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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 9AM  ABC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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the nation. a brand of sno stretching in minneapolis to st. louis. there's a heavy band right there. nice storm in southern portions of missouri. a low expected to develop through today and tomorrow. this is going to bring the risk of severe storms into th south. i'll have more details on that check out these temperatures. the northeast below freezing. zero degrees right now in new york city. more on the forecast is coming up in a few minutes. neki? >> neki: thanks, jennifer. flags flying at half staff in our nation's capital to honor supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia died saturday at 79 after serving 30 years on the bench. >> many are questioning who will replace him. local 10 is in our news room with the latest on it. >> neki and todd this morning we're learning that an autopsy will be conducted on justice antonin scalia following his unexpected death.
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brewing between both parties over who should appoint scalia's successor. >> the body of antonin threea ansported to a west texas funeral home heavily guarded by u.s. macials. this has the nation mourns one of longest serving supreme court justices. >> for almost 30 years justice annin nino scalia was a larger than life presence on the bench. >> reporter: he was nominated by president reagan in 1986. >> put your left hand on the bible. >> reporter: dur his tenure was known as a conservative jurist, a critic of rowe versus wade and an opposing voice in the same-sex marriage cases. as word spread of scalia's death republican candidates reacted dudung the debate. >> it's a tremendous blow to conservativism and frankly to
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>> he will go down as one of great justices in the history of this republic. >> reporter: the candidates waste nod time over whether or not president obama should appoint a replacement. >> i believe t t president should not move forward. i think we ought to next the next president of the united states decide. the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> scalia passed away in his sleep of natural causes. >> as the controversy over his nomination continues justice scalia is survived by his wife maureen and their nine children. reporting from the news room, local 10 news. >> breaking overnight, haitian officials have elected the country's senate chief as interim president. she was sworn in after a ten
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he vowed to lead an interim government fostering confidence within all sectors of society. the position will last only 120 days. developing right now at home, the please looking for thesese thieves in a sees of smash and grabs. the crooks hit threree different stores in hialeah. they were all caught on surveillance camera every time. there's more on the triple double but not the good kind. >> that's right, neki. as you said it looks like the surveillance cameras captured robberies in progress and it looks like hialeah police have likely taken over that footage in hopes of catching its quartet of crooks. four guys plus one sledge hammer equaled out to three different hialeah wireless stores hit saturday morning. two on west 29th. another not too far on the 25th. theefts moved fast busting in and loading up on thousands of dollars worth of phones,
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some of the swiped phones belonged to customers hoping to have their devices repaired at the stores and not replaces. the crooks left behind thousands in damage for store owners and employees to clean up. >> it's insane. we have a lot of like good camera assistance but even with that they came in the middle of the night. nobody seems to hear nothing even that they rigged the front door. >> anyone with information is encouraged to contact hialeah police to help track the people down. of course, if we find out if they do so, we'll pass the information along to you. reporting live, local 10 news. >> thank you. right now police are searching for the person who shot a 16-yearaold in little havana. >> neki: this is a story we brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. it happened near southwest 10th avenue and 5th street. someone dressed in black opened fire. the victim was shot in the thigh
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he is listed in critical condition. a man who shot three university students killing one in daytona beach. he is from miami and he turned himself in yesterday. police say he shot the students after a fight broke out during a party. one victim, a football player at the bethune cookman university died. two others in the hospital thisp morning. >> tampa bay area l led a trip yesterday. they filed legislation last year to lift the cuban embargo and allow for businesses and private sector to trade freely with cuba. she focused on her plans to investigate on how to improve trade on the island. >> that he that will help the cuban people and it will have the benefit of creating jobs in cuba and also here in america in lping our american businesses. >> todd: this is the first trip to cuba since the restoration of diplomatic relations between cube why and
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a u.s. missile mistakenly sent to cuba has been r@turned. the state department confirmed the training missile, supposed to be sent to europe somehow ended up in cuba but was handed back over to the u.s. military. government officials added that the r@establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries allowed for an easier exchange. >> an earthquake has struck new zealand. it hit christ church on east coast of the island. in this video you can see a car and fence shaking. officials say the epicenter ten miles east of the city. there are no reports of serious damage for injuries. the 5.1 quake that struck in oklahoma yesterday. it hit near fairview northwest of oklahoma city. in this surveillance video it lolks like soda swaying and food stand rattling. no mjor damage was reported. it was the largest quick to
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>> still to come dangerous encounter. find out where in south florida tens of thousands of character sharks were disvered swimming in a swarm off the coast. >> love is in the air. >> and in d.c. that means take your clothes off. all this for a run while mother nature tried to spoil t fun at the annual undy run. >> oh, my goodness, so cold. i don't know how they did it but they are bra. all right south florida right now 66 degrees, sun and clouds. a romantic breeze by 2:00. actually freezing already but highs getting into the low 70s, even warmer for
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when we return. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> neki: now to vote 2016 the remaining republican candidates took the debatetage in south carolina yesterday. when the debate focused on foreign policy the gloves came off. donald trump and jeb bush got into it over gege w. bush's handling the iraq war. >> we should have never been in iraq. we have destabilized the middle east. >> donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was
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keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. >> how did he keep us safe? [cheers and applause] the world -- i lost hundreds of friends. >> voters in south carolina will head to the polls for the republican primary next saturday. the democratic primary takes place one week after. new overnight a police officerer shot when responding to an armed robbery in mississippi. it happened last night in clarksdale which is in delta southwest of america fis. two masked men shot that officer in the face. he was air lifted to the hospital. he is listed in stable condition. police searcrcng for the gunman aerial footage shows sharks off the coast. there's a shark migration survey taken in the stilll image. all the gray specs, seven a shark.
