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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i'm laurie jennings. >> laurie: developing tonight. the president of the united states is going to cuba and we now know when. >> calvin: the official details are coming in an announcement tomorrow morning but local 10 is getting the announcement tonight. victor has what we learned so far. victor?
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time in 80 years a president visits cuba. it's planned for march 25th and 22nd and comes months after the pledge to re-open diplomatic ties between the two countries and since then witnessed diplomatic talks. tonight we caught up with the congresswoman iliana ross lathem but first reacting to the news at a town hall. >> there's no elections in cuba or choi in cuba. so my problem is i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change, but it has to be reciprocal. >> so the president is in fact going to the only latin american dictatorship and does that make us any safer to have a cuban embassy in washington? it makes us less safe. and does it benefit the people of cuba in any way? not at all.
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u.s. president to visit cuba? calvin coolidge in 1928. the next dates expected on march 21st and 22nd. the rollinstones are expected to perform and the tampa bay race will be playing a game as well. -- rays will be playing a game as well. a`busy weekend. >> calvin: we'll be there for the historic visit by president obama. join me and local 10 news reporter live in cuba with just over a little bit over a month from now. >> laurie: also tonight women showing up at south florida synagogues asking questions and rattling nerves. the scares serious enough to get the fbi involved. >> calvin: and it has the south florora jewish community on high alert tonight. local 10 news reporter janine stanwood is live in north miami beach. janine? >> reporter: calvin, laurie, detectives here in north miami beach and the fbi are involved, but tonight tell us they did speato these women and it does not appear they're any threat to the community.
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>> our goal is to be the eyes and ears for the cops. we're equipped with cameras. >> reporter: this night the neighborhood patrol is out and some in the north miami beach jewish community are on edge after they say these women approach several area temples, one clututing the qur'an asking when the congregations meet. too many questions for comfort. >> would i wear into the mosque wearing my kipa? for what? to find out what timemeervices are? >> reporter: police say a similar incident happened on miami beach saturday at the beth israel ngregation on 40th street. >> usually don't ask such questitns. >> they have interviewed the women and do not believe they pose a danger to the community. they are still investigatg. lunger whose patrol works closely with detectives says maybe it's a sign of the time
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>> with today's happenings all over is alarming. they didn't commit a crime by doing that but it raised a concern. >> reporter: police are stiti working on their investigation. they tell us they'll have more information tomorrow. we're in north miami beach tonight. janine stanwood, local 10 news. >> and what a story in west palm beach. the teen arrested again and charged with impersoning a doctor. and picked off by deputies yeerday and then it is over a year ago and addressed the newest allegations here tonight. >> i just want to say i'm deeply saddenedand a little disrespected and simply asking if you please pray for us in this time that we get the truth out of it. >> reporter: robinson is facing charges including forgery and
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>> now for both 2016 and while donald trtrp is expecting to cruise to victory in uth carolina, a new poll is now showing ted cruz taking a slim lead on the national stage. while cruz gets good news in the polls, marco rubio has a major announcement and endorsement from the south carolina popular governor >> laurie: and the two are going at it in town hall vying for second place in the primary. tonight in columbia, south carolina, with the latest. glena? >> laurie, calvin, that endorsement from a hugely popular governor, nicky haily, and that may do what no vote can, tip the scales. the first primary in the south. >> help me welcome the next president to the united states and let's move that way. marco rubio! >> reporter: not only an endorsement but the really to
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governor nikki hayley, the e daughter of immigrants, army veteran spouse and coveted endorsement and coupe for senator rubio. >> she embodies everything the conservative movement is about. >> reporter: they appear indeed different parts of the state in town hall meetings, each solo ter a bruising day of attacks on each other. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortions? >> including a cease and desist order trump sent cruz to pull the trump is pro-choice commercial dprt air waves. >> saying he's prochoice. we don't say he's prochoice. donald says he's prochoice in every respect. >> his tremendous fats in our budget but the candidates are controlled by the people who make money off the fat. >> reporter: the latest poll gives donald trump the solid first place with south carolina governors across the board. but for a second, a statistical
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governor jeb bush is s in thth single digits. he's been banking on this first primary in the south to break him to the top tear. >> i will be tough. i will be resolute. i will be firm. i will be clear. i will be determined. that's what leaders are. >> governor hayley's a huge disproportionate and wanted it and had courted it and just this week had coveted probably the most meaningful endorsement in the state. two days left to campaign before saturday's primary and all of the gop candidates will be doing just that all around the state. i'm glena millbourn live tonight in columbia, south carolina. local 10 news. >> calvin: a commission meeting in oakland park.
