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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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per hour. tside of that we are seeing some slight slowdowns on u.s.-1. if you take a close look at our traffic graphics heje in the area of coral gables, looks like our northbound lanes, the folks heading into miami this morning seeing some see the orange there, that indicates the slowdowns right off of sunset drive. we're seeingg the speeds clocking in at about 11 miles per hour. maybe some road debris slowing folks down. there's only one country that for sure is rated not free at all and that's the island nation o cuba and yet the president is going to visit cuba. >> critics of change in cuba weighing in on an historic visit. the presidentxpected to announce today he will be going to the island next month. >> it's clearly a controversial topic in miami. sanela sabovic, this hits close to home for some presidential
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doesn't it? >>reporter: exactly, eric. news of this broke last night of this planned trip. just moments after that, as you heard right there, ileana ros-lehtinen spoke out with some republican presidential hopefuls speaking out on this trip that's consider very historic and also controversial. here's wt we know so far. the trip abc news is reporting is planned foro march 21st and 22nd. this would happen right before the president flies to argentina. a` u.s. president hasn't visited the island nation since 1928 and that's when calvin coolidge was in office. senator ted cruz, his fathth is cuban and thinks this is a bad idea. >> as president is that something you would do? >> it is not as long as the castros are in power. i was saddened to hear i wasn't surprised. >> i think it's a real mistake. i think the president
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pushing for a free cuba. >>reporter: now cruz isn't the only one to speak out. coming up in our 6:30 hour, we're also goingto hear more from congressman ilna ros-lehtinen and also from presidential hopeful marco rubio.& reporting live in little havana, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. this morning three people behind bars in connection with a spree of car thefts in hialeah. police say this trio responsible for eight thefts this the last four months. they targeted pick-up trucks. they were tracked down earlier this week and arrestst. and an update to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday. a woman hit by a car in lauderhill lakes, she has died. deputies say 69-year-old elizabeth anderson was jaywalking when this happened. she was taken to broward health when she died. sky 10 over the scene wednesday morning. right now an investigationn into what happened tins. the florida
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transportation says they will not update a guardrail after a truck smashed into it this week. a traffic engineer says if it were built today there would be stronger guardrails installed which could with stand higher impact crashes. the guardrails will not be upgraded because of costs but they insist the old design can still do the job. >> even though those railings are build wh different criteria, they are safe. we inspect the bridges every two years to make sure it's safe. >> the truck driver is still recovering in the hospital. 17-year-old medina arrested last week on multiple charges including vehicular homicide. poce say medina's back seat passenger was killed in that crash last month. detectives say medina driving 60 miles per hour in this family's silver porsche
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from friend in the front seat crashing into the front gate of the home. according to documents he had traces of marijuana and xanax in his blood. the break has one lane at 26th street inn marathon shut down while crews work to repair it. no wor yet on what caused that rupture. also in the keys all lanes of the seven mile bridge are reopened. they warned of jefferson night traffic delays becacae of the work. deputies say the man driving that backhoe threw boulders on to the bridge before he was arrested and charged with fleeing and eluding police officers. runways at miami international airport back to normal this morning after an emergency landing of a giant cargo plane. we brought this to you live to "good morning america." the 747 heading to argentina when its tire blew out. no one on board that plane was hurt.
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caused that tire to blow. haiti's election process is turning out to be a costly one but for the u.s. a state department official says 33 million was spent to support the august and october elections unhaiti and likely will spend millions for to back the elections on 24th. fears about the zikik virus, they continue to grow. the fda now issuing brand new guidelines for blood donors. anyone whose traveled being asked to wait four weeks purchase donating. the rule al please to anyone who has had sexual contact with those travelers. doctors say the wait, four weeks, should be long enough for immune systems to clear that virus through. caught on camera a frightening robbery bordering on bizarre. a knife-wielding mancrouched over inside a plantation gas station. the crook in the heat
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clean out the register, then he grabs a carton with cigarettes before cash. if you have any information, please call police. still ahead what these women asked that launch federal investigations. and could chris bosh' health keep him off the court again. lebron @ames is even weighing in still ahead. we have temperatures in the low 60s and upper 50s across parts of south florida. you might need a light sweater or jacket. i'll h he a lot more on this forecast and how long these conditions will last coming up. but first it is day three of tornado cleanup. before you start the repairs, really important to make sure
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ripped off. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. the screut look on interest rates. >> the federal reserve appears up likely to raise interest rates at its meeting last month. >> the fed seems concerned about the swings inthe china's economy and what it could do for america's economy. the diagram is part of a new air bus patent application. and pay for baby sitters is going up. >> the national avevege for watching one child is now $15.71 an hour. that's up 5% if last ye. for two it's $18 an hour. and nrly 20% of sitters get tips on top ofheir regular pay.
