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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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america." a break in the case. how the police tracked him downnd the other to. president obama's historic visit to cuba and why the outcry against it continues togrow. > good friday morning, i'm eric yutzy. >> love the s snd of
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i'm jacey birch. julie's here right now. a bit warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. temperature in the upper 60s, a few degrees above average for this time ofear. the winds move in from the ocean are going to start the warming trend. northeast wind anywhere between six and 14 miles per hour. good morning to you in pembroke pines. you're waking up to 67 degrees. 62 is our coolest st unkendall. 68 in marathon. 69 in pompano beach. these temperatures anywhere between 5 and 12 degrees warmer than what we woke up top yesterday. as the kids head to the bus stop, it will be nice and mild. they are gng to need their sun glasses as we're expecting a lot of sunshineo start your friday. strong winds will allow for this cloud cover to move in from time to time throughout the breezy. highs will be in the mid to upper 70s. i'll haveore on the up. now to a developing story out of the florida keys. look at what's left of a
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down there last night. >> homeowners are clearly shaken. derek shore has more from tavererero. >>reporter: a huge crash but never did carol imagine her night with friends would be truchted when a plane crashed into her yard. >> i looked over the edge and there's the tail of a plane in my front yard. >porter: the pilot who miraculously survived was attempting to land a small plane at the tavernaero airport when something went wrong. how lucky it was the rv-7 aircraft did not slam right into someone's roof. this neighbor saw the plane fly by very low and them come back as if the pilot was confused. >> the next thihi we heard, he turned around as if he thought this was the landing strip. his wing hit the mailbox ov there and the
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next thing we know, helooked around and want right into the house there. >>reporter: passersby and fire crews helped free the man who was standing upside down butuninjured. the next step will be to figure out why the pil from north carolina missed the runway and the next step for carol will be to figure out what to do when the small s.u.v. was badly damaged by the impact. >> it's totaled, i think. in taverero, derek shore, local 10 news. also this morning a break in the case. police say a man seen in the camera right here attacking a teen and stealing a gold chain is under arrest and we're told this guy has done it before. >> andrew perez has the story. >>reporter: he's seen staking out the business and when he thinks it's clear, he makes his move making money threats, ordering her t tthe ground in spanish.
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was trembling the hole titi. leaving this bolero gas station near marlins park. >> i could have ended up shot or injureded >>reporter: this 1-year-old whose identity we'rerotecting also falling victim to the exact crook. >> he threatened me over a gun and he was telling me to take out the bracelet. i didn't have enough time. >>reporter: he lunges at the teen, yanks his gold chain but even that's not enough. the guy wants the bracelet too. once again he takes off. police say they've arrested this man and say he's connected to those robberies and many others across miami. >> he should learn from what he did. it wasn't right. >> shocked to hear gas stations, even the subway way also hit.
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many, many tips from viewers and good old-fashioned police work. >>reporter: get this, police are saying they believe he could be connected to many others. right now he remains in jail. i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. reaction still pouring in after president barack obama announced he will be making an historic visit to cuba. some of the critics are even asking the president to call it off. victor oquendo tells us more about this controversy. >>reporter: theyeye already met three times but n ner in havana. president obama announced his march trip in a series of tweets. 14 months into the historic relationship there's been progress in trade and travel but the same can't be said for human rights. >> there's no justification for president obama to make a visit to cuba before any real and substantive democratic reforms are
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>>reporter: dissidents continue to make beatings. there are more than 1400 arbitrary detentions in january of this yearalone. last year more than 8600. >> they like what we have. they have absolute power unless they are pressured. they will hold on as long as they can. >>reporter: president obama does plan to meet with dissidents, something pope francis didn't do in his visit. >> he must be sending messages to the cuban government that in this time to think about how to create a more society. >>reporter: reactions from locals differ, of course, depending on age and political beliefs. >> my problem is that controls. >> all the stuff is in the past, new generation now, new set of minds. i think it's great. >>reporter: one person president obama will not be with on his trip is fidel castro. in little havana, victor
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>> local 10 news will have live team coverage from cuba for the president's visit. look for call have you known to lead that coverage in late march. religion is taking on politics after the pope said donald trump is not a christian. trump who is the front runner seems to differ. that's putting it mildly of course. glenna millberg has more from the campaign trail. i don't question people's christianity. >>reporter: it was the headd line of the day. >> i think he's got a lot of personality, veve different, a very different kind of a guy and i think he's doing a very good job, a lot of energy. but i would say i think he was very much misintpreted and i think he was given false information. >>reporter: dold trump's head line taking on pope francis who while traveling from mass at the xico border opined on the politics of a wall there and the candidate who proposed it. >> a person who thinks
