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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 9AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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jackson memorial hospital. we'll want to get you video that we got in the newsroom. 1:15 this morning, and now we are hearing from witnesses to the shooting, that the 16 6 ar old was walking with a friend in southwest 10th avenue and 5th street and a man in all black started to shoot. and the witness was not hurt in any way. and the shooter pulled off in the black bmw. and the 16-year-old victim was shot there. the father called it in before his son was rushed to it the hospital. you will hear from a witness and friend. and we'll work to see how the 16 year old is doing shot in the right leg and taken to it the jackson memorial hospital.
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investigating a three car crash that it left a young girl dead on rock island road. thth young victim was pronounced dead at the scene and two others were taken to the hospital. >> todd: a ten year old is bend bars. they were able to identify biran jean. he was arrested in a foster care home. he's now facing fell no charges. the carjacking happen on mony at the a laundromat at fort lauderdale. the baby was sleeping when her mother left hern the car. gene allegedly jumped in the car and tk off. police found the car abandoned with the baby safe inside. >> neki: pope francis is expected to meet in mexico with
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and poverty. the pope received a warm welcome in mexico city last night. the show featured a mar yachy band and a massive crowd was there to watch the celebration. after a meeting withope francis and several catholic bishops. he went in the pope mobile to the airport. the crowd lined the streets to tatch the pope drive by. he will meet with victims of violence community, suffering from poverty. before he set foot in mexico he took part in a meting in ha had vana. the pope and the patriarch exchanged a liturgical kiss and that is a symbol of a brotherhood that was broken for a thousand years. they met in the airport in havana.
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had, he's sure both churches will work together and defend christians around the world. >> two hands of churches accepting each others brothers and after this meeting, ihink many important initiatives will be possible, cultural and charitable. >> neki: they focused on the defense of life and marriage and persecution of christians in the middle east. todd: a man attempting to four ball a mosque pled guilty. 43-year-old faces 20 years up in prison. he admitted he left a threatening voice mail for the islamic center after the attacks in paris. the fbi deemed that threat not credible. >> the one thing of course, i
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what my son did. >> todd: we are hearing for the first time from dyla n klebold. she talks about what life has been like since april 20th when son dylanand school mate eric harrisilled 12. and injured others. she's lived with guilt ever since. >> i know saying i am sorry is an inadequate suffering. there is never a day that goes by where i don't think of the people dylanharmed. >> todd: in a book to be released next week. sue tells her story and hopes that it will help parents spot potential signs of trouble.
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>> neki: weighing in on the race r the white house. >> todd: donald trump went to a rally. he will pull all of the negative ads in south carolina but attacking ted cruz on twitter. >> neki: if te cruz doesn't stop cheating, i have standing to so him for not being a natural born citizen. he vowed to clean up his language on the campaign trail. >> i was going to say they were full of [bleep] but i woevenlt she said that, it is teritible. >> is anybody here worryg about the obscenities shouted out in front of children? what ic going on. >> todd: that is former governor bush taking trump to task for language.
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campaign trail starting on monday >> neki: learn about a week of events that inspr next generation of african-american innovation. details next. >> todd: the northeast is bundling up for one of the coldest weekends they have seen for a while. >> meteorologist: it is freezing up north and in the midwest. back here at home temperatures are heating up in the 60s
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when we return. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elepht noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> two people are still missing after a powerful earthquake stru off the coast of taiwan. people were saved from a collapsed building. officials say theyill inspect other developments and buildings in the area. right now people in the northeast are preparing for what could be the coldest weekend of the city. in new york temperatures will be
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the city is cancing the ice festival in central park. really? the city mayor is wanting people to pay attention to weather warnings. obviously it is that cold and dangerous and frost byte. >> neki: always a few knuckleheads out there ruining it. >> todd: then in key west. look how gorgeous that is. there is not one single cloud in the sky. >> neki: if they are, we can't see it. >> meteorologist: not only on florida. it is so bright you can't notice the blue. fort lauderdale it is gorgeous as well. lots of sunshine and it will stay like this for the the rest of the saturday. a long weekend for some of you.
