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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and grandfather who was inn the courtroom today. >> now i just have to live with this for the rest of my life, knowing what would have been and should have been. >> terrell: and so now teddy bears, roses, even a candle now make up this temporary memorial where this five-year-old boy lost his life. i can tell you that the man who police say caused all of this is now being held at the palm beach county sheriff's department. he's being held in jail without bond. we are live in lantana, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: so sad. thanks a lot. hialeah police investigating a crime connection after five cell phone stores were broken in over the weekend. the thieves in each b bglary with a very similar m.o. surveillance vees show the burglars is that correct the storefront glass doooo to mobile front businesses, ransacking them and stealing cell phones.
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west twined street one on palm avenue and the other on west 35th street. if you hav any information on any of these burglaries, call police.& a suspicious device was found earlier today mere the water's edge in sunny isles beach. sky 10 was along the sahara beach club condo. crews say this this device is a marine mark they're used to@ targeted areas in the ocean and washed ashore during training. >> janine: a teenager shot over the weekend is now out of the hospital and back at home, and we arere hearing from his brother. local10's layron livingston is live with more. layron. >> layron: that's right. the 16-year-old's family told me he spent mucucof the day on pain medication sleeping inside the apartment which just soappens to be across the street when from where this shooting happened. an interesting situation developed within the hour. police showed and up started roping off the yard in front of this apartment building because we found out that they found more bullet casings which are
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weekend's shooting. >> the danger that goes on in the neighborhood is over -- it's too much. >> layroro close to two dozen bullets, some into cars, some into a nearby store, one through a 16-year-old's leg. >> he's doing good, and he's recovering from his injury. >> layron: christopher lorenzoana saiai his 16-year-old brother got to come home from the hospipil sunday. a s ske with his mother and sister through their little havana apartment door. i'm told he has to use crutcs and is still in a loft lot of pain. a friend shared this video of eddy rapping on the very corner, the very night he was shot. >> we don't have no idea why th happened or how it happened. no thoughts. >> layron: eddy was hanging out with a friend around 1. 15 saturday morning near the corner of southwest tenth avenue and fifth street. someone layered showed up dressed in black and started shooting. within say t t shooter then
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eddy was rushed too jackson memorial around 1:30 saturday morning after getting shot. upper right thigh. his older brother was not with him. >> i was in shock. >> layron: but said he heard those gunshots and never wants to hear them again. >> we're eventually going to probably end up moving out soon. >> layron: and back live in little havana they may be hard to see, but you can see three bullet casing right here. we're told an evidence crew is on the way to collect this new evidence in this situati. in the mean tomb we're under the understanding that no one has bayne arrested. if you have any information about this situation you're encouraged to qual police. >> janine: right now we want too take live to our hollywood beach cam where there are just a couple of people, i guess, enjoying the somewhat gloomy weather today but, you know, if you have the day off, go for it. it's kind of fun. >> calvin: the big question is whatind weather can we expect for tonight the and rest of the week. hopefull\ monday is not an caving what we've been --
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physician you get a couple of days off and you go back the work and the weather is beautiful. >> bty: we do have rain in the forecast for tomorrow if that makes you happy. lower 70s out there right now and it's breezy. on those breezes we have had the occasional shower strolling there. we do could see more of that happening tonight. fromom miramar to pembroke pines, weston you, too, finally starting to dry o o. the shower that came through, that has moved away and basically fizzled. a few more showers, though, out over the atlantic waters, these are going to track toward the upper ks so we won't rule out a passing shower. but by tomorrow morning with, that's when we're expecting more rainfall had to move through ahead of a cold front. once that front passes we're going to try dry at tomorrow afternoon into the evening and evening. wednesday sunshine and seasonable temperatures p. there is better weather ahead and i'll talk more about that in a few. >> calvin: now to the nomination fight at the u.s. supreme court
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antonin scalia over the weekend. the presidentaid he intends to fulfill his constitutional duty and nominate another justice within weeks. >> we also have a big, big deal issue in this campaign now justice scalia. >> we're one justice away from a radical five-justice liberal majority. >> calvin: the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia campaign issue. >> scalia dies, and one second after he's dead they're already fighting aboutut politics. >> life. be first wh a political ad. >> we're just one supreme court justice away from losing themall. >> calvin: he goes to attack drummed saying he would appoint a non-pro-life jurist. trump calls this a lie. though trump did hint at a possible third party run if he did not win the nomination. >> i signed a pledge, but it's a
