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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: and me dean non's mothermedina's mother was in the courtroom. but she left without saying anything to us. back to you. >> thank you. a traffic alert for anyone who travels i-95. jenjenise i i right here. >> if you have any friends or family that take i-95 call them. tell them to avoid this. you can see a multi-vehicle crash. three lanes blocked and one lane getting by. as you can imagine, we are seeing very heavy delays. this is northwest 79th street. speeds right now hardly moving at all. as we zam zoom out we're starting to see the delays at northwest 135th street. and those delayss it looks like will last about four miles and the express lanes are closed from downtown miami to the golden glades.
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winners revealed. the florida dumb who hit the biggest powerball jackpot has claimed their prize and share only $500 million and they are one of thrhr winners and only the second to come forward. re's what the winners had to say. i'm sure this was a drop the mic moment, huh? [laughter] >> reporter: it was. actually, they say the night of that historic drawing, they actuly pout just one powerball winner. the couple said today they were dreading coming and facing the cames. in fact, they madged to keep this a secret from everyone close to them and they pulled that off for nearly a month. >> three-dollar investment. >> reporter: a small investment withth huge payout. maureen smith bought a power ticket at her local publix before the drawing. >> i had picked the numumrs
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years that i very rarely play. >> reporter: the neck morning, her husband, david kaltschmidt checked the ticket. >> first he brought the ticket me? what are you doing? >> i looked at the numbers and i knew they were my numbers. >> reporler: their ticket one of winning numbers. netting them a pris of $528.7 million which they announced wednesday they will take in a lump sum payment@ of $328 million. the couple says they couldn't believe it and decided not to say a thing. >> we knee that we're no longer -- we know that we're no locker in a quiet place. >> reporter: they watched as speculation grew that another local woman was the jackpot winner and the media waited outstse of her home. still they said nothing and just told their families last week. >> not even your children or relativess new. >> knew?
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you are from melbourne beach. did you win? whodo you know who wons? >> reporter: david plans to retire from his job as an engineer. overwhelming. >> i lost a lot of sleep. i lost ten pounds. it's a lot of pacing at night. >> the couple says they've lived 1991. at this time, they have no plans to move. wewe asked lottery officials how they physically get all of this money to the couple and how soon that will happen and we will have thoho answers coming up for you in our 6:00 newscast right here. for now, we're live in tallahassee, amy viteri, local 10 news. >> it wille fun to check in in another year. picking up the pces from triple tornados that hit broward and miami-dade. toppling trees, everything had
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debris has on cleaned u up. >> reporter: homeowners are still cleaning up. we're talking about the third confirmed tornado in dave zri whichdavie which traveled at 80 miles an hour which makes sense why you see this damage. >> it came from the west. >> reporter: chris shows us where it came from and the damage that it left behind. this is what you will see in this davie neighborhood where the third cononrmed tornado touched d down. this is the damage froro another ef- 1 tornado that hit skylake community. >> reporter: calvin shows a it truck crushed. >> it was like a zoom, bushes and greens flying. five, eight cars messed up over there. >> reporter: in hollywood, a long day of cleanup.. >> there is a lot of damage in the neighborhood. a lot of trees are down. >> reporter: while crews clean, homeowners are in touch with
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first, make sure your damage is covered and secured. the and take plenty of pictures. >> that's the best way to describe what has happened and to document what's happened. >> reporter: if it's wind damage, your insurance company will like lay cover the damage but check with the contractor. >> you want to check to make sure they are able to do business in thaha particular community and then lastly, you neverresquerer never ever want too pay them all owant to pay the all of the money up front. >> reporter: cleaning is just the beginning. and this man knows it will be a couplelof weeks before things are back to the way they used to ve. >> it looked like king kong came through. >> repter: if you want the
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resources we have it for you at all you have to do is go to the call christina section. there's information about how to hire a contractor and all sorts of information that we know will come in handy for you. back to you. >> thank you. coverage moveses to betty davis. >> tell us all of the weather weather iss -- rough weather is behind us. >> it is. look at our skies. looking g gat all across broward county. no more than a few high clouds here and there. a lot of sunshine getting through. beaming counsel on us. we need the sunglasses today. that's how bright it's been. and the night will be mainly clear, you will see stars out there. 75 in miami as we're heading through the night, the temperatures will get cooler, drgpping off in the lower 60s after midnight by tomorrow morning when you are heang out to the bus stop, some of the communities may slip in the upper 50s.
