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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. live, the one and onl local 10 news starts right now.
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noon a live look across south florida on this president's day holiday.>> constance: a look from our mallory camera from ft. lauderdale key west. a little on the gloomy side. our chief meteorologist trent ic is with us. not the weekend weather we saw with the sun. >> trent: not at all, you look at the pictures, season meany, miney, no. that not whawe expect on this valentine's day. this is what it looks like from the mou sinai medical cam. the clouds are not going anythe clouds are not going anywhere as we are watching them off the atlantic and a cold front moving out tomorrow will brng us an increased chance of rain. the noon hour, we are watchat the noon hour, we are watching a pretty good stream of light showers in the southern part of miami-dade. take you county dicounty and broward, just a couple of small -- small showers moving in on the south east wind. the better concentration not in downtown miami or the northern part of the county but from
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to homestead movg across the 18-mile stretch and we will see patches of rain move through like this throughout the day. currently temperatures anywhere from 76 marathon and key west to 69 in homestead where it is rain cooled and all due this wind. sustained around 20 mil per hour. we have got gusts as high as 30 in theast hour or so. right now the highest is 29 in miami. as we go throughout this president's day, we expect much of the same. breezy, cloudy and a pretty decent chance of showers. we will talkore about a change of forecast coming up in just a few minutes. constance. >> constance: thank you so much. a s spicious device was found in the sands of sunny i sle beach. sky 10 was near collins avenue near the sahara beach club condo. crewew say it was a marine marker used to mark areas in the ocean and it washed up alongshore during air force training. that device was destroyed and not considered dangerous. also right now, a search of jujuice for the victim of a
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this man struck and killed just blocksblocks from his home. now his family and friends are coming together to remember him and as for help finding his killer. >> constance: local 10 reporter ben kennedydy caught up with him a littlehile ago and he is here with more. ben. >> reporter: constance and kristi, a policicofficer gave me this flyers offering a $3,0,0 reward leading to an arrest. on the flier is the silver car that officers are lookingor. they suspect there is front-end damage. a familyly continues to grieve back at the scene where was killed by a h h-and-run driver. >> come forward. take i i you know. you killed my brother. >> rorter: blackledge was struck and killed on 24urs while riding his bicycle home on dixie highway near northeast 16th court in ft. lauderdale. its 33 that witnesses say he was dragged more than 30 feet before the driver took off.
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that to where we are standing he, you know, that is a long way to drag a body, and they left him to die. >> reporter: police went to the victim's home on monday to give his loved ones personal items that charles had with him the night of the crash. and share this picture. it shows a silver car that officers suspect could be behind this crime. >> if they recognize one of the cars, then they will find who hit my brother and at least we wi have justice. >> this is a tragedy that didn't have to happen. we can't get him back.>> reporter: this memorial continues to grow with new flowers and candles. the victim's family is actually from arkansas and they are planng to head home some time today. while they are gone, they are ping that flyers like this will help out big time in reporting live in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedy, local 10 news. much. a crh involving an unmark a crash involving an unmarked miami-dade police car osed southbound lanes of the florida turnpike near southwest
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we are told a driver hit another car, lost control, and sideswiped the unmacked police car. no one was hurt, and it doesn't appear that anyone is facing any charges. meanwhile, another crash there are time in ft. lauderdale, right on the sidewalk. it is still under investigationit is still under investigation. lice say five people were hurt when a car jumped the curb as people were enjoying the night out. local 10 news reporter terrell forney is live in ft. lauderdale, and terrell, any word about that d@iver? >> reporter: well, constance, we just checked in witht police, and they have yet to provide an update on this verier is news crash. we theyor know witnesses saw someone they say being handcuffsomeone they say being handcuffed and taken away to jail. take a look at this. we still have a lot of debris outside in the 200 block of southwest 2nd street not far from the las olas area and killed. >> i just saw mayhem outside. >> reporter: a snapshot of the chaos onlytells part of what
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his shift at this pizza shop on southwest street. >> a lot of commotion, crime and screaming. >> reporter: the driver of that wayward car slammed into five people 8 a.m. early sunday morning before coming to rest against a tree. >> the parents' worst nightmare get a call 4:00 in the morning my kids are hit by a car and in the hospital. >> reporter: among the victims, the stilladis brothers from toronto. they arrived saturday night and decided to spend the first night on the busy ft. lauderdale strip. >> they were walking around, having a good time and all of a sudden they gobingd knocked out. they didn't know what happened. they were unconscious and next thing they know they are in broward. >> reporter: the surrounding businesses spent the better part of the weekend making repairs caused by the crash and picking up the pieces. minimal damage to parts of the pizza shop considering these wild photos, all thanks to a line of strong palm trees out
