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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> kristi: new at noon, a teacher under arrrest accused of having an inappropriate reretionship with a student. he is charged with sexual
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that teacher works at miami palmetto senior high school. >> constance: has students and parents concerned. hatzel velel is live outside the school this midday with the very latest. >> reporter: constance, thinks name is jason meyers,s,8 years old. i have been told he has been a acher for 15 years. now mr. meys is in jail. we understand he is an english teacher anan teaches ap english and teaches creative writing. really well like not just by students buthe fellow school.l. he organized open mic poetry night that is popular here at palmlmto that takes place four times a year. gives you a sense of ow popular he is. here he is mm meyers in bond court. he has been a teacher for 15 years. his wife is a teacher here at lmettopalmetto. we undrstand she is pregnant
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and that me yers served inn the military. they received disturbing rereationship against meyers with an inappropriate relationship with a underaged female student. a police investigaon showed there is probable cause and meyers was later arrested. bond was set at $75,000, and if he can pay, he will have to wear a gps monitoring device. >> any person in a posiition of trust and with our children, of course, the allegation would be pretty horrific. >> reporter: here is a statement from miami-de police. miami-dade county schools i should say in which they say the alleged actions by the teacher are unacceptable and reprehensible. the teacher will be terminated. we are also learning that he will have to stay away from the victim i he is able to bond out, and that he has to also stay ay from campus here at palmetto high school. for now reporting live in
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vela, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you so much. famous merican author harper lee has died. >> kristi: best known for her novel "to kill a mockingbird." you read that in high school. michael putney has more. michael. >> reporter: she died in her home@own of monroeville, indiana. sheas 89 and has been in ill health. she grew up in monroeville and used her fictional make home, for "to kill a mockingbird." she spent time between there and new york city. she published it in 1960. a moving store be a young girl named scout growing up in a small town, time of segregationsmall town, time of segregation. scout idolizes her father who depends a black man who was falselyccused of rapefalsely accused of raping a white woman. the book was turnqd in an outstanding movie in 1962 with
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last year, she published her earlier novel "go set a watchman" that portrays the characters at a late point in their life. but in this novel it had ties to the klu klux klan. quite a surprise for fans of "to kill a mockingbird." she suffered from a variety of health issues. she never was married and is survived@ by generations of grateful readers who were enchanted and thrilled by "to kill a mockingbird." i was amo@ng them. we are in the newsroom this noon. kristi, constance, back to you. >> kristi: me too. thank you so much, michael. sky 10 was above the scene of a wreck in davie on the ramp of the turnpike of i-595 near state road 84. you can see a big rig flipped couple of lanes. the ramp is temporily shut scene. no word if anybody was injured there.
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i-95 where a suv ended up rolling right on to its roof while taking the 395 ramp. traffic backed up here while the crews rked to flip it back over. all lanes are since reopened. that canadian diplomat teenaged son is taketeenaged son is taking a plea deal in connection with a shooting that killed his brother and another teen. the brothers were actually trying to rob drug dealers. the shootout happened last yearthe shootout happened last year. local 10 reporter sanela local 10 reporter sanela sabovic is live with details of that plea agreement. >> reporter: good afternoon, constance. 15-year-old received a plea deal that received boot camp as opposed to serving hard core prison time when he made a court appearance this morning. let's get you out to that videolet's get you out to that video. you can see here him shackled as he learned his fate. he accepted guilt to reduced charges of felony third-degree murder and attempted armed robbery charges. he is sentenced to the
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camp, two years of house arrest and eight years of probation for his role in a drug related shooting that took the life of his older brother and teenager. his canadian mother who is a diplomat and he said he was innocent in the troubled taginnocent in the troubled tagalong to his older brother. >> today it is the mother who is the happiest in the world because i get to have my son back. and it was difficult. >> we are thankful that the state and court recognized this is a young man who has significant redeeming qualitiessignificant redeeming qualities. unfortunately he made a horrible decision to hang out with his older brother who apparently was up to no good we now know. >> th gives him a chance to straighten out his life, and if he takes that chance, he will go forward. if he fails, he wll be harshly punished. >> reporter: police say back in march of last year.
