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tv   Local 10 News Sunday at 5PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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scalia, his body found at a funeral home in el paso, texas. >> anchor: scalia died at a texas ranch of a heart attack. >> anchor: flags remain at half-staff in honor of scalia. governor rick scott ordered the u.s. and florida flags be atat half-staff. >> anchor: his death is causing political clashes. in the wake of justice scalia's death, the judicial committee blasted a vote on the nominee. >> it would be a sheer dereliction of duty not to have a hearing or scroti. >> anchor: mitch mcconnell wants a nomination on hold.
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should have a voice." some republicans claim there's an informal history of not voting on nominees in the month's preceding election. >>he next president should have a chance to fill the void. >> anchor: for senators and other democrcts, the g.o.p. is confusing the facts, reminding them that ronald regan's nominee was confirmed by the senate in 1988. >> president obama is doing the same thing as regan did at the end of his term. >> anchor: the supreme court justices are expected to take on mandate abortion and obama's immigration. >> anchor: a tearful tribute for a man killed in a hit-and-run last week in fort lauderdale.
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driver's victim, local 10 talks with the family coping with the loss. >> reporter: family and friends have come out and putting together the growing memorial. more on that in a moment. first, i want to show you the photo from family members. this is charles. it was 8:00 thursday night. the 46-ar-old was on his way home from work, riding his bike down dixie highway near northeast 16th court when he was struck for dead. multiple witnesses heard the impact. it was so violent, the victim and bike were thrown 30 yards. the driver did take off. originally from arkansas, carles made a home for himself in south florida, working at the atlantic institute of oriental medicine. we spoke with his half sister who drove here from arkansas. >> come forward.
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know, take what's coming. if it was your fily member, you would want someone to tell. >> reporter: and back out here live, another look at this memorial. what we're being told my family and friends,e're going to gather here at 8:00 tonight for a candle light vigil. we will be out here obviously remembering thisman. also pleading for justice. we did check with the fort lauderdale police department, they confirmed an investigation is under way. they told us they believe a silver car with front end damage may have been involved in this crash. but again, little details at thth hour. but they're working this as a hit-and-run. if you have informatn, call the fort lauderdale police department. we'll have more at 6:00 tonight. for now, live in fort lauderdale, local 10 nurse. >> anchor: thank you. a car ran off@the road and hit several people in fort
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street near moffit avenue. >> anchor: trouble to hialeah. crooks smash into three separate stores. each of them caught on camera. the men arere still on the news. our local 10 news reporter is live. >> reporter: carlos, detectives at the hialeah police department investigating the possibility that all of these crimes could be connect. but their big clue is that surveillance video. three times the charm for crooks who swing into action. four men caughtn camera, carrying the smashes and grabs acss hialeah o over the weekend, hauling away thousands of dollars of cell phones and equipment. >> it's insane. we have alarm and good camera system, but even with at, they came in the middle of the night. nobody seeee to hear nothing. >> reporter: he owns one of the
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he puts his rough at roughly $20,000 bucks in merchandise and the thousan more out in damages. >> we've been here five years. we never had any problem, but we've got a big one now. >> reporter: you see the bad guys flick on the lights to make sure they got it all. the thieves try to hide their faces and appear to be wearing gloves. notice the man in the orange hood struggling with the cash register before deciding to walk away. the businesses hit spend much of the weekend cleaning and picking up the pieces. but their thankful their video systems were working, and each now hoping the images will lead to arrests. one crook couldn't avoid his mug was being captured in the middle of the crime. so investigators here at head quarters are comparing notes and milarities in this crime. they're looking for four men