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few feet away from a paddldle boarder. a blawjal sciences professor at florida atlantic university shot this video. >> so interesting because thehe were hardly any sharks south from miami to boynton beach and from palm beach, single island, loaded. literally thens of thousands of sharks. >> todd: hardly any sharks off the coast of miami beach. he hasn't been, has he? we h he plenty. >> neki: they walk on the beach, too. [ laughter ] >> todd: he's trying to figure out why sharks are atracked to that particular area. >> neki: clerics have banned young muslimss from celebting val intieb's day. in a devout muslim prof vince thousands of held rallies aimed at making people aware it's not part of islamic culture. on the flip side of that checkout what they do in washington, d.c. they take their clothes off in
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it's the coupeids undy run. they run one mile in the derwear and it's aimedz to raise money and awareness for the children's tumor foundation. just as a precaution the event was shortened. they wanted to make it briefer. [ laughter ] >> todd: very good. there's a nickname for it. it's called the baker ability 5k. what are they think something in they have to be nuts, right? >> neki: not a floridian in the bunch. >> jennifer: i would not do it. >> neki: makes good tv though. >> jennifer: it's a good cause. it's all about the casse. >> neki: i'll write a check. good jogging weather here. >> jennifer: beautiful outp there. here is a live look out at the miami tower cam. puffy clouds. they are not producing any rainfall and we expect it to be a nice and dry sunday.
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day. changes coming our way and especially starting already by tomorrow, president's day. we'll goat that a second. let's talk about current conditions right now. 67 in fort lauderdale. fort lauderdale started off in the low to mid 50s or around all of broward. it has been a quick warm up so far and already in the 60s down to southwest miami-dade, mid-60s in the keys. similar temperatures at this hour as the winds are starting it change. we're seeing more of anasterly flow. this morning out of north there's a difference here. and with that easterly factor you are going to have warmer temperatures, warmer air mass by tomorrow. winds breezy for marathon at 16 miles per hour as well as fort lauderdale. a couple of clouds developing offshore over the water and those are going to make their way on shore. we'll see more clouds throughouou today and especially by tomorrow, becoming mostly cloudy. ster a look at what is going on nationwide.
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all along the eastern seaboard but very cold for the northeast. meanwhile rain entering the pacific northwest. it's mild f the western u.s. as well and very cold for the north and the east sde. also this batch of snow is impacting st. louis. there's a low strengthening throughout today. a mess with storms in the south by tomorrow and snow returning for parts of south, mid atlantic and northeast. negative five degrees in boston. zero in new york and 17 in washington, d.c. and three in pittsburgh. this is what it actually feels like. feels like the negative 20s along the northeast and new england. back here at home it feels good out there. we'll have that nice and dry air mass today as temperatures warm up to the low 70s. it's a high of 72 for us today. breezy conditions with a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrowow becoming cloudier.
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overnight or morning lows not as cool as we drop to the mid 60s0s better chance for sures on tuesday. >> looking for something to do this val in2009's day check out these events happening today. take the kids out for a fun time at the miami chihiren's museum. there's arts, crafts, activities starting at 10:00 a.m. and ends the 6:00 p.m. the event is freee with admission. if you want to enjowr your day outdoors it's kite day. >> iove this event. >> you can watch people fly. they'll teach you h to fly a kite. the event is from noon until 5:00. >> neki: tell somebody to go fly a kite. >> todd: go fly a kite. >> neki: did we have gay tim yesterday! it was the black history event.
