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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> he's a really good teacher, and he like really cared with the students' writing. >> hatzel: meyers, a popular english teacher, was a arrested accused of having seconds with a 17-year-old student twice in room 301 after school. >> there's no violenen a aeged. there's no coercion alleged. >> thom: 40-year-old teacher in bond court today where we learned that's been a teacher for 15 years. is his defense attorney spoke of his clean record, family and military background is a way t try to persuade the judge to lower bond. the judge set bond a $75,000. parents found out about the allegations by way of a letter and a phone call from the school principal. >> wn i got the call, a scared when i first heard something was happening. >> it makes you lose confidence in the schooling system. >> hatzel: last year another palmetto high school teacher was accusedf having sex with a student p 28-year-old music teacher chrisispher best was arrested but charges were later dropped.
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remains in jail and h was told to stay weight from victim and the school. for now reporting in pinecrest, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: f)re rips right through an apartment in miami miami and among those rescued from the flames three poodle puppies. local10 news reporter liane morejon is live to tell us how those precious pups are doing. >> liane: well, three poodle puppies madee it out just fine. there was one that was brought here to knowles animal clinic along with its mother, marigusa for treatment after some smoke inhalation but thankfully they have alreadyeen treated and released so they are doing popping sadly, though, four other puppies seem to have been trapped inside that apartment and are feared dead. cell phone video shows the smoke billowing from the second story apartment. it's a race against time for firefighters, not only working to keep the fire from spreading but also to save a dog named maripoos,a and her eight puppies.
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gave birth to a literal and she has puppies. that's why i was asking to see if t t mom was crying. i feel bad. >> lia: sky 10 hovered above miami footers received a call just after 1:30 this afternoon. one of the tants of the apartment stepped outside to speak with a friend when she noticed her home was on fire. >> there was a mother poodle with eight puppies inside at the time. fire crews were able to bring out three puppies that were fine, and went back in to search for the mother and the other puppies. during the search we were able find the mother and another puppy that is was cowering in an area trying to get great flames, and they were able to bring them out. >> liane: it's feared four of the puppies died in the blaze, though they are still unaccounted for. no people were injured in this fire and the cause is still under investigation. a couple of the units undneath the unit that caught fire did suffer some water damage as a result of firefight.
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that is some good news. of course, this@ pet owner going through a tough time tonight, suffering the loss of four puppies, but hopefully taking comfort in the fact that four others did survive as well as their mother. reporting in miami tonight, liane morejon, local10 news. >> calvin: we're just one day away now until the democratic caucus in nov nevada and the republican primary election insouth carolina, and the polls are indicating that the races are up for grabs. our local10 news reporter glenna milberg has more now from columbia, south carolina. >> i'm just drinking water. >> glenna: the barbecue is still here but they've taken the restaurantes ace rebel flags down. >> i guess people's views change. >> glenna: the family has seen south carolina diversify. the bastion of the confederacy and its voters become open to outsiders. >> somebody who is going to help our economy. >> glenna: that's how donald trump, a yankee developer who lele language fly, became the
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among every segment of gop voters here hours before the primary. two cuban american senators, marco rubio anded the cruz spent friday struggling for number two. and former governor jeb bush spends it looking for revival. >> what led you to your decision? >> what i believe to be honesty and integrity and also energy level. >> it's a very decide divided state which is ao very concerning. >> glenna: the candidates are courting the christian conservative values voter, a large population of military families, the signinicant african-american cote vote will wait for the democratic primary with few exceptions. >> it's time to work. it's time to stop being coddled. it's time to stop thinking that somebody owe us something from 200 years ago. >> calvin: that was our glenna milberg reporting. stay with local10 for more live
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glenna will be back for local10 news tonight 11:00. you can also look for more live reports and political analysis coming up on "world news tonight" following our newscast at 6:30. >> laurie: caught on camera, a valentine's day thief with a real eye for fancy jewelry. surveillance video out of oakland park shows had a man driving up in a dark suv to the flea market. once inside, he makes a beeline for the rambo jewelry stand, and that's where police say he snatches a 14 cater gold chain and runs off. the price tag on that piece alone more tn $6,000. a man accused of being a serial robber and allegedly targeting a then-year-old boy has been held orded without bond. alfredo garcia appeared in bond court earlier today. he is facing armed robbe with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment. some of his alleged crimes were caught on camera including this robbery at a valero gas station right near marlins park, and police say he also robbed a 13-year-old outside the slam academy, and he stole the boy's
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>> calvin: tonight a police officer is battling for his damage and answering questions about the racial charmed reasons he was taken off the streets. local10 news reporter shy shy is live in fort lauderdale with his defense today. >> shyann: calvin, he spent several hours in the hot seat. his own attorney even asking him at one point if he had anything against african-american people. wells responds by saying absolutely not. that's why it was so tough to take in the fact that he is being accused of saying all of these racial slurs. >> give me a context where you think it's okay to call one of the citizens of fort lauderdale the n-word. >> shyann: james wells in the hot seat. >> if you're referring to a person, we'll call this person a bad guy, and you can even call hum a white guy, if i refer to him as that word, i don't think there's a proroem with it. >> shyann: taking on tough questions from attorney eugene pettist representing the city as the 31-year-old battles to get
