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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and maureen smith walked up to accept their portion of the powerball prize and ponder questions to which they don't yet have answers. >> can you tell us what you are going to do with the money? [laughter] >> reporter: do you have plans for it already? >> well, of course, we'll take care of family and we have a lot to think about. it's very stressful stressful. it'snew. >> reporter: the winning ticket was one of three in the country to match all six numbers. the prize is $528.7 million. but the couple decided to take lump sum payment of nearly $328 million. >> i work for north north run, sorop. so i will be retiring. >> good luck to you. >> reporter: the day after the drawing they checked the numbers and checked them again in disbelief. >> and they announced, melbourne beach.
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>> reporter: but the couple sharing they will take care of family and friends. >> he wants to get a new car. >> reporter: how about you? >> i really don't know. i want to get a massage. [laughter] >> reporter: and david share his current tluk truck is on its last leg. he's actually in need of a new vehicle. with all of this committment excitement comes a lot of stress. we're talking about a lot of money. coming up, we'll tell you how this couple managed to keep this massive secret from everyone they knew and why they decided to do that. back to you. >> that's the big question, how they kept it quiet. we'll check back. thank you. now to a developing story, a false alarm at fiu of a reports of smoke. investigators found no sign of fire.
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scene as officials checked out the engineering building. people have been allowed back into the building. people are cleaning you and pickingup and picking up the pieces after two ef- 1 tornadoes and an ef- 0. >> one of the areas hit was the city of hollywood where many trees were knocked down. one fell at a mobile home trapping people inside. >> the storm also caused plenty of damage in northeast miami-dade. after the storm, the focos, of course, is cleaning up all of the debris. >> today, the national weather service confirmed a third twister touched down in davevy -- davey. >> our reporter is live there with the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: laurie, because the national weather service confirmed that the thirdornado touched down here in dave daveie, this man is workingth some of the crews trying to
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the light post you see quite amazing to see what the winds were able to do. twist this light post in maf half and then this tree which has been uprooted. aa lot of the folks working have been working all day and now not only worrying about the mess but the insurance claims. we were there as cleanup crews showed up in both miami-dade and broward. in hollywood, you can see the power of the winds in tom's neighborhood. >> i didn't think we got hit by tornadoes. i thought we got hit by hurricanes. >> reporter: tree removal companies were out, so were fpl crews fixing power lines in neighborhoods where some people lost their homes.. >> i wouldn't want anybody to go through this. it's terrible. you don't t ve a home. the truck's been destroyed. what's next? hit by lightning? >> reporter: the same deal at the skylake community in
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branch took out transformers, trampolines were tossed around and a tree limb pierced the roof of this house. thounds starting the insurance claims process. >> first thing they should do is try to prevent any further damage. >> reporter: that means removing debris that could po potentially i flicket more dage to your structure and securing and coveringhat damage. >> debris removal up to a certain dollar amount is typically covered. >> reporter: but makeure you are taking pictures and plenty of them had, a way to document your loss. >> reporter: for the most comprelensive site -- comprehensive site when it comes to krnd coverage and claims,, you will find pages and pages of video of information about what claims to make, how to make claims, how to avoid also being scammed. so a lot of information, go there at 5:00. and we'll talk about how to find the right contractor.