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chocolate me. i moderated the panel. you remember his roles in private practice, broadway and the best man. hes a children's author. he said the book is so little kids feel better accepting themselves who they are. >> you have to be bold knowing who theyeyre inside at first. that's what we want to acknowledge first. >> neki: his childhood friend illustrated the book. >> todd: looks a big crowd, too. >> neki: last night was a bigig day. i didn't sleep at all. hosted the event last night. legacy magazine honoringg the 25 most influential and prom innocent african-america women in business and leadership at 2015. gave me an -- terrell looked great, didn't he? he did a gat job emceeing last night. thank you from the folks at legacy magazine and all the women there.
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>> way to go mr. gq. a generous teen to went on a mission to make warm hearts out of girls that go to the school. the surprising valentine's delivery up next. >> neki: a wow factor added to the miami boat show this year. we talked to the women behind yachts like this one coming up next. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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>> neki: the miami international boat show wraps up tomorrow. our guests today are adding a wow factor to the water display.
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about the south florida company wow yachts run by women. what came up with this idea? >> the navalrchitect who was driving for a meeting with us and thought women on water. wow. >> neki: i love it. what does your company add to what is on the market? >> it's a boat people can be comfortable running and maintaining themselves. it's intimidating t t owners how to take care of it. we wanted something accessible to everybody tell me something different about yours? >> we're women. >> great bathrooms. >> we're seeing your creations. tell me about that? >> it's a wow, i't it? sandy has been a captain for 2 6 years and i've owned yachts for 25-30 years. between us we've come together and knowing what people like and we thought we wanted to build
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european union, sleek looking. >> and it is easy to fix. >> fantastic, who knew, rht? you find something easy to fix. >> hopefully we won't have to fix it. we're making it easier friendly. it's accessible toll everyone. >> do you have a lot of women looking to get on water and own yachts and capture yachts.>> it's the goal. not just women but 30-pear-olds and 20-year-olds. it's affordable, easy t# maneuver, easy to drive. we're going to hold their hand. once they purchase the vessel from us we're going to train them and stay with them for 30 days.. >> neki: and the price point? >> competitive for for what is
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neki: south florida is a boating place. have you having one? what are people saying about the product? >> wow. >> it's on the tip of everybody's tongue. it's fantastic. a great opening last night. a wonderful reception of veterans from the industry and titans from the industry. people are buzzing about it. they are excited and so are we. >> neki: thank you for coming to share about it. congratulations on wow. all i haveo say is wow. >> see that, sandy. >> neki: i love these guys. claudia, captain sandy. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you, too. >> todd: i just got it. wow, women on water. i'm slow but i'll get there, ladies. hear for the first time from the high school s snior in utah you for bought flowers for every single girl of at his girl all 800 of them. he ordered them before school ended and passed them out. it cost the student nearly $500 which he says he has been saving
9:25 am
>> i felt special actually. >> >> i want to make as many people happy as possible. i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. >> you may think he is a real player with 800 potential dates but he has a girlfriend. hmmmm, wonder what she has to say about it. she said she's proud of him. >> i think it't' in tune for him to see some left out and nice to bebe recognized you know. >> good kid. >> neki: good for him. >> todd: sealed with a holy kiss. >> neki: talking about the pope's visit to mexico. wh is on the agenda for him today in the five-day trip across this country. >> roses are red, violets are blue. you are the president and. a your boo. >> a love song to the president.
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this on-air valentine from his >> todd: 9:30. time to pack a bag a head to the keys. >> neki: taking a live look out of mallory square cam. not a cloud in the sky. everybody bundled up. >> todd: a good morning to do. it's valentine's day. if you are just learning that now you are in the dog house.
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you can make breck favment there's other things you can do besides spend money you don't have. >> todd: leave her alone as neki wanted. >> neki: take the kids and go somewhere.& let her sleep. >> jennifer: if you are not taken hang out weapon girlfriends and head to the beach. it's beautiful out. there here a live look at the hollywood beach cam. notice one thing. they are trying to cover themselves from the sun. the umbrella is holding on against the strong breeze. we'll see umbrellas rolling over the sand pretty soon. the winds are changing. instead of out o o the north winds out of the east northeast. another live look. fort lauderdale gorgeous. a few clouds rolli on shore along the coast. mostly sunny tw partly sunny skies across south florida. temperature fort lauderdale 67 degrees. the breeze is picking up at 13 miles per hour wind. 66 in miami, key west as well.
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we started off the morning in the 50s. the winds are starting to turn. we do have winds higherhan what is reported in fort lauderdale. marathon 16 miles per hour winds. it will we a breezy sunday especially in theiddle of the day and we expect it to stay nice and dry. your seven day forecast in a few minutes. todd? >> todd: thank you, jen. sad breaking news to tell you about. we're learning a woman is dead after a crash on 750 in broward county. christina was a passenger in a car droofing north on i-75 last night. when the car was driving in hit another in a painted area everything involved until the crash was taken to broward health. the crash is under investigation. >> a toptory this morning. the longest serving supreme court justice found dead at a texas.
