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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 7AM  ABC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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key west here's a live lookutof mallory square cam and by the way t is breezy. take a look at how the palm trees and trees are swayingment also the ways are chop by pi but bought skies out there. clear start for key west. temperature at 63 de. wind speed 13 miles per hour out of norththst tsm feels good out there. and then if you can notice there have a couple clouds that have been rolling onshore for broward, so fort lauderdale not so clear. for the start of this morning at least for the start of this hour. 56 degrees in fort lauderdale. 59 in miami. 6363n key west and again t will be a cool and nice start for us and then a lot warmer by this afternoon. even warmer in the upcoming days. i'll have more de dale on that with your seven day. todd. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. e top story this morning. the longest serving supreme cot justice found dead ate texas ranch.
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he was the first italian american to ever serve on the court.>> neki: and he passed through confirmation with a unanimous vote after being appointed we ronald reagan in 1986. sanela sabovic has more from the newsplex. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning dmik. and sca lee passed away in hi sleep while on a hunting trip in texas. weigh the longest serving justice on the high score. he was known for being a ston shall conservative. a critic of#row versus wade and strong opponent of seasm same sex marriages. president obama spoke from california yesterday. >> and scalia was a larger than life presence on the bench. a bril a ant legal miel mind. >> reporter: over night they
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at of half staff. and a battle brewing over who will replace him. >> the presidentays le fulfill his could presidential tiewt can i and the congressen says they will not confirm a nominee. >> and what happened in the court. >> a lot of controversial cases with abortion and o blam care and im tblaition r im glaition will be coming for the court and we're looking 84 person split which means the lower court will stand because they don't have majority. >> scacaa is survived by his wife maureen and their nine children. florgt news room. sanela sabovic. local 10 n ns. >> neki: hialeah police searching for the four men responsible. the crook targeted three cell phone stores in the aim same area. the first at with west 35th streetnd 11th avenue. the surveillance individual 2340 yo showing the men smashing
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out the place. a few blocks wait men seen wearing the same clos clothes and caughtt on surveillance cram an moants lairtd they break into another store on west 29th 29th street. >> just saying with we have an alarm and good camera system but even with with. that they came in the middle of the night we've bn here five years and never had had vai gun problem but we have one now. >> neki: store owners hoping the surveillance video will lead to their arrest. fof now they seas the damage and begin peek up the pieces. we have breaking news coming out of haiti this morning where a majority of law makers have selected an interim p resident following the resignation of martha lee. nate leader jo sin prevair was chosen after a ten hour seks sefnlings the strempleg into the wee hour this morning. prevair was one of three candidates vying for the presidency that is only set to last for 120 days. >> todd: a second gunman
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shooting of carol city high school last week. 19-year-old reagan went before i jawj yesterday. he is facing several charges including possession of a firearm on school property.police say he is a known gang member and was involved way shootout of a group of people outside the campus on wednesday. another 18-year-old cedric what bass was arresd and 18-year-old ramon har gra is still on the run. >> neki: and it happened at thth abraham food market on northwest 77th street. you can see heavy smoke pouring out of building as firefighters work to put out the flame. luckily no one hurt. it's unclear where the fire started or what caused this. >> todd: tampa bay area democratic congress woman kathy cast ner leaves for a congressional trip to cuba yesterday. she and other filed to lift
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trade center to trade freely with cuba. and before she left she spoke to those about improving the trade. >> and that will help the cuban people and have the the ben fiftd creating jobs into cuba and herere e america and helping our american business. >> todd: this is cast ner's first trip to cuba after the diplomat irk relations with the united states. >> neki: thousands of the grateful visited pope where he celebrated the first mass in his visit t t the country amen >> neki:re, pope frap cysys delivered a homily on the focus of the story of the virgin and property, immigration and crime. after delivering his homily pope francis sat in front of im mancht patron st. fulfilling a wish to pray without beingrushed.
