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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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when i wen outside it didn't look too bad. but looking at this, it looks like a war zone. >> hatzel: and now that war zone makes sense because when you lolo at the trees out here at the muvico, they're all facing different directions. they say that's a sure sign that there was a tornado at some point. for now reporting live in pompano beach, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: thanks a lot. and imagine being on the road this morning and actually seeing one of those tornadoes that look like this just feet away from you. local10 news reporter andrew preves caught up with a driver who spotted that scary video and recorded it for us. andrew. >> andrew: calvin, this viewer, he was telling me, he was wondering why all the cars were just stopping in the middle of the road during this storm. he said he massey was so focused on driving through this rough worthy he never saw this tornado ming. he says it had completely caught him off guard. anthony says he had no idea he
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until it was too late. debris flying everywhere. he was caught up in the storm along dixie highway and northwest 15th street in pompano beach. his dash cam automaticallystarts recording in his car, and when he went back to see the deo, he couldn't believe it. >> for me it was a fight or flight kind of thing, just get out of there before anything happens. because i seen big ox coming. >> andrew: his car suffered some damage but he says he's lucky. >> i think i am lucky, seeing how close it is it was and actually the businesses that got destroyed. >> andrew: we sawkar window blown out, trees toppled, residents frustrated. hath least two twisters doing a whole lot of damage, residents say they heardhat train whistle sound coming at them. now it's going to be kind of hard to believe what i'm saying nextxt but i was talking to some residents. they say they even saw stray cats, possums flying around in the middle of all this. dozens of cars damaged. but fortunately no the word of any serious injurie we're live in oakland park, i'm andrew perez, local10 news.
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a movie. our team coverage moves from broward county in the northeast miami-dade where people say the storm rocked them straight out of bed. local10 investigative jeff weinsier live now atatamage there. jeff. >> jeff: many people say it came out of nowhere, they had no idea it was headed right for them. chainsaws could be heard throughout this neighborhood all day long. if there's any good news, no injuries and the structural damage, quite frankly, is minimal. >> i just sat in the car screaming. i freaked out. >> jeff: robert paulson's 1991 mercedes in mint condition is now crushed under the huge black olive tree in his front yard me. raced home. >> 60 years old. if lived through ali kinds of hurricanes and everything. i never seen anything like this. >> jeff: skylake, an unincorporated northeast mimii-dade, was hit hard. many were rocked out of bed, a a went straight to the window. >> i watched as i was looking
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trampoline actlly become airborne, lift straight up and then just disappear out of sikht. i heard a very loud noise, sort of an explosion. >> jeff: on northeast 196 terrace, trees took out transformers, power poles snapped, lines stretched across roadways. this p per line came down on top of a boat. the winds so high, thihi trampoline was wrapped around a tree trunk. not far on northeast 21st court, the roof torn off this house. ighbors say the owners are away, and there's four afternoons of watein the house. > inches of water. >> i'm just taking a deep breath and i'm just a little emotional because that was something. >> jeff: and that mercedes you saw buried earlier here, it is, it has been freed from allll of that black olive tree branches. they he been working here for several hours at this one place. despite all the power usuals in this neighborhood, sol power is slowly getting on but fp&l said some people could be without power in skylake in northeast
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we are live in northeast mild, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> laurie: and today storms are briefed to have caused this scene in mideast miami-dade. the flames caused byby an apparent gas lack at norththst 195th street and second avenue. you can see that tree torn out of of the ground. >> calvin: and west broward wasn't sparedd by that storm. >> laurie: we're talking miramar. plooks and davie were all hit hard. so let's get to local10's neki mohan. she's live in miramar with the situation there. >> neki: laurie and calvin, somee people just coming home from work who left before the storm are in shock when they see scenes like this one, fences stale laying down one but these people have done a good job picking up the pieces in neigorhood. still in shock theatre this storm that came through fast and furious. the sound o chainsaws. the sound track of storm cleanup. >> that tree that we're chopping down right now came from somewhere in that direction. >> neki: in angel cove i i
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in the back of this home a lot of their patio furniture got thrown around. the house was mainly spared but it's hard to complain about that when you look over the hedge, and tdt's what you're neighbor'srd ya looks like. in the grand palms community of pembroke pines, palm fronds and other trees took the beating. and in west miramar, surveillance videoeot the guard gate for monarch lakes captured their bedroom community. >> sounded look a littl gunshot be with bang week bang, and then it sounded look a machine gun and that was my neighbor's fence coming through my property hitting everything. >> neki: in sunset lakes roads became rivers. the morning rush a careful maneuver to avoid car trouble. in davie, mighty power lines came crashing down. as residents worked to mend fences and workmen repaired windows allll over southwest broward with residents who had gone a decade without a
