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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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flames. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we've got a lot of stories to get to in just a moment. first, time to talk about the weather and the weekend. feels like it took forever to get here. >> this week has been ever so long. we've had a lot of things going on in the weather department and i'm happy to tell you, it's all calming down. we'll continue this nice weather as we go into the weekend. a bit warmer now that the winds are shifting out of the ocean. temperatures in the upr 60s right now. breeze anywhere betwewe eight and 10 miles per hour. 69 in pompano beach. a coolest spot is kendall at 68 degrees. these temperatures are two and 11 degrees tarmer than what we woke up to yesterday. we'll continue to warm up. nice and mild thoavment these temperatures right around seasonal for this time of year.
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upper 70s right where we should be this time of year. i'll have a lot more on the weekend forecast coming up. >> julie, thank you so much. i-95 looking pretty good thisorning. if you're traveling north on the i, we had some closures in place between miami gardens drive all the way north to sheridan street. from this location here, this is just north of the glades, we're not seeing any delays reported and a closer look at our traffic data here, , lot showing the roadways are very clear. we're hearing repor of a hit and run crash on i-95 soulhbound at ives dairy road. really shouldn't be affecting our travel speeds at all. those speeds clocking in per hour. let's go to 595 with morning. if you're traveling on 595 eastbound starting at i-75 cruising to u.s.-1, not a lot to
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your average speed about 60 miles per hour. now to a one and only exclusive, a small plane going down right in a crowded florida keys. look at this, so close to a house. the pilot trying to land at a small airport in tavernaero. neighbors say it turned around, crashing into the home. the pilot did escape without injury. derek shore will have the latest details on the crash in the keys. that's coming up at 5:30. local 10 speaking to ththvictim of a robbery caught on camera and he's only years old. this morning that alleged robber is behind bars but not before allegedly committing other crimes. erica rakow is in miami where he will appear before a judge this morning. >>reporter: teenagers, gas stations, a subway, the list goes on of places this particular person robbed. this is a magazine shot of alfredo garcia, arrested and booked into jail after police say someone with an
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them with this investigation. the people he's accused of holding up so glad to hear this morning that he's behind bars. at includes this 13-year-old boy. he tells local 10 that garcia followed him and his friends a couple weeks ago near the sports and leadership academy school i miami. you can see in the surveillance video the man lging at that teen. >> he threatened me with a gun and i didn't have enough time. >>reporter: another robbery caught on camera and police say the man in this video is also garcia. this is that of the valero gas station near marlins park. the man came in, threatened her and demanded she get down on the ground in spanish. she's being held in jail right now without any bond. later this morning he wille appearing before a judge at the court house to see if he will be granted a bond. erica rakow, local 10 news.
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be going to cuba with the first lady on march 21st and 22nd. the opening to cuba holds out real promise to include the lives of the cuban people. >> now to the very latest on the histotoc change. more reaction after president obama official announces his plans to travel to cuba. the president will meet with raul castro but not with his brother fidel. the president will raise issues of political rights and freedoms when he speaks with castro. he's expected to interact with activists and thoseho oppose the government. critics cling off this trip. >> there's no justification for president obama to make a visit to cuba before any real and substantive democratic reforms are made by the castro regime. >> he's going to be sending messages to the cuban government that it's time to think about how to create a more inclusive, more
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>>reporter: there were mlre than 1400 dissidents alone.the paper detailing 22nd. we'll have live coverage from cuba for the president's historic visit. >> local 10 first told you about suspicious incidents at two local sin dogs, unknown women asking trainth questions. come forward. she say s and her mother entered the north miami beach synagogue to talk about judaism. >> they love me and want to include me in there life. i'm a social person. i love people. people. >> she says she does not follow the news and didn't understand where the move would cause my commotion. she insists she called before visiting.police interviewed both
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not pose a threat. a thief caught on camera stealing a purse from a woman in miami-dade. you see a man there in a hoodie walking up, grabbing that woman's purse. she immediately runs to safety while the thief scoops the man upp and runs away. mrs. caught on camera a high-priced heist at aventura mall. police say a woman bought a 2100 purse from the louis vuitton store last month with a stolen credit card. the victim, a man, says her wallet was stolen and her cards were used at different stores totaling more than $700. turning now to the outbreak. two new cases of zika have been confirmed in miami-dade county. that raises the total number to 24.
