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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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breaking news out of northwest miami-dade county. a little boy shot. the family is heartbroken was police -- as police search for the killer. the family is at the hospital. >> reporter: the community obviously devastated to learn of this six-year-old's death.
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police still on the scene here. a very active investigation in this complex, northwest 103s lane. th family identifies that victim as six-year-old king carter. said to be hanging out in the camplex where he arrived when he was shot and killed. you can assume little king was not the extended target. they have shut this area down, searching for the person or persons responsible for taking that little innocent life. those who know him, h family, say it's disgusting to hear about. >> it's heartbreaking. this is a baby we're talking about. >> people don't care, they don't care.
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we livee in right now. >> reporter: we are not hearing of any arrests formally. there is a sort of secondary scene to my right down the road where a car was pulled over. we're unclear if that was involved with this case. but again, a six-year-old boy shot and killed on his way, we're hearing, to a candy store. we'lll stay out here and bring you the very latest. we undstand the miami police director is actually on his way out here. we'll bring that to you at 6:00. >> amy has more at the hospital where the child' a. >> family has gathered. >> reporter: we got here just as the t tnsport company was leaving the hospital behind me and i also got h he as family members started to arrive in large numbers. `you can see so many of them gathered out here even at this hour. they rushed in the hospital to
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we have video of what happened. shortly thereafter the family received the worst possible news, breaking down after learning the six-year-olol did not survive his injuries. his mother was too upset to speak on camer but did give us a picture of her son, a six-year-old first grader at blanton elementary school. he was on a short way on his way to a candy store. they couldn't believe this happened once again to a small child. >> he was a happy kid. it's puts. >> reporter: we saw family outside the hospital gathered for prayer a few minutes ago.
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was just a normal child, that he loveve sports, particularly cartoons. they have a message to the person who is responsible for this and we'll have this coming up for you in our next half-hour at 6:00. >> a life gone way too soon. thank you, amy. voters in south carolina are casting their battles for who they want to win in the south carolina primary. >> a tight racac between bernie sanders and hillary clinton heading into tonight. >> our coverage begins in south carolina, where tonight could mark the end of some of the president hopefuls. >> reporter: that is exactly what the conventional wisdom is, that this state will bee a lead-out state.
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is absolutely critical for the candidates and all the candidates, but one were at the polls campaigning until the last minute. we saw voters making their decisions as they were approaching the voting booth. the turnout started earar at the precinct, a neighborhood church, a historic fire station. >> reporter: the g.o.p. primary is open to g.o.p. voters and inter. >> you can vote in whichever party you want to, but you can only vote in one of. >> reporter: much is riding on the south's first vote. donald trump,he solid poll
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be the the next. after hundreds of millions of marketing dollars, countless campaign events, we found voters struggli to the end. here is a sample. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> i w w undecided until yesterday.there was a specific moment with one of the candidates that kind of confirmed my decision. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> right so many voters, so many reasons why they voted for the candidate that they did. this will no doubt be a record turnouts.
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but by all accounts they have seen more people than ever before. the state of south carolina actually moved primary day to saturday, so this weekend day not having to worry about work or responsibilities, it gives more people the opportunity to make surend cast their votes. >> there is still a little of half of the vote outstanding. happy new year doing some last-minute -- hillary clinton doing some last-minute campaigning in vegas. sanders himself did the same.
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workers at the mgm. stay with local news. the palmetto senior high school teacher accused of having sex with a student went home today with an ankle monitor. he is accused of engaging in a two-month-old sexual relationship with a student. a south florida womansn a coma after getti beat to death by a roommate she met on craigslist. he allegedly told police that the 23-year-old came at him with a knife 95. the man behind a burglary is now behind bars.
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charges of burglary and criminal mischief. he is considered the -- you can see he starts with a bunch of plastic bins to climb to the ceiling into a locked office. he checked out the cash box, but he left empty handed. coming up, a final farewell to a supreme court just. the late antonin scalia laid torest today. we take you inside the services
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legacy. a final farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. hundreds attended the service
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given by his priest son. >> reporter: mourners filled the catholic church on s surday to pay theirespects to the late antonin scalia. bells tolled for several minutes while the herself pulled up to the church. hearse pallbearers carried the cast get into the basilica following clergy men. many political dignitaries attended the mast as well. >> we humbly reporter: the late justice's son began the service and gave the homily.
