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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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fuel. south southwest wind moving in anywhere between 11 and 14 miles per hour. currently week dealing withthhe cloudy skies and the very warm temperatures across town. we're anything between 11 and 1 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday.& it's the winds that really certain me moving in from the south wind gusts in the 20s ahead of the storm system that will be moving in in the next few hours. currently we are seeing dry conditions but we will be seeing stormy and windy conditions throughout the morning. you'll notice the rain conditions will taper off. we'll say good-bye to the showers and storms. right now severe weather right over naples, right over alligator alley. we have a tornado watch box in effect for central florida. i wouldn't be surprised to see this sink to the south, possibly over parts of broward coming up. in miami two women are diovered dead. >> police found them
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when they arrived they found the two women dead in the back of a due mix. that's located on 75th street and noror miami court. police have not confirmed their identities or how they died. if you know anything about their deaths, you're urged to contact miami crimestoppers, the number is on your screen. over the edge. a truck driver somehow losing control right over the highway overpass crashing 100 field down into jose marty park. >> family and friends gathered at the ryder trauma hospital hoping he pulls latitude. layron livingston has all the details. and i heard a boom. >> the gasoline isrunning everywhere. told us to back up. we thought it was going to explode and then we see the guy on the floor. >>reporter: the guy was the driver of the city of miami solid waste truck.
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with the department in 2006. >> he was an energetic employee. he definitely is very passionate about the work he performs on daily basis. that's why it's kind of shocking for us to see something like this that takes place. >>reporter: the union president led family in prayer outside jackson memorial hospital. >> i thank god for everybody that was heretonight for him. >> if he does survive, and i pray that he does, he was born today. >>reporter: over at the scene crews work to figure out exactly what sent this garbage truck off the southwest seventh street exit ramp. >> it takes something with a significant amountf force and something very heavy to break that the way it did. >> maybe 40 to 50 feet of damage on the guardrail. the truck through off the highway.
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parked at jose marty park below. were it not for the holiday as this bizarre accident investigation gets under way. >> we heard from the troopers, firefighters just how fortunatehey were in that park because of president's day, otherwise it would have been swarming with childrennd staff members and thankfully nobody else was injured. the exit ramp will be closed as crew members work to shore it up. it's something we'll keep you posted on at local0 and layron livingston, local 10 news. another health scare for chris bosh. the associated presss reporting that bosh is dealing with another blood clot scare. this is the second year in a row for the heat star to have this issue. he did miss the all-star game with a strained calf. meanwhile his wife
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a few hours ago that she's in the hospital herself. she tweeted monitoring the babies overnight. the couple did announce they were having twins. a driver losing control, plowing into five people along the sidewalk on las olas island. >> the pair are brothers here visiting from canada. andrew perez with the one and only exclusive. >>reporter: these brothers from toronto arepending the rest of their vacation in a ft. lauderdale hotel room now. >> i was out cold and then woke up in the hospital basically. >>repoer: christopher, an upand coming music producer and arst along with his brother sebastian, they never e en heard this coming at them. it suddenly popped up on the sidewalk and sped straight down hitting everything and everyone in its path early sunday important. >> all i remember was my brother over me, and i was just holding hisis hand, and he was like
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right, ambulance, we're taking you to the hospital. >> a lot of commotion, crying and screaming. >>reporter: witnesses say the female driver was stopped only by this tree it, likely what saved many more lives. at this point it's unclear what w w in her cup seen in this center console. sebastian and chris are dealing with bruised and fractured bones saying they know very wel@l this could have been so much worse. >> we're just on the sidewalk literally where you normally would be standing, where you mentally think that's a safe zone. >>reporter: we know five people total were transported off second street here in ft. lauderdale. sebastian, he suffered seven fractured bones in his back, his brother also banged up and bruised. we're expecting to get that information later toy so stay tuned. for now reporting in ft. lauderdale, i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. the man remains in jail after a pole pursuit ends in the
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boy. thorities say 20-year-old lex eugene was pulled over for reckless driving. they say he slammed into the car slamming into jayden readen killing him. they were in ft. lauderdale visiting grandparents. >> this guy was going to be an engineer. he w w very good with his hands and very great little kid. >> police say eugene tried to run after crashing his car. he's being held without bond. police hoping surveillance video will be a critical clue that they deed. caos suarez has the latest. >>reporter: surveillance video is short but police hope it's the first piece in putting together a puzzle for a driver whoit a man and left him dead on the screen. they stopped short of
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the wheel killed charles blackledge. he was riding his bike home when he was hit and dragged 30 feet to his death. >> come forward, take it. you killed my brother. >> if they recognize one of the cars, then will they will find who hit my brother. >>reporter: they returned someme of his personal belongings including a back pack he had on the night he died. back at the scene his close friends and ex-partner expressed their anger and assadness of losing& somebody they love. >> regardless of how it happens, whether you were drunk, texting and drivivg, being a smart [bleep] and running somebody off the road. you need to come forward. >>reporter: in 2015 there were 18,345 hit and run crashes in miami-dade, 41 ended with someone dead.