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tornado tore through.folks here say the last storm to hit them was wilma, and they got a new street sign then. they're going to actually need a new street sign again they say the only good thihi about this storm hitting today is that garbage pickup is tomorrow and thursday so they'll hopefully get everything on the strtrt corner so this will just be a memory by next week but something they'll definitely never forget. in miramar, neki mohan week local10 news. >> laurie: and this was the scene earlier at the harley-davidson shop in northwest mild. the storm knocking over several buicks. the owner said they have insurance, they're assessing the damage but he has never seen anything like this before. >> calvin: about the winds so strong this morning it knock over a tractor-trailer on i-95 shutting down the rush hour commute in miami gardens. you can see the truck lying on its side sprawled across several southbound lanes.. it stopped traffic in both directions as debris scattered onto northbound i lanes as well. the driver of thqt truck escaped without serious injury. he spoke with local10's ben kennedy earlier and described
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>> did you crawl out of thefront part of the truck? >> no, i came out from the window, the side window. >> did you get hurt? >> no. only a little scratch here. that's it. >> calvin: the southbound lanes reopened shortly before noon today after the tractor-trailer was removev. the northbound lanes reopened a short time later. >> laurie: a viewer stuck on i-95 this morning for hours, you certainly deserve a nice easy commute home. but only traffic reporter jenise fernandez what's what's in store. >> jenise: just when you thought i-invite had seen the laughs it we have an accident on i-95southbound at ives dairy roped. nothing like what we saw earlier this morning but you can see the heavy congestion. as we zoom on in to our maps we are seeing delays. again i-95 southbound, ives dairy road. there is an off-ramped left lane blocked due to this crash. hour. and i-95 northboununnot looking much better northwest 103rd street where there is an accidentnt and a right lane blocked with speeds there at 30 miles per hour.
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county we do have an accident in deerfield beach. this is on i-95 southbound it's around hillsboro boulevard. we are seeing heavy delays with speeds there at 16 miles per hour. your northbound lanes not looking much better,ets speeds there clocking in at 9 miles per hour. let's bring in hour chief certified meteorologist betty davis. betty, please tell me we are in the clear now. >> betty: we are. we are goiter reward tonight as our rain chance is dropping down to zero percent or wednesday and thursday so much improved out there. you do not have to worry about stormy weather. -1, that's the rating for the tornado, the one that came across the pompano beach area, damaged some structures. also ef-1 wright 1 in the aventura area that flipped over a semi by the way e-1 tornadoes, that wind range 86 to 110 miles an hour. a lot quieter out there for tonight. you do not have to worry about stormy weather. but your weather authority wasdefinitely on top of it this morning. our own trillions julie durda
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as well while she was on the air very early around 7:00 this morning, warning you to stay inside, not to go to the bus stop, to wait before you start your commute. this is what happened to her backyard ap her home in rest broward. that fence barely standing. sohe has cleanup to do of her own and luckily the weather is going to beeuiet for her and the rest of you who suffered the damage and hopefefly we can get things back tow normal pipe back in a little while lay with a lot more on the fecast. >> calvin: president obama talking about the death o o supreme court justice aonin scalia. >> laurie: when will the president nominate a candidate for the court? look for "world news" titan 6:30. >> will: coming up later in sports news on how chris bosh ask tangle his latest blood clot health scare. plus the heat make a trade. >> calvin: and a broad way hit wins big on grammy smite, and there's to a south florida connection. >> laurie: first we check in on e condition of a driver who
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that story right i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> calvin: a man behind bars after taking this backhoe for a dangerous joy ride on the seven mile bridge in the. to avoid getting caught the man apparently dropped boulders ask
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deputies that you spike strips to punch agricultu the satire. 59-year-old carlan blahnik is facing several charges flug throwing and eluding police. and a persist burglars breaks into a antique shop in deerfield beach. the man even resorts to karate kicks. bso deputies say he and his partners eventually got inside of that tan antique shop on hillsboro boulevard near power line road. deputies ai e. say they got away with more than $10,000 worth of merchandise. >> l lrie: a climes crook also caught on camera. surveillance video rolling as a thief trips, fal and drops everything. this happened it's a my phone repair shop along south university drive in day of this crook had used a sledgehammer to smash through the glass front door and he was able to get away with cell phones and cash despite the fall. and check this out. a man throw rocks at the french doors in hollywood. he did finally get in home on adams street on monday.
