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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the good news is we are going to stay under high pressure keeping things cool and comfortable and as we go into the weekend dry. temperatures warming up to the upper 60s by 9:00. 74 degrees by noon with lots of sunshine. great day to be outdoors. >> julie, thank so much. i-95 northbound between miami gardens ive and ives dairy road. we've got about two to three lanes of traffic closed just north of miami gardens drive right there in the distance all the way past hallandale beach boulevard. so you're not going to exit off of hallandale beach this morning. in addition to that construction concern, palmetto expressway ongoing construction here until roughly 5:15 or 5:30 this morning. traveling northbound at the palmetto expressway right at tamiami trail southwest at eighth street. that exit ram season blocked, will be blocked for this entire week. we have i guess one more day left in the week. you'll have to exit
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north on 87th avenue. more historic change this morningl the president of the united states is going to cuba. now we know when. >> the planned trip should be announced today at the white house briefing. the trip is planned for march 21st and 22nd, that's according to abc news. the president's move comes roughly 15 months after the pledge to reopen diplomatic ties between the two countries. since then we witness embassies reopening, a series of diplomamac talks and most recently a deal restoring commercial aircraft. >> there's no elections in cuba, there's no choice inn cuba. my whole problem, i want the relationship between tht u.s. and cuba to change but it has to be resiple. >> the president is in fact going to the only latin america military dictatorship. how does that benefit the united states at all? does it make us any safer to have a cuban embassy in washington? no, it makes us less safe and does it benefit the people of c ca in any way?
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>>reporter: the last and only sitting u.s. president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge back in 1928 which wasas close to 90 years ago. look for live reports from calvin hughes and local 10 news reporter hatzel vela next month. a robbery bordering really on bizarre. a knife-wielding man here threatening a clerk for cash. this all happening a a mobile gas station on west broward boulevard. the clerk in the heat jersey there making the won clean out the register. if you have ana information, you recognize that guy, please give police a call. a teen arrested in a deadly new year's crash in queen now has been charged as an adult. police say medina's back seat passenger was killed in the crash last month. detectives say medinawas driving 60 miles per hour in his family's
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convertible with another friend in the front seat when he crashed into the front gate of a home. according to the court documents, medina's blood had traces of marijuana and xanax. >> i just wanted to say that i am deeply saened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forward. i would simply ask if you could please pray for us in this time that everything that happened that we get the truth out of it. >> that is the west palm teenager charged with a doctor sounding off after being arrested again. our abc news affiliate was there as robinson was picked up on tuesday. the 18-year-old facing similar allegations more than a year ago. he's facing charges including forgery and practicing medicine without a license. indictct in connection with a separate armed standoff
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clive bundy is accused.. haiti's election process turning out to be very costly for the u.s. a state department official says $33 million was spent to suppt the august in october elections in haiti will will likely spend millions more to back it. a spokesman says the u.s. supports haiti's new provisional governments. republican candidate donald trump is expected to win the state, this new national poll shows ted cruz has a slight lead with g.o.p. voters. marco rubio is heading into the primary with a coveted endorsement. help me welcome the next president of the ited states, let's go to the polls on saturday and move that down the way, marco rubio. >> former governor jeb bush is going into the primary with just 8% support from south
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cruz and rio at a statistical tie for second place. meanwhile the president is getting some support from candidate ben carson. cars said if he was in the white house right now, he would nominate a replacement. several of carson's fellow republican candidates for president say the next president should chose scalia's replacement. glenna millberg is in south carolina for the primary. look for her live report later today. new guidedenes for keeping the zika virus out of the flood supply. the agency asking people who recently traveled to southeast asia to wait four weeks before you donate blood. this applies to anyone who has had sexl contact with one of those travelers. doctors say the four week wait should be enough for the immune system to clear the virus. still to come synagogue scares, what two women did that put congregations in on edge and why police don't think there's a threat. first a meteorologist charged.
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police found in her house that put her and her husband behind bars. which car maker is recalling three million s.u.v.s this morning. >> enjoy the weather, it's nice out there. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s.
