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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> anchor: sky 10 was over that scene at the recall trace apartments. ft. lauderdale city leaders are now w warning everybody just to avoided standing water and to avded water related activities. >> anchor: severe weather, moving in quickly. >> the wind must have been 50 miles an hour, 60, i couldn't see much. >> didn't matter. >> i knew there was trouble trees uprooted, roofs blown off, havoc, all signs confirming the work of twin tornadoes. and new tonight, while residents continue picking up the pieces, crews are workingvertime to restore power go counties two twisters and a whole lot of rattled nerves. >> but the good news, nobody was seriously hurt. we have live team coverage for you tonight. as well as right here in our studios.
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>> calvin and lori, we are on the corner of federal highway, which is one of the hardest hit areas in you ward, i am standing atop a sidewalk that was ripped out, now if you be bear with me, i see one of several trees that litter a strip mall we were at. you can see effort pas of it have bun cut down, but it will take crews another day to remove all of this. >> parar of a sidewalk were snapped into the slabs of concrete where no match for a massive tree that was ripped frfr the ground. all of it, the work of mother nature. >> anchor: okay, people, what's up.>> dash cam captured the ominous site, watch and listen as drivers realize a tornado is coming right at them. >> [bleep], [bleep]. >> the scary sight unloaded along pompano beach. >> for me it is fight or flight, just get out of there before anything happens to you.
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of chain saws pierce e angel cove neighborhood, where people spent the afternoon cleaning up. in west myanmar, surveillance cameras captured the strong winds moving in. >> that tree we are chopping down came from that area. >> lighthouse point wasn't spared ahead of the storm came the sound that ended in damaged trampoline in the air. >> the trampol@ine was in their yard over here on the corner, and when we came out it was just up into the power lines. >> and in hollywood, the strong winds and heavy rain made a mess of a mobile home and a couple inside. >> i look and she is underneath the rebel, which is underneath the tree. and i am devastated. >> without the help of our neighbors@ we would be hemless. >> so the woman trapped in her home is d/ingg just fine. crews are doing a pretty good job of removing this to one side, they are expected to come out here first thing tomorrow
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debris but start making repairs to the sidewalk. local 10 news. >> all right, thank you. >> and from broward county we head south who is live in north west miami dade, victor? >> lori, tonight, cws are still hard at work, take a look, right over here we have one crew working repairs on power lines and just the other way, down the block down here on northeast199th street. two more crews they are hard at workrkonight. the residenting here in the sky lake community haveeen without power all day long andnd so far it is a long night too. >> all the fences are gone, but this whole area was one b b tree. >> saw the brunt of one of the e.f. one attorneyeds t tt touched down tuesday morning i saw sparked and garbage cans like the wizardf all flying around. >> trees took out transformrms, power poles snapped lined stretched across streets. >> i just zahrt in the car
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>> robert olsen 1991 mers dense in mint condition now crushed under the black olive tree in his front yard. >> that was the carport, the winds mangled it and sent debris down the block. >> i saw something flapping off the back of the truck and that's when i realized the carport has blown down. >> it was crazy, man. i ha never been so fast in my life. >> in this home, a branch pierced the roof. >> the wind picked up the tck, and boom. >> and that boom was his tractor trailer knocked over on it's side after a strong wind crossed. it shut down the highway, for hours. >> as they work to restore power. >> no t.v.,( no video games, no computer. >> i would be usually like i don't know, watching t.v. or coming home from practice. >> many families like the
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>> and fbl tells us they had to bring in other crews to help with this problem. may also say they will be out here all night long, as long as it takes to restore power to every home here, effected in the >> thank you. >2 and viewers captures the storm raw power in both videos and photographs. >> for more on that, let's bring in janine stanwood she is live. >> pictures keep coming in and they really do tell the story. the beach was a mes, look at that, those are chairs and accusations they went flying. you can see a pile of them smack dab in the middle of the beach. also the popular restaurant cabana was hit hard but heavy rain and wind. and west of there, look at this photo from long lake ranches west. and this metal light pole bent over from the sheer force of wind gusts.
