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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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rit now much warmer than what we saw all weekend. it was beautiful. temperatures in the upper 60v. about five degrees above where we should be this time of year. 69 in key west. can you see our cameras moving around. that's because of our strong east breeze. remember the east wind is providing for thewarmer, humid conditions we're going to have today. 68 in homestead. 69 in pompano beach. with the winds ming off the ocean, we are already reporting some& wind gusts. wind speeds between 10 and0 miles an hour. this is elevating the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. if you plan on heading to the beach, be safe and stay out of the water. presidents day throughout the morning we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. highs today in the upper 70s with a slight chance of a shower before rain chances increase tomorrow. i'll have the details coming up. right now loved ones
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man hit and killed. >> how police hope you may know who this driver is who took off from that scene. michael seiden is in ft. lauderdale with more. >> he was a child of god. he was a healele >>reporter: they held hands in prayer, their faces lit by the glow of candles. friends. >> that cartooning off without him. >> that's why i'm not crying. i'm angry right now. >>reporter: even complete strangers. >> this type of tragedy touches me and the family that's good evening called. >>repopoer: all coming to the to remember the life of 46-year-old charles blackledge. >> he's a sweet g. it's heart breaking. >>reporter: at least two dozen mourners gathering around this
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where blackledge lost his life, killed thursday night in a hit and run crash while riding his bike along dixie highway headed home to his apartment in ft. lauderdale's middle river terrace neighborhood. this man is heart broken and angry over the circumstances of his roommate's death learning the hit and run dead. >> if i see him, i want to kill him. i won't but i might. who knows. if he sees me out her watch out. >>reporter: over the weekend ft. lauderdale police tweeting out this surveillance photo showing a silver car from the night of the crash. >> it took off. barely hit their breaks. >>reporter: leaders in the communy are upset but not surprised describing this stretch of road as a death trap. >> another victim on dixie highway. >>reporter: family and friends hoping someone will come forward with information.
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believe that was the hit and run vehicle. 4-493 tips. we're in ft. lauderdale, i'm michael seiden, local 10 news. and now to a shocking scene in downtown ft. lauderdale. a car runs o the road and plows into this group of people on the sidewalk. five people sent to the hospital, terrell forney is in n . lauderdale where he spoke to relatives of those victims. >> i was just thinking pizza and i heard a rumble coming down to the sidewalk over there. >>reporter: that sound was a car careening down a busy sidewalk. >>reporter: a snapshot of the chaos only tells part of what anthony might low witnessed in this pizza shop on southwest second street. the driver of that wayward car slammed into five people about 3:00 a.m. early sunday morning before comomg to a rest against a tree. >> i get a call at 4:00
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are in the hospital. >>reporter: among the victims christian and sebastian, brothers from toronto in town for the week. they just arrived on saturday night and decided to spend their first night in town on the usually busy downtown ft. lauderdale strip. their dad spent most of today with his boys at the hospital. >> all of a sudden she got knocked out. they didn't even know what happened. they are unconscious. >> car was driving pretty fast. e driver seemed very angry. >>reporter: some witnesses rushed to help the victims who were eventually taken away by paramedics, this as police honed in on the car's driver, though it's unclear what was in the cup spotted in the middle console. a tgedy averted thanks to mother nature. >> thank god for that or
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>>reporter: we checked in with the tarpon springs restaurant to see if their surveillance cameras captured anything. a lot of informati we're still trying to learn about that driver who witnesses say they saw being handcuffed and taken away to jail. ft. lauderdale police expected to release much more information some time later today. reporting from ft. lauderdale this morning, i'm terrell forney, local 10 news. now to the death of justice antonin scalia. there's now a battle over who should replace him and of that decision should be made. >> three hour procession in west texas ending at an airport. his family decided that an autopsy would not be performed after it was determined he died of natural causes. >> flags flying at half staff in his honor and they will remain that way until the rest. so far there's no word arrangements. >> a political fight
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vowing to take on senate republicans. carlos suarez has the latest. >>reporter: a hearse carried the body of justice antonin scalia. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >>reporter: adding another bitter divide in this election year not only in congress but on the campaign trail. >> we should n allow a lame duck president to capture the supreme court in the remaining months of his presidency. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have ready pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >>reporter: justice scalia died in his sleep saturday at a texas ranch during a hunting trip. >> he was a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> she assured me they did not see any signs of foul play.
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objected to an autopsy after talking with investigators on the scene. president oba is forging ahead and on the short list of his potential candidates federal judge considered the front runnernd liked by republicans. the court in the meantimemeill continue to deliberate with just eight justices. >> carlos suarez reporting this morning. the high court expted to take on major cases including unions, abortion rights and affirmative action. now those lower court rulings will stand. a dozen suspected migrants picked up by a cruiseship. all appeared to be in good shape and will be turned over to authorities in grand cayman. a man recovering from stab wounds inh lauderhill. police say the victim and attacker knew each othe and may have gotten into some sort of argument.