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it is perfect for the long weekend. 64 degrees in fort lauderdale. we started off in the mid50s. 66 degrees in miami and 67 in key west. similar temperatures across the bod and winds are picking up a tad for fort lauderdale and down south. breezier in key west and wind picked up to 13 miles per hour out of the north. and it will stay nice and dry. there is a weak frontal boundary. it is it a dry cold front because it is not bringing us any rain. it will provide us for driveway weather. and this high is able to pull down the arctic area. tempatures in the midwest and great lakes. 40 degrees in chicago and mineus
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this is windy for our friends along the great lakes. it feels like minus 12 and minneapolis minus 17 and that is headed toward the northeast. back here at home it is feeling great. 76 degrees, 0 percent chance for rain tomorrow and just a ten percent chance for a light shower. temperatures will warm up to the low 70s. if you want to head out to the beach today, slight rip currentnt risk. and boaterses and exercise with caution. seas 2 or 3 feet. and no advisors for the keys and seas are 3- 5 feet beyond of the reef. and here is the l lk at the seven day forecast. president's day. and then on tuesday, a chance for shower ises as we warm up to 83 degrees.
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>> neki: tech executives and entrepreneurs of color all here this week and good week for them to be here. it is the mission of one woman and deal with a series of upcoming activities all week. here joining us is the co-founder. >> good morning, neki. >> neki: exciting week. >> yes. >> neki: you have 200 people and 900 people expected. >> actually 900 expected and 2000 expected. just an excxcing week here in miami and getting people involved in the invasion economy. and celebrating innovators of color in the entire woke of events. >> neki: you have big names. >> jeff hofffounder of the the prien line and he is interesting.
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snap chat. lesly miley formerly of twitter. and rooney who was founder of magic leap and amazing speakers. randall pinkett who was on the apprentice. and amazing speaker areses entrepreneurs, and start up founders and techies. >> neki: you have video of things. and you will have seminars and opportunities for people to be engaged and involved. diversity is a big talk. >> yes, and we have to move toward solution. we are moving to provide solutions and resources and access to the funding so that we build viable start ups provided by people of color. >> we enjoy this stuff and live on goggle and snap chat. >> mereditit we are major
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and that switch has to kick off and ntoys thehe skills that we have and really impact our community by solving problems and using technology. >> if you want to be involved, is is the woke for you you. events in severer locations and register at black tech and big kick off in the fountntn this woke. and florida international iversity and some events are free, too? thank you for coming in this morning, todd? >> todd: veterans who fought in world war ii in france. a ceremony was held for the veterans who fought on the showers of norandy. they were awarded the legioio of honor which is the highest award in france.
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appreciation for what they did. when they were young, they went to it the shores of france and many youngng soldiers died there. >> i am glad t t see the students are interested and remember what happened in the sacrifice of lives. >> todd: the streets of coconut grove are coming alive this weekend. we'll tell you about the festival with art, food and fun. and also, our realtor liz kaldwell with a look at nice homes available here in south florida.
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>> neki: busy weekend in south florida. if you are undecided and need things to do, joine in aventura mall today hosting a black history month celebration and featuring panel of african-american celebrities including taye digs. and we'll have a panel
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a reception and fashion show. and get a glimpse of art. it is a whole day event. they have a mile of art exhibits and food and lots of fun. it is an annual tradition. $15 to attend and kids 12 and der get in free. >> todd: liz caldwell will join us about homes on the market wi big lots and hovering above and below the million mark. >> it is notacre, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. >> todd: if you want a big lot, you have to pay for it. >> land values have increased and improvements decreased. >> todd: if you have a big lot you will get nailed. what do you have?
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and country club built in 2014. leftfd million 149000. and 4200 scare feet. stainless steel. >> todd: a pool table and i will take. it sold. >> it is over 17000 square feet lot. and gorgeous master bedroom and plantation shuters. >> todd: what is that? >> trey ceilings and molded. and beautiful point lot here in the country club. and parkland golf and country club has amazing amenities. >> todd: known for big homes and beautifu lots. how much. 1.149.
