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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local 10 news at n >> kristi: we have breaking news. damage throughout our area this midday after some really nasty storms hit this morning, even turning a tractor-trailer on its
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terrible time for that. in pembroke pines roofs damaged, trees uprooted and a basketball hoop ended up right there, in a swimming pool. severe weather also hitting pompano beach where buildings including storage facility for the goodyear blimp were all damaged. horse trailers and stables hit also by strong winds. >> c`nstance: in hollywood a couple had to be rescued out of their damagedobile home. the storm also knocked down trees in that area. and boats ended up under water in ft. lauderdale beach due to the severe weather. strong winds also tossed paddleboards into the bushes. >> kristi: let's keep talking about the severe weather. the area getting hit with strong storms and now the national weather service will have to decide if it was, indeed, a tornado that caused all this mage. >> constance: we have team coverage this midday with reporters in several areas including pembroke pines, pompano beach, hollywood, aventura and northeast miami-dade. >> kristi: let's start now with local 10 news reporter jeff weinsier.
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constance, the clean up ongngng, but i can tell you many people say they were rocked out of bed unexpectedly this morning. they say they clearly heard that freight train sound. thty are convinced what went through here was a tornado. many people telling us they were in their closets, they were in hallways, they were in spaces that had no windows. take a look at what the damage has done here. you can see this used to be a carport that was in front of the hohoe. all down this area there are trees down, there are residents out here cleaning up the mess. the biggest problem right now is with downed power lines. entire neighborhood. in fact, behind this house there was an entire transformer down. we will talk about that in a minute. first, let's here from residents they heard. >> i was standing at the glass windows at the back of my house. i heard a very loud noise, i
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i realized theh electrical line property. airborne. >> i could hear the waves comingchcomingof the sound of the winds and i heard things on the roof, the windows. i heard all kind of crashes and everything, and i was just waiting for the roof to pop off of the house, but, thank god, it did not. >> reporter: we did see several homes that did have severe roof damage. what are you looking at here is one of those downed power lines that came down on this boat on northeast 196th terrace. we are in the sky lake section of unincorporated northeast miami-dade and no matter where you go in this area, which is south of ivesterry road east of i-95, there are trees in the road. there are crews trying to clean up and what's making it so much harder at this hour is all the people out here driving up and down and sight seeing. we, of course, are going to go
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more much more you. live in northeast miami-dade i'm jeff weinsier, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you. now to pompano beach where lots of trees were knocked down, horse stables were also damaged. local 10 news reporter trent aric picks up team coverage in pompano beach this midday. >> reporter: yeah, right now we are standing at the sand and spur stables. what you are looking at behind me is indicative of what we are seeing here today. trees down everywhere here in pompano beach, and they're rather large. you can see this one, probably about two feet in diameter has been twiwied and broken off. this is indicative of what you would see with a tornado. now, earlier today we talked to officials. no human injuries but att least one horse injured. >> we had worses tossed about. we had horses that were blocked in by trees. one of them was injured. luckily, we don't have any people injured, but we have a
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>> reporter: and we're continuing to look here at the damage out in pompano beach. we have walked up and down northeast fifth avenue and numerous trees down. fp&l crews are working hard to repair power in this area. the good news is about 100 yards to our south the pompano air park not a single plane damaged that we know of. it has been a busy day. clean up is on the way. we will stay on open it of it and have more later starting tonight at 4:00. >> constance: thank you. the storms causing major troubles on i 9 95. a tractor-trailer overturned on and caused araffic nightmare for anyone traveling near miami it just wpened up a few minutes ben kennedy reports from the interstate. >> reporter: i-95 is back opon at this hour. the concern the trees hovering over the highway. you can see many have been knocked down by this bad weather. >> the wind picked up the truck and trailer and boom.
