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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 7AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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events going on but weather will be be awesome for us. for the start of our saturday morning ch a live look at a hollywood beach cam. bought sunrise. head out and enjoy. cool though. wear a light sweat another. by this afternoon you won't need the sweater at all. and hey there. key west, you look quor dwor. live look out of mallory square tower cam. it is gorgeous. temperatures down through the keys are in the low 60s and we're still in the 50s 23r broward to miami-dade no.rain on the the drar is starting off today with lots of shine and guess. what it's staying like that through the rest of the morning, even as weead into the afternoon but again, it's warming up. i'll tellou how warm in a few minute. thank you jen. we have breaking news this morning out of little havana where a teenager has been shot. that right local 10 knew reporter layron livingston outside the hospital where that victim was taken this morning. layron. >> reporter: that's right neki and todd. right now we're still working to learn the extent o that injury.
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we're hear e`g was shot in the leg, the 16-year-old at intersection of southwest ten edge avenue and southwest 5th street.@ we do have information about a black car that we got earlier this morning that was seen leaving that area shortly after this reported shooting but that's all we have was thatthere a black sa darntion not shiewfort make and moaltd. but hopefully we can get more information from police on. that the 16-year-old brought here after his father called the shooting in a of course anything farther we lesh about this situation hee'll pass along to you here on local 10 and local reporting live layron livingston. local 10 knew. >> todd: it was a historic meeting in cuba. the leader of the cafnlg lick church a a leader of the russian orthodox church meeting for if the 1st time. those two churches coming together for the first time in more than a thousand years. they met for three hours at jose marty international airport in havana. they say because of the con
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sure both churches can now work together. >> after this meeting, i think that many important initiatives are possible. geological. chair able. >> todd: a bri statement on issues like the defense of life, marriage and persecution of christians in the middle east. >> neki: after the meetingthe pope landed in next could city to mark the star start ave five davis it there. they gave the pope the red carpet treatment the president there was there with his wife to meet the pope. mexico put on quite a show for the pope's first visit. >> >> neki: the show featured the mariachi band and dancer and lots of singing. a mace mass every crowd there to watch the celebration. >> after a meeting between pope
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bich bishops it was off to the pope month beach. crowds lined the streets to watch him pass by. the pope plans to spend his five day trip meeting with victim of violence and communities suffering from pof poverty. >> todd: and soon americans will be able to buy a commercial flight ticket to cuba starti^g in the flavment there rb 20 flights daily to havana and ten others to sornlg cities on the island. they will bit bid on the route and need approval from washington as well as ma vanna. >> neki: and a carjacking spawned a massive manhunt. that crook take off with thehe 10-month-old in the back seat and barely old enough to drive limb self. >> todd: nork we're learning new detail about that teenager o is now in custody joo. >> neke: local 10 news reporter sanana sabovic is live in fort lauderdale with the latest on this case. sanela. >> reporr: good morning neki and todd. we're learning more about that teenager that police say was
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he is only 16-year-old and parentally been in foster care since september. right after the reas he spade a a stroits er. brian jean kept his head low friday afternoon after he was es sort cortded into the emergency room in broward hedge medical center in handcuffs by two police officers f some sort of medical evaluation. police say he was the run we responsible for a carjacking outside fort lauderdale laundromat on west sunrise boulevard n. the back seat of that car as you mentioned was a sleeping 10-month-old baby. amber later was issued after the carjacking andllout search was used to find the child. th child was found safe about 8-mile way from the laundromat along knicks nab and power line road back out live now we want to mention that that child is doing okay this morning. as far as jean is concerned, he is facing felony charges and expected to appear way juvenile bond court judge some point
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we'll keep you posted. reporting live in fort lauderdale. sanela a sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: a second suspect arrested in connection with the shooting a at corral city high school. that incidents an incident of with one ave string of shootings that happened n- at miami-dade school and they flow under fire. 19-year-old stanley regular again was report rid seen running away from carol city high with guns shortly after the shooting. leaders are now thank the community saying at rest would not have been possible without their help. >> we're just trying to get the community t t start speak up about the violence going on. >> todd: oo it was using the information from the community that decided to break the code of silence that we were able to make these arrests. >> todd: and carol city high school was yet again placed on lockdown yesterday do to nearby gun fire. >> neki: the man accused of a sworl wield ago tack was arrested. >> and he is now facing several charges include ago tempted murder.
