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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 11PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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with t loss. local ten news reporter is live in ft. lauderdaleith the latest. michael? >>reporter: good evening. this tragedy has rocked this entire neighborhood. in fact, family members of the victim drove 1 hours overnight from arkansas so they could come out here to this candlelight vigil and there were not aot of dry eyes tonight. >> he was -- he was a child of god. he was ahealer. >>reporter: they held hands in prayer, their faces lit by the glow of candles. >> took off without him. didn't give a (beep) about him. >> a lot of anger. i'm angry right now. >>reporter: even complete strangers. >> this type of tragedy touches me and also touches the family here that is grieving right now. >>reporter: all coming together remembering the life of the
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>> he loved everybody. everybody loved him. heartbreaking. >>reporter: at least two dozen mourners gathered -- the exact spot where he lost his life. killed thursday night in a hit-and-run crash while riding his bike along diksy highway,y, headed home to his apartment in ft. lauderdale's neighborhood. this man is heartbroken and angry over the circumstances of his roommate's death. earning the hit-and-run driver left him for dead. >> if i see him, i'll want to kill him. i won't, but i might. who knows? if he sees me out here, watch out. >>reporter: police tweeting out this surveillance video. >> it's a silver car. they took off. they barely hi their brakes. >>reporter: leaders in the community are upset, but not surprised, describing this stretch of road as a death trap, telling us three people
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road since 2012. >> enough victims -- >>reporter: i should mention the posted speed limit is 30 miles an hour. everybody here believed that car was obviously going much faster than that. again, this whole neighborhood they are fired up. they said since 2012 there have been a number of fatalities here along dixie highway. they want to see a change and they want to see it fast. in the meantime, if you have any information about that silver car or anything about this hit and run, you're asked to call broward crime stoppers at this number. for now we are life in ft. lauderdale, local ten news >> thank you. a shocking scene in downtown ft. laududdale. a car runs off the road and plows in to a group of people standing on the sidewalk. five people sent to the hospital. local ten news reporter is live in ft. lauderdale with the story. >>reporter: this is where that crash happened southwest 2nd
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see a lot of debris on the ground. what's amazing is that there were a lot of people walking around on the sidewalks even sitting at the tables eating when that car came crashing by. >> i was making pizza and i heard a rumble coming down the side of the sidewalk over there. >>reporter: that sound was a car careening down a busy southern california. >> a snapshot of the chaos only tells part of wt we witnessed during his shift at this pizza shop on southwest 2nd street. >> a lot of commotion, crying and screaming. >>reporter: the driver ofhe krar slamd in to five people, about 3:00 a.m. early sunday morning before coming to arrest against the tree. >> i get a call at 4:00 in the morning. >>reporter: among the victims, christian and sebestian, brothers from toronto in town for the week. they just arrived on saturday night and
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time in town on the ft. lauderdale strip. he spent most of the day withis boys at the hospital. >> they next thing we were they were in broward. angry. >>reporter: some witnesses rushed to help the victims who were eventually taken away by paramedics. this, as police honed in on the car's driver. though it's unclear what was in the cup spotted in the middle kong sole. a tragedy averted thanks to mother nature. >> thank god for that tree or we may be looking at funerals. >>reporter: we checked in with some surrounded businesses to see e if, perhaps, their cameras picked up anything. the reality is they said their camera were not pointed in this direction, so there was no
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man said his sons were released from the hospital a few hours ago. they are still in a lot of pain and we have yet to learn a lot about tt driver who witnesses say was handcuffed and taken away t jail. ft. lauderdale police expected to release much more information tomorrow. live in ft. lauderdale tonight, local ten news. snshlgs in the wake of his passing there is now a battle over who shohld replace him and when the decision should be made. a three-hour precession began at a funeral home. his family decided an autopsy will not be performed after it was determined he died of natural causes. flags flying at half-staff in his honor. something that president obama ordered yesterday. the flags will remain that way until the 79-year old is laid to rest. there are no words on funeral arrangements. >> there is a political fight with president obama vowing to
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hurs carried the body to the airport for a final flight home as the battle for his seat on the supreme court is brewing. >> i plano fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >>reporter: replacing a legal giant, adding another bitter divide this year, not only in congress, but also on the campaign trail. >> we should not allow a lame-duck president to capturere the supreme court in the waning months of this presidency. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >>reporter: he died in his sleep saturday 59 saturday at a texas ranch. >> he was a man that went to sleep and didn't wakee up. >> they assured me they did not see signs of foul play. >>reporter: they rejected an autopsy afteralking to