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dennis' tractor-trailer knocked dover on its side after a strong wind crossed i-95 tearing down trees causing damage kit consistent with tornado. >> did you crawl out of the front part of the truck is this. >> no,the side window. >> reporter: you can see how strong the winds were. tractor-trailer. it has literally been ripped off and there is no cargo inside. >> it was windy. >> reporter: david had to slam on the brakes after debris hit hit car. >> branches and leaves started hitting the side of my window and the metal sign hit the front glass of my car and shattered it. >> reporter: i-95 was shut down both northbound and southbound between iveds is derry and miami gardens as crews were quick to clear the highway but despite damage, drivers are all right. >> did you get hurt? >> no. only a little scratch here. that's it. >> reporter: i spoke to two very lucky drivers back to the northbound lanes. the game plan this afternoon is
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road. reporting along i-95, ben kennedy, local 10 news. thank you. now on to hollywood. that's wre a couple, they were actually rescued from their mobile home today. >> constance: that's already we are live with their amazing story. erica. >> reporter: billy was inside, hospital. how is she doing? >> stable now. cat scan, negative and no broken bones but we will do a follow-up to see if she has a concussion. >> reporter: you opened your eyes to see her on the ground under this tree in your house. >> it happened so fast. it blew through the house and crushed it. she was underneath the rubble underneath the tree. i used my body as a jack to lift up the weight and pull her out and we were able to escape through the sidewall busted out. the doors were jammed. >> reporter: that was with the help of a neighbor. listen to what he did to help this couple out of their home
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morning. >> the wind must have been 50 miles an hour, 60. i couldn't see much, but it didn't matter. i knew there was trouble. >> reporter: this is the trouble tom found. a msive tree on his neighbor's home and they were inse. >> and i heard them screaming they couldn't get out. they couldn't get out of the trailer. >> reporter: tom says once he figured out that they were stuck, had he to come through heres climb through these trees, climb over this part of their home, tried the door first. that is still stuck. you see that hole right there. he had to take something and break open a space to pull the husband and wife out of here. >> the wind was blowing so hard, you couldn't see.. >> reporter: the woman rushed to the hospital. on the other side of the neighborhood kids getting ready for school watched their trampoline fly away. it lands here over 100 yards away on power lines. >> the winds kept picking up. they got stronger and stronger. we heard this loud whistling noise and this roaring. the windows started shaking. we felt a punch of thumps.
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away another hollywood neighbor more trees flying, this one crashing through a roof. >> we went into the bathrhrm and put the pillows from the couch around us and pray to god we were going to make it. >> reporter: and those are a lot of the stories we are hearing in this neighborhood. crews working to remove this large tree off of this particular home. we spoke with several people who say there is no doubt that this was a tornado. of course, we are awaiting confirmation from the national weather service to confirm that for us. billy says if it was not for his neighbors, they would be homeless right now, no clothes on their back. they still can't get into their house. they don't know how unsafe it still is. live in hollywood, local 10 news. >> constance: lots of damage is being reported this afternoon in lighthouse point with tons of trees down as you can see right there. local 10 news reporter derek shore picks up team coverage from that area. >> reporter: neighbors out here with no doubts this was a tornado.
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terrace, the palo residents backyard. i want to show you some of the widespread damage that happened in this yard. take a look. that is the end, that is a stump just completely sheared off of a mango tree and this is where the tree ended up. pool. you can't even see the pool. as we take a look over here, this was the indoor porch now completely outdoor. you can see all of that siding that has been completely ripped off when this wind possible tornado came through. look at the edge of the house here. you can see little piece of the roof sheared off but there was a power line that went all the way from the home up to a post. that has also been sheared off as well. we are talking about probably thousands of dollars in damage just in this backyard alone. plenty in the front yard. take a listen to the homeowner terrenen palo. >> i heard a big huge crack. that must have been this being ripped out.
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porch right there and we used to have an arbor, but i had a window open in back and it came right in through the utility room. it sounded like a freight train going through. >> reporter: take a look at this video. this is actually a trampoline that was tossed into a nearby power line. that was actually in someone's backyard and got flipped up over and now you are looking at some video of a tree that came down on a nearby truck which was just down the street here on0th terrace and lighthouse point. as we come back out here live, we are still waiting to see some of the insurance adjustors come out here and figure out how much all of this is going to cost to clean up. terren palos is rolling her eyes. she is not excited about that. we will have the latest at 4:00. derek shore, local 10 news. >> kristi: can't blame them mess. severe weather hitting ft. look at this.