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attack this elderly man at a gas station way pipe. the victim was left with bruise on his faichts police say he thenalker walk went toy a swap shot and grabbed a sam array from the store display and began hit anklele employee. >> todd: and a man cued of ambushing and shooting a miami police officer. daviv mejia did not appear in court but hi attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behave. he is accused of shooting officer starl ling as he sat in his patrol vehicle. he survived and now recovering at home. >> todd: >> neki: still t come this morning. in taiwan they continue to search for trapped victims. >> todd: they are scrambling to find any one in the trapped rubble. >> neki: and christy crew imer vaits prostate cancer and a new way doctors are working to treat disease.
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saturday south florida. waking up to lots o sunshine out there. a a beautiful start and it will stay very nice for the rest of today. lots of sunshine this this of afternoon. temperatures warming up to the 50e678s i'll have the seven day forecast when we come back. you're watching local ten news with todd tongen and neki mohan. when you're o ohold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there.e. when you call,
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>> todd: the death toll continues to rise in the devastating earthquake that rocked taiwan a week ago. the number of castle tease confirmed at 113 while 24 confirmed missing. >> and many of those pulled from the collapsed build. many of the people siepped that a alive. >> neki: an alleged robber new york lost an arm after a plan he who whom he tried to to stole a pair of sneakers ranover his aim arm. the 17-year-old got in the car of mant he met on craig's list. the teen pulled a gun open the serl and demanded the sneaker.
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sudden lint suv pinned him to the fence. causing the injury, both the teen a a driver wrr reas fed. >> todd: and crass canceced because ave mysterious illness. a handful of faculty members and students have reported symptom of a stomach infection. yesterday they were put on caution but expected to be vy assume on monday. unclear what cawed the out break ra. >> neki: prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases in american men. second second t/ skin cancer. >> todd: and kristi kruegerlooks at a none in have a tiff treatment a new one@ available here in the united states. >> nelson cruz will never forget the a day he was diagnosed with prososte cancer. >> i was shocked. in shock. the doctor spoke for an hour and i heard nothing after he said you have cancer. >> reporter: at tiernlings
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u.s. were invasive surgery. remove the prostate or radiation. both of when ch carry a high risk of in con ta nens. and bad enough you've been diagnosed with prots state cancer. on top of that you're looking at the risk of being left impotent and in continent. but dr. offered him something dierent. a noninvasive procedure called fifu. >> no incision. no cutting. >> he approached this process bit food and drug administration. it treats the prostate in the same way it's used to treat kidney stones when. nelson underwent the procedure year heag to fly outside of the u.s. toror treementd. he is glad the fda as approved the use in this country. >> no pairntion no side effffts. it all went very smoothly. >> although prostate cancer is
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including this disease and african american men with with strong family history of prostate cancer should begin streening at the age of 40. with your health cast i'mristi kreuger. >> neki: going to be a great weekend. i'm looking forward to it. >> todd: it is. >> neki: i need it a little warmer. >> todd: just right. >> neki: a little warmer than the last few days. >> todd: just right. >> neki: exactly what he said jennifer, just right. >> jennifer: it will be just right this afternoon. tord and dmik, it's cool now. ifif we were going to go outside the studio, we would need our light sweaters. with you by noofne p won't need them at all. i think with we need to get used to the cool temperatures the past couple of days and as we get into the upper 60's. we don't need the sweartz all the all. specialtsly with the skies so clear. are you get lots of sunshine and they will stay like this throughoutay. a beau bought shot out of miami