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heheook a moment to kiss a child on the for chead and t t biggest mass near the u.s. mexico boarder. >> todd: a u.s. missel that was mistakenly sent to cuba was con fimpletd the training missel which was sas pod to be sent to eueupe somehow enlded up in cuba and recently handed backkver to the u.s. until tear rivment the recent diplomatic relationship 20 # countries rude for an easier exchange. and coming up folk a a site off the coats that has you thinking it is not safe to go in the water. and. >> todd: and beachgoer are thinking twice about going o in for a dip. >> neki: and a relationship attack several cars. but reason for hi anger may surprise you. >> jennifer: all right florida.a. it's valentine's day and sunday. light of us have a long weekend. it not be the end to your weekend, but if it s enjoy it
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dry conditions and breezy as well. all the detail on that and your full seven day forecast when we come back. >> you're watching local 10 news
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>> a. >> neki: now to the latest on the out break of the zika virus. the government of brazil is pointing thousands of troops to warn mem throughout the country about the danger of zika. thousands confirmed case there. yesterday's brazil's president he is the virus are not impact the upcoming olympic game. >> todd: just in time for valentine day. a heartbreaking story from a hope less romantic from china. >> neki: a wild elephant ram niej these parked cars after at authority called a failed court ship. >> todd: poor guy. >> neki: the nature preserve
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he just lost to another male elephant in the battle of another he female. >> some people throw plates. he destroys cars. >> todd: maybe like carrie underwood. >> neki: new this morning areal footing a aj is showing thousands of spancht ten of thousand of shark across palm beach county. you're looking at yairls of theshark migration survey. at one point you can see the shark are unchs away from a bealtd boarder. a profession or from atlantic university shot this joyed. >> so interesting baw there were hardly any shark south of miami up to boynton beach and then palm beach was loaded. sharks. >> neki: the professor is trying to figure out out why the sharks were tracked to that area and while try to figure out that i'm glad they rup north. >> todd: yes, stay north of there. valentine's weekend.
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that the art festival and boat o show. >> neki: nicole henry is having a free concert on south beach today. >> todd: a lot of stuff going on and a lot outdoors thcht is the preeminent weekend for south florida. great stuff. >> neki: and it's freezing every where else so we can show off. >> todd: that rye. so do your stuff. >> jennifer: tord and dmik, it's nice out there. anything that is going to be done outdoors will be done under sunny skies. a couple clouds mixing in but i first have to show you the views out there. so here's a mt.. sinai medical center tower cam. live view. if you're look towards the werks you can see clear sky out there. ju absolutely gorgeous. and then for areas around broward county especially around the coast. a couple clouds rolling onshore but not enough to just cover the sun so definitely a nice a clear startle for most of us all across south florida. no rain to speak of on radar. nice and quite too. the radar should stay quite for
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meanwhile there is snow stretching from the upper midwest down moot kentucky and even an ice storm right over portions of southern missouri. meanwhile back over north texas. mandel. oklahoma there. a low that is currently descrepg. it will strengthen throughout today and through tueay morning as it pull towards the east a across the south and over to the northeast by tuesday morning so. this system will bring the risk for severe weather croots mand ella long the gulf coast so from pensacola to new orleans and portions of southern mississippi and southwest alabama as well. this is tomorrow's severe weather out look. not today. this is tomorrow. so that could cause travel delays but also with the severe weather there will be the snow as a well impacting portion of the tennessee valley, and even in the north east. now, right now the northeast, currently zero degrees in new york. below zero for boston.
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13 degrees in washington dc and then this is what it feel like out there. bus ter rivment feels like - 19 in new york. - 36 i boss tofnlts those temperature are not nice. they are dangerous and could cause fro really quick. sphru friend and family up rth, send them warm love. back here the at home we are cool for thetart of of the day but veen tiewly we'll up to the 70s tomorrow warmer for president's day. todd. >> todd: all right thank you jen. right now the python chang challenge is coming to and he. the window for the hufnt buy meer police python is coming to an end at 7:00 p.m. reward f f the longest python and most snakes captured. as of friday, 102 pythons had been caught n- last month. >> >> n ni: and coming up. a mailman coming to the rescue i love this story.
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man saved a man's life in the process. coming up nexex >> neki: and delving fliernlger problemin 95. a safety of pressure making the roads more dangerous. don't miss jeff's rerert. it's next. but first here's a look a the winninin lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tappipi sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> neki: it is valentine's day and lots to do today. we'll tell you some of the thing on our calendar. today nate a evaluate entype day concert in corral gain. the event from 5:30 'til 9:00. singer rene homestead. and look at the dining option there. go on their web site.
