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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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friend around 1:15 near the corner of southwest 10th street and fifth in little haan rly saturday morning, and someone showed up dressed in black and began shooting. witnesses say the person drove off in a black car. police found close to two dozen you bullet holes and spent casing at the scene. eddy spent the weekend at jackson memorial hospital. >> we don't have no idea how this happened or why it happened. no thoughts. >> reporter: the situation just unfolded while we were standingy here, police showing back up outside of this young man's apartment building. now stringi simplicity. we're going to ask femme this this is related. and that young person you just saw there, that wassed's older brother. and coming up at 5:00 you'll hear morerom them and why don't think they'll be staying in this apartment too much longer. >> calvin: hialeah police are
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several small smash and grabs that happened over the weekend. surveillance video shows the burglars is that correct the storefront glass windows and doors to mobile phone witnesses with ran sang and stealing smart phones saturday morning. three of them happened along west 29th street, one on palm avenue and the other on west 35th street. if you have any information about any of these burglaries call police right weaken a suspicious device was found earlier thoued on the sand in uni isles beach. sky 10 was above the scening on connell off near the sahara beach club condo. police say this is a marine measuring are used to mark -- the device was destroyed and was not considered dangerous p. >> janine: right now a little rain on this president's day. this is how thingng looked on the causeway. actually this is thelyover to i-95 in the golden glades area, kind of ugly outhis. >> calvin: melancholy monday so far.
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hanging around on lauderdale. this is a live picture you're looking for at. hopefully the rain w wl stay away for the evening but only one person can tell us that. >> janine: wednesday has the dalles we need to mow. >> betty: on this east-southeast breeze we will from time to time see a few showers strolling in moving over some of your commities. i'm tracking one down power right now between miramar and weston. we're about to get on the back edge of it. so winds east-southeast driving this shower toward the west-inert, and that's going to be the deal for the rest of the evening. we cannot rule out a shout breeze here or there and we have a cold front on the way for tomorrow. ahead of the front we're going to have more rain potential in the forecast. once we push beyond tuesday he dry out and cool down a bit, too. i'll can back. >> calvin: now to vote 2020 former president bill clinton is in south florida today campaigning on behalf of his
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state. >> janine: clinton is revving up beach. local10 is there with your vote 2016 coverage. >> glenna: that just ended and i'm afraid i'm going to get in twist breakdown crews. it was a pinch hit by bill clinton on this president's day. i will s there is a fundraise planned for tonight and so the clintons figured this stop website great first stop for her campaign in florida. that said, hillary clinton isn't here. bill clinton was. take some video of bill clinton walking into a pretttt packed lobby of the port of palm beach in riviera beach, a couple hundred people who stood in line and waited for two hours. bill clinton was late. if there was any disappointment about that tardiness or the fact that hillary clinton herself was not here we'll be right back did not show.
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glad to see him, really glad to listen. fairly diverse by design. riviera beach is the place where there is ann intersection of martin luther king boulevard and brahm highway, and much of bill clinton's speech did center on themes that the african-american wanted@to hear, black lives matter, civil rights,ets. so where was hillary clinton today? well, she was in a place called elko, nevada, and the reason she is in nevada is because that is the next d docratic cautions caucus coming up at the end of this week, and even though she is doinguch better in the polls there against bernie sanders than she did in new hampshire and in iowa, the polls there actualli tightening, and she felt that that was the place where she had to spend her time campaigning ahead of the nevada caucuses this weekend. so back here i just wanted to tell you about this little speech, the biggest part of this speech wasn't really about
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but when a donald tmp supporter showed up with a sign and interrupted billlinton, he got sort of smacked down. take a listen. >> wait, wait. and, by the way, i'm not -- wait, wait, wait, wait. i want to hear this. i want you to hear this. and,d, by the way, before he became a republican, or when he was, -- >> you took his money. >> i ctainly did. i certainly did. and i took his money for my foundation where i used it perpetrator he's using it now, i'll guarantee you. better than he's using it now. >> glenna: and that actually went on and on,n, some what have a verbal takedown this trump supporter in a very good-natured way and the crowd loved. it also what i want to share with you today is we talk about