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looks bore gore out there. get out there for your rurntion youralk or just to watch the walk water and also by the way the bree is cam in hollywood as well as fort lauderdale. and now out in key west beautiful clear skies waking up to lots of shine. that's a live look out of the mallory square cam right now 62 degrees in key west. actually cooled down the past few minutes and it's 63. 62 in marathon. head up northward. still in the 50s. kendall did drop to 49 degrees so that was the cool s st across our area. meanwhile the winds come from miami, fort laudererle.just a light breeze out of north. down south from homestead to the lower keys. no rain to speak of. even satellite looking nice and clear out there and it will stay like this as a mentioned l. say weak dry cold front dro draping croos central florida back into the gulf of mix coond into the south. well, that front is so weerks
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up at all. actually today. it's zero% for rain and it will be warm by this afternoon. what is that cold front doing? just reenforci the nice dry aifer over us. by tomorrow winds out of the east and pick up. it will be breezy for sunday and if you want to head out to the beach today or tomorrow, just you that sunscreen. high uv up deaf. surf one to 3 feet. the rip current risk is slight today and for boaters out there on the water. small kraft craft operator ould scer sigh with caution. wipped will begin gusty but sun stained windsds tone 2015 miles per hour out of north. the bays with with a moderate chop as wellment for this morning temperatures warming up to the 70 a's 76 the high today. lows getting down o into the upper 50s toght but then monday. temperatures are starting to rise. especially for the over night lows where we will no longer get into the 50s and then we'll
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tuesday. neki, todd. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. sho r coming up a smoking surprise at smithsonian. quite different would you say? how the discovery provide in light into the moon light oog >> todd: and a man who spent 30 years on the run from pleesms we sit down with limb and how he managed to get his pardon and release from prison head next. now a look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck.k. >> all tracking, always
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it's saturday. if you're going out to aventura mall and join me for an event for black history movement happening at may a si's at noon. a black history month celebration. feure age panel of african sale leb ra tease featuring tae dig and i will lead o off the panel at noon and followed by a reception and you can get a glimpse of art the a the coconut grove arts festival. a huge deal. nearly a niefl art schibts and food in the the streets in coconut grove today through monday. 15-dollar admsion to attend. kids 12 and under are free. >> and of course the miami international boat show weekend. a new location. miami marine stadium on virginia key. gates open at 10:00. tickets are 20 for adults and 25-dollar for a two day pass. ki 15 and younger get in free. head o our web site at local
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shuttle you were there yesterday. >> todd: the best way to get there by far is the water it taxi. second best way is go to marlins park or aaa and take the shuttle bus. you're not going to get to the park if you just want too drive there. >> neki: yeah, spend more time enjoying it rather than sitting in traffic. >> todd: why not? if you go to a broat show, why not rief by boat? >> that's what i'm saying. >> >> todd:nd what is the hottest ticket. >> neki: miami wine and food festival. >> todd: we wee yes we r. we're going hip get there for free. local 10 giving away tickets to viewer. head to wplg facebook page right now and enter the contest. right under our photo cover there. and pretty easy. click on so bee ww.ticket give way. >> that's right ax and you have no one to go with, light of us
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smithsonian died this week standing signed the powd all command and published the im ma ge. >> td: but when they went in side that pod, that took armstrong to the moon, they found something totally uninspect oovmentd the mod you all was there for 40 years and no one noticed the marking a and notes rest behin by the three aws tra nants. >> come mand is had scrib del >> our job wases to document this in such a way that does the object justice and allows these other peopl that are so excited good this project is to see it the way it has been ab ob secured for history. >> oh my god. science and history a collide. a landmark mission. prel@pretty cool stuff. >> neki: a miami-dade commissioner and historic event last night to o help pro mode
7:23 am
a free screening of move t i have black friday at the ven note vad theater under on 8th 8th street. producer rick maml is tbawgd hi goal for the film. most of theime it has been dry and born whg it comes to teaching people about finance. so the thing that we want to do with a film like friday is take the conversation out of brooks brothers student. what we want do is make it fun. make it practical. make it exciting. >> >> neki: the film sought out real people to speak there lir own@ fanl situation and spending in the black community. and the premier was followed by a a panel discussion. >> todd: and a man who escaped from prison more than 30 years ago tracked down here in south florida and rearrested laugh year. >> neki: that you former fugitive was grant pa froal r rl after he showed he turn turned hi life around. >> i ee was arrested in
