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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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has three children with a fourth on the way. >> it's j jt really u uetting that -- how it's going around and that she works here and likee her students who love her now know about it. >> hatzel: parents found out about the allegations by way of a letter the andnd phone call from the school principal. after investigating, police say there was probable cause and miers was arrested. >> for aerson that's in that position that's teaching, you haha a job to do, and your job is not to touch these children. >> hatzel: school officials call the allegations unacceptal and rep rehencible and meyers will be terminated. bond for myers was seat $75,000. if he's able to pay and that and he can get out of jail, he is still told not domineer campus or near the victim. for now reporting live in pinecrest, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: several puppies had to beescued after an apartment fire in miami. firefighghrs say thee poodle pup
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flames r red through an apartment on northeast 24th street near us-1. it was a frantic and desperate effort to save if puppies that were trapped inside. >> during the search we were able to find the mother and another puppy that was cowering in a a area trying to get away from the flames, and they were able to bring them outut seeing that they were in severe sprouts distress, our crew started using the pet maskhat kiwi keep on the trucks and started administering oxygen trying to save them. >> calvin: inform those puppies were taken to an animal clinic but it appears four of them are missing tonight. the ornight unit was apparently outside when that fire began burning. >>aurie: now to a developing story, sky 10 over the kind of small plane making had an emergency landing in pembroke pines. you can see fire rescue crews there on the scene at north perry airport. right now still not clear why the plane had to be make that emergency landing or if anyonewas hurt. meantime, deputies say in orlando are searching fo a teenager who they say deliberately ranover a deputy trying to serve a search
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that department suffered severe head injuries this morning around 7:30 in orange county. sergeant mary pierce has taken to orlando region medical center. the 15-year-old i'd os john carlos ortiz fled fled any a black hatback. the sheriff said ortiz was previously charged with assault on a lieu enforcement official, fleeing, grand theft and trespassing. >> calvin: now to vote 2016. the next two battleground in the race for white house cast votes tomorrow. republicans hold a primarylection that south carolina while democrats will our local10 news reporter glenna milberg is live now on the campaign trail from columbia, south carolina. glenna, good afternoon. >> glenna: calvin, hi. and there is another, yes, yet another new poll out today with done of numbers. donald trump still inthe lead here in the gop primary but very
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so right now, truth be tol it is still not clear who has the best chance of winning tomorrow but it certainly is clear who has the most to lose. >> ee we need to nominate someone that can bring us together. >> glenna: florida senator 's marco rubio's 11th hour agency and on stage visual. >> tomorrow is go time. >> glenna: south carolina's indian-american governor. >> marco. >> glenna: and african-american senator and a promise to grow and diversify the republican party. rubios bringing his rainbow coalition of support campaign trail today. the audiences he's in front of here in south carolina look much different. >> i believe in -- [ not audible ] stimulation, stimulate somebody to work. >> glenna: ruth williams is one of few people of color we met who is voting gop, a tough sell in the heart of former confederacy. >> there is a certain amount of hanging onto the past but there's also the progressive part of it.