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it's not easy work. >> n n >> and that's america's money. have a great day. >> how much do you pay for four kids? >> we got great sitter. we pay about 10 or 11 and you can't have her name. >> my goodness. i used to do it for four bucks an hour. sterday morning the national weather service confirmed that a third torna also touched down, this one in davie. >> caused damage on tuesday that touched down in pompano beach, northeast miami-dade. if you dealt with damage you're obviously starting the process of insurance claims. we do have some tips for you. first do your homework when it comes to hiring a contracto make sure they are certified in your area. nevepay all of the money upfront and make sureou take plenty of pictures of the damage. all those things ill help save your potential headache later on. >> for more tips to protect yourself, go to
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can you find tips to protect you from the scammers and also to protect you from the debt. >> such a pain to have to go through that. >> everybody's alive. nobody was injured though. when we deal with this, things can be replaced, insurance claims can be made. that was really lucky when you're talklkg about a life or death weather service. >> especially a semi truck flipping over during our major time of the morning commute. i'm happy to say that's a thing of the past. unfortunately though it will be moving back into our forecast by next week. at least enjoy the next five to six days where things are calm, cool, comfortable. we deserve this break. temperatures are in the upper 60s in ft. lauderdale. 64 degrees in key west.a north northwest wind providing for this cool air connectn and it feels nice out there this morning. 55 degrees is your temperature in kendall. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. you might need light sweater or jacket depending on how warm
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59 in pembroke pines as well as palm beach. these temperatures anywhere between two and six degrees cooler yesterday all thanks to high pressure. we're going to be talking about high pressure for the next five days and we're going to be thankful for it. that air is sinking down at the surface and that means to y a lack of cloud cover and a lack of precipitation, something we desperately do need a break of. as we see where high pressure is today compared to yesterday, it has shifted a bit more towards the east and that will shift our winds in off the ocean. china will continuee going into the weekend. eventually we'll see a warming trend that will expect to move in by tuesday and wednesday and effect our forecast. it will eventually be mething we'll be talking about by the weekend. cuent we'll be seeing dry conditions across the nation. up and down the west coast dealing with yet another storm system bringing them some showers, storms and even higher elevation and some snow. temperature in the
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across much of the nation with the exception of the south. we're warmer. it will be a breezy thursday. that breeze will elevate the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers@s and boaters we'll have a small craft caution. on that breeze we could actually see an isolated shower but overall the atmosphere verer dry. so you heard ger i recollect and jacey. we just talked about it. we had three confirmed tornadoes due to the storms on tuesday. we also had severe weather january 27th. was here all morning during "good morning america" for that d d as well where we had two official tornadoes. we had five tornadoes in south florida and we'll have to watch the severe weather threat as we good into next week. enjoy t tay. plan outdoor activities and enjoy our winter weather. this is what it should be like most of the winter months but unfortunately we see that shower and activity returning by tuesday. >> thanks so much. i-95 southbound in broward county, no accidents but a broken down car reported right
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these are southbound lanes right here. it is just right off of camera view at this point but we're seeing just a little bit of congestion in broward. no accidents in broward, miami-dade county, a a different story. an earlier crash clearing. i'm talking about i-95 southbound and ives dairy road. i was not seeing any delays at all with this one and we're still not. tht green on the map always looks good. it means folks are traveling at posted speeds. that exit ramp on i-95 southbound at southwest seventh still completely shut down. obviously due to that really badccident about three days ago. so of course if you're heading into downtown miami just exit a little bit earlier. >> okay. constance, eric, today may be my favorite day. >> what you got? >> here's a day to celebrate all of you. you'll probably see your iends sharing this on facebook, it's national drink wine day. cheers to that. studies say having a
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there can reduce bad cholesterol. so it means we have to have a glass of wine today. >> raise a glass to tt in moderation, south florida. while you're thinking about wine, hehd over to our facebook page. have you to enter the south beach wine and food festival. it's next weekend so you're coming up soon. you're winning out of time. make sure you enter today. >> here at local 0, it's good for your health. a national security fight between the fbi and apple. you need to pay attention to this. >> the tech giant refusing hack into the phone of a terrorist. why apple is saying the decision is actually pro teching you. an historic visit expected to be announced today. the details on president obama's plans to head to havana.