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the soup kitchen to close its doors. the all saints catholic mission gathered and criticized commissioners for not trying to come up with a solution after cardel was forced to move a feeding location on power line road last fall. the city rezoned the area a few years ago and said the kitchen falls under a parish house which investments zoning laws. >> and you can condemn me and put fines on me. you can send the police to my door. you can send code enforcement as they me again today to harass us.. you can do all these things and d we will still feed the poor. >> calvin: father bob plans to feed the poor at the chch in oakland park. it's unclear what action the city will eventually take against them. >> laurie: their secret is out! a florida couple stepping forward to accept their portion of the biggest powerball jackpot ever! >> calvin: that thing is huge! and the winners explained how they kept it alllhush-hush for so long. local 10 news reporter amie vateri traveling to tallahassee
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>> reporter: well, calvin and laurie, they kept the win a secret from everyone. that's how they kept it hush-hush. each their own children! you can imagine for a month this winning ticket was the talk of their town, but still they stayed quiet. instead taking time to process all of this until today. >> he wants to get a new car. >> how about you? >> i really don't know yet. i want to get a massage! [ laughing ] >> reporter: no big plans so far for their share of the historic wop.8 billion powerball jackpot. with winning. >> lost a lot of sleep. i lost over 10 pounds. it's a lot of pacing at night. >> you worry, you worry what's going to happen now that we're no longer in a quiet place. >> reporter: the couple has lived in melbourne beach since 1991. david has worked as a manufacturing engineer for more than 30 years, but the 55-year-old now plans to retire all because his wife visited
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one powerball ticket. >>a $3 investment. >> that ticket one of only 3 in numbers. but nobody knew until wednesday. the couple ew to tallahassee and chose the lump sum pavement of early 328 million. >> she walked her little doin the evening and wears her little cowboy hat. it's wonderful. >> reporter: surprise with local 10 news that spoke with the neighbors but even e kids didn't know. >> it's hard especially when everyone says if you're from melbourne beach. did you win? did you know who won? >> reporter: and now the secret is out. lottery officials say it can take up to 2 days to get all of that money deposited and while the couple did not want to go into specific detail about their plans for e cash, they did say that they plan to use it taking care of the people they love. we're live tonight in
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headquarters, amy, local 10 news. amy, thank you. a follow up file. the teen arrested in the deadly new year's day crash in key biscayne is now formally charard as an adult. medina was arrested on multiple charges including vehicular homicide. his back seat passenger danielle miguel was killed in the crash last nth. detectives say medin afs driving 60 mph h in the silver porsche convertible with another friend in the front seat when he lost control in the curve and crashed into the front gate of a home. according to court documents medina's blood had traces of marijuana and xanax. >> calvin: a scary morning at the miami international airport when they made an emergency laing. the atlas cargo 747 was forced to turn because of a fire. the fire department gathered the 747. pilots were able to touch down safely despite that blown out tire.
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that's what they train for. well, the pope celeating holy mass for the final time in mexico. the pontiff proving he hasa tough side, too. scolding some people there in the crowd. >> reporter: the heat return to practice without chris bosh but they're confident he may be back. we'll have the update on bosh's health later in sports. >> reporter: a beautiful night. miami on the cool side at 64 . i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know what's on the way for the rest of the week. >> calvin: and the popular burger spot at one of the hottest streets on south beach. so why are our dirty dining cameras there? don't want to misit! - miss it! >> across the country it's america's favorite jackpot game! get ready, everybody. this is powerball. good luck. it's time to see how you did.