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and as far as i'm concerned they're in default of their pledge. >> calvin: while outside the u.s. supreme court protesters braved the winter storm with vacancy." there is a certain iron necessity this political debate because justice scaa was known for his strict interpretation of constition which allows the president to nominate a justice regardless of it being an election year. >> janine: staying with politics, now to vote 20 extent clinton campaign is here in south florida, but it's bill doing the stumping today while hillary campaigns out in west nevada. >> calvin: and the former president speak voters in riviera beach today telling them why it's so important to vote for his wife this fall. local10's glenna milberg live now with more of mr. clinton's message today. glenna. >> glenna: mr. clinton, as a matter of fact, was among a very friendly crowd today. he could find no one who was really disappointed th it wasn't hillary clinton here. we also didn't find anyone too
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hampshire and the tightening poll numbers that we've been seeing against her opponent senator bernie sanders who is leading this young voter revolution. >> bill clinton! >> glenna: among bill clinton fans and dead c ce palm beach democrats are hillary clinton supporters who bring the arming age down a few decades. andrew condon is among the minority of 20-somethings unmoved by the revotution senator bernie sanders is leading. hillary clinton in last week's debate and on the campaign trail highlights their differences, calls herself a doer and sanders a dreamer whose promises of free education and free health care arar't financially sustainable. >> i really don't feel that a lot of younger people really know what's going on. i don't think their direction is to understand politics.
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split is evident, national net the polls showing new and young voters engaged in the sanders' movement. not so much in palm beach county today. >> hillary has this charisma with bringing both sides together. she's a centrist, a moderate who i think will be able to really get a lot done and really -- >> glenna: i don't know if y y could hear it or tell but presidentill clinton had sort of a raspy voice. he's been on the campaign trail a lot. if you have ever heard him speech w% will be tell you today's speech didn't stuart very rousing, not likeou usually hear from him, but his shining moment came when a trump supportive kind of monday heard for ray few momentsnd -- commandeered and bill clinton did a verbal takedown of this trump suppopoive and you will hear that coming up in our report at 6:00. we will see you right bacack here in an hour. i'm glenna milberg in riviera beach today local10 news.
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governor jeb bush is putted budget his big brother to work for him on the campaign trail today. former president bush and first lady stoled for jeb at a rally in south carolina. jeb bush is hoping to gain momentum after a fourth place finish in new hampshire. south carolina's primary is this satutuay. local10 will bring all of the coverage starting later thihi week. >> calvin: major crowds gathering thwatch the pope speak from a stadium in mexico. thousands packing the stadium as the pope arrived on the popemobile. pope francis was there for a question-and-answer session on to address family issues. he was also scheduled to meet with several families as well. this is all part of his five-day trip to mexico and journey there. he gave mass to the country's indigenous meme earlier today. let's s ke you now to live pictures. indigenous people. you can see tens of thousands of people have shown up in the city in mexico. the pope has been speaking a lot
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about how they have been marginalized but about how social and in mexic the people in general there can learn a lot from them. t many have been openly crying as the pope has been speaking, but once again the pope on stage before he delivers mass to tens of thousands of people, a scene that we will continue to watch for you. parts of new york city's grand central station went dark today. it's suspected a water pipe break caused the power outage. transit workers used flashlights to lead passengers from trains to the concourse. there eere delays but no trains were cancelled. trains were alreadyunning on a limited schedule due to the holiday, of course, pretty day today. >> janine: and, of course, even though it's a holiday, there's always traffic out there, right? so let's check in on the afternoon rush with jenise fernandez. >> jenise: as you're leaving work and hitting the roads ahead to head home you're not going to run into a whole lot of issues out there b b there are a few things should know about. let's start with i-95 southbound at ives dairy road. you can see this area with tev
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that symptom-and-8 tffic we see at this time but also a broken-down car is belong a left lane off-rally. his this is i-95 southbound at ives dairy road. speeds are clocking in at 20 miles per hour but as you pass that accident speeds are clocking in at 45 mostly sunny. this iss on turnpike causing major delays as you're heading south approaching us-27. there are two left lanes mocked all due to that accident with speeds at 3 miles per hour. left lanes blocked. we are seeing son onlooke in the northbound labs with speeds there at 18 miles per hour. >> janine: we have the remarkable story off cuban teen on a mission. he's only 15 years old but he believes that he can become a boxing champ. sports director will manso hasp has his incredible story at 6:00. >> calvin: still ahead a heartwarming story of about a high school student making sure no one felt love it on valentine's day. how he made every aol girl at this school feel special.