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miami-dade, four in broward. the zika virus's affect on babies and pregnant mothers has many people asking the catholic church to relax their strict ban on contraceptives. the pope said quote abortion is a crime but avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. the aftermath of the san bernadino rampage, the fbi spotted yesterday, searching t e home and the brother of syed farook. neighbors said this is the fourth or fifth time federal investigators have shownwn up in that neighborhood. meanwhile the battle between apple and the fbi continues. the tech giant refusing to open the phone frustrating law enforcement saying it could hold vital clues. the campaign and the secretary will say what she will say. >> i don't knowwhere all this comes from because it's maybe senatorr sanders wasn't
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he decides to run for president. >> the democrat candidates trading jabs in the town hall in las vegas as both made a push ahead of the caucus. polls showed hillary clinton and bernie sanders are dead-locked in the debate. donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich took the stage for a democratic debate. the hot topic was trump's new rift with pope francis. >> i think he's got a lot of personality, very different and i think he's doing a very good job. he's a lot of energy, but i would say that i misinterpreted and i also think he was given false information. >> the republican candidate is upset after the pope who was returning from a visit to the u.s.-mexico border commented on tremendous's proposal to build a wall there.
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only about building walls, wherever they may be located and not building bridges, is not a christian. >> when asked whether american catholics should vote for trump, the pope refused to offer his opinion there but he reiterated trump is not christian if he supports piling a wall on the border. already in south carolina for saturday's republican primary. look for her live reports today. still to come the battle for the bag. testifying today as he fights for hisis job. what the chief has to say about those racially charged exchanges. the crime caught on camera and what the men yelled during the attack. mother nature whping up winds during a grassfire, a tornado formed by fire.
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after the break. caught on camera a violent beating of a marine. the attack so severe it left the decorated marine with serious head injury. he taunted him and yelled black lives matter. police hope this newly-released video will help catch whoer did this.
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dead in a house fire. a mother and her 14-year-old daughter escaped the fire without any injuries. no working smoke detectors were found in the home. a family member says she thinks the fire was caused by the water heater. a grassfire in missouri leaves more th 1,000 acres burned. those flames formed a tornado. look at these fiery twisters. this all happened just 30 minutes north of kansas city. investigators say the fire was sparked by a bearing from a lawn mower and high winds along with dry conditions caused it to spread. >> very dangerous conditions for them. they are going to stay dry again today and they are going to see possibly record heat. for us here in south florida we're seeing a gradual warming trend but we're not talking records. we're still talking comfortable conditions out there. 69 degrees in miami. in ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. east northeast wind anywhere between eight and ten miles perour. temperature 67 for
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68 in marathon. now these temperatures are anywhere between two and 11 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. still mild and comfortable out there. you're not going to need a sweater and jacket today. we're going to wake up to plenty of sunshine before more clouds do start to move onshore. the breeze bringing lingering cloud cover over portions of the areas. notice the clouds are not producing precipitation. that's because the atmosphere is very dry right over the carolina coastline. that will continue to slide towards the east continuing our warming trend going into the weekend. as we go to the nation's midsection over portions of the midwest and great lakes, another system moving in from the pacific northwest bringing them seven days of rain straight in the pacific northwest, oregon and washington. it's that time of year because of the strong el nino. one thing we've noticed, the jet stream has retreated to the north. check out these temperatures. kansas city 65 degree right now.