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>> thank god for the palm tree right there. that tree saved a lot of >> reporter: so still some broken glass and boarded up windows in front of at least this business. this is the actual pizza shop where that car came crashing by. again, not much is known about the driver. you know, police have still yet to release that information, but we do know that the victims are still recovering. theirr injuries are described as minor to serious. again, five people taken to the hospital. that is -- as for those two brothers that you saw in that story, well, they are back their familyembers. we are told they are still in a lot of pain. we are in touch with thoho relatives and they will eventually be okay. one them has a fracture in his back. we are live in ft. lauderdale this afternoon, terrell fofoey, local 10 news. >> kristi: all right, t trell, thank you so much. new video at noon what is believed to be the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arriving back at washington dulles airport early
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flags are flying at half-staff for t 79-year-old who died of saturday. befofo funeral plans are even set, politics are comeset, politics are e ming into play as a fight over who gets to nominate his replacement is heating up. >> reporter: justin antonin scalia was arguably the brightscalia was arguably the brightest conservative legal mind in america. the i iication of his sudden passing on the upcoming elections could not be more profound >> we ought to make the 2016 referendum a referendum on the supreme court. >> reporter: less than one hour after scalia's death was announced the political jockeyannounced the political jockeying began. mitch mcconnell declaring that this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president, but the president's constitutional fright appoint a dge to the supreme court and no exception for an election year. >> i pn to fulfill my tition>> i plan to fulfill my titional responsibilitieto nominate a successor. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility. >> reporter: the senate has the
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or deny that appointee, something they may choose to do after the election according to senator lindsey graham on "gma." >> when the election is over, the president wins, they have a chance to send qualified nominees of their philosophy to the senate and i will ve for them if they are qualified even if i boo not have chose them. >> kristi: rumors are swirling who the president may put forward, but one of the most common names of popular ones is shree shevasin. he would be the first asian-american on supreme courtasian-american on supreme court. now vote 2016, former president bill clinton on the campaign trail here in south florida today revving up support for his wife. he will be speaking at an event in rivera beach this afternoon that hillary clinton was originally set to speak at. no information about the switchno information about the switch, but local 10 there be there to bring it to you. clinton and her riv al bernie sasaers spent sunday in las
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both democrats s ske at a baptist church in preparation to saturday's democratic process. lilile polling has been done to determine who is on the lead. on the r rublican side, all about south carolina. republicans heading to t pollrepublicans heading to the polls for this primary this upcoming weekend. marco rubio was up early this morning holding an event in rock hill discussing how he will do what we do and howie ke down isis if he was arrested. the former florida governor jeb bush is expected to get a big boost from his brother, former president george w. bush is due in south carolina to campaign on his behalf tonight. both former bush presidents wonn the south florida primary. and. donald trump tweeting this morning, i will be in south carolina all week. saturday isp a big, big, big get out and vote and make america great again. and local 10, of course, is your source for vote 2016 too. look for glenna milberg's live reports from south carolina. she will be there later this week. and don't forget, you are
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tomorrow is the very last day you can vote in the florida primary that happens on march 15. and we have all the information you need to know right there on our web site at well, now a developing story. two hospitals and a school building in syria was hit by air strikes leaving at least 15 people dead and dozens jerdz. doctors without borders say a hospital in iblab province was hit by four rockets. in a separate incident a ildren's hospital and a school in azas was struck by ssiles. unclear who carried out these strikes. >> reporter: to the latest for pope francis's visit to mexico. right now. you arar looking at live pictures from that area. gutierrez. he transferred to cristoba de he transferred to cristoba de la thul casa. pictures of the mass. he is holding it right now.
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communities imexico. they are being able to see it in three native languages. many in that crowd, they are lining up nor mass around midnight. now after this, the pope is expected to eat lunsh with some of the representatives that area and the papal entourage is expected to leave from mexico city at 6:00 tonight. we are seeing new images of fidel castro with the leader of the russian orthodox church. state-run tv in cuba reported the two met before patriarch carroll met. the meeting came after the patriarch met with pope francispatriarch met with pope francis. the first meeting of its kind in nearlyy 1,000 years. take a look at this, a frightening sight off the florida coast. we are talking about thousands of sharks heading south. >> constance: yeah, and where they are heading to. which beaches are they the most closest to. you will want to hear this before we head out. >> arctic air create>> arctic air creating a nightmare.