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show you how millions are dealing with the big chill,
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temperatures, snow and ice. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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our next item is a genuiui "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after deveve from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborahh from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ ckles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? >> janine: now at latest on the big chill affecting g llions of meshes in the eastern united states today. 20 states from georgia to maine, they're being pummelled with an icy x of freezing rain, snow and street. snow in dc and virginia quickly transforming the area from a
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nightmare, temporarily closi runways a reagan as well. and having a ripple effect at airports across the country. on the roadways, snow and ice wreaking havoc for drivers from iowao illinois, indiana and pennsylvania. i-78 finally reopened after this massive and fatal pile-up over the weekend. a new storm is now moving across parts of the northern plains and south, macing its way north, bringing heavy rain and warmer temperatures. a welcome relief for the millions of americans in the northeast and new england. >> swung hard, it swung back, and we knew that there was a problem. >> janine: including these 48 skiers who spent some three hours dangling more than 40 fe off the ground after the arctic cold broke down two trams at a ski resort in new hampshire. in all, 18 major cities in the east survived sub-zero
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blocks frozen in philadelphia while firefighters battled a blaze in boston, a 60-year-old record wasshattered, and in new york a record set a century ago is now history. weekend. what happened? know? let's check in now with betty davis and talk about this rain >> betty: yeah, you know, rients not as bad as it looks. right now it does not look as p. right now the skies are so gray as we stater on through the lens of our mount sinai medicalcenter medical care camera. the freeze is up. winds sustained 15 miles per hour coming in from the east-southeast. the chance for a passing shower still is in the forecast and the breeze will be with us as temperatures hold in the lowerf 70 but wasas echeck out the doppler radar we are not seeing a lot of rainfall. so that is the good news. broward county looking a lot better.. we did have a hefty downpour that came through around miramar and weston. that has moved on.
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miami-dade we do see a shower just offshore over the atlantic. that one is going to come in around the upper keys. re's one that's going make its way through south miami-dade. so they're spotty in nature and not widespread. but by tomorrow morning the rains cod be a bit more widespread because those rains are going to be associaied with this cold front, this frontal system we're now tracking moving across the gulf coast. it is bringing a tornado threat toward the florida panhandle. plenty of rain and storms to be found here. this system want least the tail end of the front associated with it, is going to get closer to us tomorrow so we do see our chance for rainfall coming up. our forecast models are raitting that the rain comes through early between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning. thenen as the day wears would be we're actually going to start to dry out, so all may not be lost to rainfall tomorrow but be ready for some rain, certainly the first part of the day, then we start to day. we push the front through. and thatt sets us up for a really nice wednesday with sunny skies
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tolerable. tomorrow, though, we are anticipating a warm day with highs getting into the lower 80s, passing showers early, and then check out that wednesday forecast. we'll start the date in lower 60s. that's about normal for this time of year. then the wednesday high temperatures of 77, that, too, is about normal for this time of the year. some dural air filters in wednesday night and that brings our lows down to the 50s for thursday morning and then highs in the mid-70s, lots of sunshine to go a2ound. rain chance zero percent wednesday, thursday. looking good, too, on friday. morning lows in the 60s. highs in the mid-70s. so it looks like once we get beyond tuesday, we are good to calvin. >> calvin: we have a community pulling together to lend helping hand. some teenagers are here from haiti to plan a soccer tournament, but a series of miscommunications left them stranded, but not anymore. find out how in a one and only exclusively ought all new at 6:00.
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police are searching for answers after two pedestrians were hit by blow darts on the golden gate bridid. >> will: the appearances taking to the ice t tight at home.
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now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhe. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experirice tv. >> will: happy birthday, jaromir jagr. there is no story more incredible in the nhl right now than the ageless wonder.