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up. good morning. almost 5:10 here. there may b gray days for a meteorologist in kentucky.
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morning after police found a marijuana grow operation inside of her home. she and her husband we arrested tuesday after police say they found marijuana pnts inside the house. also in the house, weapons, ammunition and drug paraphernalia. the two are facing the national weather service confirming that a third tordo also touched down in davie, the two others that caed damage on tuesday touched down on pompano miami-dade. take a look at this mess, a water main break in marathon forcing gallons and gallons of water gushing out in the street. the break has one lane shut down while crews work to repair it. no work yet on what caused that rupture. > good morning, south florida. nice change in our forecast. it's calm. just beautiful. our temperatures are a few degrees cooler than yesterday. we're seeing some areas in the upper 50s.
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65 degrees inn key west. northwest wind anywhere between three and six miles per hour. by the later half of the morning and into the afternoon, we are issuing a small craft caution for you boaters and beach-goers. temperature of 58 in pompano beach as well as pembroke pines. our coolest spot is kendall at 56 degrees. those temperatures between two and seven to nine degrees cooler thann yesterday. northeast wind is drying out the atmosphere. air sinking down to the surface. where high pressure is located today comparedto yesterday. remember it was over here over the alabama and mississippi area. that provided for a northeast breeze. we will going to see this high push towards the east and eventually off the east coast. where it's located we see a clock-wise wind pattern. take a look at what's going oncross the nation's midsection. nothing. it's a nic dry day for
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we all desperately needed. up and down the west coast dling with another storm system. check out these temperatures in the teens, 20s a 30s up and down the key west. the midwest and down in the south it's a bit warmer with temperatures in the 50s. we'vep got the 50s across much of florida as well. we will be breezy, that northeast breeze again elevating that r rk of rip currents for you beach-goers today. tomorrow we will increase the advisories. a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. a little bit of cloud cover could produce a slight shower off that breeze as well. i want to go over the january. we've had five yesterday. you heard eric mention the national weather service confirmed an ef-0 tornado in davie. don't forget the storms that moved in in january. we covered it all here live. i was with y y all morning long of we had two tornadoes touch down
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please be safe. temperatures comfortable enough to be outside. enjoy some outdoor activities. temperatures tomorrow very comfortable as well. we don't see an increase in the temperatures until the high pushes offshore and we wait for another system to move in. the stormystem will be strong once again just like what we dealt with on tuesday. i'll get you through it. constance. >> thanks so much. good news this morning. we are accident-free in both counties. not a lot to talk about but we have construction crews out there. first let's start at the golden glades. a live look here at the palmetto expressway where it meets at the turnpike. these are west-bound drivers right there. the exit ramp to the turnpike behind me. no issues to report. the golden glades is golden. it's a little cliche to say but i had to say it. if you're traveling on the turnpike northbound, southbound, ongoing construction here at the exit ramp at sunrise boulevard but it should be okay. i was noting some slight
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34 miles per hour, those are the delays. finally sticking with broward county. if you're traveling on 595 this morning east bound, starting at i-75 cruising to u.s.-1. maybe you're heading to the airport or heading to the beach this morning, it would take about you 15 minutes, your average speed about 55 miles per hour. police in california say two women were caught on camera shop shoplifting at a deputy store and assaulting an employee who tried to stop them. a loss prevention agent tried to stop the two assaulted. eventually the pair walk out and the child with them grabs a pursese left behind and leaves. the netflix series making a murderer brought a lot of attention to the town. there have been several rerent references to the case during the commission of crimes and
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one case involves a hoax bomb threat where police say the caller referenced the series. police can't figure out from. >> there's different way to see spoof call like that and it was routed in a way that makes it more difficult to track down. michigan governor rick snyder giving newly-hired outside engineers one month, the governor says his ultimate goal to replace the old pipes but the state-funded study is needed to locate them. quick question, do youdrive a toyota? both you and i do. if so, you'll want to hear this one. what has the company recalling millions of cars this morning. 62 degrees. a quarter after 5:00 a.m. we have you covered with
