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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 18, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "rld news now." good morning, everybody. we've made it to thursday. i'm kendis gion. >> and i'm reena ninan. friday eve around here. >> oh, my god, you can feel it all around here. we're all excited for the weekend. >> that's just the pope from the border. he's so close to the u.s., you're feeling positive vibes. >> snee mexico is saying good-bye to il papa.% the powerful message from the pope speaking on behalf of migrants standing a stone's throw from the u.s. boarder. >> heading back to the vatican this morning after wrapping up a five-day visit to mexico where he called onountries to welcome people fleeing persecution, violence andnd poverty. marci gonzalez has the latest from the border. good morning. >> reporter: the excitement on the other sidi of the rio grande echoed here in el paso. thousands gathered in the stadium to watch a simulcast of the@mass and to hear the pope's
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poverty and the hot button issue of immigration. pope francis left mexico his message still echoing through the hearst of the faithful on both sides of the boer. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: after holding mass in the violence torn city of juarez, and praying just steps from el paso for the thousands who have died trying to cross into the uninid states and for the families still separated by this fence. >> we are tying unity between the two the countries by going to the river together and praying together. it's isn't that wonderful. >> reporter: the pope again focused on one of the most heated issues this election year. immigration. the vatican dismissing donald trump's claims that the pope is politically motivated as the pontiff again called for
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after his visit with workers i juarez where he spoke out against exploitation and his emotional one-on-one time with prisoners, the pope headed home from what was once the murder capital ofexico -- >> reporter: saying he was touched by the growing contrast here of hope. and hope francis had a hopeful message of his own saying there is still time for changing and to end what he called the women. kendis and reena? >> marci, thank you so much. there is a major development in u.s./cuba releases. president obama is going to cuba cuba next month. sources tell us the trip is about 15 months after the administration began reopening plomatic relations with cuba. he will be the first president in80 years to visit the island while in office. the official announcement from
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and the president is creating a new commission on cybersecurity. he is tapping formerational security advisor tom donnalley to chair the commission with former ibmceo as vice chair. the commission will draft recommendations on better protecting government, business, and consumers from cyberattacks. the panel is supposed to make its report by the december 1st. apple is refusing to help the fbi hack into a terrorist's ipipne despite a court order. but the case has much greater securityty ramifications than just this particular terrorist or this computer company. brandi hitt has the stor_. >> reporter: it's the ultimate showdown over national security and the privacy of your smartphone. all tied to last year's deadly terrorist attack in san bernardino. >> we still have one of those killer's phones we have not been able to open.
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judge can has ordered appal to hack to look for clues about other other terror plots. apple is vowing to appeal, customers. we fear this demand would undermine the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect. >> as soon as the apple creates vulnerable. and hackers are so brilliant these days, if they even got a whiff of how it was done, they'll find out how to do it. >> reporter: 14 people were killed in san bernardino and the victims' families are also weighing in. larry cauffman's partner arn ryan reyes saying apple kind of needed to come forward and not continue to fight. that's extremely wrong. yvette's uncle adding i understand they're trying to protectustomers overall but this is a criminal case. not all users agree. >> it's going to give the government the right to go into >> reporter: this battle will continue 0 play out in the courts moving up to the 9th
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appeals and potentially the u.s. supreme court. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> the u.s. believes air strikes argumenting isis banks have destroyed more than $500 million in cash. they say the terrorist group's finances are severely strained. some isis fighters report their salaries have ever been cut 50%. the u.s. says isis is responsible for a chemical weapons attack on kurdish forces in iraq last august. the u.s. is joining its allies in c cdemning in strongist possible terms a car bomb attack ta killed at least 28 people in turkey. the explosion went off at the height of tht evening rush hour in the capital city of ankara. targeting vehicles, carrying turkish military personnel, the turkish government has already begun its investigates into the bomb about so far no one has claimed upon the. a new poll shohong donald trump may be starting to slip a little bit.
