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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 6PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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our flags to fly at half staff. >> anchor: his death is causing political clashes. the battle for the bench is already starting. >> barack obama would run down her throat liberal justice. >> anchor: fighting words saturday night to challenges issued this morning. >> does that mean you're going to filibuster anyone president obama nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people. >> of course, just wait for an election. >> anchor: supreme court justice adding a divide in this election year. job of the p psident of the united states to appopot members to the supreme court and the senate confirms. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th 2017. that is a fact, my friends whether the republicans like it or not. >> anchor: scalia served on the high court for three
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what happens now? president obama has pledged action. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nonate a successor. >> anchor: republicans quickly threatened to block candidates the candidates include the front runner and someone republicans like so what happened in the meantime? the court will continue to deliberate with just eight justices. 18 months of 4-4 decisiononby a divide court is completely oppressive. the high court is seseup to take several cases a decision means the lower courts ruling would stand. >> anchor: a family mourns the loss of a man killed in a hit-and-run last week. police search for the driver the victim's family tells local10 news how they are coping.
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with the story . >> reporter: it's been tough for the last hour we've been watchihi family and friends pay respects to this 46-year-old man who lost his life inin hit-and-run. >> come forward, be a man or woman, what ever. take what is coming. what was your family member you would want detail. >> anchor: this grieving sister just arrived after an emotional 15 hour drive from arkansas. >> i said he landed here that is where his head was and this is where his bike landed. >> reporter: tonya will gather with family and friends a memorial for her half-brother, charles blackledge killed in a hit-and-run last thursday night. >> he was on a bike, he just got off work was on his way home and the car hit him and left. >> reporter: witnesses to the
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violent impact, rushed to the scene making the call for help. >> to overhear on the corner one of them came over and was holding his hand while the one that saw what happened called 9-1-1 and he died while they were holding his hand. >> reporter: tonya said charles will be remembered as a caring and friendly man who lost his life at the age of 4646. i want you to take a look at this photo. this was tweeted by the fort lauderdale police. they believe the silver car may be responsible. obviously, it is tough to see with the resolution of the photo of the car may have severe front-end damage and if you have information about what happened thursday night, call broward crime stoppers the number on your screen
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live in fort lauderdale. anchor: breaking news, a dozen suspected cuban migrants have befn picked up by the disney wonder. when the group was spotted in the water southeast of cuba all appeared to be in good shape they will be turned over to authorities. >> anchor: a car runs off the road and hit several people in fort lauderdale on southwest second street. five people were taken to the hospital. no word how badly they were injured. >> anchor: triple trouble and hialeah, crooks smashed into three separate stores each one caught on camera and tonight the men aron the loose, terrell forney is live with more. >> reporter: detectives here are investigating the possibility all of these crimes could be connected but their biggest clue yet is the surveillance video. not twice, but three times is the charm for some crooks who swing to action.
