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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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yards on the ground for 3.8 miles and thattiming was around 7:51 to 7:59. lots of structures damage in pompano beach. we saw over 37 reports of damage and major concerns for our friends across miami-dade and broward due to the storm system that moved through yesterday. i'm happy too tell you today will be another day to be comfortable cleaning up. clear skies will develop later today with the north west wind keeping much more comfortable than what we saw yesterday. these temperatures between six and 13 degrees cooler. i'll have more on the forecast coming up. >> thanks so much. we have a pretty serious accident reported a few minutes ago. i'm going to move out of the way so you can see what's happening here. you see the flashing lights right there? that's where the flashing lights are. not quite sure if that exit is complely blocked.
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this locationgain, this is i-95 northbound street. m going to have all the details. i'll be updating twitter all morning long with that one. we have confirmed t tt a person has been hit here off of lauderdale lakes, 441 and oakland park boulevard. we do know the speeds there pretty slow at 17 miles per hour. if you live in this location this is near oakland park boulevard, just use caution. police are investigating. finally back down to miami. a reminder we had this crash off of u.s.-1 southbound and southwest 152nd street. now back to our top story, twister trouble. twisters touching down it appears to be night from this video but it's minutes before 8:00 a.m. >> the cleanup continues across miami-dade and broward counties. ben kennedy is live.
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things off with erica rakow. she's live in hollywood. this is the same spot you were reporting from right after the storms yesterday. we're hoping it improved. is it looking better? >> it has. you say continued the cleanup today. that i absolutely right, continue is the keyword because they were already out here all day yesterday trying to get things done. you can see a crew trying to remove a treeoff of the home. this is the pile that's left. clearly a lot to still be halled away but that home, that is what is left of it. a lot to do here in hollywood. this video shows you some of the damage in other parts of hollywood yesterday. people who live here, they are convinced it was a tornado that passed through. sounded like a train escalated in seconds. two did touch down but it doesn't look like this particular area of hollywood was in the path. the strong winds though caused the massive tree
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with two people stilltrapped inside. those two people only got out with the help ofa neighbor. the force is evident. you can see the debris picked up and launched across the road, cars coming to a standstill. surveillance cameras at a residential community caught the moment the strong winds picked up several potted plants and large palm tree branch, launching them several feet away. over on ft. lauderdale beach workers were left picking up beach chairs and cushions fromhe ocean after the winds picked up the equipment and scattered it all over the place. the husband and wife who lived here in the mobile home, they are clearly not able to stay here now. you see what's left of their house. the red cross came out here yesterday to try and give them some help. the woman who was inside, she was rushed to the hospital. they%are okay but again clearly without a place to live today. we're live in hollywood, erica rakow, local 10 news. >> thank you. and now we continue
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we head south to ben kennedy. he's in northeast miami-dade. >> that area also hit very hard yesterday. >>reporter: you're erica was talking about. you u n still see signs of this tornado. take a look right here behind me. this incredible plea large tree was blocking the road at some point. you can see it's been chopped up and moved to the side. we are live at northeast 196th street and 11th court. not far from here in miami gardens, trees were knocked down by the wind and heavy rains. this neighbor's car port was actually destroyed, landing right on top of her. >> i saw something flapping off the back of a truck here and that's what i realized the carport had blown down. >>reporter: local 10 had live
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tornado did hit. i did speak to the driver who was thrown out but was not hurt. crews cleared the mess. that scene only took a few hourso clean up. it was not the case in northeast miami-dade where we are live this morning. a man's mercedes was crushed underer a black olive tree and trampolines wereossed around like toys. back live to miami gardens this morning. crews did work through the night and will begin once aga once the sun does come up. i think the game plan is trucks will come through neighborhoods like this, kind of chop up some more trees and haul all of this mess away. ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> crazy couple ofays, ben kennedy live for thus morning. going to keep an eye out cleanup coverage. as o just about six minutes ago we got our
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we now00 customers are without power. 982 customers in miami-dade without power there. we're on the air, on-line and our free wplg app for you. two people were on board that plane when it reported engine problems from miami executive airport last night. no one was hurt. miami city managers says a hard drive was actually been recovered from t ts. remember the solid waste truck that fell more than 100 feet off of i-95 on monday. that has been shipped off to california for analysis. investigigors are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control of that truck and go right off the exit ramp.