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he's a good guy. i think he just got sick. i don't think he had a mental bak down.. >> police did arrest the suspected attacker but his identity has not been released yet. haitian officials have elected an interim. he was sworn in before the election. he announced a vow to lead the government that would foster all sections of society. new images of fidel castro have been released. these images show castro and the russian leader of the orthodox church. the meeting came after the russian patriarch met with pope francis in havana. the democrats from the tampa area, part of
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delegation going to the island. castro talked about shipping opportunities between tampa and havana. that will help the cuban people and it will also have the benefit of creating jobs in cuba and america and helping our american b sinesses. >> the trip is comomg before the trip to cuba. starting tomorrow airlines can submit their applications to the department of transportation. it's a debilitating disease. >> singles, we'll tell you about a vaccine being used to treat it with the risks and benefits. not only is it going to be warmer, it's going to be wetter. those will eventually come on shore. down by the keys we're see something showers as well. this is just the beginning of what's going to be a wet forecast going into tuesday ahead of a cold front that will be
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an estimated one in three americans will have shingles in their lifetime and a push to get vaccinated. >> kristi krueger takes a look at what you need to know about the risks and the benefits of a vaccine used to treat it. >>reporter: for more than a decade terri bradshaw was the face of pro football, one of the best quarterbacks infl history and now he's putting himself on the line speaking out about shingles. >> if you played football as long as i did, you're going to learn about the pain of shingles. >>reporter: bradshaw urges people to get the shingles vaccine. >> take it from the guy who has had his fair share of pain, you don't want to get tackled by shingles. >>reportrt: the vaccine isn't cheap and some question its benefit and its long-term safety.
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like the vaccine is so new that further down the road we might find out that the people who got the vaccine did develop some sort of a health issue. >>reporter: shining slz a painful rash brought on by the same virus that caused chicken pox. it can lie dormant until something causes it to reactivate. >> as you get older, you lose the immunity to the virus, a certain kind of immunity that keeps the virus in check and with age that immunity wanes. >>reporter: in most cases the virus goes away in a couple of weeks but some people experience pain for months. >> that's the reason why shingles can be a debilitating disease and it makes sense to try to prevent it with the vaccine. >>reporter: the live vaccine which is 155imes stronger than the chicken pox virus is 50%
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>> it definitely reduces the severity of the shingles attack, if you get it, and the frequency of this post shingles pain. >> i was in so much pain. >>reporter: kenneth was one of the rare p pple that developed shingles not once but twice. th's why he's not taking any chances this time around. he's getting vaccinated. >> i don't want it again ever. >>reporter: now there are antiviral medications, even topple treatments, which given in the very early stages of the disease can limit the duration and pain but doctors say your best bet even though it's not perft can still shep with the vaccine. >> government guidelines used to recommend the vaksz even for anyone 60 and older, that recently changed for anyone 50 and older. valentine's day the
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out free roses in yesterday. giving out all kinds of colorful long-stemmed roses. it was a beautiful weekend for love in the air. this morning we are seeing temperatures right now in the lower 70s in ft. lauderdale, upper 60s miami, 68 degrees ishe actual low in miami. we should be waking up to the low 60s. currently a temperature of 70 in pembroke pines as well as hialeah. beach. a couple things you'll notice definitely more warmer and humid and the breeze moving off the ocean is the culprit. wind speeds anywhere between 10 and 20 miles per hour. that east wind is also going to transport some showers into the forecast, unlike what we've seen in quite some time. you might need an umbrella throughout the day. just isolated drizzle moving over portions ofhollywood beach. we will continue to keep that chance of a slight
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the forecast today ahead of a leading edge of a forefront. our friends across the northwest and northeast have been dealing with sub freezing attempts.they broke reports with overnight lows and highs because of how cold it was. the severe weather threat is marginal today because of the south. as the temperatures will be a bit warmer ahead of this front, look at that temperatures behind the front, in the teens and 20s. here's the setup today. it will be cloudy, it will be warmer. we'll have that east breeze in place. here comes the leading edge of this front. it will start to move intotsouth florida by tomorrow morning and tomorrow later half of the morning so we're expecting a good c cnce of storms to increase in the forecast by the morning commute and especially going into the afternoon. once this front does clear, cooler, comfortable conditions will be in place going inin the middle part of the workweek.
