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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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justice scalia, the supreme court, family and others paying their respects ahead of tomorrow's funeral services. the news at:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning coany >> calvin: off the top at 4:00 a school student is facing serious charges, accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. police say 40-year-old jason meyers shown here had sex with a student. he's a teacher at miamialmetto senior high school. >> laurie: and local10 news reporter hatzel vela is live in pinecrest with the charges that teacher now spacing. that charge is battery, sexual battery on had a minor, and police are telling us now for the first time we're learning that the incident allegedly happened here on campus after school in the very same room where he taught. it allegedlyappened in november and defers last year, both times after schoo in room 301. the 17-year-old female student, a senior at palmetto, told time. the second time it was oral sex.
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he has lived in miami-dade county shine was seven. >> hatzel: here's jase op meyer in bond court said a $75,000. the 40-year-old up to this point wasn't english teacher at palmetto. popular at school because he's considered one of the best teachers. >> i think it's just a shock. >> personally who cares about your writing. >> hatzel: in court miers' defense attorney told the judge he's been a teacher 15 years, married to another teacher at palmetto. the couple has triplets with a fourth child on the way. the parents found out about the allegations. he had an inappropriate relalaonship withp a female student. after investigating police say there was probable cause and meyers was arrested. a school spokesperson s sd the alleged actions by the teacher are unacceptable and rep rehence finnell teacher will be terminated. myerers was told that even if he
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theictim week he cannot come back to campus. for now reporting live in pinecrest, ah hats, local10 news. >> laurie: and we do have breaking news right now that affects anyone with a hoverboard. yes, the "it" product has become one of the biggest consumer product safety concerns this year afters so many began to catch fire. investigative reporter christina vazquez is in the videoort now with new details. >> and make no mistake, this is a big development. federal regulators are now putting manufacturers, importers and retailers on notice,e, also today they released new video of the some of the hoverboards, both new and damaged, that scientists and engineers have been testing. there's that video just released this morning. as they try to figure out why they are catching fire. w, the consumer product safety commission basically told companies in a letter, any company that makes them, ships them and sells them, they must meet safety standards or face a poteteial recall. we also have new numbers in, and it's going blow your mind.
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since december cpfc has received& reports from consumers in 24 states of 52 fires resulting in over $2 million in property damage, to include the destruction of two gnomes a car. right now what we're work -- two homes and a car. right now on the "call christina" page we're going to post that letter to you in full. it shoul be in the next five minutes. for now in the video port, eye christina vazquez. >> calvin: also developing this afternoon pup nis peril. they were in need of help after an apartment fire. >> laurie: sky 10 was over the scene this afternoon in miami. some of those puppiesesere transported to an animal clinic. >> calvin: local10 news rererter liane morejon live noun you now at the scene with the develop details for us. >> liane: at this point, four puppies were taken to knowles animal clinic as well as their mother but there are still four puppies unaccounted for and unfortunately it doesn't look good. you can see some smoke damage right there on that second floor apartment. a lot of the units downstairs,
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fire but, of course, a lot of water damage left behind after fire crews were done with this firefight. let's take you high up above from sky 10. the call came in just after 1:30 this afternoon of a fire at an apartment off of northeast 24th street and 7th avenue right on the water here.e. flames and smoke coming from the front door of the second story unit. now, from the ground you can see the smoke damage left behind as we showed you live. cephal neighbors and theirets forced to evacuate as miami fire crews battled the blaze. we're told the female homeowner was here but chatting outside with a friend at the time, and that's when the fire started and she called for help and, of course, sheas especially frantic because of the precious lives trapped inside. we're told their pet poodle named mariepoos a and eight of her puppies were trapped in there, three of the pips made on it just fine but marie pasta and
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having trouble breathing. y were taken tonowles animal clinic for evaluation and treatment but 11 to how fire kept ignacius carroll described how they were treated on scene. >> during the search we were able to find the mother and another puppy scouring in this area trying to get away from the flames and brought them out. seeing they were in severe respiratory does tress the crew used the pet mas and started administration administering accident and treated these pup& us trying to save them. >> liane: and we just received this new cell phone video just in. it shows that act of firefight at this apartment building. you can see thick black smoke billowing from the front door. as you can imagine the owner of these dogs was very concerned. four puppies unaccounted fhr and it does not look good. fire rescue believes these pips did not make. it we'll bring you more on this story as soon as we get it but
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liane morejon, local10 news. >> calvin: liane, thanks a lot. >> laurie: right now remembering justice antonin scalia these are live pictures were this casket of the supreme court justice ask paying in repose for the public to pay their respect. the private 911 was held earlier today. and here's video of president obama and his 1st lady michelle. they paid their respects to the late justiceut just a short time ago. the today's public viewing is going to last until 8:00onight and tomorrow justice ya will be laid to rest. >> calvin: fellow justices and law clerics also paid honor to justice scalia today. >> michael: antonin scalia was perhaps the most influential member of the high court for three decades, a larger than life presence whose legacy today is being honored. supreme court justice antonin scalia was honored today and mourn at the court he loved and served so well. court police served as pallbearers, and his former law
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pallbearers. the casket carrying scalia's body was slowly brought up the supreme court stairs to lie in repose at the great hall on the same pedestal that held the cat ket of president abraham lincoln. inside justices standing in the order in which they sit on supreme court@bench. >> let us pray for the coming of th kingdom. >> michael: scalia's son paula catholic priest offered the prayer. >> in your wisdom you have called your servant antonon out of this world. >> michael: scalia was the first italian-american to serve on the high court and he was the longest serving justice. he was a conservative icon with a tart wit and a brilliant mind. his sudden death was marked by republicans and democrats alike. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> justice scalia was an american hero.