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marijuana dealers when gunshots rang out. he was charged as an adult in the shooting. if he does violate the terms of his plea deal, he could face 60 years in jail. reporting live in miami, local 10 news. a leader, especially a religiouou leader, shouldn't have the right to question another man's religion or faithanother man's religion or faith. >> kristi: donald trump speak out after a war of words with pope francis to proclaimed the gop front runner not christian. this comes right after the republican primary going on in south carolina tomorrow. meantime, democratic president sham cancer hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready in caucuses in nevada also this weekend. megan hughes has the latest for the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump on "good morning america" sticking to his stance. >> we need to have the wall. we need to stop the drugs from pouring in.
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said a person who thinks of building walls and not bridges is not a christian. >> he has an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> reporter: marco rubio and jeb bush back sfruvrp probably inappropriate for the pope to intervene at the height of a contested primary. >> reporter: marco rubio campaigning again today with the popular south carolina governor nikki haley, while ted cruz appears with duck dynasty phil robertson in myrtle beach. >> talk about a man who knows how this shoot a duck. >> reporter: a citizen there said he is worried his canadian birth will disqualify him. >> ted cruz has known about this issue for years and he could have done something about it. he didn't lift his little finger to do anything about it. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a dead heat in this weekend's caucuses in nevada. hill hill is not going down without a fight. >> i am not just making speeches and free this and free that and free everything. >> reporter: here in south carolina. polls show the race is not as close.
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with cruz and rubio following. many believing after tomorrow, this could be a three-man race. megan hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. >> kristi: that was a live report from glenna milberg. she is in south carolina today and throughout the weekend as well. and now live pictures this afternoon at the supreme court where the late justice antonin scalia's casket is now laying view. >> kristi: he died last weekend on a hunting trip. he was 79 years old. stephanie ramo s has more on how he is being remembered today. stephanie. >> reporter: kristi and constance, flags will be flown here at half-staff at the supreme court for a month in honor of the late justice antonin scalia. mourners gathering at court to remember him. almost a week after his passingalmost a week after his passing, supreme court justice antonin scalia is mourned in
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court police serving as pallbearers and court honorary pallbearers brought up the steppallbearers brought up the steps to lie in repose on the same pedestal that held the casket of abraham lincoln. one of the great rooms of washington, somber but filled with light. inside, the justices standing the order in which they sit on the supreme court bench. >> let us pray for the coming of the kingdom. >> reporter: scalia's son who is a priest, father paul scalia offering a prayer. >> in your wisdom you have pulled your servant antonin out of this world. >> reporter: a new york native. a conservative icon. the first italii opinion american on the court and the longest serving justice the anger of the skovrt and his sudden death marked by republicans and democrats alikerepublicans and democrats alike. >> innuenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape.
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american hero. he was a lion of the law. >> reporter: justice scalia's family including his nine children and 36 grandchildren and friend president obama and the first lady will pay their respects in the building where he built a legacy. after the private ceremony this morning, that is when the public viewing began. mourners can viview scalia's casket until 8:00. the fine value set tomorrow in washington d.c. at the basilica of the national shrine of the up mack lat conception. vice president joe biden will attend the funeral. at the supreme court, stephanie ramos, local 10 news. >> kristi: thank you very much, stephanie. now a historic change in cuba--u.s. relations. cuba is preparing for president obama's arival. the historic visit made the front page of the cuban-run paper dedeiling the plans for the 21st and 22nd of march. the president will meet with
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with castro's brother, fidel. the presiint will talk about human rights issues and political freedom when he speaks with castro. some critics are calling on the president to call off the trip completely. the organization that tracks discomments cuba say violence against the opposition has increased according to the rights. there are more than 1400 arbitrary detentions just in january this year. last year there were more than 8 of00. >> they like what they have. they have absolute power unless they are pressured or a consensus. democracy in cuba, they will hold on as long as they can. >> constance: local 10 will have live coverage from cuba led by our anchor calvin hughes vate in march. pope francis is speaking out of the zika virus. he is suggesting that women
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he said it is not an evil despite.the epidemic. babybabies have been worn with small heads to zika-infected moms. two new cases zika confirmed in miami-dadad county that raises the total number of confirmed cases to 24 cases to 24. nine of those are in miami-dadene of those are in miami-dade, four are in browardmiami-dade, four are in broward. the mosquito-borne virus is said to all all kind of deformities in new york babies. and look at our stocks. a mixed bag. the dow is ddown not just over 47 points standing at 16,336. the nasdaq is up just over 17 points and the snp 500 is down slightly just about three popoints. and new for you at noon, a little girl was taken to the hospital after she is struck inside her apartment during the fire. >> constance: zeus that you are newsroom, the child's mother was arrested. a live report the break. we are seeing sun and clouds.