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and grab across hialeah over the weekend hauling away dozens of dollars in cell phones, and other electronic equipment. a sledgehammer appears to be the destructive weapon in each case. >> it is insane, we have alarm, but even with that but they came in the middle of the nothing. >> reporter: marcos revere owns one of the shops hit he puts his loss at roughly 20,000 bucks not to mention thousands more he is out in damages. >> we have been here five years and we never had any kind of problem. >> reporter: at one point you see the bad guys flick on the lights to make sure they got it all. they tried to hide their faces and appear to be wearing gloves. notice the man in the orange hood struggling with the cash register before deciding to walk awaway. the businesses hit spent much
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pieces, but they are thankful their video systems were working and each now hoping the imagesesill lead to arrest. one crooks could not avoid his mother from being cacaptured right in the middle of the crime. investigators here at hialeah headquarters are comparing notes and similarities, they are looking for four men responsible for these crimes. if you have information pick up the phone and give police a call our miami-dade crime stoppers that number 305471-tips. >> anchor: a man recovering in the hospital after he was stabbed. it happened along north west 16th street police say the victim and attack her new each other and may have gotten into a domestic dispute. neighbors say the suspect had been acting strange, but our
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>> he is a good guy. he is really a good guy. i think he had a mental breakdown because you can always call him. >> anchor: the man was arrested, the victim suffered a stab wound to the chest. >> anchor: for the look at the weather here's a live look. looks a little cloudy, 70 degrees. despite that, there is a lot of love in the air. >> anchor: valentine's day. compared to other parts of the country i feel we've got a good trend. >> anchor: a lot of plans getting canceled because of 3 to 6 inches of snow and we've got a gorgeous sunset looking from our mount sinai weather tower cam. a fantastic valentine's day. in broward county we have rain. this is looking toward east of the miami tower cam you can see the cloud pushing onshore
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broward county as we see a couple of showers move in. today, the concentration has been around fort pierce but over the past hour 595 north south of deerfield beach, using showers, and sure and a few more lined up over the atlantic. 20 percent chance of a shower for south florida overnight. it will be fast moving and light, but with the line up like this there could be wet. temperatures 70 degrees and all reporting stations were art degree below that upper 60s and kindle and homestead. as we go throughout the night tonight, cool, a little breezy hope you have a fantastic evening. >> anchor: all right. of course, i'm having a wonderful time. haitian officials have elected the country's senate chief as president. after a 10 hour long session he
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he vowed to foster coconfidence. >> anchor: to the historic change in cuba. congresswoman kathy castor is leading a mission on trade part of a seven member delegation going to the island to talk about business. castor is expected to bring up shipping opportunities between tampa and havana. >> it will help the cuban people and have the benefit of creating jobs in cuba and here in america. >> anchor: the trip is coming days before the u.s. anancuban government are set to approve commercial flights to cuba. >> anchor: america's heartland hit by an earthquake. surveillance cameras catch the moment the earth moved in oklahoma. >> anchor: a ski trip scared when the highs go bus goes up
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punished for >> anchor: today three of pope francis' trip to mexico. the pope took part in the mass on the outskirts of the capital. the city of nearly 1.6 million people is one of mexicics poorest cities. >> anchor: caught on camera a 5.8 magnude earthquake happened in the city of christ church the quake strong enough to shake carson furniture and even created sinkholes and collapsed d rt of a cliff. no injuries or serious property dadage reported. oklahoma also rocked by an earthquake at 5.1 magnitude. the quake was felt and 7 other states including kansas and missouri. serving video shows bottles
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knockdown. not much damage and the good news no one was hurt. anchor: a police chase played out in oklahomacity. an officer was trying to pull over a driver who did not have his seatbelt on. at one point the driver starts to go on the wrong side of the road and that is when police force tomorrow and after that they blew out his ties. the car later turned out to be stolen. >> anchor: a fiery situation in seattle where a bus carrying highschool students caught on fire.$- they were heading on a ski trip. it was caused by a meanical error. everyone made it out safely the resort to place the gear lost and the kids were able to o finish their day. >> anchor: a new york teacher is in troublblover what many call a good deed. janice was trying to help a student cope with the recent death of hetwo friends. the teen was in tears so she
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chocolate the problem is she took her off campus. >> she needed somebody to talk to. she was very distraught. >> my whole life as well ds other students have been told to trust in teachers and that's what i did. >> i'm fine with it she got my daughter back to school. >> anchor: graph has been assigned administrative duty. >> anchor: right now, showers moving through parts of broward county. stick around, we will talk
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> anchor: trent has the awesome task of delivering to the masses tonight's valentine's night forecast. usually it is hot and steamy. >> anchor: let's switch gears. we will try this at 11:00 at night. right now, the miami tower cam show 70 degrees and clouds lling in. let's show you what it looks like in the other direction. a gorgeous sunset, mount sinai tower cam has been a gorgeous shot and mallory square we are catching the last couple of minutes. this time of year we are looking at to bring you the
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is spectacular. hopefully, they get a green flash asasthe sun goes down to low the horizon. 69 right now, wind east, northeast at 13 in key west. in broward county we've been watching a stream of showers moving east to west mainly north of 595 around fort lauderdale catching across 95 and eventually the turnpike. in miami-dade very tiny showers moving in on this breeze. these are light, fast 20 percent chance of shower in the forecast through tonight. this cloud south of bimini stretching through weston and grand bahamas so we will keep clouds in e forecast tonight and tomorrow less sunshine than today but with the onshore flow near 15 it will be a little warm. an outside everyone is a degree apart either 70 or 69 degrees.