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on top of another. some of the chairs even made it right into the water as you might imagine. power boat made its way into a bush. you see right there. you can see a cabana completely damaged. although a n nber of tornado warnings were canceled, the storm did leave its mark in both miami-dade as well as broward counties. >> constance: right now a live look from o ft. lauderdale camera. a much different look. our hollywood beach camera, in fact. you can see a few people i guess the storms have passed and they are out enjoying the sand. >> kristi: this he are beginning to. >> constance: how quickly mother nature comes and goes. >> kristi: we have many more reporters fanned out across south florida. you will hear from all of them over to. >>tojulie durda to talk aboutut how the storms are out to sea. >> julie: i'm happy to bring you that news after an active weather pattern that started as early as 4:30 across the southwestern half of florida and headed our way. i was with you through it all morning long. i was able to get you through the warnings we had and i'm just dealing with thick cloud
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we had our first tornado warning set for parts of broward mainly over 75 west where we have our reporters out where we have seen the damage of some homes and also downed trees. over westin towards portion of hire more and pembroke pines. this was the first tornado warning. it was also a severe thunderstorm warning. remember, when we talk about severe thunderstorm warnings the national weather service will indicate that stating that inside the severe thunderstorm warning there is that possibility for tornado activi. first. moments after that we had a secondary tornado warning in effect for pompano beach that's where trent is. that's where we saw a lot of rotation on the radar. this is back at 7:00 this morning. the deep red shades you are seeing on the radar, our local storm radar doppler is the only one in town that could actually show the rotation. that's exactly what i was
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cut-ins over miramar, pembroke pines, davie and pompano beach. once that diminished it continued to push east and another cell developed over portions of miaia and southeastern half of broward. that's where the semi was flipped over i-95. our timing was just before 8:00 the national weather service indicated another tornado warning and boy did it highlight much of southern broward, northern miami-dade all the way down to north@ miami, aventura, sunny isles. all of you saw the worst of this weather and it continued toward the coast where port everglades had to keel with winds up to 60 miles per hour. this is all a thing of the past but i want to remind at this is normal for us to see the possibility of tornado activity in south florida. we are surrounded by water and once a cold front moves in and heat and humidity ahead of it on the instability ahead of it which we saw this morning with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and that strong line of storms moving in from the north
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the possibility of tornado activity. i will have more on this and the rest of the forecast. i think you will enjoy what's in store for the rest of the week to clean up. >> kristi: thank you, julie. developing right now at noon, a missing child alert has been canceled we're happy to tell you after a 6-year-old girl was found. that missing child alert was issued for ashley martinez earlier today after she was last seen in miami yesterday. police say she might have been with lily hatton the woman on the right-hand of your screen. no dough tails how she was discovered have been released yet. we are staying on top of all the storm damage in our area. we have several more reporters fanned out across south florida just for you. >> constance: right after the break live reports from northeast miami-dade, miramar, lighthouse point and other neighborhoods where the storm caused damage today. another possible health scare for chris bosh. the reports that he may be dealing with another blood clot. tonight at 11:00, allegations of bid tampering. >> you did have influence in
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>> as soon as the report came out you resigned.
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local 10's nor nor bob norman getting >> kristi: let's get back to all this severe weather. strong storms passing through our area this morning causing a
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>> constance: we have team coverage this midday in northeast miami-dade, pembroke pines, lighthouse point and northwest miami-dade and julie durda in the weather center. let's start first with local 10 news reporter michael seiden. michael? >> reporter: good afternoon. we are in the skylake neighborhood right here and just take a look. this is what this homeowner is dealing with. you can see how the trees came crashing down and they carved out a hole here. that's how they were able to get out of their front door. but they're, obviously, dealing with a mess here ando are a lot of their neibors. it was a powerful storm striking while most people in the sky lake neighborhood were headed to work. >> it was crazy, man. crazy, crazy, crazy. never ran so fast. >> reporter: this 24-year-old man shot the video and ran for cover speeding back home makin sure his mother and dogs were safe. >> i saw spinning in front of me right down there on the street.