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wwgo into the weekend? details coming up. >>announcer: tonight at 11:00. could it be the key of stopping hiv. >> can increase the -- decrease the rate of infection by 95 plus percent. >> reporter: the drug that many
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new cell phone video at noon of a fire at an apartment building. dade. when fire fighters arrived, a ild was trapped inside and just into our newsroom, that girl's mother has been arrested. local 10 reporter erica rakow is liveith the latest. >> reporter: constance, we this went down. they say it was a person who lives in this apartment complex who out erika rosello in the hallwayay and noticed a smoke coming from her apartment. asked erika if anyone was still in her apartment. she toldthat person her daughter was inside and couldhear the child screaming and she pulled the fire alarm and called 911. they were able to pull the child for safety but the next gone. >> i was panic stricken because i didn't know what was going oni didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: what elena gomez
12:19 pm
her apartment building. >> you think thworse. i was concerned about my brother, not the ersonal belongings or anything. >> reporter: her brother was fine an so were their belongings. turns out it was an apartment on the first floor below hers. a 5-year-old girl was trapped inside. >> she we to the hospital. they took her to the hospital. >> reporter: they went through broken window d found her in a bedroom filled with smoke and brouggt her out the same way. they believe this fire started in the kitchen. >> s`elled like a lot of smoke and four fire engines at least. >> reporter: the girl's mom erika rosello was outside the apartment tolnd neighbors that her daughter was still inside. fire fighrs pulled her to safety and police say mom disappeared. when theywhen she finally went to the hospital, she was met with state investigators. state investigators are looking one in the apartment. >> i think it is the right thing to do.
12:20 pm
themselves. it's crazy. >> reporter: and police say the child's grandmother, erika rosello's mother got her on the phone and convinced her to come to the hospital. that is how detectives caught up with her. she is in jail charged with child neglect. in the past charged with child neglect before as well as dui. i also learned that the girl had so much smoke in her body, she couldn't even speak when they pulled her out. we are told she is in the custody of the state department of children and families now. a hearing some time tomorrow in court to handle the situation. in miami-dade erika rakow, local 10 news. fancy jewelry. this is out of oakland park showing a man driving up to a dark suv at the flea market. now police say, walked in, made a beeline to the rambo jewelry stand. you can see walking right there in and out of the place a few times before finally snatching
12:21 pm
and on that chain more than $6 grand. a man accused of stabbing a miami police officer in a casino pled not guilty. lopez was arrested on chargesof attempted second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing ofofcer raul perez in the face. now according to an arrest report carbello lopez and to be intoxicicated at the time of the confrontation. wataken to the hospital and later released. may. a one and only exclusive. is a mall plane going down in a crowded neighborhood n the florida keys. pilot was trying land in a small airport right near a small airport and he crashed in front of pneumonia the front yard. luckily nnobody was hurt. >> we all looked at each other like what happened and i ran over to the deck and looked over the edge, and the tail of a plane in my front yard. >> kristi: thatwill be quite a sight. fire crews helped thatat pilot
12:22 pm
investigators are trying to find out why that pilot said to be from north carolina simply missed th runway. caught on camera, a sheriff deputy unknowily walked in on an armed robbery at a gas station. look at this video and the deputy walked in chevron gas station off of lock river rd wednesday night. noticed the fair in the clerk's faces and immediately walked up to the robber. 24-year-old domin pierce was arrested and charged with armed robbery. right now to weather. crews are battling out of control fires in northeast oklahoma near tulsa. thy say gusty winds and rare high temperatures along with the dry conditions are perfect fuel for those flames that began yesterday afte@rnoon. the fire shut down highways and forced evacuations yesterday, but crews got a handle of many ofhose fires early so many. roads have been reopened. people have been allowed to return back home. meanwhile, over in missouri, a grass fire sparked fiery twisters?