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young voters and newly engaged voters who are simply making his poll numbers explode and making this democratic primary a very tight race. well we found a couple of those 20-something votots who are solidly in hillary's example you're going to hear from them coming up in about an hour. we'll see you back here at 5:00. i'm glenna milberg in riviera beach today. >> jane: spotted republican side it is all about south carolina. republicans head to the polls for tir primary this weekend. marco rubio uhl up early this mlrning holding an event in rock hill and discussing how he would take down isis if elected. former florida gov jeb bush, he is expected to get a boost from his gore brother, former president george w. bush is due in south carolina to campaign on his behalf town. both former bush presidents won the south carolina primary. meanwhile donald trump held his town hall in mount planets, this afternoon. trump tweeting saying heal be in south carolina all week. he's expected to head upstate pire rally in greenville tonigh
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look for glenna milberg's live reports from south carolina lateteon this week. and don't forget you are actually running out of time to rerester to vote. tomorrow is the last day to sign p puppy baby plan to vote in the florida pmary on march 15th. we have all the information on our website >> calvin: also flags flying at half-staff at air nation's capitol today in sponsor zorn of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> janine: here is what is believed to be the body of justice scalia. >> calvin: the 79-year-old died of n nural causes during a hunt can trip on saturday. >> janine: his pangs has sparked a frce battle over whether or not president barack obama should appoint a successor before the november elections. >> victor: as the condolences come in, battle lines are also being doneover justice scalia's replacement. the senate is in recess and the president has vowed to wait until it's back in session
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justice antonin scalia was arguably the brightest conservative legal mind in america, and the implicatiti of his sudden passing on the upcoming elections could not be re profound. >> we ought to make the 2016 election a referendum on the supreme court. >>ictor: less than an hour after scalia's death was announced, the political jockeying began. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declared "this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president, but it is the president's constitutional right to appointnt a judge to the speakers and there is no exception fororn election year." >> i plan to fulfill nigh constitutional responsibibities to nominate a successor. there will be plenty of time for me to do sond for the senate to fulfill its responsibility. >> victor: t senate has the constitutional right to confirm or deny that appointee, something they may choose to do after the eleion, according to senator lindsey graham on "good morning america." >> when an election is over, the president wins, they have a chance to send qualified nominees of their philosophphto
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if they're qualified even though i not h he chosen them. >> victor: of course, rumors are swirling about who the president y put forward but one of the most common names being express lanes ised sly. >> calvin: now not latest on pope francis in mexico the pope held mass earlier today then left from the city of at 7:30 this morning. here is video of the pope arriving. he then flew by helicopter to san cristobal where he held mass there but before the mass pope francis made an appearance in the pope molina you can see him waving treatment of e. people of san cristobal. it is one of the largest indigenous people in three native languages. many beganining up for this mass at around midnight. announcing newings of fidel cacaro with the leader of the
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2 met on saturday before pate arc kirill left on. p it happen the day after the patriarch met with pope francis, the first meeting with both leaders innearly 1,000 years. right now rush hour getting started. >> janine: jens jeb is here with how the roads are looking for? is it still busy on on the holiday. yes the day is quiet probably because a lot of you do have the day. let's start at i-95. sosohbound lanes at northwest vines street there is an accident just ait further up ahead that islocking the shoulder. but's we zoom on in to our maps it doesn't look like it's impacting trac of that much. again 95 southbound northwest& 79th street. speeds wick picking up at 66 miles per hour. northbound lines that's your st-and go traffic. 33 miles per hour. dolphin expressway is northbound around northwest 77th avenue.
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speeds are picking up at 43 miles per hour. and as we zoom --ather, head on up to broward county, 5 5 eastbound as you're trying to ramp onto 595 an accident there sequel but we're seeing the green, the speeds are 69 miles per hour. >> janine: we do like the green. we have an update on number of zika virus cases in florida. there are now total of 21 travel-related cases in our state. miami-dade county has seven cases, broward county has one new one, bringing to it four. the zika virus is known to be linked to d dormities in newborn babies. there is a hotline and it will be managed by the na department of health to answer questions on the virus.s. so if you have any questions or specific concerns about the mosquito-borne illness call this number on your screen (855)622-6735. >8 calvin: and here are the final numbers on wall street today. the dow was up tay 313 points
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just below the 16,000 mark. nasdaq up today 7th points closing you at 4337, and s&p 5 5 up just below the 2,000 mark. >> janine: a community comomg together to help a youth soccer team left stranded at the airport. >> calvin: and a high speed police pursuit comes to a crashing conclusion and it's caught on camera. >> janine: plus, breaking barriers. for the first time ever sportsillustrated is covering three cover models in their sports swimsuit edition. >> calvin: and fife-year-old jayden reeden was run over a car and the driver was running away from police. what the judge told the victim's family. >> announcer: and ors tusk at 11:00 allegations of b.i.d. tampering. >> betty: as soon as this report keep it. >> announcer: corruption at city hall?