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thans top line as the cats remain in many first place in the the division and jag ir turned 44 years old today. the panthers hit the ice this get ready for tonight's game against the pittsburgh penguins. the cats are struggling, dropping two straight games including a loss to the predators s saturday night p as for jag,he was 17 goals, 26 assists this season. his career started in then 89 with these very penguins. the topic was the conversation at this morning's skate. >>ow many times can you turn 45? >> i don't know what's going on. i forgot it was his birthday until i just saw somebody talking about it earlier, so -- how old is he now for real? 45? ? i. >> it doesn't matter how many birthdays you have in your life, right? it only matters how you feel. i feel the same as i felt at 34. >> will: you tell them,
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jagr also famous for his mullet. he's trying to grow it out again. he turned 44 today, i turn 34 later this week. why not, guys? >> janine: a little beaear in the back, business up front. >> calvin: he is my brother. he nevery taught me to skate, though. >> janine: they say that styles come back, it's cyclical but i don't know about the mullet. >> will: this one is never coming back. it never was here and it's never coming back. if you can play like that, keep the mullet. >> janine: 's greed. >> calvin: a lot going on. a saturday night trips with a trip to the emergency room for two brothers. >> janine: victor in the newsroom with that. >>&victor: the victims had just arrived in south florida from squand they decided oututo for a bite to eat but their late night smack was over and a out-of-control cart jumped the curb. we'll speak with them next at 5:30. also the road dollars roads were packed and so wererehe water tax is heading to the
5:24 pm
we have a review. and hall new at 6:00 a young boy is dead after a pole pursuit ended in a crash. what his family is saying about
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after this. i don't know what i'm dodog. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> victor: right now 5:30 a big mems outside of a pizzeria in fort lauderdale after a driver lost control and plowed not five people on the sidewalk. that crash happened early sunday morning, and today we're hearing from two of the victims. >> janine: they are brothers who had just arrived from toronto when they were struck on thesidewalk. local10's andrew perez live with the one and only exclusive interview. >> andrew: i was just talng to these brothers. they were telling me a tree similar to this one rht here, stopped this car, saved their lives along with many other people who were out that night. five people total had to be taken to the hospital. >> i didn't see it coming.i was out cold. >> andrew: in a lot of pain but lucky to be arrive.
5:28 pm
itust flew out of nowhere, hit us fast. >> andrew: these brothers from toronto spending the rest of their vacation in to a fort lauderdale hotel room. christopher an up request and coming of music producer long with his brother sebastian stiliadis say the car hit anything and everyone in its path early sunday morning. >> all i remember was my brother over nee and i was just holding his hand and he wasjust like, it's going to be all right, and ambulance, we're taking you to the hospital. i called our dad. we're going to go to the hospital. and i just remember like everyone's filming me with the cameras, standndg around me. >> you hear a lot of commotion, a lot of crying, a lot of screaming. andrew: the scene lighting along the 200 block of southwest 2nd street in fort lauderdale, and ts tree stopped the car, a female driver we no was ready. it's unclear what was in her cup
5:29 pm
these brothers just happy at least, saying this could have been so much worse. now sebastian has seven fractured bones in his back. we know his brother also banged up and bruised. we're rking on getting more information right now from police about this driver, about her charges, her state of mind that night as well. as soon as we learn anything new we'll have it here fore you to local10 news. we're live in fort lauderdale, i'm andrew perez. >> victor: a memorial is growing in fort lauderdale for a man who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver last week while he was riding his bicycle back home. today we heard from his relatives as police continue to search for the driver who hit hi local10's carlos suarez joins us live now with more. carlos. >> carlos: the victim's family is hoping that a piece of surveillance video that was released today will eventually lead police to t t driver earlier today close friends gather at the site of a memorial that's been growing since over th weekend where the crash took place and they expressed their anger and frustration about how
5:30 pm
their close friend some 30 feet, leaving him to die. the surveillance video doesn't show much but fort lauderdale police shoppe it's enough to jog someone's memory of ra hit-and-run crash that left 46-year-old charles bck ledge dead blocks from his home. >> tom forward. take it up. you killed my brother. >> if they recognized one of the cars in bellefonte who hit my brother at least we'll have justice. >> carlos: defect interested in talking to dreyer of the car that you see on your scene. >> this is a tragedy that didn't have to happen. >> carlos: late monday afternoon a c cse friend and parred inner paid tribute to a growing memorial another 1600 block of dixie highway it is tht it's they ever there where people say blackledge was hit on ai his bike and dragged several feet. >> he didn't have a car. he rode his bike fail back and forth wherever he was going. he had the right equipment would be lights on there, he had reflectors. he had everything that he was supposed to have as a bike rider.