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reasons south carolina primary voters hard to pin down and poll. in a fresh wall street journal poll out today, donald trump, as in the others, remains a leader but by a significantly smaller tread over ted cruz and that poll has rubio counting onn at least a top three finish here statistical tied with jeb bush. >> my aspiration to run for president is to resolve the differences. >> glenna: for florida's formergovernor, anything less than to a top four showing in south'sfirst vote could signal a tough slide from which to recover. it i i wants they say, the 11th hour. these assistant candidate, all six really, have so much energy today going city to city, some by plane, some by car tryinin to get in the the last face time with the voters. south carolina, we have been finding outed, is a state of contradictions. there are so many demographics of voters, a a we will get into all of thathen we see you
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i'm glenna milberg live in columbia, south carolina today, local10 news at. >> laurie: so much going on. glenna, w wll check back with you shortly. a for anyone who owns a hoverboard, the hot item from over the shot and killed taking people on a dangerous ride and not just some of them butvery last one. local10 news reporter andrew perez is live with theew details. andrew. >> andrew: laurie, remember this was the christmas gift of theear, super popular among children. let's be honest. it was also super popular amongst adults and popular in places like this, miami beach tourist areas where there are businesses that just went represent these hoverboards out. want it to take a look at our video. the consumer product safety commission announcing today that hoverboard makers may actuallll get hit with recalls nowsaying basically and officially now that this sprocket just not stay of. it's not -- this product is not safe, it's not just the high-risk of falling off that's made them show dangerous, but
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they're concerned with these fires. i want you to take a look at this breakdown. this comes from a letter sent to manufacturers, importers and distributors of these popular devices saying from this past december to now, a very short time frame, the u.s. consumer sasaty commission has received reports from 24 states, 52 fires started, all leading to $2 million in property damage, two homes even completely destroyed by some of these incidents. one car completely destroyed. the danger comes from the lithium ion pat battetees that are used to power the devices. we've been speaking with local hoverboard businesses that say they have never had issues or complaints, for r at matter. these devices are very popular and they also say they use legitimate hoverboards, not knock as well. if there's any recall we'll have it for you here on local10 news. we're live in miami beach week i'm andrew perez. back to you. >> laurie: and a crook with an eye for fancy jewelry. surveillance video out of
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driving up in a dark suv to the flea market. police say once inside he makes a beeline for the rambo jewelry ststd. moments later he snatches a 14 cater gold chain and runs off. than $6,000. >> calvin: and live pictures right now from the u.s. supreme court where the late justice antonin scalia is lying in repose. scalia died last week, and if you recall while on a hunting trip in texas. he was 79 years old. and hundreds have lined up today to pay their respects to justice scal georgia. >> laurie: his death has also touch off a fight between congressional rublicans, presidential candidates andpresident obama. our senior political reporter michael putney has the latest. >> michael: hundreds of mourners lined up in the cold at the supreme court to honor justice antonin scalia. >> scalia has been a figure in my life for my whole lifetime is the. >> he set an example for americans thatou can stand up on principle, you can stand up
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officers slowly carried the casket up the stairs of the supreme court building. scalia's former law clerks serving as honorary pallbearers. the flag-draped cast debt was placed if casket was placed on the same catapult or pedestal that held the cast contest abraham lincoln. inside the eight remaining justices stood in the order on which they sit on the bench. the justices and scalia family earlierr attendidded a short pride of ceremony. one of scalia's nine children, paul scalia, a catholic priest. he offered this prayer. >> in your wisdom you have callll your servant antonin out of this world. >> michael: president obama and the first lady today were among those paying the respects. >> this is an opportunity for from the to pay his personal protects to those who loved justice calia but letters pay trute to the outsized impact that he had on our country and on you are our legal system. >> michael: funeral services
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michael putney, local10 news. >> calvin: michael, thanks a lot. tht texas teener who used an affluenza defense in a fatal drunk driving wreck has lost his legal fight and will be moved to an adult court. today's ruling means the 18-year-old ethan couch could face 120 days in jail. he would then finish his ten-year probation. couch was given probation for killing four people, that's after his attorney argued that he had been coddled by his parents and that he suffered from affluenza. the teen and his mom then took off to mexico after he allegedly put his probation at risk by appearing on video at a party. >> laurie: a teacher accused of having sex is a with a student, and new at 6:00 a live report on the charges he's facing and thehe alleged relationship he had with a teenage girl. >> calvin: a a you may use review websites like yelp to find a placeo spend your of its own. coming up in today's "call
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website is bullylyg businesses. don't miss her report hall new at 5:30. >> laurie: but first, we're learning more about the victims of this dramatic chopper crash that was caught on camera in hawaii >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, could it be the key to stopping hiv? >> it can deease the risk of infection by 90-plus percent. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger takes a closer look at the drug that some say not enough people know about.