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answers. >> bob: were your in bus (phone ringing) you can't deal with h mething, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates se to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> janine: deadly attack in syria where at least 50 people are ad and dozens others injured after hospitals and schools were struck by airstrikes. officials say it least five medical facilities and two schooos were attacked by missiles in northern syria. two of those facilities were supported by unicef and one was a clinic run by doctor's without borders. they say victims included children. sarah. >> calvin: a high speed police pursuit in brevard county ends naney arrest. >> janine: and it was all caught on camera. >> victor: it all happenen earlier today. police were after a guy who is is accused of stealing a car and several agencies had to step in to help. >> he's still -- >> and ha was 22-year-old an
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he crashed right into a crosswalk sign at the intersection just. trying to run off. as you saw, though, he was captured. this pursuit beganust before 2:00 in the morning and it turns out mccoy was wanted for argue grated assault, burglary and drug charges. to top it all off, he'e' also a convicted felon. thankfully, though, nobody was seriously hurt during this pursuit. i'll send e. send it back to you. >> janine: unbelievableeideo. >> calvin: millions across the country are facing dangerous conditions today w wh storms bringing in rain, snow and ice in several states from a record-setting cold over the weekend to an unexpected deluge of rain. the east coast continues to deal with messy winter weather along with the midwest. even down here in south florida we've been seeing some gloomy weather today. >> janine: we have, nothing like that but it's a little pulling up you see the oneuy here on the bike. he's got his rain jacketn our hollywood beach cam had to the presidents' day. not a lot of people.
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>> calvin: president's day not looking presidential. let's check in with betty betty. >> betty: big x. lots of gloomy perth weather out there tonight.i think we'll tend to have a lot of showers around, and clouds. it's breezy, too. at mia winds sustained 20 milesper hour. gusty high, that. on that breeze passing shower. that could stroll through at 6:00. arou 8:00 the breeze still, with us and temperatures will tend to hold in lower 70s especially when we he the rain around this evening. here's a look at the doppler radar. broward county getting most of the action at this point. we have been tracking this downpour over weston and miramar p you're now starting to get on the back edge of that. these rains are pushing off toward the north-norththst so it looks like we're getting into a little bit of a break but missing we cannot rule you the a
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at least we we can we are not part of this tornado threat from the lower mississippi valley to the panhandle. there is a frontal system on the move so there iss the chance that tornado. the good news is that by the time the front gets close to us weather -- especially early in the day, i think. so be prepared for your mning commute. there could be passing showers pearl then we'll start to dry at ring the day, and the temperature may just touch 81 degrees. but cooler air is going to follow, reinforcing cool air moving in wednesday night. so ednesday itself is going to be seasonable and a lot brighter with highs in the mid tow upper 70s. 50s pos thursday morning. once we get beyond tomorrow the weather looks really, really nice. it's back the sunshine and cocoortable temperatures. >> calvin: we do want to say very briefly that we said stockck
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today. that's calald wishful thinking. wall street is closed today so it will be back open tomorrow, and we hope the dow is up more than 300 points. >> janine:e like to that that green. we want to take to you breaking barriers. for the first time ever there are not one, not two but but three cover models on the sports illustrated swimsuit edition. sports illustrated rond you rousey, plus size model article graham and heidi clausen as their fronted page stars during their 2016 tv reveal special. graham who is the first size 16 model to be featured on the cover, sheetrock to instagram saying "truly speechless. this cover is for every woman who felt like she wasn't beautiful enough because of her size. you can do and achieve anything you put your mind to. #beauty beyond size." and article graham is really gorgeous, by the way. >> calvin: beautiful words froro a beautiful woman. >> janine: and ronda rousey, hello.
