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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 19, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EST

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kids. we got up to no kid had a couple drinks more than we should couple of days rate and i got scared we're now three and not a pair >> they're not natural-born rappers but they aree telling the story of their love to a beat we all love, "the fresh prince of l air" theme song. we were thrilled when it was clear we would get a beat this year baby coming soon in august of this year >> yeah! >> wonder if will smith had this in mind when h created that song. i think this is a better rendition for parents who don't understand. yelled to my hubby yo bro some cupcakes oh man what are we in for >> i want to hang out with those two, i wish ty were my friends.
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>> oh yeah. >> cringing inside. >> they're going to be fun parents. imagine being a little kid running around with parents this fun. i think this baby's lucky. lots of laughs today. thanks for sharing them with us. join us on the next "right this minute." when an angry customer suddenly pulls a gun on a cashier -- >> security guard's having none of it. >> old man's strength puts a young punk to shame. with those floodwaters that guy shouldn't chance it. >> watch what happens next. >> the@ moment he's swept away as good samaritans race to save him. an experienced race driver is going head to head with his wife. see who ends up celebrating
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bonus give-away day means your chancto win a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. and don't even call her a grandmother. >> this is the 67-year-old grandmother! >> hear how her voice wound up in her son's song. >> we all know that they do things a little bit differently in russia. >> backwards? >> they get down the get down. while this situation is no different, the dude on the right is a security guard. the one on the left we'll call a disgruntled customer. going back and forth with the cashier and it's about to escalate. you see them have a few words when suddenly -- >> what on earth? >> hold on. starts waving it in her face, threatening to kill her. the security guard is having none of it. they tussle a little bit, he knocks him in the head. all right, let's go, out of here.
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out of the house for misbehaving. >> i'm surprised it took him that long to throw him out. >> made him stand in the corner. >> stand in the corner and you think about what you did with reason. >> they called the police. >> the threat of murder and representative. >> did he backhand that security guard? >> this dude at the bar -- >> i don't know what to say about lee except for what he's about to do is pretty disgusting and we've seen it before. what's that in his hand in the charity box. he puts it in his jacket. not sure someone's coming but you see he starts to fidget a bit and it drops out of his jacket. puts it back in. >> whole time he's sitting there, i've done nothing. >> the cool part is the money from these boxes is going to the tom prince cancer trust foundation. she died in 2004 at age 15 from bone cancer. he's been jailed for 12 weeks. >> i don't think they should have put him in jail, should have set him to work for this
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>> yeah, yeah. 20 hours of community service. >> exactly. go to work and see what these people are going through, mr. lee white. and we'll see, jerkface. we all know the tesla is a quick car. however, the folks over at drag time decided to test a tesla model s with the tesla model x, the suv version. the call part is this guy in the red tesla is a very expxpienced race driver. he's going head to head with his wife. >> oh! >> teslas are like ridiculous. >> you beat me to it. you're exactly right. the ludacris mode is not a joke. you go into the sofofare of the car and you can select ludacris mode. it's basically the dead tesla's only launch control that other
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>> they couldn't think of a better name? >> the beauty is the model x makes his wife, who's never done this before, like a race car driver. palm beach international raceway, watch those lights. whoa! the first race, she jumps the light. that's why she's s sfar ahead. that's a little disqualification. still a quick run. the model s cannot beat that model x. but this time wife disappears without him. however on that run she set a record. >> no way. >> 116-mile-per-hours. they mail the record for the quickest production suv. now race three. a little bit of screech. those cars hook up quick. the model s just barely walking ahead a little bit.
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but not by much. 0 .19-second margin. >> think about it. this is pretet incredible. devastating floing in brazil. the video where you can see a flood has ripped throu down this main street area. watch this. >> don't do it. it doesn't take much to sweep you off your feet. >> you guys are exactly correct. >> oh! >> the man is swept away by these rushing waters. but lucky for him there are two men who witnessed what happened. they run into the water themselves, running across the street where they could see that man by that othertreet sign. see that? they catch him. lift him up. an they are able to walk him back to that sidewalk where he fell into the water. >> we all get lulled into this false sense of security. th amount of force of six inches of water is terrifying.