7:24 am
escaped a georgia prison n. that time he started a business, ray aid family and worked to become a better person. >> well, a lot of good for me. there are a lot of good people. just have to give them a chance. if a person do g look at gt too. most of the time the good out ways the bad. >> aws a continue's a any proved he was raised and the same way and he and he is back in pop pompano beach and plans to change his name to larry jackson as soon as possible. >> todd: and coming up on local 10. the mayor of miami beach taking the law into his own hand. >> neki: that's right mayor laveen confronting a driver. we'll show you more next. >> todd: oo remember, local 10
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>> neki: right now at 7:30, a teen behind bars accused of stealing a car with a sleeping bake by in the back seat. it this morning we're learning more about the leadged car jacker. >> todd: and in vote 2016, rates for the white housese hits florida as the gop candidates prepare for neench debate. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail diswriend miami beach mayor la seen taking matter into hi own hanan when he
7:29 am
the whole thing c cght on camera. >> local ten news starts right now. >> neki: does g- saturday morning every one. it's february 13-78g. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: a a i'm to todd tongen and tomorrow on valentine's day. on the way home i'll be pick up something for my wife. >> neki: teddy bears. >> todd: no, i i going make her tbin dip ner. thats what we're going to do. >> neki: good. taking a live look out of our fort lauderdale could you ter wam. 53 deesm going to warm up nicely today. jep f f is promising us sunshine. sunshine and moreunshine. >> jennifer: yes, a lot of sunshine. notice that the temperature, if u were watching earlier. the it temperature in miami was 54 de. we've dropped and just because the sun is rying doesn't mean we'll warm up right waicht the reason for it droppininback into the low 50s is mainly because of the calm winds that are across right now croos broward
7:30 am
now for broward a little warmer. if you're along the coast low 50s. mid 50s a you head west and lolo 60s down into the keys. as far add theheadar, no rain to talk about and it will stay like this for the rest of today. head out to the beach. use that sun screen. aree slight rip current reks. roarnlg that two to 3-foot waves for boaters out there. small craft operators exercisee wa dlairgts afternoon. i'll have the rest of the forecast coming up. todd. >> all right jen thank you. we're trackingg braiging news out of havana. >> miami police confirmed 16-year-old shot over night. taken to the hospital where we now have a crew trying to get an update on his condition. we're told he was shot inhe leg and his father was the one whwh called police. we'll have updates a as we continue to get information. >> todd: we. >> neki: we continue to follow a story after an investigagaon of crash that killed a little girl.
7:31 am
was pronounce dead on scene and two others taken toto the hospital. well, aba arrest made nay carjacking spawn aid massive manhunt this week. that crook took off with a 10-month-old in the back seat. he parentally is barry old enough to drive himself. >> todd: this morning g 're learning new de 'til ntd customer 234 custody right now. >> sanela la sa bo vick has more from fort lauderdale. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. fort lauderdale police say a teenager, only 16 years olding to exact is responsible for stealing that car with the baby sleeping in the back see. an allout search was lawmpleg ford t tt child monday afternoon thvment morning that teen is waking up behind bars facing 23e8 any charges. >> wry an gene jean gep kept his head low friday afternoon following hey rest. the 16-year-old escscted by
7:32 am
medical center for an evaluation after he was taken into custody. he was the run responsible for a car jack monday afternoon outside a fort lauderdale laundromat. in the back seat of that car, a 10-m-mth-old baby was an allout search to find a rel leyva las could. > local 10 was there when this mother was renighted with her child. the child was found safe after the hours after the car jack 8-mile way from thehe laundromat. >> now, we want to mention that that child was unharmed in all. that so that's the good news. now, jean, police were able toietdfy jean a suspect in this baw his fingerprints were found inside that stolen car thatt police were able to confirm for us yesterday iewvment next, the suspect is expected to appear. reporting live in fort lauderdale. nela sa go vick. local 10 news.
