todd: and caught on camerer a miami beach mayor caught a fed ex driver parking on the street. >> and he saw him park on alton you be. >> what is the reason yu have the fed ex truck parked in the mid efel of our road. >> explain that again. >> i don't wa have to wait. >> and in that video captured the truck license plate number.
6:36 am
driver a citation. part of a statement the fed e pleased on their be hall. the saying the behavior of the individual in had video is not the same as those that professisial fed ex drivers deliver every kay. >> neki: haitian official will vote on an interim president toad later today. 13 candidates applied for that position that will last 120 case. applicants asked to pay an $8000 fee thvment come one wee after former president martha lee stepped down. >> todd: a teacher in add add lost her younger sisterr at a suspected murder suicide at the school swle works the school placed on lockdown yesterday. >> two, 15-year-old girls died in the incident. the teacher said she had no idea that it was her younger sister. >> my students were on the foap and they are friends wher and
6:37 am
may and her friend. and thth's when i called up to attendance andsked company get my sister's schedule. i need to know swle is at right now for first person period and they put me on hold for ten minute. that's when i knew something was wrong jierks ierks so sad. they say the victim may have been in a relationship. >> neki: after the break, bay star accident investigation underway in boston. >> td: that after a woman wa killed while driving her car on the highway. find out what killed her. the story is next. >> todd tongen and neki mohan on the one and only local 10 news. (phone ringing) you can't dede with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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>> todd: police are investigating after a man hole cover flew into a car windshield killing a woman in boston. it happened open a highway while indicate lip cra vet, an elementary school teacher was on her way to work. the metal cover caimed loose and flipd up on the highway before hitting her windshield. >> neki: and a 24-year-old whos wa already in police cuss dix the group twin cities for coalition for gentleman particular rallied in mine main friday. this comes after, day after the
6:40 am
finished it's quaition into the death of t t group wants officers involved in clark's death to be charged with second degree murder orman slaughter and they want those charges to& come directly from the county attorney. >> i'm notros cueing those cop when a dozen of my neighbors say commit add crime. then he is sending a message ey are above the law. >> we just want them prosecuted fairly. >> no grand jury. we want this to be a publicthing. >> legal experts say the jury trial that the pro estes tore are demanding likely won't happen. clark shot by police in no. witness say he was handcuffed when it happened but police say he was not. >> a kentucky state law maker wants to make a point with her new bill related to vie a gravment it comes after the state adopted another bill requiring woman to see a doctor before they could vn v- an a with worse. dr. marylou march zion says men will have to be married and see a doctor twice and had have a
6:41 am
get viagra and they have to sign a sworn statement they will only use the drug to have sex with their spouse. >> neki: time flow 6:42. a nice sunrise. water still cool pore me though. i'm a wimp. what can i tell you? ? >> jennifer: the water temperature is around 68 degrees. with oncee the water temperature gets into the low zero's, i won't go n. but it is going to be a warm afternoon. warm enough to head out on the sand and layout underneath the sunshine. of course use that sunscreen but yes, a beau bought day in store for this saturday. the winds are light out there and not cam as they are in fort lauderdale and mie. north breeze at 8 miles per hour in key west. right now key west at 63 degrees. meanwhile miami and fort lauderdale still hanging on to the 50s but temperatures will rise into the 70s later this afternoon and it will be fast. also, no rain on the radar. as far as cloud cover. it is as you j jt saw threw the lens of that hollywood cam nice
6:42 am
clear skies thrn mochght high pressure taking over across the central u.s. down into the south southeast. meanwhile a very weak dry front is actually pushing through central florida this morning. that is just going reinforce nice and dry air over south florida as it sweep through later on today. but wind are expected to shift out of east by tomorrow. and it it will pick up as well so. breezy sunday for us. high pressure will remain in control croots eastern u.s. and tomorrow is valentine day. if if you're taken or maybe you're single, still enjoy the day. wille beautiful out there. head out to the beach or just head outdoors. it will be a cool start but by 9:00 a.m., temperatures in the low 60s way few clouds. 2:00 a romantic breeze with hive 74 degrees. slightly cooler tomorrow by the way during thehe the daytime but hey, we're get back intoto the 70s and it look like that will be the weather pattern for the rest of the next week. slight rip current risk for
6:43 am
small craft operators should exercise with cawsmtion seas are two @o 3 feet. today the bays moderate chop. all right so. tonight, we'll drop back down to 50s a mentioned. a high before but wee get into the upper 70s by tuesday and by tuesday we'll need the rain gear a as well. neki, todd. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer. >> todd: you want to try some of the most talked about food and desserts of the year? at food and wine festival. >> neki: we'll tip do it for free. >> local 10 giving away tickets to our viewer and it's easy to sign up. head to the wplg facebook page right now to enter the contest under the cover photo. >> and coming up in sports, chris bosh pull out of the all-star game he explains why. >> todd:nd south florida trying stay head of the pack of the division. how thatas decided coming up
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>> and tuesday at 11:00, allegation of tap tamper oog a soon as this report came out, you resigned. >> corruption at city hall. local 10's bob norman getting answer. >>. why were you in business with with the city engineer? increase speed, full thrtle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars... ...this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. experience the fun of all four theme parks
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>> good saturday morning everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wravment chris bosh will not play in front of hi first nba home crowd in the all-star game of after all. he pulled out of the all-star festivities baw of a cafl injury e. was set to play in the game and compete in the three-point shootout with you will now watch from the side line. bosh missed much of last year because of blood clots on his lung and that battle began with a cafl injury similar to this one in 20 14. right now no indication that this new injury is related to that one or a clot. >> he released this statement.