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>> next one in coral springs. eagle trace held t honda classic and epic golf is still played there today. >> todd: that house has curb appeal. >> 999,000. all of the new yorkers come on down and this is what florida liveing. it still has a fireplace. and built in 1996. four bed rooms and four and half baths. it is forhundred square feet. half acre lot and improved the house. >> todd: right on the course. >> impact windows and doors. it is gorgeous. that in itself is a mill yen dollar view. this home you will not leave it for sure. >> todd: under a million. >> and the maintenance fee iss 199 a month. >> todd: not bad for eagle
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i would have expected higher. last but not least. >> this is a six bedroom four bath with a pool and two car side entry. >> it is it five bedroom and a man cave. if i am buying. >> nice white kitchen. lots of marble. and newer appliance and impact windows and doors. >> todd: wide open floor plan. >> combination of carpet as well. >> todd: does it have a show. >> yes, of course. triple split door plan and guest suite. >> todd: there is the pool. awe am. no maintenance free. >> no, you are on your own. i think they are new on the market and great. > todd: see you next saturday. >> neki: thanks, liz and todd.
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is a coon disease second only to skin cancer. local ten christie krueger looks at a noninvasive treatment option inthe u.s. >> reporter: nelson cruz will never forget the day he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. >> i was in shock. the doctor spoke for an hour and i heard nothing other than you have cance >> reporter: sufrj row and radiatio care incontinence and impotence. >> it is bad enough to have prostate cancer and now the risk of imppotent. and left incontinent. >> reporter: but the doctor swareaz offered high intensitiy frequence canny ultra-sound. hifu.
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>> reporter: the process was approved by the food and drug administration. it uses it the same way as kidney stones. nelson had to fly outside of the u.s. for treatmeme a few years ago. and happy it is approved for yes. >> no pain or side affects. >> reporter: it is most common after the age of 60. men at risk including the african-americanannd those with a strong family history of prostate cancer should start screening at the age of 40. >> todd: still to come. miami beach's mayor on a different mission. >> neki: the confrontation caught on camera.
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a >> todd: right now it is 9:29. the magic city looking magical. >> neki: i think everyone is happy to be here. >> todd: boat show and valentine's day! >> neki: good hair weather.
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>> neki: what more do youment. >> meteorologist: president's day and a long weekend. see started off cold this morning and keep in mind we inspector the 50s this morning, low to mid50s and now 60s. 67 in key west and pembroke pines 65 degrees currently. no rain on the dar. there e a lot of sunshine, no clouds in thee sky and it will stay like that the rest of the day. there is adry front sweeping through. no rain, that's why it is called a dry front. it is reenforcing nice and dry and stable air. high pressure over the midwest and sinking down in the south. this has brought in the arctic area over the great lakes.
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it is a high of 76 and tomorrow a high of 74. >> neki: evidence markers and bullet casings in a miami neighborhood overnight. police are investigating after a teen was shot in little havana. >> todd: that teen did survive. whwh do we know about the shooting, got morning,ularen. >> reporter: we learned that the 16-year-old wasot the only young man who went running when the bullets started firingng we have video from the scene. we learned from the mmi police that the 16 year old victim's father called it in after his teen was shot in t right thigh. the teen with him walking nor the intersection on southwest 10th avenue and the shooter was
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hipped in a black bmw probably and sped off. say. >> i thought the neighborhood was good. and i move over here every day was an accident or peoplee shooting. >> reporter: definitely an unfortunate situation. as far as we know, no arrest has been made. if you have information contact the police department. the witness said the 16-year-old shooting victim friend is a student at booker. it washington high school. we'll learn about his injures and pass that along to you at >> neki: a teen accused of a criminal ride iss in custody. he stole a car with a sloping baby inside.
9:32 am
with momore. sonella? >> reporter: the 16-year-old is accused of stealing the car with a sleeping baby be in theack seat just appeared in the courthouse. gene is facing a slew of kidnapping and child negegct and grand theft. the judge ordered him to remain in the detention center. >> probable cause of all counts and detention 21 days. >> reporter: gene was arrested by the fort lauderdale police department. he was taken to the emergency room in handcuffs for a medical evaluation and police say he was the one responsible for a carjacking monday afternoon outside of a fort lauderdale laundry mat.