5:31 pm
dectives net with the family where they returned some of blackledge's belongings including a backpack he had on after work. >> you took someone's live. whether you were drunk, texting and driving, just being a smart [bleep] and trying to run somebody off the road, you killed somebody. you killed a great person. you wrecked a family. you wrecked friends, and you need on come forward. >> carlos: police tell thoughts car was going south on dixie highway b go on including a possible make on mohamed if you have any information that could help out police, you are urged to call broward crimestopper as the 954-493-tips. we're live tonight in fort lauderdale, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> victor:r: crash involving an unmarked miami-dade police car closed the southbound lanes of florida turnpike near southwest 216th street this morning. we're told that a recovery hit another car, lost control and sideswiped that unmarked police car. nobody was hurt, and no one is facing charges. >> janine: police in
5:32 pm
public's help after pedestrians were hit with blow darts on golden gate bridge. afternoon. they were not hospitalized, though. paramedic treatment on the scene. those darts were tested to make& sure they weren't coated in chemicals. it wasn't immediately clear where the darts were fired from. >> he dated that the dart dame came at i am him and went through his j jns and into his leg by about 2 inches. >> janine: police are working to deteteine whether any surveillance video or cell phone video of the crime exists. and police are investigating who planted an explosive device on an avis budget rental car at e airport in ap question, web new mexico. a mechanic saw the device when he put the vehicle on a a list sunday morning. aa police bomb squad later disabled the explosive. the incident did not affecec any flights. >> victor: brazilian president said that the s sk will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio de janeiro. hundreds of thousands of health
5:33 pm
out over the weekend p it's an effort called "operation zika zero." zika is suppose think harmless for adults but has been link today a serious birth defect in newborns. there's a new zika virus case in broward and that brings the total number ofatients in broward to four. there are seven stea cases in mild and a total of 21 in florida. all of these cases are travel-related. jody arias will not be seeing any visitors for next six months. the department of corrections has temporarily revoked hervistation privileges. arias is i've a alive sense for murdering her boyfriend but she called a correctional officer a vulgar insult after she was denini a hair cut. arias will have to demonstrate at least 180 days of good behavior in order to see visitors again. >> janine: right now it's some time for us to get a check on the afternoon rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez.
5:34 pm
to talk about on the off-ramp at southwest 7th street. what fh p is reporting as well as fire rescue a truck ended up falling over the driver, was ejected from that truck, taken to the hospital. we're working to get more details on that crash. it likes the off-ramp isy closed. speeds right now 32 miles per hour. taking you to the turnpike we've also got this major accident headingouth approaching u-27. there are two left lanes blocked, heavy delays hdly moving at all, 4-mile-per-hour speeds. we are seeing those onlookers in the northbound lanes with speeds thereat strengthen miles per@ hour. janine. >> janine: a special needs student is to talk of his cool? nashville making a buzzer beating 3-pointer last week. hisslutch shot has everyone calling him money. inside the high school gym at the franklin rode academy, it doesn't take long to@ see mouch 19-year-old robert louis loves basketball.
5:35 pm
team, and he even has his own nickname. >> money. good shot. >> my nickname is money. >> he works incredibly hard at of he does. >> janine: robert ha down syndrome and last night he was at fra's game what i head coach invited robert to suit up and sub in. >> i went in and played basketball. >> janine: not only that but the opposing team sent robert brother matthew to guard him, and then robert got the ball. >> i got the ball. in the fourth quarter. i was back there. >> janine: a 3-pointer that went up and in. >> janine: there were still five second left on the c cck and explains the delay in what happened next.
5:36 pm
picking me up and saying "robert, robert." i thank my coaches. >> janine: about that moment that's now gone viral, his parents couldn't believe it. >> i've never seen so much love in one jum in my life. >> janine: his coaches couldn't believe it.. >> it's a moment we'll never forget. i don't think we cann experience anythi more special. >> janine: robert, he knew it. >> i knew that ball was going on. ii was about to jump up and down. i was so happy that i got that reaction. >> janine: twit if it wasn't clear before friday night there is no doubt right now there is more love here than just for basketball. >> i just love my family so much much, and i just lov everyone. >> janine: for guy with the nickname money robert, last friday was priceless. >> i just love the way everybody was.