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> laurie: today we're learning more about this heart stopping helicopter crash in pearl harbor, and iteft a teenage boy in critical condition. the crash happened right near th uss arizona memorial. it was yesterday. the terrifying helicopter crash captured on camera. >> a little surreal. it was very scary. >> laurie: a tourist chopper seen her plunging into the water near pearl harbor's visits are center yesterday just feet from shore. a 15-year-old boy among those onboard remains in critical condition. >> we ust turned and ran, didn't have much time before it hit. >> ran over there, as most of us did, to start jumping in and helping. >> laurie: you can see witnesses diving into the murky water to rescue a family of four and the pilot. >> anybody else would have done the same thing. luckily the helicopter's only
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>> laurie: and it had no doors. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> lauriri one by one theyal all surfaced from the water, but chris gardner said the teenage boy couldn't free himself from his seatbelt. >> got a knife and we were able to slightly cut through and it took a long time, six or seven minutes. >> laurie: the bell 206 a single engine five seat aircraft was built in 1979 and the tour company run by genesis aviation isn't commenting on the crash. >> you couldn't tell if it was going to hit land or if it was going to hit water. >> laurie: witnesses they haddie is heard the chopper spurting and two large bangs beforet went down. and it's just amazing to see all those people jump in to help. ntsb investigators, they are on the scene today but that chopper is apparently still in the water stow navy is helping in the recovery process and we hope that teenager pulls through. >> calvin: let's check in now with our betty davis, and we're hoping for a wonder of ever wonderful west africa some wondererl days that we were forced to work.
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let's take it on through the weekend, betty. can you do that? >> betty: let's go get it. 76 degrees today in fort lauderdale, miami and key west. not too far awa from where we should be for this time of the year. right now everywne in the lower 70s. hialeah 72. homestead, i hope it was a good from you for with you 71 degrees 73 in marathon. the forecast for the rest of the evening, what y/u see is what you get and you're going to get more of a breeds they evening. the winds are not going to relax. by 9:00 tonight mainly dry conditions. temperatures at that hour maybe about 69 in hialeah or even 69 ound pembroke pines. this is the view through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera. we are still noting a few ofthose clouds out in the distance, and, of course, the camera is jiggling around. that would be because of that east-northeast breeze bei so stiff this afternoon. winds sustained right now near 15 miles an hour. we're getting that flow around
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charge of the east coast around the mid-atlantic and also in charge of florida making the weather oh, so very nice. that high is going to be the player through the weekend, especially the flow around it, so we'll stay in east-northeast breeze. probably won't be as windy as today, but still on the breezy side on saturday. the rip current risk still will be running high. so just keep that in mind if you're heading out to the beaches tomorrow. temperatures seasonable. seasonable for the entire weekend, and the rain chance low as clouds mix with the sunshine. it look like any storm system is going to s sy well north of us through the weekend. so that's some good news, especially if you have outdoor plans or if you're just looking forward to a weekend where you do not have to worry about stormy weather shoxing up in your neighborhood. in the morning temperatures in the 60s, and then@we make that climb towowd the upper 70s. winds east-northeast 10 to 15 miles an hour. rain chance really slim between saturday and sunday. by monday rain chance up to 20%. that's nothing. high temperature around
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lower 80s possibly tuesday and wednesday, too, as t t next front approaches, and the next cold front brings a chance for showers, won't rule out a few storms between tuesday and wednesday once we get behind that system, we dry out again and we cool back down to seasonable temperatures. so a a in all, it is a good-looking weekend ahead. laurie. >> laurie: thank you, betty. 5:17, and you sow know the friday rush hour can be really punc let's get you to traffic reporter jenise fernanaez. >> jenise: here's the view of i-95 northbound. you see that heavy congestion in the regular lanes and express lanes around northwest 62nd street. that congestion something you see every afternoon but you add an accident in the mixes not helping at all. that accident significant a northwest 71st street. speeds right now 14 miles per hour. and also on i-95 northbound this is just after southwest 8th street there is ray broken-down car that is blocking a right lane so that's not helping, either, speeds there 11 miles per hour.