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morning long. welcome back. almost 6:20 right now. a retired suprere court judge is weighing in on the nomination fight following the death of justice antonin scalia. the 85-year-old calle the partisan chatter unnecessary and said that the president should quote get on with the job at hand. another seemingly surprising candidate of that plan is presidential candidate ben carson. he said he would nominate a replacement if he we in the white
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most of the rivals said -- privacy advocates are siding with apple after though oppose the order to break into one of the phones. cooke said if new software is built to defeathe security password features, apple products would be more vulnerable to hackers. that would threaten overall customer safety. a los angeles hospital has paid thousands of dollars to hackers in order to get their computer systems back up and running. hollywood presbyterian medical center handed over about $17,000 worth of bit coins. staff noticed almost two weeks ago that malware had locked access to certain systems and was preventing electronic communications. ministrators decided the quickest way to fix the problem is pay the ransom. now the fbi is investigating. indicted yesterday in connection with a
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in 2014. bundy accused of leading the standoff against the government over cattle grazing fees in never. his son who organiziz the standoff were also enindicted. >it is almost that time of year again for carnival miami and andie garcia will serve as the king of this year's special at 7:00 that night. >> he's talented, isn't he? > loved him. can we meet him. a teen arrested twice posing ass a doctor. he's out of jail. >> this is not a doogie howser story. how he's defending himself over allegations he's practicing without
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did we mention he's a teen? that's still ahead. the letter that was included when a missing wallet wasas returned. we'd like to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day, orlando, from miami. beautiful family,
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>> hey, orlando. 6:24 right now. police say two women in california were caught shoplifting on camera. police say a losss prevention agent tried to stop the two and he was violently assaulted. eventually the pair walk out and a child with them grabs the purse left behind and leaves. and a new york man was shocked when he lost his wallet and then it was returned in the mail. >> don't just think this is the case of a good samaritan coming to the rescue.
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at a concert in manhattan. a week later it showed up in the mail along with a note. >> here's your credit cards and other important stuff. i kep the cash because i needed weed, the metro card because, well, the fare is 2.75 now and the wallet because it's kind of cool. >> he had already canceled his credit cards by the time the note arrived. good morning, south florida. who's already thinking about the weekend? i am. maybe you're going to be headed to the beach this morning or weekend. this is the macarthur causeway, camerasacing towards the beach. you couldn't ask for a better commute, broward county, miami-dade county, most of the major roadways looking good but there is some congestion. i'll have the details on
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break. right now historic visit. president obama's plansns to visit cuba and the strong reaction from his critics. developing right now, synagogue scares. the simple questions these women asked that launched a federal investigation. chrisosh health scare. what we've learned about the healthnnouncement. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's thursday. we're getting closer and closero the weekend but it's nice to have a break in wild weather and just have like a nice, cool winter day. >> it's a beautiful start to the dayay weather authority meteorologist julie durda here with the forecast. >> that's right, indeed
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good morning, eric, jacey, south florida. we should have a lot of days like this during this time of the year but unfortunately we haven't. now that we have it in place today and tomorrow and leading into the weekend, embrace it and enjoy i i 59 degrees is your temperature in ft. lauderdale. 51 in miami. we have a cool 55 degrees in kendall, 59 in pembroke pines and pompano beach. 66 in marathon. we're not the only ones dealalg with cool conditions. our friends to the north waking up to the 40s.. here's a look at the forecast overall. beautiful day. we'r'r expecting a lot of sunshine to break through some mid and high level clouds. as kidsead to the bus stop they might need a light sweater or jacket. we will see them taking off by the aftftnoon as highs will be inthe upper 70s. >> all right, julie, thanks so much. i-75 looking good. surprise, surprise. we have conruction crews earlier out here. here's i-95 at miramar parkway.