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>> michael: today adjust scalia's family, including his nine children and 36 grandchildren, were present along with the president and first lady, all paying their respects. a funeral mass for justice scalia will be held tomorrow in washington. michae putney, local10 news. >> laurie: michael, thank you. >> calvin: and we have more sad news this afternoon. beloved author harper lee has died at the age of 89. >> laurie: s is best known of course for her novel "to kill a mockingbird." lee passed away in her sleep early this morning in her hometown of monroeville, alabama. she remained in g gd basic health until her passing. she push luck "to kill a mockingbird" in 1960 a to have gone moving story about a little girl growing up in a time of racial segregation. her father is a lawyer presenting a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman. her secondly thoughtful go say the watchman portrays the same
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a later point in their lives. >> calvin: how toy zikafathers. the mosquito-borne will be way down in brazil by the time the olympics in brazil the cdc predicting they believe control of the mosquito will help. here's an update on the number of cases in florida. there is one new case of the zika virus in miami-dade county. the total number of florida cases now stands at 26, miami-dade with ten cases of the zika virus and broward county has four. zika is said to have a connection with deformities in newborns. . florida department of health has set up a hotline to answer your questions or concerns about the seek. the phone number is on your scscen. it is (855)622-6735. >> laurie: and now with a developing story. the department of justice is urging a federal why you can to force tech giant h%lm to help the fbi crack the phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. a judge issued an order tuesday demanding that apple comply, but
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access data on the phone of syed far okaloosa could i would you please falling users' information at risk. apple has decide stowed fight the order oh appeal but now the d.o.j. has said the court to force apple to comply. a fired fort lauderdale cop who is fighting to get his job back taking the stand just this afternoon. an arbitration hearing held today for james wells. >> calvin: he lost his job over accusations of racism force. local10 news reporter shyann malone is live in fort lauderdale witthe details for us now. yann state of emergency day three of arbitration as james wells fights to get his job back. this him he talks and explains why he thinks it's okay inin some cases do use offensively racial words. >> give me a a context where you think it's okay to call one of the citizens in fort lauderdale the n-word. >> if you're referring to a person -- we'll call this person a bad guy -- and even call help
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as that word, i don't think there's a problem with it. >> shyann: james wells in the hot seat taking on tough badge. >> we don't have any white guy in this particular case that you referred to as the n-word, do we? >> in this particularase, no. lauderdale police officer was fired after racial text messages in his cell phone surfaced. wells said they were sustain out of context. >> what are you referring to? >> t worst of the criminals. t a specific race, not a specific gender, but just the worst of the worst. >> shyann: well, today in that hearing there were pecos and pages of text messages. police say wells and three of his fellow officers engaged in these types of text messages force. coming up, they say it was all reciting a movie.
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local10 news at 6:00. reporting in fort lauderdale, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: shyann, you this u.this. coming up at 4:30 a mother under arrest after a fire sparked while her child was home alone. we have a live report on this ahead. >> calvin: a car flipping off prank and landing into the water below. how two women inside got to fety. now and tonight at 11:00, could it be the key to stopping hiv? it. >> can recrease the risk of infection by 90-plus percent. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger takes a closer look at the drug that some people not enough people know about. this an hiv blocker? tonight at 11:00. i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband? no, the dogs. sometimes. i'd suggest stainmaster pet protect carpet. why? incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad,
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile mame me happy made my day share yourtory.