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slightly ahead of trump in a statistical dead heat. marco rubio is in third place but hoping for i an surge in saturday's primary after about picking up the coveted endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. trump was quick to take a jab. >> you know, nikki haley give a speech a cououe weeks ago and said ha we, we, yeah, it's not good. she's very, very weak on on illegal immigration. >> every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco @rubio, every day will be a great day in america. >> at a cnn town hall in south carolina, rubio and cruz both disapproved of president obama's trip to cuba. cruz responded to the cea and detis letter from trump over a campaign ad. he saide laughed out loud because the ad uses trump-s own words. >> the democrats are also running fleck and neck. hillary clinton has 44% and
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they're each hoping to win more voters when they appear together tonight at a town hall event in nevada. we get more from abc's cecile yeah vega. >> i'm one of those mothers who met with h and was able to make it through. >> reporter: hillary clinton standing with the tearful mother of sandra bland, the chicago woman who's death in a jail cell sparked outrage. >> we need to face the reality of systemic racism. >> reporter: clinton and bernie sanders trying to woo minority voters. from the campaign trail -- >> what we have got to do is bring justice back to the criminal justice system. >> reporter: to the airwaves -- >> bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: clinton's now facing the possibility she could lose nevada, too. we went to her brooklyn headquarters to speak with her campaign manager. >> we always anticipated that this would be a very close contest. >> reporter: what is bernie sanders doing in nevada that you e not? >> i don't know. you'd have to ask him what he's doing. we are executing oh our
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>> reporter: a strategy that involves thousands of volunteers now focused on getting voters to caucus. clinton herself, now featured in "vogue," revealing this -- "i'm great at advocating for other people, but i'm not so good at really promoting myself. i just find it hard to do." >> and now word about what happens if there's a tie in these nevada caucuses. in iowa, they coin tosses- in nevada they're handing out decks of cards to every precincts. thth have to be shuffled times before they're used. if thehe's a tie, there's a draw. and the highest card wins. cecilia vega, an abc news, new york. n n you another potential rick for women who waited till they're older to have dids kids. women who became pregnant at 40 oro older were more likely to have a stroke later in life. for thoso women, there was a 60% increase in the risk of a i brain bleed. there was also a slight increase in heart disease.
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necessary to confirm a direct lirveg. >> say you like to putut grated parmesan chinese on your favorite italian dish to add extra flavor. if you do, you should know you're also getting a small serving of wood pulp. the fda is cracking down on companies that use cheap fillers in their parmesan like wood pulp. it comes in the form of a legal common food additive which prevents the cheese from sticking together and getting oily. . >> i do love my parmesan. you were saying don't get the two for $5 parmesan at the store. get the $18 thing. without much fanfare, facebook launched a crack down to lid sites of marijuana related material. >> what? >> i know. dozens of accounts operated by marijuana businesses have already been shut down. facebook says those pages were removed "for violating our community stanrds." many accccnt owners say they've
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and say their business is suffering due to less exposure on social need media. >> there are no more colorado facebook users this morning. a couple in pennsylvania wakes unhappy thissorning because their golden retriever is safely back with them. the dog was stuck in that 15-foot deep hole for two nights. >> poor sks. the fire department's assistant chief climbed into the hole, got a makeshift harness around sky andis colleagues. they pulled sky to safety and once he was safe, sky waste nod time trying to run around again. >> the firemen think sky sensed that he was being saveduring the operation and that he was develops cooperative. >> cute. >> very cute. coming up "the mix,"ne woman marking her territory. what a girlfriend is doing to keep others away from her man. >> also ahead, the instant multimillionaires in florida claiming their part of a jumbo power jackpot.
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chooseo move freely. move free ultra has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. and now try move free night. e first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement. teachers at some of the country's largest school districts staged walk ins yesterday such as this one in chicago.