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i'm happy to see her,oo. >> calvin: and i dare one die guy to say something bad about her. >> janine: exactly. the annual python challenge has come to an end, and were told with impressive results. theunt for burmese pythons in the everglades ends last night. >> calvin: fwc won't announce the official numbers but we know at least 102 were captured by friday and officials believe the cooler temperatures and larger hunting area helped increase that number. tens of thousands of the snakes are threatening the ecosystem. more than how to people souped up. individuals and teams will be rewarded up to $1,500 ap upcoming awards ceremonies. >> janine: not band. coming up at 4:30, no more running. a man giving back after he escaped prison decades ago, and now after being captured again he's finally free and talking to local10. >> kristi: coming up in our health cast, surviving shingles. we're going teak a much closer look.
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benefits just ahead. >> will: and i'm will manso. trade talk heating up including heatat big man hassan whiteside. has he played his last game in a heat uniform? we'll sift through the rumors and the reality next in your daily sports shot. i don't know what i'm doing. i can'find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazinright? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that dohat. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i uldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thihg little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> will: with the trade 39 on thursday afternoon, the rumor samil heating up involving miami center hassan whiteside. and that tops our daily shorts sports shot. the new york dale news reporting today that the heat are in talks with the houston rockets. the deal would include whiteside who was kicked out of heats last game for throwing an elbow and suspended a game. exchange the heat would get houston big man white howard. powered howard makes over $20 million a year, so this deal would have to include more players and possibly another team. this is one of many rumors that should coming your way before the deadline on thursday. miami hurricanes just keep
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polls. today the 'canes moved up to 11th in the new ap poll, tenth in the coaches' poll. they escaped were a 2 point win over the seminoles on sunday. next up for miami they will face virginia tech at home wednesday but travel to chap el hill to take on north carolina on saturday. andhe panthers hit the ice tonight against the pittsburgh penguins. the cats had a rough quick and florida dropped back-to-back home gains including saturday night's 5-0 loss to thepredators also jaromir jagr's birthday today. >> calvin: that'll do it for local10 news at 4:00. let's check inow with janine and victor with what's happening at the bottom of the hour. >> janine: here's what's coming up all new at at 4:30. >> vicr: surveillance video released after a deadly hit-and-run in fort lauderdale. police want to talk to a driver. >> janine: also ahead, sharks invading the floridaoast. what you need to know before you take a dip in the ocean. >> victor: plus, stuck wayne. a group of skiers in need of rescue after getting trapped in sub-zero temperatures.
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coming up on local10 news at 4:30.
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after this. >> victor: right off the top at 4:30 we're following breaking news. >> janine: a car crashing nigh home. calvin has moved in the newsroom with the latt on this. >> calvin: let's take you now to sky 10 was sky 10 was over the scene. this is in lauderhill. the address 2610 northwest 43rd ter. as this is picture from quiet earlier. you can see the car somehow baed into the garage. we're not sure how this actually happened, exit if it was deliberate some sort of a mistake. again no judicious reported on the scene. here is a picture of the accident right here that appears that red car bangight into the one was hurt. 28 condition northwest 43rd terrace. not quite sure how this happened or why it happened or if it was deliberate or intentional or some sort of a mistake but the person in the vehicle not injured. someone in the house apparently not injured as well, if there is was anyone home at the time. again this is a picture from
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2610 northwest 43rd terrace in lauderhill. >> victor: also at 4:30 police releasing surveillance video. >> they want to talk to a driver after a man was milled in had a hit-and-run crash. this happened just blocks from the victim's home. >> janine: local10 news reporter carlos suarez live in fort lauderdale with the details. >> carlos: janine and victor, the family, friends and loved one pent spent the weekend trying to raise ways, in homes of finding the driver responsible for this hit-and-run. just a few minutes ago one of the victim's friends as well as his ex-partner showed up to the scene, basically take a look at the memorial that's been growing out here at the site of where this accident took place and looked at the messages that were left behind. now, earlier this afternoon fort lauderdale police released surveillance video that their interested in talking to the driver of the car. the video doesn't show much other than a car that follows another red cooter right corner of the screen. red car. 26-year-old charles black ledge was driving his bike and hit
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last week. his family said this happened on the 1600 block of dixie highway in fort lauderdale on thursday night. now, over the weekend the family gathered at the site fire vigil, they left candles and cards filled with messages of love. >> come forward. take it. you know, you killed my brother. >> if they recognize one of the cars in bellefonte who hit my brothehe at least we'll have justice. >> this is a tragedy that didn't have to happen, and we can't get him back. >> carlos: so here's one more look at the car that police are interested in talking to the driver of. they said that the car was going southbound on dixie highway shortly before 8:00 on thursday coming have p. cop am back out live, one of the detectives in the case paid a visit to the family and they gave them a backpack that belonged to the victim. coming up at 5:30 we're going to ve much more on this story, including you're going to hear from some of his close friends as well as the victim's sir in all of this.