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wherever they may be located and not building christian. >>reporter: if and when the vatican's attack by isis which everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you the pope would have wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >>reporter: jeb bush a practici catholic backed the right to control the border. florida's former governor told us it wouldn't change his course. >> just work hard, endorsements can mter. sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. >>reporter: as south carolina
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primary saturday, nevada democrats caucus in their's. polls show hilary rodham clinton and bernie sanders deadlocked there. >> working longer hours for low wages and almost all new income is going to the top 1%, yeah, i'm going to focus on that. >>reporter: in both states one more day to campaign before criticalotes. we know here in south carolina today all of the g.o.p. candidate have a full compliment of rallies and appearances and town halls. they will be crisscrossing the state getting their last face time in with south carolina voters before tomorrow. i'm glenna millberg in columbia, south carolina, local 10 news. >> look for her live reports again later on today. this morning a thief caught on camera grabbing a woman's purse in a west miami-dade atm
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you can see a man in a hoodie walk up and grab that woman's purse. she immediately runs to safety while the thief scoops up the bag and runs away. if you know anythingg about this crime, call police. two unknown women asking strange questions and now those women have come forward. she says she and her mother entered a north miami beach synagogue to learn more about judaism and they had high praise for the jewish people. >> they love me and they want to include me in their life. >> i'm a social person. i love people. i love being around people. >> she says she doesn't follow the news, did not understand why the move would cause commotion. she insists she called before she visited. police interviewed those women and said she do not pose a threat. when we come back boycotting bee i don't knowow b beyonce.
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causing that high rate of rip c crespondents for you beach-goers. windusts even higher. that is also causing advisories for you boaters. i'll have a lot more on your weekend forecast
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coming uptt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p sharks close to shore in dania beach yesterday. here's sky 10 showing a large line of sharks swimming around. people got out of the water, made them think twice before taking a swim. it's believe these sharks are part of the group in palm beach county. remember that huge mass of bck-tip it had sharks. we see this every winter season. >> i'm just happy nobody was in the water obviously. t want to remind you
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had a high risk of rip currents for you yesterday. it's goi to be a beautiful day to take a stroll on the broad walk. overall we do have the dangerous seas that are going to pick up. temperatures in the upper 60s, much warmer than what we woke up to yesterday but it's mild and nice. 68 ft. lauderdale, 67 miami. we have a northeastst wind. remember the wind moving in off the ocean. brings in the heat over the atlantic right onshore. you'll notice that today throughout the day and the weekend. 67 degrees inn pembrok pines. we have 69 in poppano beach. these temperatures anywhere between 3 and 12 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. still mild. not warm and humid quite yet. the clouds that are streaming in off that northeast breeze, again, the good thing is we have high pressure in place and that's providing for a dry, stable atmosphere. even though we have the breeze in place, those clouds are not producingng precipitation this
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rule out the chance of a shower later today and going into the weekend. overall nothing wide-spread. the weekend is going to be fantastic if youave some outdoor plans. warm and a bit humid. the great plains in the midwest. our friends across the west dling with rain again, especially the pacific northwest. the jet stream has retreated to the north over the northern half of the united states. so high pressure is dominating the southern half. therefore temperatures very warm. look at that. kansas city at 63 degrees. 67. it's as warm in houston as it is for u u here in south florida. a mix of sun and clouds will be in the forecast today. it will be windy again. we have that threat of rip currents for you beach-goers. we'll watch as the next front starts to move portions of the statement they will be june right warm. highs for them will be warmer than what we'll see here in south florida. the weekend because the weekend will be beautiful.
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showers until tuesday of next week. a call to boycott beyonce is coming from the miami fraternal of popoce. the miami fop voted to stay away from working that concert because of her super bowl half time show. here it is. that performance featured references to the black lives matter movement, malcolm x . he wrote beyonce's used this year's super bowl to divide americans by promoting the black panthers and shows how she did not support law enforcement. just ahead a local 10 investigation an internatatnal crime with local ties. >> you'll hear from victims who say they
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international destination for travelers but investigators say it is also home to one of the largest human traffickingen democrat -- trafficking epidemics into the country. >> amy viteri investigates. i met this man, blah play blah blah, told me how nice life could be. >> miami has a trafficking. >> don't believe anything you say or hear. anybody can sell you a dream. >>reporter: women tell me they were lured to miamimi only to find themselves commercially exploited for sex. >> investigators call it a perfect storm for human traffics. >> a lot of promises and a lot of lies. >>repoer: sasha harris says says how they got here.