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southbound whout any issues zooming by. northbound drivers also looking good. no accidents or construction crews at this point to slow you down. the only accident that's still popping up is on the i, i-95 southbound at ives dairy road. it's well off to the shoulder because it's not affecting our drive times at all this morning. i mentioned there was some congestion to talk about and there is on the turnpike. if you're traveling north on the turnpike from stop and go traffic from richmond heights. 37 to 32 miles per hour. now to the latest on historic change in cuba. we brought you every single detail since the white house announced it's renewing its island. president obama is going to be heading right to the island soon. sanela sabovic live in little havana with all the details and reaction from his critics. a lot of people reacting thisorning. >>reporter: that's correct, eric, a lot of reaction.
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of this history planned trip broke, politicians, especially those in south frida, have already voiced their concerns. president obama is headg to cuba next month for a brief visit. the long-expected trip comes 15 months after the obama administration restored diplomatic ties. the trip is already drawing some criticism among republican presidential hopefuls. >> i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government is not just a communist dictatorship, it's an anti-american communist dictator ship. ted cruz also slamming the announcementwednesday. >> i think the prez ought to instead b pushing for a free cuba. white house officials have said cuba would need to instill some human rights before the president would travel there. >> i feel very disappointed but not surprised. the president said he wants to go to cuba. he said when the
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and so i asked myself what happened to make the conditions right? absolutely nothing. >> a. >>reporter: according to abc news the president is expected to visit cuba on march 21st and 22nd. now it's been nearly 90 years since the u.s. president has visited the island nation. a formal announcementabout this planned tripp is expected from the white house at some point today. reporting live from little havana, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. now to development story scares synagogues causing federal investators to get involved. ben kennedy live in north miami beach this morning. these women not considered to be a reat. but what were the questions. >>reporter: one of the questions was they wanted to know exactly what time the mass starts and what time they do meet at the synagogues. that did start a federal reaction. ofofcers behind me say they did t tk to those women and it looks like
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kind of a threat to the community. >> our goal is toe the eyes and ears for the cops. >>reporter: the neighborhoho patrol is out and on alert after they say these peoplehowed up at south florida synagogues, one clutching a quran, asking questions and rattling nerves. >> would i ever walk into a mosque wearing my kippa to find out what time their friday services are? >>reporter: questions serious enough to get the fbi involved. turns out police got a call of a similar incident on miami beach at the beth israel congregation on 40th street. >> with today's, you know, happenings all over, you have to be vigilant. >>reporter: detectives interviewed the women and tell local 10 they do not believe they pose a danger to the community as they continue to investigate. >> what's happening in the middle east is very alarming. what's happening in france is very alarming and now of course it hits home.
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crimby doing that but it raised a concern. >>reporter: and he brings up a very good point there, it did raise a concern in the jewish community. the north miami beach police depertment says they will have some sort of an update ler today so city with us here on local 10s this story develops. ben kennedy, local 10 news. right now church youth leader remains behind bars. he's accused of having sex with a middle school student. he's expected to be back in court this morning after his original bond hearing was rescheduled. investigators say he met the victim last summer while serving a as a campcounselor in coral springs. they allegedly carried on a sexualelationship for months. a man accused of trying to break into cars in milton manors neighborhood behind bars. of course remember this video back in december. this man arrestedor snatching an elderly woman's purse while she
6:34 am
police have arrested jonathan thumps later this week. we are hearing from the west palm beach teenager charged with impersonating a doctor. we told you abo malachi robinson. >> i want to say i'm deeply saddened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forward. i would ask that you if you could please pray for us. >> robinson says he was shadowing doctors when he was posing asn ob/gyn for a month last year. chris bosh's future still with many more questions than ansnswers this morning. the heat have not said anything official about his latest health scare. many reports say he's dealing with another blood clot like the one that sidelined him last season.