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column of wind and rain. and at peters sons harley davidson, motorcycles were toppled by whipping winds just look at this, the manager said they are arecessing the damage, and of course, the cost. this picture was sent to us by a family in hydro, that play house blown n wn into the fence. thankfully no little ones were playing inside. we do appreciate your weather videos and photos you can send them any time if you can do it safely tohare at and we cannot say it enough, at least at this popot, no reports of any serious injuries and that is all good news. >> thanks a lot. and this is what that system looked like as it came roaring across the florida peninsula. >> but now it is all quiet. chief certified meteorologigi. >> hi, everyone, we are ending the night on a high weather note, as cooler air moves in, we ll have lows in the lower 60's, and also drier air notice the rain chance going down to
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and oh by the way, the national weather service confirming that the weather has winds of about 80 to nine miles an hour. minutes. and the one near the aventura area, that one started around 7:51, and lagged for eight minutes, it too an e.f. one with winds 90 too00 miles per hour. andd notice the length of that pass, 3.8 miles. so thehetorm my weather is over, i will mention there have been rothers of a tornado this morning in davey, national weather service looks into that and some commanding wings coming out of the hollywood are too so a lot going on today. >> i will see you back hear in here in a few. >> that breaking news where a plane has made an emergency landing. >> anchor: that aircraft had to use aoadway as a runway, and our own andrew perez is out
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>> lori and calvin, we know this pilot reported engine problems before making this tricky landing, take a look because the plane is still out here behind me. it is a small cessna, 152, right off to the side right uh now, of u.s. 27 near pembroke road. ifou take a look at the video, we know to fire rescue, two people were onboard of that small plane, the pilot reported that engini problem a little more than an hour ago and it was force to put the plane down, the plane took off fro miami executive airport, so a long way from home right now, the good news, right now, no injuries reported here. the pilot and his the other man in the plane as well, they are both still on scene, they have to figure out how to move this plane now but ain, the good news, no injuries local 10 news. >> all right, thanks a lot, and developing right now, a flood of concern in a community after a sewer main break spilling sewage
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they say the somewhere is terrible, and the sewage is up to a foot in some places. crews have been working to repair the bre for hours now. sky 10 was over at the scene. and 4th avenue, ft. lauderdale city leaders are are now warning people to avoed stataing water in that area, and try to avoided water related activities in parts of the new river downtn. >> anchor: yuck. right. what a mes. >> anchor: terrible situation. >> anchor: we all know everything is a little crazier in the keys but look at this. a stolen backhoe right other the bridge. details on this wild scene coming up. >>< chris bosh taking new measures to ensure his health, while the heat make a trade, it is bye bye bird man, we will let say. >> allegations of corruption and insider dealing, bob norman confronts the officials involved including one who had moved on to a big job in miami.
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made mhappy made my day share your sto. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> a corruption investigation what investigator may have alleged play have been illegal active by two high officials. >> anchor: and now bob norman is on the case, and here says must see report. >> ex-ft. lauderdale city engineer denied he did athing wrong, while overseeing the city's engineering department. you tries to steerork to a company that you had personal affiliation with. >> i didn't do that. >> but a city investigation found otherwise, allegin he improperly steered contracts to a company with which he had personal and biness ties you
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company run by your professor. >> i that true? don't make any comment until i receive any more detail. >> also under investigation in the alleged scheme was the man who hired him at the city. then ft. lauderdale public works director can you talk about two ft. lauderdale investigation. >> you are talk to my legal council. >> it began last year when company was formed along where city boss ray nan's wife, creating an improper business relationship a aording to the city. also listed as a partner was the wife&of this man. >> good morning, everyone. >> amir, then florida international university engineering sool dean, and the professor and academic partner. >> you were in business with your professor's wife? and the public wks director's wife. >> i don't make any comments. >> that company was dissolved followed be i the formation of two separate companies, one
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another under myanmar's control called engine ovation. he then recommended his professor's company, and the company soon won a $17,000 city contract. theity now says it wasn't even certified to do you are are talking about the details which is everything is on the record. >> the city also found he requested reference requirement with waived for the company. >> you never disclosed to anyone your personal relationship with this company. >> because it is completely out of my selection process you didn't have a relation are ship? >> with y yr own professor. >> he also found that engine ovations work appeared to have consists of copying existing city plans, and passing them off as it's ownn and the investigation found possible violations of numerous laws including official misconduct and bid tampering. >> this is the first time that i am so l seeing this report.