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>> calvin: right now scary moments for two women when their car flipped over on a bridge in georgia. >> laurie: victor is in the video port nowow with more of the images and exactly what happened. >> victor: l lrie and calvin, these two women just happy that they survived this wreck and now they're talking about how its that they managed on get to
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their car, itt flipped over a bridge and right into the water in demalb county last night. that car landed upside down. the women say this they felt the impact and that's had when they saw water, it started to rush into their car. they both quickly unfastened their seatbelts, they busted a safety. >> i felt the water coming in, and i said, all right, we're going under the water. i said i'm going to get under my seatbelt. we'v got on get out of here. >> don't give can up. >> we're not going to die. >> victor: and the cause of that crash still under investigation but the driver did say she saw her tire go over the edge of the bridge as she was driving. what a scare, laurie and calvin. >> calvin: frightening moments. victor oquendo. >> laurie: and a much calmer note, look at that shot. it is friday afternoon, bearing down on friday evening. you just wan to start your weekend be with don't you? >> calvin: absolutely. let's check in with betty davis and find out how the weekend is shaping up, betty. >> betty: hi, everyone. south florida has it going on
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other than a few clouds the rain chance is low, it's looking eat from key west. as we look at mallory square peopleathering there king off the weekend. another view from the lens of our miami tower cam we have had just enough sunshine to help push our temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. a lot of lower 70s right now between pompano beach and pembroke pines. hialeah, kendall and homestead out74 degrees and marathon our warm spot at this moment at 76. so everything looks fine for the evening other than the fact that it will tends to be on the breezy side, winds from the east right now in miami sustained at 18 miles an hour. that breeze is going to stay up through the evening, aboutt will be mainly dry, so even though we do have some clouds out there and some of you may be seeing a few more clouds than others, we're expecting dry weather. those winds blowing in from the east-northeast harn an area of high pressure right along the mid-atlant coast. we'll stay in that flow for the weekend for tomorrow so we will expect to have breezy conditions even on saturday.
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that means morning lows in the 60s, afternoon highs the getting into the upper 70s so not bad. winds east-northeast tomorrow 10 to 15 miles an hour, rain chance at just 10% not only on saturday but also on sunday. so this means if you have outdoor plans, maybe t kids have a baseball game or maybe you're going to have a yard sale, the weather's going to cooperate just fine. our xt best chance for rain, a few storms come tuesday and wednesday. let's get a check now on traffic. here's janine. >> jenise: thanks, betty. it looks like your friday commute is off to a rough start. here's the view of i-95 northbound. this is the view from northwest 75th street. we are getting reports o an accident at northwest 79th street, and because of that while they lear it p the express lanes are closed. let's take a look at. there are two left lanes blocked in express lanes a northwest 79th street and speeds right now a-miles per hour. while they the work to clear up that accident right now the express lanes on 95 northbound are closed from downtown miami
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checking out the palmetto expressway because we have quite aackup due to a broken-down car heading weise the west on the palmetto at northwest 670 avenue there's a left lane blocked and speeds hardly moving at allll at 6 miles per hour. as we cruise onto broward county we do have a few accidents to talk about this i-95 northbound. this is right ags you're trying to ramp onto 595 northbound. there is a left lane blocked with speeds clocking in at 14 miles per hour. >> calvin: now to the historic change in cuba-u.s. relations. cuba is preparing for president obama's arrival. the historic visit made the front page of the cuban government run newspaper granma. the paper detailing the plan for march 221st and 22 opinioned the president meet with president raul castro but not with castro's brother fidel national security adviser said the president will talk about human rights issues and speaks with castro. and local10 news will have live coverage from cuba for the
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team of reporters will join me in late march. >> lrie: now to vote 2016. we have the results of another poll from south carolina as republicans get set to vote in tomorrow's pry player. the poll from the wall street journal and marries college shows trump with a smaller levered teded cruz. trump leading over cruz 28 to 25 percent with marco rubio in third place you see with 15%. this poll is an outlier so far, though, trump has held a double digit lead in nearly every other recently poll. marries college was jeb bush in fourth place with 13% followed by john kasich and ben carson both with 9%. do look for live reports from local10 news reporter glenna milberg. she's right there in south carolina. she'll beeoining us today at 5:00 and throughout the weekend. >> calvin: back here hat home a crook with a eye for fancy jewelry? surveillance video out of oakland park shows a man driving up in a dark suv to the flea maet. police say once inside, he made a beeline for if rambo jewelry stand. he walks in and out of the place
4:21 pm
snatching a 14 cater goldman and then running out. the price tag was more than $6,000. >> laurie: now to a one and only exclusive, a small plane making an engineer landing in to a crowded ighborhood in the florida keys. look at this. the pilot was trying to land at a small airport in tavernier when he crashed into someone's front yard. neighbors and first responders came out and helped free that pilot who was hang upside down. the pilot was the only person onboard and he wasn't hurt in the crash. >> calvin: let's take a look at the closing numbers on wall street. the dow was down today 21 points closing at 16,391. nasdaq up today nearly 17 pinellas, closing out at 4504. and the s&p 500 down today just about a half point there. coming up at:30 now, a fire begins to burn what i child is left defenseless and homen alone, and now they areother is under arrest. >> laurie: fire innateo. winds kicked up for powerful winds making an incredible sight.