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10. come cast owning up -- comcast owning up to a big mistake. the issues began on monday morning and plenty of people reported various problems from the cable being out to the internet connectivity issues. customers will now rereive a credit for a day's worth of service. $2. >> don't spend it all at once. a recall alert for you this morning if you drive a vanguard toyota. recalling millions of s.u.v.s worldwide after rear seatbelts separated in rear crashes. one of those crashes was dely. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes a matter of principal. >> apple is refusing comply with a court order to break the encryption on an iphone used by the san bernadino computer. >> how difficult would it be for them to wri the code to unlock one
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security expts say not difficult at all. it would take apple just one afternoon. google is expanding its feature. access all their messages from a single screen. >> but soon those non-gole accounts will look, act and filter just like gmail except they won't say @ the phone allows users to flip through pages by bending it. the screen is plastic but it's just a prototype by now. those are your tech bytes. have a great day. >> i want that. >> you know how many screens i've broken? i want that phone. caival miami is about to get under way. yesterday the key want is club announced the cuban-american actor
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home. that and more on our special at 7:00 p.m. on march 13th. and we'll -- you'll see all of us out there. >> the movie with meg ryan, when a man loves a woman. >> i likeim a little tougher, more gangster. we do have free tickets still to the south beach wine and food festival. enter to win on the wplg facebook p pe. fellas ever been to situations like where in the world is my wallet, you freak out? this one was returned. it showed up in a guy's mailbox. >> don't think this is a story about a good samaritan. we do think this is the latest i i an
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still ahead when this will happen and the opposition he's already facing this morning. >>let's look outside. constance told us a few moments ago that the golden glades looked golden and she said there's no accidents in broward or dade this morning. let's keep it that way, why don't we. tgit.
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times when we come back. > a new york man was shocked when he lost his wallet and it was returned to him in the mail. >> the man lost his wallet a a concert in maattan and a week later it showed up in the mail from the person who found it. >> here's s ur credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed weed.
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well, the fare is.75 now and the wallet because it's kind of cool. >> he had already canceled his credit card by the time the wallet and the note arrived. at least he was honest. >> it's really not funny but kind of funny. you would think the guy wouldn't say anything but he owned up to all of his stealing. this morning our top stories president obama planning to milwaukee an historic visit to cuba. abc news said the president will be there march 21st and 22nd said for the first time in more than 80 years the president will visit cuba. teen arrested in a deadly new year's day crash in qb now charged as an adult. detectives say the 17-year-old had marijuana and xanax in his system when he crashed his family's porsche. the back seat passenger was killed in that crash.
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5:30 is next. hope you're having a good morning so far. we have a check on your forecast, constance watching the roads for
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away. right off the top at 5:30, the opposition president obama istation as he plans his trip the communist country. developing now, synagogu scares, what two women did that prompted federal authorities to get involved and why police are saying they do not think there's a threat. chris bosh's health scare keeping him off the court. trending today the winners of the power ball reveal the two, even hiding it from their children. why the two said the winnings had them rattled. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. probably because they know everybody's going to say could you just give me a little help
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>> a couple of dollars and them we'll be good. >> i'll be fine. it will work. you know what's fine, our weather because we've been on a roller-coaster all week long. it's nice that it's calm now. >> love how it feels this morning. weather authority meteorologist julie durda, how does the rest of the day look? >> we deserve it, you guys. tuesday was a very rough day for us here in sosoh florida. cleanup continues for much of you. the weather is going to cooperate with any outdoor activity you have today. 59 in ft. lauderdale. 65 in key west. the winds out of the northwest calm and comfortable is the name this morning with 56 degrees in kendall. maybe a light sweater or jacket needed but 57 in homestead and 58 in pompano beach. as the kids head to the bus stop loving this weather, temperatures will be in the low 60s. lots of sunshine expected. sunrise just before 7:00. the afternoon calls for highs reaching the upper 70s which again is seasonal for this time of year, breezy and comfortablbl as we take a look at the satellite and radar