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warning and when the storm will move through coming up next. and a different look here, pretty cloudy. a picture from our mount sinai a pture from our mount sinai center tower cam. whether trent aric will be back >>announcer: you are watching local 10 newslocal 10 news with kristi krueger and constance jones. and tuesday at 11:00, allegations of bid tampering. >> so you uid have influence in this election? >> repter: misconduct. >> as soon ashis report came out you resigned. >>reporter: corruion at at this hall.
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>> more information from the florida highway patrol about this early morning crash off of okeechobee road. sky 10 flew over the scene past the turnpike around 6:00 this morning. it appears that a car rear ended a sem i truck and that the car ended up underneath that semi. as soon as we get more info, we will bring it to you. also a big mess off of southwest 8th street when a garbage truck dump the its trash in the street. it happened right thehe near the intersection of 1 12th avenue when that dump truck apparently caught fire. no one was hurt with this one. right now a suspect is behind bars as a man continues
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wounds. the stabbing happened along northwest 16th street in lauderhill. police say the victim and the attacker did know one another d may have gotten into some sort of a dispute. neighbors said the suspect has past few days. >> he is a good guy. i think he got sick. i think he had a mental person. if he needs help he can call. >> kristi: well, police did arrest that suspected attacker but his identify has not been released just yet. zika fears continue in brazil. the country has launched an operation to fight the mosquitooperation to fight the mosquito-borne virus. brazil mobilized its military and hundreds of thousands of health care wowoer to fight the virus. the evident is known as operation zika zero. the president of brazil said the virus outbreak will not comprose the upcoming olympics in rio de janeiro.
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it has been linked to serious birth defects among babies. and one of those days that you are glad to live here in south florida. check out this view in washington d.c. th morning. snow making it almost impossible to see, but the snow isn't even what is making most people wish they were in our shoes today. >> kristi: awful looking weather there. our weather authority meteorologist trent aric is more with more. kind off bone-chilling out therekind of bone-chilling out there, right? trent up north single -- >> trent: up north, single digits a a they shattered records and we enjoyed the sun and warmth it was freezing for the rest of the country. as soon as that arctic air moves out, a new storm is moving in. the nation's capitol bracing for a winter stotm warning, six inches of snow. more snow fell in ohio after a weekend of whiteout conditionsleaving highways and roadways
12:19 pm
from indiana to pennsylvania, multiple pile-up killing three and sending dozens to the hospital and incredible images from the record-breaking cold. fire fighters battling a phrase leaving this car completely frozen in ice. in boston, sub-zero temperatates shattering a 60temperatures shattering a 60-year-old record and in new york, the coldest v ventine's day in 100 years. finally i inew hampshire, the wicked cold led to this rescueat a ski resort, 48 people trapped, hanging more than feet off the ground. >> swung hard and swung back problem. >> reporter: this after two trams broke down. eventually everyone was rescued safely after about three hours. >> constance: wow, kristi you were out in the cold. >> i was in north carolina, not quite that cold but chilly. >> trent: chilly, and the snow is pretty far south and areas of north geoeoia, the carolinas are getting hammered yet again. we can't complain about that.