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63 in san antonio. it's verer warm across the nation's midsection. high pressure will continue to be our dominant feature going into today and the weekend with a mix of sun and clouds. the windy continues will continue but at least our temperatures will be near seasonal. our friends across the nation's m msection dealing with a warmup due to a front. as we take a look at the temperatures, it's actually going to be warmer in texas and parts of oklahoma than it will be here for us in south florida. thank gooess you're here. we do have a high risk of rip crents for you beach-goers with a northeast breeze 15 to 20 miles per hour. we also have a small craft advisory for you boaters. seas five to seven feet, gulf waters we're talking nine feet. the forecast calls for highs in the upper 70s today. mid 70s tomorro beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine and dry conditions. then we'lll increase that cloud cover and that chance of showers going into tuesday as another front moves in. we'll see that chance of storms tuesday night
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some of them could be very strong. i'll be watching for you here on local 10. >> thank youou julie. still accident-freein both counties. we had a crash off of ives dairy road a little earlier but that's since cleared up. the i looking good. we like it when those cars are cruising along without any issues. no construction concerns either. let's show you how things are looking in our traffic system it. real time data that comes in and shows us were there any reporor of slowdowns out there. i-95 the turnpike and broward unty looking good. cruising on down south, no issues to report. i just showed you south of the glades, i-95 all in the clear along with the gratigney, the dolphin expressway all the way down to the turnpike. now quickly let's get to some d dve times if you're traveling off the eastbound. we're looking great this mornin double thumbs up there. only going to take you
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i-95. if you're at lejeune road heading to the same spot only about three minutes. >> thank you, constance. now e latest on the flint water crisis. the epa says it continues to recommend residents use the filters in their homes but for pregnant and breast feeding women and kids six and under, bottled water continues to be the safest option. everyone else should use the filtered water. how would yoy like chicken and waffles on the go for broadcast? it sounds so good right now. >> please. >> the new menu item being tested at mcdonald's and when you might bee able to order it at your drive-thru. friday is here. we got you covered southflorida before you get
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local 10. mcdonald's testing out a version of a southern classic, chicken and waffles. it's right now you can only get it in ohio but it could go national depending on customer feedback. go ohio. >>reporter: hey there. in today's tech bytes, whose got the fastest wireless service. >> one company crowned t-mobile and the latest test another researcher says verizon is tops based on testing at various sites around the country. the class auction lawsuit accuses the company of collecting personal data about his viewing habits and selling it to third parties such as
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>> a couple in texas is in a legal fight with the company that it hired to watch his pets. >> theyeren't satisfied and posted a one star review on yelp. the company responded with a lawsuit and is seeking thousands of dollarsecause they said the couple is violating its so-called non-disparaging clause. those are your tech bytes. have a great day. we have freeickets to the south beach wine and food festival. enters to win on our wplg facebook page. i hope you do. check it out. kanye west sporting designer labels but could he be sporting a badge soon. why a local police union says they are boycotting her concert. live look i-95 and 176th street. no accidents since friday morning in either county. that's good news. let's keep driving safely this morning, solve.
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away. kanye west made a splash last week when he tweeted that he's $53 million in personal debt. >> here's a way to pay it off. he was presented with an unexpected offer to chip that debt away. the philadelphia police department took to twitter to tell kanye we're hering. you could be debt-free by the year 31-22. as you can imagine kanye has yet to respond. >> work it off, buddy, work it off. if it's true. >> i like it.
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aren't they? let's get to our top stories on this friday. the pilot was trying to land at an airport nearby but somehow missed t runway. only the pilot was on board. no one was hurt. 32-year-old alfredo garcia linked to several robberies including one of a 13-year-old boy. he is beingng held without bond. > the woman who prompted synagogue scares says they were only trying to learn about judaism police say they are not a threat. let's get going on your friday morning. you want to get there, get it done, get home for the weekend. >> like that plan. we've also got your forecast and your
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break. right off the top at 5:30, a plane crashing in the keys leaving a pilot upside down and glapped the teenager robbed on camera spoke to local 10 learning the alleged crook was involved in more crimes than that. and boycotting beyonce, why local law enforcement want to you back the blue when she comes to miami. good friday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it is friday. proud. get ready for the weekend and of course we want to weather to cooperate e ter a pretty
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>> glad to see it here. i know weather authity meteorologist julie durda wants it to. >> so does baby d. go to sleep. with a smile on my face, i'm telling you right now temperatures are in the upper 60s ft. lauderdale and miami. breeze anywhere between 8 and 10 miles per hour. that breeze is going to pick up today elevating the risk for rip currents. dangerous conditions on the atlantic waters. but it will feel nice as you stay onshore. 60 in kendall. 68 in marathon. we have 69 in pompano beach. these temperatures are anywhere between 2 and 11 degrees warmer than what we woke up too yesterday. it's a nice mild start though. it still feeee comfortable out there. by the afternoon we will gradually warm u highs could be reaching mid to upper 70s in the areas. >> thank you, julie. construction crews still off of i-95. we're still seeing
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exit ramp. thatxit for the palmetto expressway was shut down much earlier this morning. so hopefully they will be done picking up the cones. speaking of the palmetto expressway, long-term construction here affecting our northbound lanes at the palmetto at tamiami trail. this is the exit for southwest eighth street. that exit ramp was blocked. they are reopening it but just a friendlyy reminder if you're traveling at that spot. at this point we are accident-free in both counties but as soon as a new accident pops up, guess what, i'm updating twitter. maybe sur you're following us at wplg local 10. a pilot plunging into a yard and a neighbor's run to help out. local 10 the only station there after that crash as an investigation into what happened gets under way. this morning we hear from the woman who saw the plane go down. derek shore has our top
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>> a horrible crash. >>reporter: a huge crash but never did carol imagine her quiet night with friends had just been interrupted by a plane crashing into her yard. >> we just all looked at each other like what happened and i ran out on the deck and looked over the edge and there was the tail of a plane in my front yard. >>reporter: the sheriff's office says the pilot who miraculously survived was attempting to land at the neay tavernaero airport when obviously something went wrong. looking at the map you can see how many homes are in the area and how lucky it is the aircraft did not slam right into someone's roof. this neighbor saw the plane fly by very low, then come back as if the pilot was confused. >> we turn around as if he thought this was the landing s sip. his wing hit the mailbox over there and the basketball net. next thing we know, he looked around and he went right into the house there.