9:31 am
79-year-old justice antonin scalia served on the supreme court for 30 years. he was the first italian american to serve on the u.s. supreme court. >> he passed through the confirmation process with a unanimous vote after being appointed by the court by president reagan. >> good morning, neki ind todd. the body of supreme court justicentonin scalia has arrived at a texas. it funeral home a day after he passed away while he was on a hunting trip. it was reported that he died in his sleep from natural causes. throughout his term, scalia was known for being a staunch conservative. he was a critic of rowe versus waid and an oppose -- roe v. wade. >> for almost 30 years justice antonin nino scalia was a larger than life president on the bench.
9:32 am
energetic style. >> overnight america h horing justice scalia with flags flownat half staff rather. also the floridaovernor rick scott we're just hearing has issued the flags be ordered at half staff here. this is as a political battle is brewing over who will replace him. the president will continue his constitutional responsibility while senate republicans threaten not to confirm an obama nominee. what is next for the supreme court? >> there's a lot of controversy cases about abortion, dealing with obamacare, dealing with immigration, that are coming for the court this term still. we're looking at a 4-4 split th means that the decision of the lower court will be what stands becauae they won't havemajority. >> chief justice john roberts reacting to his passing saying he was an extraordinary
9:33 am
and treasures by his colleagues. his passing is a great loss to the c curt. scalia is survived by his wife maureen and nine children. reporting from the news room, local 10 news. >> triple trouble developing right now. police are looking for the thieves jn a series, tree of them, of mash and grabs in hialeah stores. local 10 is live to tell us what they stole and how he can help police track them down g. morning. >> reporter: right and those stores, those store owners, employees weren't the only victims here. dozeze of customers dropped off their phones at those stores for repairs and now they have to be replacing them after they were also sped during the robberies. just one and the crooks did it three different times blocks apart on west 29th and 35th street.
9:34 am
assistant but like that they came i the middle of the night. nobody seems to hear nothing even if they break the front door w we're here five years and we never a problem buuwe have to be big one now. >> reporter: they flipped on the lights to make sure they got everything they ce for. cameras catch the one in orange tussling with the cash drawer before deciding to give it@ up. that woman runs another store hit. she tells us it's hard for them to cope and insist the robbers have no respect a as fars we know no arrests have been made. if you know about this you are encouraged to contract the
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reporting live, local 10 news. >> neki: today appropriate francis will visit a crime ridden suburb for his biggest mass in 34e678 coto preach a message of hope and so dairt to the residents there. the mass features readings not texted by evil, drug violence, and kidnappings common in that suburb. pope francis delivered a homily in mexico city. the focused on the story of the virgin and applaud to the themes of a visit. poverty, immigration and crime of after delivering the homily. pope francis sat in front of the image mexico's patron saint fulfilling a wish to pray without being rushed. he took a moment to kiss a child, very well received, as
9:36 am
>> todd: a second gunman arrested in connection with a shooting near carroll city shy school last week. he is facing several charges including possession of a rearm on school property. he is a known gang member and involved in a shootout on wednesday. another teen the 18-year-old arrested earlier this beak. a third suspect by the way is still l the run. >> right now investigators looking into what sparked this last night. i happened at the food market along northwest 77th street. you can see hea smoke pouring firefighters worked to put out the flames. luckily no one was hurt. it's unclear here the fire started or what caused it. >> still to come a dangerous drive. >> the force of nature that caused this massive pileup in pennsylvania. >> from the streets of mimey mimey to gracing the stage with the pris teagueous alvin alley
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happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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>> todd: more than 60 vehicles involvlv in this crash in pennsylvania yesterday. it was caused a snow storm that created whihiout conditions there. neerchghts just a reminder of why we live here. take a live look at the out of miami tower cam. it's a beautiful day out there. cities, beaches, causeway. it looks like a wonderful day for whatever you have planned just the president's day weekend. >> just a few cotton clouds. it's beautiful neki anded to. we expect to stay dry, yes.