12:23 pm
a fire burning north of kansas city has destroyed more than 1,000 acres. the fire is sparked by a bearing from a lawnmower or -- yeah, a lawnmower. the wind and dry conditions spread that fire. yikes. right here at home, we continue to get into our weekend with gorgeous weather outside. hi, >> julie: julie can you believe those incredible pictures. friends i in oklahoma and missouri dealings with record heat on top of the dry air in place. firenadoes and that is exactly what occurred there. good newewfor us back home, we are seeing plenty of sunshine breaking through those clouds. people flocking to the beach right now and we do want to remind that you elevated risk of rip currents and boaters, advisories due to the rough east-northeast breeze strong at times between 15 and 20 miles per hour is what we are expecting. and currently 15-mile-per-hour winds in miami.
12:24 pm
overhead, cumulus clouds, and we are expecting the possibility of a stray shower. cumulonimbus clouds start later today and that is like a drizzle. the atmosphere it dry. the humidity at 48%. it feels like winter. nice and refreing. to ft. lauderdale, a lot more sunshine in place. temperatur in the 70s with an east northeast breeze. relative humidity at 43%. in the keys, lots of sunshine greeting you east north east wind at 15 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-stevts. temperatures are a few degrees cooler th yesterday with a east-northeast wind between 2 to 4 degreqs cooler. look at that cloud cover. unlike yesterday that we saw bright blue skies all day long. that east to northeast breeze moving in off the western atlantic will transport some cloud cover and will continue to warm us up to the upper 70s by this afternoon and with those clouds around, the possibility of low-level moisture in the way of precipitation falling from those clouds, more like a
12:25 pm
afternoon. high pressure our dominant weather feature located over the carolina coastline. only a clockwise pattern that continues to drive our winds off the ocean and also a lot of heat and humidity off the gulf of mexico with our friends through the great plains and through the midsection into the gulf coast state. up toward the great lakes, and a new system moving in from the pacific northwest will bring the rain seven days in a row for oregon and washington. look at these temperatures. i kid you. no president 71 degrees already this dallas. 73 in houston. they are going to be warmer there than we are going to be here in south florida. so here is the place to be not only for today but the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. that breeze will continue to be strong again. i want to remind you dangerous conditions for you beachgoers and boaters. the heat will be -- and great plains in the south and between 10 to 20 degrees above average
12:26 pm
degrees in oklahoma city. also ooking at the 80s for houston. for them. for us, it is going to be comfortable and winds will start to subside by tonight. i am happy to tell if you you want to head to the beach, advisories should expire. enjoy the weekend forecast because by next week, we will be tracking another cold front. this will move in at a very warm, humid air and will be there for the possibility of some more severe weather. i will get you through it. betty davis will be here back at 4:00 with more. julie. new at noon, a possible solution for easing traffic in downtown miami. >> constance: one commissioner wants to bury biscayne boulevard? a little strange i would say. layron livingston is in miami to explain the plans. >> reporter: you can see why. something that has been in the works for some time which is taking biscayne boulevard there. little bit.
12:27 pm
ground. a nice face lift, but biscayne boulevard will stay underground and possibly for several downtown city blocks. >> something very similar to my millenniumum park in chicago. central park area for miami's downtown. >> reporter: miami-dade commissioner arez has been
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anytime, anywhere. find your way to the best care at . all right, now to a deadly shooting on the vegas strip. officials say it started as a fight at planetollywood between four men and two women. three of them ended up getting shot. a man and woman were taken tonight hospital. both of them in critical
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unfortunately did notsurvive. that second woman was also found dead on the street. police are still searching for the shooter. just into our newsroom, thee case of the teen who used a affluenza defense in a fatal drunk driving wreck will be moved to adult court. in today's ruling the 18-year-old could face 120 years in jail and would have to finish 10 years of probation. ethan couch was given probation for killing for people. that is after his attorney argued that he had been coddled by his parents and he suffered from affluenza. well, then, the teen and his mom took off to mexico after he allegedly put his probation at risk by appearing in a video at a party. anti-government protester cliven bundy will be extradited back to nevada. he was arested for conspiracy related to a armed standoff near his ranch two years ago. he led some 400 supporters to faced off with federal land
12:34 pm
a separate standoff at a oreg wilelife refuge. his son s also facing charges. have not figured out why y teenager showed up at a high school and lied to officials posingg as a state lawmakers. up to the high school. he said the senator asked him to come and speak to kids. and atkins looked the part of a fellow lawmaker. he was well-dressed. he was well spoken. he even had a personal driver with him. >> this person showed up in advance early, days early said the senator had fallen ill and was there to take his place and speak. >> kristi: officials discovered that fraud weeks later. guess why? the real senator showed four his scheduled engagement. new this noon, trash day at the internation at space station. i bet you didn't know there was trash day there. released a capsule with 1.5 tons of trash.