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and it's off right after that the number 27. here's william aire from indiana. william won 200,000 dollars using power play. next number down 7. after that the number 40. we're going to wind it up for you tonight with the number 17. all right, now for your winning powerball number, good luck to you. it is the number 25 tonight and your winning power play multiplier is 2. one more close look at the
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we'll see yo (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> a popular restaurant was shut down after something was found dripping onto your food? >> laurie: employees were told to stop selling several items because of a contamination issue. >> calvin: now tonight's dirty dining. >> it's one of the most popular well-known places on ocean drive.
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on the first floor of 728 ocean drive and based on a complaint, inspectors recently walked in and found 31 violations. the main problem was coming from up above. food not protected from environmental contamination? the inspector observed the ceiling leaking onto a fofood prep table below. water was leaking above the table used to make duringers. water dripping on the cook line and the grill atation, leaking water dripping right over ready to eat lettuce. a stop sale was issued on onions, mushrooms and cheese. there was mold in the ice machine. and the manager here refused to talk about the contamination issues or her bad inspection. we do the dirty dining. is there someone that can speak to us about 31 violations? >> not at the moment. >> but we have questions.
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10 news corporate says this location is a franchise and, quote, there is nothing more important than the health anand safety of our guests and regret the restaurant did not pass inspection. it was closed for a short time and the franchise was authorized to re-open the next morning. yes, this johnny rockets was allow tod re-open. but would they have made those corrections if the inspector hadn't shown up? the good news you now know what was dripping onto the food below. on south beach, jeff, local 10 news. >> laurie: jeff, thank you and remembmb local 10 news made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection statewide right on your smart phone. download the free restaurant inspection app and search restauaunts, florida, in the app store. >> calvin: pope francis wrapped up the first visit to mexico with the mass on the border today. you can see just across from el paso, texas.
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isis across the globe calling forced migration due to violence and poverty a human tragedy. also a different side of pope francis. he was greeting the crowd in the city yesterday when someone grabbed him causing him to fall onto a child in a wheelchair. the pope was visibly upset and scolded the person in spanish saying, quote, don't be selfish. and here's the pope boarding the many to conclude his 5-day trip to mexico. it was his first official trtr to the country. he's headed back to vatican city as we speak, in fact, and expected to land some time tomorrow. >> laurie: disaster at home. people are picking up the pieces after a trio of tornados that hit broward and miami-dade counties with debris to cleaned up. davy, hollywood and northeast miami-dade were each hit wi a tornado during yesterday's storms. they left homeowners with quite
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literally don't have a place to stay tonight. so frustrating! >> calvin: and betty, 5 tornados, 5 twisters in 2 nths? that's a lot going on! >> laurie: now we just had the most#beautiful weather ever! >> reporter: and this forecast is looking good. it's going to have you sming in your sleep tonight. finally a nice little stretch of quiet weather out there. we take you back outside and this is clear skies and 63 . point temperature at 51 so looking at that number and the lower surface to the atmosphere is pretty dry and it is setting us up with the cool night for 59 in kendall. pembroke pines at 61 and by tomorrow morning more of you will dip down into the 50s and normal. that's lows in the lower 60s
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bus stop in the morning, you may want to go with the longer sleeves and by the afternoon you won't need the sleeves. very pretty weather not just here but throughout the south. today the winds are light and from the north/northwest and tomorrow the north/northeast flow. we'll have plenty of sunshine and the one change late tomorrow afternoon is the breezes will start to pick up. so turning breezy on thursday and then those breezes carry us right into friday with our winds still flowing in from the northeast. a few more clouds mixing with the sunshine but the rainfall chance is next to nothing as we're getting ready for the weekend. so if it's a birthday party outside or maybe make tomorrow a beach day, things are good. water temperature off miami-dade and broward around 68 . a surf running about 1-2-3 feet tomorrow. the rip current risk moderate though.