6:48 am
the all-star weekend festivities and will be here to support my fellow a a-star buvment i will use that time to heal and focus on the second half the season. >> and wade made a flash splash at media day yesterday with his a tire and talking about how he is taking care of himself to make sure he is playing up to an all-star level eye all it tell people, woii love to be 21 and 22 my whole career. i would love to be flash my whole career that. humanly impos nbl this game so to be around, sto stick aroun have you to find a way to change your game dpeppedding open the team, the style the times an everything. and your bodys well. >> neki: oo another big story at the all-star gamam big man shaquille o'neal making the cut for the finalist basketball hall of fame. we all remember shaq was a terrible free throw shooter. something another half haimer
6:49 am
first of all i would like to thank all these guys on stage. have you inspried me so much. expect rer reck ber rivment he came to and tried to to get me to throwree throws under hand. i can't diso it rifnlgt i would rather shoot zero%. cbt do. itp too cool for. that and the panthers throwing up a six game at game last night. rek making it one to nothing panthers but all-star goally l ber to surrender, not with one, not two but three goal in the first period alone. the cats fall on this 15 to three and try to bounce back against nashville coming up thriert night. >> and the dolphin have made a couple of move to free up salary cap space cutting cane and kohl coulul pell. i'm clay ferraro. that is why s- your lol will will kane it ten sports wrap. >> todd: and for the fir time after establish pun nirnlt
6:50 am
band-aid play forelife. mejia tested positive foreign hansing drugs for the 3eurd 3rd time. the 26 year sold is the first player to receive a permanent band but can reapply in a year. >> a m michigan bhan looking for lover. >> todd: and when we come
6:51 am
their efforts to i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control memicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescse inhaler for sudden breathing problems. eo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risisof death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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could be a missing piece for you. >> neki: six veterans who fought alongside france in world war ii were recogogd bit council yesterday. >> todd: a ceremony held at florida university for the veteran who fought for our nation on the shore of nor bhan day. >> many students and heed it the event. they received an award.
6:54 am
appreciation for what they when they were young they went to the shores of france and came back, many young soldier died there. i'm glad to see that the students are interested and will remember what happened n- and made the sacrifice their lives. for many, for many year france has live give enthe lee gafn hon for to veterans who fought long side them. >> todd: a furry surprise for a planation woman when she ner car. >> neki: oh. turn out this little kitty had been jumping from car to car lookininfor a place to stay warm and it it senned up in the engine of the volkswagen. >> todd: what is h%r nickname. >> turbo. >> neki: that right. you can adopt her at at animal shelter. >> todd: and in m- different ways. take a look at this guy's costume.e.
6:55 am
>> todd: yes he did at at campaign rally in tam pea dressed as the trump wall. the costume is in reference to the wall he imlaims le build if elected to keep illegal immigrants out of the united states. >> neki: should of saved that store hall own woovment and a michigan man getting help in the love department. his co workers surprised him by put hg i face on the bill board. the 25 yeerld says he was impressed by the gesture and king the most of it. it he has already taken dozens of callnd e-mails from potential soot sooner and e-mailing smem to settle down. >> todd: thank for all the stalker guys. local 10 news at 7:00 coming up next. >> neki: that's right. the sun is up.
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> todd: a historic meeting in cuba. the leaders of the catholic church and russian orthodox chusm coming together for the very first time in a thousand years. >> neki: a suspect in custody morning accused of stealing a car with a baby girl asleep in the back see. that car jacker a is only 16 yearsld. >> todd: and prostate cancer the most common type of cancer in men. today a new invasive way it to fight that disease. >> live, the one and only local 10 n ns starts right now. >> neki: good morning every one. saturday, february 13th. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank for waking up with us bright and early on this saturday morning well. want to get to jennifer correa. it's a huge weekend with the boat show. coconut arts festival and president's day weekend ch every one wants the weather to deliver. >> jennifer: and valentine's day too. well, tomorrow. >> and the weekend will be
6:58 am
events going on but weather will be be awesome for us. for the start of our saturday morning ch a live look at a hollywood beach cam. bought sunrise. head out and enjoy. cool though. wear a light sweat another. by this afternoon you won't need the sweater at all. and hey there. key west, you look quor dwor. live look out of mallory square tower cam. it is gorgeous. temperatures down through the keys are in the low 60s and we're still in the 50s 23r broward to miami-dade no.rain on the the drar is starting off today with lots of shine and guess. what it's staying like that through the rest of the morning, even as weead into the afternoon but again, it's warming up. i'll tellou how warm in a few minute. thank you jen. we have breaking news this morning out of little havana where a teenager has been shot. that right local 10 knew reporter layron livingston outside the hospital where that victim was taken this morning. layron. >> reporter: that's right neki and todd. right now we're still working to learn the extent o that injury.
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