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evening you may want to consider taking us-441 as an alternate. as we introduce you broward broward this is northwest 57th avenue. left lane blocked. speeds here 17 miles per hour. an accident on items 441 southbound right around northwest 19th street. there is a right lane blocked here and speeds right now clocking in 10 miles per hour. laurie and calvin. >> laurie: thank you.. >> calvin: they made for great grifts gifts for the holiday season so you may have not hoverboards last year's hottest toto it appears they are now literal on fire. federal officials say they are taking people people on a dangerous ride. >> clay: good evening, everybody. clay ferrero live outside rogers stadium in jupiter where basebabl is back. the marlins just finished up their first day of spring training workouts but, hey, just because we're here that doesn't mean that clay's clowns takes a day off. coming up next, all starr is
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that and three more coming up in clay's clowns. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it
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i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> clay: back out here live, at rogers stadium in jupitere and i'll tell you what, it's a little cold out here for baseball. you wouldn't think in south florida that this kind of chilly temperature and wind in the air would make you feel like baseball butut the smell of this concern fresh cut grass, yes, spring training is back. it's been a fun day with the marlins. there's a new buzz because of the manager and new hitting coachy. we'll talk about more about that coming up in just a little bit. first, it is friday. it is time for clay's clowns and we started the all-star gam these are some of the best athletes in the world if not the best athletes including lebron james at number five but even lebron has his moments trying to go off the backboard for to himself for a dunk and kind of
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backboard part, right up in the air. that's not how you do it. number four, kobe bryant one of the best of all time in his final all-star game trying to put on a show. that's not how you do a hook shot. trying to do his best kareem abdul jabar impression. number athlete college hardwd mal mcmir usf trying t mix a cross court pass and throws that one into orbit. yikes. number two on the ice. how about andrews lee of the islanders on the attack and unfortunately the only thing he ends up attacking is the net. finally, i don't know how you top number one on the ice. calgary's david jones is going to take a shot. it goes off dumbba's head into inin the net. i don't know how you get through that. he's a hockey player, he's tough but do you get credit for the goal on that? jones gets credit for thegoal. dumba takes number one on clay's clowns.
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there's a certain buzz out here. with the marlins you hear they're year be you hear that with every team, that buzz, wanting to be excitit. but around here you have barry bonds as your hitting coach and don't maddingly as your coach. we had a fun conversation with jose martinez with the marlins and why he's already talking a little trash with barry bonds. we'll tell you why. right now i'm live. >> calvin: barry bonds can talk some trash. no worry about that. he can defend himself. >> clay ferrero: i think he can hold his own not just about the with the bat. we'll see if they end up going up against each other who wins that match-up. >> laurie: enjoy, clay. that's look a playground four. >> calvin: t tt's it for local10 news at at 5:00. >>aurie: , and it na janine in the newsroom with what's else tonight. >> janine: the rundown is ready. a deadly drug deal in miami involving t son of a canadian diplomat. details on the plea deal reached today.
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fire pat an apartment putted several pup nis peril. >> janine: ask and the loss of a lelend. a look back at the life author
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mockingbird." >> janine: ever. >> victor: now at 5:30 ever 5:30 a pleaeaeal for the son of a diplomat in connection with a miami shooting that killed his brother and another teenager. that shooting happened last year. >> janine: is there a the brothers were trying to rob drug dealers. local10 news reporter sanela sabovic has dails on the plea agreement from miami. >> sanela: a canadian kim mat's teen son will now head to boot camp instead of prison thanks to a plea deal that he accepted in urt early this morning. stone-faced and shackled, 15-year-old marc wabafiyebazu learned his fate today for his involvement in a drug-related shooting that took the life of his older brother and another teenager. the canadian diplomat's son accepted guilt to reduced charges, a felony third degree
5:29 pm
robbery charges. the teams of plea deal include nine months of boot camp, two years of house arrest and eight years of probation. wabafiyebazu's mother is pleased with the deal. >> today i -- it's the mother that is the happiest in the world because i get to have my son back, and i would lie if i said it hasn't been difficult. >> sanela: he said his client was innocent and was simply a tag onto his older brother. >> we are thankful that t t state and court recognized that there is this is a young man who does have significant redeeming qualities, unfortunately made a horrible decision to hang out with his older brother who apparently was up to no good, we now know. >> this gives h'm a chance to straighten out his life, and if he takes that chance, he will go forward. if he fails, he will be harshly