9:41 am
nice and sunny in the mallory square cam. you can see it's crisp and clear. temperatures warming up fast. temperature right now in key west 66 degrees. it is nice. it's coming for thible. northwest wind 14 miles per hour. it's been breezy splaft craft operators exercise with cause. winds turning more out of the east already or late this morning. through the afternoon they continue to shift out of the east and pick up speed as well. here is a look at your current temperatures. it's similar across the board between the mid and upper 60s. this is nice and it's been so far c cfortable start to our sunday. wind speeds up at 13 miles per hour in fort lauderdale. marathon 16. lighter winds over miami-dade but those pick up as well. here is a look. a few cumulus clouds developing over the waters. those drift inland so they are pushing toward the south and west. eventually they'll cover us but not completely. we'll still see lots of sunshine. it will become cloudier though for tomorrow and presidents
9:42 am
currently there's a batch of& heavy snow stretching from st. louis and now to kentucky. that is going to bring heavy snow in those areas across portions of midwest and ohio valley throughout today. a low pressure system expected to strengthen and develop over the southern plains and dig south and be picked up towards the northeasts by tomorrow but tomorrow there will be the threat of severe storms out ahead of cold front associated with that low. where exactly is basically and lot gulf coast in the south. new orleans, pensacola in the shading that indicates a slight risk of severe storms. along with the severe storms snow acrossing -- streting across kentucky. you can see that, yes, there will be what looks l lk a band of heavy thunderstorms pulling into the south as well over alabama. for us, not much in the form of
9:43 am
by tomorrow but a southerly flow will return and it will help to warm us up. so how warm on monday? 78 degrees and then 81 on tuesday. neki, todd? >> todd: thank you. the alviniley dance troupe are considered one of best in the world and the lear comes from south florida. >> neki: that's right robert battle has a new book detailing his early days growing up in liberty city and his rise to the top as he premieres his latest work at home this week. >> when the curtain went up an seeing the company dance alvin ailey's masterpiece revolutions my heart opened upp and here i am as the artistic director. >> neki: robert battle is the artistic director for the world renowned alvin ailey dance instructor.
9:44 am
book, my story,y dance. >> i tell the store why at miami northwestern. i was picked on so much because i was a male dancer. called every name in the book, threatened to be beaten up after school. >> battle beat the odds in so many ways. bornrn in jacksonville with bow legs to a mother w could not raise him he moved to miami to live with develop tires who nurtured his soul in the church. he was drawn to dance and set up field trips to see the alvin ailey dance theater changed his life. >> there's something in all of us that is awakened by something that we see. revelations of that for me. >> that's what he hopes his book will do. awaken the calling in others who may live in im306 rished neighborhoods or less than ideal circumstances. he will premiere awakenings in hihinew work in miami on february 18. he hopes his story s sws dreamers that hard work makes
9:45 am
>> i still go back to that little boy grong up in liberty city. the little boy that set in the mango tree in the backyard and imagined himself performing for thousands of people. i never abandoned that little boy because of that little boy i have a passport to the world. >> neki: the alvin ailey dance company show opens this week. robert battle will be signing his book at books and books at the art center tomorrow evening. a free performance for public school students next week w w've
9:46 am
we'll bet right back. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> todd: welcome back. there are always adorable pets in need of a good home. we've got a beauty on the back patio.
9:49 am
normally we do our segment with you on s surdays but you are doing a sunday special because it's valentine's day right. >> it's adopt a sweetheart humane socieie. you can name the price you want to pay for any pet a year and older. the normal fee is $100 but today it's valentine's day. we want to you take home a sweetheart. name the price you wantt to pay. >> todd: that'sovely. >> it is. >> todd: tell us about her. >> she's only a year and a half old. when she came in shead her leg in a cast. she had a fracture which is healing but it didn't heal properly but always going to walk with a limp. she's not the dog that will go for a run with you. >> she's soup yes attentive. smart and loves her treats. >> todd: a nice coat, beautiful dog.
9:50 am
whoever adopts her has to bring her back. >> todd: but that treatment is covered, right? >> it is covered, yes. >> todd: she's a little tired. >> she is. toanchts you have a 5k walk. >> only a mile. >> tom: even better. >> we don't want to tire out dogs like babyby blue. jc will be there emceeing. our goal is to raise over $600,000. >> todd: you are tell us in advance to people can collect money. >> we want them to raise the money because every dollar makes a difference. >> great idea for valentine's day, maybe. >> absolutely. that phebe ko get out -- that could get you out of the doghouse. >> we have to get you a home girl. just head to the broward county humane society if you want adopt baby blue.
9:51 am
>> thanks, just ahead oh, my goodness, an andall story of a wild kind, pachyderm punishment. what thiss love struck elephant and why he resorted to this pam page, next. love and happiness.
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9:54 am
valentine's day surprises to tv. >> todd: right now the window for the tate sarchtioned hunt for burmese pythons closes tonight. hunters are awaiting good prizes along with the longest python and snaked captures. final tally next week. as of friday 102 pythons caught. >> neki: is that counting the python i caught.