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out ana arts and crafts museum. and starts at 10:00 in the morning and open and free a add mismghts efg is free today a. and if you wt to go outdoor, kite festival day over at haulover park many miami beach. you can watch every onefly those cool big ciets. fly our own. make your own. event from noon 'til 5:00. cool there. a lot going on. >> todd: tonto do. >> neki: yeah. >> todd: well, president obama and first lady michelle expressed the love for each other this vanl teens day and did i on national television. >> neki: and td two love birds their love poem on ellen degenerous show. >> i obama care you more than you know it. that right. obama cares. >> but michelle i've made a lot of grace great decision as president about and the best decision i have made was
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i love you. ellen, happy valentine's day. >> todd: and president obama is so smooth. heaz three ladads in hi life a. >> todd: he will be a way from michelle that valentine's day because he is in california. >> neki: if you do it right, valentine's can bevery week. >> todd: yes. >> neki: and a mailman went woof thinks delivery dututs. >> todd: he noticed a man's a mail was not taken. >> neki: he noticed the 57-year-old had mail stacked upp which he said was unusual for him. >> but he would always come out on t t 10th to get his social security check. when he didn't comeut, i got concerned. i lookout for these people. i think every man saturday. >> neki: firefighters say the man was live laying on the living room floor for at least three day. he was taken to the hospital alive and conscious where he remain there morning.
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plans open suing the florida department of transportation claiming t tse orange ploos tick polls on i-95 have created a danger zone. >> neki: you meept ones people run i io. >> todd: uh-huh. >> neki: these pole are supposed to separate the general lanes from the multi purpose lanes but many are ignoring them and driving oample them and the vults already been deadly. >> a very large suv crossed over the orange cone thing in front of a car. >> thehe orange poll did nothing to stop the driver from driving out of express lanes and right into the path of stephanie blossom o eye slammed onn my brake and could sort of feel the car spinning out and it was pure terror. watch the driver of this white lincoln cut through a gach missing plastic poles right into the path of of an only coming suv an then this video caught on
7:22 am
over and over o. the florida highway patrol he is trooper have respond to 12,192 crashes in the express lane in made county in the past three years. >> it just happens in a split second. >> claudia flesh mans was riding her harley when a driver dove into the express lanes right across the orange poll right into her. >> my bone was sticking out the right side. >> she lost her leg in the crash. she says the pole need to be removed. >> todd: they have a false sense of security. >> i think that there shouldn't be the express lane. imreed for money on the highway. >> trooper joe sanchez within minutes of riding with him we spotted lane diver but there's another problem. >> i'm not going to stop them here. my vehicle will be halfway in the laifnlt.
7:23 am
of transportation reconfigured i-95 to express the lane they shrunk the shoulder so. trooper sanchez had to follow the driver of this camry for mile to find a safe place to stop him. >> making a traffic stop out here for me and every other officer, in my opinion, i think it's dangerous the reason i stopped you su can't cut in the express lane. >> even after the traffic stopped, sanchez is uneasy ch take a look at how close his patrol car is to traffic. i'm in a dangerous situation here. >> you put the florida dapartment transportation department on notice. >> attorney mark care represents steph sni blossom. he says a million dollars a year is spent replacing damaged and missing plastic poasms care has created an on line petition calling for state law make towards fix the express rain. >> they create aid dangerous condition when they put in these poles.
7:24 am
people are diving in ond and iewft express lanes. >> z- did shall dot seem surprised when you found out about it. >> reporter: oh yes, i think a lot of people are surprised. the florida department of transportation has fired hired more trooper to deal with bad behavior in the express lanes. but burger says there'so room for a permanent wall. >> do you believe all the safety was come pro niesd make the express lanes. >> no. >> do you believe it's safe? >> yes, if people obey the law and driest speed limit, then it's perfectly safe. >> wack out on the road i like to drivi where i'm at in case someone decides to drive in. >> you can do whrea z he never drive next to those plastic poll. >> on i- # five jeff weinsier. local 10 news. >> todd: and jeff tells us the with with express lane have generated more than 100 million-dollar in wref now. the patrol says there have been
7:25 am
and contractors replates missing poles once a week oin 95 and when there are gaps of more than four misng folds, they are relaced immediately. p if you want to comment we have a link for it on local >> neki: and so many disrespect that down bown drivment they couldn't keep up with with it. >> todd: and still tomm could at 7:30. the thing getting heated at the republican debate. >> neki: we'll bring you the highlights of the showdown next.
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phone >> neki: right now on local 10 morning miewz. supreme court justiti antonin sca lee has died after three decades on the benen. cet bait that is already forming about hi replacementnt this morning. >> todd: a series of smash and grabs in hialeah where masked crook ransacked ee lenenh tron iks store making off with thousands dove rars i igoods.