12:35 pm
and burn up over the pacific tomorrow. the capsule fl of food, clothes and other goods were launched in december. they removed the content and refilled it with garbage. back here on earth, take a look at this, not lava gushing off the cliff. it is known as firefall at yoyoemite national park as a result of the sunset illume 1998ing it tolook like liquid fire. pretty cool. it and will plenty of times. >> kristi: very pretty. >> constance: that would be neat to see. alarming news of something that is important for your health. >> kristi: the number of
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a new study then join laurie and cvin for local 10 news at 11:00. new for you at noon, a man cald a serial robber and in court today. one his alleged robberyone his alleged robberies was caught on camera and the victim only 13 years old. local 10 news reporter liane morejonas in court today for appearance. she joins us from miami, liane. >> reporter: good afternoon, kristi.
12:39 pm
yesterday by miami police, and they say he is connected to a string of robberies over the last month. let's take you to some video inside the court room today. this is video of 32-year-old alfredo garcia. he is facing serious charges related to three different cases including armed robbery with a deadly weapon, displaywith a deadly weapon, displaying a weapon during a elony, false imprisonment and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. some of thinks crimes were caught on camera. he hit a valero gas station near marlins park, demanding money from the clerk, threatening her and telling her spanish. you may also remember video taken outside the slam academy charter school on january 27. he is allegedly seen lunging at a 13-year-old outside of his own school, snatching his gold chain and bracelet before running off. as we mentioned, he was placed city of miami police department. here is what the judge decided
12:40 pm
>> the court is making a finding of probable cause as to both counts. the armed robbery with a firearm and public display -- the use and display of a firearm or weapon in the commission of the felony. set nothing bond on, and standard bond is $5,000 with a stay away order. >> and so garcia is being held without bond for one of those cases. as far as the other two, the judge sentenced a probable cause hearing, and that is set for tomorrow. reporting live in miami, liane morejonon, local 10 news. >> kristi: all right, liane. thank you so much. health news, if you were tired today, you are not alone. a new study found that a third of all americans are not getting enough sleep. the cdc study analyzed data from 400,000 people in all 500 states and washington d.c. hundreds of thousands reported getting less than the recommended seven hours or more of leep per day. lack of sleep associated with
12:41 pm
a greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness. all aspects of your health are uber important especially the emotional part. >> constance: dr. as has moo on how this keep with it. >> hi, i am dr. oz. whenen think of health, we think physical and emotional health. one major player is stress. to go better with stress, try out relaxation and mindfulness meditation. if you find you need more support, counseling and talk therapy are excellent optis. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday here on local 10. the south beach wwe and food festival is one week away and a chance to go to some of the biggest events for free. >> kristi: enter our contest at wplg local 10, our facebook page and s sn you could be eating and drinking delicious foods prpared by your favorite celebrity chef. chris bosh's health scare is kind of up in the air.
12:42 pm
the miami heat after bosh met with doctors about another possible blood clot coming up. tonight at 11:00, could it be the key to stopping hiv? >> decrease the risksk of invention by 09 plus percent. >> local 10's kristi krueger takes a closer look at a drug that not too many people know abouttampa is it a hiv what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun.