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the teachers were calling for more funding and less testing. the protests happened b bore the school day started. when the bells rang, the tehers walked in and took their places in their classrooms. the university of michigan is investigating a suspected outbreak of norovirus. nearly 100 students are suffering from gastro intestinal illness. most eat in the same dining hall. results won't be available for several days confirming what the illness is. the big 10 women's swimming and driving champiohips did begin last flight on campus. >> in lls angeles a computer virus sickened an entire hospital. paralyzing its entire computer met work. >> the ceo of hollywood presbyterian medical center says they were forced to pay $17,000 to hackers to regain control of their computers. matt gutman has the story. >> hollywood presbyterian
3:16 am
sickened with a virus. the so-called ran some aware turning data to gobbledeygook. >> it was odd being at the hospital because all the signs said do not use the computers. i'm like what's going on with the xurs? they said we got hacked. >> reporter: so typically what they're doing in ran some aware is not actually stealing data but doing something we call encrypting the data. >> reporter: and why bitcoins? expert say they're nearly united nations traceable. this type of ran some wear is new. >> they're using more sophisticated tactics but also demanding a much higher level of ran some from their victim. >> reporter: the hospital leaving this message on its voice mail saying its functions are unaffected. >> we want to assure you that patient care has not been compromised as we continue to address this incident. >> reporter: also on the case the fbi releasing this statement "we are investigating the
3:17 am
responsible." matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> so they paid the ran some before alertinin authorities. which is what some people are saying why. apparently it was ten days. they found the malware february 5th and it wasn't restored till ten days later. >> that's so odd they waited to alert the authorities. i think it's an awful precedent. i can't believe they paid it. we'll see what ends up happening after this. coming up in our next half hour, a real life catch me if you can case in florida. take a look at had this 18-year-olol he's now facing felony charges for brazenly opening up a medical practice inside a medical building and passing hihself off as a doctor. how did he manage to get away with it? first america's newest multimillionaires. the story behind the couple who finally came forward to claim
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f i had a million dollars we wouldn't have to walk to the store >> bear naked ladies. >> we all like anything that sings about a million dollars % and then some. a couple in florida no longer has to worry what they do if they had a million dollars. now they haze $328 million. >> they're winners of last month's historic powerball jackpot. they kept everyone in the dark about their win. even their children. steve osunsami hasasore. >> reporter: these two ought to teach a class on how to keep a a big secret. >> we just kept quiet. >> yeah, absolutely quiet. >> just acted normal. >> reporter: maureen smith and her husband, david kaltschmidt say they told no one they were holding onto a winning powerball ticket from the drawing in january worth a third of@the
3:20 am
he even kept going to work, as an engineer at northrop grummon. >> first day i arrived, late to work, they all suspected i won. >> reporter: they are already saying more money, more problems. >> i lost over ten pounds, too. you know, it's a lot of pacing at night. >> reporter: he's 55, she's 70. they've been married since 1980 and moved to florida from new york. they didn't want to talk about children, but have put their one lump sum of nearly $328 million into a trust for their family. they won with numbers they've been playing regularly for 30 years. and couldn't feel more blessed tonight. steve osunsami, abc news, tallahassee. >> when we have these big powerball jackpots we cannot wait. we get annoyed when they wait. i love it they got their ducks in line. didn't tell anybody else. she was an avon sales woman. >> oh, man, i look like a pimp. >> i look like i'm trying to sell you a home with your $10 win. >> i'm impressed by her. she's 70 and he's 55.
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k-y touch. andow it's time for a mix". there's a strange noise coming out in forest grobe, oregon, that nobody knows what it is or where it's coming from. take a listen. [ high pitched sound ] >> isn't that weird? >> they have no idea where it's coming from. at first they thought it was metal screeching on a train track. but there are no train tracks nearby. somebody recorded it. took it to the fire departmentnt the fire marshal says that they just have no clue. what could be that noise. >> so it's still a mystery at this point. >> still a big mystery. >> it's got to be wonderful living in that neighborhood right now. >> can you imagine? would drive me nuts. >> we say hello to the audience in that town. >> turn us up a little.
3:25 am
with that noise. we celebrated cj, the winner of best in show yesterday at the westminster dog show. but then the one that was really getting rakz online during the two-day competition was the lean burger. he was looking out for one thing, the sack that was inside of his handler's pocket. he just kept going after the snack. usually you don't see moments like these. these are very well trained dogs on the is taken but daria was looking out for one thing. >> all on the big is taken. >> needless too say daria did not win the competition. >> plane he just needs a little breakfast in the morning. he needso be fed. >> he was hungry. >> it's good that anyw, he went a little further south, he that one. we've got to talk about girlfriend and her boyfriend. >> that would have ever been what that n nse was. >> it's the alarm system going off.