5:30 pm
years the wabafiyebazu brothers tried to rob marijuana dealers when gunshots rang out. he was charged a ab adult in the fatal shooting. ifabafiyebazu violates the term of this plea agreement he can searcher to 60 years in jail. reporting from miami, sanela sabovic, local10 news. >> janine: a six-year-old allegedly left home alone and gets i iured in a fire, and now the woman is arrested. investigators are turning to her for answers. local10 news reporter derek shore live in miami with the latest. derek. >> derek: tonight that mother is accused of doing absolutely nothing to tryo save her daughter as she was in an apartment that was burning, but tonight we are hearing from the first responder who went in and got that little gl to safety. it was a blaze that could have claimed the life of a little girl but that little girl is alive, no thanks t t her mother, say police. erica is charged with child neglect causing bodily injury. >> couldn't get the ladder there quick enough so i just told my
5:31 pm
him as a prop. he helped me up, and i climbed in through the window. the miami-dade fire rescue paramedic david was the one who went in to get that little six-year-old after police say rizelo took off with seemingly no care for her little girl, fighting to live inside their home here in west miami-dade. >> i could tell she was unconscious. she was -- i was picking her up, turning around and taking her out the window. >> derek: officers say a neighborhood discovered the mother in a haul way billowing with smoke. the mother denied anything wrong but she did admit kwing her child was inside. that neighbor then pulled the fire alarm and called for help. the hero paramedic crediting that neighbor for calling just in time. >> had we taken, let's say, another three, four minutes, the outcome would have been different. >> derek: that's how close this
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life. instead she was taken to a hospital and she has sinceeen poloced iny protective custody. the mother has been placed behind bars and we do understand neglect charges. >> victor: skyky0 over the scene f a rollover wreck in dave near state road 84. that big rig flipped on its side. the ramp was tell prayer shut down while crews work to clear that scene. and a similar scene in miami along i-95. that's where an suv somehow ended up rolling onto its roof while taking the 395 ramp. traffic was also backed up as crudes worked to flip back over. >> janine: -american ever american author harper lee has died in her hometown of monroeville, alabama. she was 89 years old and leaves behind a literary legacy. >> you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> janine: a life lesson
5:33 pm
lawyer at cuss finish in thehe 1962 film could kill a mogging bird. >> she kissed a black man. >> janine: the movie addresses racial injustice the 1930s through the eyes of finch's young daughter scout. these characters were first brought to life by famed author harper lee in a novel that would become a classic for all generations. nel harper lee was born on april 28, 1926 in the small town nroeville, alabama. lee's father was a lawyer and served as inspiration for her books' civil rights here. following in in her father's fo steps lee study law in the university alabama but changed course and moved to new york to become a writer reuniting with chilil friend truman ca poety. their friendship played out in the award winning movie "capote." lee's first novel "to kill a mockingbird" was published in
5:34 pm
prize. in 2007, president george w. bush presented lee with the medal of freedom. >> all of us are filled with admiration for a great american and a lovely lady n ned harper lee. >> janine: in 2015, the literally world was stunned by the discovery of a second harper lehmann eau script titled "go set a watchman." competed in 1957, "watchman" was real written before "to kill a mockingbird" and features scout and at cuss some 20 years later. through all the fanfare, harper lee stained the radar, rarely seen or heard from, but she'll innovator ever forever be remembered for inspiring the world through her written words. >> victor: right now it's time for to us get a quick chocolate evening rush with air traffic reporter jenise fernandezelp. how is it looking out there? >> jenise: it's friday, a gorgeous day. what could possibly be wrong? if you're oh i-95 northbound you're going to see heavy congestion in express lanes and in the regular lanes. we do have an accident around
5:35 pm
seeing a lot of red that accident northwest 71st street, feeds at 13 miles per hour. you may want to take us-441 if you have early plans this impeaching we have also have this broken-down bus in the palmetto expressway west around northwest 22nd avenue. a center lane blocked and speeds 7 miles per hour. we want to let you knowy about emergency road work that is going on on the palmetto expressway ming south at northwest 122nd street. the off-vamp closed. speeds at 43 miles per hour. >> j jine: investigators say miami's sex and tourism industries part of a reason south florida is a hot bed of human trafficking, but the crimes don't always stay within state lines. local10 investigate amy viteri talks with federal agents with the challenges triangling down these criminals and how they get. off the streets. >> we have all thengredients for just a disastrous form of trafficking.