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back in washington he declared this vacancy should not be lled until we have a new president. president obama is forging ahead and on the short his of his candidates, the federal judge considered the frontrunner and liked by republicans -- we'll continue to deliberate with eight justices. the high court is expected to take on major cases, including the future of unions abortion rights and ap firmtive action. if the justice is split on a 4-if i have decision, the lower court ruling would stand. it is a very beautiful night. >> 70 degrees as we head in to thth 11:00 hour. >> t tl us we're going to have a beautiful president's day. >> its going to be breezy overnight and tomorrow. it's going toe warmer as well. late this afternoon more clouds will be coming in on easterly wind. we could pick up a 20
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up later in the evening to around 30. very small, very fast-moving showers coming in on this breeze. tonight they're scattered all along broward county. even in miami-dade you can see specks of -- moving across. they're not going to be the same idea for your president's day. right now the winds hovering around 70 degrees. some locations warmed up a touch in the last hour. our temperatures are only going to fall to 65 degrees by the time we wake up tomorrow as we've got a warm start. 21 miles an hour sustained wind in ft. lauderdale. gusting near 30. here's your president's day forecast. definitely a warmer day. we'll see sunshine early. clouds moving in and windy. ur full forecast just minutes away. >> we'll see you in a bit of a dozen suspected hum migrabts have been picked up by the disney wonder. the group
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all appear to be in good shape. they'll be turned over to authorities in grand cakay men. police say theictim and the attacker knew each other and may have gotten in to some sort of domestic dispute. neighbors say the suspect had been acting strange the past few days, but they are shocked to hear this news. >> he's a good guy. i think he had a mental breakdown. >> the man was arrested. the victim recovering in the hospital suffered a stab wound to the chest. haishian officials elected the senate chief as interim president. after lawmakers met for ten hours, he was sworn in. before the election hee vowed to lead a government that would "foster nfidence with all
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position will only last 120 days. to the historoc change in cuba. a new picture released of fid fid. state-run television reported the two met on s surday before the religious leader left on his tour of latin-america. he met with pope francis. congresswoman is in cuba leading a mission on trade. the democrat is part part of a seven-member delegation. he is expected to talk about shipping opportunities twven tampa and havana. >> that will help the cuban people and have the -- helping our american businesses. >> the trip is coming days before the u.s. and cuba are@ set to approve a commercial flight agreement with a limited number of licenses being handed out to airlines. coming up... america's heartland hit by an earthquake. the moment the earth moved in
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surviving shingles. a closerook at the vaccine. the risks and the benefits. we have an amazing story for you tonight. coming up ter on local ten sports sunday, a 15-year old boxing phenom from cuba. you won't believe how he was introduced to boxing. let's just say "f (donkey y und) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. ough talk.
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an smatd one in three americans will have a deliberating -- in their lifetime. local 10's medical specialist takes a closer look at what you need to know about the risks and beneficiary of a vaccine used to treat it. for more than a decade, he was the face of profootball, one of theest quarterbacks in nfl history. now he's putti himself on the line speaking
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>> if you play football for a long time like i did, you're going to learn to deal with a lot of pain. it is nothing likethe pain that shingles causes. >>reporter: in commercials, he erjs people to get the shingles vaccine. >> take it from a guy who has had his fair share of pain. you don't want to be tackled by shing e8s. >>reporter: at 220 a shot, the vaccine isn't cheap. some questions its benefits and long-term safety. >> in this case, i feel likethe vaccine is so new that further down the road we might findut the people who got the vaccine did develop a health issue. >>reporter: itgs a painful rash. the virus can lie dormant in the nerves in the spinal cord and back of the head until something causes it to reactivate. >> as you get older, you lose the immunity to the viru a
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keeps the virus incheck. with age, that immunity wins. >>reporter: in most cases the virus goes away i in a couple of weeks. some people continue to experience pain for months. >> that's the reason why shingles can be a debilitating disease. it makes sense to prevent it with the shingles vaccine. >>reporter: the live vaccine, which is 15 times stronger than the chicken pox virus, is 50 percent effective in preventinin the disease. >> the vaccine does prevent half of the cases. it definitely reduces the severity of the attack if you get it and the frequency of this post-shingles -- >>reporter: he was one of the rare people who developed shingles not ce, but twice. that's why he's not taking any chances this time around. he's getting vac sin eighted.