3:26 am
decides that he's going to take a trip to i by za. she gives him a shirt. this shirt. it has a picture of her look at his like face. i'm not going to wear this in ibiza. apparently it says on the shirt that i'm taken. so for the girls to back off. i love my girlfriend abby. i hate the girls in ibiza so please stay away from me. e looks excited. >> clinger alert. beautiful video, two women who have within friends for 71 years, listen to their reunion. they've b bn besties for 75 years. >> we got them. >> you got to be 102 and you're about to be 100 and both of you all look fabulous. >> uh-huh. we know it. >> the neighbors, they were neighbors in 1945 when they met and they have kept in touch. >> they look amazing. see good friendships can keep
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>> goo this morning on "world news now," campaign cnch. latest polls showing razor thin leads in the republican and democratic races days before voters make critical choices in south carolina and nevada. who has an edge? >> emotional message. the pope's final hours in mexico spent along the texas border. how he ventured into the middle of a sensitive american political issue. >> and new this half hour, it's an airport where weather delays are common during the winter. >> but this time it was a wild scene on the tarmac at this busy airport. the coyote interfering with air traffic. later, kanye west's backstage tantrum that's going public. where he lost his cool this time and who has leaked the video. it is thursday, february 18th.
3:30 am
this is "world news now." good morning on this thursday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> go ahead. >> you had something? >> no, i was just talking about kanye, crazy kanye. bit. presidential poll. >> some wild and crazy swings, of course. >> ted cruz ovortaking donald trump in the latest poll, and it's fascinating see exactly what's going to happen leading up to nevada. >> exactly. nevada is coming up on saturday for the democjats and south carolina on saturday for the republicans. a new national poll though, this is a game-changer apparently. cruz has inched ahead of trump by two points. making it a statistical dead heat and the number three spot goes to marco rubio who is also enjoying a key endorsement. it's yourr voice, your vote. abc's lana zak is covering the gop candidates. >> reporter: there are just days until republicans vote in south
3:31 am
hay is hoping her endorsement could give a win to marco rubio. >> ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. >> reporter: south carolina's popular governor has enjoyed approval ratings of 81% and rubio pulling at 14% could use the boost. >> if we lose this election, we lose more than an election. i believe we lose the american dream. >> reporter: ted cruz throwing down the gauntntt with donald trump. donald, i would encourage you if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. >> reporter: trump has been threatening legal action over this cruz ad released in the wake of justice scalia's death. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> we cannot trust donald trump with these serious decisions. >> reporter: on the trail trump says cruz is a liar. >> cruz said he's not pro-life. i said i'm not? i'm pro-life. you can't lie about people like that. >> reporter: but the ad doesn't seem to be hurting trump's poll
3:32 am
in the first southern primary state. trump holds a 16-point lead over his nearest competitor ted cruz. in fact, even adding together the numbers for for rubio, bush, carson and kasich,,he total is less than the number that gives trump the lead. cruz seems to be challenging trump's lead and in what is now becoming increasingly common, the republican establishment seems to be on a campaign for anyone but trump. senator mike lee is going to be campaigning this morning with ted cruz and in the afternoon with marco rubio. reena, kendis? >> thank you. > this morning the white house will announce that president obama is visiting cuba next month. he will be the first president to visit the island while in office since calvin coolidge long before the castro revolution. republican presidential hopeful marco rubio calls the decision a mistake and says he will not go to cuba while e e castros are in power. >> a year and two months after the opening to cuba, the cuba
3:33 am
as ever but now they have access to millions if not billions of dollars in resources that they didn't have access to before this opening. >> reporter: he also said it is part of the administration's policy of weakness and appeasement to america's enemies. apple is in a security showdown with the fbi refufung to help the agency hack the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. despite a court order. the computer company says doing so would create a backdoor into the confidence information in every iphone. presidential hopeful donald trump is siding with the government. >> i think it's disgraceful that apple is not helping on that. i think security first and i always felt security first. apple should absolutely we should force them to do it. >> marco rubio weighing in on this too calling it a tough issue but he hopes apple will cooperate and be "a good corporate citizen..