5:36 pm
it wasn't a fantasy. >> amy: cash, tokens use as for sex and condoms in air freshener answered. right here in south florida. federal data rank miami in the top three citiess for trafficking that's no surprise to dr. katerina rosenblat an author for sex exploitation survivors because she is one. >> i was kidnapped and drugged and left for dead hearings she said she was 14 when a supposed friend lured her into a sex trafficking ring. that all happened here in miami-dade county, but federal investigators say it doesn't stop here. >> we're talking about global organized crime. this is sometng that transcends borders, it transcends states. >> amy: assistant special investigator in charge said this bust of a human trafficking rung in 2013 spanned florida, georgia and the carolinas. in december miami-dade police charged two women with human trafficking and are still looking for a man they say approached a woman at the
5:37 pm
miami-dade and offered work doing his friend's hair. but once inside the room, police say the man threatened to kill her, forced her to take the drug molly after she said she was pregnant. the group then put an ad online and d 's made the am would have seconds with several men for money. >> yes. our own children are vulnerable, our own people are vulnerable.e. >> amy: trafficking cases often count testimony of survivors but many are too traumatized to peak out so investigators find another way. >> whatever charge we can bring against them, we're going to do it. >> amy: those convictions one step forward for survivors. >> they don have to carry this burden of their p pt with them everywhere they go. >> amy: amyy viteri, lonely news. >> janine: still ahead, hoveoards are officially a hazard. coming up at 6:00, the horboard owners, ha they need to know before they go on a dangerous ride. >> victor: a decorated war hero and jumped and beaten at a fast caught on camera. we'll give you a look at the men who attacked him.
5:38 pm
from a man who stopped a burglar in his trackusing nothing but his wits >> announcer: and night at 11:00, could it be the key to stopping hiv? >> it can decrease the risk of inction by 90-plus percent. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger takes a closer look at the drug that some say not enough people know about.
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tonight at 11:00. >> victor: a california man who was housesitting for a friend was able to stop a burglar in the act by pretending that he had a gun. he was unarmed but the bad guy didn't know it and eventntlly gave up. 19-year-old wesley shelton was taken into custody for the second time in two days on thursday. this time for burglary, and it was thanks to the quick work of raymond melendez. >> just as i barely peeked through the hallway, he peeked at the same time and he saw me. i said, you needd to come out or i'm going to shoot you. >> victor: melendez doesn't own the home. he's how the sitting for a friend and at one point he was concerned about whether his cision was a good one. >> you never know people are going to carry in his hands or what he had in his hand. that's why i have t say i have a gun at my back and you better come out and lay on the floor. >> victor: shelton told mel end dedes that he was alone and had on been at the home for a few minutes but police found a pile of stuff he had already collected on the back poach. the front door was also kicked
5:43 pm
it was a hgme alarm system that alerted melendez and the police of the intruder. >> initially we got the call with an audible burglary alarm with an motion trip in the bedroom. then as we were driving here there were updates that the victim had a burglar detained in the house. >> victor: officers don't noally recommend faking out burglars but this time it worked out and melendez ip proud of what he did. >> actually, it was my first arrest i've ever done as a citizen. >> victor: police say that the intruder had just been arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. now also facing a burglgly charge. >> janine: we are seeing surveillance 75 marine being attacked at a mcdonald's in washington, dc. that attack happenedless louisiana week. when a groupf people surrounded him and started matter." he said when he tried to leave one man punched h h and hit him so hard he fell to the ground outside the restaurant when two others beat h'm and kicked him
5:44 pm
credit card and identification. so far noe arrest. mar keds was in the iraq and afghanistan wars and received a bronzed star for his heroism. ster fying video, the bus driver was fired after this deo surfaced of a train just it happened on thehehe way home after school. to school saying that the students were so loud, the bus couldn't be driven safely. school district officials say bus drivers to have stop at least 15 feet from the tracks, open the door and look and listen. dramatic video from oklahoma where an estimated 40,000 acres of land are burning. wind gusts at 40 miles anour, they are helping spread those flames. one wildfire burd more than 17,000 acres in just three hours. firefighters staih nobody's been killed or hurt, but a number of homes have been destroyed. >> victor: we had some great weather to finish out the work week. tomorrow morning big bike ride
5:45 pm
the dolphins cancer challenge. a great event. hoping for great weather tomorrow morning, betty. >> betty: you got it. we take you out to the hollywood broadwalk right now. at last we're looking at the beach. not a lot of people@ necessarily lined up on our beaches. the rip current risk is high. the palms are swaying but we will take it. those winds are still still flowing in from the east-northeast sustain 15 miles an hour, maybe gusting a little highgh than that. temperature climbing into the 70s this afternoon, and right now fort lauderdale hanging onto 71, key west 74 degrees. the forecast for the evening, we'll have some clouds how the there. that breeze stays up with winds from the east-northeast 10 to 15 miles an hour. this forecast model is trying to paint the potential for a little shower on the breeze, b b even if we get a sprinkle on it going to be straight in nature. the rain chance is low. we have our winds coming in at the surface rolling in off the atlanta but in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere look at all i. the dry air in place