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>>reporter: there are anti-viral medications and even tropical treatments that can be given to limit the duration and pain. doctors really say your best bet even though it's not perfect is still the vaccine. cal ten news. government guidelines used to recommend that vaccine for anyone 60 years or older. that recently changed, dropping to anyone 50 and older. love is in the air. on the gogo in south florida. the christian church handed out free roses for valentine's day. voluntrs lined up passings out hundreding of roses to surprise drivers, as well as people walking up and down the thing. >> i got flowers. >> he hded out some flowers.
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>> i've been trying to help the guys out. i gave you a week warning. >> (laughter) >> two for $20 or something like that? >> you've got what? 40 minutes to wrap it up. hopefully everyone had a great valentine's day. temperatures around 70 degrees. it has been a breezy evening. a lot of you are celebrating a three-day week. we've got nice weather to go with it as well. tonight things fairly quiet. we have small showers that have been pushing in throughout the evening. they're very small. u can see these tiny specks of green as they approach the -- they die out pretty fast. earlier we had a better concentration at 7:00. even miami-dade you can see how fast these are moving. they' not amounting to much. you may
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wipeers if you're headed towards work. as far as the cloud cover, you can see the bottom of the line. wind coming on shore 15 to 20 miles an hour. this evening we've had gusts in the low 30s. temperatures have been fluctiating the last couple of hours. we're hanging on to 70. we should settle in around 65, 66 degrees tonight. pretty much the same thing in the keys. key west a touch warmer at 67. your president's day forecast. passing clouds. a warmer day. we should max out around 77 degrees. the shower chance goes up to 30 percent as we get through the evening hours. big snow storm moving across the midwest and east coast in the last 12 to 24 hours. that heavy snow is moving through west virginia towards nor folk and to the north of raily. what we're
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south. the storm system develops along this front. it will not impact us mondnd as we'll see windy at 20. as tuesday rolls around we're going to see the chance of a shower or two. that should come through tuesday afternoon and evening before we get another cool, refreshing shot of air for the mid and later parts of the week. as far as the beach, water temperature at 70. uv index high. seas 4 to 6 feet. over the next three days best chance of rain tuesday at 40 percent. a little breezy by the time we wrap up the work week. president's day looks pretty nice. here's a breakdown again. showers possible throughout the day. hope everyone has a great holiday. still ahead... a ski trip scare. a bus-load of high school students goes up in
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now to day three of pope francis's trip to mexico after celebrating morning mass. he stopped by a children's hospital in the country's capitol. there he spent time wi young patients and their families before saying a fewew words and spreading, of course, his blessings. trouble in new hampshire leaving dozens of people stuck 40 feet above ground. a service-braik issue brought two tram cars to stop near a ski resort. it took crews three hours helping each person to the ground. no one was hurt. a 5-8 magnitude earthquake. it it happened in the city -- the quake s strong enough to --
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area and collapsed pt of a cliff. no injuries or serious property damage there. oklahoma rocked by ann earthquake.% that one at 5.1. the quake was felt in seven other states, including kansas and missouri. surveililnce video shows bottles rattling. some displays were knocked down and other businesses they say damage as well causing cracks in the area. no one was hurt. dash-cam video was rolling as a chase played out. at one point he starts driving on the wrong side of the road. that's when p pice decided to pour some off. they blew out the tires. police say the car later turned out to be stolen. the drooifr and two passengers were arrested. a fiery situation in seattle. that's where a bus carrying a group of high school students on a ski trip caught fire. officials say it was caused by a mechanical error.
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gear that was lt in the flames. the kids were able to finish their ski tripp on the mountain. next in sports, we can't forget about dwyane wade.
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points. local ten sports. only one of the two heat all-stars getting a shot to play in the all-star game tonight with chris bosh skipping because of an injury. only dwyane wade got to take the floor alongside be bryant. he was still introduced aeshgs long with his fellow all-stars. he didn't
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they're forgetting about that. early action late. we saw plenty of that. kobe bryant is retiring. check out kobe getting the shot. he had ten points. did not win the mvp of the game. 196-173. the 12th-ranked cacas visited fsu tonight. canes up 11. they're on their way to the win. fsu within striking distance. fans say it's time. they love baconover there in tallahassee. the shot there. down two. canes survived to earn their 20th win of the season. floridada panthers placed their center on the injured


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