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but by tomorrow afternoon, nice warmup on the way. nice and quiet. we'll keep it that way. by the way, so far this year between miami-dade county and broward county we're keeping count, five tornadoes. that's a hot for us, considering for the -- a lot for us, considering for the entire year we get four. so three just yesterday and then january 27th. you may remember we had two. on the weaker end of the scale, though but for now the weather is quiet. we'll talk more about the forecast in a few minutes. moving to vote 2016, the campaign taking the candidates to south carolina. this saturday is the republican primary in the palmetto state. our reporter is already there to bring us a sense of what's at stake. >> reporter: laurie, gening good evening, this will be the first southern state primary. so the rules are so much
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and new hampshire. night, there are two big headlines coming out of this state tonight, the first donald trump in the latest polls far around away in every demographic, the poll leader in the gop lead and second a huge endorsement and governor haley just said said she didn't know who she would endorse and today she has picked marco rubio. >> i want someone that's really gonna make a difference into the justnot just for the party but for every person in the country. >> reporter: a sought-after endorsement just made hers for marco rubio. >> i don't just want to win because we want too win. i want to win to act. >> reporter: today's endorsement is huge and a boost for what's going to be a battle for second
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cruz, polling the south's siificant evangelical vote. south carolina voters across the board make donald trump number one. a statistical tie for second between rubio and cruz. >> i will be tough. i will be resolute. i will be firm. i will be clear. i will be determined. that's what leaders are. >> reporter: governor jeb bush is in the single digits here even after a stump appearance by george w. bush. soh carolina's primarily is widely considered make or break for him. and you are looking at south carolina's state capital where governor nikki haley has her offices. if you remember last summer she wrote a popular bill that removed the confederate flag from that building. she's a well-loved governor. she, as you remember, gave the gop response to the state of the union address.
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possible vice presidential contender. she is the daughter of immigrant 84% popularity in this state and so her endorsement of marco rubio could well shake up what's already a well-shaken up race. it will be an interesting few days. >> we know you are there to cover it for us. thank you. back here at home, a coral springs church youth leader is behind bars after allegedly having sex with a middle schooler. that man faced a judge tod. 19-year-old sylvester perrone was arrested on eight cnts of sexual battery on a child. detectives say he was vooved in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl for about six months. they say he met the fill at united camp 2013 at church by the glades. reports say the girl confessed to having sex with him abobo once a week. a robber threatening a plant plantation gas station snore
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walking into the says february 6th. he crouches down and follows the store clerk to the cash register. the robber brabs a large box of cigarettes before taking off with the cash. if you have any information, call police right away. and now to the latest on pope fran since's visit to mexico. here's new video of the pope taking the stage at an event in juarez, mexico. he spoke in front of this crowd. he will be speaking again at a mass near the u.s./mexico border. that mass will be held near el paso, texas. still to come -- a teen in trouble for playing doctor. mum, thecoming up, the charge he's facing for allegedly practicici medicine without a license. andd women showing up and
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synagogu a big battle between apple and the fbi over the cell phones of the san bernardino terrorists. apple has been record ordered to help federal agents hack into the terrorists' phones but apple is fighting that order. >> apple says it isn't as simple as the government thinks. >> apple says that if the fbi gets what it want, the solution can 1235rbg a security battle that could affect private people. it's the ultimate shohoown over
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of your smartphone. all tieing to last year's deadly terrorisis attack in san bernardino. >> we still have one of those killer's phones that we haven't been able to open. >> a u.s. judge has ordered apple to help the fbi hack into the phone and get the password only a user knows to look for clues about other plots. apple is vowing to appeal sending this message to customers. we feel this would undermine the freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect. >> as soon as apple creates a back door, the phone becomes vulnerab. hackers are so brilliant, if they even got a whiff of how it was done, they will find out how to do it. >> 14 people were killed in san bernardino and the victims' families are weighing in. ryan's partner larry coughman saying apple kind of needed to come forward and not continue to fight. that's wrong. this woman's uncle adds, i understand apple is trying to
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but not all an. users a agree. >> it will give the government the right to go in everybody's phone. >> this could pokesly end up in the u.s. supreme -- potentially court. let's check in with betty and talk about this door jis gorgeous weather. we're having. there aren't enough adjectives that we're experiencing. >> anyone with family is so happy if they are town. >> the weather is having a diva moment. a diva moment. blue sky, sunshine. look at miami. looking great out there a a temperatures near perfect right now. right where we should be. we made it up to 77 for the mia. our normaligh is 78. fort lauderdale, you landed right at that 8 degrees 8 -- 78 degeges and this is what's in the forecast for the rest of the day, 7:00 mainly clear skies.