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any cloud cover. we are going to stay under a dry, stable atmosphere all thanks to high pressure where high pressure is located. i'll let you know how long that will last in our forecast coming up. >> good morning, julie. good morning, south florida. roadways looking really good.we're seeing some volume picking up on the i this morning. if you take a live look here this is obviously r southbound lanes, those folks leaving the golden glades. no issues to report. in fact, most of the construction crews are gone. however, rig here at the turnpike ongoing construction right off to that exit ramp at sunrise boulevard and we are seeing just a little bit of a slowdown there with those speeds a 11 miles per hour. taking a broader look at our map here,e can see if there's a change of color from our road patterns here that shows us we have slowdowns but from i-95, 491, cruising into miami no major issues to report. even the turn pike is
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down south to u.s.-1. now to a major development and historic change, president obama planning a visit to cuba last month and this comes after relations being restored. it's been more than 80 years since the sitting u.s. president visited the island. >> more details in the trip. in the meantime the president is being criticized this morning for going. sanela sabovic live this morning in little havana with reaction and what we know so far about plans to the trip. sanela? >>reporter: good morning, eric. as you guys mentioned a u.s. president hasn't visited cuba since 1928, nearly 90 years. while this planned trip certainly historic in nature, it's already drawing criticism from some republican politicians. president obama is heading to cuba next month for a brief visit, the long-expected trip comes 15 months after the obama administration restored diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba following a half a century of hostility.
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already drawing some criticism among republican presidential hopefuls. >> i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government is not just a communist dictatorship, it's an anti-american communist dictator ship. >>reporter: ted cruz also slamming the announcement. >> i think the president ought to instead be pushing for a free cuba. >>reporter: leading up to the announcement, white house officials said cuba would need to instill some human rights reforms before the president would travel there. >> the president said that he wants to go to cuba and he said when the conditions are right. and so i asked myself what happens to make the conditions right? absolutely nothing. >>reporter: according to abc news the president is expected to visit cuba on march 21st and 22nd. now an official announcement is expected at some point today from the white house. reporting live from little havana, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. >> local 10 will be
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visit. look for our live repos, calvin hughes, hatzel vela will be in cuba just a little more than a month from now. synagogue scares, the fbi getting involved after reports of two women acting suspicious at different synagogues around south florida. but this morning we're learning there was no real threat and police are expected to tell us much more about this case later today.ben kennedy live for us in north miami beach to explain what prompted all these scares because then it was pretty serious when they were trying to figure out what was going on. >>reporter: officers right here behind me at the north miami beach police department say they did talk to the women and it looks like they do not pose a threat to the community. >> our goal is to be the eyes and ears for the cops. >>reporter: the neighborhood patrol is outnd on alert after they say these women showed up at south florida synagogues. one clutching a quran asking questions and
5:33 am
>> wouldld ever walk into a mosque wearing any kippa? for what? to find out what time their friday services are. >>reporter: quesesons serious enough to get the fbi involved. turns out police got a call of a similar incident on miami beach at the b bh israel congregation on 40th street. >> with today's, you know, happenings all over,ou have to be vigilant. >> detectives interview the women and told local 10 they do not believe they pose a danger to the community as they continue to investigate. >> what's happened in the middle east is very alarming. what's happening in france is very alarming. and now of course it hits home. they did not commit crime by doing that but& it raised a concern. >> and it is aoncern this morning. north miami beach police say they will have some sort of an update for us later today so stay with us rht here on local 10 as this story develops.
5:34 am
miami beach, ben kennedy, local 10 news. a church leader remains behind bars after having sex with a ddle schooler. charged with eight counts of sexual battery on a child. he's expected to be back in court this morning. investigators say he met a camp counselor. they allegedly carried on a sexual iraq for months. homeless advocates most pond a scheduled commission meeting. father bob with all saints catholic mission gathered for public comment. after he was forced to move a feed it go locate, the city rezoned an area a few years ago and said it falls under a parish house which violates the laws. >> you can send the police to my door.