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crews helped free the uninjured. the next step for investigators will be to figure out why the pilot said to be from north carolina missed the runway and the next step for carol will be to figure out what to do with her small s.u.v. badly damaged by the plane's impact. >> i was kind of moved and hit on so it's totaled, i think. >>reporter: in tavernaero, derek shore, local 100 news. local 10 speaking to robber. the suspect targeting old. local 10 news reporter miami-dade court house. that is where this man garcia is expected to apapar in court. >> eric, teenagers, gas stationsa subway. police say the list goes on for places this particular individual is responsible for robbing. he was on the crime
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and toughed. >>reporter: a man makes a move demanding money from the clerk threatening her and telling her to g on the ground in spanish. the gas station employee says she was shaking the whole time. he leaves this valero gas station near marlins park and strikes again. >> i could have ended up getting shot or injured. >>reporter: this 13-year-old whose identnty we're protecting also victimized by the same man he said. >> he threatened me with a gun and was telling me to take out the bracelet. i didn't have enough time. >>reporter: the man caught on camera follows his students and s friends. he lunges at the teen andaimpgz his gold chain but he doesn't even spot there. he wants the boy's bracelet too. this guy caught and cuffed. police say he's the one seen in the surveillance video. >> he should learn from what he did.
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>>reporter: and those people who were hold out tell us they were thankful this morning somebody has been arrested. police tell us it was an anonymous tip that came in that helped them out with the investigation. garcia is being held at the jail without any bond. he will go before a judge asking for bond to be released. live in miami this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. a call to boycott beyonce is now coming from the miami fraternal order of police. beyonce has a concert in miami and it's the first of her tour. the performance you see right here featured references to the black lives matter movement, malcolm x and the black panthers. union president javier ortiz wrote this, quote, beyonce used this year's super bowl to divide americans and her message shows how she does not support law maker.
5:35 am
peon say's concert will be secure. a former police officer battles to get his badge back. that man lost his job after racist text messages and a video were exchanged with fellow officers. the police chief talked about how this affected the force. sanela sabovic live in ft. lauderdale with more details. >>reporter: good morning, eric. during an arbitration hearing held yesterday. ft..auderdale police chief testified saying that he was shocked by what he saw in that video and what he read in those racially charged text messages saying it's the worst he's seen in his 35 plus year career. a fired ft. lauderdale cop is fighting to get his job back. day two of james wells arbitration hearing had him sitting face to face with his former boss. wells is trying to get his job back after he was let go last year for
5:36 am
racially charged text messages and allegedly taking p part in a racially charged video. they were shared between several ft. lauderdale police officers. during the hearing the chief made it clear that embarrassment and some of the worst he's seen while on the job. >> i've never seen this before. i mean in the 35 plus years that i've been here, i've never seen an engagement with the community and the response that we've had, national attention. i think this is the worst i've ever seen. >>reporter: the video consisting of many racist depictis including a picture of president obama with gold teeth, it's tarnished the department's image and is not the behavior he expects if those who wear the badge. >> this is a black eye on our city and the
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>>reporter: one of the officers fired after this video surfaced. wells is expected to takehe stand. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a school scare in coral springs, students and faculty evacuated on thursday after a bomb threat was reported. police searched that school while waiting at a nearby park. many parents say they were angry that the school did not notify them about this incident. and an eighth grader is recovering after a ght. another student slammed him to the ground. >> he started having a seizure and foaming. they had to call the ambulance and polole to come to school and get him. >> he was badly hurt. >> so far no details have been relsed about
5:38 am
in the fight and no arrests have been made. an attorney accused of having sex with her client in the broward county jail, she was back in court hoping to get him out on bond but a judge deny it had all. she denied the motion she had sex with her client. instead s s says she was targeted by guards for his role. she claims he should have been granted bond because he's no longer safe in that jail because he's no longer supervised. >> he is extraordinarily manipulative. >> objection. inappropriate. >> the prosecutor argued that he was too dangerous to be let out. the judge did apologize for her because of how the sheriff's office
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rochelle hamm has sese up the alert for ships sailing into the direreion of known storms and hurricanes just like el faro did last year. close call caught on camera.. a bus full of children nearly struck. the action taken against that driver. details on the trade made just before the deadline. shocking video of a chper crash. the noise heard before it hit the water and lelt a teen injured. plus, south florida, if you're headed out of town, the bahamas looking great. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. may be headed to puntaa kana. i'll have lot more going on back here