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could help out police you're under to call broward crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. live in fort lauderdale west nile carlos suarez be with local10 news. >> janine: a man is behind bars as another man continues to recoffff from stab udonis. the stabbing happened along northwest 16th street and 58th avenue in lauderhill sunday. is there a the victim and attacker new each other and may have gotten into a institute. the policee did arrest the suspected attacker. >> victor: a scene of destruction in downtown fort lauderdale. five p pple were hurt as a car jumped the curb as people enjoyed the night out. terrell forney has more on the crash can the cleanup. >> terrell: good afternoon. we are still waiting for defensive coordinator from fortrt lauderdalepd to release new information about the driver whoho caused the crash. you can see some debris in the 200 block of southwest 2nd street, and when you look at all of this and you hear the details, it's raffle omega that no one really amazing no one was killed.
4:34 pm
chaos only tells part of what the anthony mila witness during his shift at the pizza shop. >> you hear a lot of showings, a lot crying, screaming. >> terrell: the driver that wayward car slammed into five people 3:00 a.m. early sunday rning before coming to rest against a tree. >> worst nightmare. i get a call at 4:00 in the morning, my kids haveve beenit by car and they're in the hospital. >> trent: christian and sebastian ciliates, brothers from toronto in found ter iv for the week. je just arrived on saturday night and decide spend their time on the usually busy fort lauderdale strip. >> we weree just walking along having a good time and all of the a sudden they got knocked out of their -- didn't even know what happened. the next thing you know they're in broward. >> terrell: the surrounding businesses spent the better part of the weeeend making rapist and pick can up the pieces. minimal damage pizza shop considering these wild photos,
4:35 pm
palm trees out front. >> thank g g for the tree right there because that tree saved a lot of people's lives, i would think. >> terrell: and the tree really stopped that car from moving any further further. we still have some broken glass and poured board up windows i i front of this business. this is the pizza shop. again want this point not much was behind the wheel. as for those victims, wear told that their injuries are described myisha to serious. those two brothers that you saw family members. we knoone of them is suffering from a fracture in his back but both boys are still said to be in a lot of pain. reportingfrom fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> janine: there's traffic trouble today our roads first in t of miami-dade, a crash involving aun marked miami-dade police car closed the southbound lanes of the florida tururike near set of 216th street this morning. we're told eye drive hit another car, lost control and siswiped. unmarked police car. nobody was hurt, and it does
4:36 pm
charges. >> victor: a crash on okeechobee road in northwest miami-dade. sky 10 flew before the scene on past the turnpike. it looks like the car rear-ended a semi-truck and that car ended up right underneath it. officials have no word on how th crash happened. >> janine: then a big mess on southwt 8th street and a garbage truck dumped its trash onto street at at the intersection of twelve 1 12:30th avenue when that duhl truck caut on fire. >> victor: hopefully everything is calm down now. >> janine: but even on a holiday thin can be busy. >> jenise: it likesy the morning was busy but the afternoon compute commute is beautiful. right now i-knife. check this how the out, the view from 103rd street. there is an accident in t northbound lanes just a little furtrtr up ahead. can't see from it that camera video. we are seeing some delays but nothing too concerning, yen i-95
4:37 pm
speeds 30-mile-per-hour but as you pass that crash it really starts to pick up at 41 miles per hour. and cruising the broward county we do have two accidents to faulk, the first is deerfield beach. this accidt on i-95 southbound right around southwest 10th street. are seeing pretty heavy delays with this crash. speeds right now 26 miles per hour. and we've also got an accident staying on i-95 southbound. this is right around sunrise boulevard but we are seeing the green hor so it doesn't look like that is impacting your commute with speeds there at 62 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: thank you. a massive drug bust in australia ended with $700 million of drugs being confiscated police say the liquid drug ice wasa found hidden inside thousands of silicone bra inexperts art supplies. the shipment was tracked tie storage facicity in hong kong. four people were arrested. >> janine: a brave woman taking matters into her own hands after a man tried to snatch her purse. >> kristi: coming uin our health cast a push to protect
4:38 pm
we take a much closer look at the risk and is the benefits of right now. >> victor: no more running. a man hiding for decade from the law is captured. we'll e. till what he is doing to chang other people as livesis. >> announcer: tuesday at 11:00. allegation of bid tampering >> bob: as soon as this report came out. >> aouncer: corruption at city hall? local10's bob norman getting answers. >> bob: were were you in business with your city there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool
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is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything ju when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing lile thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me ppy made my day share your story.