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and he took off running. if you no commission about either of these crimes please call police. calvin: we continue to follow a very tragic story, a federal agent demille a hit-and-run accident. now the man is charged with dui man lauter. custom enforcementages scott maguire was hit. a second agent was hit and has since recovered. police have charged 21-year-old jordana rosales with dui manslaughter. she was already charged with leaving the scene of a crash causing bodily harm. >> laurie: miami city managers said a hard drive has been recovered from a solid waste truck that fell more than 100 feets from i-95 on monday. the hardware similar toy black box was shipppp off to california for analysis. investigators still trying to figure out what caused that driver to lose controlling on the exit ramp near southwest 7th street. the waste truck fell into jose martsi park where it damaged several cars. >> the hard drive is 14 an
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has a camera that views into cab of the vehicle and in front of the vehicle to see what the operator could see, and also what is going on inside the cab. >> laurie: the driver was identified as kassim smith. he's been with its city since 2006. he remains in intensive care right now jackson memorial hospital. more historic change in u.s. and cuba relations. two crust official signed a kehl deal dodd that would pave the way for more commercial flights. a deal was signed during a 911 in the national hotel. that would allow american carriers to bid on as many. in addition to the current 10 to 15 charter flights a day. the rest would be to other cuban cities. the flights should take off in the fall and it's still only for those who are legally allowed to travel to cuba. >> lauaue: if you do not know about the broad way fom noop
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introduced to it on the grammyes last nights. hit the show performed their opening number from satellite from the ricrd rogers authority in new york city. they also walked away with a graeme for best musicallal theater album, and fnt and center was the show's musical director and hometown guy there in the navy tuxedo alex lack amore and we caught up with him dry skype today. >> i know i personally felt a little bit of responsibility and/or pressure, if you will, to try to make this record like really perfect bus miranda, our composer, his music was so unbelievable and so geniusly written that i wanted to serve his music in the pest beses way possible. we all busted on the butts to try to make at this time best-sounding record we could do to live up to this work that he created. so to have it recognized at this kind of global scale is really unbelievable. >> meterologist: and that's why it won. this is ale lack amore's second grammy win.