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break. shocking video of a helicopter crash near pearl harbor.r. it went down leaving a 16-year-old boy in critical condition.. the chopper's engine was making an odd noise right there as it hit the water. the coast guard says twoadults involved in the crash were taken to the hospital. no word yet on how the others were doing. okay. you guys want to see a little circle of life here. check out this. five sharks spotted close to the shore in dania beach. some people spotted them from the shorelinene maybe some people steer clear going intoto the water. it's part of a normal migration in the winter months south and most of those sharks have been black tips. >> nototnly that, our
5:43 am
off the ocean too, helping bring them along the coast. nothing to fear. it's just awesome to look at, right. south florida, something awesome, our weather pattern. it's going to be a asome as we start your friday and the weekend. rtheast breeze started yesterday and will continue today and that's going to elevate that risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. temperatures warming up because of the warm air moving in off the ocean. degrees in miami.68 in ft. lauderdale. 67 in key wt. with the winds anywhere between eight and ten miles per hour. currently a temperature of 60 degrees. that's our cooler spot. 67 for you in pompano beach. we have 69, 67 in pembroke pines. these temperatures are anywhere between 2 and 11 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterda i'm happy to tell you even though we have the northeast breeze in place, those clouds are labbing the precipitation because of high pressure to the north.
5:44 am
shift eastward the further east it goes. the further our winds will start to veer in from the east and eventually the southeast next week. before today and the weekend it's going t be fantastic. our highghressure is feeding into a system that's moving in towards the midwest and green bay packers. very warm conditions across much of the deep south as far north as kansas. that warm air will continue for them. it could be flirting with the weekend. windy conditions will tinnel investigating that risk of rip currents for you beach-goers and boaters. overall the very nice seasonal weather pattern in place. that high will continue to be our dominant their feature ahead of a cold front expected to move inoing into early next week. temperatures across texas, in towards missouri, oklahoma. the temperatures are going to be even warmer than what we're going to see here in south florida. they could be dealing with a bef heatwave
5:45 am
we will have highs today 70s. shower in the forecast all weekend long. activities. enjoy it because rain returns by tucson. >> i lived in oklahoma and in texas. my folks are still out there in houston and austin and dallas and all over the place, but i love south florida. i love it when the roadways are good. we're accident-free right now. things are looking great in our system. again with our traffic data we can show you in real time where there are reports of slowdowns and i'm seeing some yellow and orange that shows us or obviously indicates we are@ seeing some slight slowdowns here. this is at the turnpike where it meets at the turnpike extension right there off to that exit ramp where you folks traveling on the turnpike headed towards the golden glades this morning. i'm seeing the slowdowns in place and those speeds about 45 to 23 miles per hour. no accident scenes out there, just an average slowdown if you're traveling there. let's talk about the i,
5:46 am
we have no accidents. construction crews are out of there. if you're traveling southbound starting at hollywood boulevard, cruising on down to the glades, we're looking fantastic. only six minutes total drive times at this point it. eight minutes to get there. >>reporter: good friday morning. i'm will manso would your local 10 morning sports wrap. stokes, roberts, we hardly knew ya. the heat made a pair of trades on thursday getting under the luxury tax line. meanwhile the wait continues for an update on chris bosh's health condition. according to the associated press bosh was in boston on thursday seeing a doctor about the blood clot that kept him out of the all-star game. bosh will not in atlanta with the team tonight and will not play against the hawks. wade traveling with the team to atlanta and is expected to play tonight. with so many question
5:47 am
heat is ready to make a contribution. >> whenever someone goes down, it's just next man up. i don't know thetatus of what chris is going through or how long he's ing to be out, it's just next man up, but everyone's pretty happy and excited about the second half of the season, so there's no excuses. every team has injuries. got to find a way to keep battling and find a way to win. >> they have a tough one cocong up. they ran away from virginia tech in the second half to pick up a win. but canes will now head to chapel hill on saturday with a showdown. with first place in the conference on the line. panthers, shahas last night, jaromir jagr puts the panthers u u 1-0. one goal away from being
5:48 am
goal-scoring list in nhl history. panthers get a point but they lose 2-1 in that shoot-out. you want to catch local 10 sports sunday this weekend on sunday. we spend a day with johnny baseball this week and you'll hear from the marlins manager with spring training under way for the marlins on friday. he talks to me about his teams, expectations, dealing with the manager and if he would ever bring back that mustache. i'll will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> okay, thank you, will. now to a would-be robber. he couldn't get away after the tables were turned on him. >> they call it karma. what you can bet he wish he kneneabout the victim
5:49 am
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a fast one. >>reporter: whatat sweetheart. look at this chihuahua. hi, guys. i'm jacey birch. i'm here with chica from jamie's rescue. you h he kayla right there. purebred dogs youound abandoned. >> people don't want them. they dump them on the street and they are up for adoption wanting their second chance. >> it really is unbelievable that somebody would justleave these dogs to just go off and whatever happens, happens. you rescued them and we are going to findd the perfect pet parent. >> that would be awesese. >> let me show you where you can go to see chica and kayla. it's our website right there you're goioi to see all the furry faces jamie's rescue has up for adoption. you girls are so beautiful and they are ady to move into your home.