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be careful if you do jump in ththwaters. small craft exercise caution. choppy on those bays and the seas running 4-6 feet with north/northeast winds up to 20 mph off miami-dade and broward. so in the morning we're in the 50s so you're probably reaching for a sweat er. but by the afternoon we make that bounce up into the upper 70s. and 78 by the way. that's the norm for miami and fort lauderdale this time of the year. pretty close to that over the next several days. right now saturday and sunday. looking a-okay. just a few clouds with the highs in the upper 70s. by wednesday of next week, we may have to dealalwith stormy weather. want to remind you the weather authority is always watching and tracking. meteorologist julie durda gets started at 4:30, dark and early. guys? >> laurie: thank you, betty. >> lvin: drink some hot tea and honey tonight. don't get sick on us!>> laurie: we'll let her rest until tomorrow. >> calvin: no sleep for her.
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swim suits go together and add to that some sports illustrated swimsuit models and u got something you don't want to miss. >> laurie: and definitely don't want to miss jimmy kimmel live tonight. >> what we accomplish because we put our heads together. >> you have a decent love line. >> really? his love line is forking right now? oh, my goodness! >> reporter: good evening, south florida. constance jones withtyour construction alert. traveling northbound at the palmetto expressway, all lanes will be closed at tamiami trail at souwest 8th street. instead exit off and just continue north atnorthwest 87th avenue. those delays will be in place@
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>> calvin: the women of the newest sports illustrad swimsuit issues made a splash in south florida today. >> laurie: they tendto do that and local 10 was there to cover e party. several models there to meet the fans. it's the firct time the s.i. fanfest made the way to miami and the model said they were happy to make the trip. >> started this whole thing off in new york and had a great few days there. but now we're in the warm weather so i think the girls are super excited to be here. >> laurie: this year's issue features a plus size model on the cover for the first time as model ashley graham receives that honor. >> reporter: the heat return to the practice court without chris bosh. they'll have the acc showdown with virginia tech at home tonight. we'll have the highlights next in sports.
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but first here are the cash 3, play 4, fantasy 5 and we hope
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good luck. >> on the eve of the nba trade deadline the extent of chris bosh's health concerns continue and are not known but today a little clarity. the heat say bosh will not travel with the team to atlanta and further update his condition in the future. bosh reportedly back on blood thinners as he deals with the clot that kept him out of the nba all-star weekend. so whiteside meanwhile will not travel with the heat as well. serving the one game suspension for throwing an elbow against the spurs. as they took the practice court it was clear though. bosh has the support of the entire locker room.
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you have to deal with certain things and we'll deal with it and move on and like i said the most important thing for all of us going on and you care about their health and basketball comes second when it comes to that. >> and taking on virginia tech and angel rodriguez with fancy dibling before getting the layup. the canes down 1 at the half but at this point up 10 in the second half. and reed is going to get fancy coming up here with the reversed throw down and canes pull away in the second half. they win 65-49 and because duke beat north carolina, the teams are tied for the top spot and play north carolina. >> calvin: you're sniffling and stuff. >> i'll stand over here. >> calvin: just move over there. >> reporter: highs tomorrow in the 70s. have a great day. >> calvin: keep going.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, meg fox, from "gotham", ben mckenzie, and music from chris stapleton, with cleto and the clenes, and now, like last time, here's
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>> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. to those visiting, welcome to los angeles. possible future home of the 2024 summer games. the olympics --- do people outside of l.a. know that? do people inside l.a. know that? thth olympic city picked post to host the olympics but the peoplee of boston said, no, thank is. we can barely find parking spots as it is. they withdrew their bid. and thenike a pathetic former lover -- like the successful orthodontist who marries the winnerf the state beauty pageant eight years after she gets dumped by the bachelor," we stepped in and said, we're interested, now hoping the olympics will select us.


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