5:37 pm
>> janine: you can definitely see the love right there on the basketball court. >> victor: the only thing better than his nickname money is the reaction after that. that was greatat >> janine: i love it. we want tike to breaking news, a a truck falling a highway in miami. >> victor: calvin is in the newsroom with the latest. >> calvin: ness a remarkable scene. right now sky 10 is over this one for you. a lot of debris on the ground at jose marti park right now. this is at fouh street and fourth avenue. let's kind of take you back to how this actually happened. we under the driver of a solid waste truck slalaed into a concrete guardrail, and traveling southbound on i-95 on the 7th street exit ramp but never quite made it down the ramp because somehow he broke through that concrete guardrail and landed upside down. as you can see at josearti park. what appears to be the driver was ejected after the truck hit the ground. the driver has been transported
5:38 pm
guns again a a fourth street and fourth avenue. the driver of that solid waste talks we're being told by miami fire rescue that the driver of this truck slammed right through a concrete guardrail there traveling southbound on i-95. never qui made it down the 7th street exit ramp. did have some sort of injuries. we're not sure what those injuries are. but as you can see, a lot of crews on the scene there. we have a crew headd they'd way. we're going to have a lot of more details as we gather more information for you. for now i send it back to you. >> victor: this is going to cause such a mess. that's jose marti to the left where those pools are, and that 7th street exit is such a busy one, almost any time of the day especially right now at rush hour. >> janine: even though it is had a holiday. let's check in with jenise@ fernandez with how the roads are looking and more on theys pictures. >> jenise: like calvin mentioned theses are some remark ankle images. again this is i-95 southbound, this truck falling the ramp right at that southwest 7th street ramp so that ramp right
5:39 pm
this scene. as we zoom zoom on in to our maps we can get a better look. we are startqng to see delays right around the investigate 7th street ramp. speeds right now clocking in at at 23 miles per hour and queary still trying to get word o o when they're going to reopen that ramp so stay with us. >> janine: jenise, thank you. let's take you back to live pictures right now from sky 10 where this truck somehow went off a highway. corning to miami fire rescue, that driver was ejected. he has been rushed to ryder trauma which thankfully is somewhat close, and we're waiting for word on his condition. >> victor: tt is definitely an area to avoid. sky 10 just panned over that exit ramp, and you see part of that barrier is missing after that truck plowed through it and went right over the edge, a story we're going to continunu to
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we'll keep you >> victor: we want to take you back to the breaking news from miami where a city of miami solid waste truck apparently went right through the barrier of an exit ramp off i-95 near southwest 7th street. that's the exit, and it came about 100 feet down to the ground. >> janine: it is just stunning these images. calvin is back in the newsroom gathering more information. >> calvin: janine and victor we do have an update on the driver. it appears he has been taken to ryder trauma center where he is in serious condition but just the fact that he is a live is
5:44 pm
right now from jose marti park on southwest 4th et video and 4th off. we have on the phone with us the spokesperson for miami fire rescue iggy carol. are you there for us? >> yeah, i'm right here. >> can you just bring us up to date as to what might have happened here based on the details that you have so far. >> well, right now we're not sure exactly how he came off the highway but we know that traveling southbound on i-95 coming off of the southwest 7th streeee exit he come u. some ow veered off and falling 100 feet below into the parking lot of the jost jose marti, striking two vehicles. impact may have -- nobody el was on the ground. the park did not have any kids as debris scattered all over the playground area. >> calvin: that is such a greatfact with the fact thaha moan else was injured except for
5:45 pm
can't a ryder trauma center. e. this park was open, we understand, the swimming pool was open, correct, iggy? >> that's correct. they had employees there. no one was swimming but it was what surprising to us were there were no kids in the park. the were two vehicles that were damaged you the are as a result but nobody was inside. firefighters did check the ground to make sure nobody was under the vehicle, under the pile of trash that came out of truck. all in all we have that one driver that's in serious condition at this time and no other injuries to report. >> calvin: so we see a lotf fire rest spy lot of police act of on the scene. is this just part of the information, just gathering clues? >> that's correct.t. as a matter of fact, several officers this that were patrololng the area actually heard this crash and were very concerned because this is something that you don't see or hear in this area here, but great response by both agencies making sure that the area is kept safe while rescuers do the