5:46 pm
encompassing all of florida. so this dry air has really helped to stabilize our weather nono only yesterday but today as well, and more of that tomorrow. but with the winds coming in from the east-northeast influenced from the atlantic ocean, clouds over the atlantic, and that will tend to push some of those in our direction, and if a showerops up over the waters, that could move in our direction as well. so just the slight chance for a shower in the forecast t rough the weekend. overall we're expecting nice conditions. will be by the middle of next week, say tuesday, when the rain chan gets expire a better chance for rain and maybe even a few storms in the area. so until then no more than an isolated or spotty shower on the breeze, which means you're probably going to want to make tomorrow a beach day. breezy out there, winds from the east-northeast 15 miles an hour, and the rip current risk is going to b high through tomorrow. sunday that breeze is going relax just a little bit. water temperature, by the way,
5:47 pm
small craft advisory in effect through the evening. tomorrow winds from the east 15 to 20 miles an hour. so small craft still exercise caution out there. seas off miami-dade and broward running three to five feet and a moderate chop on the bayes. we'll start tomorrow menon in the 60s, another seasonable day of weather, highs moving up toward the upper 70s. and then check the forecast for sunday. similar but as mentioned the breeze won't be as strong. morning lows in 60s. afternoon highs in the upper 70s. by monday we may touch 80 degrees. tuesday andndednesday still on the warm side, but a better chance for a few showers and storms in the area. victor. >> victor: haven't seen the 80 flay while thank you. into the "call christina" line business owners ciming that yelp manipulated their ratings as punishment for not advertising. consumer investigative christina vazquezing coverer that there's been a history of such allocations which company ins fours have kenne.
5:48 pm
accuses it of unethical business practices. >> i'm a big yelper. >> it shows you vaunts, bars. >> read the reviews and you can read what people wrote about each one. >> christina: but for years yelp has been dogged from claims from business owners who say their yelp rating suffer when they refuse to pay for yelp advertising. >> when we first opened, we had somebody from yelp come ofer and ask if we wanted to do advertising. we didn't think anything of it. >> kristi: they are championship dancers and owners of fred astaire dance studio in coral gables. she asked the florida attorney general's office for help after vieira says yelpegan to filter her reviews. >> and we had about 20 reviews that were positive that were not there at allll >> christina: here's her yelp page. looking at it you would think there are just eight reviews. it's when you scroll down that you see a subtle line that mentions there are 26 other
5:49 pm
when you click on that before you get to those reviews yelp has posted a video where they explain we using automated software to recommend the reviews we think will be most help p they also say advertiser get no special fremont vieira says some of the reviews here come from her students, while they can be viewed a separate page, because they are in this sub category. >> they're not part of the rating at all. >> christina: business owners nationwide have lodged similar complaints but according to yelp, the federal trade commission closed an investigation of yelp whout taking action. >> how can thousands of business owners be wrong? >> christina: melissa wood is the associate producer behind billion dollars bully, a documentary exploring claims of review manipulation. >> they would say thing likes they could help us manage our reviews. >> christina: currently in post production yelp's stock took a hit as filmmakers sought funding on kick starter. i don't think that would have happened had there not been people already feeling that way.
5:50 pm
financial times would report that yelp is in need of a good review. >> we felt helpless coral springs yelp tells there are several reasons a review may not be recommended to include so-called called bias reviews which the company describes as revis solicited wy by a business owner from friends, family owners or favorite customers you can read their statement in full and read what other florida-based business orbs have told state regulators about yelp on the "call christina" page of in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: are you ready to party at calle ocho next month? we are. you can see andy garcia and enjoy a whole lot of sun, salsa and sounds our local calle ocho special that comes your way starting at 7:00 p.m. >> victor: we have a lot happening in the newsroom on this friday. a teacher accused of having sex with a teenage student. we'll tell you the charges he's now facing. >> janine: hoverboard ordinance
5:51 pm
the safety ale for everyone who owns one. >> victor: and project pegasus. . >> announcer: and monday morning at 6:00, icloud dilemma it. >> instruction me as a service that would protect my library. >> announcer: is nur information in danger of disappearing?>> i've received literally nothing sheet of runaround. >> announcer: christina vazquez trouble shoots. and sunday a 11:00, dogs making a splash in the open waters. >> tweak them out fishing, take them out diving. >> announcer: but these pooches aren't paddling.g. >> >> jasey: i'm naming naming.