5:35 am
things, and we will still feed the poor. >> he says he plans to feed the homeless daily. it's unclear what, if any action the city will take against him. an update to a story we brought you as breaking news. sky 10 over the scene at northwest 41st street and state road 7 at 6:30 yesterday morning. deputies say elizabeth anderson was jaywalking when she was hit by a car. the driver remained on the scene. and new this morning a man accused of trying to break into cars in wilton manors is behind bars. we've seen his face righttere before. police arrested 31-year-old man for that crime earlier this week but you may remember him from this crime back in december. stomps because caught on surveillance camera grabbing an elderly
5:36 am
ayed. chris bosh is set it meet with doctors later on today. the 31-year-old is facing c ccerns of a blood clot in his calf. players from all around the league uniting in support of chris. >> any time something happpps to a teammate, if you care about their health. and basketball comes second when it comes to that. just a great guy, man, a professional, great guy. for something like this to happen to him after he was clear, it sucks, it sucks big time. his health is the number one care. obviously basketball comes secondary to what& he's going through right now. it's sufficient. >> there's a calf injury that rimly kept bosh out of the all-star game. he will not travel with the team to atlanta for tomorrow's matchup with the hawksz. right now pope francis is headed back
5:37 am
he wrapped up his tour by thanking the people of mexico@ for their hospitality and their welcome. he's expected to touch down just before 9:00 this morning. but even the pope himself is not immune to the scare in the air. allitalia noticed a laser beam as the plane prepared to land. the laser did not affect the landing or anyone on board. he wants to get a a new car. >> h h about you? >> i don't know yet. i want to get a massage. the couple traveling to tallahassee to claim their prize. cal 10, we were there to meet them. maureen smith and her husband say they are still coming to terms with this life changing win. >> we were all considering our dreams before we even bought the ticket. >> i think they had some plans. until yesterday they kept the fact they were multi-millionaires from
5:38 am
children. >> lost a lot of sleep. i lost over 10 pounds too. >> it's a lot of pacing at night. >> they are worried what's going to happen to know that we're no longer in a quiet place. >> that's for sure. paul schmidt has worked as a manufacturing engineer for 30 years but says he does plan to retire. the couple chose to take that lump sum payment. that equals out to $328 million. still to come this morning, a surprise visit from an officer whose ambushed on duty. why the recovering officer visited anelementary school to see their students. also a little boy is recoveriri after eating a cookie. we're going to tell you what was in that treat to sent him straight to the hospital. the "sports
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night the cause of an oil spill off the coastline. external corrosion on a pipe line was the root because. that spill remains under investigation and we're toll more updates will be provided later this year. hey there, south florida. if thursday morning. we like to call it our friday eve as all is calm, quiet and comfortable out there. a big cool in parts of south florida this morning. might need a sweater or jacket. this is what our winter should feel like with overnight lows in the low 60s. that's average for this time of year. upper 50s in ft. lauderdale. 65 degrees key west with a northwest wind anywhere between three and ten miles per hour. we have 66 for you in marathon. our coolest spot was kendall, 56. 58 pembroke pines and pompano beach. so enjoy the nice change in the forecast. we deserve it and some rough weather on thursday. these temperatures anywhere between two and nine degrees cooler on
5:42 am
high pressure in place. that's suppressing any wide-spread chance of showers and storms. that air is sinking and it's providing for that refreshing change you're feeling. you felt it yesterday. that was just a little teaser. as you can see high pressure has shifted more towards the east and this will continue to be the pattern. this high will eventually push off the coast of the carolinas. so we'll seek gradual warmup day by day. nothing will be as warm as what we'll see next week going into another cold front that could bring us some strong to severe storms tuesday into wednesday. let's enjoy the weather pattern not just for us but much of the midsection staying calm, cool and connected. just to the west we've got the system that moved in from the pacific. lake-effect snow in the higher elevations of portions of the nevada
5:43 am