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davie,back to you. here is a live look at fort lauderdale at our tower cam. what a gorgeous site that is. it shows your dedication and commitment to come in because a-1-a was calling our name. >> it still is. >> there will be plenty more days to enjoy this. we'll take you outside one more time. temperatures, they are just lovely. 76 degrees currently in miami. winds from the west northwest about 7 miles an hour. 71 in key west. here's the forast for the restof the evening. mainly clear sky. we'll have the comfortable dropoff in the 60s tonight. weather absolutely perfect which is what we need following that ef- 1 for the pompano beach area, the ef- around aventura and adding to the list the ef- 0
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i listen will be back with t seven-day planner. a couple of scares in the air to tell you about. a plane making an emergency landing after a tire blew out after take off. the cargo plane was headed to buenes aires. it's not clear what caused the tire to pop. six crew members were on board. we're told no one was hurt. another scare, this time in pembroke pines. a small plane made an emergency happened. the faa is investigating what land. two people were on board the plane when it reported engine problems minutes after taking off from miami expect give airportexecutive airport. no one was hurt. a robber threatens a gas station store clerk. he had a knife and wanted cas surveillance video shows the man walking into the mobile gas station alo west broward boulevard. this was february 6th. he's crouching dow and then he
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cash register. the robber grabs a large box of cigarettes before taking off& with the cash. if you have any information, you got a good look there, please call police. a teen arrested in a deadly new year's day crash is being chard as an adult. 17-year-old isaias medina was arrested on multiple charges. police say his back seat passenger, benavides san danicla benavides san miguel, was killed in the crash. >> he's shown remorse. it's been a difficult time. >> detectives say he was driving about 60 miles an hour in his family's porsche convertible when he lost control andnd crashed into home. his blood had traces of marijuana and xanax. the former president
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agreement with parliament and the u.s. has spent $33 million in the elections in haiti and will lely spend millions more on april 24th. that's the next round scheduled round of elections. people are dead after an explosion rocked turkey's capital city. you s e the large fire burning shortly after the explosion struck three military vehicles. the military has called this a terrorist attack. here's another angle of the fire as ambulances and emergency crews lined up to help all cf those on the scene. 61 others were injured in his blast. no with word yet who was behind the explosion. back here at home, let's get a check on rush hour traffic right now. >> jenise has a look at the roads. >> we can't blame the weatherfor any traffic troubles. it's a gorgeous day but we still have some accidents out there. les start with i-95 southbound. this is hal lap hallandale beach
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there is an accident the we're seeing this extendd into dade county. speeds right now are clocking inn at just 8 miles an hour. staying on i-95, this storm north this is an sample road. there is a shoulder block. it looks like things are starting to pick up with speeds at 51 miles per hour. checking out dade county, we have an accident on i-95 northbound. this is right around northwest 135th street. there is a right laneblocked. speeds there are clocking in at 26 miles per hour. calvin? >> okay. jenise, thank you. another historic day. pope francis is at the border and in a couple of@ hours, the pope will celebrate mass in juarez, mexico, in fromment of a big outdoor crowd. the pope is expected to offer a special blessing to people gathered on the other side of the border there in el paso. >> what a huge crowd. marci gonzalez is live for us right now. marci? >> reporter: hi, laurie and calvin.
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you can probably hear the celebration of this poignant visit has already started. [ cheersrs >> reporter: on the streets of a border city plagued by violence, once known as the murder capital of mexico -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: -- today a hopeful contrast. cheering crowds in juarez greeting pope francis in his open-air popemobile. the pontiff afftionately praying with priners before heading here, to celebrate a huge open-air mass. the border fence, the backdrop but the hot button issue of immigration expected to be at the forefront of his messasa. >> he's really here for the right reasons. >> reporter: pope francis will use this ramp to approach the border that divides so many families here and offer a special blessing to people on the ear side in el paso. >> we are tying that unity between the two countries by
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praying together. isn't that wonderful? >> reporter: the vatican brushing off accusations by donaldrump that this visit is politically mow motivited. and thousands of people who wanted to hear that message but weren't able to cross the border are gathered here in this stadium to watch a simulcast of that mass. it will be the pope's last event before traveling back to the vatican tonight. we're live in el paso, texas. >> we're just wondering, we followed the pope through cuba and the u.s. when he was here on those stops in washington and philadelphia and new york last year. wondering does he have a central theme of reconciliation, compassion speaking mostly to young people? what has been his central theme as he h h delivered mass? >> reporter: that's right. it hasn't just been about the young people. he's been speaking t to workers
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which we've seen him do in oer visits. again, talking about that message of unity especially on both sides of the border. >> all rht. marci gonzalez. thank you for the latest. during his trip to mexico, we saw a different side of pope francis when he lost his balance here yesterday. someone grabbed his hand and couldn't let him go causing him to fall on a child in a wheelchair. the pope was visibly upset and scolded the p pson in spanish saying don't be selfish. >> good for him. coming up -- ure continuing coverage of the florida winners taking part of that record powerball jackpot. we're in melbourne beach. and in the we of the tornadoes, don't be taken in by
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this is in today's edition of call cistina. tonight at 11:00, south florida we mave a problem. a popular local joint makes a crash landing on the dirty dining list.