5:46 pm
>> calvinj joan if you're on the scene or not but if you look at where this happened southbound implete 95 right before this exit ramp on 7th street, that's a concrete barrier. is it safe to assume that speed might have been a factor or just the fact that this was a solid waste truck could have broken through that barrier like that? >> no, i see what you're looking at right now, and there's a lot of things that -- police will be doing their investigation on. but you're talk about a garbage truck that is very heavy, and, you know, there's no telling exactly what happened before then but only the driver and ultimately any cameras that may have captured it will be able to provide answers to those questionon >> calvin: just to be clear that's a 100-foot fall that this solid waste truck made from southbound i-95 onto the ground there on 4th street, correct? >> that's correct. 100, probably a little bit more than that. >> calaln: iggy carol, thank you so much,-mile fire rescue, the
5:47 pm
about this remarkable scene. the investigation is still going on. mii fire rescue on the scene, jose marti park. the driver involved in this accident on the solid waste truck that somehow broke through that concrete barrier on i-knife southbound landing in the jose marti park in serious condition at. hospital. we'll have more at the top of the hour. >> janine: calvin, no one was on the e ound. it's really just a miracle. wewenow you're on it. calvin, thank you. >> victor: we want get right over to our chief meteorologist betty y vis with a look at the forecast. betty, when is this goioi to clear up for us? >> betty: we are looking brighter by thehe mid-of week but we'll take the gloom considering we get to enjoy temperatures in the lower 70s right now. new york city, central park how about 13 degrees below this morning and now t`ey're suttering at 28 degrees so it's still very cold as we look out over parts of of the midwest the northeast.
5:48 pm
we covet a clouds around and the breeze ctinues to be stiff. winds from the east-southeast sustained about 10 to 15 must miles an hour, and at times those b bezes have higher than that and those breezes are the reason we have a few showers strolling in on the breeze, so to speak. can't rule out one orr two of more of those tonight as temperatures hold in lower 70s. this is what the doppler radar looks like. the rain is not widespread we'll keep an eye on did the upper keys, a few showers offshore. these will tend to move on on the breeze tonight. the rain may be a@ittle more concentrate tomorrow morning as we track a frontal system that pushing soch rainfall in our direction. right now the balance of that rain is showing up over areas of mississippi and the panhandle where, by the way with pensacola is one of the spots under a tornado watch. by the time the storms get here or the rain defensively, we're not expecting severe weather in our area but we are expecting some wet weather.
5:49 pm
by, say, 4:00 the in morning wewel have the showers, perhaps approaching the west side of the peninsula. but by the noon hour it shows that the rainfall will have worked offshore out oaf the atlantic. so it looks like this is going to be a rain event that happens early in theorning, say, between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning. so the told cold front gets close tomorrow. we get the rain through early, push the system through and then we start to dry out. each weather for tomorrow. ryan rain out there early, and oncehe showers push offshore temperatures, highs getting up to near 80 degrees, winds from the southwest 10 to 15 ahead of that front. south-southwest wind tomorrow if you're taking the boats out, small craft advisory in effect through tonight. the breezes should start to taper off a bit as we head through the day tomorrow. l right. so bottom line on the forecast, we have highs in the lower 80s. we'll expect to have som drier, seasonable air working in for wednesday, so wednesday's going to be a beautiful day. thursday, friday going to be
5:50 pm
thursday morning a little on the cool side. victor. >> victor: betty, thank you. maybe you went all out for valentine's day with chocolale, flowers, the works. but you stul can't beat what one high school student in utah did. he made sure that every girl in his school knew that they were special this year and here's how he did it. > it meant a lot. >> victor: caden is giddy. after what happened at school. i brought it home and my mom is like "who gave you that?" hayden. >> >> victor: the high school senior whose godfried that is quickly got been the talk of the town. >> i had 800 flowers out there. i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. >> victor: he ordered the flowers himself, recruited some friend and just before school ended on thursday before the long weekend passed them outed? everybody was holding a flower. i just thought that was so school. >> victor: impressive remember right? especiallylwhen you consider it cost this high-schooler near $500 to pull i off. >> there's no way.