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for the gop white house hopefuls. thing escalating, as you knew they would. the gloves areff. all the highlights next. >> live, the cun and only local 10 news start right now. >> neki: for cup of coffee into the morning. >> todd: oh my imosh. >> neki: ghorpg everyone it's sunday, february 14th. >> todd: help, i'm todd tongen. thank you for wake wups on this valentine's day. >> and you know what neki wants. >> neki: a. >> ask any working mother and she wants the same thing. >> todd: >> jennifer: i know the feeling. sometime you want to be alone. >> todd: me time. >> jennifer: our want to spenld it with where your loved one today. whatever you decide. it will be beautiful. a live look out of fort& lauderdale. couple of clouds over the water and right onshore butt is mostly sunny right now in fort lauderdale way temperature of 56 degrees. nice and cool start for us.
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the wind will pick up later on this afternoon. and by wait. wind will turn out of east a well by this afternoon. and that's going to help to set the stage for warmer temperatures as we start off a new week. on the radar, no rain to speak of. and lots of sunshine out there a mentioned so. wind flow out of north and eventually out of east so today boaters keep in mientd winds are pick up over the water as well. 15 to 20 miles per hour today. small craft operators shouldd exercise with caution. the bays are p choppy and for the the keys no advisories out thrsm the seven day forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. the longest serving supreme court justice found deat dead at a texas ranch. 79-year-old justice antonin scalia served on the court for 30 years. >> neki: president obama addressed the nation yesterday to express his sadness for the loss of scalia but also
7:31 am
replacement. >> todd: and that is already stirring up a debate. sanela sabovic in the news room with details. sanela. >> reporter: neki and todd. two hours after the death republican and democratic leaders in w whington were already feuding over whether president obama should pint a replaition placement. ovov night justice scalia died. the most cop ser va tiff justice on the highest court. >> and students were profoundly shaken. >> sca rhea nominate bid president ronald reagan in 1986 serve something 30 years on the the bench. known to many as the anchor of the conservative wing of the supreme court. he will be remembered for his con tra biewfghts stosh oath defense of the concussion. and they commented laugh night at debate.
7:32 am
>> le go downs a graircht justices in the history of the rub puic. >> and the supreme court justice died in his sleep of natural cause thvment morning flags are flown at alf-staff outside the supreme court to mon honor sca lee a. this as the political battle bruise over who will replace imment and they say they will nom name. senate republicans threatening not to confirm a obama nom nee knee getting reactions from both sides of the aisle i thinknk the president should not move forward and we should allow the me. pgh president of the united states to decide. >> the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> reporter: as the controversy over his nomination continue, justice scalia is mourned by his wife maureen and their nine childldn. scalia died three week short of his 80th birthday. reporting live from the news room.
7:33 am
>> neki: and maskedd robbers a creating quite mess at cell phone stores before he getting off with thousands of pricey merchandise.e. >> todd: and it left the store owner pick up the the piece as the police tip to search for the crook. >> neki: layron livingston in hialeah with the latest. layron. >> reporter: neki and tompletd the stores weren't the only oned vick it mied. tht customer were also victimized because they had left their 230e7bz to be fixed from the stores. >> and how many sledge hammers does it take to breaking into a cellhone store? just one and these four crook did it three different time and they took the parkaturday morning on west 39th and 35th street. >> just saying we have a good alarm and good camera system but even with. that they came in the middle of the night no one seems to hear nothing. and marcos rivera a owns one of the shops him.
7:34 am
with quote, $20,000 worth of merchandise and equipment leaving behind thousands more in damage. >> and we been here five years and nevererey problem but we got a big one now. >> this quartet so bold at time they turned on the lights to make sure they came everything they came for. >> and the one in orange haws hassling with the cash drawer before giving it up. >> that woman owns a ather store that got hit. it's hard for them to cope and respect. and she hopes the other stores surveillance videos lead to a some a arrests. as for the police i assume and of course they are work on this, any one with information to individuals. for now reporti live. local 10 news. >> neki: and a person who shot a 16-year-old on saturday. areaking news story yesterday morning.