3:34 am
request. >> t t pope is heading back to the vatican after a moving mass in mexico across the u.s. border. he capped off his visit by appealing to countries to open their hearts to thousands of migrants. abc's terry moran was there. >> reporter: he stood on the banks of the rio grande, head bowed in silent prayer, here at this troubled border. across the river, a few feet away in the united states, americans, including some undocumented immigrants, praying with francis, remembering the thousands who have died in the desert, trying to get to the u.s. spiritually, there was no border here. joyous crowds on both sides, in juarez and in el paso, a hugely symbolic celebrati, a message from the pope. this week, donald trump sent a message back, in an interview with fox business. >> the pope is a very political person. i don't think he understands the nger of the open border that we have with mexico.
3:35 am
embraced this pope. at one point mobbing him, almost toppling him until he rebuked them. "don't be selfish," he said. and at every step, francis has spoken out, blasting some businesses as slave drivers that exploit employees. and especially taking on the violence of the drug trade here in this city, onon racked by thousands of murders. but now, juarez with crime down to manageable levels, proudly hosting the pope. for francis, this isn't about politics. it's about taking in the stranger and welcoming the refugee. he would say, at's christianity. terry moran, abc news, with the pope in juar, mexico. >> terry's been in iraq. so he got lucky. he got boondoggle to hang out with the pope. a los angeles hospital confirms it's been paid $17,000 disabled its computer network. the ceo of the hollywood presbyterian medical center defended the move saying it was
3:36 am
its system running again. the hackers demanded the ransom be paid in bitcoin because the online currency is difficult to trace. two los angeles police officers are under arrest charged with repeatedly raping four women while on duty. prosecutors say the two who worked as patient -- partners threatened the women with arrest if they didn't give in to their demands. they're due in court later today to face more than a dozen felony charges. if theyre convicted, they could face life in prison. bill cosby is now suing the woman whose mplaint led to his sexual abuse arrest. the lawsuit says she, her attorneys and her mother and others broke confidentiality agreements. the comedian also claimed that an agreement to settle her civil lawsuit againshim more than a decade ago shielded him from criminal prosecution. a judge has denied his request for dismissal. boxer manny pacquiao's views about homosexuality will cost him his endorsement deal with nike. pacquiao is running for office a senate seat in the philippines
3:37 am
gay people, "are worse than animals." nike called that abhorrent.. and immediately ended its relationship with pacquiao. other companies could follow nike's lead. for many millions of americans a promise of warmer weather has arrived with the official opening of baseball's spring training. look at there. >> hey, boys. >> looks good in florida. by the end of the day, pitchers and cahers from 19 of the 30 major leagues will have reported in either florida or arizona. plenty of field players are already workrkg out, as well. spring training games start over the next ten days or so and the league's opening days sunday, april 3rd. >> yep, and it will end with the nationals winning it all. >> you love your nationals. if a new patent application airplanemaker airbus is to be believed, passengers could be in for more
3:38 am
an underseat storage would obviously have to stand up, turn around and open it. wn on leg room for the passenger behind you. airbus on behalf of the flying public we say please don't. >> no, no, no. we'll give up the snacks before the leg room. >> we lost with that. while we're talking about flying, check out this coyote in the circle there right in the middle of that scene there. it was runninground yesterday morning on runways of milwaukee's airport. the unwelcome visitor delayed one flight briefly. the plane eventually made a safe landing. ground crews chad the coyote off sending it back to where it came from. >> okay. glad it got home. >> it's wisconsin. weird stuff happens in wisconsin, as well as florida. >> no matter how productive new technology is, you can always play games with it. so it should be a surprise that you can now play ping-pong on your apple watch.