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>> the love of god has been poured out in to our hearts through the holy spirit that has been read to us. >> reporter: on behalf of our mother and the entire scalia family i want to thank you for your presence here, for your many words of consolation, and even more for the many prayers and masses you have offered at the death of our father, antonin scalia. >> reporter: immediately following the mass, the family left for the burial sisi. >> in the waters, antonin scalia rows to life. may he share with him he 10 null glory. officials at a timmer land
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sending passengers in a drop. it took crews a few hours to get everybody down. two were taken t t the hospital and we're told they were okay. a landslide with nowhere too go. 1400 tons of rock and debris fell on the highway. nearly 200 people are stuck on the other side, elk city, and officials2don't know when the highway will be open, but they're working to clear an alternate route. a fire at a mill in massachusetts. the blding was either vacant or was being used for storage. the good news, no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. coming up at the break, we're going to look at the easterly winds across south
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for we're following breaking news.
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is poised to win the democratic caucus out there. polls slowed her with a slighted lead today. clinton looks like she's going to take the caucus. she really needed that after bernie sanders had a win in new hampshire -- nam. it's been good temperature wise. >> makes it easier to come to work on a saturday when there's slme clouds around. we have that blanket of cloud cover coming in. a couple of very small showers as well. we're sitting in the low 70s across south florida. a little more ominous there. surf one to 3 feet today. the rip current chances remain high. it's all clear skies down there. you see the square already
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74 degrees right now, east-northeast wind at 15. radar is very quiet. we have a couple of small showers. you have to look close downtown miami. quickly. as soon as they hit hand, we have one left, northwest 20th avenueue the other one south of key biscayne cane. the cloud cover continues through the mid-keys. key west still the exception with the wind east at 15. everyone has the onshore wind flow. that will start to shift out of the southeast tomorrow warming the afternoon mid to upper 70s. right now everyone is sitting 70 or warmer. hialeah is one of the warm eggs spots.
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we'll stay m md into the upper 60s across south florida with the onshore flow. we're waiting f the next storm system to generate over the next couple days. the only cloud cover and significant rainsnowers is south of north carolina. there is a cold front that will start to gain some strength for tomorrow. by monday, a little more out of the southeast that will keep us warmer conditions. a good mix of sun and clouds. the computer models are starting to delay this into thursday morning. it continues to slow down. in the meantime, we're going to enjoy some nice, warm weather. if you're heading to the teach, water temperature, 71. through the next couple days, warmer tomorrow. low 80s not only through midweek, but until wednesday,
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through. barry bonds. today we s sak with bonds for the first time since he took
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that's next in sports. it's still almost surreal to see barry bonds in the uniform. they're hitting the field for fan fest today. bonds certainly stole the show, saying among other things, godod knows i'm a hall of famer.
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>> i've wanted to play baseball since i was child. this is something to honor my father's teachings as well. me and my father fought over the baseball cards. everyone -- it's great. the home run derby was fun. nobody had more fun than these guys. on the court, the heat are getting ready to take on the washington, wisconsin,s with them. the question is will ty have wayne with him. we'll know more on his stats for tonight's game. he pulled off one of the biggest
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beating the hawks in atlanta 115-111. they did it thanks in large part to 30 points from this man. >> we've been in situations like this. we knew we were going to play with a lot of energy and hard. everybody knows the way they are. it's going to be tough out there. no one try to do it by himself. it was a great effort, just a team game. on campus, the 11th ranked hurricanes visiting careful.. 12 points in him. scariry moment. he's going to flip over himnd land on his head. it's tough to watch. fortunately he would walk off the court, but he would have to
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unun rololng in this 196-71. >> that was scary. >> i hope itooks worse than he was. >> thankful he walked often. also how nice is it to be young. [ laughter ] >> that does it for us for now. when it comes to connecting to the world onoine, people have different needs. that's why high speed internet from at&t... ...givis you the speed you need at a price you'll love. get high speed internet-just $15 dollars a month for 12 months with other qualifying service and a one-year agreement. all on one bill! no matter what you use it for, it's a connection you can count on. save on smartphone and tablet data usage when you connect all your wi-fi devices at home. just $15 dollars a month lets you watch onlineideos, video-chat and play games... get 99.9 percent reliability to stream,
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a one-year-old teeters on a high-rise ledge. >> absolutely heart stopping. >> the moment mom finally spots her. >> a guy leading skiers spots something and everybody stops. what's hiding in the snow that had him terrified? many have tried with painful results. >> no, just let the stairs qin. >> see who finally dropped into skateboarding history. and targeting a nuisance on the road. you just want to do the same thing. >> a prank that's all in the same of safety. >> whoa, whoa. >> this video out of brazil is


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