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>> we don't have any white guys in ts particular case that you referred to as the n-word, do we? >> this this particular case, no. >> shyann: the former fort lauderdale police officer was surfaced. >> not only did i think, i thought i was assured privacy in this conversation. >> shyann: the text medical centers were part of a chaun shared with thee other officers no longer with the kept. one of they will resigning after being blamed for creating this@ movie found racially offensive. wells claims he had nothing to do with that video, and when he did make racial remarks most of them were quotes from movie jang o. and change he said were kane taken out of context. >> what are you referring to? >> thors two of the criminals.. not a specific race, not a specificender, but just the worst of the worst. >> shyann: up until the point those text messages surfaced, wells had a strong work ethic. in tact receiving very high
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demonstrated in these three hearings. as for will he get his job back, we'll learn that in the next 30 days. reporting live in fort lauderdale, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: it is 6:08. let's check it one each foote commute, try to get you home -- evening commute. >> jenise: a no know of a lot of you at home are waiting for your loved one to get so many so you can get the weekend start. i-95 southbound if you know someone traveling there around state road 84 there is an accident. we are seeing quite a back u. as a result that of again i-95 uthbound right around state road 84. speeds are clogging income at 20 miles per hour. staying on i-95 northbound, we do have an accident around sheridan street. doesn't seem like you'll run to any homes as you're approaching that crash. speeds are at 58 miles per hour but as you pass that crash they're starting to run into some delays wit speeds at 32 miles per hour. checking how the de county we do have this accident on the palmetto expxessway that is causing a few delays.
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right around northwest 17th parch there is a center lane blblked with speeds clocking in at, hardly moving at all, 10 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thanks a lot. now to an update on the zika virus, including an encouraging announcement announcement from the world health organization. two new cases of the virus were found in florida. they had travel overseas and one in miami. a whhhhfficial also predicted brazil will host is a, quote, fantastic olympics and any threats of zika will be way down in the country by this summer. >> laurie: congresswoman frederica wilson is weighing 9 on president obama's decision to visit cubaaext month. it's one typo she does not see eyeeo eye on with the president. >> i will not go to cuba until i am assured that all of the human rights that i know, the violations that stay in place in cuba are erased. >> laurie: congresswoman wilsonn
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my brother's keeper community challengeeant to encourage community leaders across the country to create positive change for at risk youth. >> calvin: that 5,000 role models she created years ago. incredible. >> laurie: they adore her. a federal judge is compelling apple to help the fbi to crack open a terrorist cell phone. >> calvin: plus, president obama and the first lady paying respects to justice antonin scalia as new details emerge about when the presidentnt may nominate to a successor. that's all ahead on "world news tonight" at 6:30. >> betty: it's breezy out there. temperatures in the lowewe 70s, and it looks a little cloudy as we're staring out toward miami beach. what's up with that? i'i'chief meteorologist betty davis. the forecast is next. >> laurie: all right, betty. and also theystery behind the delayed opening of this giant
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>> laurie: the u.s. consumer products sety commission is hoverboards. u.s. regulators say they will seize or crawl of the two-wheeled -- recall if they fail toy meet federal sety standards.
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the nger comes from the lithion ion batteries supplied the devices. >> calvin: if you've driven by gulfstream lately, you've seen the giant pegasus standing tall over the racecourse and casino. it's there but its opening has been delayed countless times. >> laurie: you wonder if there's something more to it, right? our own jenise fernandez headed out there. >> jenise: standing 110 feet tall crushing a dragoon, the greek myth logical pegasus stand at the north ends gulfstream park. it's kind of hard to miss this giant bronze statue. but you've probably wondered why is it there. here's a little taste of the overall vision for pegasus park. this fountain shows similar to what you may see at the barrageio in las vegas, is perfectly synchronized with different tunes in this case rick martin's living la recede a loka. at night the fountain is susuosed to light p and there are rumors that dragon will also shoot out fire.
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people because it's ney, you ow, like the eiffel tower or whatever. that's the purpose of it, right? >> jenise: construction of pegasus began in 2013, and according to a aorker we spoke with off-camera, pegasus has gone through at a lot of changes. at one point there were talks of begged a watat park parent is a 4d theater inside the statute. test ruffins fountain show are ongoing and even though people may still be scratching their heads a pegasus' purpose, it's still a nice photo op and the ta of the town. >> it looks pretty nice. it will be really nice when it's finished and they get the fountains and lights. you can't get in yet. next year maybe we'll get in. >> jenise: oh official word from lucky. if you are lucky you will comeby when they're doing a test run that of fountain if the nov you have to stick with taking a selfie with pegasus. >> laurie: it is a talker. >> calvin: no doubt about it.