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grounded -- tonight at 11:00 on a church youth leader is under arrest accused of having sex with a middle schooler. that man faced a judge this afternoon. >> he's a youth counselor for middle school students at the united camp at church by the glades. angela perez is live with the allegations for us. >> kevin, laurie, this investigation began this month and this now former counselor, he's still in jail. let's show you who we are talking about. he's years old. his name is sylvester perrone. detectives say he met the victim who was 13 at the time attending united camp 2015 held at church
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today. he was ordered to stay away fromthis girl. according to the report, the bso. the girl saia she had sex with per rhone about once a week program. we got a statement a short time o from the church that says, the pastors and leaders were saddened to learn about the criminal and sinful behavior on the part of one of our attendees. our first and greatest concern is the well-being, healing, protection of the victim. our desire is always to fully cooperate with authohoties. take a live look back at the church. it's a very large church. pe ropeperrone faces eight counts of sexual battery on a child. he be back in court tomorrow morning. his bond hearing was reset. coral springs. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a live look at
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it's pretty packed. look. the shorts are back. the t-shirts. everybody is dried out. >> don't you see yourself out there? you can just visualize it. >> a little umbrella and the drink. >> after 6:30. >> we'll all head over there. i almost gave betty the day off. i really did. >> we're just eating up what we saw. fort lauderdale, yum, yum, yum. more, more, more. we love this view. mainly clear skies. this is miami, just some high level clouds as the plane floats on by, staring down the shoreline and loving it. it's just. a-ok. 76 the temperature out at mia. winds are from the west-northwest 7 miles an hour. drier, comfortable air. still filtering in. for the rest of the evening, mainly clear skies and dry conditions. so if you are in town on business or vacation, your night will be excellent as far as the weather is concerned. by 8:00, 71 degrees in miami and
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60s tonight. high pressure has a good handle on the south. that does include us. we're caught in the flow around the high ande'll be caught in the flow around high pressure for the rest of the week and that means good things for us. north-northeast wind tomrow, 10, 15 miles an hour. starting the morning in the upper 50s. highs reaching the mid- to upper 70s. the breeze is gonna pick up as we're rounding out the week. be reapepe for breezy conditions -- ready for breezy c cditions. lower 60s friday morning. highs in the mid-70s. the rain chance staying low between saturday and sunday. want to bring urattention to the middle of next week, tuesday and wednesday, wednesday especially now, the modelseem to be pointing to some stormy weather. coming up at 4:30, an investigation is growing after a garbage truck plummets from a bridge.
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about the guardrail d design i don't know what i'm doing. i i n't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a smalthing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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to vote 2016. new poll numbers for the race for president shows donald trump with a commanding lead in south carolina. >> today, he has said he's ready to file suit if ted cruz doesn't pull his attack ads fast. >> we have some developing news. cnn is reporting that south carolina governor nikki haley is endorsing marco rubio. her endorsement was sought after but as you mentioned, donald trump is in the lead. the cnn-orc poll puts trump at 35% of the vote with ted cruz trailing in second about 18%. rubio and jeb bush rounding out the top 4, the democratic primaries are not for another week and a half but hillary clinton is leading bernie sanderin the polls, 58% to
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>> i can think of three things that you have said on air, this is true, that cbs will not let me repeat. >> d dald trump making a call on the late somehow vowing that cleanup is dirty language but that doesn't mean he's playing nice. jeb bush is making news with a one-word tweet, america with a picture of his own gun and his name printed on the barrel. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are still battling for minority voters but national polling shows they are in a very tight race. our reporter will be in south carolina as republicans head for the polls. look for her report at 5:00. >> thank you. so many developments today. and back here at home, sky 10 over the scene of a crash involving a trirail train earlier today. police s the driver got out of the car when it stalled. that'shen the car was hit by the train. no pun was hurt. now to wesn where a maintenance worker was injured
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it happened in a community along san sebastian boulevard. that worker was mixing two chemicals anana sprayer when the chemicals exploded. the victim was lifted to the hospital with an injured hospital. let's check in with jine and victor at the breaking news news. >> here's coming up at the bottom of the homr -- >> winners revealed. a florida couple comes forward after winning a record jackpot. we'll have a live report in minutes. and new details after a garbage truck plin unsnslunges from a bridge. and a thief steels a package from a front porch but has a change of heart.