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>> janine: a former fugitive is now a free man fororhe first time in 34 years. but it was a return to prison that made it possible. >> victor: wield you about willie lee austin and his capture by u.s. marshals last august and amy viteri spoke
4:42 pm
legendary were why officials believe he deserves' second chance. >> there are a lot of good men out here, a lot of good people. you just got to give them a chance. >> amy: a chance is something willie lee austin didn't think he'd get again. >> in a person do good, some some time the good outweigh the bad. >> amy: in august local10 told you when u.s. marshals to go austin in his pompano beach business, stunning everyone that knew him. no one you know him by that name not even his children. austin has been living as larry jackson for 34 years. investigators say he fled georgia in 1981 after serving part of a 15-year prison sentence for his part in an armed robbery back in 1974. austin denies the details of his role in the crime. he tells me he was granted a leave from prison for good behavior to visit team for
4:43 pm
>> i just wanted to better my life. >> amy: he said he left to save the woman he loved from an abusive relationship. they came to south florida where he opened a business l.j.'s office furnish and raised a son and dar in harrell lakes but you won't behind nim -- laurie lakes. but he ent would be in any photos. y the worst part about being returned to a georgia prison he says, leaving his children with no explanation. >> i wanted to show your dad ain't like that, no matter how many pictures they paint me, that's not me. that's not me. >> amy: his family never doubted that. his daughter told us this by phone after the arrest. >> that i still love him and this is the past and everybody have a past. >> amy: she says her dad gave to charity, spent holidays feeding the homeless near his business. >> often hired those who couldn't find work due to a troubled past. >> you made sure to reach out and give those people opportunities.
4:44 pm
>> because i know how easy it was to screw up my life, so why not help a p pson before he destroy his life. >> amy: that's what austin'ss attorneys tried to prove. if prison seeks to reform, austin had already done that. after four months georgia's board pardons and paroles saw that, too. in a statement a spokesperson told local10 the board calder fact c ccerning his crime, his escape and what occurred during his time while on escape, 34 years, and the board determined it with grant parole. austin came home in december and for the first time in decades he says he's free, living without secrets from those he loves the most. >> it meant a lot that my kids could see i'm not a bad person, and that's the way i want it. >> amy: wurst just week after getting home, austin said he spent christmas back feeding the homeless near his business in pompey oh, as for what name he'll go by, he said he official
4:45 pm
amy viteri, local10 news. >> janine: and georgia officials tell us austin will serve it the rest of his sentence on parolele and he now reports to a parole officer here in florida. >> victor: we now have chance to take you live to mexico where you see pope francis. he is on his way to a stadium in mexico gutierrez and the victor is victor manuelrena where the pope is on his way to, flanked by securury on the popemobile. >> janine: and we understand he willll speaking toome families. this is coming after a very long day. he celebrated mass earlier this morning where he talked about the diverse indigenous communities that are in mexico and need for more lambs to be spoken at the church, at the catholic church. again, you can see right there he is sort of in his popemobile with -- that's not enclosed. you can see the sides are open and it looks like he's enjoying the day. look at all of the people who arar waving to h h.
4:46 pm
's gone on this stop there's been a celebrationonnd a huge number of people. again he's going to be speaking with families at this stadium inn mexico. we're going to keep following these pictures for you. let you know hallllf his next moves. >> janine: he was in mexico, arriveveon friday. i believe you saw h'm landing on friday. he's here for a six-day trip, and as he makes his way, i i anything happens, we will let you know. >> vicicr: in the meantime, let's move on to this, dozens of people were rescued after two tram cars were stuck 40 feet in the air in new hampshire. 48 passengers, you see a lot of them are skiers, were stuck inside that car when it came to a stop midair. rescuers eventually had to rappel the passengers down tothe ground one by one. officials say that that tram stoppepe due to a service break issue. >> janine: one of the perks of livingngn south florida is being able to head to the beach during warm winter weather. >> victor: but in palm beach county those peoplnow have been joined by tens of thousands of sharks. you see those black spots?