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wake up around 65. ththrest of the evening upper 60s wake up to 65 so we only have a few more of those to fall before tomorrow's low. across the country, another storm system bringing 3 to 6 inches from cincinnati. we've beenenearing in the northeast over the next couple of days they will stay at or below freezing 30 in cincinnati, 30 buffalo, 21 in portland. atlanta a little warmer. health takes to the storm system that will bring a cold front through our area tuesday. tomorrow wind east at 20 miles per hour. hehe comes the front, arriving tomorrow - tuesday, inging us a 40 percent chance of shower. presidents' day tomorrow 77, warm tuesday and behind the front breezy and not quite as cold just nice in the mid to upper 70s all the way through
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>> anchor: dwayne wade getting ready for an all-star appearance. if you think the veteran takes
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says here what he says >> anchor: shelby bryant is not the only veteran in toronto trying to enjoy every second of all-star weekend that would be dewayne wawade enjoying time with his old friends. having fun lebron. check out the half-court shot at the eastern conference all-star practice. for weight his 13th nba season and coby's retirement even more. >> you start looking and say that's going to be me one day.
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i have enjoyed all of these moments because one day i will not have those moment >> anchor: meanwhile, big @alk around the nba, minnesota zach levine was great for a second straight year winning ck-to-back titles, but as good as he was i'm not sure he was the best dunker i think that have to go to orlando's aaron star. the one is one of t best you will see jumping over the mascot b watch this it appears he takes a seat in mid air. how is this possible? the basket is 10 feet high and he is basically sitting down one of the night's most memorable moments. on the 24th they take on the heat and bring some shooters, seth curry maybe the best in the game. the man you see there is clay
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prize last night 27 points in the round he beat his teammate. the wowon's team ranked 19th. this is a tough challenge. lindsay allen the bucket and the file. and we've got a great story@ tonight on sports sunday. this is a young cuban boxer emmanuel guerra's trainer calls in the best he has ever seen at this age, a remarkable 15 years old. his amazing story from cuba to the rain in the u.s. >> anchor: get ready for it
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>> that does it for st text1 italics cc1 test message welcome to "world news tonight." remembering justice tonin scal and now, the battle to replace him. the conservative titan of america's highest court. brilliant, sharp, provocative. his sudden death in an election ar. obama vowing to appoint his successor. the republicans saying no way. the new justice could shape the supreme court for a generation. southern brawl. the fiery republican debate in south carolina, the next primaryp state. the rowdiest, loudest, and angriest yet. >> the world trade center came downwnuring your brother's reign. remember that. arctic express. the bitter blast of sub-freezing
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bone-chilling and dangerous. the whiteouts. the accidents. and the new winter storm on the move. 100 million people in the way. and, deadly stunt? the zooming car. then t t fiery accident, killing three young women. did a new social media trend, an app that clocks your speed, encourage the young iver to go too fast? good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the developing news after the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he was a powerful conservative voice, dedicated to defending the constitution against what he saw as the nation's liberal drift. now, eight justices, often
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tonight, the battle is set. the future and direction of this branchchf government at stake. we begin with jim avila in el paso, texas, tonit. >> reporter: justice antonin scalia died behind the drawn curtains of this room. on this ranch in west texas, heduled to hunt quail saturday. his body diskofcovered when he skipped bakfast and lunch. the high-end hunting lodge and ranch was host to an exclusive group of mostly texan couples. antonin scalia arrived friday about noon, toured the property, attended dinner. >> at 9:00 p.m., he said, it's


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