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to jose marti park where it damaged several cars. >> the hard drive has a cam that views into the cab of the vehicle and in front of the vehicle to see what the operator could see and also what is going on inside the cab. >> the driver identified as kaseem smith remains in the intensive care unit of jackson memorial hospital. take a look. happened behind nova point condominiums yesterday morning. the boat next to it not to lucky. thiss how the smaller boat that caught fire ended up. 197 mango boat considered to be a total loss. the cause of the fire being evacuated. apple ceo tim cook says he will fight the judge's order to up lock the phones of the san bernadino killers. they haven't been able
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of the encrypted content . am has said up locking their phones with under mine theirir encription system and provide a back door that could be used for unlocking other devices. she was originally only charged with leaving the scene of a crash. police say the two agents were trying to hail a cab when they wewe struck by gonzalez. now to an update on thth couple found dead inside a southwest miami-dade lake. an autopsy does confirm that they drown. twoen were reported missing after they didn't make it home from a restauranin kendall earlier this month. the car was later found inside the lake. it appears they crashed through a guardrail and that's how they ended up
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fake doctor busted. not the first time he's been caught. you won't believe how old he is. you'll hear from him coming up. we'll let you know what pups took home the top prize. we'll have a nice mild start on this wednesday. temperatures much more comfortable than what we saw yesterday, inin the low to mid 70s. nice and m md. we'll see sunshine
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degrees. good morning. the cleanup continues today. >> viewers like you sent us videos of the storms where you were. check out how this rain pounded pembroke pines.. waiting ace expweus. there'g the school bus. >> send your pictures to you will have less to photograph today except beautiful sun rises. >> as soon as the storms left, it was sunny and warm and gorgeous. >> you would never know we had the severe weather we had if you came i iin the afternoon. you wouldn't have known all of the destruction we went through in the morning. it was warm. our temperatures are finally back down to the 60s where they should be this time of year.
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activity, the instability in the atmosphere. remember when we had really strong winds. at this time i wass seeing wind gusts in the 20s and 30s yesterday whichctually helped fuel for the rotation that was developing and the severe thunderstorms thate saw across parts of south florida. so again the ingredients were there. i'm just happy that everybody is safe and sound. up fortunately though,we have a lot of cleanup. weather will cooperate. we are seeing some cloud cover in place but cool, comfortable conditions with the west northwest wind. i love to tell you and remind you to a shift in the wind dirtion provide for less humid, comfortable and stable air mass here in vouth florida and temperatures in the low 60s. that's right. something we definitely deserve after yesterday. these temperatures are anywhere between four and 13 degrees, cooler, more comfortable than what we woke up to yesterday. in the w we of the front, all we have is lingering cloud cover. high presssse is just to the north. this is going to be our
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basically our weather pattern today going into tomorrow. where it's located today though, we're going to notice cool, comfortable conditions. eventually it will slide to the east and then we'll see a gradual warming trend as our winds start to shift in off the ocean. seasonal temperaturere and sunshine. great day to be outdoors. if you have cleanup, you can do so today. tomorrowow becoming beautiful but a bit breezy. we'll elevate that risk of rip currents. for today though we@only have a slight risk of rip currents. so calming things down after a very rough tuesday. take a look at the forecast going into tomorrow. we will keep our temperatures seasonal, highs in the mid 70s, lows in the 60s. going into the weekend, gradual warmup ahead of another cold front that could spark some strong storms going into tuesday. i'll b@ here all morning long to keep you posted for the next week. >> thank you so much, julie.