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hearing well wishes from lebron and d-wade. >> for something like this to happen to him after he was cleared, his life is the number one care. it's just tough. >> the most important thing for all of us any time something happens to a teammate or a friend is you care about their health. and basketball comes second when it comes to that. >> bosh forced to sit out last season because of blood thinnersnd blood clots. it's unclear whether or not the same situation will be likik that this time around. our cameras will be at practice today. we'll keep you updated. we have breaking news to report right now. sksk 10 is over the scene of police activity. this is in southwest ranches. you can see sky 10 zooming in this area. we're still waiting to get some details but we do know this is a home located along southwest
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working to figure out exactly what's going on. we'll bring you everything we find out ght here on local 10 and of course on our website now to vote 2016 where the south carolina primary i just two days away. republican candidate donald trump expected to win the state. but a new national poll showsed cruz has a slight lead with g.o.p. voters with 28%. marco rubio trails behind with 28%. former governor jeb bush coming up short with only 12%. south carolina governor nikki haley backed marco rubio in the race for the white housese we have local 10's glennanaillberg already in south carolina. look for her reports today at 4:00. shocking video and the punishment this department is facing. plus do you love that popeye's chicken enough to do this? a crock caught on camera falling through the
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we'll tell you why. interesting. a live look outside. nothing falling from o skies except lots of sunshine that will be breaking through some cloud cover. sunrise in about 15 minutes. i'll have more on the forecast next. but first another beating. why a local priest is refusing to step down from his fight to help
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means his own arrest. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. welcome back. it's 6:40 right now. pope francis is headed back to rome after a five day trip to mexico. the pope wrapped up the trip by thanking the people for their hospitality and warm welcome.
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down in the vatican at 9:30 this morning. even the pope is not immune to the occasional scare in the air. italia said the crew on the plane noticed a ser beam as the plane was preparing to land. the laser did not affect that landing or anyone on board and the plane did touch down without any incident. homess advocates postponing a scheduled commission meeting in oaand park after a soup kitchen was ordered to close its doors. e father criticized commissioners for not trying to come up with a solution after he was forced to move a feeding location on powerline road last fall. the kitchen falls under a parish house which falls under zoning laws. >> you can send code enforcement every day as they came to harass us6 you can do all these things and we will still
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>> father bob says he plans to feed the homeless daily at the church at oakland park. it's unclear what, if any, action the city will take out of him. we have amazing video out of australia showing homes being overrun by a pest. tumbleweeds. homeowners are on their own because it's not considered a fire risk. locals suspect it's coming from a nearby field a f fmer has failed to maintain. look at this. we complain ababt raking up leaves. what a mess there. >> don't haveeo deal with that thankfully. >julie said today it's going to be a great day to spend outdoors. >> like it, like it t lot. >> absolutely gorgeous. just exactly what we're forecasting thanks to high pressure. we have clear skies, something we hav't seen in quite some time. this is our typical winter-like pattern. unfortunately it's been
6:42 am
strong to severe weather storms that we've had across parts of south florida. now ft. lauderdale also seng first light over the horizon.temperatures comfortable this morning. a bit cool in some spots. 61 in miami. 64 in key west. right now we have 55 degrees in kendall. 59 in pembroke pines. 66 in marathon. 59 in pompano beach. this is the weather we love during this time of year. our temperatures anywhere between two and about nine degrees cooler than yesterday in some spots. ignore the echo from our radar sites. we are seeing dry conditions and crystal clear skies all thanks to high pressure. and where it's located today, unlike yesterday it's over the carolinas. our winds today will move in from the northeast. yesterday we had a north northwest wind. that ocean breeze is providing for an elevated risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. a nice b bak from any nasty weather with the
6:43 am