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these smash and grabs. if you have information that can help detectives, give them a call, 305-471-tips. we're live in hialalh. local 10 news. >> anchor: a man remains in the hospital after he was stabbed on northwest 16th street andnd 58 avenue. the victim and the attacker k kw each other and may have gotten into a domestic dispute. neighbors say the suspect was acting strangely the last few days, but are stunned. >> he's a good guy. so i think he got sick and had a mental break down. it's really a good person. if you need help, you can call him and he would come and help. i think he had a mental break down. >> anchor: that wasan was arrested and the victim was taken to the hospital with a stab wound. >> anchor: no word what caused a miami business to go up in blames at the abraham food market. firefighters battled heavy
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>> anchor: incredible view of a palm beach county. you can see the gray patches in the ocean, those are schools of sharks. 10s of thousands of them have eneneded the waters off the shoreline. the video was shot by an f.a.u. professor. it's part of the sharks' annual migration in search of warmer water and mating season. >> anchor: we bring trent in from the live hollylood beach camera. there's a lot of love in the air. >> anchor: yes, mating season for that. >> anchor: on that note. [laughter] . >> anchor: i had a chilly forecast. i'm with you. >> anchor: there's valentine's day. it's valentine's evening. i know you're getting ready or dinner. this is live look from the miami tower cam. a fantastic shot. we have more clouds this week. and the hollywood beach cam
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once the sun sets, we'll be breezy. and we'll be continuing with the breeze if you're eating along the coast especially. a couple of showers showing up on the radar. 've got a 20% overnight. you can see a couple offshoror in broward. higher concentration near fort pierce and a few more south of lake o--. e winds will be coming out of the east. t will be more mind tonight than yesterday. right now, the 5:00, no winds reported. we'll be in the upper 60s. hope you enjoy your valentine's. >> anchor: haitian officials selected the country's interim chief. he was sworn in.
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to lead an interim government. that position will only last 120 days. >> anchor: to the historic change in cuba. florida congresswomanans leading a mission on trade. she's part of a seven member delegation to go to the island to talk business and shipping opportunities between tampa and havana. >> that will help the cuban people and have the benefit of creating jobs in cuba and also here in ameri and helping our american businesses. >> anchor: the trip is coming days before the u.s. and cuban government are set to approve flights to cuba. >> anchor: america's heartland hit by an earthquake. surveillance cameras catching oklahoma. >> anchor: a scare when a bus goes up in a flames, also caught on camera. >> anchor: trouble when a
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talk to yo >> anchor: pope francis's trip to mexico. the pontiff took part in a mass calling on the faithful to avoid wealth and corruption. the city is one of mexico's poorest cities where drug olence and kidnapings are a part of life. >> anchor: a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattling new zee land. it created sink holes in the area and collapsed part of a cliff. the good news, no injuries or serious property damage there reported. oklahoma also rocked by an earthquake. this one came in an 5.1 on the richter scale. you see it there. displays were knocked down at other businesses and caused some
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other than that, not much d dage and the good news, no one was hurt. >> anchor: dashcam video rolling as a police chase played out in oklahoma city.. the police were driving to pull over a driver who did n n have his seatbelt off. the police forced him off of the road, blowing out the tires. the car later turned out to the stolen. >> anchor: a fie situation in seattle, where a bus carrying high school students on a ski trip caused on fire officials say it was caused by a mechanical error. everyone made it out safelily and the kids were able to finish their day on the mountains. >> anchor: a new york teacher is in trouble forhat many are calling a good deed. the teen was in tears one day in class, so the teacher decided to treat her to a cup of hot cocoa. theproblem, she took her off campus during school hour
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rules. >> she needed somebody to taught to. i felt she was in crisis. >> my whole life, we've been told to trust your teachers and that's what i did. >> i'm fine with it. she took care of my daughter. >> anchor: she's been reassigned to administrative duty and set to retire in five months. >> anchor: after the break, we'll have a check of the radar. there's showers just offshore in broward. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day.