9:33 am
the ten month old child and all out church to find him. the ten month old baby was found safe eight miles away from the landro mat. back in fort lauderda, police connected gene to the car because of finger prints fou inside of the car. local ten news. >> todd: a second suspect was near a high school. that incident is one in a string of shootings that has miami-dade students under fire. they were seen running away with a gun in his hand. leaders are thanking the community and saying that the arrest would not have been possible without their cooperation. >> we are starting to get the community to speak up about the
9:34 am
>> it was what decided to break the code of silence to make the arrest. >> todd: carol high school was placed on lock down due to near by dpun fire. school grades are out. they are based on tests that were given a year ago. miami schools received a b- grade. 167 167 received an a grade. and 20 f- grade. and broward getting a b grade over all. 8484 a s and 29 f's. find out what grade your children's school received by going to >> neki: the mayay tweeted that he saw the fed ex, trucknd blocking the lane and posted the encounter on youtube. >> let me ask you a question. wh do you have the fed extruck
9:35 am
>> i have to deliver the packages. that's why we are here. >>eki: he captured the truck's license plate number and police issued a citation for the driver later. fedex saiai the behavior of the individual is not what fedex delivers to customers every day. >> todd: new overnight. the u.s. put a pentagon battery in korea. the announcement comes as south korea and washington prepare talks on deploying a sophisticated missile defense system. >> neki: this morning haitians
9:36 am
applicants were asked to pay a fee. >> todd: a aricans in cuba, americans will be able to buy a ticket on a commercial flight to havana and other cities starting in the fall. the state department said 20 flights daily to ha van and ten other cies on the iowa land. u.s. airlines will need approval from washington and havana. pope francis created laughs and smiles. the pope trading in the skull cap for a sombrero. it was a lighthearted moment for a serious trip. he had a meeting with the russssn order. and together they pled for the individual community to protect persecuted christians in the middle east.
9:37 am
>> and he loves people. >> todd: he will be there five daysys there are hundreds of pets waiting to be adopted in south florida. >> neki: coming up, we'll introduce you to it shocky and tell you how to take her home. plus parents witness a bizarre site on the ultra-sound and the hit that their little one will bee a natural born fighter, next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidentiti candidates
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>> neki: we have an exotic one in the studio. sherry is here from the human society to introduce us to socky. what kind of cat. >> he is a siamese. and they are called apple head. and three years young and we don't see many of them. >> neki: where is he from. family.
9:41 am
he needs a iet home. >> neki: not my house. >> he would get along with another cat that is his personality. he wants to slope in bed with you. and likes to cuddle and very cool cat. >> neki: any special area care. >> brush themm on a regular basis to cut down on shedding. he likes to snuggle around your neck. he is one of the many fabulous felines. >> neki: people think a pet for valentine's day. >> it is adopt a sweet heart weekend. cupid arranged for you to have one. it is over a year $30. and we hope you will pay 30. if you want to pay 20 you will take that, too. we have gorgeous dogs and
9:42 am
>> neki: they are spayed and microchippedn >> and a bag of food. everything you will need. >> neki: head out and look for the perfect pet pal on line or ipad. and click under the lifestyle tab. you will find a link in south florida and post a picture of one you lost or found. jennifer? meteorologist: good morning, south florida. can't wait to get out and enjoy it. temperatures are warming up faster than the last couple of days. we hit the mid70s and today we will once again. live look outside at the tower cam. it is crisp blue skies and that will be the sry for us on this saturday. 64 degrees in fort lauderdale with a west, northwest breeze at eight miles per hour and current temperatures all over the boara. 63 in pampano beach.