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the local 10 news starts right now. >> winners revealed. a married couple from melbourne beach coupling forward after winning part of the record
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the winners, maureen smith and david kaltschmidt. couple wanted to keep it a secret at first. >> terrell is in melbourne beach with our top story at 4:30. terrell? >> blond-haired lady. >> yes. >> that's so exciting. >> reporter: you seehem all of the time? >> yes, i do. she walks her little dog in the evening and we wave. she wears her cowboy hat. >> reporter: people on this block are very famamiar with maureen smith and her husband, david kaltschmidt but they did not knoww the couple were brand-new millionaires. >> did you have any idea before today? >> no. >> quiet neighborhood. you would never know. i guess i wouldn't say anything either. >> reporter: for four long weeks, the husband and wife remained silent about their record-setting jackpot win. the ticket we know was purchased at maureen's favorite publix a fefemiles up from their home and the numbers, not random. but a preselected seat she's
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been playing for years. you would say they kept a pretty normal life up until today? >> i think so. i hope they can continue to keep a normal life. >> their one-story home has a small fishing boat in the drivew. some neighbors speck speculate that will change into a much larger vessel. david is considered a good guy and a very helpful person toward long-time neighbors. he's very nice. he's very smart. any time you needed help with a gadget, he would be the go-to guy. >> reporter: . >> we'll check back in with terrell latertoday. after the storm, triple tornadoes touching down and now the focus cleaning up the mess. national weather service confirming three tornadoes touched down in pompano beach, dave vif and davevy and miami-dade. >> reporter: cleanup is slow today. at's because there's so much damage to clean up. you can see behind me it appears
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develop large limb struck the treehouse in the back. cleanup is underway after an ef- tornado hit the skylake community in northeast miami-dade. crews put in overtime to rake, saw, and shred trees. knocked down by the the twister. some trees were too big to tear down. take a lack at this one. it's still blocking one lane of northeast 195th street. calvin showed us a truck that's crushed under a tree. >> it's like a zoom, trees and bushes flying all over the yard here. i came out here, about five, eight cars got smashed up. >> reporter: trampolines were tossqd around and a limb pierced the roof of this house. >> i never ran so fast in my life. >> sat in the car screaming.
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normal on i-95 after it was shut down when a gust of wind knocked overer a semi, and the driver did not get hurt. >> the wind picked up the truck and boom! >> reporter: you c see that street sign will need to be repaired or possibly replaced and this is the scene up and down miami gardens. all of these trees and limbs along the side of the road just waiting to be picked up. reporting in northeast miami-dade, ben kennedy, local 10 news. > d the cleanup continues after those three tornadoes touched dunn yesterday -- down yesterday morning. some of the worse damage is in hollywood. ong with cleanup crews, fpl wassut restoring power in neighborhoods that were displaced by the tornado. some people had to find other places to stay. >> i wouldn't want anyone to go through this. it's terrible. we don't have a time. my truck has been destroyed. what's next? hit by lightning? >> no seer yours injuries were
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hit broward and miami-de counties. and in the wake of a storm, don't be taken in by these home repair scams. >> christina vazquez works every day to keep you safe fromh scammers and has more from the newsroom with more. >> it starts with being very careful about promises made by people knocking on your door claiming they are gonna fix someone. i recently had a chance to sit down with a with this woman. >> they will tire one to fix something and they will pay in advance and never see them again. >> tips stor staying safe, include be skeptical if someone promises immediate cleanup. keep y yr guard up and check for certificate of insurance. if a contractor tells you that the work will be covered by your insunce company, call your insurance company first to
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everything, i mean everything is in writing. avoid paying the bulk up front. in they demand in cash, no, that's a red flag. we have a step by step side what to do before hiring a contractor on the call christina page. >> always good advice. thank you. right now, investigators and traffic engineerses are trying to fure out how a city of miami trash truck was sent plumbing to a city park below. the guardrail design in the area is decades old. >> derrick shore has more. >> reporter: and bips, i guys, i spoke to a transportation engineer, he said in about 30 years, he's never seen anything like this crash. stl we're learning the state will not be modernizing that guardrail t was a terrifying site and a miracle the driver survive vived.