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>> janine: take a look at this metal masterpiece. this is ed force one -- air force one touching down. the rock group iron maiden is king off its tour-v who better to send than local1010 todd tongen at fort lauderdale international airpopo with the alito. >> todd: iron maden flew that big boy in. it came in heavy because it had all of the band's gear onboard
5:56 pm
world tour atthe bb&t center wednesday night in fort lauderdale. on his maiden flight, oops week make that iron maden flight, if singer made an law flaless land managing if band's 747. >> my first landing in a 747. what's not to love? >> todd: it will carry the band's stage set, band equipment as well as crew and band meers. over 12 tons of gear traveling 35 countries, six of seven continents. >> unfortunately, the penguins, i don't think it's too many penguins that are big maiden fans. >> todd: that is over ,000 miles p. p. the band's lead singer has been a pilot for years, earned his commercial license in the '90s but realm was certified to fly a 747. he bought a similarity. the 242-foot plane has a 211-foot wingspan. that is a lot of heavy metal.
5:57 pm
good rson the band wanted to south florida. >> it's sunny, and because, well, steve, the base playeye lives in the bahamas, nick livesin boca raton. >> todd: the plane has been painted with the iconic mascot eddie on the side and it has been dubbed ed force one. and the airplane really created quite a spectacle. fans came out to see it. aviation enthusiasts as well. the lead singer joked around and said that the ironic part a aut this is that obama's air force one, this plane is actually newer and nicer than after a one which the present flies on. there are still a few tickets to the concert in sunrise oh wednesday, so gather them up because the rest of the dates are sold out worldwide. at fort lauderdale-hollywood
5:58 pm
rock on! >> victor: smooth landing. todd, thank you. >> janine: that's not the definition of rock 'n' roll right there, lead singer flying a plane. >> victor: and another band member lives in boca raton making the rock artists in boca raton up to one, ihink. that's great. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvin for the news at 6:00. >> laurie: we will rook on now. >> calvin: right now 6:00 teen sex arrest. the disturbing encounters that allegedly happened inside his classroom. >> laurie: lilest victims puppies trapped in a fire. >> calvin: battling for his badge. a cop answers questions about the racially charged reasons he was taken off the force. >> laurie:e:eekend chill. don't finalized your weekend plans until you hear betty's forecast. >> calvin: dangerous ride. why the government is calling for an urgent hoverboard recall. >> laurie: plus the mystery of pegasus.
5:59 pm
the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 6:00 a high school english teacher sunday arrest accused of having sex with one of his students inside his classroom. scandal has rocked palmetto senior high school once again. >> laurie: this is the second teacher to face the very same arges so let's get to local10 news reporter hatzel vela. he's live with our top story at 6:00. hatzel. >> hatzel: and, laurie, you talk to students, a lot of them are surprised because they say thisp guy is one of the best teachers here in palmetto. everybody knows him for his at teaching ap english. but police say the incidents happened here on campus, happened twice in his classroom. school officials call the allegations unacceptable and reprehensible, and jason miers ll be terminated. no one came to the door at his pinecrest hoho earlier. his wife, we under, is also a teacher at palmetto. the couple has three children with another one on the way. >> the students are all like
6:00 pm
>> he's a really good teacher, and he like really cared with the students' writing. >> hatzel: meyers, a popular english teacher, was a arrested accused of having seconds with a 17-year-old student twice in room 301 after school. >> there's no violenen a aeged. there's no coercion alleged. >> thom: 40-year-old teacher in bond court today where we learned that's been a teacher for 15 years. is his defense attorney spoke of his clean record, family and military background is a way t try to persuade the judge to lower bond. the judge set bond a $75,000. parents found out about the allegations by way of a letter and a phone call from the school principal. >> wn i got the call, a scared when i first heard something was happening. >> it makes you lose confidence in the schooling system. >> hatzel: last year another palmetto high school teacher was accusedf having sex with a student p 28-year-old music teacher chrisispher best was arrested but charges were later dropped.


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