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i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad, at lowe's. there is outrage today at noon surrounding this rare baby dolphin that died after it was plucked from the ocean and passed around a crowd of beachgoers. this all happened on a beach in argentina and people around the world are furious and demanding action as well. this is disturbing youtube video showing the dolphin being taken out of the water ando the beach. it was quickly swarmed by all kinds of curious crowd at the beach. the dolphin is listed as vulnerable, one step below
12:46 pm
the wildlife organizations in argentina issued a statement urging people to help the dolphin back out to sea should she ever come across one like this. caught on camera, a helicopter falling into the water near pearl harbor in hawaii. five people were on board that helicopter when it went down and a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition. the chopper's engine was making an odd noise when it hit the water. >> if it hit the shore, it would have hurt aloed people. hundreds of people standing around. >> surreal. it was scary. >> constance: people dove in the water to pull them to safety. two middle-aged ults involved in the crash were taken to the hospital in stable condition, but no word how the others are doing. the crash is still under investigation. take a look at this caught on camera. a train in houston nearly slamming into the back of a bus full of high school students. this one caught on cell phone
12:47 pm
you can see how close that bus was to the train. after the incident, the bus driver actually brought that bus back to school saying that the students were so wound that safely. but the school bus company said he didn't follow proper protocol and fired for driving too close to that train. >> constance: super close. >> kristi: too close for comfort. he got into a war of words with the pope. >> some said they had enough with donald trump and his mouthwith donald trump and his mouth. the area banning him coming up. plus, a look at your
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nba deadline saw the heat part with a forward jarnel stokes and brian roberts. seldom used stokes and roberts
12:51 pm
and cash to free up salary cap space. the heat can use that money to pursue kevin durant and whitepursue kevin durant and whiteside. heat will continue to resume e in atlanta against the hawks. chris bosh will n be with them. that the extent of what we know officially about his health you and the health scare he is having. the associated press reported that he visited a doctor in boston yesterday, but no more word on that blood clot. d wade was limited at thursdayd wade was limitit at thursday's practice but will be travelling to atlanta anyway and he is expected to play. a canadian island is trying to get americans to actually move there if donald trump is elected as president. jeannie moo s tells us about this trump-free you zone. >> reporter: when donald trump deals with protesters. >> get him out. >> reporter: he doesn't mean out of the country, but those who want to voluntarily leave. >> hi, americans.s. donald trump may become the
12:52 pm
if that happens and diside to get the hell out of there, my it suggest moving to cape breton islands. first of all >> reporter: first of all, where is camp breton in nova scotia along the eastern coast. glorious and beautiful. radio deejay rob calibris is no donald trump fan. if trump win web site started as a joke. come up to camp breton. women with get abortions and muslim people with roam freely and walls hold up the roofs of our extremely affordable hoesour extremely affordable houses. >> reporter: answers to questions like how do i emigrate to canada? go often. >> they want to know if they can bring theirats to canada. >> reporter: the web site has been flooded with hundreds and hundreds of inquiries. >> would you consider moving to canada if dania was elected president? >> i am thinking berlin. >> i would do it in a heartbt>> i would do it in a heartbeat. >> i would.
12:53 pm
i will sta here no matter who is president. >> i am moving to europe if he isected president. >> reporter: in cape breton they need people. >> absolutely. we have an unsustainable population decline. >> reporter: house something a bargain. we you a a three-bedroom waterfront houses selling for $200,00. even $25,000. sure all --sure all -- has gotten ngry e-mails. why would anyone want to move to canada and isolated known for nothing place li cape breton. >> reporter: it's known for something now. their motto, your heart will never leave. >> get them the hell out of here, won't you please. >> reporter: jeannie moo s. >> kristi: that is a beautiful place. >> constance: i never heard of that place were petition gorgeous. >> kristi: very cold. >> constance that's why w we live in south florida. a live look outside from our mallory square cam. gorgeous here too.
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mallory square. well, good friday afternoon, south florida. the time is 12:50 the temperature 75 degrees. miami, key west. 74 in ft. lauderdale. beautiful, dry blue skies in ft. lauderdale. a little bit more cloud cover in miami, but don't worry, a beautiful day regardless.. mild, sunny, highs in the upper 70s. that's where they y ould be this time of year. with that persistent east breeze. we will coinue to see the
12:57 pm
chance r showers leading into the weekend and a beautiful weekend. you know whw will have more on weekend forecast, chief certified meteorologist betty davis. she will be back at 4:00. >> kristi: have a great weekend, julie. we thank you for watching "the chew"" is coming you next. >> constance: see you back at 4:00. the latest breaking news by checking out our web site at have a great day. >> kristi: bye. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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from television studio two in new york city, "the chew" brings you flashback friday, legends of hollywood. we are rolling out the red carpet and getting you ready for oscar sunday. mario's serving up an award-worthy dish that definitely can't be beat, then michael symon's going for the gold with a mouthwatering dish that's ready for its close up. plus, clinton's in the kitchen with the legendary darlene love, that will be music to your all the glitz and glamour starts


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