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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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round of applause. >> reporter: this teach is in stable condition. the injury was to his leg, not life threatening. motive is still unclear. a teenager is still in the hospital after shots were fired in little havana last night. >> i heard the shots, all the shots on the walls and stuff. >> reporter: witnesses say a 16-year-old was shot in the leg around 1:15 this morning. >> my boyfriend was going to go get something to eat for me.
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>> reporter: someone dressed in black showed up and started shooting. >> i just heard eight shots are. >> reporter: several shots were fired hitting the back of the windows and even an s.u.v. >> she was limping right here in the middle of the street. >> reporter: he was rushed to jackson memorial hospital. police are still searching for the person who pulled the trigger. >> i thought the neighborhood was good, but then when i move over here, every day was a an accident or people shooting. reporter: the witness said in a gunman may have gotten away on foot. if you have any informs, go ahead and actual the miami police department. >> the second suspect involved
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high school period before a judge today. derek has the story. >> reporter: police made it very clear they would not stand for violence on or near the school campus. the second family suspect period in front of a judge today. but it was certainly not a good morning for 19-year-old stanley reagan for being held for his role in a shohoing that sent bullets flying into the high scscol. >> possession of a firearm and school property, the rest passing with weapon on school property. >> reporter: it sparked those two and another suspect to exchange shots outside the high
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window and fence. members of the community denouncing the dangerous decision and calling for increased vigil lens. the day after a shot hit a portable school. as for reagan, he'll be held without bond. >> the court has reviewed the charges and finds there is forecasts for the charges. >> reporter: reagan remains behind bars tonight. he also -- [ indiscernible ]-- as for the third person ever interest, that person is yet to be identified or arrested.
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everybody went home after. >> it's unclear where the fire started or exactly what caused it. >> it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.. >> trent ss it will be gorgeous are. >> yes, tomorrow a little bit warmer, but clear skies. for miami-dade county, this isp a live look through the toter cam. it's been a busy place here where we've been seeing many people enjoying this fun filled saturday with valentine's day tomorrow and p president's day monday. you will not have to are would youry about any kind of rain chances. d-70s from pompano beach all
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have the northwest wind and that will bring in a few more clouds and wmer temperatures. no wind gusts as we pass the five-day forecast hour. what you can expect for the rest of your evening, we're at 75 now, 70 at 9:00 and fall into the 60s once the sun settles completelyonight. your full forecast just minutes away. >a man accused of stealing a carrith a baby interfaced a judge today. it occurred outside a flawed laundromat. the child was found safe about 8 miles away from the laundromat and reunite with her family. a deadly drive in not waterdale.
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the impact caused one car to spin out he just a second a four-year-old girl. she was pronounced dead at the scene. pope francis has made his way to mexico. a freak accident when a manhole crashes into a woman's car.
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symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dogoghimpering) to keep it pumping. the pope was seen cruising around mexico city in his popemobile.
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greeted the first latin-american pope. pope benedict xvi stopped to meet the adoreing crowd, 'em basing several children. >> experefnces teaches us southeastern or later the life of society becomes 1thal soil for cop runnion. >> the pope also spoke of how mexico's richness lies in its young people. >> a people with a youthful population is a people able to renew and transform itself.f. >> reporter: he'll wrap up his
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>> today i come as a missionary of mercy and of peace, but also as a son who wishes to pay homage to his mother, the blessed virgin of gaud loop and place himself under her watchful care. republicans are gearing up for a debate in south carolina tonight. they'll take the stage in greenville. the feud continues between donald trump and jeb b bh. >> there are lot of children that watch these debates, a lot
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a president shouldever talk the way he does. >> south carolinians hand to -- head to the polls a week from today. a teacher was driving through a tunnel in boston when a 200-pound manhole coming crashe into her windshield, crushing her. >> our hearts go out to her and her family to an incredible bizarre incident. >> it's unclear what happened with the manhole cover. the state police will investigate. a statement was released saying an attack was meant to target -- it was inside a laptop that went offhortly after takeoff killing the suspected bomber.
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treated once the plane landed safely. a warning that is going out. and we have a beautiful dayacross south florida. we have a northwest wind now. that's going to change f/r tomorrow and it will also bring a change for the forecast.