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>> anchor: love is in the air on this valentine's day. but not so much in pakistan. there's been a reported drop in flower sales and other hot item holiday items on that part of the world. in recent years a tradition has been spreading but asia, saying the tradition goes against islamic tradition. >> anchor: it's been a beautiful valentine's day. sunshining and a little cloud cover. >> anchor: exactly. it's been a nice forecast. you can see sun breaking through
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and as we look here at the mt. sinai medical tower cam, looking west, this is a gorgeous shot as the sun sets across south florida. boy, if you're lucky enough to spend valentine's day at the conch republic, i is gorgeous. the radar is quiet. we have a couple of small showers off the atlantic. but they're starting to move onshore. don't be surprised if you see a small, fast-moving shower tonight. we'llleep the chance at 20%. you can see the clouds moving in as the winds shift overnight. more out of the east this evening. that will be the case tomorrow before shifting south-southeast, warming temperatures up. right now, 10-15 miles per hourr across south florida. kendall in the upper 60s. 70, pompapa beach.
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across south florida. sosoour valentine's evening in the low 70s right now. we'll be in the upper 60s at 10:00. tomorrow morning, 65, 66 degrees. bigger picture, three to five-inches of snow fall through indianapolis and cincinnati as the storm system pushes towards the east. we've been talking about the bitter cold in the northeast. looking ahead the next couple of days, that's where the cold air will stay locked in. looking at the forecast monday and tuesday, temperatures below freezing in cincinnati. buffalo, 25 by tutuday. that storm sysysm won't have much of an impact until we get towards tuesday. windy for president's day. as the front approaches tuesday, we'll see a chance of 35-40% of showers and get a chihiy blast across south florida, as we get
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beach tomorrrr, surf two to three-feet. small craft advisories already in place. not only dade and broward, but in the florida keys. there's the better chance of rain on tuesday with the front. and we get coolele about i the mid to late parts of the week. >> anchor: thanks so much. dwyane wade getting ready for another all-star appearance. if you think the veteran takes it for granted, think again.
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sports. >> anchor: kobe bryant is n the only veteran trying to enjoy every second of all-star weekend. dwyane wade is getting ready to enjoy the start. while having fun, wade went into the bag of tricks at the eastern all-star practice. the opportunities are special and kobe's retirement is making him realize it even re. >> you start looking and say that's going to be me one day. that's going to be all of us one day. you say i've got to enjoy all the moments, because one day i won't have the moments. i'm going to enjoy.
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the n.b.a., the big slam dunk contest. he was great winning back-to-back titles. but i'm not sure he was the best dunker. that's because the star of the ow appeared to be orlando gordon. i can barely take a seat in the seat i'm sitting on. look a a that! unbelievable! he had the nights most memorabab performance. but he did not win. golden state warriors will take on the heat on the 24th. they're going to bring shooters to town. curry came to the three point shootout as the reigning champ. but he was taken out by that man, thompson. he beat out the league's m.v.p. women on the road against number three notre dame. it was tough.
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this one. what a great story tonight on sports sunday, the boxer, his trainer calls him the best boxer he's ever seseen, at his age. what is that age? just 15. unbelievable story from cuba, out being in fight league clubs at ten years ago. >> anchor:r:he did not look like a 15-year-old. >> anchor: no, he looked like me with my shirt off. [laughter] . >> anchor: that does it for us
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it's a sight that says "danger ahead" for a diver. >> she gets closer to the shark, the shark turns around, the terrifying moment it attacks and why it had a pretty good reason. a beach goer is nearly hit by a bolt. >> mother nature's like wh! >> why she's fine but her boyfriend not so much. >> oh, my god -- it just missed ou. >> mother nature got him speaking in tongues. [ laughter ] a motorcyclist weaves
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beyond his skill level, for sure. how he knows it for sure >> and a dilemma for doctors who don't know how to resolve this problem. why nobody wants to hear that this is inside their ear. >> is there like a whole colony in there. more than one. beautiful video caught from a theme park in drks uurban, south after afafca. this shark here is expecting a little s srk. they believe she's in distress so that's why divers are in the water tryininto help her. but then things turn badly for one of t t divers in the water.


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