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we're hearing a carverses a train happening off of 27th avenue, northwest 27th avenue and oldld state road 9. you can see how banged up that car is right there. i don't see the train. not sure if it's affecting our tri rail service. we had a serious crash reported on e i this morning. this is i-95 northbound. the camera as off of 75th street facing south so you can see that accident scene. that exit ramp completely shut down this morning due to all of this. we're hearing at least one person injured with this crash. since that visit ram season blocked, i would just take it a little further south. make 54th street or exit just a little bit earlier. in addition to that we e hearing a person has been hit in lauderdale lakes. this one happening off 441, state road 7.
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miles per hour. >> constance, thks for that. homes supposed to help people stay sober are the center of real trouble. >> the website was wiped clean so she started digging. that's next in an
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okay. a call to call christina about their troublesome recovery residences. >> christina vazquez begins to dig into this issue, the companyny wipes its website clean. >> new sober home legislation recently
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very issues. so what happened here? let's show you in >>reporter: they are people who say they were@ referred by area hospitals to arms of hope, a recovery program in three what's been your experience since you've been there? >> pure hell. >>reporter: on their website promises like a highly-skilled treatment team. there. >> i noticed big gaping hole in the bathroom ceiling. >>reporter: that's homicide advocate jeff w weinberger. and when we began to investigate the claims, these individuals acted tough, kicked us off the property but refused to identify themselves. >> it's youou tight that will would compel you to come offend and speak to us. >>reporter: arms of hope claimed to partner with the broward's sheriff' office, even included the law enforcement's logo but
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partnership, just a vendor agreement to offer a tote of six hours of offduty services on the weekends. at this point in our investigation, take a look. arms of hope wiped its website clean. >> seemed like every other week the police is like coming. >>reporter: incident logs prove she's right. last year bso responded more than 200 times with incident call types to include narcotics overdose, even a dead the department of children and families tells us since 2013 there have been three adult proroctive services involving givers. we did find a resident o said. anything like that you're seeing? and you live here? >> yes. >>reporter: bso logs indicate deputies have responded to this address more than a dozen times in 2015 for incident call types to include abuse.
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>>reporter: but that's the thing. nobobo really is. last summer a new law wass passed to rein in the recoveryy industry. it remains voluntary. >> nothing has really changed. nothing really will change because there's still no mandate that these kd of facilities become licensed. >>reporter: the law does say starting this summer state license drug treatment centers will only bellowed to refer patients to certififi sober homes. we checked w wh him. arms of hope has never applied for certification. we spoke with the person the website identified as the president of operations. at first he said he would do an interview and didn't respond to our followup request. meantime two bills are being discussed this legislative session that would deal with sober home marketing. we have more onn that on the call christina page
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in the news room, christina vazquez, local 10 news. a thief returning to the scene of a crime to return what he stole. his change of heart is not keeding him out of trouble though. >> let's show you live pictures. this is the 4,000 block of state road 7 in lauderhill lakes. you can see plenty of police activity in this area. lanene are blocked. constance will have your traffic detail and we'll let you know has going
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t 6:25 the time right now. a man in georgia trying to right the wrong he committed. >e was caught on camera grabbing a package from a front porch, and it was filled with birthday presentsfor a little girl. the next day he brought the packages back. >> the sheriff's office came out and removed the