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breeze. warm here for our standards a we go through the next couple of days. we will continue to see pretty mile temperatures. a series of cold fronts sliding in our direction and with it a chan of a shower or two. the view from the miami tower cam. a lot of gray out there. definitely showers around that doesn'get much better if we look the other way. tower cam looking off towardthe west. what we are looking at here, showers in dade and broward. keys relatively dry forkeys relatively dry for now and upper keys wet weather and over the past few hours. the stream of moisture moving in on a southeast wind that is bringing a few showers toward homestead, cutler bay. broward county, a little shower to downtown ft. lauderdale crossing over u.s. 1 and 95 and lighthouse deerfield beach. coral springs, those showers will be dying out as i approach you. downtown miami pretty dry and showers out west. the bigger batch of rain from cutler bay down the florida turnpike and florida city and
12:21 pm
this wind will continue to kick thght the day that will bring in cloud cover and eventually the rain chance goes up due to a cold front that is slidea cold front that is sliding in our direction. the other thing you will notice outside aside from the gloomy conditions, it is windy. winds at 20 miles per hour in ft. lauderdale. 14 in key west. gusting in the upper 20s to around 30. and rain-cooled temperatures in homestead. 76 key west and marathon and rest in the low 70s. tonight we will not fall that much. onshore flow, upper%60s to around 70 degree. the rest of your president's day, cloudy skies and staying windy and we could see those showers tonight all due to the next cold front that will slide through town and bringing wet weather from arkansas, mississippi all the way back over towarthe carolinas where it is turning over to snow. and an icy mix as far south as raleigigand a few showers along the coast of georgia and south carolina. ere goes that front. clearing skies late in the day
12:22 pm
and another reinforcing shot of cool air wednesday and thursday that will make the weather pretty ne to wrap up the workpretty nice to wrap up the workweek. temperatures 70 overnight. by 60 bthursday morning around our average of 62 degrees. we warm up quite nicy for the upcoming weekend. headed to the beach today, quite frankly not the best day to do so. cloudy and a little wet and windy and things get better through thursday, a chance of a shower and the front comes through and behind it, boy, do the skies begin to clear. setting up nice for wednesday, thursday and friday, a little breezy but nice. betty will be back with the forecast at 4:00 tonight. constance. >> constance: trent, thank you so much. migrants pingd up by the disney wonder travelling to grand cayman n en the groupwas spotted in the waters southwest of cuba. all are in good shape and will be turned over to authities
12:23 pm
may be thinking twice of heading to the beach. all these little gray speck s -- those little specks, they are sharks, yeah. thousands have been spotted and they are heading south. >> reporter: see all those gray specks down below, sharks off the coast. >> look at all these sharks right here. >>eporter: we paused the video shot by a biological signs profeor. in this frame, 57 sharks. >> they are literally a stone's throw away from shore. >> reporter: you are looking at a flight migration survey. across the atlantic. where are we seeing him >> the sharks we saw today are off palm beach and rivera beach and singer island all the way to jupiter inlet. >> reporter: one anything particular that stood out to himnd it wasn't the shark away inches from that paddleaway inches from that paddleboarder. >> there weren't any sharks
12:24 pm
beach and then from palm beach, singer island, it was loaded. literally tens of thousands of sharks. >> kristi: the professor is still trying to figure out why all these sharks are attracted to that particular area. >> constance: all right. from sharkto snakes, the annual python challenge has come to an end with impressive. >> kristi: tens of thousands of nonnative snakes are believed to be living in the everglades threatening the ecoeverglades threatening the ecosystem there. 1,0000 people signed up for the hunt. individuals as well as teams will b bawarded up to $1500 at an upcoming awards ceremony. >> constance: wow. a woman fights back after a
12:25 pm
the attack caught on camera. >> still ahead, surveillance showing why this bad guy picked on the wrong woman to prey on. >>announcer: remember local 10 news is always on., your smartphone and your tablet, take us with you. hey, guys, today we are making a mystery meal. i am trying to figure out who ransacked our pantry. mario is put to the test in a mystery ingredient challenge
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with the fabulous fran dresher well haitian official have elected the senate chief as the interim president. 7[ music ] 7 after lawmakers met for ten hours, joslyn prevais was sworn in. thisisideo was of his installation ceremony. he was said to lead the
12:29 pm
the position will only lt 120 days and a new round of elections is scheduled for april 24. meanwhile north korean leader kim jong un are praising scientists involved in a rocket launch one that has been criticized around the world. a banquet was held on saturday in celebration. the launch followed north koreathe launch followed north korea's fourth nuclear test which goes against international warnings. u.s. and south korean officials are pushing for them to be hit with some strong sanctions. and a former israeli prime minister is in prison today starting an 18-month-long ntence. he arrived at the facility to begin his t te behind bars. overnight, he was convicted of taking cash from an american businessman and then accepting bribes related to a controversial jerusalem housecontroversial jerusalem housing project while he was mayor. well, claims of abuse by a former new@york governor eliot spitzer now under investigation. a 25-year-old woman he is romantically involved with told