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neighborhood turned upside down, transformers ripped off power poles, ac units tossed like toys and trampoline blown two blocks from the owner's backyard. a clean up is underway after a morning these neighbors say they will never forget. >> when it first started, i thought it was just hail and all of a sudden people -- things crashing all around us. it was just overwhelming. >> and people lost their fences. i mean, you know, my car is over there and the tree came on my car. >> reporter: and back out here live, you know this entire neighborhood is without power right now. i want you to take a look. you can see where some of those trees just toppled on to the roofs. again, as you saw in the piece, i mean there is ac units, things from power poles just blown blocks and blocks away from here. but the big story here is that although there is a lot of damage, no one was seriously injured. that is the very latest.
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>> kristi: that is the best news of all. thank you, michael. sky 10 was over the scene of a fire in northeast miami-dade,too. look at these flames. this was caused by an apparent gas leak at northeast 195th street and second avenue. you can see the tree right there ground. no other details have been released just yet on this one. >> constance: let's turn to local 10 news anchor hire hire. >> kristi: she is in miramar where homes were damaged out neki? >> reporter: residents say they have seen this kind of damage since hurricane wilma. they believe a tornado came through their street and you can see on the corner of 137th avenue and monarch lake subdivision the fence is down and it came across the street chopping up trees and pieces of the fence making it across the street knocking down more trees and it skipped a couple of
12:22 pm
the glass. i have video of that tornado from surveillance camera at the that. they showed us video from three angles and you can see how quickly the storm came thrgh this community. they said it happened around 7:30 when all of a sudden they saw the wind pick up. many people here were sleeping at the time. they say when this storm came through, we saw a few carss heading out but one woman said she didn't realize sometng was going on until her windows started rtling. >> first of all, appliances started coming on and off like buzzing inside the housese oa. loud. wind and it felt like things house. and then our daughter was sleeping in the other room, which she heard the rattling in her window thinking it was trash cans from the neighbor's house. this all happened really fast. he saw the spinning in the backyard.
12:23 pm
by that time, luckily, it was gone. it never really touched down in the house. >> a lot of people have e of tiles and furniture in the swimming pool. like michael said, noo one was hurt, so in a that is a relief. people waiting on adjustoto for the clean up. quite a significant amount of damage inhe neighborhood. we went to pines and head there next. people quite shocked what went on so quickly this morning. live in the monarch lakes subdivision in west minimum march, neki mohan, local 10 news. >> kristi: that video was from pembroke pines as well. lotsf stuff including mattresses in the middle of the road. let's go to pompano beach where the storm caused a lot of damage there as well. >> constance: local 10 news reportervilleviler hatzel vela is live.
12:24 pm
road and u.s. 1. this is basically a 360. anywhere you turn you get a significant amount of damag thankfully there were not a lot of cars parked here at that time but some of the ones that were did get some damage. look at this pickup truck right here. on the other side you see how the tree came down. from this perspective you can't really see much damage. it is when you open the door. the door was already kind of open so you can see inside the kind of damage that we're talking about. i can tell you in the past minute or so, brian is going to walk with me because it is kind of a bit of a walk, you can see national weather service officials just arrived on the scene as we walk here. what they're going to try to do is try to take -- hat he has been doing is taking pictures so then they can go back and cooperate with each other and figure out how much damage this was and if it has the characteristics of a tornado. as we're walking, the reason we are walking is because i want to be able to show you this massive tree here across the way. in is unbelievable. a lot of the folks that have
12:25 pm
walking out here, have been stopping to take pictures. you truly can't believe when you see what i'm about to show you. this is a massive tree that was uprooted, and you can see what hahaens. the tree has so much roots that it also uprooted part of the sidewalk. really looks almost like an earthquake of sorts but this is the result of very strong winds. you can see here on my right national weaeaer service officials here on the scene. this is the parking l l of the movie theaters on copus road and u.s. 1. obviously, they are out here now trying to figure out what happened and take pictures, document everything so that they know and c c determine exactly what kind of storm we're looking at. live in pompano beach, hatzel vela, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you. damage also being reported in davie. local 10 n ns reporter jenise fernandez picks up team coverage from davie. >> reporter: we are at flamingo gardens a botanical garden as well as a wildlife sancary and sort of the damage we are seeing here branches, a
12:26 pm
the one behind me here, this is a cluster fig tree. a portion of the tree was ripped off during the storm and joining me now live is director of horticulture here. this is brian t`zzi. this is a tree that has weathered many storms. give us an idea how extensive this storm must have been. >> this is a 60-year-old tree. it has weathered many stotms. it has 102-foot height with 95-foot wpread and just lost at least 30 feet of that. a big trunk of@ tree just went down. twister probably came in and made a hole for sunshine for us. >> reporter: this is not the only tree damaged but talk about theamage you have seen around here. >> we have several downed trees scattered. some major included bark that splits at the branches of older trees. we have live oaks here that are 200-year-old. this i a beautiful botanical guards.