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opened items inside of it along with an poll gentlemen note written on an envelope that had some cash inside. >> okay. so you might think well, that's nice. police say change of heart not enough. they tracked him down and arrested him. he's being charged with what he did the first time around. traffic alert southbound lanes closed here off of u.s.-441 between commercial and oakland park boulevard. we have confirmation a obviously police are on the scene. ll have your alternate routes in a few minutes. twisr trouble, we're seeing video of the tornadoes as they hit south florida. >> of course we're getting a look at the damage as well. live reports f fm hollywood and northeast miami-dade. julie here with a much different forecast for
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that's coming up next at breaking news right now. a person hit by a car in lauderhill lakes. cleaning up after twister trouble. areas hit hardest by two tornadoesn smelly situation, sewage leaking into the streets. repairs have not been made yet. good morning to you. i'm jacey birch. >> hi. i'm eric yutzy. a better forecast for you on this wednesday. bubu first heres' a traffic alert you need to know about. lanes completely shut down on 441 between commercial and oakland park boulevard. we just got confirmation from police a person has been hit so obviously there' an ongoing investigation here. you see the flashing lights and traffic not getting by. let me show you from our traffic map what that means for you this morning. if you live in this
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going to be able to get by southbound at all. you can take dr. martin luther king drive northbound-southbound there or take the turnpike. again 441, closed, will likely be closed until the sun comes up. 441 shut down. yo can take dr. martin luther king boulevard or the turn pike heading southbound. we still have our exit ramp complely closed off of northwest 62nd street affecting our northbound lanes on the i. also if you're traveling off of sheridan we've got a crash on i-95 northbound and sheridan street, lanes shut down there as well. we've got at least two lanes of traffic blocked. julie? >> constance, wewe have to recap the severe weather we had yesterday. two touchdowns touched down. they were ef-1 strength. the first ef-1 tornado touched down was in pompano beach. the width of 200 yards.
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for three miles. that's why we saw so much damage. we all can't forget what happened on i-95 with that second ef-1 tornado on the ground for three miles. that happened at 7:51 to 7:59. we kept it all live on local 10 news for you. the structural damage will be an issue to cleaea up over pompano beach. i'm gladt's a thing of currently we are going to have to deal with more damage. over 37 reports of damage from hollywood, from west miramar all the way near the coast. it's going to be a beautiful day. now tour team coverage of the twister trouble leaving a whole lot to clean up today. the ef-1 tornadoes touched down. we tracked the storm' path each step of the way. now our coverage continues. a second day of cleanup is under way. ben kennedy live this morning in northeast miami-dade. >> let's begin with erica rakow.
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what's it like behind you? >>reporter: this is what's left of this home that was completely smashed by a te. crews worked all day yesterday to pull the tree off of that house. you can see what's left tree. it's hard to believe the people in that mobile home are doing okay today but they are. neighbors and it was with the help of the neighbors they were actually able to make it out of here. parts of the sidewalk were snapped in two, slabs of cop create ripped up by a massive tree pulled from the ound. dash cam video capture what had mother nature was about to do. ere on the right of your screen watch and lilien as drivers realize a tornado was coming right at them. that was along dusmie highway and northwest 15th street in pompano beach. >> for me it was a fight or flit kind of thing, just get out of there before anything happens.
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chain saws out in the angel cove neighborhood. in west miramar, a surveillance camera. a guard house captured the winds picking up. >> that came from somewhere in that direction. lighthouse point wasn't spared either. >> the trampoline was in their yard offend here on the corner. and when we came out, it was out in the power lines repor in hollywood the strong winds and heavy rain made aess of a mobile home and a couple was inside. >> i looked and she's underneath the rubble. i'm devastated. without the help of our neighbors,e would be homeless. >>reporter: and that couple who lived here had only been here a couple of months. they are representing. they say the opener of the property is the person who got the crews out here quickly to move the tree off of that house. clearly they have no where to live this morning, helping neighbors or p pting them up and the red cross came out yesterday as well.