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debut. >> laurie: the kids say can we ride it, do something with it? theyhink there's a water park going on but just a fountain show. >> calvin: not if you want daddy and mom tow get you down. >> laurie: and not get arrested. betty, turn to us that gorgeous weather. it's beautiful out there. >> betty: a nice mild afternoon, a little breeze to cares into the weekend, too. right now. we do see some clouds. we'll talking about the subtle changes but 76 was the high today out at mia, pretty close to normal for this time of the year and no rainfall measured. lower 70s all around. 70 in fort lauderdale. hialeah, we see you out there, 72 degrees, marathon at 72 and 71 in key west. so it will be a mild evening. throw that breeze in mix and you may just want a sweater if you're going to be out on the town tonight. but mainly dry. we don't say completely dry because some interesting things happening right now on the doppler radar. by the way, , is is the view through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower
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people rolling across the causeway rushing to get home and we're looking at the bay waters and there's a little chop out there because the winds are stiff from the east-northeastsustained 10 to 15 plus miles an hour right now. and on that atlantic breeze we do have, it looks like a few ry light showers, probably amounting to sprinkles if you can even feel, rolling in, strolling in right around mine miami beach. so this is not going to be anything terribly heavy, just sort of a little spritz. you may say was that a raindrop that just came down? that's about all that is in the forecast for the rest of the the evening. widespread downpours, nothing like that. high pressure still has a good handle on our weather. we're caught in the flow around high pressure. and that sets u u up for a decent weekend. we'll have breezes blowing in off the atlantic come saturday. seasonable tempepetures, kind of like today. same deal on sunday. easterly breezes. sun and clouds, and the breeze won't quieted be as strong on sunday, by the way.
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you' heading to the beaches the rip current risk is going to be high through tomorrow. let's get more specifics on the forecast. our temratures will start the innate mid-60s and be then the highsake that climb toward the upper 70s as clouds mix with the sunshine. winds from the east-northeast tomorrow 10 to 15 miles a hour. the rain chance at just 10%. so if you have something planned outside for tomorrow, maybe it's a birthday party, you can definitely get that in, or maybe you're going to get the car washed you can do that, too, this weekend as the rain chance is n huge. sunday more of the same on the way. the rainily re laxes just a bit. on monday we may hit 80 degrees and tuesday, too. thts is going to happens the next cold front approhes, brings a better chance for rain, maybe a few storms on wednesday. and then behind that front we dry out and cool off by the end of next week. not a terrible chill down. back to seasonable temperatures, we'll say.
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clinicshould have brought a jacket to roger dn schedule in jupiter. what a day it has been. here is the marlins spring training. the sun has set and we had a lot of fun out her@e. coming up, don mattingly meets the team for the first time on the field. and how about the all-time home run king barry bonds doing a little work.
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about him out here?tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tttt!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p >> clay ferrero: back out here
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in jupiter, after the first day of marlins spring training pitchers and catchers running through their first workouts today. you had a couple of guys early taking some swings including all-star dee gordon hitting after you barry bonds. we mentioned bonds. i think the funny thing about today is the biggest stars you could argue weren't actually playing. they were the coaches. don mattingly and barry bonds. bonds the all-time home run king but he's taken a new job as the marlins i hitting instructor. we mentioned he was throwing to dee gordon but it wasn't tornado gordon who made the greats statement about bonds. it was the all-star pitcher jose fernandez. he said they have talked a little trash to each other about who could hit the fall farther at this stage in their loves. fernandez said even though he's a pitcher, i'm looking forward to working with this guy.
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we have a great group of guys here. i think we're lucky to have him here. he does a lot of for us because the pitchers -- [ not audible ] >> clay: i also asked what would happen if they faced off against each other in their prime. but the other guy that everybody was watching today, don mattingly and his first day a a the marlins manager on the field anyway. she was talking about that first message to his team, and mattingly has a very good sensns of humor. he said, hey, i kind of try to avoid that if at all possible. >> i try not ever to talk if you have to. u talk to that first day. over thers cost spring i like tow use the six weeks to lay your expectations outut so that there's no surprises. >> clay: coming up on "sports nday," don mattingly gives us a tour at marlin park, and we
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he had a lot o o fun with our local10 sports crew giving us unprecedented access to one of his first days on the job at 11:30 coming up on sunday night. on the hardwood, dwyane wade a game-time decision for the heat tonight. he missed the contact portion of practice yesterday. he said, hey, i've been here 4 a long time. i can miss a lot o practices if i need to. turns out he does have soreyness on the back of one o o his knees so he's officially listed as a game-time decision tonight in atlanta as the heat take on the you hawks,, that one tipping off the a 8:00 tonight. now, back out here live at roger dean stadium it was really fun talking to these guys and how awe they are when they see don mattingly and especially barry bonds walking around here p i'm an older guy. i was a yankee fan. i think don mattingly should be in the hall of fame. but she is guys grew up watching barry bonds. i mentioned jose fernandez was talking about talking trash with bonds.
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each other in their prime minister that bonds would actually get him the first time, but then fernandez would get him the next two times. he would say one for three for bonds. at least give h'm a litite bit of credits for being honest. >> laurie: good to show that respect. >> calvin: barry is a legend.
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>> betty: breezy tonight. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe itt he was so helpful i know it's such a all thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share e ur story.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, ple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one passenger trapped. and the dramatic fire whorls, the whiing winds in chicago.


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