7:35 am
friends were walking and witnesses say someone dressed in black opened fire only him. his friend who was there said he heard bay dozen shots. i thought it this neighborhood was good but then when i move over here everything was an accident or people shooting. >> sometimes you hear shots somewhere and you don't know if it's shots or fireworks because it's so much jiet victim shot in the thigh and take toapt hospital. he is lisisd in stable condition. >> todd: a teen accused of stealing a car with way baby inside remain behind bars. brian juan faced a judge yesterday. police say the 16-year-old is responsible for monday's carjacking outside a fort lauderle cawn lawn dro mat on west sunrise boulevard n. back sthet car wa a 10-month-old bake by girl. jean was treasd pry night on mull feel charges including graph theft and kidnapping. after searching for hours the child was found safe 8 miles w
7:36 am
her family. >> and a car killed nay crash. the child died at scene. two@ others taken to the hold. still unclear who was at fault. >> >> neki: surn turning now to vote 2016. glop candidate took to the stage last night for another debate. this time only six white house hopeful full there are wr there. just week before they head to the polls in this southern prprary election. and the voat night began waytribute to antonin sca lee a. the candidates weighed n nn ot controversial cop topic of scalia's replacement. >> i believe the president should not more move forward and we ought to let next president ofhe united states decide who will run the supreme court with with a vote bit people. >> we need to put people on the bench b 234-rs the constitution snot a living and breathe document. it is determined to be
7:37 am
>> and jie front one rin ner donald trump a andeb bush got into it over george bush's handling in iraq. >> we shoved never been in iraq. we shoved de s s ba lied the middle east. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show my wroarnlg was building an april pa rat tuesday for what he did. >> how can he keep us safe when the world trade center came -- the woror, excuse me. ir lost hundreds of friends. >> neki: vote ner south carolina head to the forlt re republican primary next saturday. theemocratic primary will take place a week later. >> todd: a masive multi car pile up shutting down a pennsylvania highway. >> neki: coming up why 60 vehicles crashed yesterday. something tells me it wooz part of the snow. >> todd: andback that cruise ship back on the the high seas again. what had to happen before this
7:38 am
again. >> todd tongen a (phone ringing) you can't deal with someththg, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to bebeealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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ilt for business. >> neki: at least three people killll and dozen injured after this massive pile up on a pennsylvania highway yesterday morning ch police say the severe winter weather was blamed for that crash and involved more than 630 vehicle. that@interstate shut dowp in both directions for hours as police search through the the smashed cars for victims or owf survivors. >> todd: and a all clear of a cruise ship after it was quif enthe all clear. the royal caribbean an. they seas. the first trip since the rocky voyage off the coast of carolinas last week. crews spent the last few days repairing damages and coast guard performing thorough
7:42 am
>> i think it will the most he secure ship a aerer what happened last week. >> i don't think they would send us ows out if there was any trouble. if there was fli sort of rester vairks they would not send us out. >> todd: the shil shi will sail to orlando and then to the bo maz before sailing wack to new jersey. >> neki: 7:42. hovering around 60 degrees. >> todd: what are you feeling in the air. >> neki: love is in the air >> jennifer: love is in the air is what i'm feeling. >> todd: she is singing. >> neki: da da da. >> jennifer: i love to hear your voice early in the morning. and south florida early this morning we woke up to sunny skies out there. it is absolutely gorgeous out of mt. sinai medical you can see clear skies out there. as far as temperature go, it's actually not too warm as we head into the day time. if you compare it to yesterday but trend is that we're continuing to warm up the temperatures.
7:43 am
warm today is because we will have a little more cloud cover developing later on and temperatures expected to reach those low 70 eaches now, right now we're still in the 50s. upper 50s all across broward and miami-dade and low 60s down through the the keys and the wind out of north and northeast pick up in key west and marathon at 13 miles per hour. no rain or cloud to speak of offsre in hollywood and fort lauderdale are starting to break apartment. meanwhile here's a look at the nationwide. heavy snow heading closer to st. louis and missouri dealing with a nice storm and on the cold side or freezing side dealing with heavy snow stretching up to minneapolis and back down to kentucky and ken tennessee. meanwhile right here where you see those bands of clouds. those are associated with a low pressure system that is developing as we speak there. say trailing cold front with. it stationary front at moment. this will turn into a warm front
7:44 am
by tomorrow severe weather threat goes up to alight rest frk new or lean to pensacola. now for us we don't expect storm but we will have an increasing chance of rain and clouds this is a look at the in house mold. by monday very early in the morning. over night hours. the best chance for coastal shower and he. >> tomorrow for the morning commute. they will be light. a and that cold front will struggle toll pass through though. a couple days of cloudy sciesm tuesday the best chance for rain as we warm up to 81 degrees. for before then tomorrow president's day of a high of 78 and mostly cloudy ses. neki. >> neki: boy did swe have fun yesterday. a spirited black history month celebration. tai digs and shane evans inspried the crowd. you'll remember her from the roles on true blood, space in vairdz and this book. chocolate me.