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ramp, plummets 100 feet below. the driver, smith, was last listed in critical condition. no one was injured on the ground where it landed. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: dennis fernandez admits he was scratching his how how to figure out how the crash happened, to fick out what led to the driver to lose control, fph will be looking at speed and angle of the crash. but the bridge was built in 1969. had it been built today, stronger guardrails would be required. >> right now, we have a different standard which will stand at a higher impact. >> reporter: but the state will not be updating, just fixing the guardrails on the 7th street exit despite the crash. the state's only required to update guardrails if they are expanding or signififintly changing the road. >> the railing even thougug those railings are built to certain
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inspect. derrick shore, local 10 news. >> thank you. crews cleaning up sewage in the streets of fort lauderdale after a main broke. neighbors say the smell is terrible and the sewage is up to a foot beep in some places. crews have vacuumed the water from the regal trace apartments and they've begufn the evacuation process to assess the main break for repair. fort lauderdale city leaders are warning people to avoid standing water in the area and to avoid water-related activities in downtown. what a mess. i-95 northbound earlier today, that was no fun at all. >> definitely no fun. >> rush hour is about to get underway. >> jenise has a look at the roads now. >> i feel like i say this every
4:37 pm
to avoid. we're looking at an accident at miami gardens drive. this is for you heading south. look at that. cars not morning. as we zoom into the maps, those delays are starting from hallandale beach boulevard. speeds are at 6 miles an hour. i-95 northbound there is an accident northwest 79th street heavy delays here as well.speeds right now, 10 miles per hour. and it doesn't stop. i-95 southbound, this time at northwest 62nd street there is an accident there as well. this looks like speeds are starting to pick up at 51 miles an hour. you are seeing heavy delays around 79th street. feeds there at 7 miles hour. the good news, i-95 southbound express lanes are open and running but your northbound express lanes are closedfrom downtown miami to the golden glades. >> theynever good. caught on camera, a thief has a change of the heart and returned items he stole from a
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coming up in the health cast, childhood obesity is on the rise ans and now health experts ar calling for on earlier cholesterol screenings four your children. allegations of corruption and insider dealing in fort lauderdale. bob norman confronts the officials involved including one that's moved onto a big job in miami. and tonight at 11:00, south florida, we have a problem. >> we e ve questions for you about the condition of the place. >> a popular local joint makes a landing on the dirty dining list. we'll find out why this place was grounded tonight at 1:00 on local 10 ns. i need new carpet. okok i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband? no, the dogs. sometimes. i'd suggest stainmaster pet protect carpet.
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incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. w get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal wh something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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a corruption investition uncovered what one investigator alleged may have been illegal
4:42 pm
fort lauderdale officials but then the investigation came to a screaming halt. bone norman is on the case and here's his -- bob norman is on the case and here's his report -- >> he deniede did anything wrong while overseeing the city's engineeeeng departmt. you tried to steal work to a company that you had personalaffiliation with. >> i didn't do that. >> but a city investigation found otherwise, alleging he improperly steered contracts to a company with which he had personal and business ties. you basically steered work towards a company run by your professor. is that true? >> i don't make any comment until i receive any, you know, more detail. >> reporter: also under investigation in the alleged scheme was the man who hired him at the city, then fort lauderdale pubc works director. can we talk about the fort
4:43 pm
>> you can talk to my legal counsel. >> reporter: the hush-hush matter began when the company was formed creating an improper business relationship according to the city. also listeas a partner was the wife of this man. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: amere,. you were in business with your professor's wife and the public work's director? >> i don't make any comment. >> reporter: that company was followed by two separate companies. zorovon recommends the preface's company. the company soon wonon a $17,000 city contract. the city said it wasn't even stert fid to do it. >> you are talking about d dails
4:44 pm
>> reporter: it the city found reference requirements be waived. >> you never disclessed to anyone your personal relationship with this company. >> because it was out of my selection process. i didn't have any relationship. >> reporter: you didn't have a relationship with your own professor? they also found this appearo have consisted of copying city plans and passing them off as is ln. and there were violations of numerous laws. >> this is the first time i'mseeing this report. >> reporter: isbeeth resign within a few dayss of each other as the city prepares to interview them in o october. why were you in business with your city engineer? >> it's just a coincidence that tree days after this report c`me out you resign?