12:30 pm
plaza hotel in manhattan. his spokesperson says there is no truth to the allegation. you may remember he resigned from office back in008 after he was linked to a high-priced prostitution ring that was run right here in florida in miami. he was never crged. developing right now, the search is on for a person who attached a bomb to a rental car near albuquerque you, mexico airport. a mechanic found that explosive when he put t at car on a lift. police disabled that device and no one was hurt. an investigation is developing as well after a strange attack on san francisco's golden gate bridge. two people told police they were hit by blow darts walking along the famous landmark. both were treated by paramedics on friday and not hospitalized. theriginal fear that the darts were colted with some
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. in front of the store. >> they got him. >> constance: yeah, new video of a high-speed chase in brevard county that ended with an arrest. the suspect was driving a stolen car and took off. when officrs tried to pull him over yesterday. the video shows the moments after he crashed the car and then tried to run off. the 22-year-old was arrested and he turns out he was alreadydy wanted for aggravated assault and burglary charges. caught on camera a woman fighting back during an attemptfighting back dung an attempted purse snatching, and this crook realized quite quickly that he picked the wrong laid tow mess with. check this out. that woman was puing a stroller when the man walked by
12:37 pm
tried to get it away from her and she was ready to fight back knocking him right over and holding him down until help could arrive. >> this woman saw that she was a victim of a crime, and wasn't going to have any of it, and she launched herself like -- like a tigress and latched him around the neck and brought him down to the ground. it was a tremendous takedown. he was a sneak thief. he didn't want confrontation. he was hoping that she wasn't going to see him take that purse and he was going to be out the door and run. >> kristi: all right, well, that man did get away before police could arrive at the end and was not caught. despite her bravery, police say it is often better to give up your goods in case your attacker ends up being armed. new developments today in a jewelry crime spree case involving a young woman. she is accused of stealing millions from stores across-several states and new information from the fbi about
12:38 pm
have been training her. >> reporter: it is the high-stakes crime spree that has earned this aspiring model fame if not fortune. >> i need a sponse to an armed robbery. >> reporter: newly released court docments say according to fbi investigators the womanto fbi investigators the womanageedly seen in these surveillance images ransacking jewelry cabinets withjewelry cabinet with just one of four bandits. accused of swiping $4 million worth of precious stonesworth of precious stones from six stores ross five southern states. >> they were tied up and i ended up removing t ties from them. >> reporter: the mastermind behind these heists, brothers larry and michael gilmore arrested and hauled into federal court on friday. officials accusing the duo along with lewis jones iii of recruiting their female protege in their shop. aconsidered cding to the fbi.
12:39 pm
targeted shops and taught her the proper way to manipulate a handgun and secure the employees with zip ties, even cluecluing her into keywords. their alleged strategy once att the stores, split into pairs with the gilmore brothers acting as her lookout outside. the documents claiming in this case, cell phone pingsere the dead giveaway. >> today's technology will have the ability to go back and look at what phones were pinging in the proximity of each robbery.. >> constance: those cell phones will get you. all four suspects are facing 20 years in jajl. according to those documents, an elaborate scheme always involving two getaway cars. an aspiring model will be paid $100 bills after the robberyin $100 bills after the robbery. >> kristi: eelaborating will be a rat. >> constance: not that elaborate because hey got caught. the miami heat enjoying the all-star break.
12:40 pm
wade did and kobe's final all-star game. that is next. kristi krueger and
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that's a big win. the annual east versus west match-up the nba all-star game. a good one. chris bosh had to sit out. he was a calf injury. missing the last time with kobe bryant. giving dwyane wade the double alley-oop to lebron james. wade weaves in and out. agreat sendoff for kobe too, he scores ten point. west wins this one 196 to -- boom -- 173. >> it was fun. i had a bla. playing with those guys, and are you know, laughing and joking with them on the bench. i think the game is at a beauauful place now. >> kristi: the heat start that secondalf of the season fifth
12:44 pm
a 29-24 recd. they pick up again friday night in atlanta. now off to a college sport. the 12th ranked 'canes visiting fsu. rodriguez with a poss to davon reed right there. as you see fsu dewae bacon delivers as well. the 'noles were down by 1 point there, but the 'canes go on to win this one 67-65. their 20s victory of the season. bad news for panthers fans. they placed their top line center barkov on the disabled list. he suffered a concussion with that hit late to. they lost two or three games without him so he will not maybng tonight. a big birthday boy will be on the ice tonight. jamomir jagr will be turning 44 as he face offs with his former team the penguins. he and the cats will be going to try to avoid a 0-3 opening