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dinner, 9:00 reaching for a little wrap as temperatutus dip in the 60s. dry weather will be the theme for tonight and that theme carries over the next several days. high pressure has a good handle over the south right now. we're under the influence of that high pressure. our winds have been fleeing in floating in from the north-northwest enough to send the comfortable air down the peninsula and our atmosphere stabilizing. so the potential for rainfall simply is not there and we have more lovely weather in the forecast as we're looking ahead to tomorrow. our friday looks good. we're expecting a lot of sunshihe. we'll have a few clouds in the mix, i think later in the day as our winds start to become north nearly and that breeze by the way is gonna pick up as well. it's gonna get windy o at the beaches and that wind is gonna stay up into friday, too. otherwise, clouds mixed with the sunshine. e rain chance is gonna stay
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to 10% on friday and any shower we get would come in the form of a shower on the breeze of the and it's gonna be very straight in nature. most of your neighborhood, dry as we're round owcket the week. if you are getting the car washedgetting the car washed tomorrow, i think you will be just fine. in the morning, maybe a sweater. by the afternoon, it's the t-shirts and the shorts temperatures climbing towards 77 in miami with winds from the north-northeast. friday morning, comfortably cool. our average morning low for this time of the year, lower 60s. that's where we'll be friday morning. highs in the mid-70s with breezy conditions heading into saturday, more 60s to start the day. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. at this point, it looks our next shot at getting a a few showers could happen on tuesday and then maybe wednesesy we'll have to deal with some storms but until we get to that point, we could just enjoy the weather's diva moment.
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accident i-95 southbound only one lane getting by. 're looking at four miles of delays. i will tell you how to g g around it -- coming up. still to come -- a teenager being charged as an adult. coming up a killer crash that has a 17-year-old facing serious consequences for what police say he did behind the wheel. and "sports illustrated" showing off their cover girls. meet the ladies feature. for the first timeince the all-star break and sincece news of another scare for one of their teammates, the heat practice wrapped up moments ago. i will have a live report on what the team is saying about the current condition of
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and you will hear
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the american airlines arena for the first time since the all-star break and for the first time since getting the news that chris bosh was having a health scare. even though eric wanted to talk about the final 29 games of the season, we know the talk was about cb. now, from the heat, their official update, they could not provide and would not provide any specific information as to what he's going through, if it's blood clots. the only thing the heat will tell us is cb will not travel to atlanta, will not play friday night. but all of his teammates showing concern. one in particular that knows more is dwyane wade with him all-star week in toronto and wade stressed while he didn't want too want to get specific, he did mention it wasn't like the health scare last year that
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remainder of the see ston. >> he's in good spirits. i think everybody that follows snap klatt knows snapchat snows he's in good spirit. we're not doctors. we talked. he's feeling good. he has a positive outlook on things. >> more on cb in a moment but let's upstate you hassan suspended by the nba during the all-star break back at practice. that was for an elbow he threw against the spurs. he will not play on friday night. he spoke to the coach and the coach wouldn't give details but forward. he is waiting for the trade deadline to move forward. let's go back to what wade said about bosh, one thing that wade wanted to clarify, the blood
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lungs that put him in the hospital that was a serious health condition, life-threatening. wade wouldn't give details as far as what the blood clot was about. it sounds like bosh has made him know and let him feel, it's not like last season. all indications is they e eect cb to be back this season. much more at 6:00. forrow, reporting live from the american airlines, back to you. >> and will, verer quickly, laurie and i picked up on the mood there. should we read into that or was it an off afternoon? >> reporter: i ion't think. he said he just got back into town and back to practice.e. there was about 20 cameras around him. he knew the questions were coming. he can't get into details but he does believe that chr is in good spirits and will be fine. he wants to reiterate, it's not
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in theospital. >> fingers crossed. thank you. >> that will do for us at 5 5:00.0 coming up -- a protest planned in oakland park city hall. this is not the first time he's tried to help the homeless. earlier y@u met the latest couple who hit the biggest powerball jackpot ever and now you will hear about those in the home town about living so close to to those to those people.