4:45 pm
>> reporter: and because of the resignation, the ity closed this. . >> the city found that potential laws were violated and didn't forward this to an outside agency. why not? >> again, we have a process. we investigate our own matters. >> reporter: it was only after this confrontation with zorrovn that the city findings were forwarded to the police department. >> why would you tell -- >> i'm sorry. >> -- ta city a city employee to skip the requirements? bob norman. and te cled the allegations unfounded and baseless. we left messages for the professor. those messages were unreturned. a thief in georgia under a arrest after he tried to right the wrong theft committed.
4:46 pm
snatching a package from a front porch that was filled with birthday presents for a little girl. the next day those gifts reappeared. >> the sheriff's office came out and removed the tarp and found a bag of items inside of it, along with an an apology that had cash inside. >> police tracked down the man later on and arrested him. >> i hov his note said so -- love his note said so sorry. let's take a look at the miami tower cam. can't ask for much more than that. >> the sun is shining the birds are chirping. >> betty, five more days of this. >> a beach day for sure, 75 in fort lauderdale, miami at 76.
4:47 pm
on the broad walk and everybody is smilili from here to ear to ear. mainly clear skies for the evening. comfortably cool out there by 10:00 tonight. some of your neighborhoods will start too slip off in the upper 60s before we settle in the upper 50s. near 60 by tomorrow morning. doppler radar, check it out. broward, miami-dade and the keys not a drop of rainfall to be found out there. so nice and quiet as we're scan the skies over floridada another change we're seeing as we looat the water vapor imagery, the flow aloft in the mid- to upper levels. remember how this time yesterday we still@ had some of the high clouds coming in ahead. not nearly as much of that happening right now. the stripe of red showing us dry air overhead. we're starting to traraition into that northwesterly flow aloft, more dry air moving in which will help to keep the atmosphere stable as wre rounding out the week.
4:48 pm
for tonight into thursday and then friday, subject and sunday, we're going with a 10% chance for a shower. once we get on the northeast wind and that starts to happen later in the day, won't rule out a shower onon the breeze but it won't -- it won't be anything widespread. the rest of you will get through the rest of the week without a single drop of rain. maybe tom is your beach. go fort. temperature getting up to 74 at miami beach. water terpp at 68. winds from the noreast. the breeze will start to pick up. we'll have outright windy conditions. if you are taking the boats out tomorrow, small craft, exercise caution. winds norththortheast 15 to 20, seas running 4, 6 feet. maybe higher off miami-dade and broward. temperatures in the morning, you will probably need a sweater or hocker sleeved -- longer sleeved. and highs 77 degrees. winds north-northeast 10 to
4:49 pm
chance sitting at zero. for the weekend, comfortably cool, friday morning, saturday morning. highs reaching the mid-70s. sunday some upper 70s for our high temperatures and then as w get into next week, we start to see some changes. by tuesday, there could be some rain showers in the area andy wednesday maybe some stormy weather. could be in for some strong storms at that but plenty of time to stay on top of that system. >> okay. we like it. childhood obesity has doubled in the united states in the past 30 years. some organizations are now calling for earlier cholesterol screeningsgsf children. local 10 medical specialist krti kruger is in the newsroom with more. >> evidence has shownwnhat this obesity trend can lead to heart disease and more risk factors like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. doctors say screening children as young as 9 years old does
4:50 pm
>> cholesterol lefs tend to droop in prepuberty. earlier measurements may give you a better asensement of what the cholesterol levels may be like as an adult. >> and the doctor says some recommenen axes include screening for children as young as 2 years old. also in today's health cast, the very lateses word on the safety of watat births. after analyzing outcome data from more than 65 hun midwiveve attended water births in the u.s., researchers found it's a reasonably safe option for women who fe a low risk of complications. the research findings are in line with other stutys but they are contrary to recommendations by both the american college and the pediatrics college. those groups support laboring in
4:51 pm
giving birth while immersed. >hank you. never eat that cookie that you find on the ground. >> that's usually m m rule of thumb t a little boy learned this lesson. a special ingredient inside, medical marijuana. he spotted the cookie on the ground still in thehe wrapper in a rock quarry. it wasn't a couple of hours later that he stataed to feel sick. >> my son started saying he wasn't feeling very well and pulling at his face and saying that he wasn't feeling right. >> i felt like i was -- everything looked like it wasn't real. >> that cookie contained two doses for an adult. enough to land that little boy in the hospital. heheas treated and monitored for about five hours and then later released. the famous oscar statuette is getting a makeover. the academy announced that after
4:52 pm
the chance to craft those famous little gold men similar to the one used in the first oscars in 929 using new technology -- 1929 using new thnology like digital cans and 3-d printing. you can watch the oscars right here on february 2th. chris rock is hostth the big night. vanessa hudgens i i under investigation. she posted a photo on her instagram of a heart carved a rock. inside the carving the names vanessa and austin. that post a has been taken down. damaging a natural feature on u.s. forest land is a misdemeanor punishable by six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. aaeen charged as an adult after a deadly crash on new ar's day. we'll have a live report coming up.