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one time, which is one-quarter of the average that they get per month. so just imagine that. in one single day. strong winds also caused a problem. 100-plus homes lost their roofs and 15,000 people lost powew. >> he looks a bit wobbly, shaky on the way back. >> no reports on him sat staining any critical injuries. but it's a good thing for him that there were people wawching. but you see him deliberately step into water. like he thinks he can make it. >> doing so he put two other people's lives in danger. >> you don't know how t road looks under the water. >> super dangerous. >> not a good move oh his part but it's a good thing he survived that. it's time to give away an ipad mini. also giving away a flat screen tv. >> two w@nners today. to enter the buzz word, be at least 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz wlrd coming up in
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>> stand by for the rtm ipad mini give-away. being kind and being good in your community does pay off. that right there i a shuttle driver at the university of central florida. you can see there's a huge smile on the driver's face. and that's because 22-year-old student joshua just handed him a card. listen to what the card is all about. >> happy birthday. >> aw, that's sl nice. >> aw, his birthday. >> turns out his birthday was on valentine's day, on tuesday on sunday. joshua decided to do something really cool. >> no, no. can i tell them? >> you can tell them, yeah. >> $421. >> he got a gift card for more than $400.
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and you can tell how surprised - he is, how happy he is. those students must be broke. >> it shows how much he's appreciated in the community. joshua says that maurice, the river, always has a smile, always is engaging to students, always putting a smile on everyone's faces. and one day he got to talking to him, asked when his birthday pwas, decided he was going to use social media to collect money for this gift card from the students. and you can tell just how happy he i he gets up, he gives joshua a big old hug, a joshua has a printout of everyone name that contributed to this gift card. >> amazing. takepride in his job. so proud of the kids as well. ( >> thank you very much, thank you. you guys are the greatest. it's a trash-talking game in washington square park. >> his mouth's almostt as fast as his chess game. >> see who gets schooled in this game of ess.
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closed captioning provided d by --be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry.
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theayinin you can't hustle a hustler? here. washington square park, new york city, popular place to hang out and play that age-old game, chess. >> winston. >> where are you from? >> the guy with the cap anxious to get started. his mouth almost as fast as his check game. the guy on the right saying, you're talking a lot of trash here. the guy with the hat saying -- >> you look at your board, look at that. >> do you know much about chess? are? >> we're getting there. the pace of the game -- getting >> this is crazy. to go down. >> their hands look blurry. >> did you spot somebody there.
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>> that's an extended clip from tim's experiment. watch to see the hustlgo down. >> whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! that was right there. >> oh! >> oh, yeah, that was pretty obvious. >> the guy in the hat starting to feel the heat. the guy with the hat winds up lose is the match. but this is a really neat reveal. >> he's like no more cameras, that's it! sorry, did i mention grand master maurice ashley? this isn't just some chess player. that's grand master maurice ashley. the first african-american international grand master in the game. three-time national champion coach, two-time author, espn commentator, iphone app
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he also is a joint fellow at harvards center and mit's mia lab. >> don't feel bad that you just got beat. we've seep so many bungee-jumping videos on the show, why show you another one? >> oh! >> no! dude! >> ice cold, literally ice cold water. >>
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>> think about how unsatisfied she is with normal tngs. bungee jumping, no, that's not enough. i need to be suspended by my skin. oh, yeah, into icy water. oh, right, with a bikini on. >> might as well light her on fire while you're at it, go the whole way. these fishermen out in bulgaria bulgaria, voluntarily into this icy-cold water. they've been ice fishing, now it's time to go back -- but turns out they kind of got stuck. >> the only way to get to the right side of the shore iso actually jump into the water and run all the way across. >> what did you catch today? hypothermia. >> yeah. and i never saw any fish. so you may actually be right. >> a couple of these guys seem to be prepared with those big heavy suits. who is the guy on the skis at the bekinning? >> yeah, the guy who was basically wearing some
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>> didn't want to get his clothes wet. >> let me pay. >> do you wonder who should pick up the check on the first da? >> the answer is, the dude should pay, that's it, simple as that. what happens when he forgets his wallet? >> he's going to the bathroom and never coming back. >> that doesn't happen. >> oh, it happens. bonus give-away day. don't miss your chance to win an
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about the first date anymore. yes. there are always these questions. what do you wear? when do you do? go not. >> movies? kiss on the first date? the big question is should he pay? >> that's still a question? >> no rush. >> a series of videos about relationships and the latest one is on who should pay for the first date? >> the answer is the dude should pay. that's it. simple as that. if you don't want to l l out a ton of money, then don't choose an ultra-expensive restaurant to take her on the first date. >> let's not use the word "should." the guy should offer to pay and give her t t opportunity to pay half as well. maybe she's all about equality. hey, hey, hey, i can pay my own. leave the door open then you get to be a gentleman. >> let me pay. >> i asked you out, the man always pays on the first date. >> and there's nothing wrong with her offering. i do that all the time.