4:47 pm
palm beach county. the images were capture by a biological scientist professor from fau. >> so interting because there were hardly any sharks south from miami up to about boynton beach, and then from palm beach it was loaded, literally tens of thousands of sharks. it'so cool. these sharks are literally's stone's throw away from shore. >> victor: while the sharks usually migrate further south during the winter, scientists are working to figure out why they stopped in palm beach, and so far beaches have been closed duty florence sharks. thankfully today wasn't compact will a beach day as we take a look at our of our miami tower dam. it's beenie gray, gloomy a day long. >> janine: not a good day for humans but w can't clain complain. i talked to my mom in the east, sleet, a lot of ugly stuff. we'll take the gloom, betty. >> betty: wee definitely of that going on as we take a look at the holiday broadwalk. light of you you areoff of work today.
4:48 pm
look how bare it is out there but we know why. we see the gray skies and definitely looking at seas that don't look that inviting. rip current 76 high. why not stay in and just enjoy each other. winds from the east-southeast 10 to 15 miles an hour so that breeze is up 20 plus miles an hour, winds right now in fort lauderdale. temperatures holding in the lower 70s0s and will tend to hold in the lower 70s through the evening. we'll stay breezy tonht, and we'll state on dreary side, too, and we won'tule out maybe another shower floating in on that breeze. our temperatures are mild compared to what we see still in the mid-atlantic and the northeast where in washington, dc, is now at 29 degrees, new york city at 27. so even though we have lots of gray skies out there, i think we ca appreciate our temperatures being in the lower 70s. this is what's happening on the doppler radar right now. we're keeping an eye on those skies all around, including miami-dade. right now just a stray very light shower. there's one trying to cruise on in around miami beach.
4:49 pm
and then a little bit more rainfall, too, over broward county, a lot of that now working west of us-27. so from pembroke pines to miramar we're catching some dry time. winds from the east-southeast ahead of a cold front up front that's bearing down on the lower mississippi river valley, also bringing a tornado threat from new orleans over toward pensacola. this front is going to continue to sweep eastbound, and as it does so, it is going to lift up a l l more moisture, and some of that moisture being lifted heading for us, and we see a better chance for rain even in the forecast tomorrow morning. but as we head through the day, i think our skies will start to dry out tomorrow. so you may be able to sneak in om beach i'm, water temperature -- air temperature i shouldld say approaching 80 degrees. small craft advisoryryn effect through tonight. and then tomorrow the winds won't b b quite as strong as the day wears would be looking at a light t op on the bays. we're going to start tomorrow in the lower 70s and thene're forecasting highs in the lower 80s. when you're heading out to work
4:50 pm
know there could be some rain in the area. by wednesday looking a lot better. seasonable temperatures. drier weather, too. looking great by the middle of the week. >> janine: betty, thank you. it is estimated that one in three americans will develop a potentially debilitating condition in their lifetime consideratatn the push is on to get jacks nated. in today's health cast medical specialist kristi krueger is into the newsroom with what you need know about shingles. >> kristi: shingles can be a debilitating disease. it typically oh as you ors curse after about the age of 50 but can getting the vaccine save from you the pain of shingles? for more than a decade terry bradshaw was the face of pro footll. one of the best quarterbacks in envelope history. and now he's putting himself on the line, speaking out about shingles.. >> you know, if you play possible football for a long time like i did -- like i did you're dog to deal to learn to live with a lot of pain, but it is nothing like the pain that shingles causes. >> kristi: in commercial nor
4:51 pm
bradshaw urges people to get the shingle vcine. >> take it from the guy who has had his fair share of pn. you do not want to get tackled byhingles. >> kristi: at about $220 a shot, the vaccine is't cheap, and some question its benefits and its long-term safety. >> for me it's measuring the risk/reward, and in this case feel like the vaccine is show so new that further down road to we might find out that the people who got the vaccine did develop some sort of health issue. >> kristi: shing sells a painful rash brought on by the same virus that cause chickenpox. the virus can lie dormant in the nerves in the spinal cord and back of the head until something causes out the reactivate. >> as you get older, you lose the immunity on the virus, a certain kind of immunity that keeps the adviser virus in check. >> kristi: dr. radson said in most cases the virus goes away in a couple of weeks but some
4:52 pm