across the west coast. they are dealing with a system that's moving in bringing heavy rain, gusty winds and snow across the higher elevevions. temperatures pretty much feeling like winter for much of the nation with thee exception of some warm air settling in towards the gulf coast states from texas all the way in towards the panhandle. we have tperatures in the 50s this morning and they will warm up to the upper 70s. a nice northea breeze again. that's elevating the risk of rip currents so be safe outut there. several similar weather pattern as the high pushes off the coast of the carolinas, that will tncrease some cloud cover but it will still be a beautiful friday and going into the weekend. national weather service did confirm that third tornado in davie. we had davie, north miami and pompano beach. that was the run reported yesterday in davie. we had the severe weather i brought you live out here that
6:44 am
january 27th. unfortunately, it looks as though we're expecting the nasty weather to return by tuesday and wednesday of next week. embrace the next five days. it's going to be beautiful. you didn't start having all this crazy weather until you announund you were pregnant. i'm saying that baby boy. i don't know. if you're traveling on the i this mororng northbound here at commercial boulevard, road rangers here with that broken down car well off to the shoulder though. we're seeing a little bit of congestion but not a lot to talk about. miami-dade county a different story. we havav i abad crash reported off of u.s.-1 southbhbnd. this is way down south here at southwest 220th street. those speeds really slow as five miles per hour and for some reason our northbound lanes also seeing some delays there. a little bit faster att 18 miles per hour. really your only alternate is the turnpike but the turnpike not look good this morning. obviously a lot of congestion there.
6:45 am
per hour. back up to broward unty, one other thing to get to, if you're traveling off the i, i know the i's been really busy. northbound we have reports of an accident scene off of hollywood boulevard. a recall alert for toyota drivers this morning, if you drive a rav-4, rav-4 or vanguard, toyota recalling about three million s.u.v.s worldwide. one of those wrecks was deadly. about 1.2 million of those s.u.v.s are here in the u.s. and they are under repair for that recall. comcast owning up to a big mistake. those issues began on monday morning andd people reported various problems from cable being out. customer wills receive a credit for a day's worth of video service. you're wondering how much that is, $2. credits will vary on how customers were impacted. speaking of banking
6:46 am
the jackpot claimed yesterday for the south florida couple. >> maureen smith and her husband says they are still coming to terms with this life chip joining wind. i bet. until yesterday they kept the fact a secret from everyone including their own children but now they are ready to start spending some moolah. >> he wants to get a new car. >> how about you? >> i really don't know yet. i want to get a massage. >> you can get a massage every day. >> i think so. >> david has worked as a manufacturing engineer for 30 yearsut he does plan to retire now. the couple shows that mp sum payment of $328 million. >> yowza. local 10 was there to cover the big party and welcome the ladies to miami. seral of the models were there to celebrate and meet with their fans. by the way, it's the first time the si fan fest has made its way to
6:47 am
the mods say, as you can imagine, happy to make the trip. >> we started this whole thing off in new york. we had a great two days there. now we're in the warm weather so i think the girls are super excited to be here. >> winter in south florida. do we have to convince them? i don't think so. >> this year's issue features a plus size model on the cover for the very first time and ashley graham received that special honor. congrats, ladies. keep coming back. we have to tell you about a story this morning that's going to make your stomach turn. >> a deputy accused of assault on his canine partner. >> it's hard to watch. we have the full story just ahead. news of an historic visit on the horizon. president obama plans to
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for you. 6:5:5 right now. the netflix series making a murderer is bringing a lot of attention n the city. now police say there have been several recent references to that case during the commission of crimes and even during arrests. you heard that there. one case involves a hoax bomb threatthere police say the caller referenced the series. police can't figure out where that call came from. >> there's different way to see spoof a call like that and it was routed in way that makes it a little more difficult to track down. in case you're not familiar the show priles avery who along with his nephew was convictedn 2007 for the murder of a forever. robbery victims
6:51 am