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if they pay they need something in return. if you offer to pay, sucker, you ain't getting nothing. >> okay, i make more than you, it's my treat. >> you don't make mow than me. >> she dropped a bomb, i make more money, letete pay. >> condescending attitude going on in here. that's not okay either. >> do you think jay-z lets beyonce pay for dinner? >> it doesn't need to be a big insh issue. do halfies, fine. >> split it, right? >> this is the biggest problem on your first date there shouldn't be a second date. >> i'm with you on that one. i don't think there's going to be onon now he can't find his wallet. >> and he's going to the bathroom and they have coming back. >> that doesn't happen. >> oh, it t ppens. >> how does thatake you feel? >> she's the one who did it. >> great.
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>> just loan me 30 buc -- >> young folks today, let her pay. >> they're making it more difficult. >> seriously, we can just do that. >> guilty by association. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> have the buzz word, be at least 18, and a legal u.s. resident. >> head to rightthisminute. >> enter on facebook, twitter, enter on each every day.
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>> click on the win ipad and academy. >> a you want to enter today, it's also a bonus give-away day, we'll be giving away a flat-screen tv. >> good luck, everyone. >> it's the age of destrurtion. grandmother.
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>> everything in the this is not a quick brown fox. it's a little red one. and whathey did was put a camera with the fox over 35 days. its first 35 days. so to have show you how it develops. you will see this fox next to this same bear every day. just to see its growth. this from our friends at wildlife aid in the uk. >> so cute. look at how stubbly it is getting around. >> it's starting to get its footing a little bit. >> the face is starting to take shape. >> at first i thought it was an otter. >> you want to hold and it rub its belly. >> you notice something's changing about the color. because this is a red fox. but day 28, it is red now. it was gray. >> overnight, changes color.
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this video in 2014 but they just posted it. >> cementing my affinity for foxes yet again. >> we're going to have fun with this video. what i want you to do is trust me. trust me. close your eyes. i want you to let your mind's eye wander, your imaginaon wander, as i play you this nice, soothing music. >> what are you seeing? >> a dude with long, black hair with a guitar slung way down. >> look at your@ screen. >> oh! >> this is the 67-year-old grandmother. grind-mother. grind-core music, it involves a lot of screaming. >> looks like my high school gym teacher. >> this story has snowballed and i'm sure we all have gazillions
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we have the grind-mother! ozzie osbourne tweeted out with a comment, what the f? how do you feel about the reaction? >> all the responses that we've gotten have just been so positive. yeah, i think it's pretty special. >> when did you learn you had the voice and the chops for this? >> a year ago my music career started. my son wanted me to do backup vocals during his song his band was doing. so i took the microphone and said what do you want me to do? well, what motivated it was the state of the world today. and i think every scream that i do, there's a behind the screen. >> tells who you are before you became a hard-core artist. >> i was aocial worker. brought my kids up whatever the universe puts in front of me, i'm open to going that direction. >> what kind of music do you
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>> very instrumental music is my favorite. >> your video brought attention to your son's band, corrupt leaders. how did he feel about that? that. he's a pratt talented artist. fit get him some attention, that's wonderful. >> tell us about the album. >> there's an album coming out april 27th. the album's nape isme is "age of destruction." >> tell us a california know if you start touring, we'll be in the mosh pit. >> i would like to. we'll see. yeah. we'll go. >> hi, mom.
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minute." this morning on "world news now," a feud involving religion and politics. >> in the middle of it, pope francis who says donald trump's idea to build a wall along the mexican border is unchristian. trump's response and the global political firestorm. out of control, the helicopter that crashed into the water in vegas paradise. the boy badly injured and the onlookers rushing to help. spanning danger. american bridges as the a breaking point. the disasters that have happened at a warning about what could be next. and later, go ahead, throw etan trum. destroy anything you want in the name of anger.


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