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>> clay ferrero: iis one of the greatest days on baseball, contract, the first day of pitchers and catchers working out here at roger dean stadium in jupiter, and the marlins are ready to roll. that includes their new manager don maddingly. of course, we got a chance to speak to him earlier this week, spent some time with the local croup he was great, talking about how excited he is to get to work with this new team today. >> this is a great day. it's the start of i all. for me a new place, new opportunity. just excited to be here with this club and really just looking forward tow seeing what we can become. >> clay: mattingly not the only one that i. new role with a new team. barry bonds the marlins new hitting coach also out here today.
4:26 pm
getting here a little early to get some work in. we expect to hear from bonds coming up at fan fest o o saturday. back out here we do have basketball news for you. dwyane wade is a game-time decision for tonight's game. he has soroyness in the back of his knee. we'll let you know the full extent of that coming up on local10 news at 6:00. for nown jupiter i'm clay ferrero, local10 news. >> calvin: looking good out there. >> laurie: d-wade not allowed to get sick, right? like that. >> calvin: don't'tou get sick on me right now. put out injured arrive list. >> laurie: you better take it away before i sneezed again. >> janinin we have tissue, don't boyer here's what's coming up all new at 4:30. >> victor: a girl sent to the hospital of a fire started when she was home alone and now her mother is under rest. >> janine: stolen for sex. women lured to south florida and ending up on the streets. >> victor: plus, fare made oh. incredible video of fire being picked up by winds.
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>> janine: right now on local10 news at 4:30, a mother is under arrest after a fire starred inside of her apartment while her child was home alone. >> victor: and here's a picture showing the damage left behind from that fire. it happened at an apartment building in west miami-dade. that woman's daughter was rescued by firefighters and then taken to the hospital. >> janine: local10 news reporter derek shore live in west miami-dade with the investigation. derek. >> derek: ll, tonight that little girl is very lucky to be alive no thanks to her mom, cork to police, but instead thanks to people in the apartment complex as well as fire rescue. it happened here at this apartment building. flagler. let's take a look at that mother under arrest. ericaries el oh has been charged with child neglect after that bizarre and terrifying blaze broke out last night. coping to court records she was stand managing the hall waive herpartment building when a neighbor noticed smoke pouring from the door and they said her if there was a fire but she said
4:31 pm
smoke. now, thehe woman said that she did have her six-year-old daughter insidehilerieselo did nothing. police say that neighbor pulled theire alarm, called for help and tried to get the child out. eventually fire rescue was able to get that little girl who suffered smoke inhalation and was transported to a hospital. investigators say during the rescue rizelo disappeared and left. she was eventually arrested. listen to a neighbor. >> i was panic stricken because i didn't know what was going on. >> it smelled like there was a lot of smoke and there were four fire engines at least. >> i think it's the right thing to do. can't leave a five-year-old by themselves. it's crazy. >> derek: and so far how that fire started and where the mom was when it started is still unclear. she has been a aested and is currently behind bars. we're alsoo told she has a history charges of child neglect. as for that little girl, she is expected to make a full recovery.