12:27 pm
reaction when you came out this morning and saw the damage the storm caused? >> i was shocked. i was like, whoa. i have only been here 93 weeks. new director here and getting a feel for everything that's going on and it is a great opportunity. >> reporter: you are looking at some branches, some downed trees here at flamingo gardens. the good news none of the animals were injured. all are okay and flamingo gardens is open. they are just assessing the damage and the clean up as you can imagine is well underway. we also want to let you know that southwest 130th avenue which is not too far from here, that is closed. that is all due to some downed power lines. there are police out there directing traffic. again, southwest 130th avenue downed power lines. it is closed at this time. that is the very latest here in davie, jenisee fernandez, local 10 news. >> kristi: a beautiful place. glad they didn't have too much damage. thank you. here are the latest numbers from florida power and light. narch are than 9,000 families
12:28 pm
more t tn 8,000 without power in miami-dade -- broward rather. >> constance: better than it was a few moments ago, about an hour ago it was much worse. thankfully, julie, you say the storms have passed but there is a lot of cleaning up t t do. >> julie: indeed there is from broward to miami-dade starting from west to east as the storms rolled in. you know, i was tracking these storms very early this morning and we have great pictures from our v vwers. i'm happy that everybody has been safe while taking the video and taking the pictures. this is just some areas dealing with this because of strong storms that moved through parts of miami, north miami, over aventura, sunny isles getting hit hard. you see tree branches falling off the middl of the screen and lots of debris on the ground and a lot of debris was due to strong stos and strong wind gusts reported between 50 and
12:29 pm
these thunderstorms we had to deal with this morning. once agagn some of the storms were so strong we saw the possibility of some tornadic activity with those tornado warnings we were under across parts of south florida. i'm happy to tell you that's all a thtng of the past. but the severe weather threat itself was well across south florida mainly over broward and focused over parts of northern ami-dade. i was here with you all morning long. i got you through it. our crews will continue to go out and see anymore developments of the possibility of more areas dealing with some trees down and somepossibility of the power outages and anything else that occurred from the storms tt moved through our area starting as early as 7:00 until about 9:00. now we are taking a live look outside. i'm happy to tell you the rain is gone but the clouds are stking around. temperatures in the lower 70s ft. lauderdale, miami, 75 in key west, 71 in marathon, 75 in key west with a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds. miami-dade and broward though we will continue to be blanketed with cloud cover but i'm happy
12:30 pm
offshore. again, recap, we started the severe weather threat starting as early as 7:00. i actually watched this shower and thunderstorm activity starting to develop over the everglades by u.s. 27 and alligator alley. as it moved eastward, that's when the national weather service stated that there was the possibility ofome rotation embedded in this severe thunderstorm warning. so they issued a tornado warning for parts of broward, mainly over westin and miramar, right over 75, griffin road, flamingo, pembroke pines, davie, all the areas we have reporters out showing you the live video and coverage of what happened to the damage of these storms moving through. then we had pompano beach. another area we focused on briefly because it kind of happened in a hurry. that's what happened with the instability in the atmosphere when tornado activity is developing. we need to have heat and humidity to help fuel for the air mass to lift and what occurs is the warm air collides with the cool air behind it and the line of severe weather starts to move in associated with a cold fronon or a frontal boundary.