3:39 am
it is free although for a dollar, you can get an artificial intelligence opponent. pong was a classic game on the early computer systems because it had such a simple display. so it should work well on a tiny device like a watch. >> i thought it was ping-pong. i was trying to figure out how you play ping-pong on n apple watch. pong was before my time. was that before atari? >> i think it was. >> it was before the atari. >> coming up in "the skinny," adele getting lots of love online but not for something she did on stage. so, cutting edge fabric that could revolutionize the way clothing is made. break through at new york's fashion week. >> and the teeger who posed as a doctor even opening a busy medical practice. who did he fool and how did@he get away with it after today's forecast. matt, hey, it is drink wine day. our favorite prop. >> that's your favorite. >> let's pop it open.
3:40 am
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wowoite darks. this is incredible video from thailand. this 500-foot cargo ship lost control and smashed through a walkway along the bangkok harbor. bad weather and strong currents are to blame for the accident. should say, remarkably, nobody on the walkway or on the ship suffered any injuries. even though the ship was damage it did manage to stay afloat until repairs were made. > wow. facing some serious charges this morning, an 18-year-old man from south florida who calls himself dr. love >> he's facing felony charges
3:44 am
medicine without a license. brazenly, opehing up his own practice inside a medical building. abc's matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: he had the lab coat and the stethoscope. >> they say you've been practicing medicine without a license? >> reporter: but police say this self-declared florida doctor lacked a medical license. just 18, malachi love robinson, was charged with seven counts including grand theft and fraud for allegedly practicing without a license. our west palm beach station wpbf was right there when he was arrested tuesday. >> i'm hurt because of the accusations and the allegations. >> reporter: last month, he proudly offered this tour of his office. >> this is the new birth and life medical center. >> reporter: saying he never claimed to be an md. but wpbf peeled back the tape on this sign, revealing those very letters. >> so many physicians, they speak to me and they are just in awe. it's not because i'm a great person, not because i'm some miracle from heaven sent, it's just because i have a passion for heheing people. >> reporter: including an
3:45 am
another patient, an 86-year-old, claims he treated her for severe ststach pain, paying him nearly $3500. his website says he treats people with phototherapy, as well as water, food and air. last year, love-ronson roamed the halls of st. mary's hospital. >> they told me that he was a doctor and his name was dr. robinson. >> reporter: st. mary's said he never came in contact with patients and he was never charged. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> how can you do that when you know these people are suffering? >> i'm amazed he was able to get away with it. a, how did he afford to pay the rent for his office there? and how did he get -- >> lots of questions will be anered this morning on "good morning america." he's going to be there this morning to talk about the situation. so i can't wait to see that interview. >> dr. love on "gma." check it out. when we come back, the undercover video fromanye west
3:46 am
3:47 am
skinny" next.tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(= )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p skinny, so skinny >> topping our look at "the skinny" this morning, kanyeyeest had an epic meltdown even for kanye back is taken at "saturday night live." >> according to multiple reports, he went ballistic on
3:48 am
saturday's show. it was over last minute change to his set. tmz reports their kanye sources reported he threatened to walk. the "new york post" got hold of his audio in which he cocoared himself to stanley kubrick and apostle paul as in saint paul and picasso. >> bro, by 50%, stanley kubrick. apostle paul. picasso and escobar, i am 50% more influential than any other human being. don't [ bleeped ] with me. don't [ bleeped ] with me. don't [ bleeped ] with me. by 50%, dead or alive. by 50% for the next thousand years. stanley kubrick, yea. >> sources tell tmz west did eventually speak calmly with "snl" executive producer lorne michaels who decided to put the
3:49 am
isis apparently averted but -- >> thank god. >> the meltdown ntinues. >> who knows what that guy was capable of. >> i don't know what he was -- that was crazy. >> next claims of justice averted. gwynh paltrow saying she's very upset over the acquittal of her alleged stalker. >> a jury in los angeles fouou 66-year-old dante soiu not guilty of all charges without any recommendation he be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment. prosecutors say dante soiu upset her by sending dozens of unsolicited letters and gifts in recent years. >> it was the second case in whqch he was accused of stalking the actress. in the first he was committed to a mental institution but was eventually released. >> the jury foreman tells tmz they saw no evidence that he meant to cause paltrow any harm and they felt it would have ever been worse if they convicted an innocent man whose only crime was sending love letters. we move on next to the tons of love letters for adele on social media.