>>hat's the reason why shingles can be a debilitating confiscates makes sense to try to prevent it with the shingles vaccine. >> kristi: the live vaccine which is 15 times stronger the chickenpox virus is 2 of the 50% effectiveen preventing the disease. >> is the vaccines does present of half of the, and i number two it definitely reduces the severity of the shingles attack if you get and it the freaked of this post shingles pain. >> i was in so much main. >> kristi: 18th one of the rare people who developed shingles not once t twice. that's why he's not taking any chances this time around. he's getting jacks vaccinated. >> i don't want it again. ever. >> kristi: d't blame him. there are some anti-viral medications evenome topical treatments which have given really in the early stages of the disease limit the duration
4:53 pm
diseaseuperbists say your best bet even though it's not perfect is still the vaccine which the government rems for people age 50 and older. >> victor: coming up at 5:00 label boy becoming an innocent victim. five-year-old jaden readon run over by a car, the driver allegedly fleeing from police. >> janine: letters at 5:00 a crime connection. several smash-and-grabs caught on camera over the weekend, and police do say that these crimes are connected. >> victor: also ahead caught on camera a woman not backing down
4:54 pm
how she got back. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social securitit
4:55 pm
our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (eleleant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
4:56 pm
>> victor: caught on camera an accused purse snatcher messing with the wrong bomb carries rowing it's a restaurant in las vegas last month when this woman taked that cook to the ground and kept fighting back until he eventually gave and took off.
4:57 pm
out. outside of that crook's ego mobe was seriously hurt. and then this past valentine's day several couples in new york had a bird's-eye viewer while saying their "i dos." that's because her the got married inside the empiretate building in the 86th floor. those couples won a contest for the most touching love stories. here are calvin and janine back for what's new at at 5:00. >> janine: what a view. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00 a family in mourning after a five-year-old boy was killed by a driver hoo who wasrying to get away from place. >> jane: hialeah police looking for smash-and-grab thieves that have a particular type of store they are target. >> calvin: and we have the latest on the nominees for the uk supreme cou. >> janine: and wait until you learn how one student made sure every girl in his high school felt special for valentine's day. i'm laurie jennings in for laurie jennings tonight.
4:58 pm
right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> janine: off the top at 5:00 a deadly pursuit ended in lantana this weekend, claiming the life of a little boy. that victim five-year-old jayden readon is from miramar and he was visiting rell tiffs. >> calvin: and e. and his younger brother went out walking with their agreed grandmother when this happened. local10's terrell forney has more on this trac story. >> terrell: that miramar family was just up here visiting for this past weekend when their lives changed near in intersection near the border of board epp beach. this is where it happened. the car during thatolice pursuit hit the road and hit that boy before crashing through this chain link fence. five-year-old jayden readon was a few minutes into a saturday afternoon walk with his younger brother and great grandparent. they were on their way to the
4:59 pm
speeding by, losing control and hitting the small child near this boynton beach intersection. jayden was later bounds dead. the scene is is now marked by this system prayer memorial. >> this guy was going to be an engineer. she was very good with his hands and very great ltle kid. >> terrell: it turns out the man behind the wheel 20-year-old was fleeing police. cops tried to pul@ over that white buick enclave several blocks away but they say eugene did not stop. instead he took off at a high rate of speed before hitting the fiveear-old. even after the crashion the chain link fells in a field, eugene tried to run away on foot. today the 20-year-old appeared before a judge charged with vehicular homicide, driving without a license, leaving the scene of a crash and po testifies heroin among other charges, and despite the arrest there's little comfort for
5:00 pm
and grandfather who was inn the courtroom today. >> now i just have to live with this for the rest of my life, knowing what would have been and should have been. >> terrell: and so now teddy bears, roses, even a candle now make up this temporary memorial where this five-year-old boy lost his life. i can tell you that the man who police say caused all of this is now being held at the palm beach county sheriff's department. he's being held in jail without bond. we are live in lantana, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: so sad. thanks a lot. hialeah police investigating a crime connection after five cell phone stores were broken in over the weekend. the thieves in each b bglary with a very similar m.o. surveillance vees show the burglars is that correct the storefront glass doooo to mobile front businesses, ransacking them and stealing cell phones.


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