4:32 pm
derek shore, local10 news. >> victor: derek, thank you. now not safety concerns this afternoonafter a recent delta deadly hit-and-run crash in fort lauderdale. people who live in tt area say that there's a stretch of dixie highway that has no speed bumps or stop signs despite a proposed plan to make that road safer. >> janine: local10 news reporter todd tongen has the story. >> why? he didn't deserve to die like that. >> todd: dins collage can't believe his friend charles black ledge wawa heartlessly hit and killed by hit-and-run drive last thursday on this dangerous stretch of dixiee highway near northeast 16th court in fort lauderdale me. also can't believe a traffic calming plan proposed in 2009 has still not broke ground. >> there would have been a round about 20 feet from where he was hit. >> todd: while we were were filming the w`nt .2-mile straightaway that cuts through this residential neighborhood with though stop signs sorry
4:33 pm
race past us at double the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit. some in in neighborhood shuai the death of charge black ledge could have been avoidy because traffic improvements could have been in place. one of the original designs called for a separate pathway for cyclists and pedestrians but the state said that was too dangerous because of people backing out of their driveways. so the current plan that has a look likein bicycle lane alongside the traffic lane was adopted but seven years later it's still in the design stages. fort lauderdale mayor jack seiler said it's a florida department of transnsrtation project, not the city's. >> the delays were on the neighborhood trying to agree on what traffic improvements, enhancements, calming devices they wanted, where they wanted them, how they wanted them implemented. >> this plan which was actually founded asafe was stop because of a year because a ridiculous and frivolous qualify one individual. >> i don't like the plan on dixie highway. i didn't back then. i spoke up against it.
4:34 pm
business owner in the middle river terrace neighborhood former city commissioner tim smeath says he fought for a safer plan. >> per neighborhood president who is trying to settle political scores on the back of this poor young man that lost his life on a dangerous stretch of dixie highway. >> todd: meanwhile, police are still looking for the driver of the silver two door car that hit blackledge and dragged him 30 feet to his death and then took off. if y recognize this car, call police. in fort lauderdale, todd tongen, local10 news. >> janine: fdot said that the traffic calming project design will be fished by july and necessity should break ground before the end of the year. the mayor says they'll also lower the speed limit again from 30 to 25 to try to prevent future tragedies. >> victor: a canadian diplomat's teenage son took a plea deal in connection with a shooting that killed two eople including his brother. >> janine: police say they were trying to rob drug dealers. marc wabafiyebazu accepted a
4:35 pm
the teen must attend nine months of boot camp starting on january 25th followed boy two years of house arrest and eight years probation for his role ay drawing related shooting that took the life of his brother and another teenager. police say in m mch of last year, the wabafiyebazu broroers tried to rob their drug dealers when gunshots rang out. he was charged as an adult >> victor: a man accused of being a serial rosh is allegedly targeting a 13-year-old boy has now been order to be held withoubond. 32-year-old alfredo garcias apapared in bond court yesterday. he is facing charges including armed robbebe with a deadly weapon and false imprison a-. mime police say he's docketed a string of robbers over the past month. some of his alleged crimes were caught on camera including this one at a valero gas station. police say he also robbed a 13-year-old are are outside of the slam academy. >> janine: a man accused of
4:36 pm
guilty. shy cash bali lopez was arrested for allegedly stabbing officer raul perez in face. according to an arrest report cash hall lopez appeared ton intoxicated. perez was taken to the hospital and is litter released. trial was stet for may. >> victor: n n to a possible solution to help ease traffic in downtown miami. one commissioner wants toury biscayne boulevard. layron liveston has the story. >> layron: this plan was been in the words for quiteome some time and large. >> legislator it included taking t'm 395 and lowering it underground along with biscayne boulevard, tunneling it and taking all this traffic under the pavement. now the plan has changed a little bit. i-395 will stay above ground but biscayne boulevard would stay and you go possibly even for several dcwntown blocks. >> something very similar to
4:37 pm
big central park commons type area for miami a downtown. >> layron: miami-dade commissioner xavier suarez has been nursing this multi-million dollar development baby for years now. now the project's taking some of its first steps. we spoke to suarez after he presented it, updating the public in t t downtown development authority board. >> five, ten biloxi so that traffic can move much better leaving downtown and also wehave connectivity between the west side of the boulevard, parkwest, overtown, downtown, into what is now called museum park. >> in addition to congestion, transportation is closecly linked with t community, quality of life, complete streets. we don't just drive and to go work. we live here, play here, we ride our bicycles, we walk. >> layron: eileen beauclay is executive director of miami-dade metro planning. she said the downtown tranortation 30 authority and the city are studying the area.