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interview him and public reports director, both resigned within a w days. anonto take a job with miami dade county, overseeing the mass i $13.5 billion capitol improvement project. >> why were you in business with your city engineer? >> it is just a coincidence, the three days after this report came out. >> it is complete coincidence. >> the city closed the investigation. here city manager lee feldman. >> the city found the potential laws were violated p seven and didn't forward this investigation to a outside agency to investigate. why not? >> well, again, we have a process. we investigate our own matters. >> it was only after this confrontation, that feldman forwarded the city findings to the police department for further investigations. which continues. >> why would you tell -- >> i am sorry, sorry.
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>> i am sorry. >> bob norman, local 10 news. >> he issue add statement through his attorney calling the allegations unfounded bob also left messages for professor at his new job as provost at the university of texas at tyler which also went unreturned. >> a man is behind bars after taking this backhoe of all things on a dangerous joyride. on the seven-mile bridge in the keys. to avoided getting caught he apparently dumped boulders off the back, and damaged the bridge. the deputies aeventually put down spike strips to puncture the tires and here take a look, you can see the backhoe after it finally came to a stop. take a closer look and you will see the tires were completely flat due to those spike strips. no word from 59-year-old as to why he thought he could get away on a backhoe. but he is now facing federal charges. >> anchor: travel into cuba just got easier, in a matter of
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online. we have details on an agreement made today. coming up. >> anchor: no rain on the radar tonight, as the weather makes a turn for the better. i am betty davis, i will let you know what to expect for the rest of the week. >> if you can stay up a bit later you will get jimmy kimmel live, let's check in. >> here is proof that we did do some work food. >> maybe gwen might have had a crush on the counselors named jeff, or -- >> oh, i did. >> acacross america it is megamillions. >> tuesday february 16th, and tonight's jackpot is anest maided $94 million. to win that jackpot you must match these, plus that gold megaball. now, let's see if i can make you a millionaire. our first number is 64. 31.
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your next number is nine, and your final ever white ball for this tuesday evening is 46. now for the megaball. 4. 64, 31, 33, nine, 46, and the gold megawall is 4. if no one matches all six,
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$104 >> more change in u.s. and cuba relations. the two countries sign add deal toy that would pave the way for more commercial flights. u.s. secretary and his cuban counter partign add deal during a ceremony in the hotel. that would allow american air carriers to bid on many as 110
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this would allow 20 regular daily flights that's in addition to the current ten to 15 charter flighta day. the rest would be to other cuban cities. the flights should take off in the fall, and it is still only for those who are legally allowed to travel to cuba. >> it is hard to think of all the people cleaning up tomorrow, at least the weather will be beautiful. >> we have a repeat next week, as betty talks about, let's check in and find out more. >> that is tuesday we will have a lot of time to watch the next front as it comes through, but that will be the next time when we could have showers and storms. tonight we aren't even thinking about that the fact that things are quiet out there, you can almost hear a pin drop. 70-degrees in miami, ft. lauderdale winds from the northwest are light. but sustained at 12 with that north wind, and that component
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that means we have drier and cooler air tonight, and we know there's cooler air up to the north. we can see nit the temperature match across the sunshine state, seeing the 50's from tampa, to orlando, gainsville 52, and there's tallahassee at 47. so some of that air draining i i our direction, and notice the lows tomorrow, the forecast taking the lows into the lower 60's and that's right about where e should be. with 63 being the average morning g w, or normal low for mime. so we push one front through, that southwesterly flow is aloft. they keep running it ats, this set up has within unyielding it seems for so much of the winter season, anks a lot to el nino, so still the southwesterly flow but we do have drier air moving in, we will zillion have mid to high level clouds as we kick off wednesday, but we are expecting