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advisories as well. again, it is president's day. you can plan on heading to the beach, please use caution. highs today will be in the upper 70s, a few degrees above where we should be this time of yeye. tomorrow we'll wake up to the 70s, highs in the low 80s with a good chance of afternoon storms and then the front clears, temperatures dropping down to the low 60s going into wednesday. highs only in the mid 70s. we could see temperatures in the 60s. a strong quake in new zealand. >> more e this video you've got to see coming up. living well your immune system works hard to keep you on top of your game. u can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine these simple remedies with airborne. no other leading immunity brand gives you more vitamin c.
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when you want to support your immune system, take airborne,
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pope francis's to mexico. the pontiff stopping by children's hospital in the country's capital.there he spent time with
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families. in other news this mornin tram trouble in new hampshire. dozens of people stuck 40 feet above the ground. officials say a service break issue brought two tram cars to a stop at a ski resort. one tram left dangling at the top of the mountain with two people on board. the other was closer to the bottom holding 40 passengers. good n ns is no one was hurt. caught on camera, 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattling new zeala. the quake was so strong it even created sink holes in the area and collapsed part of a cliff. no serious injuries or property damage reported. okokhoma also rocked by a quake. this one coming in at 5.1. surveillance video at a convenience store shows bottles rattling. other than that, not mu damage and no one was hurt. fire situation in seattle, a bus carrying some high school
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caught fire. everyone did make it out of that bus safelel the resort replaced all of the gear lost in the flames and those kids were able to finish their day on the mountain. a woman wasemoved from the classroom for trying to help the student cope with the death of two friends. thth problem, she took her offcampus during school houou which is in violation of school policy. to talk to. she was very distraught. i felt e was in crisis. >> my whole life as well as other students h he been told to trust your teachers and go to them of you need help. >> i'm fine with it. she got my daughter back to school and took care my daughter. kobie bermudez's final all-star game. >> we can't forget about heat all-star d-wade. we'll show you him
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last night. >>reporter: good monday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. only one of the heat all-stars got to play in the game due to a calf injury. bryant's last all-star game appearance. still introduced along with his fellow all-stars. got a hand from his old fans in toronto. kobe bryant got the chant kobe kobe during his speech. d-wade had eight points. still in the first quartete wade is going to go coast to coast. d-d-de in particular was strong but this night all about kobe. retiring at the end of the season.
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he was smiling all night long. it was great to see a great sendoff for kobe. he had ten points but he was not the mvp. 196-173 the final. canes in florida state on sunday afternoon. check out angel rodriguez. kings werer up 11. fsu within striking dance. they want more bacon but not to each but to watch and deliver. knolls down by just one. they are down two. last chance. maleek beasley, the shot for the win, no. 67-6-6 bad news for the panthers, they placed their top line center barkov. they lost two or three without him and because he's on that ir, he will not play. jaromir jagr, hey, happy
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44 years young today. it will be a memorable birthday for jagr. 0-3 to open up this six-game homestead. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. family and friends searching for justice after a man was killed by a hit and run driver in ft. lauderdale. >> the picture that
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this case ahead at 5:00. now at 5:00 a tearful tribute to a man killed by a hit and run on his bike. the decision that has republicans speaking out and hop i i being talked about as a replacement. find out who crew members pulled from that ocean. plus triple trouble. thieves h ads up stores in hialeah back to back.
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track them down. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we'll get to those stories in just a moment but first we'll check in with weaeaer authority meteorologist julie durda. on this presidents day a lot of you may have the day off. if you're planning outdoor activities you may as well pay attention to the forecast. already temperatures six degrees abovehere we should be this time of year with 69 greeting yoin miami. 70 ft. lauderdale, 60 key west. that breeze will continue to pump in the heat and humidity and it's going to be strong from time to time throughout the day. that's why i turned the camera around this morning. 69 for you unpembroke pines. hialeah, i see you. temperatures 70 in pompano beach as well. wind speeds between eight and 16 miles per hour with wind gusts reported down by the keys but it looks as though no longer. we are expecting wind gusts to reach 20 to 25 miles per hour by the afternoon. high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers.
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it will be mild and mostly dry but we can't rule out a chance of a shower today because of that east breeze. you'll ntsb cloudy skies by the afternoon. upper 70s0s i'll have a lot more on the forecast you're going to need to know for this tuesday coming up. turnpike southbound we have reports of an accident scene there. we're still trying to work out all of the details as what is closed exactly. those speeds at 42 miles an hour. we are sending a photographer to the scene to check it out to see what's going on. we're not hearing any serious injuries. no one taken t tthe hospital with this one. if it is completely shut down, i just want to let you know your at rat routes. avenue. all right. ami-dade county surprisingly on this holiday we do have construction crews out expressway. we're hearing reports of two lanes shut down at 122nd street near


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