7:33 am
aring through a body shop in oakland park yesteteay afternoon. future struck factory finish collision center near northeast 42 street and six aj avenue. exclusive cell phone video sent us to by a local 10 viewer. a dozen of cars in the shop at titi. fire. not just the flames the firefighters had to deal. with the area had flam bell inside threatening a tropical exproasmghts it took 45 minutes to gethat fire under control. one firefighter did get hurtrtt scene. he suffered an injury to his leg and was taken to the hospital. he is expected to make a full recovery. >> no one hurt in that fire but several car is briefed to be damage. >> o he fiction shall are still investigating what started this. >> and now to vote 2016, the cam paip trail heads to florida for south carolina and nevada will weigh in on the race for the white house. >> todd: donald trump april peered at a raillll last night
7:34 am
debate. decided to pull all his negative ads in south carolina but still tacking cruz on twitter. he said quote, if ted cruz doesn't klein his act and stop cheating and do negative ads, i have plans to sue him for going not a natural born citizen. trump allowed to clean up his language as well eye wouou boment bleep out of them. ways going to say they are full of bleep but i won't say. that she said he is a bleep. at's ter able. ter able. >> todd: oo is any one heree worried about the front running candidates shouting out celeb ra tee in front of children. what th is like whargs is going on jierks that of course is former govenor jeb bush taking are trum top ca task for hi language while on the campaign traililoom. meanwhile george w bush will hit the campaign trail with hip in south carolina on his behalf starting on monday. >> neki: school braidz are out.
7:35 am
grades given a year ago. in overall miami-dade schools received a b grade. # 38 school tested. 167 got a's. 20 got f's. broward county getting a b over a. but 294 a school. and 2f's fl i want to find out what graid your children's school received. go to local >> todd: lease are searching for a thief for breaking into a a restaurant pore bottle of wipe. he throws a cinder block into the restaurant. and he climb inside and takes off with two bottles of red and an empty cash regular is steemplet call broward crime stoppers if you recognize the man. >> neki: also caught on camera. the miami beach play or confront age fed ex drive vr who was illegal lay parked on street e. sought fed ex truck parked on alton road blocking a lane and posted his encounter on you tube.
7:36 am
>> what std reason yu have your fed ex truck park oovmentd doin have to wait to park it. i'm not ear. in the video laveen captured the truck's rice ens plate number. police later issued that driver a citation. this is part of a statement that fed ex released saying the behavior of thisndividual in the vaid yo is not sengs tiff professionalism fed ex demonsnsates in safely delivering packages to thousands of customers every day. >> >> todd: and haitians will sphroat on an interim president today. 13 candidadas will plied for the position that will last 120 days.. applicants were pay a 8000-dollar feet. this comes a week after former president ma shil martelly step down. >> neki: organizer making more demand after the death ave 24-year-old whos was in custody. group rallied on flight.