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4:54 pm
competition. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything juju when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
after some rough competition, get it, get it, there is a n best in show, the 140th annual westminster dog show pitted premiere pooches against each other t was california journey or cj for short. the german short-haired pointer came on t t. he will make his first cammy yoon "good morning america." >> a cool dog. usually those dogs are more excited. she's the wife and mom of a monarch. >> kate middleton is taking on a new role, guest web editor. she's pinned a blob all about youngs mind matter to raise awareness for children ea mental health.
4:57 pm
the blob will be updated with the serious of articles.s. >> duchess, if you want to come here to our morning meetings -- >> we would love to have you. >> and we'll provide cuban pastries and cuban coffee. >> that will do it for us at 4:30. >> here's what's coming u at 5:00. right now, at 5:00, charged as an adult and consequences. powerball winners reveaead. the couple who hit it big. matsive cleanup after yesterday -- massive cleanup after yesterday's storms. we tell you how florida is cleaning up. pope francis preparing to deliver mass in mexico.
4:58 pm
both side of the mexico borr. a 17-year-old now facing adult charges for his alleged involvement in a deadhy deadly crash. the crash happened new year's day. >> he hit several trees before smashing into a home. his friend killed. liane is live where that teen is behind bars. >> reporter: isaias medina facing charges of vehicular homicici, reckless driving with serious injury, and driving without a license. last week, he was arrested and appeared in juvenile court but now he's facing adult charges and appead in court, once again. isaias medina back in court charged as an adult. the 17-year-old allegedly had drugs in his system during a deadly crash on new year's day. >> the state is very concerned about the fact that a 17-year-old chose to drive his porsche probably about 60 miles an hour through a residential setting where he killed a
4:59 pm
he had xanax in his system and has never had driver's license. under that set of circumstances, any prosecutor's officee will direct file a 17-year-old. >> reporter: medina was allegedly partying new year's ev until the wee hours of the morning on key biscayne with danicla benavides san miguel and another frid. at one point, he took his friends for a joyride in the porsche. the two passengers ended passenger -- the driver and one passenger ended up in the hospital. danicla benavides san miguel died. go anything, i would have set a -- if anything i would have set a higher bond. >> reporter: if he poses bond, hehe must remain on house arrest, undergo regular drug tests and cannot drive a car. >> he has shown tremendous amount of remorse. it's been a very, very difficult time for the victim's family and
5:00 pm
>> reporter: and me dean non's mothermedina's mother was in the courtroom. but she left without saying anything to us. back to you. >> thank you. a traffic alert for anyone who travels i-95. jenjenise i i right here. >> if you have any friends or family that take i-95 call them. tell them to avoid this. you can see a multi-vehicle crash. three lanes blocked and one lane getting by. as you can imagine, we are seeing very heavy delays. this is northwest 79th street. speeds right now hardly moving at all. as we zam zoom out we're starting to see the delays at northwest 135th street. and those delayss it looks like will last about four miles and the express lanes are closed from downtown miami to the golden glades.


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