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>> todd: timim now for sports neki todd style. the nba will starl game is night chris bosh will not be playing in toronto where his career began. he is set aside with a calf glimpleteople worried because a cafl injury last year putn end to his season. while bosh admits they haven't ruled that out, he doesn't seem too concerned about. it. >> just that bosh a fended starl practice andid not participate. he he announced open friday he was a with dprawg the game and three-point shoot as well because ofhat cafl strain. le undergo farther evaluation when he return to miami. bosh said of the injury quote,
7:49 am
get back to mie we'll to what we have o do to make it right diswrie. >> neki: new producer has no idea does he oo snr how about kobe bryant in his last all-star day. pop pa vish with one and then would by getting injured and walk over like hey, we got work to do. >> todd: back on the court. >> neki: that right. >> todd: now to all-star saturday night. even if bosh was able to go to the three-point shootout. it would have been hard dom pete with these guys. >> neki: oh o omg. >> todd: he thompson. 27 points in the final round to take homehe title. >> in the main event slam dunk contest aaron gordon put on quite the show wh the mascot. he grab it. throws if down, boom, shame the room. >> then later he jump over the mascot and go behind his back. take that. >>
7:50 am
watching him with with hi own ouch and slows down under the leg and awrks eerks he take h he the title with the slam dunk title. remember. >> neki: and kentucky bas basketball cork john pell a a tar ri not a happy camper last night. not eenl even three minute off the clock and he loses it after getting a technical the ref told him to hit the showers. the wild cats into the to worried about the coat. they won't to win w- without him. >> todd: and anonoer rough night for the panther two and zero taking on the all-stars. gets beat he enearly. cats lose this 15 to nothing. >> neki: and that's spos neki and todd style. >> todd: gotten anywhere.
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morning america.
7:54 am
>> todd: it's wrong on many level. >> yes. >> todd: this valentine day women in you it ta dove into a a large cake in hope of finding a diamond ring. >eki: dozen of women took part in the diamond dive spononred by several companies in salt lake city. they dug through the cake. the winner found the diamond ring in 25 second. >> todd: they hold that in utah for a reason, not here in fla. >> neki: no, no,. today is the day so show some aspecial someone something for evaluate ep tyne day.. it doesn't come chief. american are dropping $20 billion to celebrate and then they are shelling out twice as much as women spending over $196. meanwhile candy and flower still moongt nies most popular dish. >> neki: no price on romance. >> todd: and more on the
7:55 am
justice antonin scalia. >> plus, firework in south carolina. gm ha, the highlights from the political debate. >> and they are dealing with he heavy snowfall and cold temperature this evaluate entype day. how those weather condition could be liet life threatening coming up. >> jennifer: and sunny and warm. not too warm right now. still in the upper 50s.. a couple clouds roll oaferg hollywood beach. we do expect a few more clouds that we have an east wind returning. here's aook at the forecast for veanl team day. by 2:00 we'llbe hitting the high of 73 de. not too bad. it's comfortable. but by tomorrow you'll feel warmer and even a little muggier a hive 78. mostly cloudyy for pre's day. then tuesday a hive 81. so ah can seef, the temuerature even however r over night lows are not cooling down much so we're back into the warmth. >> neki: the warm and wet.
7:56 am
>> neki: not too bad? >> s siously. let mom sleep in a 4reu8 longer. take flowers from the garden or your neighborrer garden and make her some coffee and you'll be
7:57 am
7:58 am
don't spend a lot of good morning, america. breaking overnight -- remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia, the high court's leading conservative voice passing away suddenly at this ranch in texas at the age of 79. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags across america lowered to half-staff in his honor. this morning, the focus on his legacy. >> getting nominated to the supreme court is a aulmination of a dream, of course.
7:59 am
on the court. a fiery, pivotal figure, admired by colleagues, widely respected. with friends on both sides of the ideological divide. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff, we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. [ laughter ] >> this morning, the battle already brewing over the chance to tilt the balance of the nation's highest court. president obama ready to nominate a replacement, the senate's majority leader saying -- not so fast. and the republican candidates also weighing in overnight at a raucous debate. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> our team coverage as we remember this giant of the court. and good morning, everybody. americans are waking up to a huge story this morning. the passing of justice scalia.


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