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rakow, local 10 news. >> thank you. a team coverage continues now with ben kennedy. >> he's in northeast miami-dade and that was also near the center of those storms. >> you're right as erica was talking abobt. you can still see signs of this tornado. is incredibly large tree at one point was actually blocking the road. if you walk with me for just a bit, take a look towards the end. the roots are sticking up out of the ground after this twister moved through. >> i saw sparks. i saw garbage caps like the wizard of oz flying around. >>reporter: there's no place like home, it's true but an ef-1 tornado is nothing to joke about after onon hits the sky lakes community in northeast miami-dade. >> i've never run so fast in my life. >>reporter: this map mercedes
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tree. trampolines were tossed around like toys, a limb even pierced the roof of this house. crews worked overtime t t clear the neighborhood and even i-95 after the twister knocked a tractor trailer on its side in the southbound lanes near ives dairy. >> everything starts flying, everything like that and the wind pick up the truck and trailer and boom. >>reporter: despite the highway being shut down at neighborhoods without power for hours, no one got seriously h ht. >> that's it. >> crews did work through the night and will be back out on the scene when the sun does come up, you can see there is such a lot of work left to do to clear the sidewalks and the roads. reporting live in northeast miami-dade, news. a busy d of cleanup continues. we've got you covered.d ben kennedy is live this morning.
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ago we got our update from florida power and light. the number's still quite high in miami-dade. 896 customers still without electricity right now. developing right now an investigation into what forced a plane to make an emergency landing on u.s.-27. take a look. two people aboard this plane of it reported engine problems minutes after taking off. no one was hurt. the plane is still out there on the road this morning and we're working to get more information about exactly what happened. new overnight teams of drivers scouring a western canal. that's where the car was found. the divers were called in to search for body or any other clues. deputies say the car appear to be empty. stay with local 10 for all of your updates n this story. and sewage in the streets of ft. lauderdale after a main line broke.
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the sewage is up to a foot deep in some spots. ft. lauderdale city leaders are warning people to avoid standing water in that area. more historic change in u.s. and cuba relations. the two countries gning a deal yesterday that would pave the way for more commercial flights. the agreement would allow 20 regular daily flights from the u.s. to havana. the rest would be to other cuban cities. those flights should take off in theall. it's still only for those legally allowed to travel to cuba. new polls numbers are inor the race for president and they show donald trump with a commanding lead in south carolina. the poll puts him at 35% of the poll, ted cruz in second place with 18%. mash mark and jeb bush rounding out the top four. now to the democratic
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leading bernie sanders in the polls 58-37%. ile jeb bush may not be getting a ton of support leading up to saturday night's primary, he sure is gettttg attention on a twitter.a tweet with the america america. the tension continues between jeb bush and donald trump, each tab it go jabs at each other on the campaign trail. >> i don't care what donald trump says. the guy's a complete loser. >> he comes out because well, i don't think that donald trump can beat hillary clinton but i can. i say why aren't you being me? >> whoever comes out on top, glenna millberg will bring it t us live. she's heading to south carolina as republicans head to the polls. democrats, their vote is next week. that's where hillary clinton has a nearly 20 point lead, as we just showed you, over bernie sanders.
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the winners of a record jackpot are coming forward. florida lotto says the person who bought thattickck in melbourne beach, they are ready to step forward and claim their prize. three t tkets matched the winning numbers here in florida, tennessee and in california. and each person entitled to $529 million or a lump consumer pay out of $328 million. amy viteri will be live in tallahassee today. she's going to cover this for you, introduce you to the newest multi-millionaire heren florida. >> i'm excited to see that. new this morning a fake doctor is arrested again. this doogie howser wannabe pretending to be a doctor in a hospital. yesterday at this time i brought you the information to get you prepared for the severe weather that we had. we had tornado across parts of south florida, two of them recallly touched down.
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outside, oh, gosh. you can't see it but you'll be able to feel it. one thing you'll be able to notice more than anything, it's dry this morning, cool and comfortable and seeing lots of sunshine. best in show which pooch took home the top prize from the famed westminster dog show. > traveling off of 441 southbound and lauderdale lakes, southbound lanes completely shut down here at oakland park boulevard after a person has been hit.
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the break. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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good morning. the florida keys want you to come as you are but just don't think it's in a backhoe. deputies say the man dumped boulders off of that backhoe and drove it for an hour and a half.