7:37 am
of criminal apprehension finish pd it's investigation into the death. the group wants the officer involved in clark's death to be charged with second degree murder orman slaughter and they want those charges to come thrictly from the a county attorney. i'm not prosecuting those cop who a dose ep of members committed a crime. he says the message they are above the law. >> we want this to be tried. we want this to be a public thing. >> neki: legal certificates say the trial the protesters are demanding likely won't happe fleece say he was handcuffed when he was shot and police say >> >> todd: a kentucky state law maker wants to release a new bill with the vie a gravment and it requires women to see a doctor before they can have an abortion. democrat marylou lie zon seas the patients would have to see a doctor twice and get written
7:38 am
spouses about the vie a a imra and sign a sworn statement that they will only have sex with their 30us spouses. >> and the high school was on lockdown after shots were fired yesterday. police say two, 15-year-old girls die at incident. teacher said she many no idea that one of the victim was her sister but then one of the students heard something. >> my students were on the phone. they are friend whir and one of of the students there, it was may and her friend and that's when i called town tean dance and asked, can i get pli sister's schedule. i need know we have satd right now. , first period. and they put me on hold for ten minute. i feel i knew something was wrong. >> neki: gator believes one of the girl shot the other before killing herself. they say the victims may have been in a relationship. >> todd: this morning a teacher in hot water for trying to help students. >> neki: coming up we'll show you the head scratching reason
7:39 am
>> todd: and valentine's day is foivment don't have a special someone to share it with. we'll show you a strange alter
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excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> todd: two california teen suspended from school for having knives in their cars will not face expulsion. it happened at a high school in es con deto do northeast of san diego. the students suspended a after thechool found pocket knives in their car. one said he bought it for protection april the other says it was from a family fishing trip. >> neki: and maybe hole cover flew into a woman's wheeled chilil sheeld while shea was driving tbowrk it thehe 200-pound metal cover came loose and slslped flipped into the air and
7:43 am
>> a teacher out of a job after taking a student out for hot cocoa new new york. denise graph was trying to comfort maddy who was coping with the recent death of two friends. she took her fowrt hot chocolate and brought her back to school. >> my whole life i have loved other students and told to trust your seemps and go to them when you need help and that's what i d. she n nd smd one to talk to. she was very you distraught. i felt she was many crisis. >> todd: that short trip was a vie rieftion school riewsms sheaz since beeeeplaced on administrative duty. >> >> todd: you might want to get a cup ofot cocoa this morning. >> neki: yeah, it's starting off cool.l. >> todd: and warming up nicely. it will todd and neki. it it will warm up quickly. with thaha said this morning as you head out drink the hot cocoa or coffee tomorrow cue warm.
7:44 am
52 pembroke pines. kendall 50 degrees but kendall did drop to the upper 40s earlier dmorng. 62 degrees for key west and marathon. now let's look live out of our miami tower cam. beautiful clear skies. nice and sunny forhe sthafort saturday and the start for the weekend. some of will you have a long weekend on president a's day on monday. if you want to head out to thebeach today do so. use sun screes screen. also nice and sunny. a weak front passing through later on todayayut it's so weak, it's not bring us any rain chance so. it will stay sun out there and that will reinforce try thaimplet cold front that is. by tomorrow east wind is back and it will be a breezy sunday with with lots of shine as well. today if you're heading out to the beach, a mentioned, wear the sun screens, surf one to 3 feet. north with west breeze ten to a 15 miles per hour and the rip current risk is slight.
7:45 am
es specially over the water. small craft bter expecting it today. in the keys seas three to 5 feet. e bays with a moderate chop. here's a look at the next few day. let's talk about tomorrow. tomorrow is valentine's day. i hope you can enjoy. a beautiful scoo cool start. by 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the low 50s and by 2:00 p.m., 74 deal. 74 at six psm. a lot of you haid owght at 6:00 in the morning. as we head into next week, by tuesday looking those needham brel as. >> and coming up this morning. find out what d wade and chris bosh had to say about representing the east. >> todd: and a huge honor for o'neal. that's coming up next.
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7:48 am
social media news an >> >> neki: the nba all-star weekend is upon us and surprise nouncement from heat big man chris bosh. he all aatually backed out of the all-star festivities b of a cafl injury.