12:45 pm
and kayne w wt has made headlines for all kind of antics, but could he actually be broke? >> i don't believe this one. he is claiming that he has $5 3 million in debt. i don't know about this one, kristi. cisz >> kristi: givl him a $20. a look at your winning lottery numbers. local 10 news will be right back. and tuesday at 11:00, allegations of bid tampering. >> you did have he allegation in thihis. and when it came out you resignand when it came out you resigned. >> reporter: local 10 bob
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12:48 pm
a marvel superhero swept the box office. >> dead pool came in number one>> deadd pool came in number one. the movie starring ryan reynold got $35 million. we like him. keep playing thisisid. where is he? where is he? i don't know. i don't know -- who edited this video. that's okay. [ laughter ] the biggest opening in february for president's day weekend ever. >> kristi: this is more my style "kung fu panda 3" in second place. brought in close to $20 mlion this wekend. >> and third place was rote man>> and third place was rote manic comedy "how to be single" opened up this weekend earning $19 million. and leonardo dicaprio may still be waiting for his oscar and some other awards. he is celebrating today. >> he won the british acadamy
12:49 pm
for "reverant." he describes it as the most important film in his career. >> having worked in this industry ever since i was 13 years old having done 20 some odd movies and to be here now and have it be for a film like this that we worked so very ha on really feels amazing, and, you know, i feel it. it feels -- feels fantastic.. >> kristi: where "the revenant>> kristi: where "the revenant" be the film that brings him the oscar? thousand in to the oscars. chris rock will be hosting hollywood's bigest night. well, kanye west is claiming to be $53 million in personal debt, and guess what, he is asking facebook founder mark zuckerberg for help. he made the announcement over the weekend along with his album release. i do think there is a connection. i amust saying.
12:50 pm
followers hours before performing on"saturday night live" saying, quote, i write this to you, my brother while debt. please pray we overcome. this is my true heart. not known if he was serious o o not. but he also said he was running for president. you ever know with kanye. >> kristi: maybe he set aside the $53 million when he runs for president. >> constance: very smart. a live look from our ft. lauderdale tower cam. we talked about it being a gloomy day but not as cold as our friends up north. >> still kind of ugly. where is the sun. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference
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lots of talk today about the brand-new"sports illustrated"swimsuit edition e. >> constance: first time ever one of the covers will feature a plus-size model. rebecca jarvis has details. >> we can now reveal the"sports illustrated"2016 swimuit cover. >> reporter: the first time ever, not one, not two, ut three cover models. >> i don't know how i got up here!(i am -- i am so -- i am shakingi am -- i am so -- i am shaking. i am so honored.>> reporter: that's right. "sports illustrated"revealing that ronda rousey, ashley graham and model haley claussen
12:54 pm
reveal tv special in a letter, assistant managing editor posted on, she writes, what defines beauty today. the truth is times have changed and one size does not fit all. our position on beauty is wellour position on beauty is well-known, curvy, vivacious and bold in noo a size. the three cover models democrat state will. not the first time"sports illustrated"has made waves. african-americanmodel tyra banks breaking barriers gracingbanks breaking barriers gracing"sports illustrated"covers in 1996 and 1997. the cover stars taking to instagram to share the news. ronda rowsey says such an honor to share the honor celebrating women of all body types. ashley graham the first sizize 16 mod toll be featured. writing, truly sechless. this cover is for every woman who felt she wasn't big engh because of her size.
12:55 pm
hashtag, beauty beyond size. >> three different types of women representing every woman out there. we are rocking it. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. forecast here across south florida. windy when you step outside. wind gusts of 3 miles per hour right now in broward county. and as we go throughout theayand as we go throughout the day, cloudy skies will prevail. a couple of showers moving in. hope you are having a great holiday even though the weather isn't cooperating. betty will be back in to see if there is any improvement at 4:00. >> kristi: that d does for now "the chew" is next. >> constance: see youback at 4:00.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> what's going on. >> hello, welcome to "the chew!" as you ean see a crime has been committed here. our pantry has been ransacked! all hour long we are going to try to solve this mystery and we want you to get involved too, use the hashtag #chewdidit if rpetrator. but right now everyone is a suspect, every single e e of you! how are you guys doing today? >> scare >> i feel violated! >> i know violated, right? >> so why do we love crime so much in this country? things like "making a murderer", "the jynx", the podcast "serial." all sorts of things -- what? >> we don't love crime, , love crime shows! [ lauguger ] >> well, we're obsessed with


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