6:42 am
threw spike strips in front of it. you can see a closer look. those tires, they are flatten bid thosese spike strips. he is now facing several charges including fleeing and eluding police. a series of coastguard hearings got under way. during the hearings the coast guard plans to investigate what may have led to the sinking of the cargo ship. the ship sunk right near the bahamas. all 33 crew members on board were killed.d. all right. to our traffic alert this morning inlauderdale lakes where a person has been hit southbound on 441. we've got closures between commercial boulevard and oakland park boulevard. these are somemages we got just a little while ago. i suspect this location will be shut down until the sun comes up as police continue to investigate. we do not know the condition of that person who was hit but they were taken to the hospital.
6:43 am
traffic story this morning, southbound drivers not getting by at all. this is happening offend 441 at oakland park boulevard. the best alternate route is taking dr. martin luther king boulevard or traveling a little further west, traveling south on the turnpike probably at 11st avenue the best bet. exit ramps still partially blocked at i-95 northbound at 26nd street and then to broward county we go. two lanes blocked on i-95 northbound at sheridan street. >> thank you, constance. can't blame the weather for the traffic dedeys because we are waking up to dry conditions. overall we're expecting brighter skies today, drier weather and more ld temperatures. up like yesterday it was warm and muggy as we walked out the doornd we saw some very strong storms across parts of south florida. ft. lauderdale we're seeing the temperature of 63 degrees right now. 64 in miami. we have in key west with a north northwest wind between six and ten miles per hour.
6:44 am
65 in hialeah. 64 kendall. upper 60s down in marathon and the coolest spot is pompano beach at 62 degrees. i'm happy to tell you in the wake of the cold front we are seeing cooler, comfortable conditions as the winds are in from the northwest. temperatures anywhere between six and 13 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. we will see ne, mild start. temperatures will be in the mid 60s throughout the morning. 72 degrees by 10:00 and them going into the afternoon lots of@ sunshine. we'll warm us up to the upper 70s. it will be a great day to be outdoors. some when you have some cleanup due to the construction because of the tornado and the very strong wind gusts. if you can't do it today, dope worry week going to keep this comfortable weather in place. currently we have those midand high level clouds around. don't worry, that's just
6:45 am
there's really no precipitation falling over broward or miami-dade. highs today will be in the upper 70s. we'll see lows tomorrow in the upper 50s. low 60s with a strong northwest breeze in place. highs in the mid 70s until friday. then we'll warm up to the upper 70s saturday and sunday. i hate to say it. we are expecting yet another cold front to move into south florida. all the ingredients will be there for yet another very active day of weather by tuesday as ghs are expected to reach the 80s with lows in the mid 60s and the brises in place. i'll keep you posted. enjoy today and the weekend. the heat, they return to practicic today. fans anxiously awaiting word on chris bosh's future ahid another health scare. reports say he started taking blood thinners to treat a blood clot in his calf. of course youu rember bosh sidelined with a
6:46 am
this time next year. he did not return. meanwhile this buy won't be there. chris the burdenman anderson traded to memphis. giving him up though means the heat takes some money. they get $6 million from their luxury tax bill taken off. backup guard b ian roberts comes this way as well. new this morning after some rough competition, you like that, eric. >> you@sold it. >> he loves puns. he loves it. there's a new best in show. it came down to california journey known ac cj for short. the german short haired pointer came out on top. cj will make his first celebrity cameo thismorning on "good morning america." live pictures right now. we have a plane in pembroke pines on u.s. 27.
6:47 am
this plane went down right there on the road but the details for why they had to bring it seen. we'll bring you the story right here on a south florida teen is arrested, accused of posing as a doctor. this is in doogie howser becaususthis is not the first time he's done it. the charges he's now facing. we do want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day, jessica. thanks for weighing up
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>> gorgeous pic. now.