5:51 pm
strategies steve hogin is hayden's boss. >> to spend your money like that, it takes someone with real heart. >> victor: you might think he is the luckiest guy in school, 800 potential dates for this big man on campus, except -- >> i already have a girlfriend. >> victor: that's right. >> it's really sweet of him to do this. >> victor: he's taken. >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. >> janine: there is a lot more news still ahead at 6:00. the breaking news a garbage
5:52 pm
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>> victor: did you get cut off in any of the track of over the busy holiday weekend? there were several big events happening in south florida, most notably the miami international boat show at the miami marine stadium. local10's jenise fernandez has our boat show review. judges of a gloomy, sowing monday didn't stop people from enjoying the last date of 75th miami international boat show. big changes came to the show this year starting with a whole new venue. the miami marine stadium played st turning the boat show not a one stop shop different from yearar past. >> miami marine stadium has turned out to be the perfect home for the boat show, and we have had fantastic crowds with fantastic weather. we feel we hit a home run here. >> jenise: more than 1,000 boatsts on-day police say on water and
5:55 pm
traffic wasn't issue on the rickenbacker sauce l. causey and no parking at the stadium. shult buses and water tax ics became the preferred method of transportation. >> it definitely sets your expectation of what a boat show veil all about, being on the water, getting excited to go there. >> i think it's awesome, especially since you don't have to be on the roads. >> jenise: but organizers say there'sp still much improvement need. it was the first time water tax is were used and they were popular 1 almost too popular. each waterer tea holds 50 people but people waited too long to board. >> we need toncrease the occupancy of the that exist the frequency of the shuttle buses. once people were here they were delighted to be here. >> jenise: a few bumps in road but overat all looks like the both show was a success. organizers say the five-day event will have nearly a $6 million economic impact. attendance was also up by 15%. >> we're just getting up over
5:56 pm
excited about that. >> victor: that's going to could it for local10 news at 5:30 here are calvin and janine back for local10 news at 6:00. >> calvin: right now 6:00 we continue following breaking news. a garbage truck crashing off an i-95 exit ramp. we have the very latest ahead.. >> janine: a little boy becoming an innocent victim. five-year-old jayden readon run over p. >> calvin: self smash-and-grabs caught on camera. whatat detects are saying about them. >> janine: it was definitely a rainy holiday. >> calvin: former president bill clinton in south florida with a meanings or voters on this president's day. >> janine: plus, only on local10 a youth socceream stranded after paying big money. how this could happen. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> calvin: we begin with tt breaking news in t t city of miami. >> janine: that is where a truck has come crashing down on i-95. victor has more from the newsroom. >> victor: let's start first with the only person who was injured in this whole wreck, incredibly.
5:57 pm
miami solid waste trung we're told he's been taken to jackson memorial hospital in serious condition. you're looking for alive pictures from the scene, sky 10 is above where this city of miami waste truck was driving southbound on i-knife coming off the southwest 7th street exit. it somehow plowed right through that concrete barrier. you saw the gap where the rescue cars were afd it came crashing more than 100 feet down to the ground right outside of jose marti park in little havana. these are pictures sent to us from the city of miami fire rescue, you can see how badly that truck was damaged in this huge fall, again more than 100 feet down. it struck two vehicles when it collapsed. nobody was inside of those vehicles, nobody else was walking by win credibly, again just one person effort hurt as you see how much debris is all over the place right outside of jose marti park. this is a very, very busy exit right off southwest 7th street.
5:58 pm
head to little tavani, east you're heading to brickell. a lot of people use this exit on regular basis. it's shut down for the time being. this is an arere to avoid as you're looking againrom pictures above from sky 10. we just heard from the captain of the city of miami-dade fire department ignaciususarroll. let's hear what he had to say. >> there were no kids in the park. there were two vehicles damaged as a result but nobody was inside. firefighters will did check the ound to make sure there was nobody under the vehicle, under the pile of trash that came out of the truck. weave that one driver that is in serious condition. >> victor: and we have been following this story for about half an hour, incredible pictures, and we just got a crew on the ground there. let's get to our laraa livingston. layron livingst. what can you tell us? >> lron: quite a crowd forming. i'm going to step out of the way because you can see through this wrought iron fence outside of this scene where the dump truck
5:59 pm


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