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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 530AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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at lowe's. local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: 5 :31, dark and early and the hollywood broadwalk. tough to see. >> neki: a little misty, cameras a little fogged out. >> todd: looks like part of a mystery novel. >> jenennifer: i think it is the lens. condensation on the lens. it is hard to see because it is dark. on the radar no rain on the satellite. a few clouds. other than that it is very nice out there. quiet start. and temperatures dropping into the upper 60s once again except for ft. lauderdale. you are hanging on to 30 degrees with a south-southeast wind at 5 miles per hour. elsewhere an easst toelsewhere an east to northeast breeze. very light wind this morning and a look the radar we just-mentioned. nothing to worry about. a little bit of clouds.
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approaches the area heavy thunderstorms are pushing through ohio and kentucky. that is due to a stationary boundary for us. our stable weather pattern will continue underneath that high pressure weather system. that high will break apart. rain chance also be going up. we will talk about all of at in the seven-day forecast. >> neki: thank you, jennifer. our top story another young life left to gun violence and parent distraught and officials asking for answers. king carter was struck by a bullet during a drive-by shooting while he was playing outside his home. >> hs family is overcome with grief as he was playing in front of his home and they are looking for tt person responsible. >> neki: sanela live in northwest miami-dade. good morning, sanela. >> reporter: good morning, neki and today. an outre for the child only 6 years old. the shooting sparked members of
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appointed miami-dade police diretor tocome a speak out saying this will not be tolerated. >> he was just joyful. he wasa happyid. >> they took my cousin. >> i am sick and tired of it! and nobody cares! >> reporter:. >> reporter: loved ones speaking out after a drive-by shooting took the life of king carter 6 years old. the 1st grader seen in church here was gued down outside of his miami-dade home. the boy's father is no stranger gun violence, he lost his 14-year-oln brother in 2003 to an accidental shooting, and now he lost his son. >> where the real men at? they are missing their daddies. my son who a daddy and his daddy is standing before you all fed up. >> reporter: miami police director juan perez was at the scene that witnesses reported seeing a black sedan with three men leaving the apartment
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>> clearly he was not a target. he happened to be a normal bystander playing like kids do. reporter: gimenez's office will be adding $20,000 to the crcrestoppers award in order to get people to talk. >> we need the community's help. we need them to tell us what is happening this pen we can get to the bottttm of it quicker, put less lives at risk and put the perpetrators behind bas. >> reporter: the child's aunt. >> if you saw what happened. ease say something. a 6-year-old. think of your life at 6. it can easily be your family next. >> reporter: soup in miami-dade county schools, alberto carvalho showed up at jackson memorial to stand by the family's side reiterating that something must be done by gun violence. >> over 6 0 children shot over the past 10 months. over 20 killed. >> reporter: also fed up, the
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clear message to those involvedclear message to those involved. >> right now we are hunting for you.p if you are involved, turn yourself in because i don't think the community will stand idle on this. i think the community will you stand tall and will hand these individuals up to us. >> reporter: you saw there family members, community leaders fed-up pleading for the public's help. they will be here at 2:00 to hold a memorial for this 6-year-old child. in the meantime, if you think you know big in this crime, call the miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. reporting live in northwest miami-dade, sanela s a, bovic, local 10 news. now to news that is breaking overnight out of kalamazoo, michigan. a shooter there went on a shooting spree leaving several people deadd >> neki: after on the run, police believe they cauaught the suspect 37 layron livingston
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>> reporter: neki, today, looking to were among the seven facilities, the shooting location and the shooter himself.more information, a khev hhr, dark, that they have been on the lookout after the shootings started. at least one weapon was found in the car. we have video of the deadliest of the two deadly shooting themesschemesscenes. `five people were killed in r in a shooting death by a parking lot. just before those five people were gunned down, two more people were shot a killed in the parking lot of a local car dealership there. this is where deputies and police say the deadly shooting spree began around 6:00 saturday evening. a woman was shot in the parking lot of a town home community reportedly with her children nearby. thankfully the children were not hurt but the mother is in
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>> as far as we can tell. these are random shootings. nothing to link these things. >> the suspect was taken into custody early this morning overnight and being questioned by authorities even now. anything we learn about the situation bring it to you on local 10 and update at reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. a south florida woman nearly beaten to categorynearly beaten to dead by a roomnearly beaten to dead by a roommate she met on craigslist. she is in a coma. 35-year-old byron mitchell confessed to the crime but said it was in self-defense. said daniel jones'said daniel jones came at them with a knnfe. his mother is speaking out. >> a911 call and the perpetrator. his real name said he hoked her, bound her head questionshe bound her head against the floor what they found was a