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the break. jacks we're told anthony skolia has died, supreme court, judge. we know this is very tragic. heas a senior supreme court justic >> there are reports that he did arve at a ranch where he took part at a party f 40 people
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breakfast, somebody went to his room and that is when they found his body. we are told that the governor of texas as well as a chief u.s. district judge has been notified of the death. he apparently has died after apparently being found dead inside his hotel room. >> we'll bring you the latest as we get updates.. some states in the northeast are feeling temperatures 30 degrees below zero. people in new york city are being warned to stay inside. >> if for any reasonn you have to go out, go out for a a little time as possible. bundled up, lots of layers, do not have skin exposed. these are very tough condndions. >> forecasters say that the good news is that the cold weather
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and a warmup will come on monday. trent aric is hereo tell us more about that. >> new york going down to one maybe 2 degrees. a balmy 15 for a high tomorrow. mount sinai medical center, looking out in the opposite direction, we've been watching boats good no, and out of the inlet all day. quite a few people around. it will be a fantastic sunset within the hour.
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out there today. light, fast-moving shower. of temperature wise we're sitting at 75 high lee. there is the cool spot at marathon. an absolutely gorgeous day on the way.
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shore flow, some clouds could move in. high pressure moves towards the east. we'll see an even warmer day as the east wind rolls through south florida. if you plan on spending valentine's day at the beach, the wer temperature is 72. your surf, one to 3 feet. the rip current chance slight. that will be on the right the next couple days. small craft causing on the water. if you're lucky enough to have president's day off on mony looks to be another fantastic day. that could bring 20% chance of a shower. breezy thursdays thursdays. how confirms is chris that his injury may lead to blood clots.
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next. many thought this injury was lated to the bluetooth he had in 2008. he doesn't worry that this calf strain is any more than that. they get ready for the game tomorrow in toronto. the league announced he was withdrawing from the game and tonight's threrepoint shootout. he'll undergo further evaluation
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he said: how about dwyane wade and labonte practicing court shots. how about this. i think he called glass on that one. off the window and in. they're soaking up every moment of this weekend. especially if 1:00 he gets to spend -- the ones he gets to spend with kobe bryant. >> i wasn't on his radar and i ripped kobe. i was like yo, i just ripped kobe. i scored on him. thiss kobe bryant i just scored on. at was my favorite moment. the panthers will look for a bounceback game.
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couldn't slow him for long. nashville tonight. >> we didn't playy well. we don't like -- [ indiscernible ] -- we got to start the team a little bit. get back at it. the hurricanes basketball team will face a tough challenge tomorrow. guys dressed up like bay contact. of they were apparently hundredry there. -- hungry. john capitolry. he goes. coaching -- look a a that, the shirt up tucked. he's known for the great suits. didn't need them today.
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kentucky goes on to win this by almost 30. >> he gets reallied up -- riled up. >> perfect. >> that does it for us for now. >> we're always on the@ latest
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we'll be right here at 6. marshals that supreme court justice antonin causes. justice scalia was the longest serving justicen the high court. appointed by president ronald
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terry man covers the court for us. you knew his presence on the court very we. talk to us about his legacy. >> tom, justice antonin scalia was a towering figure on the supreme court and in america law. to the force of this, his lek elect, his sheer force of his personality, he for three decades led the conservative movement in american law to roll backhe liberal activism on the courts. he dididt pass -- hand down some landmark rulings. ififn those rulings and enmore in his dissents, which would be scathing and sarcastic but were loudz and clear that he demonstrated a way forward for conservatives who almost given up on the supreme court. after the era of liberal activism. there wasn't a scalia era, he
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but certainly a scalia influence. it runs right through supreme court and he showed the way for conservatives to be on the courur to fight that liberal effort, to reinterpret the constitution in the life of current circumstancece scalia was the champion of saying the constitution should mean what it meant for the people who wrote it and ratified it. his loss is just incall clabl to the conservative movement, american law and beyond. because he was such a champion, he became kind of a political figure and a controversial one as well. he also had a gift for friendship. his closest friend on the supreme court, the most liberal justice, ruth bader ginsburg and they were very close. they went to the opera together, they appeared in an opera together in washington.


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