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news at 5:00. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would fifi that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a all thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile
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a plannededrotest in oakland park. he's taking a stand for the homeless by sitting down. he's known as fatherr bob. he's been feedth the feeding the homeless for year. >> and now the city says the kitchen has to go. he's fighting back. carlos has more. >> reporter: tonight's plea
5:30 pm
a handful of people, many homeless have gathered on the steps of city hall out here. they are holding up signs one of which reads why do you wanant to hurt people? things could get interesting and because fathehe bob said he will do whatever it takes, even gets arrested, if it that's what it takes. his organization has been in a legal back and for the with the city over whether it can serve food to the homeless, unemployed and sick. last year, all saints moved you out of the location on power line road where it served food for more than a decadent went back to the original church. the old location is in an area rezoned by the city. and while the new rules don't ban churches or synagogue,s, it does ban parish houses which the city says the soup kitchen falls under. >> that's been a
5:31 pm
the they want me. they want me to close down the feeding program and there's no room for compromise. i'm gonna plan to do some civil disobedience tonight and sit down in front of the commission and hold a sign and make them remove me. hopefully it will bring them shame. >> reporter: now, father bob took to facebook earlier today writing on a status, code enforcement just stopped by to see if our fence was permitted. we had a permit and 911tion and given -- and i inspection. can all saints said it did offer several compromises to the city, including moving to a third location so long as they were given the promise they would be left alone but they said the city passed on the compromise. the meeting is set to get underway at 6:30 tonight.
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cleared. let's -- clear -- major accident has just cleared up. let't' get to jenise. >> this is i-95 southbound, street. that accident has cleared out. it was earlier blocking three lanes of traffic. as we zoom on in, we're still seeing some delays, although the crash has clearedden you u speeds right now are clocking in around 20 miles an hour. as you pass that crash, it starts to pick up with speeds at 50 miles per hour. good news there. and broward county, we haven't for gotten about y, we accident on sterling. the shoulder is blocked. speeds clocking in at 30 miles an hwur. the florida winners who pit the biggest powerball jackpot ever claimed their share of the prize in tallahassee. now we're hearing from people in their hometown of melbourne beach. that's before terrell is with their reaction. terrell?
5:33 pm
those power ball winners are. the husband is an engineer who says he's ready to retire because of that big win. his wife is described as a homemaker but one thing is for certain that their life here i this melbourne beach neighborhood has changed for the better. >> no, not a clue. not the first clue. >> reporter: not a word, not a single rumor su farced about the marry -- surfaced about the married couple, that is, up until today. when is the last time you saw them? week. i see them out walking their dogs fairly often. >> reporter: no big purchases or nothing exciting? >> nothing that i do see. >> reporter: david kaltschmidt and maureen smith are the talk around their melbourne beach neighborhood. familiar faces who sternly know how to keep a secret. >> qet neighborhood.