12:31 pm
not even 20 minutes later we had another tornado warning in effect for parts of broward. that's when we saw i-95 just soaked during the most important during the morning, our mororng commute. the semi was flipped over, closed 95 forr hours. i'm happy to tell you the clean-up is continuing in this area. lots of debris all across parts of broward and miami-dade. as the shower and thunderstorm activity continues to push away, we will continue to see the leading edge of the cold front finally start to filter in to south florida drying us out, bringing us a north wind behind it which will provide for wednesday bringing bright, sunny skies. so that's the good news. the bad news is we have lots of damage to clean up. the gogo news is by tomorrow we will be saying hello sunshine and hello dryry conditions going into the end of the workweek and the weekend. so much to talk about with what occurred today. our chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be back at 4:00 in more. constance? >> constance: thank you, julie. more historic change in u.s. and cuban relations.
12:32 pm
today in havana for commercial flights. for the first time in five decades airlines in the u.s. can bid on rounds to u.s./cuban flights up to 20 flights aday to havana with 10 to 15 charter flights a day. that's up more than five times the current number. now the flights are aiming to ta off this fall. travelers will still be allowed to travel to cuba under one of their legal categories. >> kristi: an unusual move from hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> constance: that's right. y the democratic candidate
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>> constance: back to our top story this afternoon. severe weather in florida a a this was the scene early year at the harley-davidson shop in rthwest miami-dade. take a look at that. the storm knockin several bikes down on the ground there. the owner says they have insurance and they are assessing the damage.
12:36 pm
like this before. [barking like a dog] >> i think we could cut right through their claims. >> kristi: all right. the next set of tests for the presidential hopefuls is just around the corner firefighr thefor thedemocrats nevada the caucuses and republicans will be at the polls in south carolina come saturday. you just saw there, hillary clinton as well as bernie sands are making appeals to the african-american voters. an animated mrs. clinton had a suggestion how to handle the republicans. >> we need to get that dog and follow/them around and every time they say these things, like oh, the great recession was caused by too much regulation,. [barking] you know. >> kristi: okay. the republican side of things, trump continues to go hard after his republican opponents today
12:37 pm
should be taken away there him. let's take a look for more coverage from the campaign trail, our own glenna milberg is headg right now to south carolina this week to cover the republican presidential primary that happens this weekend. of course, don't forget to register to vote. today is the last day to sign up if you plan to vote in the primary for march 15. head to for everything you need to know. >> constance: how would you like to go to one of the hottest events on seth beach where the food is free? local 10 is giving away tickets to the festival. dozens of chefs will be cooking up famous dishes to try. win the tree tickets by heading over to our local 10 facebook page and click on the contest tab underneath our photo. good luck. >> kristi: it was music's biggest night.
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and surprise performances at the
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after the >> kristi: let's talk sports. developing this midday another possible health scare for one of the miami heat's top stars. the associated press is reporting that chris bosh is dealing with yet another blood clot. there e also reports that he will meet with doctors on thursday to discuss wther it will keep him out the rest of this season. this is, of course, the second year in a row for the heat star to have this issue. last year he was sidelined because of a blood clot in his lung. he was hospitalized. bosh sat out the all-star game with a strained calf. it is unclear if that is related to the possible clot. last year doctors said the clot in his lungs started with a calf issue.the miami heat have yet to comment and bosh's agent says it is too soon to report anything. his wife did tweet out overnig that she is in the hospital herself. she tweeted monitoring the babies overnight. the couple, of course, expecting
12:42 pm
>> constance: last night ken drick lamar's performance earned him a standing ovation. he walked away with five grammys and was the top winner of the night. >> kristi: one of the most talked about performances was lady gaga's tribute to the late david bowie. she performed many of his hits and he passed away last month at 69 from cancer. >> constance: song of the year thinking out route and taylor swift won album of the year and record of the year went to bruno mars "uptown funk." hall ill ton won besomed cal album the broadway musical about one of america's founding fathers also has a south florida connection, musical d dector is from miami and a brother of one of our local 10 producers.