>> a little dip in the jet stream for us here in florida, the coolest spot in the panhandle. enjoy lots of sunshine. as it does occur we'll see the possibility of a stray shower going into thursday and friday. mix of sun and clouds in the f fecast keeping it cool and comfortable. we had three confirmed tornadoes yesterday. the national weather service did go out and survey the damage in davie, north miami and pompano beach due to the storm on tuesday. back in january i was here live with you when we had those two other tornadoes. going to the beach forecast. there's a high risk of occurrence for you beach-goers. going into the weekend the weather will be fabulous and then we'll see that big change as temperatures warm up
5:44 am
that could bring us that severe weather. i-95, let's start there this morning because, guess what, we've got an accident. no major surprise obviously. it's reporord at ives dairy road. if you look all the way here to the distance, i'm seeing some flashing lights. i suspect that's the accident scene but it's really really early this morning. 're not seeing any delays in the system at all. this is i-95 sthbound and ives dairy road. construction crews were t here earlier this morning with several lanes of traffic blocked buttit's not affecting our travel speeds. it's clocking in at 65 miles per hour. speaking of travel speeds, let's go to u.s.-1. heading into brickle this morning we're looking pretty average. you know, about seven minutes to get there. you've got those stoplights that will slow you down. if you're a little further south and you're starting at kendall drive heading up into miami, about 13 minutes total drive time.
5:45 am
swim suit issue made a big splash. >> local 10 was there to cover the big party. it's the first time the si fanest has made its way to miami. you'd think they would want to be here all the time. the models say we were happy to go to miami. >> we started this whole thing off in new york and we had a great two days there. now we're in the warm weher so i think the girls are super excited to be here. >> miami's like the sexiest swim suit capital. this year features a plus size modeleln the cover for first time and model ashley graham received the honor. >> congratulations. >> they are beautiful. >> of course t ty are. welcome to south florida. >> wish i could have seen them. love those girls. a little boy rushed to the hospital after eating a cook eenchts but what was in that cookie that's what sent him to the hospital.
5:46 am
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comeack. check out this video. robbery victims fighting back in houston. her brother picked up a chair of h h own and started fighting bacac swinging right there. three young men did end up getting away with money from the pises place and they are still on the run. check this out, a crash landing by a jacksonville burglar. detectives say a thief dropped into a popeye's from the ceiling last month. he eventually was able to get the safe open and steal some money. a high school pushing facebook to take down a video of a school yard brawl that happened there on its campus. this video has been seen 12 million times.
5:49 am
right there throw a boy to the ground, kneee him in the face and then she runs off. school officials sayay it appears the fight was sparked by social media comments. w drug testing programs could be coming to buffalo. officers aftfr one of their own allegedly overdosed on heroin. the offduty officer was found on the floor of a home and saved b brescue crews. the buffalo police union says officers have not been given drug tests for more than two years because of an expired contract with the doctor. they say a new contract is expected to be settttd by april or may. an intechnology affairs investigation now under way. mexican drug lord el chapo complaini life in jail is way too rough. he feels like a zombie. the drug lourdes cape cod from prison last year famously but he was arrested again last month and is now being
5:50 am
>> we care what el chapo thinks of prison? >> it's tough, rough going. let's move on to the next story because this actually matters to parents. a little boy in oregon found a cookie on the ground and he ate it. before parents worry about germs, there's something way worse. >> the little boy was hospitalized after it turned out to be a medical marijuana cookie. >> up and down and everything looked like it wasn't real. >> eight-year-old jackson hart says he found this cookie at a rock quarry so he ate it.he complained to his father she was not feeling well. doctors say the cookie had twice the usual amount of hamilton in it. >> don't pick up things and eat t tm. >> poor little boy. a pennsylvania gas station is now payingg up after several upset customers say they were sold watered down fuel. about a dozen people say
5:51 am