9:55 am
they let you catch it again. >> neki: just for tv. >> todd: the story of a a hopeless romantic in china. for elephant. he launches into a parked crs after what they call at a failedcourtship. >> neki: i know how he feels. >> todd: the nature preserve we lives s sd he lost out to another male elephant in a battle for affection of a female elepha. try a quart of ice cream and chocolate next time, buddy. a punch. president obama and michelle yoab express love foror each other on nationana tv. they exchanged poems on the ellen degenereses show. >> roses are red, violets are blue, u are the president and am i am your boo. >> i opencare about you more than you even know@. that's right obamacare.
9:56 am
but, michelle, i've made a lot of great decisions as president the best decision i ever made was choosing you. thanks for putting up with me. i love you and ellen, happy valentine's day. >> melting like olaf. >> he made that decision when he went president. >> he will be away from michelle when he visits california. all he has to do is sing. that al green stuff. it was good. >> todd: ah. >> neki: sink it, todd. >> todd: just ahead america is in mourning because we've lost a justice of supreme court. everyone r rembering justice antonin schee why and wondering who will fill his seat on the bench. >> todd: that's the big debate. a series of smash and grabs in hialeah. what we're learn being the triple trouble brought on by the brazen thieves.
9:57 am
l- will it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> todd: to morning america mourns justice antonin scalia. the controversy over how he will be replaced. >> neki: robbies. th down. >> todd: an eighthed gunman behind bars what we're learn being his ties to south florida. >> neki: a teen's mission to make every valentine feel special. the sweet surprise i gave them all. >> todd: good morning it's sunday, ferc 14 valentine's day i'm todded tongen. we heart you. >> neki: we always do. i'm nikkei hoe man. jennifer is standing by with great forecast.
10:00 am
made for the floor directors. >> jennifer: i did not. whwhe is my valentine's day breakfast, huh? >> todd: it's coming. >> jennifer: good evening. south florida, happy valentine's to you and happy sunday as w%ll. if you are waking up this is what it looks like outside your door or window. we have a couple clouds already rolling through the area and another view of the miami tower cam. it's a mix of mostly to partly sunny skies across south florida. lots of sunshine down in key west with the temperatures 69 degrees as well as fort ludderdale. wines picking up in miami, 13 miles per hour wind. looks like a couple more clouds rolling over the area, these right here off shore. either way no rain to talk about on the radar. nice way to end the weekend. but a lot of y y do have a long weekend in store. tomorrow is psident's day. let's talk about today. mentioned how temperatures temperatures wi be warming up and warming up to the low 70s by this afternoon. neki?
10:01 am
flags flying at half staff in our nation's capital to honor supreme court justice scalia. he died saturday at the age of 79. he served three decades on thehe bench. >> many wondering who will replace him. >> reporter: neki andtodd, the president has just issued a proclamation ordered that flags be flown at half staff in honor of justin antonin scalia following his unexpected death. a politicic battle is brewing over both parties over who should appoint his successful. >> t t body of justice antonin scalia transported by a kara van to the parking lot of a west texas funeral home heavily guarded by u.s. macialgs. this as the nation mourns one of the longest serving supreme court justices. >> for almost 30 years justin anton minimum nino scalia was
10:02 am
the benen. a brant legal manned mind. >> he was ninated by president reagan in 1986. >> put your left hand on the bible. >> reporter: he was known as a conservative jurist. he was a crititi of roe v. wade and an opposing voice in the same-sex marriage cases. as word spread of the deaths republican presidential candidates reacted over saturday night's debate. >> it's a people are blow to conservativism, it's a people from below to our country. >> he will go down as one of great justices in the history of this republic. >> the candidates wasted no time in fiewgd over whether or not president obama should appoint a replace i'm for scalia with the esident voicing he will do so. >> i believe the president sht not move forward. i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> the preside has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a
10:03 am
>> scalia reportedly passed away in his sleep of naturur causes. >> as a controversy over his nomination ctinues, justice scalia is survived by his wife maureen and their nine children. he was three weeks shy of his 80 birthday. reporting from the n news room. >> neki: haitian officialsls effected the senate chief as the interim president. he was sworn in after a ten hour session by haiti's legislature. he vowed to lead an interim government that would foster confidence within all sectors of sew sighy. the position only lasts 120 days >> todd: climate change is one of those hot button issueue that divides legislators. >> two have joined together to form a climate solutions caucus. one ever those congressmen will be here on this week in south florida later this morning.