4:38 pm
>> there are a lot of great questions this morning that i think are going to continue to try to refine what is the effort and if, in fact, this study will be intends to look at this concept. >>ayron: today we learned that the state has already adopted a plan to raise and keep i-395 above ground and upgrade the facade. it's going to take another 100 to $250 million according to commissioner suarez to take biscayne boulevard underground and tunnel you the all the way even possibly down to 18th street. of course, this traffic study will have to come back and this plan will have to be a proofed before anything halls happens. it's something we'll definitely keep you posted on. report income downtown miami. >> janine: caught on camera, a sheriffs deputy unknowingly walking in on an armed robbery as a gas station in martin county. surveillance video shows the deputy walking into the chevron gas station on wednesday night. he apparently notices fear in the clerk's face and there you see he immediately walks up to the robber, puts him against a cooler demen arrests him on the spot.
4:39 pm
arrested and he now faces charges of armed robbery. >> victor: sky 10 above the scene of a roller wreck in davie that happened along the southbound ramp ofhe turnpike to 595 near state road 84. ty big rig philanthropists side belong a few planes. that ramp was temporarily shut down while crews cleared that scene. no word yet on think injuries. and a similar scene in miami along i-95 where an suv some howenedded up rolling onto@ its roof while taking the 395 ramp. traffic also backed up there while crews work to flip that backckver. right now rush hour i about to get underway. weird things can happe on fridays. >> janine: that's why we have jenise fernandez tracking it all fours. >> jenise: yeah, it's rye friday. aloft are ready to get the weekend start but it's going to be a slow knuppe. broward county northbound right around sterling road you can see the blinking lights belong a right lane and that accident off to the shoulder. we seeing delays as you pass that crash. again i-95 northbound right around sterling road, clocking
4:40 pm
now are at 32 miles per hour. checking out the turnpike, this is inbounds at northwest 57th avenue. we h he an accident there as well with the left lane blocked. speeds 12 miles per hour. so hardly moving at all. and as we check it out dade county an accident on i-95 northbound in the express lanes a northwest 62nd street, seeing a lot of red oner our maps and are speeds at 15 miles per hours. as we zoom on in out the express lanes on i-95 northbound are still clolod that downtown miami to the golden glades. and we are also still waiaing to get the all clear on this broken-down cart on palmetto expressway westbound at northwest 67th avenue. there's a left lane blockeddnd speeds 8 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: and we have new surveillance video of last ek's violent beating and robbery of a meir outside of a washington fast food restaurant. this grainy video shows chris marqz walking out of the hobbled and being followed by wont men who he says taunted him
4:41 pm
that man struck him so far that marquez fell to the ground, and then a third man robs him of his wallet. >> it's hard to sleep. i get this sharp pain that goes down my head, and it just hurts to move my head around. >> victor: marquez has rushed to the hospital. he hopes that the video will lead to the aest of these men before they strike again. >> janine: coming up, caught on camera, a valet comes to the rest view after a woman was stabbed by her own daughter. >> victor: and coming upupn our health cast it's all about the heart. how to treat a common heart condition, and why timing is so important. >> janine: plus, stolen for sex. young women lured had to south florida only to end up working on the streets. it's a local10 news special report. and you may use review websites like yelp to find a place to spend your friday night but some business owners say yem needs a review ofth own. in today's "call christina" investigation, allegations the
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they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save
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>> janine: south florida is an international destination for travelers but investigator say it's also home to one of the largess human trafficking ep negligence country. >> victor: and local10 investigator amy viteri went along with police working to crack down on the problem. >> janine: she spoke exclusively with women who say they were lured into being commercially exploited for sex. >> i met this man, blah, blah, blah, you know, told me about how nice life could be. >> unfortunately, miami has all the ingredients for a disastrous cipe for human trafficking. >> don't believe everything you say -- or you hear. anybody can sell you a dream. women who tell me they were lured to miami only to find themselves commercially exploited for seconds. the booming entertainmentnt and sex descries in south florida create what investigators saull call a perfect storm for trafficking. >> a lot of promises and a lot of lies.