cars to get the water pumped out of their thanks last mondh. they say it nearly put them in danger. >> i almost got hit by a car that was oming off from the highway. >> the owners of the gas station say rainwater seeped into their pumps and tanks. they are reimbursing repair money tocustomers who show the proper paperwork. coming up see why he went to see a group of elementary school students while he recovers. and we continue to follow the latest inhistoric change. president barack obama planning to visit cuba. still ahead the days of travel and the criticism he's already receiving this morning. live look right now at i-95 and miami gardens. constance has eyes on this. she will tell you whether or not it's
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local 10. 5:54 right now. the university of texas will allow guns on campus. they do line up with the state law, although he doesn't believe in it. the law allows licensed gun owners 21 and lder to carry their weapons on campus if they are fully conceal. and a i couldn't be of tennessee football player facing chchges this morning after being arrested in pinellas county during a child sexting. deputies say this man right here was arrested on tuesd night. they say he was having sexual conversations on-line with an investigator who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. crowder taken into custody whene tried to meet up with that under cover deputy. police in palm beach investigating an information breach. the site that posted the information start bid
5:55 am
sheriff's deputy mama dugan says he sewed the site in 2012 to friends whwh live in russia and he says he believes theyhacked into those county records. a classroom of new friends. he paid a surprise visit to miami students who sent hill well wishes after the dangerous encounter. this is the from time to time we've seen him walk since he was ambushed last month. signing autographs, giving hugsso a group of young ladies who wrote him get well cards. >> he takes care of us and he helps us when we're in danger. >> this is awesome. this right here ishat makes my job all that we do, are this is what makes it important. >> starling kept his sense of humor about the fact he was shot in the butt. he said his colleagues with cracking jokes about it, no pun intended. >> if you're going to get shot anywhere, it's probably safesto get shot in your rear, in
5:56 am
if you have to get shot,t, it's better than shattering bones, dyi. >> that's true. a fantastic group teaches young ladies to stand up for themselves. >> and write awesome letters to their police officers. >> good job, ladies. turning back to our top story this morning, an historic visit to cuba is being planned. >> president obama expected to travel to the communist country next month. the dates, opposition is coming in. ramp repairs where that garbage truck went way. but the repair method is a bit dated.
5:57 am
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president obama heading to cub his critics already weighing in. why this i-95 exit will not be modernized even after a truck wentover the edge. an armed crook crouching over as he demands cash from that clerk. a missing wallet returned but a strange note sent along with it is now going viral. hey there.welcome to your thursday. i'm jacey birch. >> hi, i'm eric yzy. weather authority meteorologist julie durda here this morning with the forecast. cool start to t e day, julie. what kind of day are we looking at? >> cool and comfortable. it's a nice start. warming up to the upper 70s.
5:59 am
61 degrees in miami. 64 in key west with a rthwest wind anywhere between six and 12 miles per hour. currently a temperature of 54 degrees. our cooler spot i kendall. a comfortable 61 in hialeah. we're not the only ones seeing a nice dip in degrees. friends in the panhandle waking up to the 40s. throughout the morning temperatures warming up to the low 60s throughout the 8:00 hour. 71 degeges by 10:00. mostly sunny skies. we will see highs todod in the upper 70s. it will be beautiful with lots of sunshine. let's see how powerful our roadways are, constance? >> a look outside. this is i-95 at hallandale beach boulevard. i'm showing you this because just south of here we have an accident scene at ives dairy road. you can't see it from this camera angle but it is there. it's affecting our southbound lanes on the i. now we had some construction crews earlier that were really slowing folks down.
6:00 am
per hour. tside of that we are seeing some slight slowdowns on u.s.-1. if you take a close look at our traffic graphics heje in the area of coral gables, looks like our northbound lanes, the folks heading into miami this morning seeing some see the orange there, that indicates the slowdowns right off of sunset drive. we're seeingg the speeds clocking in at about 11 miles per hour. maybe some road debris slowing folks down. there's only one country that for sure is rated not free at all and that's the island nation o cuba and yet the president is going to visit cuba. >> critics of change in cuba weighing in on an historic visit. the presidentxpected to announce today he will be going to the island next month. >> it's clearly a controversial topic in miami. sanela sabovic, this hits close to home for some presidential


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