9:43 am
and upper 60s down through the keys and the winds by the way picked up through key west and a north wind at 13 miles per hour. and still a calm wind for miami. eight miles per hour winds in homestead and nine. and across the area, no rain to talk about. it is noise and stable for us. there is a cold front headed our way. is headed by the lake okeechobee. and@you can can see the clouds associated with the front. those clouds are not producing front. high pressure over much of the central and eastern u.s. and meanwhile high winds blowing in and cauaung lake-effect snow in spots and also causing temperatures to feel around nus 10 to 20 and minus 40 degrees. that is not the actual temperature. that is what it feels like for
9:44 am
it feels nice and warm with sunny skies and tomorrow, the wind withes will be out of the east and it will pick up. and it will be be a breezy sunday and by the way, today later on today, winds could gust up to 20 miles per hour. so small cft operators exercise caution and seas are 2 or 3 feet. and high of 64 degrees and before then, starting off in the upper 60s to low 70s to snuggle up with your valentine. >> >> todd: take a look at the voochlt baby edward punches himself so hard, he's knocked back wards and the video is odd. it is a perfectly healthy baby. ooh.
9:45 am
>> todd: now everyone is see issing it. because it is. >> within two days articles in the ukraine, honduras andn italy and telemundo. >> he's getting so big. >> he's more accomplished than i am. >> todd: get ready to rumble. the attention was unexpected first time parents said it is fun to read the comments and what that might say about baby edwards personality. thank goodness they don't have twins. >> neki: my daughter would wink at me on the three d like wait until i get there. and she lived up to it. international new affairs about the zika virus and the warnings from t t cvc. >> todd: hear about the other
9:46 am
children next. >> neki: a soldier takes on getting in costume.
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behind ope
9:49 am
a sword weildinin attack made a court appearance. he alleged attacked two different victims. he is facing attempted murder. and new information about a man accused of ambushing and shooting a miami police officer. the 24-year-old david mejia did not go to court. he is accused of shooting the officer as he sat in the vehicle in january. starling survived and recovering at home. >> neki: new fears over the zika virus. two women who contracted it outside of the u.s. had miscarriages. rerearcher ares are seeing a strong link between the virir and birth defects. they are trying to figure out if it causes miscarriage. in hawaii there is a emergency
9:50 am
zika and other mosquito- born illness now this morning a a wyoming woman went through a break up. her boyfriend torched her car. it started with a simple lover's quarrel. their anniversary would have been tomorrow. >> i have had all my id and title to my car and birth certified. >> todd: police say they have suspects but haven't ruled anything out as they investigate the incident. an early valentine's day surprise. our favorite type of story. >> neki: an army officer proposed to a girlfriend. he flew from texas to mississippi to propose to his love.
9:51 am
dance to ring in the asian new year and he decided to get in the suit. everyone watched the dance and williams popped the question. >> it is the best girl. i couldn't let h her get away. >> neki: very sweet. >> todd: dragon slayer. >> neki: now they are planning the happily ever after. beats what you did? >> todd: i ponied up. >> nek we don't have the time. >> todd: no, let's' move on. >> neki: highway to the history books. and little known collection of african art getting the exposure it deserves. the diplay when we come back.
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9:54 am
that changed a sit down and what >> todd: a group of black artist known as the highwayman are getting a special exhibit in fort lauderdale. >> neki: many years they had to sell works of art outside on of their trunks of car can. >> these are two of my father's pieces and they were done to keep the price down they participing on board that was used like drywall is now. >> neki: kelvin is son of the highwayman whoho was a landscape artist in the '50s. >> in the '50s and '60s you could not display in the public art gallery or even use the rest rom. >> neki: to make a living he had to paint fast.