4:46 pm
is show she got here. others were too afraid to show their face.>> i thought i was supposed to come to try to make my life better. >> amy: hours before sunrise we rode along with mia police calendar jose alfonse. >> so how many girls got in? just one? >> amy: just d dn the block from popular downtown nightclubs we saw women selling sex on north miami avenue at northeast 11th street b b alfonso said if you look closely there's a fine line between prostitution and sex trafficking. >> the vast majority are going deny, deny, deny that they're being commercially, sexually exploited by anyone. >> amy: wowo we watched as these young women got into a man's car. police followed and eventually stopped that car on biscayne boulevard. >> relax. we're here to help you. >> amy: at first the girls tell us the men were showing them around and then showed us condoms if they are purse and. alfonso said fear often teams
4:47 pm
talkeded with the girls about the fear and manipulation. >> he done shipped my family away from me. i have nowhere to go now. >> how d d you get involved were him? how did you meet him? >> amy: the girl said she met a man online who convinced her to comeo miami. >> did he beat you? what does something like that mean? how did he beat you? >> fists. >> amy: shmanaged on get away just a week earlier but she's alone here and says at one point she's afraid she'll bled. do you wants you to go back and look at this guy for exploiting you, we'll be willing to do that. >> amy: with our camera watching she's too afrd to say more. for investigators to charge someone they have to prove course and coercion, that is unless we're talking about kids. >> i read at least one report where you responded to an incident where the victim was a minor. >> yeah. quite frequently we get those.
4:48 pm
alfonso ebb working with the miami-dade humanrafficking task force helped arrest this man. august stein santa ana for prostituting a 15-ye-old girl in the cutler bay area making $1,000 a day off her. these cases, police say, are just snap shots of a much bigger problem, one that can be hard to see. >> sometimes girls are scared, you know, so li what you guys are doing, that's good. >> anchor: amyiteri, local10 news. >> victor: according to the state attorneys human trafficking task force, in mimmi-dade county they have closed 268 human trafficking cases, many o@ those involving myers. right now they have 25 open cases involving undere victims, and you can catch part two of this investigation on local10 ne at 5:00. >> janine: let's take a live peek right now outside of you of our fort lauderdale tower cam. it's very degrees and it's friday. >> victor: tomoroow i'm riding in if dolphins cancer change so i'm hoping we have more weather
4:49 pm
>> janine: betty, you have to bring it for victor. what do you think? >> betty: you definitely will, a nice breeze to push you along. in fact, that breeze causing our palm trees to sway this& afternoon. only fly in the ointment at our beaches, the i rip current risk is going to be high and it's going to be high through tomorrow. winds sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures in the low the mid-70s. nice weather overall, though, and for the evening that breeze will still be with us, winds from the east-northeast about 10 to 15 as temperatures start to drop off in the upper 60s by 10:00 tonight. so not really a chilly night but because of that breeze, if you are stepping out, maybe taking a walk out along the beach or having some dinner outside you may want to take a little wrap with you if you're heading out. nice weather. throughout t shine state, georgia, alabama, mississippi, not a drop of raiall to be found. we are noticing those clouds, though, over the atlantic ocean, and with our winds coming in off those atlantic wers, that's helping to push some of the clouds in our direction but so far not much in the way of rainfall.
4:50 pm
pretty stable. there's lots of dry air in the mid to upper level of the atmosphere. we see all this red spread over the sunshine state and the gulf coast on the water vaporimagery. so that puts us in good shape for the weekend, although we can't rule out a little shower on the breeze because we are caught in that east-northeast flow at the surface. but the better chance@ for rain is going to come middle part of next week,ay tuesday, the rain chance bounces up to 40%. until then e rain chance is pretty low. rip rip rrent risk high for tomorrow, small craft voirst through the evening and tomorrow winds will be stiff from the east 15 plus miles an hour off miami-dade and broward, so small craft should at least exercise some caution tomorrow, moderate chop on the bays. seasonable temperatures. morning lo in the 60s. highs making that climb toward the upper 70s both saturday and sunday. rain chance at just 10%. monday 20% chance for showers, and then by tuesday, wednesday temperatures in the lower 80s
4:51 pm
maybe a few storms across the area. victor. >> victor: betty, thank you. that age old saying timing is everything is also relevant when it comes to treating a common heart condition. local10's medical specialist kristi krueger is in the newsroom with today's health cast. >> kristi: you know what? an estimated 3 million americans are living with atrial fibrillation, that's a fbi, a condition where theeart flutters a bit. research shows a procedu to correct that problem works best soon after diagnosis. atrial fibrillation is usually treated with medication first, and if that fails to keep 9 in sign ours normal rhythm a treatment called an ablation is considered. researchers find getting that treatment sooner rather than the later led to much better outcomes. >> if the diagnosis has been less than one year then the success rate is up to 80% and it drops down to 50% by the time you get to more than six years. >> kristi: here's the bottoms line. if medications don't quickly control the condition after
4:52 pm