6:50 am
news out of lauderhill lakes. >> sanela sabovic live at the scene. sanela, what do you see? >>reporter: good morning, eric anan jacey. a very active scene here in lauderdale lakes around northwest 31st street and state road 7. what bso is able to confirm to us is that a person was struck by a car. they have their sights on a four door purple s.u.v. it appears toe a kia. it is in the southbound lanes oftate road 7. it's unclear if that driver remains on t scene. we're still working on confirming the details for you, also work to see how that person is doing. we're going to get in contact with bso momently to find out the condition of that person. a peruon was struck by a car. i do want to mention state road 7 heading southbound is shut down. police are diverting traffic so if you do need to navigate through this area, do take an alternate route. as soon as we get
6:51 am
certainly bring it to you. also check out for all the latest updates. reporting live in lauderdale lakes, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. nowo new york where a scheduled protest aimed at criticizing beyonce's super bowl performance really didn't go as planned. support hers beyonce showed up to rally for the singer outnumbering those critiquing her performance. and now check out clumsy crook caught on@ camera in davie. the thief who targeted a my phone repair shop along south university drive trips and drops all the stuff he's trying to steal but he does end up getting away with cell phones and cash after using a sledgehammer to break through the door. a south florida teenager arrested for impersonating a doctor. he was running his own medical clinic in west palm beach.
6:52 am
this week after giving a physical exam to an under cover officer. >> i'm hurt because of the accusations and allegations but, like i said, this is not the first time where i've been accused and i will pursrs this, and when i do, you guys will know. >> not the first time he's dealing with this. he's the same teen who pretended to be a doctor last year at s snt mary's hospital. police say he got away with that for about a month. >> he looks young too. >> really young. back to our top story, twister trouble times two. cleanup continues after two tornadoes touched down right here in south florida. >> we're going to show
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damage and a m we are just minutes away from "good morning america" getting started on local 10. good morning. coming up next here on "good morning amemeca," tawses showdown now
6:55 am
this morning a federal judge siding with the fbi as it investigates the san bernadino massacre, orderinghe company to work with the bureau. apple pledging to fight the order. we'll have the latatt on the court battle next on gma. i love to tell you this, my friends, we're waking up to dry conditions. don't worry those clouds will break. attempt in the low 60s ft. lauderdale, mid s immiami. 68 key west. just beautiful. we are expecting highs 70s. a greatay to be outdoors. makes. traffic alert in lauderda lakes. southbound lanes are still shut down off of 441 between commercial boulevard and oakland rk boulevard after a person was hit this morning. we've got delay in place from that spot. so if you're traveling there, i would take northwest 31st after my, boulevard.
6:56 am
two lanes blocked town. one at i-95 at sheridan. tornado cleanup under way in broward and miami-dade counties. ef-1 tornado touched down at pompano beach yesterday morning. a second tornado touches down in northeast miamiade. according to florida power and light, 946 people are sti without power in miami-dade right now. the f.a.a. investigating why this small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on pembroke road. the it peers the cessna had engine problems after taking off from ami lifetime night. no one was hurt. the ticket is worth a third of the 5. million dollar prize. i can't even say it. a 328 million lump sum. i can't count this high. >> just don't focus on the zeros.
6:57 am
tallahassee for today's announcement. she will have live reports coming up tomorrow afternoon as she tries to meet her new cousin. >> even if you don't win, that much money? exciting. we got it for you throughout the day here on south florida.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> have a good one. good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young boy slipped dangling 30 feet above ground and the hero
7:00 am
the new best in show crowned after facing rough competition from thousands of dogs, c.j., the german shorthaired pointer walking away with the biggest bone of all now joining us live in times square only on "gma." all right, and good morning, america. there he is, c.j., the winner of the westminster kennel club's best in show award.d. he's just arriving here in times square. he took a walk t tre on our green carpet in case you missed it. weannot wait to meet the top dog coming up. hear what he has to say about his win. the biggest bone of all. >> a great-looking dog. >> walks like a winner. we will get to that. we have breaking news overght. apple is refusing to follow a government order to hack the san bernardino shooter's phone. the fbi believes importantlues about accomplices and more plots


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