10:04 am
with us a preview. >> good morning good morning to you at home. we're accustomed to gridlock in congress but two house members are teaming touch break the gridlock when it comes to climate change. republicans from south miami-dade has joined with the decrat to form what they call the climate solutions caucus. they are trying to bring together as many members of -- as possible of congress to formulate plans to fight climate change, sea level rise and they are doing it, imagine this in a bipartisan fashion. that is somewhat knew and welcome. we will talk to congressmanan about it and later we'll have the chairman of broward health to talk about the investigation underway into corruption, alleged corruption in the hospital district. we get goingat 11:30. glenna and i hope you can joining you. neki, todd, beak to you. >> neki: we always do. thank you michael. police looking for thieves in a
10:05 am
they hit up three stores in hialeah. they were caught on surveillance camera each time. we're live with more on the tripling trouble. >> reporter: that's right neki. just like that surveillance camera there there were cameras rolling on this quartet of crooks as they went inside the stores. hialeah police look likely taking a look at the footage in hopes of catching the crooks here is a look at the video. four guys plus one sledge hammer equal out to three stores broke noon early satday morning. two on west 29th street. another not too far on 35th. the thieves moved inh fast breaking and busting out class display cases and loading up on thousands of phones, merchandise and equipment. some belong to customers hoping to have devices repierd and they'll toeplace them. crooks left behind thousands of dollars in damage for store
10:06 am
up. >> en with that they came in the middle of the night. somebody seems to hear nothing. >> hopefully that surveillance camera footage will help police find these individuals who are responsible for this. anyone with information is encouraged to contact the hialeah police. reporting live local 10 news. police searching to the person who shot a 16-year-old in little havana. this say story we brought you yesterday as breaking news. it happened near southwest 10th avenue. the victim and a friend said they are by walking as someone dressed in black open fired. the victim is being treated atthe hospital and listed in stable condition. up in daytona beach this morning we're looking at the man who alleged alleged wilily shot three -- allegedly shot three univeity students killing one. he's from miami and turd himself in yesterday. police say he shot students after a fight break out after a
10:07 am
okman university died. morning. >> todd: kathy castor leads a congressional tripipo yiewba yesterday. she along with another filed legislation to left the cuban embarrso and had a allow for businesses to trade freely with cuba. she spoke about plans to on the island. >> that helps the cuban people and also have the bebefit of creating jobs in cuba and also here in america and helping our american busininses. >> this is castor's first trip to cuba since the restoration of diplomatic relations with the u.s. a missile sent to cuba has been returned. the state department confirmsthat the training missile supposed to be sen to europe somehow ended up in cuba. government officials add that the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the
10:08 am
>> developing right now an earthquake struck a coastal city in north new zeaeand this morning. they hit christ church. you can seee car, fence and free shaking. officials say the epicenter was ten miles east of the city. as the right now no reports of serious damage or injuries. >> officials say the 5.1 earthquake that struck oklahoma yesterday was felt in seven other states. they hit near fairview. in the surveillance video you can see a a rack of sodas and stands ratting. no major damage, thankfully was reported. it was the largest quake to strike oklahom in five years. taking the challenge. el call going out to south floridians to step in and fight cancer. how come you can get involved when we come back. also love turning cold. it'setting chilly in d.c.
10:09 am
the fun at this undy run. dundie run -- undie run. >> jennifer: they are brave. temperatures in the teens andbelow zero in the northeast. warping up already in the low 70s across parts of south
10:10 am
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inch you can doilt by. ant you'll dolphins cancerchallenge less than a week away. ceo make auto yeel hear tomorrow us p about it. thank you for coming. in you ce in every year to talk about this thing. it gets bigger and bigger every year. >> it does. we have a lot of great editions this year on top of cycling route andk we have a big concert. we have a lot -- >> big names there buddy.
10:13 am
a bit in the six years that it is taken place. >> let's remind folks if you are not familiar with how to started ur father dolphin great jim mandich came down with cancer and that's when you really got involved with this thing. >> i took it upon myself and many othershat say we can't just stand around and not do something about cancer that effects jus about everyone. so the dcc really represents what we can do l last year we collected millions. noththg show about that. you see these people having a great time. the money goes to sylvester comprehensive cancer center. it sta here in south florida. every dollar the participants raise goes directly to fund
10:14 am
>> over $4 milon shows the organization. correct? >> yes. >> miami dolphins are the backbone behind this event. llectively we'll have over 3,000 participants next saturday throughout the tricounty area. >> you don't like to run w we'll host april 4 at turn berry with 100% of the proceeds going to fund cancer research. >> if you haven't taken part in the last six years.. >> not too late. we have six days. >> todd: do you have a goal? >> to beat last year. we'll do that. i promise you. i want to raise as close to $6 million as we can.
10:15 am
everyone. >> todd: whatever we can do to help. always great to see you and always reminds m m of your father a beautiful man. >> all all right! >>odd: back to to you, neki. >> neki: the brute yawy cold temperatures didn't keep everyone in wargdz clothed or indoors. they run around about a mile in their underwear aimed to raise money for a great cause.. they did shorten the event because it was cold out there. not a good combination. >> jennifer: you c get frost bite in minutes or seconds. washington, d.c. at 18 degrees. even colder than that. new york city zero.