too much time seeing a specialist about undergoing ablation. now, also in today's health cast the importance of staying on top of allergies. a newer type of under had testify tongue tablet can actually help with grass allergies but itets needs to be taken before you sta to have symptoms. >> the ideal patient for the sublingual oral mmunotherapy would be a patient who has one sensitization, for instance, to grass pohlen or is an individual who may be a ler quick to other allergens but for ever for them the grass season is their major season so that's their dominant allergen. >> kristi: the first dose is given in a medical setting just in case you have some sort of a reaction. the rt can be taken at home. the tablets only treat one kind of pollen allergy, either grass or ragweed, so if you're allergy tie whole bunch these these oral tablets may not to be best choice for you. and that's today's health cast. >> victor: a michigan valet driver now being hailed a hero
4:53 pm
>> janine: but those same actions recommend almost ended up costing him his job. surveillance video shows a woman stabbing her mom after meeting up with her at work. the motive is still unclear but within $6.00 see that valet rushing in to help. >> as a wt out there, she was getting stabbed, you know, i pulled out my firearm and ordered her to drop the 35 or i would have to fire, and she dropped the knife. we do not don't look at who's black, who's might, who's christian, who's muslim. someone needs help you help them. >> janine: that woman was arrested. the mom was taken to the hospital. that valet does have a license to carry but because of the companies no guns on property policy, he was later fired, but he was then reinstated. >> victor: all new at 5:00 a teacher under arrest, accused of having sex with a school student. what we're learning about that teacher and the alleged legislation. >> janine: coming up an incredible sight at yosemite, fire flowing off a cliff but this is not what you think. >> victor: also ahead, firenado, winds picking up bit of a fire
4:54 pm
it's video that you have to see >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, could it be the key to stopping hiv? >> it can decrease the risk of infection by 90-plus percent. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger takes a closer look at the drug that some say not
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight at 11:00. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just t going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
4:57 pm
>> victor: that is not lavaa gushing from clarify p it's a phenomenon known as a f fefall, the result of the sunset illuminating the horse tail fall making it look like liquid fire. it happens every year in february. >> janine: a tornado whipping winds from a massive wildfire near kansas city, missouri, creating this fire whirl.
4:58 pm
on scene shot this video of the flames spinning high into the sky. so far the wildfire has charred some 1300 acres. no word on how it sparked. >> victor: way to close to the firenado there. i'd be running the other way. >> janine: earth, wind and fire right there. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin back with what's next at 5:00. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at 5:00 a teacher accused of having sex with a student. details on the alleged relationship and the charges the teacher is now facing. >> laurie: nevada and south carolina, the next battleground ininhe race for the white house. we're live with a look ahead at tomorrow's election. >> calvin: if you have a hoverboard that's taking you on a dangerous ride, there's a safety alert you need to know about. >> laurie: remembering the lifeof u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. how thousands are making a final farewell. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: a teacher in trouble for what he allegedly did can with a 17-year-old girl.
4:59 pm
the teenage girl was a student in his class. >> laurie: and now that teacher, he's getting a lesson in the law. local10 news reporter hatzel vela live in pinecrest with the details. hatzel. >> hatzel: laurie, calvin, we're told this incident allegedly happened twice here on campus. it happened after school in the very same room where he taught. it's after school and most of the students here at palmetto know about the allegations, but they say it's hard to believe. >> he's a really good teacher, and like h he like really cared about the students. >> i think it's just a shock. >> hatzel: she's talking about jason miers, a popular english teacher who what is ready accused of having an approroiate relationship with a 17-year-old female student. the police report allegediers had sex with the students twice in room m 1 after school. >> there's no risk of flight. there's no danger. >> hatzel: the 40-year-old teacher in bond court today where we lender he's been a teacher for 15 years. we are also learning he's married to another teacher at
5:00 pm
has three children with a fourth on the way. >> it's j jt really u uetting that -- how it's going around and that she works here and likee her students who love her now know about it. >> hatzel: parents found out about the allegations by way of a letter the andnd phone call from the school principal. after investigating, police say there was probable cause and miers was arrested. >> for aerson that's in that position that's teaching, you haha a job to do, and your job is not to touch these children. >> hatzel: school officials call the allegations unacceptal and rep rehencible and meyers will be terminated. bond for myers was seat $75,000. if he's able to pay and that and he can get out of jail, he is still told not domineer campus or near the victim. for now reporting live in pinecrest, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: several puppies had to beescued after an apartment fire in miami. firefighghrs say thee poodle pup


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