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northerly component to the winds it should offer up a pretty decent eda day thursday looking good too, beautiful weather on the way with high pressure in control, and we will start to get into a north-northeasterlywind, and the breeze will start to pick up as well. so we may see the rip current risk going up, in fact, for the rest of the week, the end of the week, i should say, for today, the rip current risk has been on the moderate side at times. tomorrow, beach day looking good. north wind about ten to 15 miles per hour. if you are taking the boats out, no advisories on the water. just a light chop on the bays. seas are off miami dade and broward running aboutwo to three feet. the temperatures in the morning lower 60's, maybe you will need a sweater but by the afternoon, really pleasant. highs in the upper 70's, winds are north north west, five to ten miles per hour. thursday, 50's to start the day, so if you don't need a sweater, maybe thursday, and then during
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70's, really beautiful weather on the way. rain chance is low and you talked about next tuesday, it appears that will be the day the next front closes in so we will start to see the stormny weather meteorologist julie durda will be here for you bright and early. >> all right, thank you. and tomorrow, the mystery is overerwe are finally going to find out who took home that historic $1.5 billion jackpot, more thann month ago. lottery officials will hold their big news conferencnc tomorrow to announce the florida winners. local 10 news will be right there live, this is a big cuban experience, 1.5 billion, and live for us to cover it every step of thehe way. >> let's turn now manufacture morereerious note, our hearts and prayers are certainly with the big guy. >> yeah, chris bosh, we want to see him play. >> yeah, we are waiting to find out the official word from the heat, and hopefully we will get
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future, we will have the latest tonight on his condition, plus the road to omaha, getting underway, the season just around the corner, we will have it next. first cash three, play four, and your lucky money numbers we hope you win, good luck. and tomorrow at 11:00, south florida we have a problem. >> we have questions for you about the condition of the. >> aopular local burger joint maked a crash landing, the investigative reporter finds out
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>> thesese are anxious times for heat fans. the main question t t health of the team leading scorer chris bosh, we might get a better idea when the heat return are to practice tomorrow afternoon. now the latest report on it and his c cdition that he is started taking blood thinners to treat a clot in hisalf. the associated press reporting that bosh began the treatme with the hopes that will allow him to return to the court this season. last season he developed the blood clots in his lung after dealing with a similar calf injury, hospitalized and will miss the remainder of the season, the pope is that won't be the case this` year. the heat saying goodbye to a fan favorite, they have traded chris the birdman andersobitman came to the heat during the 2013 season, to help lead them to a title, however, by making this move the heat get 6 million-dollars from their luxury deal.
11:32 pm
absolutely essential in our 2013 nba championship run, we want to thank him and wish him nothing but the best. >> the hurricanes openn the season friday against rutgers at mark like staid you yum. and the college world series and of course, the team can't wait to go wac. everybody is clear as clear as day. everybody is excited to t started. it is a lot of excitement, like you just said, everybody can't wait to get out there on the field. face the outside competition, there is nothing like it. >> good stuff there. bird at a game, saw him he said you know i am worried they are going to tradeou, and he said worried he said don't worry about the bird man. so don't worry about the birdman, he will be fine. >> he will always be a heat player, and he is off to memphis. >> in honor of birdman, my kids have mohawks so there you go.
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to start the day, upper 70's, and some sunshine, no storms.
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>> slest text1 italics cc1 test message >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel li"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. thank you for watching at home. i appreciate youj coming. that's very kind. [ cheers and applause ] it's very quiet in l.a. on the night after the grammy awards. the sanitation crews have cleaned up all the upwn funk that was all over the street. [ laughter ] everything is back to abnormal here. the big winners at the grammys last night. did you watch the grammy awards last night? [ cheers and applause ] i have no stake in it if you did or you didn't. but kendricic lamar, who gave a memorable performance, took home five awards. ylor swift won three grammys including the big one, album of the year. [ cheers and applause ] the show itself ran 3 1 1 hours long. so not everyone stayed for the entirety of the program. most notably, ice cube. ice cube was a preseer last


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