5:34 pm
weeks, the husband and wife remained silent about their record-setting jackpot win. their share, one-third of a billion dollar prize. that's billion with a b. the ticket we know was purchased at maureen's favorite publix a few miles up from their home. >> very nice people. i'm very happy for they. ihink -- for them. >> reporter: david described as nice and smart helping neighbors repair gadgets. maureen very friendly and a doingdog loveer. they have a fishing boat out front right now which can be easy record jackpot placed by something bigger. what's the first thinth you are gonna say to them? >> condition graph congratulations. >> congratulations. >> reporter: after that pie was split three days their takehome was about $528 million. that was before taxes. but after taxes they opted for
5:35 pm
they will take home about $327 m they have liver here for 25 years. as of right now, the couple says they have no plans to move. we'll see how long they stick to that. we're live in melbourne beach, back to you. >> thank you. new details about a truck that went over the edge in miami. a garbage truck crashed through a guardrail flew off an exit ramp and landed on the street below. local 10 news uncovers information about the construction of the ramp. derrick shore has the story. >> reporter: well, tonight that driver remains here at jmh last listed in critical condition. as an investigation now underway to figure out how this crash happened and too make sure to make sure it doesn't happen again. the city truck plummeted around 100 feet landing steps from the park and while the driver ka steam smith incredibly survived and no one else was injured, there are still questions about how it could happen. >> we want to know how fast the
5:36 pm
the angle or impact. >> reporter: dennis fernandez tells us while they are waiting on fhp to finish their investigation, he says the bridge on the exit ramp at i-95 was built back in 1969 and says if the bridge was built today, there would be stronger guardrails installed. >> right now we have a different standard which will stand at -- a higher impact. >> reporter: but even after the crash and the fact that the guardrail was dolished, the state is only performing repairs not upgrading the guardrails could be stronger. fernandez explains the numbers ow that older design has proven to do its job. >> the railing that we have today, even though those railings are built -- they are safe to vehicle traffic. >> reporter: and anticipates they will be doing what they can do.
5:37 pm
two years.. >> reporter: in miami, derrick shore, lel 10 local 10 news. a company wipes its website issue. >> what happened? here's the story. >> they are not feeding every day. >> they were referred to arms of hope, a recovovy program. what's been your experience? >> pure hell. >> on their website, advertised recovery program promises like a highly skilled treatment team. >> they doesn't have it. they don't have it there.
5:38 pm
in the bathroom ceiling. they said we are really suffering here. >> reporter: when we began to investigate the claims, these property. say. >> reporter: otheir website, arms of hope claimed to partner with the broward sheriff's office, even included the law enforcement agency's lee lee go but the sherr -- - --- it agency's logo but the sheriff's department said there's no partnership. >> seems like every other work the police is coming. >> reporter: police logs prove she's right. last year, they responded more than 200 times about incident call types to include narcotics, overdose, even a dead p person at the address, the department of children and familie said since
5:39 pm
protection services investigations involving individuals and caregivers. at the pompano facility, deputies have responded to this location more than a dozen times for incident call types to include abuse. >> they@ need smb somebody watching these people. >> reporter: last year a new law was passedd to reign in the rein the recovery services. >> nothing has really changed. nothing really will because there's still no mandate that these kind of facilities become lilinsed. >> the law says starting this summer, state licenend drug treatment centers will only be allowed to refer patient to certified sober homes, that compels operators to ask for certification. we checked and arms of hope has never applied for certification.
5:40 pm
at first he said he would do an interview and then didn't respond. meantime, two bills are being discussed that would deal with sober home markets we have more on that on the call christina page. christina vazquez, local 10 news. a university of tennessee football player was arrested in pin pinellas county in a sting operation. he's accused of engaging in an online sexual conversation with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. he set up a meeting with the girl last night. but instead, he was taken into custody. he's been charged with sending harmful materials to a minor. two people were arrested near uc davis after accusations that they assaulted and yelled racial slurs at an african-americ woman. that woman is a student at the school. police say the suspects threw things at her and yelled slurs. >> this is ucceptable on every level.