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number was slightly lower but just as troubling with 10,943 hit and run crashes. 15 ended with someone dead. >> it's sad that wewe have so many people down here that are willing to leave t scene and just forget about whatever happened, go on their daily life and live like something ever happened. >>reporter: the number of hit and runs in miami-dade and broward, if you have any information to help them out, you can urged to call broward crimestoppeps. reporting in ft. lauderdale, i'm carlossuarez, local 10 news. a teenager shot over the weekend out of the hospital and back home and now we're hearing from his brother. this happened saturday morning in miami's little havana neighborhood. close to two dozen bullets fired. his brother talked to us about his condidion. >> he's doing good and he's recoveringrom his injuries.
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why this happened or how it happened. >> he was released from the hospitall on sunday. no arrests have been made so far hialeah police are investigating a crime connection aft five stores were broken into over the weekend. the thieves had a very similar method of operation. surveillance video shows the burglars smashing the glas doors, ransacking and stealing smart phones. this happened on saturday morning. three of them happened. if you have any information on any of these burglaries, call police. police say they have identified a person of interest in a christmas eve hit and run. his friend 40-year-old oscar rodriguez also struck ending up in intensive care. florida highway patrol said they do now have a person of interest and have seized a car in connection to that death. the fight over
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death of justice antonin scalia are heating up. hillary clinton says they are just playing politics. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> i'm hoping to get somebody nominated. do your duty. >> if republicans do block the president's nomination, that will leave the court with just eight justices leaving to the possibility of major cases ending with a 4-4 tie. presidential campaigns hitting the trail ahead of this sunday's primaries. the florida democratic primary march 15th. the next state to vote for democrats, nevada. hillary clinton campaigning there yesterday. she's hoping to avoid what happened in new hampshire.
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sanders 60-38%. on the republican side, republicans head to the pollsor their primary saturday. senator marco rubio hitting the campaign early yesterdayosting an event in rockhill. jeb bush hosting to get a bot from his brother. former president george w. bush and his wife laura at a rally here. glenna millberg heading to south carolina later this week. she will cover the presidential primary this weekend. a special needs students makes a major shot. >> three-pointer makes it and the game-winning shot is right here. hear from the kid can you now being called money. south florida, it's not a good way to head back to work and school but we have no choice. a front moving in sparking severe weather across central florida. the severe thunderstorm warnings as well as a tornado for portions of
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i'll have mo a special needs student the talk of his high school up in nashville after making a buzzer beating shot. >> you've got to see this. janine stanwooddas the story. >>reporter: inside the hh school gym at the franklin road academy. >> he you go. that's better. >>reporter: it doesn't take long to see how much 19-year-old rort lewis loves basketball. >> almost. >>reporter: he's the manager for the school team and even has his own nickname. >> money. >> he works incredibly hard at everything he does ropt robert has down syndrome and last friday night he was at a game at another school when the head coach invited robert to suit up.
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opposing team sent robert's brother matthew to guard him and robert got the ball. >> i was back there. >>reporter: a three-pointer thatt went up and in. there were still five seconds left on the clock which explains the delay in what happened next. >> a aer the game everybody was picking me up, said -- >>reporter: about that moment that's now gone viral, his parents couldn't believe it it. i've never seen so much love in one gym in my life. >>reporter: his coaches couldn't believe it. >> i don't think we'll ever experience anything more special. >>reporter: robert, he knew it. i knew thax ball
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my reaction, i was about to jump up and down. i was so happy that i got that reaction. >>reporter: if it wasn't clear before friday night, there's no doubt right now, there's more love here than just for basketball. >> i just love eryone. >>reporter: for the guy with the nickname money robert, last friday wasp priceless. >> everybody was so happy for me. >> priceless indeed. thank you, janine, for that. that was such a great story. unfortunately, i have to bring you some bad news this morning. we're expecting very strong storms. severe weather affecting areas just west of us and currentlying that headed our way. it's warm, it's muggy out there. already setting the stage with ingredients for very strong storms with our wind moving in from the southeast, anywhere from 11 to 14 miles per hour.