surveillance video shows us a gun-wielding robber yanking a woman by the hair while a second robber hs her with a chair. police say three young men ended up getting pizza pce. these guys right here are still on the run in caught on camera a crash landing by a jacksonvil burglar. he spent hours trying to break open the safe. he eventually was able to get that safe open, stole some money. deputies looking for this guy. a minnesota police deputy, he pleaded geilty to assaulting his canine partner learned his fate. he will serve one year probation and must pay a $1200 fine, this after he was caught here on this surveillance video drunkenly beating his police dog named bethune-cookman. he was only charged with a misdemeanor for animal cruelty. charges of assaulting a
6:52 am
he's lucky it wasn't a felony for animal abuse like that. this is the first time we have seen miami garden officer david starling walk. >> he's a hero there. giving out hugs to a group of young ladies whoorote him some get well cards. >> he takes care of us and he helps us when we're in danger. >> this is awesome. is right here is what makes my job, all that we do, this is what makes it importantnt >> starling keeps his sense of humor about the fact he was shot in the butt. he says he's taking it in stride, hoping to start physical soon so he can get where he wants to be which is back out there on the streets. >> think he can take all the jokes. he's like hey, buddies, i'm still here, still walking and talking and fighting crime. let's get back to our top story now. an historic visit to cuba. president barack obama is headed to havana. >> when he is going, what his critics are
6:53 am
we have it for you
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:55 am
okay. "good morning america" gets started at 7:00 a.m. right here on local 10. >> the west palm beach teenager, the kid posing as a doctor, he's making national headlines. >>reporter: good morning, coming up n@xt here on "good morning america," an abc news exclusive. we will hear from the florida teen arrested for impersonating a doctor. the 1-year-old out on bail and this morning he is speaking out about the allegations agast him only on gma. live look outside, gorgeous conditions it start this thursday. we like to call it our friday eve. lots of sunshine breaking through as we are seeing sunshine, not just in miami, ft. lauderdale, all the way down by the keys. temperatures much cooler in the low 50s and upper 60s in most spots. that's average for this time of year. have a great day. good news in broward county, we have that broken down car on i-95 northbound and
6:56 am
have a bad accident though, u.s.-1 southbound right at southwest 220th street. those speeds eight miles per hour. okay. now to our top stories this morning. we begin with the latest on the historic change. president obama is set to travel to cuba on the 21st and 22nd of next month. an official announcement is expected today. north miami beach police expected to release new details about a couple of synagogue scares. we're told two women touched off suspicions of they showed up asking about t rvice times. police say these women are not a threat to the community. chris bosh's future still with many more questions as he's set to meet with doctors today. the 31-year-old has blood clots similar to what caused an end to his season last year. >> we wish chris the very best. the n ns does continue with "good
6:57 am
we're back in about0 minutes with an update for you. >> you can take local 10 with you on your smart phone. downlead the wplg app. >> do it. >> that's a lot of letters. >> have a good one,
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good morning, amerera. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and the huge events in the works in havana from major league baseball to beyonce. the 18-year-old arrested posing as a doctor accused of treating patients now out on bail speaking out to abc news. the question that made him do this. kanye west caught on a hot mike. the talent's temper tantrum backstage at "snl." >> by 50%, dead or alive.
7:00 am
meltdown. good morning, america. happy thursday. want to meet a dumb that can keep a secret? take a look at them right now. over a month they kept it. those winners in florida, the powerball lottery, $528 million check. >> even from their children. >> even from their children. >> wow. >> what else are you keeping from mom and dad? >> well, somebody out there is keeping an even bigger secret. search still on for the third winning ticket. >> anyone, anyone? >> i wish. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we begin with the race for the white house. it is "your voice, your vote." just two days till the south carolina republican primary and donald trump is leading there. but take a look at this new national poll showing ted cruz and donald trump virtually tied. abc's tom llamas has the latest from charleston, south carolina. good morning,tom. >> reporter: amy, donald trump


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