5:41 pm
thinkof thing happens in your backyard. >> the suspects were charged with public intoxication, assault and the victim did not require any medical treatment. dash-cam rolling as a police chase plays out in michigan. it started when the driver refused to stop for somee kind of traffic violation. that driver narrowly missing other cars. this went on until he lost control and hit a pole ending up in a parking lot then he bails out on foot, although he was later arrested. police say during the chase, he actually threw narcocs out of the window. el chapo is complaining that life behind bars is toorough. that's according to his attorney. he told his lawyer that guards wake him up every two hours which he says feels liker to like torture. he was rearrested last month and
5:42 pm
officials will eventually extricate him to the united states. new at 6:00, meet the 18-year-old accused a a posing a doctors. it's the spottestssue sports illustrated magazine, the swimsuit issue you. meet the ladies thi y year.& women showing up and asking questions at local synagogues it
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investigating. when soldiers are proecketting the front line, it's one woman's job to protect them online. >> we're here to protect the information, to protect the war fighter. >> reporter:2battling a constant barrage of harking attempts, jodie headlines in 2015 show u.s. military personnel were constant targets were a variety of hackers. >> you have days where it's hot and heavy and you have days where you can breathe a couple of times. >> reporter: the specific
5:47 pm
are top secret. the team has to adopt sinister mindsets. >> you havee to think like a bad guy but act like a good guy. the technology is constantly emerging. the threats are constantly there. >> reporr: educating soldiers and civilians and watching their own backs, especially on soebs immediatesocial media. on facebook? >> all of your business is out there, if you have your resumes up there, anything you put in there is out there for everyone to find. >> reporter: personal advice for someononwho sees america attacked every day, she believes a little paranoia online is a good thing. weather right now, boy, today was just -- beautiful. >> huge difference from what we saw yesterday.
5:48 pm
slammed today and for good reason. all of that sunshine and the temperatures were comfortable, too. i still see some people out strolling along the hollywood boardwalk. i think they are walking a baby. it's a good day for that. 75 right now in miami. winds from the northwest at 6 miles an hour. key west at 70. it was a near perfect day. near normal temperatures all around, especially during the afternoon. and then look at the forecast for tonight, mainly clear skies. temperatures dropping off into the upper 60s after the 10: hour t looks like we could bottom out in the upper 50s. just cool enough in the morning for a sweater. but you won't need the sweater all day long. look at that, broward million, miami-dade, the keys, not a speck to be found. keeping it nice and dry. today. that was a nice treat for us. we've been stuck in the southwesterly flow alast.
5:49 pm
we see some of the streaks of red, that is a sign of drier air coming in in theid- to upper levels of the atmosphere. as we look ahead to tomorrow instead of a southwesterly flow aloft, we transition into a northwesterly flow aloft and more drier air, setting over us. keeping the atmosphere stable and the rain chance over the next several days, next to nothing, in facac it is nothing tomorrow at 0%. friday, saturury, sunday at 0%. as we start to get into a northeast breeze. a slight chance for a shower. this is the kind of forecast you want if you are here on vacation or even if you live here. here is the beach forecast for tomorrow, the one thing we will note as the breezeicks up from the northeast 5 plus miles an hour. the rip current risk is elevated. so a moderate risk for rip currents tomorrow, water temperature in the upper 60s. if you are takininthe boats out, small craft, exercise caution. north-northeasas winds 15, 20 miles an hour.
5:50 pm
running 4, 6 feet. temperatures upper 5 possible in theorning. so not terribly cool. we'll see comfortably cool. for the afternoon, a high around 77 degrees. winds north-northeast looking good. even o friday, windy conditions but still looking nice. lower 60s to start the day. highs in the mid-70s. similar conditions for saturday and sunday as the breeze relaxes a touch. and then the next time it looks like we may have to deal with some storms at this point. the middle of next week. but until we get to t tn, we're good to go. >> we are. we love it. thank you. we want take you to some live pictures right now. this is a huge motorcade where pope francis is making his way to celebrate mass. this is i believe in the city of juarez. >> he spent a lot of time focusing on the border towns there between texas and mexico. so much violence in juarez.