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>> neki: she suffered multiple injuries and have en unconscious since the attack. several face and skl fractureseveral face and skull fractures and multiple bruises and cuts. her family has set up a go fund me page. if she wakes up they will need extensive care and rehab. a man is behind aburg, ary in wilton manors is behind barsinilton manors is behind bars. he is facing several charges including burglary and criminal mischief. authorities say that he is the clumsy crook at bubbles laundry in north andrews avenue. he stack up a bunk of plastic bins to limb into a ceiling. and then he pulse downand then he pulse down. police said i checked out the cash box but left empty-handed. >> this more werng hearing el chapo's cry for help. before the guardongoing
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ship ended up in the path of hurricane joaquin last october. family members of the 33 crewmembers lost at sea visibly overcome as they heard the captain's pleas. >> i have a marine emergency and i would like to a qi. we had a hull breach. a scuttle blew open during our storm. we haveater down in three holes with a heavy lift.we lost the main propulsion units. the engineers cannot get it gogog. can i speak with a qi please >> the investigation could result in criminal charges if the coast guard finds any evidence of misconduct or negligence. thousands take to the treats to rally in support of a former police officer. >> wha they are demanding for the officer convicted of manslaughter. a city in texas possibly dealing with the nex water
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[yelling] >> todd: hundreds of people lined up as part of a nationwide rallin support of a nypd officer, peter lng, he is the rookie police cop that was convicicd of manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man in 2014. they are pleading for leniencncy
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april and could face 15 years in prison.. >> black lives matter. we do agree with the ffily. we understand there is no compensation for what happened to him, but justice matters tooto him, but justice matters too. >> todd: the shooting happened in the stairwell of a brooklyn when leang misfired into the dark and the bullet ricochetted off the wall killing the man. a town in southern texas has black water flowing from its tap. it happened after the cleaning of the wat tower in crystal city north of san antonio. people said the water look like black sludge, even oil. officials say the color comes from sediment leaking into distribution lines. unknownwhen the water will be back to normal. a landslide in a remote town in central ohio has people trapped. 1500 tons of debris including
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getting in and out in no injuries are reported. no word when that road will reopen. high winds rip through the city of chicago. the windy city saw nearly hurricane-force winds with gusts of 6060 miles per hour. more than 150 miles frommore than 150 nrooi flights were cancelled in and out of the area. despite all the damage, there has been no reported injuries. 5:44.>> 5:44 right to jennifer for a check of the weather by the end of the work week.>> jennifer: jen good morning, todd and neki. temperatures have been seasonable. today's forecast 79 degrees. we hit a low in miami at 66. average for this time of year is 79. so we are seasonable and even though temperatures haven't dipped that much along the coast, the have gone down too the low 60s in at leasttn the inland areas. by the way, those record low -- that record low you just saw
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no way we are not going to reach the 40s any time soon, t we do expect a cool down in just a couple of days. we talk about that in just a second. a look at the current temperatures. i mentioned how temperatures drop to the low 60s for the inland areas. pembroke pines you are at 62, as well as hialeah. kendall at 61 degrees. 71 in marathon. and a look at your wind speeds. it is light, 3 to up 7 miles per hour. wind out of the southeast nor ft. lauderdale. elsewhere out of the east and northeast. a couple of clouds over us no rain to talk about so far. a light drizzle could impact -- high&pressure is in control keeping our weather pattern throughout today and as we head into tomorrow, a little bit o& a change is coming our way. more moisture is expected but either way for today it is not going to be too bad. a mixture of mostly cloudy skies. rain chances low. down to 10 to 20%.
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a few coastal showers and definitely the moisture is going up especially when we have a southeast flow returning over us. so by wednesday, we will have even more moisture in our area that is going to possibly give us the chance for some thunderstorms. your seven-day comingp. neki, todd today. coming to sports. >> the miami heat without their two all-stars yet again. >> neki: the heat ph it into overdrive with high-flying stuff. where did this team come out
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we have it next in (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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good morning, everybody, i am clay ferraro with the local 10 morning sports wrap. the good news for the heat that dwyane wade's mri on his knee was negative. he's going to be fine. the bad news he had to sit out. the gat news, the all-star supporting cast put on a show president heat with another big game and a big night for will manso getting a birthday surprise from bernie. happy 21st birthday, will. that's a lie. whitese getting pulled down. muscle it is in. show us those biceps big men. 25, 23 for him. dragic goes for 24 points. the play of the night. between his leg to amari stottlemyre.