10:16 am
boston. frigid cold air around new england. back here at home in the sunshine state. we can bake under the sunshine but use that sunscreen. we'll see sunshine out. there reaching the low 70s for a few of us. elsewhere still in the upper 60s and winds picking up. we have a wind speed at 16 miles per hour in fort lauderdale. straight out of the east, northeast flow down from miami towards key west. 16 miles per hour windspeed in rathon. a few more clouds expected today compared to yesterday as we have a strong eeflt wind returning by tomorrow. more of a southeasterly flow. that's going to really help to warm temperatures back up. closer to 80 degreesut we stay in the upper 70s. meanwhile this low pushing through across the south. bringing in snow for portions of northeast and back into the tennessee valley and ohio valley but tonight.
10:17 am
sparking up along the gul coast from new orleans to pensacola. no severe threat whatever. enjoy the beach today. east wind. breezy one. sml craft spraitors exercise with caution out there. bays are choppy. no advisories though and seats 2-4 feet. sun and includeds today. highs 73 degrees.tonight's low only 65. not as cold over night and we kick off president's day mostly cloudy with a hive 78. it will stay like that all day. better chance for showers on tuesday and warming up to the 80s. neki? >> neki: thank you, jen. looking for something to do today? lots going on. check out this event for the kids at miami children's museum. arts and craras, activities. the event is free with admission. and yoyo can also head to the global arts project. they are interesting an inaugural event. 21100 collins afterew
10:18 am
free concert you don't want to miss it. afternoon. there's a meet and get afternoon. >> it's free, it's free it's for . >> neki: free. >> todd: great. >> neki: fantastic artist. >> todd: still to come in sports the all-star weekend. >> neki: whatntertainment. taking it to the hoop. the most memorable moments from the slam dunk contest.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
>> the nba all star game is tonight. chris bosh won't be playing where his nba career game. he is sidelined with a cav injury. a calf breuz last year ended to the blood clot that end his season. >> the league announced pry he was withdrawing from the game and three point sotout because of calf strain. he sell he will undergo further evaluation when he returns to miami. tom: on to all star saturday night. even if bosch was able to go to the three-point shootout it would have been heard to complete with curryand thompson. thompson 27 points to beat his teammates and reining champ to take home the title himself. >> neki: in the main event
10:22 am
with the mascot on the hover board take it from him throws it down. boom. so pretty. later over the mascot behind his back and dunks it with the left hand amazing. but the defending champ was matching him with moves of his own. coming up with this. he wins it. takes home the title but gordan is the one everyone is going to remember. the hover board. showmanship. >> todd: he did. he had proroems. we'll update the top stories we're following for you. >> neki: but first a look at the miami beach tower cam.
10:23 am
10:24 am
when we come (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
10:25 am
>> looking at the top stories this morning. america in morning after supreme court justice antonin scalia was found dead at the age of 9.
10:26 am
supreme court justices serving three decades on the bench. now many are questioning who will replace him. he reportedly passed away in his sleep of natural causes. >> todd: police responsible for the men responsible for the smash and grabs in hialeah. they target lead to cell phone stores in the same area. the first happened at west 35th street. and the same men on surveillance camera moments later breaking into a store on west 29th. what a beautiful day it is for the s sday before valentine's day. miami partly sunny over you. key west nothing but sunshine. gorgeous. afternoon high reaching 73 degrees. and still breezy by the way. winds picking up a aeady. >> neki: nice out there. windy but beautiful day. thank you for ginning thus morning on local 10. >> t ts week is next and stay tuned for this week in south
10:27 am
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. battle for the bench. justice antonin scalia, conservative legend, dice at 79. the fight to fill his seaea already under way. >> i plan to nominate a successor. >> it's up to mitchcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> as both sides dig in, will the presidential election become a referendum on the court. plus, trump targeted in the nastiest debate yet. under fire.
10:30 am
going after my family. >> and, firing back. >> it's a price pal. >> you're the single biggest liar. >> this morning, trump, cruz, rubio, kasich, all here live. from abc news, it's "this week." here now, chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> the news that supreme court scalia has died swept across the country saturday afternoon. his powerful pen made him a pillar of the conservative movement. his death leaves a divided court for a divided country. sets up an epic battle for a successor and strikes at the heart of thi already chaotic presidential campaign. we'll hr from the candidates this morning, break down what his death means for t t court and the country. we begin with pierre thomas. good morning. >> reporter: good norng, george. flags here at the supreme court


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