5:52 am
take them together, if you'd like. the director of a humane society in idaho out of a job this morning after telling a mily their lost dog was adopted when it was actuallylyut down. the director admits he lied to them because he thought it would help ease theain. he said bunny had to be euthanized because of medical problems. the family says they really want more details on how this happened. a woman now facing serious charges in virginia after police say she attacked a wendy's manager over a wrong food order. the wendy's manager said the 25-year-old stormed into the restaurant after her order was changed. police say she came across the counter, attacked, evenit that employee. she's now facing very serious charges. caught on camera, a man who tried to rob a
5:53 am
taken down by a trained fighter. the fighter was visiting his girlfriend whene rushed offend, said he had a gun and demanded oxycodone. >> he started reachinginto his pants like he had a weapon. that's when i did something just to protect my girlfriend. >> the suspect identified. it turns out he did not have a gun but he's being charged with attempted armed robbery. >> protecting his girl. >> broken heart and brokenose. >> we always say don't get involved. we always do that. >> j jt reacting. a school bus nearly hit by a train and it's all caught on camera. >> coming up next who the driver iss blaming for this really close call. >> a plane crashing right into the yard and the keys.
5:54 am
onend only about the lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary.. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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look closely and you can see money playing in the air after a round of explosions. the strike was an a facility that isis uses to store cash and collllt taxes. it was part of a mission called inherit rescue. a missouri woman isin federal custody accused of making terror threats on twitter. the fbi said she had several mom accounts linked to isis and threatened to kill two agents. she will remain behind bars until next week. caught on camera, lookokt the cell phone video students took. they were on their way home. how close that train is, it is right outsidedef the back door. after the incidents the driver said the students were so loud that he couldn't drive the bus safely.
5:57 am
and tellingnghem to move forward and everyone was just really freaking out and really terrified at the momomt. >> just inches away there. the school district said the bus driver was fired for driving too close to that train. another close call turn back to our top story. >> witnesses telling the onee and only about the moments their plane went down in the neighborhood. a disturbinggase of animal abuse so hard to even imagine. a baby dolphin k kled after being pulled from the water but it's why that h h all kinds of outrage.
5:58 am
5:59 am
story. a small plane goes down crashing a s.u.v. we have a safety warning, a man grabbing customers getting cash. we'll tell you where this happened. ananwful case of animal abuse. a baby d dphin dies after being tossed around by callous tourists. we have the shohoing video. and let's go ahead and start things off with a live look from our miami tower camera.
6:00 am
>> say it again. >> it's f fday. feels good. i'm jacey birch. >> i'm eric yutzy. teorologist julie durda here setting you weekend. goodod morning, julie. start. you saw the miami tower cam moving around a little bit. ft. lauderdalal miami dealing with winds moving in off the ocean. don't worry. it's still comfortable tempererures are still in the upper 60s. morning. we have 62 for kendall.. 68 pompano beach. 68 in marathon and for you in pembroke pines waking up to 67 degrees. these temperatures are anywhere between two and nine degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday all thanks to a shift in the wind direction. i alwayss tell you from time to time the wind direction plays a huge part in our temperature and that's going to continue as we go into your friday and throughout the weekend. the kids w wl definitely need those sun glasses. that ocean breeze will bring us a mix of sun and clouds.


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