7:49 am
game and compete in tonights three-point shootout but now he areuach from the side line. bosh missed most of last year because of a blood clot with in his lounge. that started with a cafl injury similar to this one in two tho r 20 14. and right now there is novation that this is related to that one and he will be replaced by atlanta hawk stern and former florida gator al heart word. >> a and the heat released this statement. i am excited to be able to participate weekend festivities and thrb be will to support my fellow all-star. i will use this time to heel andnd focus on the second half of the heat season. >> and media day with hi a tore next he also talk with with how he is ca taking care of himself and making sure he is playing to all-star levels. >> i all tell people.
7:50 am
i would love to be flash my whole career. that humanly impose nbl this game have you to find way to change your game depending open the team, the style the times and everything and youo body as well. >> todd: another big story at the starl game. former heat big man she'll making the cut for the finalist as the half game we all remember shaq. who doesn't? a bad three poibility shooter. something a former hurricane tried to to help him with. >> first of all. woi like to thank all these guys on stage. you guys have inspried me so much. expect rick perry. he came to lsu a one time and want noad shoot free throws under handment m. i can't do it rifnlgt i would rather shoot 30e6r789s kent do. it too cool for that. >> on the ice the panther opening a game against the blues.
7:51 am
the cats get an early one to zip lead. things went down there there. whether all-star bloal goally surrendered three bowl in the first period the panthers fall five to three. they pla play n nhville tonight. >> and the dolphin are wasting no time. they made a couple move to free up call array r- ri staff case. and for the first time i just adopting new fun min nish ments for steroid use. they have band the player for life. new york mets maria tested positive for the third time. that earned him a lifetime ban from the ml bnchts the 26 year sold a first player to receive a permanent band but you can reapply for a ren statement of
7:52 am
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>> todd: a high school senior in utah did his best to make sure valentine day is special for all the girls in his high school. >> neki: that right. he saved up and bought each of every one of them a flawer for holt day. each one of them. player, player. player. 17-year-old godfrey worked three job and saved for a year and half sto give them flowers. he indicated when people didn't entd up with valentine day so i took it upon himself to make sure every one has joy. think about what that mean in high school. >> and if you're looking to cuddle. hire a professional cud lemplet hire someone to come to your house and cuddle on the bed. there is little data showing mple couch true culd. some say the the in ta mi ma si
7:56 am
>> todd: coming up on good morning merge. donald trump attack tid cruz on special media soon after saying he would tone down the negativity. and a woman caught on camera sphrealg several jewelry storere the fb, a accused of recruiting and training her. and federal agencies take big step and scamming the safe time. whwh officials say your child's hem could be in danger. >> jennifer: and good morning south florida. broward and ami-dade still in the 50s. miami reached 60 zee. warming up in key west at 65 de. another live look at miami's tower cam. beautiful sunny sky and guess what, it is staying like that all day today as temperatures warm up to the mid 50e6789s lair later on this afternoon. so warm in the afternoon. still cool this morning. all nude need say light sweater. we're going call better because you're on a royal. >> thank you for joining us.
7:57 am
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good morni, america. happening right now -- life-threatening cold. 100 million americans chilled to the bone. >> it's terrible out here. >> h h many layers do you have on her today? >> 24. >> the struggles to stay warm for n and beast in this dangerous weather. everything you need to know about the frigid forecast. setting the stage. republicans ready to rumble agagn in the next debate.
8:00 am
ready for fireworks. >> and as it geds closer it's going to get nastier and nastier and nastier. >> cruz taking aim at hillary clinton in this spoof and bernie sanders trying to take her down. >> got it, abc? fears on the field. the feds focusing g the artificial turf. does the crumb rubber contain dangerous carcinogens? the new push for answers this morning. and straight out of the movie. two brothersharged with recruiting and training this brazen female jewelry thief. store after store, all caught on camera. where the trio aegedly hatch their plot. and practice their plan. did they lure her? we'll have the latest t om investigators overnight. hey, good morning ononhis frigid valentine's day weekend.


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