5:51 pm
there's also the big mass scheduled. >> you know, he -- he's had a ve, very busy trip in this trip to mexico. earlier today, he visited a prison and he's been tweeting as well. he even tweeted, dear prisoners, while you have experienced great pain, you can become prophets of a better society without violence and exclusion. you are looking live as pope francis is looking live to celebrate mass.a huge motorcade. a lot of security. >> we'll keep following all of the movements. and carnival miami, right around the corner. things got kicked by introducing andy garcia as the king of this year's festival. garcia told l lrie jennings that he will be well prepared for the big event. >> i was the king of mardi grara
5:52 pm
so i know what it is about crowds. we're not gonna be on a float, but it will be fun. gonna have a good time. >> i like the beard. >> i like the beard, too. >> you can catch andy garcia and a whole lot of fun, salsa and sounds on marchth. the6th. a young man accused of posing as a doctor and treating patients. how he was caught and who deputies say he was trying to fool. a 17-year-old for what he allegedly did behind the wheel on new year's day. and meet the florida winners of the biggest powerball jackpot in history.
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their money. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise,
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and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it cometo social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social serity strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the women of the newest "sports illustrated" issue you made a big splash in south florida. local 10 was there. this year, a plus-size model is gracing the cover. >> jenise fernandez was there for the big party. >> reporter: a if miami beach isn't steamy enough, the models are in town, giving fans the ultimate up-close and personal experience. >> we started this whole thing off in new york. we m a great few days there. then now we're in the warm weather. excited to be here. >> reporter: this is the first time the two-day fan fest makes a stop in mmi. location. this was planted right on the sand on 8th and ocean.
5:57 pm
long to spot gorgeous faces. >> anna ferguson. >> reporter: music blasted at fans lined up to get autographs and selfies with the bomb shells. >> they are like -- >> reporter: everyone had their favorite. lizette yet saying plus is equal. excited to see one of the cover models is ashley graham, the first plus-sized model to ever grace the cover.& >> it's almost lake any upgirl canyoung girl looking at this magazine can relate to something. winners of the billion-dollar powerball jackpot coming forward. we're live in tallahassee to
5:58 pm
a teenager facing serious charges after a deadly new year's day crash. and arrested again, a teen who police say pretended on a doctor was working on patients as well. a camp counselor is arrested after very disturbing charges. >2> and an officer who survived an on-duty ambush making a surprising appearance today. ththnews at 6:00 starts right now. sinsynagogue scares. women showing up and asking questions at local synagogues and now the fbi is investigating. these women showing up the ast three in the last week. that has members very concerned today. >> let's get right to michael. he's working our top story at 6:00. michael? >> reporter: well, right now, local and federal authorities investigating what happened. in fact, detectives here at the north miami beach police doesn't got a call from a local synagogue.
5:59 pm
their congregation started to ask questions and even pled out a copy of the could quaron. >> we are not showing their faces. no one in law enforcement has confirmed they've done anything wrong. but tonight, the jewish community in south florida is on high alele, staying vigilant, sharing these photos after a group walkedd into several synagogues, first identifying thselves as muslims before asking several odd questions. >> they asked what time services are, when are the busiest times of service, how many members belong. >> reporter: the first suspicious incident happened before the sabbath on february 12th. north miami beach police confirming they are working diligently with multiple law enforcement agencies. today we stopped by the synagogue where we found prayer and police. there is also an ongoing investigation in police. we've been teaching the
6:00 pm
say -- if you see something, say something. >> reporter: two young boys in the congregation were approached over the weekend by a couple asking certain questions. >> didn't feel comfortable. they said something. it's being followed up. >> reporter: miami beach police are working this days. we've also learned that the f is also looking into what happened. although there are no reported thats or violence, many orthodox jushes like joshua klein are extremely -- jews like joshua klein are extremely concerned. >> with today's happenings all over, you have to be vigilant. >> reporter: and again, there have been fast-moving developments. we've learned of another report the reported incident at a synagogue i` hollywood. we've checked with their police department. they've not confirmed@ it. we've been working our sources with the fbi as well at city and county officials and again no one has made it clear if they are actively searching for these men and women.


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