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afraid to show their face. >> hours before sunrise we rode along with miami police commander. >> how many girls got in, just one? >> just down the block frfr popular downtown nightclubs, we saw women selling sex on north miami avenunu >> but if you look closely, there's a fine line between prostitution and sex trafficking. >> the vast majority are trying to deny, denyindication deny, that they are being sexually exploited by anyonon >>reporter: we watched as the young women got into a man's car. we watched as police stopped that car on biscayne boulevard. >>reporter: minutes later one shows us condoms in the purse and says the man picked them up for sex. alfonso says fear often stops them from asking for help but these girls talked to us about the
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>> i have no where to go now. >> how did you get involved with him? how did you meet him? >>reporter: the girl says she met a man on-line who convinced her to come to miami. >> what does something like that man? how did hebeat you? >> fists. >>reporter: she managed to getaway just a week earlier but she's alone here and says at one point she's afraid she will be killed. >> do you want us to go by and look at this guy for exploiting but, we'll do that. >>reporter: for investigators to charge someone with trafficking, they have to proro force, fraud or coercion, that is unless we're talking about kids. i read one report where the victim was a minor. >> yeah, quite frequently we get those. >>reporter: alfonso working with the human trafficking task force
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>> santana's english okay. >>reporter: for prosecuting a 15-year-old girl in the cutler bay area making $1,000 a day off her. these cases are snapshots of a much bigger problem, one that can be hard to see. >> sometimes girls are scared. so like what you guys are doing, that's good. >>reporter: amy viteri, local 10 news. according to the state attorneys it, human trafficking task force in miami-dade county, they have closed 268 human trafficking cases, many of those involving minors. right now they have 25 ses involving under-aged victims. a couple of trades ahead of the heat deadline.
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health battle.
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i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. stok, brian roberts, we hardly knew ya. the heat made a pair of trades and getting under the luxury tax line. meanwhile the wait continues for an update on chris bosh's health condition. bosh was in boston on thursday seeing a doctor about the blood clot that kept him out of the all-star game. bosh is not with the team in atlanta tonht and will not play with the hawks. restingp after all-star weekend. wade traveled with the team to atlanta and is expected to play tonight. with so many question marks, everyone on the meet is ready to make a contntbution. >> i think whenever someone depose down, it's just next man up. of course and i don't know the status of what chris is going through or how long he's going to be out but it's just next man up. everyone's pretty happy
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second half of the season. you know, there's no excuses. every team has injuries. so just got to find a way to keep bottling. >> canes are currently tried for first in the acc. coming up. they ran away from virginia tech coming up. but capes will head to chapel hill on saturday for a showdown with first place in the conference. third period yag panthers get a point but they lose 2-1 in that shoot-out. by the way, you want to catch lococ sports sunday on sunday. we spent a day with johnhy baseball.
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course about the team, his expectations, dealing with the owner and also if he would ever bring back that old mustache when he was a star for the yankeke. i have all of that coming up on monony night. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the pilot trapped inside. how people came to his rescue and why the plane
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with. right now at 5:00 a one and only exclusive, a plane left in pieces after crashing in the keys right in a woman's yard. plus a woman's robber cuffed. synagogu scares overblown. the woman who triggered an investigation explained their visit to a congregation. caught on camera a swirling scorcher, a
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flames. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we've got a lot of stories to get to in just a moment. first, time to talk about the weather and the weekend. feels like it took forever to get here. >> this week has been ever so long. we've had a lot of things going on in the weather department and i'm happy to tell you, it's all calming down. we'll continue this nice weather as we go into the weekend. a bit warmer now that the winds are shifting out of the ocean. temperatures in the upr 60s right now. breeze anywhere betwewe eight and 10 miles per hour. 69 in pompano beach. a coolest spot is kendall at 68 degrees. these temperatures are two and 11 degrees tarmer than what we woke up to yesterday. we'll continue to warm up. nice and mild thoavment these temperatures right around seasonal for this time of year.


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