9:55 am
he painted what they saw and the way they felt. and you walked away with vibrant colors. >> neki: other artist joined him and now the works sell for thousands and hang in the florida state house, even the first lady recently bought a piece. he now hits the road to pass the spirit of the highwayman. >> he is teaching at our high school and teaching us the secrets it is amazing and like engulfing. >> the fact that he works so hard makes me think i can make it just like he did. >> neki: that's what he wants for them to show a true artist will find a way to over comobstatisticles. >> meredith: it opened this
9:56 am >> todd: the pope is now in mexico after the historic meeting in cuba. >> neki: details and what it means for the russian orthodox relationship. >> todd: a teen shot in miami, actually little havana. what we are learning about him
9:57 am
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>> todd: a teen in the hospital. >> neki: and a teen who carjacked a car with a baby on board faces the judge this morning. >> todd: history out of havana what is expected to come out of the meeting of two powerful religious leaders. >> jeb, jeb? >> neki: thought he was being nicer. donald trying to trump former governor jeb. what is behind the war of words. >>odd: good morning tis
9:59 am
i am todd tongun. >> neki: beautiful shot at the hollywood beach cam. president's day weekend and valentine's day and boat show weekend. jennifer, you have to deliver. >> meteorologist: i am delivering, neki and todd. with sunshine and it is so nice and sunny. this is a live lockout of the miami tower cam and out of the mallory square cam. beautiful crisp blue skies. temperatures in the low 60s for miami-dade. we are close to 70 in key west. there is a northwest wind and no rain on the radar. there is a dry cold front pushing through the lake okeechobee. this cool front is not bringing coltemperatures.
10:00 am
above us. sun ise skies and temperatures warmer as we head in the middle of the afternoon. we'll have the mid to upper 70s. more on the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> todd: thank you, jen. a teen is recovering after being shot overnight. lauryn do we know how the victim is doing? i understand shot in the the leg somewhere, right? >> reporter: in the right thigh. we are still working to figure out just how the young man is doing in jackson memorial or if he is still here. it is possible he could have been released at this point. we are still working to confirm the information with the police. we heard from a friend of the shooting victim and we learned that the young man is a student at bocker. it washington high school and 16 years old.
10:01 am
the scene early this morning and the victim's friend recall ares hearing a don gunshots around 1:15. and the two teens were walking near the intersection of west 10th avenue and fifth street and a man wearing all black showed up and started shooting. and jumped in a black car and speed off in a possible bpw. the 16-year-old victim was shot once in the right thigh. this is what the friend had to say after the buddy was rushed to jackson memorial. >> i thought the neighborhood was good. but i move over here, everyry day was an accident or people shooting. >> reporter: and at this point, no arrests have been made. miami police welcome information from helpful tips in this and we'll work to learn the extent
10:02 am
as far as we know he is here in jackson memorial with a gun shot wound to the right@thigh. reporting live in livingston local ten news. >> neki: we are following a sheriff investigation of a three car crash that left a young girl dead. deputies say the yng victim was pronounced dead on the the scene and two others taken to the hospital. >> todd: a teenag boy, waking up behind bars this morning. he stole a car with a baby inside trigggging an amber alert. we havee what is expected to happen in this case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd, 16 year old brian gene will not love the detention center any time son.
10:03 am
he is facg kidnap canning, child neglect to grand theft. the judge ordered him remainn the the detention center. probable counts. secure detention 211 days. jean was arrested by the fort lauderdale police department. right after that arrest taken to the emergency room at broward medical center in handcuffs for a medical evaluation. and he was taken straight to jail. police say he was responsible for a carjacking monday afternoon. and in the back seat of that car was a sleeping ten month old baby and search was launched. hours after he was found safe eight miles away along mcnab and
10:04 am
back out live fort lauderdale police are able to confirm they found him and his finge prints were found inside of the car and police confirming that bit of information to us. reporting live in fort lauderdale, local ten news. >> neki: live pictures now out of mexico city where the pope is doing a procession. people are lining the streets to catch a glimpse. he's on a five day trip across mexico to deal with significant issues. and there you can see the pope greeting the public there as he travels throughout the country. he is expected to meet with victims of violence and poor communities. this was the welcome he received yesterday in the airport.
10:05 am
dancers and look at the crowd gather ared waving mexican flags. after a meeting with the pope and several bishops. it was off to the pope mobile. he was taken away and he greeted those lining the streets to it catch a glimpse of him. he will meet with many victims of violence in those poor communities throughout the country. before mexico pope francis took part in a historic meet nothing havana with the leaderf the russian orthodox church. it is the first time two leader ares have met in over a thousand years. it is they greeted each other with a kiss. they met at the airport in havana. carrel said because of the conversation they had, he is
10:06 am
together a defend christians around the world. >> two han of churches accepting each other as brothers and aftft this meeting, i think many important initiatives will be be possible, cultural and charititle and theological. >> neki: they talked about the defense oflife and marriage, and defense of christians in the middle east. >> todd: a man threatening to fire bomb a mosque last fall pled guilty to a hate crime. 43 year old martin faces 20 years in prison. he admted he left a threatening voice mail in the islamic center hours after the november attacks in paris. the fbi deemed the threat not credible. >> one thing that i want to say, of course, is that i am so sorry for what my son did.