12:43 pm
congratulations to him. >> kristi: very exciting. big day in weather right here i i south florida, strong storms leaving a whole lot of damagebehind throughout your area. >> constance: we are bringing you updates throughout the newscast and also on we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you dwith it is up to you. tylenol . when your type 2 diabetesesumbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar?
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davis. a lot of clean up underway this afternoon following the round of severe storms that tore across counties. the atmosphere now a lot more stable. we looked outside. we still do have mid to high-level clouds out there but makers. temperatures low to mid 70s at this hour. this is what the doppler rar looked like earlier this morning as those stormslined up and raked across the region. just like that they were in, they were out and hopefully you are starting to get back to business as usual. although we do know that there done. this is the forecast for the rest of the day. the current look at the doppler
12:47 pm
from broward, miami-dade into the keys. all the stormy weather over the waters of the atlantic stretching in and over toward the bahamas. now the outlook foresees a lot better. once we get winds from the northwest all the way down the peninsula that is a sign of drier and more stable air moving in later tonight and tomorrow, too and also temperatures are going to cool down as well. so here's the forecast. we're beyond today's storms. we can look ahead to a cooler, comfortable start to wednesday. more seasonable temperatures returning.
12:48 pm
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zero co-pay for inpatient hospital visits, and no referrals needed for network specialist visits. zero co-pay for comprehensive dental services, including dentures and there's more. zero monthly plan premiums are available. call preferred care partners today and let us show you the medicare advantage plan that may be right for you. >> kristi: let's get back to the severe weather. all the strong storms massing through our area early this in south florida. michael seiden is live in northeast miami-dade with more. michael? >> reporter: good afternoon. this is the skylake neighborhood.
12:51 pm
here, they rode out the storm inside and came out to this mess. you see trees and all types of debris blocking the front door of their home. they are able to cash carve out a little section and got out and greeted by this mess. this the same scene we are seeing in this entire neighbhood. i want to show you right across the street you can see where trees have toppled on to homes and just debris and downed trees all over the place. also around this neighborhood we have seen some blown-out windows. we have also seen a.c. units just tossed around like toys. also some of those power lines are down. so this entire neighborhood is without power, but the good news is just talking to people out here, no one was seriously injured. obviously, they've got a mess that they're dealing with. we know utility companies out here trying to restore power. but, again, this is the skylake neighborhood rightere in northeast dade. you are getting a look at this mess right after noon. live in northeast dade, i'm michael seiden, local 10 news.
12:52 pm
let's go to pompano beach where the storm caused a lot of damage. >> kristi: here is hatzel vela with more from there. hatzel? >> reporter:ies at>> reporter: kristi this is a mess movieco theaters and copus and u.s. 1. pompano beach folks are here on the scene. you saw the national weather service out here as well. they're just trying to survey what went wrong. let me toll you because we walk here, you are going to see the type of destruction we're looking at here. this is some pretty strong winds, several uprooted trees along the sidewalk as you walk along copus road. and then get this. this is amazing to see. this is a massive tree. you can see how it was uprooted and then if you get closer here, if brian can get closer, we are kind of attached to the cord here, you can see the type of impact the wind had here. part of the sidewalk was completely torn off, pushed up and you can see the roots of the trees of this particular massive tree has been uprooted.
12:53 pm
weather service folks who are out h he. he says they are going to be looking at a couple things. one is the way that the trees are facing. that they say is going to give them a gd hint as to whether this was just a regular thunderstorm or a tornado. ladies, back to you. >> kristi: thank you. let's take a look outside from our miami tower cam right now where it looks a whole lot better than it did thi morning. >> constance: a whole lot better. thankfully thead weather is out of the way but the clean up will continue. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
12:54 pm
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>> we want to give you another look outside and let you know the atmosphere now stable. ft. lauderdale hanging on to mid to high-level clouds. no storms in the forecast for the rest of the afternoon. in fact, the stormy weather over the atlantic waters. it looks like we are moving to a quieter more comfortable pattern. an update at 4:00. >> kristi: we can take that. my dog was not happy this morning. that does it for right now. thank you for watching. "the chew" is next. >> constance: see you back
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