3:50 am
the ten-time grammy award winner was spotted over the weekend with her partner treating their son angelo to a day at disneyland. bud take a close look. you see him there? guess who he's dressed up as? his favorite character from "frozen," princess anna. >> there he is in the stroller sporting the blue and yellow dress complete with black ballet flats. it's earning her countless cool points for bending gender norms and for being the kind of mom who lets her kids wear whatever makes them feel best. >> i love that.. >> another photo is turning heads this morning. >> most of us cringe at the idea of h hing to show our driver's license or passport photos but prince tweeted out his new passport photo worthy of a magazine cover. the photo of prince rodgers nelson taken february 11th is perfect in nearly every way. >> the hair, the makeup, the
3:51 am
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the difference is easy to absorb. we are in the midst of what many consider to be one of new york's most important weeks of the year. fashion week. >> pushingside the usual offerings of the over the top styles worn by impossibly rail thin runway models there's a new kind of fabric that could revolutionize the way clothes are made. here's abc tinintrinh. >> reporter: it's new york fashion week, and designers flora gil and alexa adams are
3:55 am
knitwear is their specialty. this season they're adding a different material to the mix. 3-d printed plastic. >> basically starting with a string with knitting and thenning fabric out of it. this is a really similar process where you're working with kind of a line of plastic. >> reporter: but that plastic, >> we had to think about ways to make something soft and flexible and malleable using hard units. >> reporter: the designers partnered with microsoft and 3-d-d printing company shapeways. >> this is their frosted ultradetail plastic. one of the things i love about it, it's transparent and has this sort of rubbery feel which is really interesting. >> reporter: by interlocking smaller pieces together, the designers essentially created a new fabric to work with. the initial idea was to try to take ideas from traditional chain maile. >> the really cool thing here is that it actually has a little
3:56 am
>> yeah, it definitely has stretch in it and it can be very malleable. >> it's going to fit to each body of the model to fit her personally which will be nice. >> we're combining it with a more old world technology crochet around the edge. >> t tt old world meets tech world approach makes for unlimited possibilits. >> i think the next revolution in 3-d printing will be more materials. eventually they will be able to use plastics and polymers that are completely soft. >> the only way it will get better and really progress is if people use it. >> reporter: it's fashion 2.0, and this season, it's ready to wear. tina trinh, abc news, new york. >> very interestg. >> do you like it? >> i do. but i'm also wearing a spider web today. >> is it made of plastic and polymers? >> it's not made of plastic. and polymers. but if you get too close, you might get stuck in it. >> on the web. >> don't miss our updates on
3:57 am
3:58 am
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making news in amarica this morning, candidates clash. presidential hopefuls speak out overnight. new polls jolting the campaigns and donald trump defending his temper. a live report just ahead. destination, cuba. president obama set to bome the first president in 80 years to visit the nation. new reaction overnight. a shipwreck caught on camera. a cargo vessel smashes through a harbor walkway. the incredible scene, what caused this accident? and passenger pinch. outrage as your legroom may be shrinking buts this actually a good thing? good thursday morning. we begin with a surprise shift in the latest presidential polls.
4:00 am
to win over undecided voters across south carolina, a new national poll shows ted cruz inching ahead of donald trump for the first time making it a statistical dead heat. >> marco rubio is holding on to third place and he's going into saturday's primary with a key endorsement from south carolina's popular governor. >> it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest right now on the campaign trail from abc's rararaimundi starting with the republicans. >> reporter: the clash of the republican candidates now going into overdrive. the battleground, south carolina, where four of the six republican candidates participated in town hall for rums across two cable networks. >> i do attack people when i'm attacked. >> reporter: republicann front-runner donald trump all alone on msnbc where he attacked his fellow counterparts and defended his fiery temperament. >> in a year from now, people will respect what i did. you're so worried about being nice and being politically correct.


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