10:07 am
first time from the mother of killer dylanklebold. she talks about what life is like a aer the april 20th shooting when her son and school mail killed peoplend injured and killed themselves. she has lived with guilt every since. >> i know saying i am sorry is an inadequate response to all of the suffering. there is never a day that goes by where i don't think of the people that dylanharmed. >> todd: sue said she never thought her son would do anything so horrific. in a book she tells her story and hopes it helps parents to point out problems with children. she will donate proceeds to mental health issues. >> neki: south carolina weighing
10:08 am
house. >> todd: trump seded to pull all of the negative ads in south carolina and attacking ted cruz on twititr. >> neki: he said ifed cruz doesn't stop cheating. i will have a sought for him not being a natural born citizen. trump vowed to clean up the language on the campaign trial. >> i was going to say they are full of [bleep] but i will not say. she lost it. and she said that is [bleep] and thth is terrible. >> is anybody here worried about the front runningng kantdidate shouting out obscenities in front of children? what is going on? >> todd: that is former are florida governor jeb bush taking trump to it task for the language. his brother george will start campaigning on his behalf on
10:09 am
>> neki: two b others found safe and who is behind barses for their disappearance. >> todd: and the northeast gearing up for a polar plunge. how they are preparing for the big chill. >> we are warming things up and it is it nice and sunny in south florida and look like it will stay le that through
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
president's day. >> todd: two brothers missing six months were found safe. and now their mother is charged kidnapping. the ages 15 and 9, disappeared after a visit from their mother who did not have legal custody. she was caught boarding a flight to taiwan. they were found in mexico state. and returned to washington state to be wit the father and stepmother. >> neki: people in the northeast are preparing for the the coldest week of the season. freezing temperatures has forced the tea to cancel the ice festival in central park. the city's mayor warning people to take precautions a pay
10:13 am
>> todd: suckers. did i say that out loud in>> neki: you did. >> todd: i did. >> neki: this is when you post pictures and talk to the relatives. >> todd: weekend by the the pool and fanning myself. they get their revenge in hurricane season, don't worry. >> meteorologist: it is not coming yet. we'll notalk about that soon. enjoy the weather and temperatures are warming up fast. already 70 degrees in pembroke pines and hialeah. and it is 60s on the coast. it is going to be 69 degrees, key west,7 in marathon. winds out of the north and northwest. and up to 12 miles per hour and breezier in homestead. winds picked up there. on the radar are,o rain to talk about with. it is nice and driveway. cloud cover, puffy clouds and they are fair weather clouds and
10:14 am
and inland portions. a lot of sunshine today. use the sun screen. there is a driveway cold front sweeping through central and south central florida. that will sweep across south florida by this afternoon. it is it reenforcing dry air. look at the northern plains and upper midwest and great lakes. they are single negative digits. and the core of the cold is stuck over here in the midwest. this is what it feels like. minus nine degrees in chicago and this will swing in the northeast later on today and tomorrow. for us, we are not getting the cold air. things are warming up and pie this afternoon. mid70s and east wind will return and head out to the beach today and enjoy it.
10:15 am
caution and bays with moderate chop. could get gustier by the way. president's day and high of 78. and you know we continue to warm things up and tuesday with the rain gear. we are cool and back to 80 degrees. neki. ncba right after i leave here i will go to black history month in the aventura mall. they have tlor cooking and a panel with celebrities. and i will moderate that. and they are all talking about various topics. including new books and followed by a reception all day. boats your thing? is the boat show in a new location this ar. miami marine stadium. todd said take a water taxi and
10:16 am
tickets are 20 bucks and 15 and younger are free. take them long. and you will have more information on the parking and shuttles and water taxis. they will have a jack and jill health fa. it will be in the jack and jill center. a very special place in fort lauderdale. from now to noon. go get your blood pressure taken. and take advantata and find out how things are going on. >> todd: bosh gets benched on the all-star game. >> neki: more about the injury. >> todd: and sha quill.