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to the low 60s. wind gusts in the 20s. this is dangerous conditions for us, knowing how strong the wiwis are ahead of a cold front that will be northwest. the convergence of these two air masses and the wind will cause the profile for a possibility of severe currently severe weather over the central portions of florida stretching over portions of southwest florida. i'm going to zoom in and show you the national weather service indicatiti our radar can indicate rotation on the doppler radar and where the systems are going. we have shower andnd storm activity with radar right over portions of alligator a aey just north of it and west of 75 near collier road. the national weather service i iicating there could be a possible tornado embedded in these storms. these storms are headed our way. regardless if we see severe weather, we are definitely going to see some very strong storms. you may want to take
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let them wait at the bus stop because it looks with the worse of our their will be moving in across the miami-dade, broward area inland tords the coast this morning. as we go through the cold front continue to sh towards the east, it is also soaking parts of the northeast bringing them rain, sleet and snow. checkut the temperatures across the grea lakes in the 20s. across the south we're much warmer. that's why we're expecting the possility of severe weather. finally pushing offshore around 10:00 in broward. we'll see gradual clearing in brorard first before weee it in miami-dade. so we are expecting a stormy start to your tuesday but it wdow rain all day long. the rain will push offshore by 3:00 p.m. once this front clears comfortable cool and very niceeather will be in the forecast for the middle and rest of the workweek. going into t weekend
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front moving in by next week. okay. local 10 giving away tics to the wine and food festival. head over to the local 10 facebook page for a chance to win. coming up next hear from the neighbor who ran out to help, even
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windshield. welcome back. >sky 10 over the scene. a neighborhood from across the street was the one who backed the cainto the home. another neighborhood jumped into action and
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from the car. >> we both went up, kicked off the wishield. i told my son, take off the sweat third. i don't even remember what happened from there. >> here's a look from the ground. the good news, no one was hurt. the cause of that crash is under investigation. major crowds gathering yesterday to watch the pope speak at a stadium in mexico. pope francis there for a question and answersession addressing family issues, this all part of his five day trip to mexico. a new report raising certain about the health of heat big man chris bosh. >> all that and more ahead on the s (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it but that!s how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with socoal security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. available at walmart in the foot care aisle or near the registers. tuesday morning, will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. a report by the "miami herald" indicates there are new health concerns around chris bosh and what had been
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strain. he returned to miami for additional testing but according to that herald report, the tests were alarming enough. bosh's agent was reported as saying it's too early to tell if this concern could be from blood clots once again. last season bosh was hospitalized with blood clots in his lung. miami does not play again until friday. let's go over to the ice now, cuban for a reason. there's a reason for these highlights. puts the panthers up 1-0 with the follow. we go go on top a shoot-out. also a former penguin gives t t panthers the league. last chance for pittsburgh. matt cullen has got that chance.
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how about the ambiguous cubano. panthers win 2-1 in a shootout. after the game montoya given the sweatshirt. hurricanes keep on moving up the polls on monday. 10 in the coaches' poll. heat escape with a winin on sunday. next they travel to chapel hill, north carolina on saturday. i'm will manso and that's your lolol 10 morning sports wrap. this morning we are tracking real rain onthe radar. plus a driver's in the hospital this morning after a garbage truck falls over the edge crashing right into a park.
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more coming up at 5:00. right now at 5:00 over the edge, a garbage
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about the man behind the wheel. wet weather on the way. the weather authority is here with how long you'll need the umbrla. and crime connection, robber smashing and grabbing from seral stores. how you can help get thehe crooks off the streets. players abandoned by their coach. who is stepping in to save the day. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's tuesday. hope you guys are getting up and getting ready. your three-day weekendis over. you're back to the grind. if you didn't like the weather yesterday, it's getting worse. let's talk to julie durda about that right now. >> right now we're waking up to cloudy skies. it's warm. it's hid and all setting the stage for severe weather. less than 100 miles we have a tornado and a watch box in effect and all of that will be
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a big mart what's going to happen for the morning and could fuel for severe weather. wind gusts in the 20s miami. we have wind gusts in e teens in homestead. so here is what it looks like on the radar. still to the west of us the worst of the weather but this will all be headed our way. the worst just right over alligator alley, collier county. we have a tornado watch box for central portions of florida. we have tornado warnings in effect, a tornado has been reported over portions of alligator alley neaportions of fort myers and naples. the national weather service watching this very closely as this line of strong to severeweather will be headed our way. throughout the next probably hour we will stay dry but the clouds will continue to build and them stormy, windy conditions for the morning commute. having the kids at the bus stop could be dangerous with some severe weather. i'll have more coming up. >> julie, thanks so much.


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