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one of our producers at local10. we congratulate michelle. she's so proud of her mother. >> calvin: back in the booth with a big senile on her face, mom with a big senile on her face. try getting a ticket, by the way. >> laurie: forget it.. we have to work michelle for that. one day we'll geto go but right now everyone wants to fly to miami for this weather. miami and fort lauderdale, this is gorgeous. >> betty: they weren'thinking that this morning, though. they were probably afraid out there. in case youmissed it, we had thunder and lightning and very heavy rainfall, 3 inches accumulating in some of your communities. damaging winds and also two tornadoes. what a day it has been for us. we did salvage the back half of the day because the afternoon was he'll actually pretty nice, just enough sunshine peeking through the clouds in miami, stepping up to 80 for a high this afternoon. tonight we are still setetng in with some clouds but there's no rain out there and stormy
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for now. 77 the current temperature in ami. kendall 74. pembroke pines 75 degrees, you're finally drying out, and on its is going to be a calm night for you and the weather is going to bode well for cleanup tomorr. in just a moment. this is the forecast for the rest of the evening between now and 8:00 tonight, keeping it dry. still some clouds in the mix. those mid to high`level clouds. and by 10:00 tonight temperatures should start to drop offf into the lower 70s before we bottom outs in the lower 60s by tomorrow morning. right now notice our winds are still light for miami coming in from the west-southwest. we are waiting for another surge of cooler air to drain on down the peninsula, so essentially we still have to get a cold front through, and once that happens, we're expecting air that's moror comfortable to stroll on into our neighborhoods, and that's sets us up pretty nice for the week. here's a look at the the sunshine statement puck definitely see still a little
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e 70s going strong across south florida. look at north-central florida with these temperatures in the 60s. so this is a measure of comfort farther to the north and we'll tap some of that as the northwest wind kicks on in. it means seasonable temperatures on the way for wednesday, sunshine around as well. thursday should be beautiful, high pressure in control. we'll be caught in the clockwise flow around that high. our winds eventually becoming northeasterly, and the breeze is going focus up. tomorrow morning lower 60s0s those are the lows in the forecast. and then highs climbing toward th upper 70s. that's about where we should be for this time of the yeaea winds light from the north-northwest about 5 to 10 miles an hour. thursday morning you may need a sweater with some 50s out there to starthe day and then highs in the mid-70s. friday and saturday, rain chance at 20% but that's not huge. that would thus be a shower on the breeze throwong that in the forecast because we'll have that noted on to northeast wind in
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sunday, monday not bad but next tuesday we may have more storms to track >> calvin: tomorrow the mystery is over. we'll find out who took home the historic $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. more than a month ago. lottery officials will you hold a news conference tomorrow to announce the winners. we will, of course, carry that live for you no doubt about it. >> laurie: big, big. >> calvin: i'm checking
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sp (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how somepresidential candidates seem to be dealing with social securi. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> will: let's see update you on the latest health scare for heat all-star chris bosh. he is reportedly back on blood thins to treat a blood chott in hisalf.
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today bosh began the treatment allow him tow turn out court this season. previous reports said that bosh is scheduled t meet with doctors on thursday. last season you may remember that bosh developed blood clots in his lung after dealing with a similar calf seasony and he missed thees left spontaneouin the midst of the bosh news the heat made a trade coping to yahoo!. they sent chris birdman anderson and two future picks to dallas. in return they get brian roberts from charlotte. the hurricanes opened the sustain season friday against rutgers. coach jim morris loves his team so much, he said that if he had a daughter, he would want her to marry -- >> that's some very kind words but i thank him for that, but -- >> but you're taken, rightsome. >> i'm taken. i'm taken. don't tell my girlfriend, please. this isn't going to go public, is it in i hope not. kidding. >> let's hope he got her
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day. the coach obviously loves his players and team. >> calvin: i was going to say because he's a nice guy, one that i going to make a lot of money. >> will: and one day he's going to make a lot of money. 4> calvin: my kind of coach. betty. >> betty: quiet out there night. temperatures are in the 70s by tomorrow morning some 60s. atmosphere is the stable. we can rest easy. >> laurie: the calm after the
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breaking news tonight. storms slamming both coasts. in the east, treacherous driving, a dangerous mix of sleet and rain. the pileups. 60 60-mile-per-hour winds. across the south, 20 reported tornadoes. the woman trapped under her home, rescued. and in the west tonight, bracing for a major system, too. also breaking tonight, the new polls coming in now. where do donald trump and hillary clinton now stand in south carolina? and former president george w. bush taking aim at trump. also developing, the supreme court. the president just moments ago, saying, "i intend to do my job. i expect them to do their job, as well." a message to the senate. the case of the serial killer, far wse than first
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accused in ten deaths, now linked to several others. what was discovered in his home. and mic check. america loves adele, but millions watching wondering, what happened? tonight, adele's own explanation, right here. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we begin tonight with a very dangerous commute home. a storm hitting in the east, another one about to hit in the west. and in the south tonight, multiple tornadoes, the pictures just coming in. an ef-1 tornado confirmed ououide miami. winds about 100 miles an hour. drivers there on i-95 in the middle of it all. and you will see the rescues in a moment,, playing out elsewhere. meanwhile, the chain reaction crashes further north. a mix of rain and sleet, a coating of ice in pennsylvania. i-81 outside scranton, trucks and cars colliding.


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