10:17 am
ahead. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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>> sports anchor: chris bosh will not play in front of the home crowd in the game. he pululd out because of a calf injury. he was setet to play and compete in the three point shootou and will now watch from the sideline. bosh missed last year because of blood clots on his lung and that started with a calf injury. there is no indication that the
10:20 am
one or the clots. he released this statement. i am honored to be selectete in the all-star weekend festivities and will be here to support the all stays. and i will use time to heal and focus on the second half of the heat season. dwayne wade made a splash in media at a with his attire and talked about how he is taking care of himself to make sure he is playing all-star level. >> i will love to be 21 or 2 and love to be flash my whole career. that is humanly impossible in this game. and to be arorod and stick around, you have to find a way to change your game depending on the team and style and times and everything and your body as well. spotspotanother story. big plan shaquille o'neal making
10:21 am
he was a terrible free throw shooter and something that another hall of famer tried to help him with. >> first of all, i would like to thank all of the guys on stage. you inspired me. except for rick, and he came to lsu and wanted free to shoot free throw. i can't do it. can't do it, too cool for that. >> sports anchor: on the ice. the panthers, cats striking first. and making one- nothing panthers and all-star goalie surrenders not one, not two, but three goals in the first period alone. the cats call on this one. 5- 3 andry to bounce back against nashville later tonight. dolphins made move to free up salary cap case cutting quarterback and a defense end.
10:22 am
sports wrap. >> totd: we'll update the top stories we are following today. >> neki: first, a live look out of the hollywood beach cam. look at them. they are having a great time. we'll have the full forecast when we come back. >> we are not cookingn soflo taste. this weekend. >> todd: alert the media. they are not cooking this weekend. and the reason why she is making civichand she will show favorite recipes and techniques for putting garlic and lime and fresh florida fish. and cook a bit with mussels and shrimp. onkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
10:23 am
when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid foonly $9.98,
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>> neki: looking at our top story.
10:26 am
little havana where a 16-year-old was shot on onn southwest 10th avenue and he is shot in the leg. his father called the police. >> todd: 16-year-old behind bars after he stole a car with a ten month old baby inside. police were able to identify brian jean by finger prints in the home. he was arrested in the foster care home. >> meteorologist: temperatures hitting 70 degrees in west broward and northwest miami-dade and hialeah and pembroke pines at 73 degrees. we have a dry cold front passing through today's highof 76. and tomorrow 74. next day we could see showers is tuesdada >> todd: chamber of commce weather. thank you, gen. >> neki: thank you for joining us on local ten.
10:27 am
as chef michelle bernstein shows you her favorite dishes on soflo taste. you can catch us on the web and join us tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. we'll be excited to see you
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10:29 am
have a g hi, i am chef m michelle bernstein. today on so flo taste, we are not cooking with gas but we are turning on the jews as i sho you a whole lot of wonderful ceviche recipes. join us today on so flow taste. >> this is south florida, where i live and work. i'm michelle bernstein, and south florida is more than sun, sand, and see.
10:30 am
sound, culture, and of course food. food from taste from all over the world. join me as we celebrate the food of south florida and the people who love it. flo taste. >> hello, i and chef michelle bernstein. ceviche really came to us from spain through latin america. the process of cooking fresh fish with citrus juices is a wonderfully flavorful way to prepare fish. today, i thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite ceviche recipes. let's get cooking. the first thing i i ll teach you is muscles with kind of the flavors of ceviche, but the muscles are already cooked. so, you take some muscles, and you put them into some simmering water, just until they open. we will do that real quick and then, all this water has is a little bit of salt, that is it. you do not want to add any flavoring, because we really add so much flavoring here. okay. they just quickly pop open. he set them aside, and, once a cool, you basically take off


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