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wizards 119-94 without wade and chris bosh thanks to a big night from their big man. >> it's all good. it shows hohow talented our team is. a couple of our brothers ar down. and guys have stepped up on the offense an just took their plays, you know. to baseball wherearry bonds grabbed the headlines at fain lynns fan fest. the new hitting coach met the media for the first and only time. he produced quotes like using home run. like this one getting snubbed by hall of fame voters. >> i know i am hall of fame player. i don't really need to get into that. in my heart and soul. and god knows i am a hall of famer. >> he is definitely going to be great for me and whoment team pick his brain, learn from what he has gone through. >> i am glad they are excited. i hope they don't know more than me, because they don't. [ laughter ] on the ice, the panthers and the jets.
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the 44-year-old scoring two goals to move third on the allgoals to move third on the all-time lift. jagr takes home the spacey in space sirt. >> you have to have team presidents mates. they did it. you know, i have -- age 44 guys. college seball last night. the 6th ranked hurricanes sting rutgers scoreless in the fifth until carl chester changes that with a rbi signal. 'canes ststped the charlotte knights 2-0. in hoops, hurricanes visiting north carolina. first place. 'canes hanging in early, angel rodriguez gets the scoop shot to go. all downhill for the 'canes this. they get blown out by a final score of 96-71. i am clay ferraro and your local 10 morning sports wrap.
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carolina is on the move. >> why is it moving? i will tell you next. >> reporter: live at 6:00, a virtual neighborhood watch. >> more and more people are using theinternet, smartphone. >> reporter: local police are taking socialnetworking to a whole different level. >> they connect with those serveserving in our community.
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with your
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community calendar, you can start your saturday off to the right or the left foot. in the city of north miami beach next saturday, they are hosting the third annual heart health walk. put that on your calendar. a family frenltd eevent, a 2.6a family frenltd eevent, a 2.6-mile wwk alng the snake canal. next saturday february 27 at 9:00 at the amphitheatre. for more information, call e number on your screen. here is a walk that is good for your heart and yousoul. the guardian hands foundation is putting together the walk against rare diseases. they are going to help raise funds and awareness for diseases next sunday february 28 at hialeah gardens high school. that walk gets off at 9:30. for more information, call -- and registration, call. as you know, it is an election year and if you are a legal permanent resident interested in becomeinterested in becoming a u.s. citizen, the league of women votes withhold. you a citizenship clinic on
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and 28 at the lauderdale mall in ft. lauderdale. the clinic starts at 10 a.m., you can register online. if you have an event mapping in south florida and you want to put it on our calendar. the e-mail is and historic home is on the move in raleigh, north carolinamove in raleigh, north carolina. >> neki: i love it when they do this. trucks slowly took the charleston house from the original location passing by the state capitol along the waythe state capitol along the way. the journey has to be slow because traffic lights and power lines also had to be taken down at ever intersection. >> todd: a big mobile ho. >> neki: yes, it is. the owner decided to move because the land around the home was slated for redevelopment. just ahead on the local 10 morning news. >> here is what we are backing at this hour. where a 6-year-old was shot and killed in a dve by.
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case and hearing from the family and the superintendent of schools. a shooter going onto a rampage in kalamazoo michigan, shooting and killing seven people. police now have a suspect in custody. we will bring out latest on this. donald trump with the big win in south carolina last night. hillary clinton storming on bernie sanders's momentum. but perhaps the biggest news of the night, former florida governor jeb bush suspending his campaign. we will have it all it for you. >> todd: local 10 news is next. >> neki: : another check of your
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of our m hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us,
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bring me a higher love i could rise abov right now on local 10 news, another young life lost in miami-dade coty. the latest victim, an innocent 6-year-old boy. his family sending out an emotional plea to whoever is responsible. breaking news overnight, murders in mhigan. a shooter going on a rampage, shooting people at random, killing seven. more on the manhunt that led to that suspect's arrest. and a miami woman allege lead attacke by a roommate she found on craigslist. we are hearing from her mother about this brutal adark. the results are in and the winners were declared in south carolina and nevada. who came out on top and who decided to leave the


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